Jab Hands

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People are weirdly proud of having been Jabbed; they are dying to tell you all about it.

And they may well be, just that.


Many already have. Thousands, actually. Many of them previously healthy.

Which, naturlich, the media won’t tell the public about – at least, not over and over and over again, as per the cases! the cases! Of positive tests.

That you can’t get them to stop telling the public about.

It used to be old people in nursing homes who talked about nothing but their ailments – and procedures. Their hip replacements, diverticulitis surgery and various meds. But sickness-obsession has become a national cult and its members are of all ages and both sexes – bound as one by their held-in-common hypochondria.

Holy achoo!

Without the bless you.

It is a strange thing to be an unbeliever in these times of near-universal sickness. Or rather, near-universal obsession with getting sick.

It brings home what one read about what it was like to be a Catholic in Henry VIII’s England – or a Protestant, when his daughter Mary took over.

They didn’t wear their sickness on their faces in those days, of course. But it was the same sickness, nonetheless. A belief so fragile it required everyone else share it. Lest the sight of an unbeliever cause one of the Faithful to waver.

The Jabbing is of a piece.

The Jabbed are not content to merely be Jabbed, themselves. Which suggests they doubt, at some level. As they also doubt with regard to the wearing of their Holy Rags. If both served the purpose purported, they would not be so worried about those who do not share their Faith.

They are saved – or are they not? Why doth the Pope – Fauci XVII – wear the Rag? Hath he not received the Jab and – thus – put on the full armor of god? Or is it that he dreads the spread of Unbelief?

What’s going on – with regard to both the Holy Rag and the Holy Needle – is the same thing that went on in Jonestown in ’78 and in San Diego, back in ’97 – when “Do” and his Faithful ate their pudding and “ascended to the level beyond human.”

There was no getting out of line – in Jonestown. No turning down the cup of Kool Aid. Everyone took a drink. If some did not – if some were allowed to not – then it is likely not as many would have.

Same thing now.

People seem to feel better when others share their fate. Put more finely, some people seem to take a malignant delight in making sure others share their fate. A good example of this being the way some people will squeal on anyone they know has not paid “their fair share” of taxes – or wriggle with delight when hearing they were punished for that.

The Unfaithful as regards the Face Diaper have been getting this treatment for nigh on a year now. It is not enough for those who wear the Diaper to wear it. Others – everyone – must also wear it. Must share in the degradation and submission, the propagation of a lie held in common.

It makes the Diapered feel better about the lie they suspect but dare not admit to themselves they fell for.

Just so, the Needling. Those who have been Jabbed resent those who have not been Jabbed and want them punished for their “vaccine hesitancy.” Want them pressured to be Jabbed, as by their employers giving them the “choice” to be Needled or be unemployed. As by internal passports – and not just for travel, either. As with Diapering, Needling – proof thereof  – will become the necessary act of submission (Islam!) to their Faith.

But it shows how rickety their Faith is. How little they actually believe.

This does, however, make them very dangerous. As the saying rightly says: Those who believe in absurdities will commit atrocities.

. . .

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  1. Islam is Light Years better than this farce they are trying to foist on us.
    Islam does indeed mean submission.Submission to the One and Only God.The God of Abraham,Moses Ishmael,Isaac,David,Solomon,Jesus,Muhammad,and all the other Prophets of Almighty God,All 240,000 of them.

    • “Better”? Sounds as if you doubt it all yourself.

      Is it really a choice? Or are you separated from the Almighty by man via religious dogma? Can you not find your own path to divinity without the man-made religions of the world? Do you need someone who claims to be closer to God than yourself to light your path?

      Submission is for the weak.

      • The meek shall inherit the earth.

        Native Americans, indigenous peoples, use the Great Spirit as his chosen god. One supreme being, no harm intended, no foul, you’re innocent, you gotta live, do it. You’re a meek suffering soul, you have to make the best of it, all you can do.

        Probably more acceptable than all of the revealed religions, no matter which one, Judaism, Islamist, Christian, somebody always has to suffer immensely.

        Suffer you will, you are chosen to suffer, you miserable wretch. har

        There is an advantage to just referring to a supreme being as the Great Spirit.

    • The brand of religion is not the problem, it is the fanatical and “orthodox” that are.

      Religion has never harmed anyone. Same can’t be said of the followers.

  2. Despite me begging my mother not to take the second jab after she virtue signaled she had gotten the first one the last time I talked to her, she is now in ICU after getting the second jab. 65, overweight but otherwise healthy, now has blood clots in her lungs and one of her legs. At the moment, things are looking positive with the big worry being the clot in the leg dislodging. But even if she pulls through, it appears that with the recently “vaccinated” apparently shedding something to unvaccinated people (reports of unvaccinated females having miscarriages and menstrual issues) that I will not be able to see her for quite some time.

    And as far as shedding is concerned, I do find it interesting that Chairman Biden triumphantly went outside recently and announced that the vaccinated can now go outside without masks.

  3. Recently Dr. Foxi announced ,besides the infinite Nr. of variant viruses surrounding us ,there are now new viruses in disguise coming at us. they are not quite here yet ,but he can see them coming ,by looking through the Hubble telescope. He did not say in what disguise they will appear . Could they be disguised as mother Theresa, or caring ,loving Politicians, lady GA -GA ? I would pick Arabian night belly dancer girls . Please , please Foxi tell us ,how they look. After Bill Gates reminded him ,pointed out that he is looking through the scope from the wrong end .- Fauci like so many times withdrew the warning ,as he had to do several times before about other issues . There are warnings ,warnings, warnings ,cases ,cases, cases, testing .testing, testing . Four ,or five new death, but only 999998 death from heart disease . Well it’s better then nothing , O death from the virus would be a disaster, right foxi, . Meantime in the white house the alarm came on. In the distance was spotted the B.L.M. army. heading for the white house ,with banners denouncing the name white house as racist . The name white house will not be tolerated ,so Joe made emergency preparations to paint the white house BLACK. Delivery trucks where spotted delivering black paint? One small area of the black house is reserved for the multi gender minority and will be painted with the multi color stripes of the rainbow.

  4. As Tucker Carlson put it: Wearing a face mask after being vaccinated is like using a condom after having a vasectomy.

  5. Just like the holy masking injectees have a deep fear of dying from CoV-2 without their masks and their holy jabs (as they have been instructed by their TV masters), I have a torrid fear of dying from experimental (with the emphasis on “mental”) gene scrambling/replacement therapies created by big pharma, especially Pfizer, which has a dark and sordid history of corruption and foul play with vaccines and drugs. So who will win out? Which fear is more reasonable and logical?

    On big issue is that the younger and healthier you are, the less risk for dying from CoV-2. This is relative since someone in their 70’s may not be younger, but might be healthier than someone in their 50’s. What is also relative is the method for emergency approval of these new mRNA influencing drugs…those 95% efficacy ratings were arrived at by doing an RRR, or relative risk reduction method of calculation. The real, logical method would be to use the ARR, or absolute risk reduction method…that gives you a 1% efficacy for both the Pfizer and Moderna potions. That is their real, in all conditions, expected usefulness.

    And then throw in the fact that in the last 20 years no coronavirus vaccine has come close to working or being approved as the test animals either got very sick or died when exposed to the pathogen that they were trying to protect them against. Could the same event happen to those injectees who now number over 100 million in the US? That won’t be known for perhaps years. ADE events and Prions entering the brain may be huge disasters from creating spike proteins that can never be turned off or eliminated.

    If you do get the Covid virus, there are many things you can do to get past it. If you get your RNA/DNA reapportioned and rejiggered by pharma gene therapies, there is no going back and you have no recourse if something terrible should befall you.

    The next thing you will see is the holy maskers and jabbers wearing seat belts while outside of their vehicles…just an added mode of protection and acceptance into the new world order Gestapo.

  6. Over here in Thailand it used to be quite easy to go about your daily business mask less until this new “outbreak” started (coincidentally right after vaccination started) which was blamed on partying foreigners not following disease control measures. That’s the psy op they used over here to get Thai folks to embrace their servitude and impoverishment by stoking long simmering resentment about bar girls preference for westerners. Now white folks like me who refuse to wear the Satanic symbol of submission face 40,000 baht fines ($1400 US, more than many Thais make in a year) and up to 2 years in jail. Out in public includes masking while driving, which is insane. I’ll note that my first husband died in a motorbike accident and that Thailand has the most road fatalities per capita in the world. Somehow 15 Covid deaths yesterday far eclipsed by the 70 or 80 that die on the roads here in an average day has everything stopped to engage in an inherently dangerous practice. It’s like they want to kill people and turn the world into a totalitarian shit hole. They can’t go to hell fast enough…

    • This is horrible, Amy –

      Everyone has their own breaking point; this would be mine. A Diaper in your car? It’s exactly as you say – evil and insane. How do you bear it?

      • I don’t bear it. In my little area I do not wear a mask. It’s helpful that I know a few Thai police one of whom agreed with me about the Covid madness a few months ago. It’s risky to go too far from my area though Thai police always were known to milk farang for money and since there are no tourists they are averaging debt of something like $35000 USD. They’re missing a lot of tea money. On the plus side I’ve been working on my husband’s visa to get back to the States. My poor eight year old daughter (dual US/Thai) is scared I’m going to end up in jail but I think they mostly realize that would be insanely bad optics. Wish me luck!

        • Hi Amy,

          Indeed; I wish you and your family all the best and hope you can escape that lunatic asylum for a less worse one (here). Please keep us posted!

    • I’ve lived in Thailand and my Thai wife, who now is with me here in the States, would tell you that what is going on in that country is absurd beyond belief. So how is it that with a nation in full lockdown for a year, and only about 80 deaths for that year, can then blame partying foreigners for the supposed problems? Huh? That makes no sense. But it does make sense when one looks at how the government uses fear in order to get the passive Thai nation into line with the vaccines. The jab does not protect anyone but makes you an unknowing co-conspirator in your own demise.

      • Losers like you who can’t find a White woman should move to Gooklandia instead of contaminating our national DNA.

        Oh wait! They don’t want round eyes like you, hairy hand.

        • Bobster, have you seen what white woman (and more so, black woman….errr…all Western women…) have become? Who in their right mind would want ’em? If one absolutely must have a woman, I’d say that one from one of the more out-of-the-way Asian or Mexican places are probably the only worthwhile prospects these days. Hopefully, anybody sane enough to be among us would also be sane enough to not even think about having kids now-a-days anyway, so mixing up the races whouldn’t be an issue.

  7. After seeing a bunch of comments online about the animal tests of the mRNA vaccine, I did some research myself. What I found was concerning. First, most of what people are claiming on social media is wrong. There were tests of the original SARS and a potential vaccine for that virus. The animal tests on that had some very concerning results regarding long term lung disease. But that vaccine was not the same type of mRNA vaccine that is being used now. All the animals in those first tests died but that was because they met the fate of almost every lab animal – death at the hands of the ghouls – I mean scientists – who are in charge. So all of those hysterical social media claims are pretty much nonsense.

    But here is something more concerning. The Pfizer animal tests were done on mice and monkeys. Both showed a good immune result from the mRNA vaccine. The mice were “followed” for 28 days and then killed so their bodies could be examined. The monkeys met the same fate after 56 days. All the results seem good for those time periods. They had strong immune results and few side effects. It might be noted that neither species is susceptible to dying from Covid. The mice have to be genetically altered just to be able to get infected at all and the monkeys can get infected but almost never get sick even without the vaccine. So the usefulness of animal studies is highly questionable – as it almost always is.

    But even the scientists admit that the longest time frame they looked at was 56 days. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that there could be long term effects that aren’t picked up in 56 days. So Pfizer continues to monitor all the humans that have gotten the vaccine for long term effects. They will track longer term
    “adverse reactions” for at least 2 years. That is an admission that they have no idea if there will be any long term effects. They are using the entire US population (if they had their way) as laboratory animals. I don’t know about anyone else but I find this totally unacceptable. Maybe it would be understandable if the virus was killing 99% of people who got infected. But it kills just a fraction of a fraction of 1% of people under age 65. So how can it be ethical to use all these young, healthy people who are at almost no risk from the virus as lab animals?

    • “But it kills just a fraction of a fraction of 1% of people under age 65. ”

      If you believe that a “virus” exists, then this is a good question. However, it still begs the question why, then, would a “vaccine” be necessary?

      Maybe it makes more sense to postulate that the virus was invented for the jab, not the other way around.

      • One study entitled “Immunization with SARS coronavirus vaccines leads to pulmonary immunopathology on challenge with the SARS Virus”, published in 2012, began by stating, “The research for vaccine development of coronavirus was initiated in 2002 in response to the 2002 spread of SARS which emerged in China and the “concern for reemergence of a deliberate release of the SARS coronavirus”.

        Read that last part again. The concern about a DELIBERATE release of a coronavirus.

        So could the virus have been the result of the vaccine research? The possibility certainly can’t be taken off the table. It might be worth noting that the mRNA vaccines being used now were sequenced in January of 2020. Yes, January of 2020. You read that right.

        • It is all very interesting. I have read in several accounts that Fauci was funneling our $ to Wuhan for “gain of function” research. For ubiquitous pathogens (cold viri?) to be supercharged with deadlier stuff. May explain the variety of “symptoms”. But doesn’t explain why we can’t seem to find an isolate of this mystery bug anywhere on the planet…

    • Ethics has nothing to do with anything that’s transpired the past year. Unless you redefine “ethics” as dictatorial control.

    • Strange that both Pfizer and Moderna are injecting the control groups because they don’t want them to feel “left” out by not being able to get such wonderful gene altering therapies. By the time these phase 3 trials end in 2023, their will be no significant control groups remaining…thus the drug companies will claim complete success and go on injecting millions of people to no end. Normal flu vaccines are trialed and tested for about 10 years and many time longer.

      • For researchers, having a control group that knows that they are the control group – or even worse self-selects to be the control group – means that there is no useful data to be gained. A control group has to be injected with a saline solution and think that they got the vaccine in order to be considered scientifically useful. Of course, if there were really catastrophic and widespread adverse long term consequences of the vaccine, then it might be undeniable. But that is somewhat unlikely. The human body is generally very resilient. Most people who get the vaccine will probably be fine even if the vaccine is ultimately deemed dangerous enough not to get FDA approval. You can see this in all sorts of drugs that the FDA has pulled off the market after they were deemed unsafe. In most of those cases, the majority of people who took the medications were just fine.

        • Thing is too, Krista, all these decades, there have never been any real analysis of the unvaccinated vs. vaccinated. For instance: You can plot a graph showing the exponential increase in the commonality of all forms of cancer rising parallel to the increasing number of vaccinations given to children several decades prior. The lines rise in direct proportion. Ditto with the use of vaccines in pets- the commonality of cancer and other common degenerative diseases rises along with the increasing use of vaccinations.
          They don’t do this because it would clearly show what they don’t want to be seen- so consequently, there is no real way to “officially” link vaccines to the huge increases in diseases that they often cause- so few “get it”- but they do GET IT (the diseases) if they take the vaccs!
          And like all medical research and studies, double blind placebo control groups yada yada means little, ’cause there are still so many variables, due to lifestyle, environment, geneology, that there is no way to truly conduct real “scientific” studies- which is why, the same studies when repeated often give entirely different results.
          Like many things in life, this is really about religion and propaganda and politics. True honest science would just say “It’s a crap shoot, but it don’t look to good from what we’ve seen so far over the last 100 years” (And if they could truly be honest and do what scientists are supposed to do, and assess all of the meaningful data, they’d say “Don’t touch these things with a 100′ pole!”)

          • Nunzio,

            Look into Dr Paul Thomas in Oregon. (License suspended in Dec 2020 for getting too many demerits – not following exactly what the industry protocols demand). He is a family doc and pediatrician, who collected years of research of his own patients, children who got vaccines at varying levels and time frames. He has decades of studies on his own patients showing how the minimally vaccinated did vs. the vaccinated per CDC guidelines vs no vaccines at all. (He is not anti-vax. He discusses his research with parents and lets them decide). No pharma group will allow him to publish his studies. Can you guess why. Nobody is supposed to examine vaccines and kids and autoimmune disease this closely — it is against the industry’s religion. As soon as you search his name you immediately see his license suspension. Hearing him speak you get an idea of what this mafia is really about.

  8. Heard from an old friend T’other day. He had taken the shot last week. Got sick with soreness and a good fever immediately after (Sounds like…the flu) and had to take off of work all week. Vaccine vacation!!!!
    I asked him why, after managing to NOT get the flu in the past year+; despite his very obese brother having gotten it twice in the past year, without dying or having to go to the hospi’l; despite the fact that even if he were to get it, that he would certainly not die from it…… But despite being perfectly healthy for the past year…he takes the filthy shot…and then gets sick with the very thing he was taking the shot to supposedly protect against.
    There is no helping these people; they are too far gone.
    On the other hand, my 96 year-old mother has awakened to what is going on- Hallelujah! She had no intentions of taking the vax anyway…but now is seeing the purpose behind the whole COVID charade- and how it is being used to implement the NWO; how the Catholic “church” is part of it (She’s a former Calf-lick herself!), etc. After 30 years of me preaching this stuff to little avail, it was some Christian radio that woke her up and got her onboard.

      • Pompous Pontius Pilate was a liberal…. “Pilate saith unto Him ‘What is truth’?” -John 18:38
        Stupid liberals still can’t accept the answer to that question today!

        • “Ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth”
          (2 Tim. 3:7)

          “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools” (Rom. 1:22)

          • Heh, yeah, Cynic- when it comes to things that aren’t important to their agendas, they give the crowd what it wants, ’cause it makes them look like ‘heroes’. Today they’re more advanced: They teach the crowd to “want” the things just happen to align with their agendas….and thus get to look like heroes for giving the mob what it wants…..

    • Nunz,

      You and mom ready to get to work on training those crows?

      How close are you to Paducah?

      I can give you a hand building the aviary.

  9. Everyday I wake up and hope this is just a nightmare!!! But nope..

    I see people tripping over themselves to get the jab! Pretty soon it will be like those morons at Christmas fighting over some idiotic toy their kid wants..Again,the kid doesn’t really care(usually the toy the parents fight for the kid never plays with) Again,its that mindset of the parents that is making them act the same to get the jab..That same mindset makes them argue/fight with people who don’t wear a mask or go after people with the mask on incorrectly!

    These people have to be under some sort of mind control!!! Maybe it just works on some people,maybe the government has ray guns pointed at us but we are not infected as we see their lies!!! Maybe those mask wearing jab enthusiasts are brainwashed and need our help!

    • Hi Mark,

      Read Bernays regarding the psychology of crowds. Goebbels did. So did the people running this show. Many people – probably most – are easily manipulated by appeals to their emotions. Especially if they aren’t very bright or they never developed critical thinking skills.

  10. the necessary act of submission (Islam!) to their Faith.
    This is the reason western governments import muslim jihadis. To get us to submit to the state, via terror. Even Churchill admired the way the muslims submit to the state and wished he could get the Brits to that state of mind.

    • They are trying of appease Muslims with the face coverings aka MASKS!!

      Years ago(more than 10 years ago) I read an article on how they wanted the West to cater to Islam by people wearing face coverings..They finally did it with masks…

    • Hi Joe,

      Yup. Hitler, too, was an admirer of Islam. He courted the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. He even authorized a Waffen SS division of Islamists. He appreciated their fanaticism – and their subservience.

  11. Wonderful news everyone!!!

    All are invited to Catch the Global Citizen Concert sponsored by YouTube.

    Join Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez, J Blavin, H.E.R., The Try Guys, and more in an exclusive VAX livestream to reunite the world

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    Oh, and it’s time to lend a hand to life
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    We can’t go on
    Pretending day-by-day
    That someone, somewhere soon make a change
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    And the truth, you know, love is all we need

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    There’s a choice we’re making
    We’re saving our own lives

    Hosted by Ed Begley Jr.

  12. My April 2021 diaper report.

    Less people wearing them outside in the most leftist part of town. There should be zero, as there is no mandate for outdoors, but whatever. I’ll take the improvement. Only 10% outdoors in this part of town now. Maybe 40% doing it below the chin.

    Haven’t seen a masked driver alone in a month or so.

    Took a risk and entered a building where I needed the service. Three employees in there. None wearing masks, one was wearing one below the chin. Transacted without masks. That was nice. It was like an unspoken agreement.

    Spoke with a stranger as I often do with my job. The subject of the past year came up. We agreed on basically everything. Then he told me got the first jab, because he wanted to travel, but didn’t want to get the second one. Another person guiltily justifying to me why they got the jab.

    So, not sure if the improvements are because of the jab, the warmer weather, or something better.

    • Hey Brandonjin,

      That sounds nice and all, but I hate to bring you back to reality.

      Here is a story about another fellow named Brandon.


      This gentleman’s business made a top ten list of whiskey bars several years ago. In the beforetimes.

      People today are still living in fear.

      Not necessarily the fear of sickness, rather the fear of being disciplined for not following diktat.

      [Why are there no blind pigs making the news? I only hear of evil gyms.)

      Funny thing is the HPD substation down the street was THE spot to buy heroin not too long ago.

      Brandon, whether you’re looking to score some smack on Hotel Street, taking in the ambiance of homelessness, or simply looking to meet someone with the same first name, wander on in to Manifest and say aloha.

      The lilikoi whiskey sour is superb. Well worth half the price, as are most things in Hawaii.

      The other guy in the video, owner of the Irish pub, who looks like he was recently clouted, he use to allow smoking in his bar. My how things have changed.

  13. In a land of universal sickness having no fear makes you a king. That is how I’ve felt since the beginning of this pandemic.

    Getting tossed from stores, told to mask up for the good of us all, told to take a witches brew of unholy goo if I want to travel or transact commerce. All these things have taken a toll on my soul. My give a rip factor about my fellow man is now gone for good. That is the cost of this demonic subhuman agenda running the world.

    But being right from the start and sticking to your guns… Priceless.

    • It’s fun, isn’t it?

      If I see someone with a mask on they will likely not receive my assistance. Being right is no consolation.

      I wonder how many of the now maskless fools are only maskless because they got the jab. People make me sick.

  14. Speaking of absurdities:


    “Coastal communities are still grappling with rising sea levels caused by global warming. The U.S. Geological Survey predicts that by 2100 the ocean could rise as much as seven feet, putting some 600,000 homes at risk of flooding.”

    “Could rise.” So the planners are refusing to issue permits for structures they think are too close to the ocean, preventing owners from making improvements and effectively rendering their property worthless on the market.

    But way down in the story we learn that “the beach there has actually grown bigger over the years.” Huh?

    Not surprising that people who are scared to death over computer-modeled sea levels for the year 2100 wear masks while being interviewed on the beach.

    • My anecdotal look at coastlines is that the beaches have not grown. I went to Panama City Beach about 4 years ago and was shocked at how small the beach had become. It’s not due to “rising sea levels”, but rather excessive coastline development, from what I’ve heard

      • Mexico beach is way better than PCB now. Everything is new since Michael washed the town from the face of the earth in 2018. I still miss the rustic old florida feel it had before though…and the pier.

        • Funny; the small lake I used to live near on Long Island rose quite a bit since I was a kid, and the beaches have receded to the point where in some places they are entirely gone. They certainly can’t blame THAT on “global warming”- since if anything, that should cause the water level in a small lake to fall, not rise. Don’t think any “melting glaciers” are getting in there either, unless someone is bringing in glacier water at night in buckets….

          Easy to see on a small scale…but when they talk about “the oceans” I guess it’s easier to make their BS sound more plausible. Never heard anyone else mention this lake as a counter-argument to their BS.- of course, it’s not something they’d say on the TV or preach in the government churches (K-12, and universities) so I guess the average cult-member will never think of it, and will poo-poo it if you mention it to ’em.

          • Morning, Nunz!

            The common thread – as you know – is small kernel of truth (e.g., the Earth’s climate changes; there is a sickness going around) that’s turned into a grossly exaggerated “crisis” via scary story-telling and various forms of Kabuki to convince the gullible that The End is Nigh . . . unless they do as they are told, which always diminishes their freedom and finances while expanding the authority and affluence of the elites.

            • But Eric, The experts! The experts! 😀

              What we can see and observe with our own eyes…err…I mean ‘our anecdotal evidence’ isn’t relevant…’cause we’re not eggspurts. They’ve done studies ya know! Sy-un-tiffic studies where they compare a control world to a experiment world, and compare data from now vs. data from 17,000 years ago (Ya gotta admit, the average daily temperature in Central Park in 9632 B.C. was 1.3* lower than it is today!). Sheesh, don’t ya believe in science?!

      • I deal in property and keep my 36 foot sportfisherman at PC; the changes in the beaches mostly stem from hurricanes and repairing the damage by dredging to put sand back up on the beach.
        It’s the height of hubris and arrogance to ASS-U-ME that we know what Mother Nature actually has in store for us.

        • Eggsactly, Joe!

          In NY there is a long but very thin barrier island -Fire Island- They’ve been messing with it for near 100 years by building jetties and dredging, just to try and keep it where it is against the erosion of the ocean waves and tides.
          Every time there is a hurricane or good Nor’easter, the topography of Fire Island changes. During “superstorm” Sandy, the island really got carved up! New inlets were cut by the storm; old ones filled in; the island was virtually obliterated in some places, etc.
          Will THAT be accounted for in ‘the data’ in the future? LOL…of course not! They’ll just mention how the island and it’s inlets moved; how beaches and dunes eroded to near nothing, etc. and of course blame it all on “climate change”. Some Greenlander pissed on the permafrost and it wrecked the world ya know!

  15. “It used to be old people in nursing homes who talked about nothing but their ailments – and procedures. Their hip replacements, diverticulitis surgery and various meds.”

    Eric, I think you’re onto something there. I wonder whether there is any correlation between people’s worship of the diaper/jab and their eagerness to tell you about their colonoscopies.

  16. I recently went back East to pay my last respects to my 96 year old dad. He started going downhill two days after his 2nd Pfizer jab. Took him a month to die of congestive heart failure, after being relatively healthy.

    I had to run interference with my prog brother and sister who were completely freaked out that I wasn’t following whatever covaids protocal they thought important for a person recently flown in from Hawaii. I was there to say goodbye to dad and nothing else mattered and I wasn’t about to play games with masks and faked tests and general paranoia about the rona.

    It ended up a complete shit show with me not seeing my sibs, and them ostracizing me at a key junction in life. I did however have a very satisfying goodbye with dad, so I did reach my goal.

    This covaids thing is really tearing families apart. Upon returning to my hometown I was expected to conform and my brother was eager to submit me to the protocol he had designed for me to ‘be safe’. Not happening!

    Anyways, my point here is that there are people out there, as Eric writes, that are salivating at getting you into a personally compromising position to justify the insanity that they have chosen to live by. They want you desperately to run the same gauntlet that they have. They want you humbled and preferably hobbled. They NEED you to suffer as they are doing. They want to drag you down to their level.

    I do believe that there must be some kind of deep confusion or unconscious concern on their part that they might have gone down the wrong road. If they can only convince you to join their reality, they won’t have to worry about their choices. When you don’t go along, and in the context of having previously been involved in close family relations, they FREAK OUT! Whaddya mean you’re not going to do what I am doing??

    So, due to the rona, the final straw has been drawn and now they know their brother has conclusively lost his way and gone to the other side. So be it! My conscience is clear.

    • Hi Andy,

      You have my sympathy, empathy and admiration. I’m dealing with a situation very similar to yours.

      My mom – 84 – is imprisoned in a “care” facility; I have not seen her in a year, even though she is only about an hour away. She has been “locked down” per the Fuhrer Order of the governor. The warden of this prison advises my sister, who lives in CA, that family “may” be allowed to visit sometime this summer. But only provided Kakubi is performed. “Masks” and the rest. I will not bend to this. My sister is willing. I’ve told her she is welcome, as always, to stay at my house – but there will be no “masking” in my house. I don’t want to see her in a “mask,” either. Not in my car – not in my presence. Just as I would not abide seeing her wearing an armband, either. I’m not pretending this is normal – because it is evil.

      I will not”mask” to see our mom. I will not be leveraged by these Freaks. They get you to do it even once and they know they have gotten to you. I literally would rather die than put on that vile Rag. I cannot stand the idea of seeing my elderly mom wearing one. Nor she seeing me wearing one – and wondering who “that strange man” is. My mom has advanced dementia and this sort of thing is a cruel joke on people like her, who cannot understand what is going on.

      As far as my sister: I will not get on an airplane ever again if it requires Kabuki, which means I may never see her or my niece again.

      The hate I feel toward these Freaks is incandescent.

      • Hi Eric,

        I hear ya. There’s no turning back now. Families are dividing over this one.

        It’s now about making peace with this separation, your peace, not theirs. All the ghosts are coming out of the closet, which have always been there. I say fine, let it happen. I am finding it’s soul cleansing, though a heart wrenching process.

        No more patching things over.

        It’s a race to find the lowest common denominator. I’m not going to stoop to playing fear games with masks and hyper-risky ‘vaccines’ and displays of virtue signaling in order to make certain people feel more safe in their victimization. The whole thing is a psyop designed to pull you down to their sorry world view.

        That’s what we’re fighting here, beyond mask wearing or getting shot with an experimental poison. They want you marching in lock step with their agendas, and once you give them an inch, they gleefully feel they have succeeded in wearing you down. My brother was itching to get his hands on me and squeeze my discomfort in getting me to conform.

        That is the luciferian way, grinding down all your intellectual and emotional supports, hobbling you, getting you to feel defeated and giving in. That’s their agenda in a nutshell, nothing more.

        It’s a spiritual struggle we’re engaged in, to keep our sanity and to go forward with our heads held high. In a weird way I’m thankful that my job is so transparent now. I see what they are trying to do and I’m not buying it. No question in my mind what we’re up against and where my red lines are drawn.

        BTW, thanks for the blog and the nice community you’ve grown here.

  17. I never thought I would be living in such an insane world. First, everyone virtue signaled by wearing their face diaper. “Look at me, I’m being soooooo saaaafe!” People where I work brag openly about getting the vaccine. “Yep, I got my first one today, and in a couple of weeks I can get the second one. This is so great!” There was a guy at work who was upset that a doctor told his wife, who is breast feeding their child, that she cannot have the vaccine yet, but, if she waits a couple of months it “should be fine”. Had a co-worker call me on the phone and wanted me to check the schedule for his next work day. I told him the day, and then the next thing out of his mouth was: “I got the second vaccine today.” Why would you tell this to someone if not to virtue signal? It makes no sense.

    My daughter is a sophomore in high school. Sadly, she says the kids in her school brag about getting the vaccine too. Its like some sort of status symbol. It seems my daughter only has one sensible friend, as she has openly said “No way I’m getting that vaccine, and putting that shit in my body.” Oh yeah, her boyfriend is against getting the vaccine too. So, counting my daughter, that is 3 kids in a school of 600. I hope there are a lot more because my daughter obviously does not know everyone in her school One of her teachers got the vaccine and suffered a seizure the next day. Another got so sick, he had to stay home for a week. I don’t understand why people do this.

    I read some scary shit today. Something I had never heard before, and pray is not true. Supposedly, the people who have gotten the vaccine are going to be a deadly threat to those of us who have not gotten it. Great! Damned if you get the jab, and damned if you don’t. The vaccinated are going to seep out stronger, deadlier Corona Viruses, and will infect the unvaccinated. That is, unless they don’t die first when they come into contact with a Corona Virus which will cause their immune system to go hay-wire, and kill them. Hopefully, if your immune system is functioning properly, you will not die, but the doctor in the video below seems to think it is dire. I have watched a few of Dr. Coleman’s videos before, but don’t really have an opinion about him. He has been smeared by the MSM, so maybe he is on to something? Anyway, this video scared the shit out of me: https://brandnewtube.com/watch/covid-19-vaccines-are-weapons-of-mass-destruction-and-could-wipe-out-the-human-race_GcjtJu9dY1RcSNh.html

    • Hi Rush,

      I think we have a window, as it were, into what it must have been like to attend a Nuremburg Party Rally, circa 1936. The insane ecstasy of the mob, caught up in a collective, orgiastic frenzy. You read about such things and have trouble comprehending how anyone could become one of those people. Now we can see those people, in living color.

      As far as the rest: I’m doubling down on getting in the best shape I can whip myself into. Best to be a good swimmer in the Perfect Storm. Also, if it gets down to it, I want to be able to put up a good fight – and maybe even win it.

      Hang tight – and hang tough.

      The Freaks are a write-off. It is our task to survive them.

      • Hear, hear. Keep up with the Zinc, the D3, the quinine, exercise and try and eat right (I try). My “brother”, his “wife” and their “son.” My “cousin” as well. My progressive brother hasn’t gotten the jab yet, but his “girlfriend” has. Note my use of quotation to differentiate the jabbed. Their slavish devotion to mockingbird media propaganda is purely sickening.

    • Coleman is a sincere, Hippocratic oath loving doctor who sees conjob as a killer sent to us on purpose. He is the type of doctor that once was common but is now a rarity. He is being honest and open about this conjob hysteria.

  18. (a) I hate the vaccine virtue signaling. Its a lame way to show off. No one does this for MMR or one of the other ones.

    (b) “Whaddabout” those that were blackmailed into getting the vaccine? I dont see the virtue signalers speaking up for them.

  19. Listening to the confirmed at work, it is obvious they get all their info from TV “news” and any amount of critical thought or independent research is as foreign to them as eating dog.

    They are uncomfortable when others don’t agree with the dogma, but don’t have any resources to argue scientific studies or violations of human rights.

    I like the old Carlin line about how stupid the average person is. The last 13 months have shown how right he was.

      • BAC,

        No words you say.

        How about Dr. Fauci please forget me?

        It was after all done to the tune of sandman. After it is all said and done. This guy will make Mengele look like a novice.

        • Hi Jeremy,

          About 15 years ago, I visited Russia. I took a private tour of the Kremlin, and my guide was a former KGB English translator. She told me unbelievable stories about what it was like to be a little girl in the 1950s Soviet Moscow, and all of the daily propaganda and BS they were spoon fed. Every word she spoke about Soviet life and her KGB experience was so distressing, I’ve never forgotten her stories.

          NYC in many ways, including its people, government, and way of life, mimic and adopt the Soviet Union ideals. I live 30 miles away from NYC, and know the people and their beliefs very well. They would horrify you.

          Here are some covid PSAs currently being run in the NYC media market. If this isn’t Soviet propaganda, I don’t know what is (get a barf bag ready):



          • About 15 years ago my son’s friends parents visited us. they came to Oz from Chile. They spent over 2 hours telling us about the night Salvadore Allende was deposed as the president of the country. It was quite apparent that the CIA was involved in this coup against an elected leader. Had the CIA allowed the first Latin American country who elected a socialist government, that experiment would have ended quite rapidly and totalitarianism would never have gained a foothold in South America.

  20. Some stupid lady on the Nextdoor app wrote a loooooong post telling people about how great they were for “protecting the commmuuuuuunity” and what selfish assholes the non mask wearers were. It was kind of funny, because I was thinking to the poster ‘you’re right, I don’t care about you or people like you, at all!’

    It’s been liberating to me to think and probably soon say, “What makes you think I actually care about you? I don’t”. Or a more polite way, “I care about other people the same amount they actually care about me.”

    • Hey Michael,

      Yeah, I think “Nextdoor” is full of “busybodies” of that sort. And there’s that word again: “Commuuuuuuuuunity!”

      Every time you hear that word, you know something is about to foisted upon or taken from you, because of the NEEEEEEDSS of others. Help MEEEEEE! I NEEEEED to take something from you or I’ll have to work for it myself! Bleeeeehhh!

      Sorry. A little repressed anger there, myself. :p

      • I signed up for nextdoor and it took me about 10 minutes to develop an intense dislike for it.
        Mainly, it’s preachy crap like “we need a speedbump” (Wanna volunteer to be one?), bitching about speeding in the neighborhood, whining about dogs or asking people what’s going on down the street where they saw police cars. There’s also a survey every once in awhile, the latest being “Are you getting the coronavirus vaccine?” (Yeah, no way in hell I’m revealing that information to strangers.)
        It’s got all the propriety busybodying you see in a homeowners association or a large family like mine … and all for free!
        It reminds me of a joke:
        What do you call a group of Karens?
        A Homeowners Association.

            • Hey to5,

              I’m happy to have introduced that song to you. Hank is kind of an obsession with me. A brilliant lyricist who captured the entirety of the human condition, from whimsy, joy and playfulness to pathos, pain and existential despair. I don’t think there will be anyone like him again. Oddly, I discovered Hank (and great country music) through punk rock. In the early 80’s, Exene Cervenka, John Doe and DJ Bonebreak of X teamed up with Dave Alvin and Johnny Ray Bartel to form the Knitters. Their first album, “Poor Little Critter on the Road”, was regarded by many as a joke, I understood it as a love song to country music, a genre that I had previously held in contempt. As Exene said, “The Knitters are all about covering great songs so people can go back and find ’em,”.

              Running through all of his music is a contempt and despair at the hypocrisy, self righteous piety and cruelty of the outwardly virtuous, a hatred of busybodies and control freaks, and a compassion for the downtrodden and marginalized. Whatever his political leanings were, if he had any at all, he was an instinctual libertarian.

              His song, “Mind Your Own Business”,


              is particularly relevant today.

              His son released a beautiful tribute to Hank and Rufus Tee Tot Payne, the black street musician who mentored a very young Hank Williams.



      • “And there’s that word again: “Commuuuuuuuuunity!””

        Wondering if attack crows can be trained to be apprehensive about certain words.

    • I signed up for Nextdoor, but I don’t use it much. I’m on there to get help if my cats ever get out, and I’m on there to find/give away stuff. I got in to an argument with someone about property taxes. She said that there was nothing more American than paying taxes, and I took issue with it. The mental ILLNESS I ran into on there was mind blowing! So, I don’t use it much. It’ll be good if my cat ever gets out, but that’s it.

  21. A very interesting thing I saw on one of the Telegram goups im on about this – apparently the powers that be are paying social media “influencers” to take the jab and post pictures / videos of themselves getting it !! (it turns out one of the influencers actually had a brain and instead of complying made a video of her being offered money for a pic!) Maybe thats why this is suddenly all over social media !

    • Abolutely. It all makes sense when you see these complete idiots pushing the jab as if it’s the most exciting thing they’ve ever done in their lives. Turns out it’s just another lucrative product to push requiring minimal (and ineffective) acting skills.

  22. A 39 year old woman in my area got the jab 2 weeks ago and passed away 2 days ago. She was healthy and no known issues. One morning, she could not get out of bed. She had retained a massive amount of fluid, liver failed, went into a coma and then died. The govn’t can take that mask and needle and shove it up their asses!!

    • Allen,

      Yeah, that sounds typical for a 39 year old.

      I’ll bet it’s just listed as “sudden onset idiopathic liver malfunction”, and there’ll be nothing about the jab whatsoever.

      Really sad, however. And there will be no justice or transparency with any of this.

  23. Halfway through reading the article, a message popped up in my Teams app. “I got the moderna one :)”, a coworker announces. No joke. Followed by a gif of a dancing strong-armed pink smiley face with alternating messages “BUFF” and “TUFF”. Others are responding cheerfully that they, too, “got the moderna one”.

    • Max,

      I just heard a very similar statement on the radio. “I got Moderna.” The DJ came on lamenting his second jab, saying it put him down and he able to do nothing for a day. He then advocated eating advils and edibles to make it though the pain.

      Sounds just capital.

  24. I’m not sure why, but people seem to have an inability to say NO.

    I have friends that talk a tough game on this covid shit, but when the sign says mask up, they immediately and without question, mask up. They’re shocked that I refuse to put it on.

    They tell me it’s not that simple. I’ll say: “Let’s try it together: NO!” They just can’t do it though. WTF?

    • I have also offered to accompany those who seem to be interested in non-masking. So far, no takers.

      Have also lost a lot of friends over this. Even a lifelong friend. We seem to have nothing to talk about any more, as the elephant in the room gets in the way.

      • I can relate to what you said- I have also lost several close friends over the past year. Friends I grew up and and maintained since high school (over 20 years ago). In the beginning I tried to provide a glimpse of how I saw seeing this all play out, which was met with resistance and eventually crickets, so I stopped bothering a few months ago. 6 or 7 longtime friends, and 1 or 2 I considered by brothers. I thought they held firm in their convictions and principles, like me, but I was wrong. Turns out we aren’t cut from the same cloth, and no longer have much in common at the core level.
        I moved on, and have started making new friends. It sucks, but I guess it has to be this way. Maybe one day they’ll come around, but it will clearly have to be on their own. No outside force will penetrate their propaganda bubbles.

    • Right on Mister Liberty! ‘No’ is my favorite word lately.
      Seems like everyone is saying “you MUST do this………….”

      • Its been my favorite word for several years. Boss says “work this weekend”, I say “No” and it’s truly amazing how that simple word completely disrupts their program. The thought that someone would simply refuse to go along with their male bovine fecal matter never crossed their mind. Hope it works on the current crop of Psychopaths In Charge.

  25. A couple of comments:
    I was in Idaho last week. Everything is open and very few wear masks. Even at the national chain store Walmart people walk right by the greeter no mask. I think we are headed for the start of the civil war where we have *Free States* and *Covid States*.

    • What part of Idaho? I live in east Idaho.

      Even 20% of the population wearing masks is waaaay to high. It’s higher than that here it seems, but not near as bad as Utah when I went there in March.

      • Hi Ancap,

        The disease has spread even to my rural area. Six months ago, Diapering was ubiquitous in Roanoke but much less common here – 30 miles away, up in the mountains. Today, the Freaks abound. The Dollar store up the road used to be largely normal. Today, I’m largely the only normal one in the place. The Freaks have come to love their Diapers. It is like a slave back in 1854 drawing pretty stencils on his ankle bracelets.

        • Good morning Eric,

          It is depressing. The only mandates in the state of Idaho were local health dept. mandates. They were unenforceable by any fine whatsoever. The police all over south east Idaho stated that they would not enforce any mask violations. That was last summer. Now the mandates are up but I still see a good 50% of the population wearing masks voluntarily. Even in places containing no signs. Diapering up has become like putting socks on when wearing shoes. Almost everyone does.

          It’s always interesting to me when people visit here and talk about the lack of masks. I guess not being in other places where the masks are worn above 90% very often skews my perspective. To me 10 percent masking seems like I’m living in a world of drones.

          • Ancap, it is definitely a matter of perspective. I just moved to Meridian (Boise) from Vegas. I was disappointed that so many wore masks in the grocery store, but encouraged that fewer wore them in Home Depot. Nobody has yelled at me, even when I’m the only one with a face. In Vegas, I would get yelled at – “Sir!!, Sir!! You have to wear a mask”. There is no Utopia, but this is a definite improvement.

        • I mentioned a while back that all was lost here because the simple blue mask had all but disappeared, replaced by ‘reusable’ masks with sports logos or cartoon characters. They are fashion (and virtue signalling) statements now. Just like tattoos and piercings, it has become a mindless herd thing.

          Guaranteed, if this hypochondria shitshow ever winds down, and masking is made illegal, these freaks will fight to keep them.

          • You’re exactly right! Was reading comment section from YT clip of Biden proclaiming we no longer needed to wear a mask outdoors (lunacy on so many levels!) and majority of comments were something like “I feel empowered with my mask on and will continue to wear it no matter what.” Ugh! It’s truly the twilight zone!

  26. It appears that Fauci was in fact recycled after that fateful day in 97.

    We laugh at him from 97, but now the majority are listening. Now, only a small minority won’t listen to the words of a holy prophet.

    Just take the jab and everything will be okay! It’s not creepy at all. Just the new fucking normal.

  27. And now this from our friends at Natural News.
    Which might just possibly suggest that these vaccines are indeed a population control device, if proven.
    The chastisement against those who aren’t buying this huge pile of male bovine organic fertilizer is proof positive that they likewise aren’t as sure about it as they wish to believe they are, and need you to help them confirm they did the right thing by doing as as they did. Before any pesky side effects appear, which of course already have.

    • You nailed it John. Weak people need to be constantly reassured and told how righteous they are. They have no core beliefs other than the pap that is squeezed into their thick skulls 24/7 via teee veee. Eric has done the lords work here. Letting us know we are not alone, Giving us facts to fight the lies. Believe me I felt alone at the start of this kabuki. Now I am fully enlivened. I will never take, or be their ‘Mark.’

  28. I mentioned this on an earlier thread, in response to the Polish pastor in Canada who is standing up to the gestapo –

    “We haven’t had the gestapo at our church door, but yet they appear to have infiltrated. Spoke with our new pastor regarding the new “temporary” mask requirement and closing of the church building due to “cases”. Although he was at first defensive (after all I would only have to wear a mask “for 5 minutes” to use the restroom as that is the only reason people are allowed in), he did invite me to write up and submit a position paper and I did that same day, including scientific facts and data from CDC, FDA, etc.

    My only plea is for our church to continue to function as we have since the beginning – everyone live and let live. This concept is lost on some people, even in the church. However, those who just can’t stand the idea of fellow worshippers NOT covering their faces are giving up nothing – they can continue this pointless, satanic practice with no challenge from the church. Or they can take their pick from among practically any other church, as most are requiring or encouraging diapers. Those of us who just want to live our lives as God made us have few, if any, options. I am looking forward to seeing how God works it all out.

    If only our pastor was like this man. I will not give up.”

    In addition to the diaper debate now rearing its ugly head in our church, we also have several church members who have had the jab and proudly proclaimed it. To say I am disappointed is a great understatement. I thought these people were spiritually mature and used discernment, but have gone all in. Even our former pastor, whom I always respected as a teacher and upholder of Biblical standards. Of course, these same people are pushing for the diaper requirement. Will they soon push for a jab requirement in order to attend our church?

    The world has gone mad.

    • The sheep are surely getting separated from the goats. When Christian churches bow to the wearing of an occult symbol as a talisman to keep an invisible demon at bay, while celebrating (not tolerating or loving, but celebrating) homosexuality and antiracist bigotry, it is long past time for the churches to be shaken up. All the mainstream churches are deeply and fundamentally corrupted.

  29. We have not learned the lesson of Marty McFly: “Nobody calls me chicken!” He even said as much to his acquaintance, who was – ironically enough – called Needles. And as the story goes, giving in to Needles first cost Marty the use of his hand and his ability to play guitar, and then Marty got the “You’re Fired” fax from The Jits. The moral of the story, told to us over 30 years ago, is to not give in to peer pressure involving needles.

  30. “ America is a country obsessed with “safety” and its corollary, the mitigation of risk, however slight – no matter the cost. ” – Eric Peters

    “ In fact, refusing risks is almost a virtue today, for we label our quest for risk-free perfection as “caution” or “safety.” But if we’re honest with ourselves, this can just be a nice way of disguising cowardice.” – Annie Holmquist

    “ Skill at anything is no longer a desirable trait. ” – John the Kable Guy


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