Reader Question: The Nice Warden?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

David asks: On the Tom Woods show you used the prison warden analogy to support your voting for the lesser of two evils but what if there was someone running for warden that promised to release you from prison?  Just a thought.

My reply: Well, it’s arguable that the Orange Man has promised to release us from prison. Literally. He has stated he opposes imprisoning the population – i.e., the “lockdowns.” And he seems uninterested in imprisoning people’s minds by suppressing dissent – by forcing everyone to wear a Face Diaper, and thus give the appearance of agreeing with what I style Sickness Psychosis.

That said, I take your point. But I think it needs to be qualified. It is not enough for there to be a candidate on the ballot who promises to leave you alone. That candidate must have a chance of winning. There is no such candidate on the presidential ballot this year and given the stakes, it is worse than useless to vote for a candidate who has no chance (e.g., Jill Stein) as that is a certain vote for the worse of two evils (i.e., Biden).

I understand completely that we will never have a viable alternative candidate so long as everyone or almost everyone votes for the major party candidates. But this is not an ordinary election. If Biden wins, there may not be another election – at least, one the outcome of which is in any question. Imagine the chances of a Jill Stein candidacy in a pure democratic/direct election based on the popular vote alone.

Trump winning another four years wins us time – to change minds and, failing that, to make other preparations. But if we lose that time, we may well have lost it all.

Hence my vote for the less of two evils – in order to avoid a much greater one.

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  1. “But this is not an ordinary election.”

    No offense Eric, but this has been election rhetoric as long as there have been elections. They want your participation, that’s all. They want you to think this is the most important decision of your life. They want this to consume your thoughts, your life.

    If I remember correctly, this was the prevailing point of view 4 years ago too on this website. I just hate to see a principled freedom lover be duped by this abhorrent process, repeatedly.

    The things you do on a daily basis such as writing these articles, setting an example by refusing to wear a mask, and advocating freedom of choice in the car market, these things are 1000X greater than what you did at the voting booth. 1000X more impact on the world! Please remember that.


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