A Letter to the Warden of the Prison for the Elderly

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My 84-year-old mother has been imprisoned for the past nine months. Not even family is allowed to visit – a cruelty not visited on death-row inmates. My mother didn’t kill anyone or even hold up a 7-11.

Her crime?

Dementia. She is imprisoned on account of this in a “care” facility which operates under the Gesundheitsbefiehls – health decrees – of Governor Ralph “Coonman” Northam. He has decreed that visitors are verboten, no matter the extenuating circumstances – including even no possibility of transmitting the ‘Rona to the imprisoned elderly person.

My mom has “tested positive,” according to the warden of the facility.

Therefore, there is no longer the excuse that I might transmit the ‘Rona (asymptomatically, of course) to my mother, since she already has it.

And I am quite willing to assume the “risk” of acquiring the ‘Rona from her since it presents almost no serious threat to me, as I am not elderly or diabetic or afflicted with clogged arteries, the underlying co-morbidities that account for almost all (more than 90 percent) of the deaths we keep hearing about and which tend to result in death regardless of catching cold.

There is no medical reason for denying me a chance to actually see my mother in person – and for her to see me – ideally, while she still remembers who I am (for her sake) and before she passes away (for mine).

We could be placed in a Corona Room, just the two of us. No harm could possibly come from this.

But they won’t let us.

Because facts don’t matter.

Cruelty does.

It is an extrapolation of the Diaper Decrees and restrictions imposed on the healthy who refuse to wear the Holy Rag, who aren’t sick and therefore can’t get anyone sick. But who are treated with contempt – and worse – for declining to play-pretend they are sick.

But this is worse. My mom is sick – and because she is elderly, there is a very good chance she will die. There may not be much time left for me to see her.

Alive, that is.

But I am not allowed to see her, despite the ‘Rona “precautions” having become an irrelevance. The horse has left the barn, in spite of all their “precautions” – which is itself a commentary on the pointlessness of all these “precautions.” My mom has been imprisoned (along with other old folks) for the past nine months in a practically hermetically sealed environment, where everything is – so we are told – constantly wiped down and where everyone wears the Holy Rag and where every staffer is “tested” regularly – und so weiter.

And yet, the ‘Rona is rampant. I am informed by the warden that half a dozen other inmates have “tested positive” along with my mom.

So what’s the point – if it isn’t sadism?

Why this cruel isolation of rapidly deteriorating elderly people and the equally cruel isolation of their family members from the declining elderly? How did the Coonman become the arbiter of who is allowed to see their own mother or father?

How is it that they can maintain this vicious farce when their excuse – protecting the vulnerable elderly – no longer applies?

I have written to the warden asking precisely this question and offering to sign any form they wish to present  absolving them of all liability in the event my mom gives me the ‘Rona. I’d even agree to staying put at home for the two week “incubation” period after visiting her, to assure the nervous I didn’t get the ‘Rona and so pose no risk to anyone else.

It cuts no ice.

Because this is not about “health.” It never was.

If it were, reasonable accommodations would be made – and reason itself would govern the whole business. People would not be presumed sick, especially absent any symptoms of sickness.

If “masks” worked, they would have.

This is my mom six years ago,before she got locked up.

Instead, people are bullied for objecting to being treated as spreaders of a sickness they haven’t got and for objecting to the wearing of “masks” that don’t work.

Elderly people in the twilight of their days are denied the opportunity to visit with their children and grandchildren, whom they are much more likely to never see again than their children and grandkids are likely to get sick, much less die, of the ‘Rona.

Reason – humanity – aren’t applicable.

A false humanity is used to impose its opposite, by people whose cruelty is equalled only by their arrogance.

I will probably never see my mom again. And for that I will never forgive the Coonman or his accomplices. It is my hope that when they are in their dotage and hoping to see their families one last time, that a bureaucrat tells their families no – and that they, too, depart this world alone, without the comfort of anyone holding their hands and telling them they are loved – just as they have imposed the same cruelty on thousands of families across this country.

May God damn them all.

. . .

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  1. You know what will NEVER make sense to me? If people want to wear a mask, let them but why does it matter if I’m wearing one or not, if they are? Either they believe THEIR masks are working, or they don’t believe in masks at all – – so why are they wearing one?

    In reality, this corona thing is a scam, but even if it wasn’t, no one should be wearing a mask because if no one is exposed to the germ or the virus or whatever they are trying to call it today, no one will ever build up their immunity. THAT’S what’s necessary to quell a “disease”. Exposure is the only way to eventually control it.

    The masks are what’s making people sick, but it’s almost winter and that’s the time of year for flu outbreaks, although now everything will be blamed on corona. This is just amazingly stupid to me.

    Why are the America people (us older ones who really should know all of this by now) letting this happen??? We need to start standing up for our rights as humans. And, in reality, no business establishment can set rules like “no mask, no entry”. That is unconstitutional and illegal. But no one forces them on it so they get away with it.

    We have become a country of wimps.

    And now people are believing in this fake “testing methods”. It’s just sad.

  2. This is such a sad commentary, likely played out by thousands across he country. There is no reasoning with socialists. They hate people and that is all that matters. You cannot explain to me about wearing a face diaper only at certain times or in certain instances when you are always breathing the same air inside or outside…24/7/365. Germs and bacteria are everywhere, even in the presumably “sterile” hospitals where you go in for some reason and come out with something like MRSA.

    What happened to the regular flu season? Did pharma develop some miracle vaccine that has eradicated it? We always hear about the number of cases and the resulting numbers of deaths. Then explain why over 70,000 took part in the two major vaccine trials and half of them did not take the vaccine and while several got the virus, none died. How come? In the real world, there would have been some people dying.

    I have not come across anything that logically supports this fake pandemic and the need to shut everything down and isolate people. Welcome to the Gates, Fauci and Soros world of hell. Damn them all and their fake vaccines filled with numerous poisons. Call me an anti-vaxxer…I love the title!

    Eric, you are a survivor and I wish you and your mom all the best.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear this. It is cruelty and defies logic as only a government bureaucracy can. People who are living the last of their lives under forced abandonment to give them maybe a few more months. Their lives are saved (maybe … it doesn’t kill everyone, not even among the frail elderly) but at what cost?
    My grandmother died in June. She didn’t have covid but she might as well have. She was a spare and picky eater. I know this is natural, an elder’s way of shutting it all down. Despite this, she said she was not ready to die. My mom was the only person who could get her to eat. So when she was banned from visits, grandma was basically starving to death. Her weakened state caused her to fall and break her arm, which at age 95, is just not something a person can overcome. Mom changed her status to hospice after that and could see her, but only mom and my uncles, none of the grandkids could come and say goodbye.
    I am beyond pissed. Her last days could have been filled with love and family, but instead, this.

    • Hi Amy,

      Thanks – and, indeed. I wonder how much longer Americans will stand for it? I’m so damned tired of being Gesundheitfuhrer’d. I am at the point of mostly staying home now because I cannot stand the sight of the Freaks anymore.

      • I actually had an anxiety attack/hysterical laughing fit in the walmart recently. I sometimes get sensory overload in loud crowded places where I’m being bumped about, screaming kids, annoying Christmas music, etc. I’ve abandoned my cart and walked out a few times, especially this time if the year, but normally I can handle it.
        I could feel it coming on and was psyching myself into calming down when I looked around and really saw – almost for the first time it seems – all the sheep with their stupid masks. The blue paper ones were bad; but the stiff, shaped cloth ones, which look exactly like the “pouch” they create in men’s undies, were worse.
        I just started laughing and snorting and couldn’t stop. I actually had tears running down my face. I got some strange looks, but on the Wal-Mart scale of weirdness, my little freak out was pretty tame. I rolled over to the uncrowded shoe department, spent five minutes inspecting the ugly offerings there and got it together.
        This situation is doing damage to our psyches in way we can’t even know, especially to kids, I think.

  4. Sincere sympathies for your situation. My mom died a couple of years ago at age 89, before the virus-against-which-nothing-is-too-extreme raised its head. But her brother is in a nursing home and enduring the same isolation your mom is. Given your mom’s needs and your family’s not unlimited resources, the only hope would seem to be to find another facility which allows residents to choose their level of risk (a radical concept which apparently was quite prevalent in the late 1700’s but luckily has been nearly stamped out in America today). Where such a facility exists I do not know but I hope you’re able to find one, if possible close enough you can visit your mom as often as you would like to. Please keep us posted.

    • Hi Iva,

      Indeed. But it is also a compounding and cumulative thing. As an individual, I refuse to play Sickness Kabuki. I have never once worn a Face Diaper. I have ignored all the “lockdown” decrees. This is all I can do. But if even a third of the rest of the people in my area did the same, then the “lockdowns” and Sickness Kabuki – including the locking up of elderly people – could not happen.

  5. Go get your mother and bring her home to your place and care for her. She would do (and did) the same or more for you. No excuses….

    • And if she needs someone on call at all times, just stop working? How easy it is to pretend to know how to fix something, if it’s not you who has to do it.

      • First…Get the dear woman out of a bad situation. Second…Figure out the details after she is safe and in a secure place. It’s not all that difficult to figure out. If her house is on fire, how long do you wanna wait until you take action?

    • Walter,

      My dad did this very thing. He drove to the invalid house and told my grandma and all related staff she was coming home with him. Yes, this was against doctor’s orders. Yes, she’s 300 lbs of burdensome. Yes, my dad’s lifestyle had to change to accommodate 89 year old her. But she’s worth it. He makes time for her. He cares for her. No excuses. The best part is that she’s not waiting to die now. She’s enjoying her time, loved and cared for by family, like it should be.

      If your mother qualifies to be in assisted living, she would qualify for at home care. A pro would be paid to keep her company, do hygiene stuff, prepare meals, and even shop for her needs. Go get her. She needs you. You’re stopping you. Contact your local social services office, if your libertarian pride will allow.

    • Yeah, is it possible to take her home? They could put her outside on the curb and you could pick her up — that wouldn’t cause any chance of infection [fake BS] in their facility.

  6. What is done to the old in the name of care is obscene, smacking of communist Chinese poisoning of the superfluous in “happy homes” where their families, relatives, friends, neighbors & other loved ones were told they, the superfluous, would get the best care. The “vitamins” injected into the victims was of course poison.

    None of this is done for free either. It is all a big racket made to enrich vested interests now unafraid to show their true selves because they are so sure they are winning. Reminiscent of John Birch Society founder Robert Welch’s statement we will know those aspiring to enslave us are within an ace of fruition because like a runner bent on winning in a race they will gladly run naked to the finish line. That will be when they are simultaneously most dangerous & most vulnerable. By then many ordinary people will have too little left to lose to bother to control themselves any more & others will see what is at stake & act quite precipitately.

    Either way the result will be dire.

  7. These lockdowns are the governments way of reminding us that they are in complete and total control and there is nothing we US sheeple are going to do about it.

  8. More proof that masks don’t work (or help) in this fake disease.

    This is the flu. It’s been proven over and over, but the rich politicians NEED this “sickness” to be real for their own grand-design purposes. Northam is about the biggest creep ever, next to Andrew & Chris Cuomo. They are liars. This is precisely why they don’t want Trump to be re-elected. They have their OWN scheme to carry out. Trouble is, it’s costing the rest of us in ways unimaginable, and not just in dollars but that’s certainly part of it. Have you been to a grocery store lately? Geezalou, prices are just ridiculous for people who now have NO MONEY and no incomes either.

    But keeping people from their loved ones is just plain sick on the part of these creatures from the deep lagoon of criminality. Dimpocraps, in particular, if you need to be told.

    Praying for you Gary, and hopefully things will be better shortly. Can’t say I’m entirely thrilled about Trump’s stance on this impending vaxxzine scam but as long as they don’t make it mandatory I suppose it’s ok, but eventually I think it will become mandatory and there’s nothing we can do about that. We are living in a very sad time – – all because the dimpocraps are jealous of Donald Trump’s success.

  9. Very sorry for you and your mom Eric. Thank you for an excellent article exposing the cruel nonsense that many of our parents are subjected to based on lies. May God damn the monsters responsible indeed.

  10. Eric,
    I am truly sorry that you are having to endure this. My mother died with Alzheimer’s 13 years ago at 91. Can’t imagine this fake pandemic being piled on top. I was able to escape from the grip of California’s lockdown earlier this year and am in a better place now. My wife and I were looking forward to having our son and daughter-in-law come visit for the holidays, and they had already purchased tickets. Then came Gov Craven Nuisance’s latest dictates, dividing the state into regions and locking down even more. Since the airport the children were departing from was in a different region, they were told they couldn’t travel outside their home region. I don’t know how many more holidays I have left to celebrate, but regardless of consequences, would prefer to spend them with family. Where/when is the breaking point that we rise up against this?

    • Huh? Drive your car to a different airport!!!! I have family from California coming to Florida – we are going to Florida from Nevada and no governor can stop me from getting on a plane!

      • Hi Jen,

        This is true; but the airlines are forcing people to don the Holy Rag – and (soon) accept the Holy Jab. I won’t go near an airport anytime soon.

  11. Hi Nasir,

    I homeschool both of mine. I really don’t use a curriculum, but teach them what I want them to learn. Most of my lessons involve around proper English (expression through writing), math, of course, and history. We also do a lot of local field trips. IEW is a good writing curriculum. I actually had some sales guy stop by house about 7 years ago. He was actually selling school books. I ended up purchasing one that had US history, Canadian history, world history, geography, and some grammar structure lessons. It set me back about $129, but was well worth it. I usually throw sales people off my front porch, but this one actually was selling a product I was interested in. We also do a lot of reading especially classical literature-Huckleberry Finn, To Kill a Mockingbird, Little Women, etc. They usually read 6-7 books a year, in addition, to whatever they want to read personally.

    Before Covid I also put them in several classes – art, karate, astronomy, etc. As long as you get the kids out of the class they are surrounded by people so the lack of social interaction is a bit overrated. My son is very shy, but I put both of my kiddos into situations well they are forced to communicate with people. It could be as simple as me handing them a few dollars to go purchase their own ice cream. They learn interpersonal skills and also have to calculate the correct change they should have received back.

    Everything is a learning experience. It doesn’t have to be in a classroom or behind a desk.

  12. Eric,
    Very sorry to hear about your mom. My mother passed away on August 1 this year. She had the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s. After being in solitary lockdown since March she gave up, stopped eating and died. I will always blame those “in charge “ for her death

    • Hi Jg,

      Than you – and all. If any good can come from this it will be in the form of righteous anger and the use of that anger to put an end to what is going on.

  13. Eric,
    I’m so sorry to hear about your mom. I don’t have to tell you that the saaaaaafety police are not interested in keeping you or her safe. We all know what they want and it’s not about our welfare. My Dad is 84 with early stages of dementia. Thankfully he is still at home. He was hospitalized with pneumonia last week and my mother’s biggest fear was not him dying, but him being put in the nursing home, which is a fate worse than death. My Dad has said in one of his more lucid moments that he is not so afraid of dying that he is willing to stop living. His great grandchildren come to visit regularly, sit on his lap and he freely receives the sloppy hugs and kisses. That’s living!

    • Before making smug and sanctimonious comments you might want to consider reading the article first. Eric is not lacking in will but needs to make other arrangements for his mom. Because of her condition, she can’t just be dumped off in a room somewhere and checked on once or twice a day.

      BTW, beating your chest about what a man you are compared to others is usually a sign of a weakling in my experience. Real men don’t need to trumpet that they have something to prove every minute.

  14. Eric — good luck, keep trying. I can’t imagine how your mom feels stuck in a room all day without human interaction. Jail is a good metaphor. I will fight as long as i can to avoid my place in a care home. Maybe the nurses could allow something like a 2way radio or a tablet, so she could hear you. Probably the staff have no time for this.

  15. These stories here of yours Eric and others are really worrying about how the state and its arms have control over others. Got me thinking about a similar situation I recently had involving my daughter got a fairly angry and threatening letter from her school. Ive taken her out too many days this term apparently. Some days I travelled when my kid was supposed to be in school being dumbed down, and in the middle she had a couple sick days. Now heres the thing – they talked about how its bad for my child to miss school, and bad for her education and development- Now the funny thing is she’s ahead of the whole class in all subjects (we spend time time at home doing math, and take her to libraries, museums, try to teach her stuff, especially when we travel). But none of that matters – because the kids bum wasn’t on her chair in the government madated brainwashing institution – the state somehow is authorised to fine me if this continues, as im somehow causing her harm!!!

    So as a child the gov owns you, as an older person they own you. And in the middle you are expected to slave away along a certain line without stepping out (risk fines and penalties). And if you get a bit a huge chunk is taxed away!! How are people free !!!

      • Absolutely! Over the years we have met many home-schooled children. Even before the curriculum you mentioned was created. I can’t think of any who weren’t bright, well adjusted, and, unlike most kids, at ease with adults as well as other children.

        One “exception” was an extremely annoyed 17 year old. She had a legitimate gripe. She had lived on a boat with her parents most of her life, traveling the seasonal north/south route from Maine to The Bahamas. They were going to betray her by “putting her ashore” to attend college. That was 15 years ago. I presume even that annoyance could be overcome now. She was just born a bit too soon to have kept on cruising while obtaining her degree.

        • Moose, Aryloia, ive really considered it but for the time being decided against mainly because of the social aspect – we dont have much family in the UK and none of my friends really has kids their age, so social interaction would be very limited for them. Not only that but my older one is VERY shy as the first few years she really just spent with me and the mrs. I wanted her to get out of that. Another reason is I DO want her to realise the system as it is…. and for that want her to go to school.

          Having said that, stuff like this (along with other politicisation of schools here) and im really considering keeping them home.

          Re the ron paul curriculum, any idea whats in it ? I mean it doesnt seem to give much details till you pay for it. Its also made as per the US education system, given im based in the UK I need it to be applicable for here as well.

  16. This heartbreaking story brings forth many important things to consider.
    As a 59 year old (white male Christian who’s personal pronoun is “Sir”) my parents are in their mid-80s and soon to need full time care givers. I hope to keep them near us at home but should things take a turn for the worse and I’m forced to use a facility I will choose the least dangerous:

    It strikes me that to live in a state which is seized by the Death Culture is a VERY BAD place to have an elderly person in a facility. I fled MI to escape the insanity of leftism, then fled Charlotte NC as it turned purple (and gay) and now happily reside by the sea in SC. If this place turns blue God forbid I’ll pack up my stuff and relocate again while we can still vote with our feet, parents in tow.

  17. It turns my stomach to hear about your Mother and the relatives of others that have posted here and the un-Holy treatment put upon them. Our situation is similar, but taking place within an “Independent Living” facility. I would call it an apartment building with amenities.

    This is not a medical facility, staff do not attend to daily needs, medical or other. I cannot get a straight answer to, “What legal authority do they have to limit the freedoms of a resident?” My business attorney has not outright said so, but he does not want to get involved for the optics. I’ve even written to the local ACLU office asking for direction. Someone above mentioned contacting my state representative. I may take that approach.

    My heart goes out to all here. May God bless you and may God bless the United States of America.

  18. It turns my stomach to hear about your Mother and the relatives of others that have posted here and the un-Holy treatment put upon them. Our situation is similar, but taking place within an “Independent Living” facility. I would call it an apartment building with amenities.

    This is not a medical facility, staff do not attend to daily needs, medical or other. I cannot get a straight answer to, “What legal authority do they have to limit the freedoms of a resident?” My business attorney has not outright said so, but he does not want to get involved for the optics. I’ve even written to the local ACLU office asking for direction. Someone above mentioned contacting my state representative. I may take that approach.

    My heart goes out to all here. May God bless you and may God bless the United States of America.

  19. HI Eric.
    For what it’s worth, My current employer (an 85 year old man) was in a “Health Care facility.” who also had designs on his life for 9 months. They insisted he would never leave there even though he was well enough to go live on his own property months before. He had Lawyers that he had dealt with in the past, but they claimed that they could not help him. I managed to get a pre-paid cell phone into him and programed all his family and other business contacts into it.
    When nobody from the “Legal Profession” wanted to help him, I also put the local county sheriff’s number into the contacts, and instructed him to call the Local Sheriff’s and inform them that he was being held against his will. I got him out on April 1st, because they did not want the sheriff’s body cams recording their evil conduct is suspect. I don’t know if that will help in your situation, but it worked for me and my elderly friend.

    • Hi Clyde,

      The big problem – well, one of them – is that my mom has advanced dementia; her short-term memory is badly impaired and she has lost the ability to distinguish between reality and things imagined. She remembers my name, but asks me about children I don’t have and my job as a doctor (I’m not). Physically, she is in pretty good shape – or was, last time I saw her. She could walk without assistance and bathe, etc. I have no idea how she is now in that respect because I have no way of knowing – other than going by what the warden tells me.

      A dilemma for me is that she does need care – but I am not a nurse and my house is not a safe place for her. My understanding is the prison will not release her unless I can establish that she is going to be in a place “approved” by them/the state, which my house and myself are not. Meanwhile, all the “approved” places have the same policies – i.e., no in-person visits, locked-down.

      Have you dealt with this issue?

      • They prohibited me from visiting my friend back in March because I came in with a video camera, and they considered that grounds to call the police on me if I didn’t cease and desist with making video’s. The institutional industrial strength treachery is marked by their willful ignorance of our God-given, Constitutionally articulated (enumerated as well as unenumerated) rights.
        As the 4th amendment is language specific, and is anathema to abusive government employees who regularly violate individual rights, (always done gang-bang style) and the fact that the so called court system turns a blind eye the the long train of abuses and usurpation’s, The Declaration of Independence clearly instructed us as to what is not only our right, but our duty. If I am correct in my assertion that our Rights come from God, and not government (or any other “special interest group for that matter), then only a murderer and a thief would deny us what they will not deny themselves. The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, (as comes with lawful property ownership and the quiet enjoyment thereof), is infringed by those who have no lawful authority that can be asserted without our consent. I’m aware that they manufacture consent after they make people “disappeared” to write their victor’s justice as the “Official” record, by omitting any and all facts not conducive to their narrative. I threw away all “documentation” of adhesive contracts from the lie that is passing itself off a legitimate government. A republican form of government does not require a drivers license, Social Security card and other fictional contracts that do not exist in nature.
        I fired the so-called government when they choose to do my thinking for me because “they need a job”. I tell the police when they invade my life that if they are going to make their war, then make it; but don’t call it anything other then what their acts and actions are. I may not live like a free American anymore due to the ignorant masses, but I’m still willing to die like one. Although I am no man’s enemy, I will not shrink from the call of my countrymen to free themselves from this ongoing despotism.

        • I suggest buying a tiny spy camera that can be worn on your person (either a button, a pen in your pocket, embedded in glasses etc.) that you can use when you visit your friend.
          This is the kind of technology that James Okeefe uses with Project Veritas.
          Amazon has all sorts of items like this.
          People need to start recording the fascists whenever they can.

      • Eric,

        That still doesn’t sound right to me, there should be a way to bring your own place up to their bs inspection standards and get a nurse to come in to check on her if that’s what you want to do, the fuckin state does not own her.

        • Think babyproofing, handicap accessibility, pill organizers, diet considerations, etc.. it’s not easy but it’s not impossible and not forever, either. I would imagine places have to still be offering in-home services to assist with the medical stuff.

      • Hi Eric

        I’m confused. Who is paying the bill for your mother’s “care” home?

        Who is the real customer here?

        If whoever is paying this bill STOPPED paying, what would happen?

  20. Ditto to your article. My mother is 95 and is in a nursing home 30 minutes away. The Home set up ‘window visits’, but those were discontinued when some of the residents began opening the window so they could hear their visitors. My mother is nearly deaf, so window visits were out. For a short time this summer they allowed outside visits under a tent, across a table, 6 feet away, masked, by appointment. My brother tried it, but it was unclear that our mother could understand anything that was said, or that she recognized her own son with the mask. In the end, it was a short and failed visit. A few days later someone at the facility tested positive (no one was hospitalized or died) and all visits were discontinued.
    Mom doesn’t deal with changes to her environment very well. When we put her in the Home 18 months ago she was distressed, confused, and combative. So taking her out of her current situation, even temporarily, would have serious negative effects. And once she left, according to rules at the Home, she can’t go back.

    • Same problem. I feel for all of us in this heartbreaking position who can’t bring our parents home. My mom with dementia had a mental breakdown after about 4 months of imprisonment in a previously lovely memory care place. She was hailed off to the hospital in restraints due to a mildly aggressive incident that broke the camel’s back (you know how it is – it’s fine for the ambulance workers to restrain her, giving her deep bruises, but social workers and assisted living staff know you can’t try to touch and calm an agitated person in the midst of their agitation because… you can’t restrain a sovereign human being or something. Oh, ok.. ), and ended up staying for 3 weeks while they juggled different psychiatric medications to settle her agitation (she had previously been on NO medication for anything). During that time I was allowed to see her every single day, touch her, eat with her, spend hours talking to her, hold her hand and walk circle after circle around the unit with her, in a world-class blue state hospital – with nothing but a temperature check and door interrogation (and a slipping mask). The nurses and doctors would inch close to me, one even hugged me when I spontaneously burst into tears… it was to the point where I would back away (not scared of corona now but I was less enlightened and more cautious at the time…) Does anything about that make sense?

      We finally found her what seemed to be a warm, loving adult family home, with a religious woman who knew what the rules were but allowed a little extra because “I believe in God….and I know you would never willingly put your mom in danger.” Fast forward and after knowing some people in her field who did everything they were told and still had covid deaths, she’s stricter than even the fascist state guidelines require. We are allowed low-risk community visits, masked walks etc. If you don’t tick off more than 2 of 5 risk factors, your parent can return without being subjected to quarantine. But she won’t do this for me – none of the adult family homes do – and they consult with each other – and the state guidelines make no sense in her world of zoom doctor visits and funerals with hardly any family allowed. She’s a simple person, not one to scour the legalese of our governor’s regulations and break from her friends while (she thinks) risking her residents. She pretty much thinks I’m needlessly torturing her in her already anxious state – and I feel for her and understand. Meanwhile my mom is declining and becoming agitated again – back to pacing and being up multiple times a night. She’s a feisty one and this isolation is doing her in. The only saving grace is the personal attention and kind staff — better than the old place for love, worse for mental stimulation.

      I can’t bring my mom home – it’s all-consuming and I know it would be the end my marriage. We have young children and are not managing our life as it is. My mom in her previous life would not have wanted it. We do what we can – I’ve pushed and alienated the nice but scared provider to get what we do have. Once weekly masked outside visits (“But it’s cold! And she’s old!” — enter floor-length Lands’ End down coat, thank you), attempts at FaceTime chats, calls, and occasional quick “visits” consisting of jumping at the window with one child at a time, bringing little presents of fuzzy socks or tangerines, anything to distract from the awful depressingness of such encounters.

      I plan to drive several hours to the nearest corona-rebelling town, with the amusing name of Mossyrock – just to grab a cup of coffee and sit in a cafe with unmasked human beings when I get a free moment for my mental health and to be with like minded people (who I am *not* surrounded by – even our house of worship, half left and half right wing, FORBIDS CHILDREN. Needless to say, that place is pretty dead these days.)

      I wish I could do something for my mom, for all of our parents stuck in this position, for all us kids who are eating themselves up with worry and fruitless attempts at keeping our parents from declining further. This is so, so sad and wrong. Wishing us all strength and for a miraculous undoing of their evil decrees…

  21. This is genocide, working up momentum.

    Unlike the hapless victims of so many other genocides, we have every tool we need to put a stop to this insanity, now, and mete out justice to our oppressors, now.

    We simply lack the will to use them, because of fear or complacency or apathy or confusion or stupidity.

    And for that, in the name of those who have gone before and carved a nation from nothing, at incredible risk to themselves, God damn us.

    Eric, I have no words that can help, but I’ll offer whatever I can to lend a hand.

  22. By God, we are a corrupt, moronic country. There’s an obituary in my neck of the woods of an elderly man whose situation closely mirrors that of your mother. Locked up for 35 weeks for his “protection,” he got Covid anyway and died. It’s the angriest obituary I’ve ever read.

    I tested positive for Covid last month. I’m in my 60s and a Type 2 diabetic. My highest temperature was 99 degrees and I had a runny nose for one day. I’ve had worse colds. But most Americans have chosen ignorance and cowardice; shining the government’s army boots is all they want to do.

    • Hi Ross,

      It’s infuriating on so many levels, including the indefatigable immunity of so many people to facts and inferences from facts. How is it that people inside a facility closed to outsiders, where the only people coming in are staff who wear Diapers and are regularly “tested” and where every one of the “protocols” is “practiced” religiously still get sick and yet people still insist (double-down insist) these “protocols” serve some medical purpose?

      It is obvious to me this is a religious belief system – and that the believers simply want to believe, for reasons which escape me.

      • Yes you’re right. The caregivers in the adult family home where my mom now is take *off* their masks when around residents — and thank God for that; her memory care place had them in mask/shield/spacesuit which can’t but have contributed to her decline there — but don the cloth style around us and force my mom and me to wear one while sitting 6 feet apart outside. Where is the logic that when a caregiver goes to the supermarket, they can’t bring Corona to the residents, but I can? I’m less likely to catch and spread it than they are because my vitamin D levels are through the roof and I have a zinc lozenge perpetually melting in my mouth. 🤷🏻‍♀️ And my mom is loaded up on vitamin D, and her doctor stands at the ready with ivermectin. But nobody understands any of this or cares…

  23. Eric,

    So sorry about this. I own 5 assisted living homes in Arizona. Cant you just tell the facility you’re giving notice and taking her home? Check her out of there. You can have Hospice come to your house or hire a company like Visiting Angels to help during the day. They can’t keep her there against your wishes if you are the POA. Get her home!

    • Hi Hal,

      My sister and I are trying to figure something out; I wish I’d planned better for this but I never imagined (and I’m a cynic) things would get this bad, this fast.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      • Eric,
        Hal makes a very good suggestion to consider or investigate. I cried reading your story. My father in law died in April at the beginning of this nonsense. We were not allowed to see him and it was absolutely horrible. The entire experience, even before he died, was horrible. My own dad is suffering with cancer, given three months to live. He absolutely refuses to go to the hospital so he has in-home hospice care. Hospice is paid for by Medicare and will provide whatever level of in-home service one requires. Maybe this is an option.

    • Agreed,,,,If an elder was in condition to move, I ‘d move to a state, (or a less regulated, private facility) without these visitation prohibitions. If none exist, I would investigate the FANCY deluxe rest homes for wealthier people in the Lake Chapala Mexico area (like Ajijic). Mexico is the ONLY country I know of that right now, has an open-to-travel NO TEST border with U.S. Been there recently and LOVED-LOVED it, Freedom and FUN (had to wear mask in some places). …..S

  24. Eric – feel very sorry for you, and really hope you get to see your mother soon. When I was considering traveling to Karachi to see my parents over the summer I got a lot of this – how can you put them at risk, you’re being reckless and selfish, etc etc…. the standard lines.

    After many discussions with my dad and my uncle (who’s basically our default family doctor) we agreed that the negative impact (particularly on my mom) of not seeing us for another year (as I can only really travel over the summer for an extended period) will be worse than the very low risk of the Rona even in my parents age group and my moms health conditions.

    In hindsight it was one of the best decisions I made. Not only did I see my parents but other older family members – all of whom were pretty much deserted by family members who are too afraid to come see them (even those who are living in Pakistan). They were all very pleased to see us – despite the so called risk to their health. Some of these people are in their 90s- but the way I see it – they know the risks but if they want to meet who is anyone else to tell me or them not to do so.

    One of the things I suspect they want to do with this thing is really break social ties amongst people (amongst the other crooked angles one may take). I realised this when just yesterday spoke to a Christian friend from Pakistan – we worked together back there and he came to the UK around the same time as me, we even shared a flat the first year here. Hes gone back home for Christmas every year since we’ve been here – this is the first time hes probably not going to. I had a long chat with him, and well lets see – hope (and suspect) in the end he will go… because its a real shame the way they are pulling people apart with this.

    • Nasir: I am SO SO glad you visited your elders abroad. I know they were greatly honored.
      There is so much misinformation (I could talk for hours and show you statistics). It is not surprising that misinformed people, being fed the mainstream FEAR FEAR narrative, would call you selfish, etc.

  25. fwiw my mom developed aspirational pneumonia at the end. They didnt pet her to the hospital. they asked my permission to give her morphine. I said yes. I knew it was euthanasia. She sure died without pain. It was a hospice setup. Nice if you can get in one in georgia at least.

  26. My dear Mother contracted Transverse Mylitis , similar to Multiple Sclerosis, kills the nervous system and causes much pain in the process, 12 years ago. I kept her and cared for her in my home 9 years until a nursing home was the only way. She enjoyed near daily, hours long visits from my Sister or Me until her passing in February 2020. Though we love and miss her very much, I am thankful that She left just before they started up with the locking down of medical prisons. It wouldn’t have been long being denied our visits to her that She would have died of a broken heart, or become driven bat-shit crazy long before now. I truly feel for you Eric, do something extreme to see her, hold her hand, tell her you love her. Storm the door. Make the News.

  27. Eric my mom had dementia set in about ten years ago. She passed in February before this lunacy started, I dearly loved her but there was almost nothing left at the end. Im grateful she didnt have go through what your mom is going through. In the mid staege she would tell us – I just want to home. One of our elderly black caretakers knew what she meant. She didnt wanted to go back to where she was because she knew stuff was fucked up. The first time your mother doesnt recognize you is so heartbreaking. I still cry. Whats being done your mom is unspeakably cruel. Dont gt mad at the staff they have no choice. Go higher.

  28. About the only thing to do is to get a group of 10-20 people and walk in – ignoring the enforcers. This is what needs to be done in businesses throughout the US but getting groups together is difficult with the censorship in the Country. If there is a way to organize without using Facebook, Twitter or whatever, I would like to know what it is. I drove from Guadalajara to Las Vegas to vote in-person. I have no problem driving to CA, AZ, TX, etc. to protest this way. Groups of 15 maskless people in various parts of a city disrupting the flow of a business until they are allowed to shop and pay for their goods is about the only way to call attention to this bullshit.

    • I agree with this 💯. I only wish I knew this many sane, willing, mad fellow regular people in my world to participate in such endeavors. I do encourage those that I encounter often to gather (without face bags) publicly. Maybe should in front of Mayor’s house.

  29. Hope you can find a way to get her outta there if they’re not gonna let you visit.. that shit ain’t right man.

    On the money and lawyers, sometimes you just need the right paperwork and a little legal guidance.

    Definitely see if Rutherford Institute can point you in the right direction, I know they mostly handle religious stuff but they’re bound to know of another resource in the state to help you out.

    Hang in there EP

  30. So sorry to hear about you mother. I really can’t believe the state is able to get away with what they’re doing. More importantly is why the hell are they doing this? Don’t they have more important things to do than harass your mother? Is allowing her to live in her home and go about her life that much of a threat to society? Does she own her body or not? If she were to desire an abortion or gender reassignment the state would defend her rights to do what she wishes right up to the Supreme Court. Why not in this case?

    Seems to me we’re going to learn a whole lot about viruses and their transmission that we thought was understood, but really didn’t at all. The mass testing that’s being done has never happened before. We’re discovering the “asymptomatic spreaders,” but I’ll bet that’s been the case with all viruses.

    Much of Colorado is back under “code red” restrictions again, which is just about back to where we were in March. “¡The cases!” are out of control, they say. They had all summer to prepare hospitals, we have effective treatments (both Republican and Democrat approved), and the death count is way down from where it was in the spring. So what’s the problem? Oh, they didn’t bother implementing any of that stuff, just went with quarantine again. I guess it’s easier to destroy society than it is to set up a few more hospital beds.

  31. My 88 year old mom lives with me, and after the insanity of this year, I refuse to put her in a nursing home, even if she gets dementia. I’d hire a home care service first.

    What may be worse for you is that she may involuntarily get the needle, even if she’s already had the bug. They seem to be prioritizing seniors for that. My mom and I refuse to take their poison.

    I feel for you, and hope it all works out.

    • Thanks, Michael –

      I am considering just showing up and demanding entry. Of course I will be refused – the SicknessPolizei will no doubt be called, too. But it may be worth the show. Meaning: I would video record the whole interaction and perhaps putting that online would shame the creatures a little bit. Though I realize that depends on them having the capacity, which I understand they lack.

      • You’re welcome sir. Yes, doing SOMETHING is better than doing nothing. Do you have a group of people who can come peacefully back you up? I’d roll deep, it works better on monkey psychology when a group comes to demand something rather than a single person.

        You used to be in the legacy media, do you have any people you know who might possibly be sympathetic to your cause? I know the main networks are enemies of humanity, but during my time in China, even they would have sympathy stories of the lone individual struggling against the giant business chain or some other behemoth for justice. You could frame it in terms of “My mother is not safe in there. They’ve failed in their duty to keep her safe. She caught the coronavirus and I can’t depend on them to give her the care she needs, as already evidenced by their failing to protect her from this virus. No one cares for their mother more than her son. That’s why I’m trying to get her out. They’re treating my mom like a prisoner.” To me, that would tug at the heart strings of even the most hard-hearted bastard, so long as they still have or once had a soul.

        Fortune favors the brave. The Universe will respond to your intentions. Have it in your mind that come hell or high water you WILL get your mom out of there, and if nothing else, it is an empowering thought.

  32. These facilities and ICUs have bugs floating around in them far worse than the ‘rona. Have for many years. I was never denied visiting my grandparents regardless of what they were sick with or thought to be sick with at any given time, including sometimes the nasty bugs that float around in those places.

    The entire point of this ‘pandemic’ is to break people. It’s trauma based mind control and a few other things mixed together. It’s 1930s science of manipulating people with some improvements over the decades since.

    With regards to lawyers there are lawyers that specialize in lawsuits against nursing homes and such. At least there are in Illinois. They work on commission.

  33. May God damn them all.

    He will, Eric. Believe me, He will.

    So sorry to hear about your mom. May God give her peace and comfort in these brutal times. One is led to wonder if the attempts to keep family from visiting are attempts to hide evidence of abuse and neglect.

    My own mother is in a Senior Residence just down the road from me, which she moved into after she moved here to Arizona from California earlier this year to be closer to family. She’s not really at the dementia stage yet and is still living independently, but her memory is steadily deteriorating. While the resident facility is a nice one, they are playing the same COVIDIOCY games as are all of them. I’ve decided to pull Mom out of there and move her back home with me and my wife after the first of the year. We never wanted her to live away from is in the first place, and even she now realizes it was a bad idea. I’m going to have her give notice of vacation after the first of January. God help anyone who tries to stop me from moving her out.

    • Thanks, Lib –

      My sister and I are trying to figure something out. I think you already have. Keep family – and friends – as far away as possible from anything having to do with government bureaucrats.

  34. Eric,

    I am so sorry to hear about your Mom. Is she feeling okay, hence the positive test? Hopefully, she will experience little to no symptoms. Would they allow you to sit outside with her? I realize it is December and the weather is not the warmest, but today (mid 60s in VA) was pretty pleasant. I visited several clients over the years in assisted and independent living facilities and most of the areas have very nice courtyards that we could chat quietly over a cup of coffee or lunch without having too many ears around. Also, if their concern is with you entering the building this is a way around that.

    • Hi RG,

      Thank you . . . and, yes – my sister and I made that suggestion, which was summarily rebuffed. No contact, period. I think it would not sway them if I literally showed up in a CDC biohazard outfit with self-contained oxygen supply. They are trying to make a point, you see.

      • Eric,

        Have you tried your state representative from the House of Delegates or Virginia Senate? It may be time to twist some arms. I would also try the local media. Another suggestion would to give AARP a call to see if they have any suggestions. The AARP phone call I would focus solely on the welfare of your mother and that the facility will not allow you to see her and you are extremely concerned about her care. I would use honey over vinegar in all three situations. They need to sympathize with your concerns. Hopefully, one of them will be able to assist you.

  35. I hear you and definitely concur with your sentiments. The way that they are treating our seniors is disgraceful and inhumane. It seems to be happening everywhere.

    My mother is also in long-term care with dementia and just got “released” from 3 weeks of strict in-room isolation (i.e. solitary confinement), only getting meals delivered to her room as outside contact. She suffered two falls during this period, which is unusual. However, no opportunity to see what has happened and if she is alright. Now, all of the staff have to wear masks AND goggles for their entire shifts – I can’t imagine the seniors not being able to see a face!

    Plus, she has been tested 10 times since this fiasco started in March. Negative, each and every time.

    The kicker is that ALL of the cases that have been detected at the home, resulting in 3 full lockdowns, have been staff members who have all recovered without incident. Not a single case has been detected in a resident – about 150 seniors in poor shape.

    Despicable. I wake up every morning cursing their decisions and treatment of our respected elders.

    • The kicker is that ALL of the cases that have been detected at the home, resulting in 3 full lockdowns, have been staff members who have all recovered without incident. Not a single case has been detected in a resident – about 150 seniors in poor shape.

      Ditto with the place where my mother lives. Only STAFF have tested positive so far. The Executive Director of the place is a first-class PRICK, so I hope HE’S one of the next ones to get hit by it!

  36. Take someone to court!!! This is terrible. I’m so sorry for you Eric. I wish to have it in a court document that you cannot see your Mom in a room because YOU may get sick from HER – this is craziness and I am afraid all this is never going to end. They say you have to continue with the masks forever because the vaccine does not stop the spread so why take the vaccine if you are young and healthy. I think we all need to find a rather free state and all move there and succeed from the US. I refuse to live with a mask on for the rest of my life. Dear God help us.

    If you want – post the address and we can all write letters to the head of this place – would it help?

  37. I hope your mom gets better again, very soon! Having lost my mother when I was young, was traumatic for me and I can appreciate your feelings.

  38. May God damn them all indeed!

    It sounds to me like she has been incarcerated by the state without due process of law. Perhaps you could file a petition for guardianship along with a petition for habeas corpus. I suspect you might ne able to do this in both federal and state court.

    • That’s an interesting approach. It should be valid, but given the absolute corruption of the courts I’m not sure it would go anywhere but it may be worth a shot.

      Eric, this is awful beyond words and you know it’s being repeated all over the country for many people. You would thing this is the kind of thing that would spark massive civil unrest if not a civil war but the sheeple seem to be just accepting it.

      • Thanks, Jason – and all…

        I wish I could do something, but the legal things require lawyers and money (and money and lawyers) and I’m short of both at the moment. But I do have something in mind… a Shame Video. Me, showing up there and demanding to see my mom and recording their refusal and then letting it fly online.

        • Sounds like a great idea! Might also be a good idea to bring some witnesses along if possible making additional recordings. Puts a bit more pressure on the little Stalins guarding the gates.

        • Eric, you’ll be apprehended for trespassing then there will be more trouble and problems for you. You are a clear and present danger… to yourself.

          A suggestion: abandon everything and hit the road.

          Go to Lyons, Colorado, visit Oskar Blues Brewery, have a pitcher of Deviant Dale’s India Pale Ale, the very best American brew you will ever drink, it’ll cost you 25 dollars for a pitcher of it, you won’t regret it. You will not be disappointed.

          Stop in at Fort Collins, go to ODell Brewery, drink more beer, there will be some eats there too. Head on over to Hog Wild take out.

          Visit the Rockies, go to Missoula, stop in at the Oxford Bar, open 24/7/365, or was before the virus took control and turned some humans into raging stark raving mad fools. Those who are more equal know who they are.

          Begin your journey by stopping in at Uncertain, Texas for starters. Walt Disney Land, the original spot for filming Disney movies.

          Time for a change, boats to build, go fishing in the Gulf of Mexico.

          Send your mom photos and have a safe trip.

          Merely a suggestion.

          • Hey Drumphish,

            Excellent suggestions, however, Eric could venture down to western NC for some of the Oskar Blues……but, then, NC is also infested with Covidiots. Eric, as a little L libertarian you, I think, subscribe to the NAP…..however, I contend that the NAP no longer applies…the aggressors have already acted and the time for revolution is way past. This is going to get really, really ugly and sooner rather than later. You might want a contingency plan…asking nicely will not cut it and obeying their laws and rules is non-productive. It’s to the point that I agree with the idea of defunding the police and frankly toppling the governments at every level. The problem with the goals of groups like Antifa and Black (O)lives Matter is that what they envision is probably worse, much worse, than the tyrants we already have in place. One of my few regrets is that I did not take the few extra hours to drive over and visit you Eric on my many trips to VA…..perhaps there’s still time.
            Peace out Brothers and Sisters,
            The Original Giuseppe Crowe

          • drumphish. Trespassing for a facility like that is only after refusing to leave after being asked to leave. He can record up to when they ask/tell him to leave and then leave. Or even leave after being refused never allowing it to get to that point. Technically there is no trespassing case then. Of course the actual written law not having any meaning these days may result in something else. But there is a way to cut it off before it is considered trespassing under the written law.

            • The law doesn’t matter anymore. You cannot trespass in a place of public accommodation, according to the law. One man gets one vote according to the law. You have the right to receive a submachinegun through the mail according to the law. You have the right to refuse a mask according to the law. You have a right to practice your religion- your deepest held beliefs according to the law.

              The law is an ass.

              The law is whatever the gang with the most force says. Internalizing this fact will be more useful going forward than anything else you can do.

              You cannot vote out the corruption, you cannot prevail in their courts, and we’ve turned the other cheek for far too long.

              A more appropriate course of action would be to gather a few loyal friends, don the masks they love so much, and go rescue your mom from her kidnappers if she’s been kidnapped.

              We’ve been lambs, now we’re being led to slaughter.

        • My suggestion: Get 2 of your biggest and stoutest friends, the 3 of you go to the home, and tell them you are taking your mother home. This is in violation of the UN charter of human rights in which they are forcing medical care or lack of care, in this case, onto your mother.
          I don’t know how she got there, but she is an adult and deserves better. Lawyers and courts will take time that you do not have and lawyers hide the law from you.
          There was a video during the campaign of a protest by the elderly residents of a prison home demonstrating that they wanted to see their families and were being denied this by the Colorado governor. So sad to see that but these governors of most states are totally cruel and useless creatures that do not appear to be human.

        • Eric:

          There is a pro bono legal service in Roanoke that you might want to try to contact for some help on this. https://www.lasrv.org/

          I bet there might also be some lawyers in VA (or maybe even law students) sympathetic to your situation and would be willing to help.

          Do you or your sister already have guardianship? If so, that should make it a whole lot easier. You would just go forward with a petition for writ of habeas corpus.

          You might also consider accusing the hospital of abuse and demanding that you and your sister be able to inspect her conditions and treatment.

  39. So sorry for what’s happening to your mom Eric, everything you wrote proves beyond all doubt that their claim to be following “the science” is pure bullsh*t. The fact that she’s already sick and you’re willing to sign any waiver but the sadistic bastards still won’t let you see her is pure evil. The psychopaths in charge revel in their self appointed authority over our lives, getting their jollies at the pain and suffering they inflict. There needs to be a reckoning for their evil, hopefully in the near future besides eternity in hell. Praying for your mom,


  40. A D-10 Cat will get you through the door and into the place. A remote controlled D-10 so you don’t have to step out of the cab.

    You don’t have to lift a finger.

    The gubner sounds like he is a one mean ass, cruel ass, asshole bully.

    The day will come for the coonman’s judgement, there is no escape, I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes when that time comes.

    If there is a God, and I hope there is, He will kindly sentence the ignorant ass of a governor to an eternity where you don’t want to be, a place where the brainless, gutless gubner will deservedly reside.

    A shithead if there ever was one.

    When that time comes, then good riddance.

  41. I had the blessing and honor of taking care of my mother and father when they suffered failing health and carried on to death. If it happened now and I couldn’t see them and they passed without a comforting hand by me or my 5 other siblings my fury would know no bounds. I grieve for you Eric and your lovely mother. Someone is going to lose a loved one like this and what Dorner did would pale to what they will do. These bureaucrats and the administrators of this faculty will wither under his or her wraith. I am sure within six months you will see these petty tyrants will perish with a Righteous prejudice.

  42. “For behold, the day is coming,
    Burning like an oven,
    And all the proud, yes, all who do wickedly will be stubble.
    And the day which is coming shall burn them up,”
    Says the Lord of hosts,
    “That will leave them neither root nor branch.
    But to you who fear My name
    The Sun of Righteousness shall arise
    With healing in His wings;
    And you shall go out
    And grow fat like stall-fed calves.
    You shall trample the wicked,
    For they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet.”

  43. Morning Eric,

    My heart goes out to you. As you’re aware, I know exactly what you’re going through. Another human tragedy that no longer matters to these morally depraved people. How did it come to be that signaling hysterical and irrational fear of getting sick is virtuous, but concern for the devastation caused by the lockdowns is selfish? I am still consumed with rage over the circumstances of my mom’s death; imprisoned, lonely, confused and wondering why she’d been abandoned by family and friends. God damn these people who, either by design, or self obsessed “concern”, are imposing such gratuitous cruelty.

    Thank you for this site where we can speak openly, without fear of being dismissed as selfish for being angry at this shit. I can only speak of this to a handful of friends, being incapable of tolerating attempts to make me understand that this tragedy is somehow necessary.

    Your friend,

  44. ‘I will probably never see my mom again.’ — EP

    I’m terribly sorry about your mom’s dementia, test result and enforced isolation. Your candor in confronting this awful situation is an example to all of us.

    For your consideration, the Frontline Covid Critical Care Alliance has posted a video of Dr Pierre Kory’s Dec 8th testimony before Senator Ron Johnson’s committee, as to the lifesaving effectiveness of ivermectin for treating vulnerable patients who have symptoms:


    Adding to Dr Kory’s credibility, the NYT trashed him the next day for offering ‘fringe’ remedies, despite Dr Kory and his nine co-authors having over 2,000 (two thousand) peer-reviewed scientific publications to their names. Galileo being threatened with execution for apostasy is an apposite analogy.

    FLCCC is headed by Dr Paul Marik of Eastern Virginia Medical School, a physician of immense experience and integrity. I would entrust my life to him without hesitation. I wish that Dr Marik could help your mom.

    For info, ivermectin is a prescription drug. But it is sold non-prescription on Amazon as a 1.87% concentration paste for horses. I just ordered some. A toothbrush-sized dab suffices, just as if one were squeezing out toothpaste.

    Not trying to sell you on anything. Feel free to delete this post if you disagree; no offense taken. But should you see fit, maybe you could deliver some ivermectin to your mom … in person if necessary (window, hammer, etc). There is literally nothing left to lose.

    Sincere best wishes to both of you.

      • Here in San Antonio, we are starting to pursue an idea that could really help the situation. The way it works in many nursing homes in San Antonio is that visitors must pass a virus test, then undergo a two-week quarantine in order to have a 15-minute visit. What we are looking into is to divide a room in a nursing home with a glass or plexiglass barrier, there might also have to be air circulation controls. It might even be possible to create a membrane of plastic that would allow the feeling of touch. This arrangement would end the need for tests, vaccinations, quarantines, and other such things for visits. My only hesitation is that I don’t want to contribute to the virus hysteria like the NLF has. My nickname for such a room is “The Sane Asylum.”

  45. Well, the bureaurat was given an agenda from “zer” higherups. It involves population control and the “final solution” for the human race. Want to see your Mom again? That will involve weapons and you can fill in the rest. They are concerned for your Mom’s well being, just not in the way you think.

    The people that are doing this are evil and demonic, literally demonic.

    There is only one action to take, and I don’t think any jury would convict (nor will there be any juries around shortly) and the sheriff may likely have better things to do than to bother with protecting a death mongering bureaurat. If you know what I mean.

    • Indeed, it becomes progressively apparent that those inflicting such pain and anguish actually HATE people in general. Since they suffer the total absence of love in their lives, by their own fault, they intend to make sure you suffer the same. Much like the mask Karens. Their life sucks, so they are intent on making yours suck as well.


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