Why I Won’t Pretend I’m Sick

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I thought I’d take a moment to explain why I never have worn and never will wear a Holy Rag.

Incidentally, I wonder why Joe continues to wear his Rag since he’s been Jabbed. Oh. Yes. That’s right.

It’s a religious thing.


  1. “The intrepid Baron was, of course, a notable horseman. While visiting Lithuania, he tamed an unruly horse of which everyone else was afraid. To demonstrate his skill, he had the animal prance on a table without breaking any of the crockery. At another time, when caught in a swamp, Munchausen rescued himself and the horse by lifting them both up by his pigtail.”

    The Tall Tales of Baron Munchausen

    If Munchausen can lift himself and his horse out of a jam with his pigtail, then the pandemic conundrum can be solved by wearing your mask.

    Pure fantasy, but who cares?

    Factitious Disorder

    “Factitious disorder imposed on another (previously called Munchausen syndrome by proxy) is when someone falsely claims that another person has physical or psychological signs or symptoms of illness, or causes injury or disease in another person with the intention of deceiving others.”

    Mask mandate (impositions) cause plenty of harm to human health, physiologically and psychologically, accompanied by a plethora of problems, economic and political.

    Governments can also have factitious disorder, be afflicted, they can make stuff up and get every sucker out there get fished-in hook, line, and sinker.

    You know how they lie all of the time, it’s obvious; the no good filthy swine.

    You’ll have to raise your tolerances once again and wear two masks. Two jackboots stamping your face will continue until your morale improves.

    Amsterdam is the place to be if you want to burn and loot some more. Lockdowns have consequences, actions speak louder than words.

    Covid-19 Munchausen lunacy going plaid.

  2. So, they’re saying flu cases are virtually nonexistent thanks to people masking, staying at home, and social distancing.

    They’re also saying that the novel coronavirus is running rampant because people are not masking, staying at home, and social distancing.

  3. Haven’t worn one since the start. I left my doctor’s office in the fall because they insisted I needed one. They agreed to do a remote ‘visit’ as it’s just a check up for a script refill, but come this half of the year, I don’t know if they’ll go for it again because they want to check blood levels. If that happens, I might have to go holistic because I’m not doing it. It’s not like I have a life threatening condition, but the med has its benefits. I just see it as a principle I can’t break. If it came to work, which luckily I can do from home, I would truly be in a quagmire as I’m not that financially secure, but I’ll nuke that bridge if I come to it.
    It’s completely illogical. Scientifically speaking, the mask doesn’t work. 11 RCT studies done over the last 20+ years and not a single one showed they’re effective against airborne viruses. Observational studies (which can be biased as hell – ‘I want to see if masks work. Wow, I observed data that says they do. I’m great at this.’ vs. ‘I want to test how effective masks are preventing infection from a laboratory confirmed virus using standardized testing processes. Hmmm, the data from this says they’re not effective. Here’s the data stating such for your review.’) as completely split, but a simple observation of the numbers during this Holy Jihad show they don’t do shite. Tom Woods shared a crap-ton of graphs showing when mask mandates went into place, that the compliance is well over 80% worldwide and THA’CASES!!!!!!!! shot up all winter, everywhere.
    Saw a meme that says it all: It’s not science if you’re not allowed to question it. It’s a belief system, a cult, a religion, but it’s not science. That is factual.

    • Hi Gabe,

      Yup; I’ll add the following:

      First, even if they did “work” it’s each individual’s right to choose. Just as we can still choose to eat healthy – or not. To exercise – or not. But if this “mask” psychosis cements, those rights will be forfeit, too.

      Second, and I understand this is anecdotal, I have managed to not get sick despite my never once putting the Holy Rag on and in spite of my very deliberately mingling with others, in public. This includes at my gym, for going on four months now, where a large number of breathing heavily are in close proximity – almost none wearing the Rag – and none having gotten sick. If they had – especially if there had been a death of an otherwise healthy member – that gym would be closed or Rag Wearing mandated.

      But no one has gotten sick – much less died – over nearly half a year of open-faced breathing. If “the virus” is as contagious – and dangerous – as made out to be, surely at least someone would have caught it by now.


      • Sure wish my gym, or any here, for that matter, had gone the direction yours has, Eric. Az governor, Fuhrer Ducey, will close them down if they don’t meticulously enforce diaper policy.
        Before all of that, I frequently attended the gym. At least for the little time they were open, diaper-optional, during this sickness charade.
        I seriously want to end business and liquor “licenses” so as to strip these tip-pot dictators of their powers of capricious cancelry.

      • I have had to wear a mask twice now. Both times to get food.

        Best I can do is wear it in an obviously useless manner. As it came out of the box, pleats still pleated,it just covers my lower lip and tip of nose. About an inch away from my face as the Grizzly Adams face hair keeps it there.

        TOTALLY FUCKING USELESS! And I told the harpy twit this. “Yes, but it ts the law”. So stupid that even when following the “law” (it isn’t, just decree) will achieve nothing, they still demand “playing along with their delusional stupidity”.

        There is no hope for the species. Disease has most certainly taken hold of the majority. It is not ‘Rona, it is monumental stupidity and arrogant ignorance.

        Death by whatever is in the shot is what these fuckwits deserve. Kill the stupid. Please.

        • I wear an obviously useless one, too, when I feel I have no choice, such as at work (we have to wear them to walk around, but not seated at our desks). I own one old tissue paper type mask, blue on one side, white on the other. It’s only the second one I ever worn in the 8 months or so since it became mandatory in my state. I think I got it at the public library over the summer when they wouldn’t let me in without one, but at least they provided them. It’s dirty, misshapen, ripped, frayed, stained with lipstick and makeup, etc. I’m starting to get comments regarding its grossness and I just shrug. “You want me in a mask. That’s a mask. You didn’t say it had to be new or clean. It’s not like it’s doing anything, right? You know? Right?”
          Blank looks in response.
          I’d still be using the first one I obtained, which was given to me in a hair salon and stained with hair dye, but I lost it someplace. They get pretty gross after about a week, even with my very rare use of them.
          I read that some government critter is wanting to require those n93 masks instead of our “anything goes” measures of the moment. All I can say about that is someone else is going to have to buy it. I won’t pay for one.

  4. Of course, they just say the virus travels on droplets and other particles, which the mask probably does help with, just as covering the mouth when you sneeze. The problem is there isn’t good evidence this makes a big difference. Also, the virus maims and kills the old and sick. The US is a fat metabolically ill nation, which is much more dangerous than the China virus. The diapering is especially dreadful where I live because there are no penalties for not diapering. All diapering is self imposed. I watch grown men don it while waiting outside to order food at a takeout window. They were it while jogging or in the car. Sick.

  5. In a representative democracy it’s critical to communicate to your representatives what you consider unacceptable. Those who know it’s all bullshit yet diaper up anyway are the absolute worst because they’re effectively telling their representatives that they support the bullshit.

  6. The only times I’ve worn one is going to a medical facility, I haven’t been able to find one that isn’t adamant, and when taking my 90 year old father to the grocery store, him being willing to comply and not wishing to impose an altercation upon him. Well, I’ve decided I’d rather get sick and die than play the Pharma game for their profit and my eventual destruction anyway, and my father died back in November, probably as a result of the stress intentionally inflicted upon him. And so, I’m done with it. Given the abundant evidence they don’t work, and that they do impose a health risk, much of it published by the very same WHO/CDC, there can be no explanation of such insanity except belief and faith. It is indeed a religious program, to inflict upon us the worship of the state. You know, the same state that can only exist by threatening you with prison or death?

    • Amen, John –

      Every Diaper Disciple ought to ask himself two questions – and answer them, honestly.

      The first is: How can a person who isn’t sick get others sick?

      The second is: How does wearing a rag that is porous to viral particles “stop the spread” of viruses?

      Of course, they won’t even entertain such questions as to do so would be to question the Faith.

      Very sorry about your dad. I expect my mom to pass sometime soon; I will never see her again because of these Freaks – and god-damn them for that and everything else they have done to us.

      • The idea of asymptomatic spread persists, despite its having been debunked. Far as I can tell, the official narrative has not given up this ghost, and likely never will. And no counterpoints to the official narrative are permitted. These facts alone ought to raise red flags, but people being fearful and ignorant, no red flags are to be had.

        I also believe this disease manifests as a common cold in many people, which enables them to go about their business and spread to others, in whom the disease could manifest more seriously. Health authorities (Gawd) understand this, so they continue to rely on and promote the diaper as a mitigation effort. Unconcerned if it actually works for that purpose – again, the official narrative holds that it does, in spite of all evidence to the contrary.

        The primary concern these days seems to be overwhelming of hospitals and health care resources, and less so the death rate. Which one can argue is a legitimate concern (except it down not seem that it’s actually happening). They are trying, desperately, to throw shit against the wall in the hope something sticks. Never mind that it’s all been in vain so far. Because virus gonna virus.

        I guess where I’m going with this is that to move off from the diaper, we need to get people to understand that there is no asymptomatic spread, and to convince them they don’t need to run to the hospital for this. But this is too ingrained now, so that ain’t happening.

        • It seems to me the people that would be most able to forcefully transmit the truth about sickness and disease would be medical professionals. Yet, they continue, with rare exceptions like Dr. Scott Atlas, to publicly support, comply with, and promote the official control narratives instead. At this point, I don’t think this is a mistake. It’s evil.

          • Hi Zek!

            My dad was a doctor, so I have a bit of familiarity with the AMA apparat. Doctors who question what the AMA party line is stand in peril of losing their license to practice, no small threat when you have invested all those years and all that money in becoming an MD.

            So many just duck their heads and obey – even if they don’t agree.

            • I know you are describing a reality not an excuse. That being said, I still consider such dishonesty in service of purely political narratives a tremendous evil. Even more so if what you say is the overriding factor. Sad and pathetic as well.

              • I think many of them really believe the official narrative, or worry – what if my challenging it turns out to be wrong. Further, many are in the cult. Fact is, medical professionals ought to know better, but they don’t. They have the knowledge base sufficient to understand, but lack the skills or desire to research or think, so they are willing, if misinformed, participants. And that is the tragedy, and a dereliction of duty owed to their patients and the public. I submit this dereliction is where the evil lies – failure to be informed and transmit the truth makes them a willing accomplice.

                • doctors are far dumber than you might think and are unable to think for themselves with very few exceptions. its a result of their training and big pharma designs the curriculum.

                  • Before I left and went into my own business, I taught immunology at a medical school. (I’m a real scientist!). I can attest to you my comment 100%. True story: I got a speaking to by the Dean for going off script and teaching my sections too much – and more than the other sections. Twas an eye opening moment for me, and I then decided to do something else with my life.

  7. I have never once worn one and I never will. I even flew on a commercial airline and never wore it once. I just kept on sipping my water and eating one peanut at a time.

    When I catch myself even thinking about altering my plans to avoid a potential mask confrontation, I mentally say FU and earnestly go forward with my plans sans the mask. I make sure I carry a copy of the local gesundheitfuhrer’s edict, with all of the exceptions highlighted. If I ever have to pull that out, the stupid mask enforcers fold like a wet paper bag. It works every single time!

    • More power to ya, Mr. Liberty!

      Ditto. I’ve never in my life worn a mask…and I have no intentions of ever doing so.

      I’ve used the ‘medical exemption’ routine in the past, on the few occasions I’ve been confronted…..but I’m not even going to do that anymore. Being forced to lie, or to plead for some type of mercy to gain exemption is almost as humiliating as submitting to the ‘mandates’ and pretending to agree with their psychosis.

      From now on, if confronted (Which hasn’t happened to me around here since c. late Sept.) I’m just saying something to the effect of F*#^ YOU, and going about my busy-ness until and if they decide to do something about it. Tired of this shit!

      If I weren’t a Libertarian and fairly sane, I’d have half a mind to walk up to these idjits I see walking around with their air-holes obscured, and ripping their masks off and making fun of them for being such pusses and idiots!

      Have these people no dignity? Have they no understanding? (I know…I know…). It’s digusting- not just to see America go this way politically- but to see 99.9% of the population, even here in uber-rural fly-over country routinely and comfortably accepting this garbage!

      • I often ask myself if any of these maskholes ever look in a mirror. They seem to have no idea how ridiculous they look. Every time I even entertain the idea of just “go along to get along” I think about how it looks on others, and I can’t do it.

        During the past couple of summers, my son and I worked in NC helping homeowners rebuild from Hurricane Florence damage. We were working in intense heat and humidity, no A/C (homes were gutted), sanding drywall, cutting lumber. I tried to wear the mask then, but after less than 5 minutes I had to take it off. Couldn’t do it, even when it made sense to do so.

        • Look in a mirror? Of course they do! In fact, many of them are masked in their social media profile pictures. They’re proud of what they’re doing! “Look at me! I’m virtuous! Won’t you be virtuous, too?”

      • Claiming medical isn’t a lie. Not for me anyway. I don’t like wearing things over my face. I’ve tried it in sub-freezing weather while running. Can’t do it. I also hate submitting to ridiculous mandates. These things cause me stress and stress is a very serious medical condition.

        But I know where you’re coming from. I only claim medical when pressed. If challenged, I just say “I’m exempt” and that typically ends it. When asked about what makes me exempt, I just say “medical.” And if it’s a repeated hassle, I just don’t go back. Plenty of places out there have signs but don’t say a word. That’s even less stress.

        • Hi cjm!

          I am of the same mind as people who feel shameful when quibbling over “exemptions.” It is like a person trying to avoid the freight car to Dachau by pointing out he is only one-quarter Jewish. I understand that “mileage varies” and I understand that many people are forced to submit to this more so than I am – so I am not condemning them, by any means. But I won’t wear the Holy Rag or make excuses for it.

          I’ve been almost wanting someone to pester me about it but perhaps – as Emperor Palpatine put it – they can feel my anger.

          • Eric,

            Its strange but through this whole thing with the essential vs non-essential business and worker i’ve had the sense of the movie Schindler’s list. Early on in this whole lockdown crap my wife actually got a letter from work declaring her an essential worker and someone that needed to travel. That infuriated me then, it infuriates me now. We are Americans, this is not supposed to happen here, and yet here we are. People faithfully wearing the mark of the cult of the sickness, even those that don’t like it go along as to not be a target of society. Then the are the rest of us shunned, talked about, attacked, incarcerated, not allowed to conduct business or in some cases earn a living all for the “sin” of not going along with the sickness religion.

            • There is actually a scene in Schindler’s List where they literally divide people into who are essential workers. A man protests that he is an essential worker. Sent a chill up my spine.

          • I take exception to the characterization that one is quibbling or doing something shameful by citing an exemption. I’m hoping you did not mean that as a personal insult.

            I don’t quibble, I just cite or invoke the exempt status. Roughly 49 out of 50 times it’s moot — no one says anything to me about a mask at all. Of the 1-in-50 times I’m asked about a mask, I say “I’m exempt” and get an “ok” from the other person and that’s it. I wouldn’t call that quibbling.

            Twice in the last three months (probably 2 out of the 10 times I’ve said “I’m exempt”), I’ve had people follow up with statements.

            One was a guy that said “ok” to my exemption and asked nicely while ringing me up “what makes you exempt?” — it was curiosity, not a further challenge. So I just said, “medical.” And that was it.

            The other was a clerk from the convenience store that I commented on recently. That exchange went like this:
            “here’s a mask for you”
            “I’m exempt”
            “we need everyone to wear a mask” (not friendly curiosity)
            “are you asking me to take my business elsewhere?”
            “no, I’m not doing that, we want your business, we just have to ask everybody….”

            The people that challenge us are either true believers or people just doing what their bosses are telling them to do. I’m still either going in maskless or being turned away. My objective in those situations is to do this as efficiently as possible. I gain nothing by arguing with them about the legitimacy of executive orders or natural rights.

            • **” I gain nothing by arguing with them about the legitimacy of executive orders or natural rights.”**

              Way I see it, we shouldn’t have to explain ANYTHING. It’s like, it you’re taking a walk down the street and a stranger approaches you and asks you why you’re walking there, do you owe him an explanation?

              When I was 12, I may’ve stopped and given an answer. Tpoday, I’d tell the guy to go crap in his hand.

              Just saying that to illustrate. I’ve used the medical exemption line myself; I may use it again if the situation were severe enough- and personally, I’m not going to knock anyone who does it- but really, as grown men- men who are concerned with liberty no less, isn’t that what it really comes down to?

              Do we owe anyone an explanation- much less some pimply-faced minimum-wage store clerk? The humiliation is in offering any excuse, for doing what is merely normal human behavior. Like the example above about being questioned for walking down the street- to offer an excuse is to acknowledge the validity of the question and or the authority of the person asking it.

        • In keeping with the spirit of the ADA, my medical exemption is that I am a healthy person, and refuse to jeopardize my health by inhaling CO2, fibers, and chemicals/dyes (as well as bacteria and pathogens trapped in the mask) by covering my face.

          • And I rarely “use” the medical exemption, usually just walk into the stores and let the chips fall where they may. Very rarely challenged at all.

  8. Mask functions:

    Making indeed the healthy sick, beating down people so they are easier to bully, influence, dominate and brainwash, create artificial fear, isolate human beings, remove compassion, feelings and humanity, destroy indviduality, social engieering, conditioning to prepare for worst (dna altering poison vaccines for a start), force submission, degrade, humiliate, torture phisically and psychologically, like rpisoners to destroy their capacity to resist, fight. Destroy hope so that the subject will be a good slave, dog or cattle.

    So many OBVIOUS reasons why they do this and to refuse to wear one of these shitty muzzles.

    rather get tazed, shot, fined than wear that

  9. Sorry for being a disappointment, Eric, but I have at times donned the Holy Diaper, though usually at work. And I don’t dick with anything less than an N95. At least I won’t be looking COMPLETELY idiotic by wearing something that is absolutely ineffective! It is required of me there, though I shine it on if possible. No reason to play if I’m the only guy in my cubicle or in the lab, but if there is some higher echelon figure around…
    And it is true that, at times, I’ve worn my muzzle at this store or that. Usually happens when I feel worn down and poor of spirit. Hopefully you’ll appreciate that it takes a little courage to admit when you’re not perfect. 😉
    I do always feel a sense of pride and strength when I go bearing nothing but a smile on my face, which is most what happens when I’m shopping. And sure as fuck will I never wear the damn things of my own accord, or at least, not for this scamdemic. I do wear N95s for other things, however, such as sanding or weed-whacking the yard. 😉

    • I’ve worn one to take my cat to the vet; they won’t let you in without one. I’ve also worn one to see the doctor. Otherwise, I skip it.

      • I’ve been kicked from a few places for my heresy. Haven’t bothered to visit a doctor, whose services are generally worthless anyway.
        I’ve kept a count of my hits and my misses, and seek to only frequent places that have given me no trouble,
        I don’t have the luxury of giving the finger to my employer, however. Get fired there, and I’ll be picking over the wreckage of this economic apocalypse. No thanks.
        I’m working on self-employment, however, which will bring that sense of pride, confidence and empowerment that so very few know. Soon. Very soon.

  10. To my shame, I admit to wearing the face diaper for a few minutes in early April when the virus hysteria was at its peak. It wasn’t because I was afraid, but because I thought if maybe everyone wore it, the PTBs would let us out of lockdown (of course, it wasn’t until AFTER lockdown that they mandated it). But after walking around the store for a few minutes with it on, I quickly realized that a.) I couldn’t breathe, b.) people couldn’t understand me when I spoke, and c.) it was physically, mentally and spiritually stifling. From that moment on, I haven’t worn the diaper and refuse to do so. Everything I’ve learned since then has only reaffirmed that decision (and your website has been a great help, too!).

    • There’s no shame in that. It’s one thing to consider the mask and then abandon it and another to say “what’s the big deal?” (which you obviously aren’t). There are folks that have to wear it for work. I don’t, so I can’t judge them. For what it’s worth, I wore the mask on a handful of occasions last summer as well. Two times were related to hospital visits and another 2-3 times were related to extended family restaurant trips while travelling last July. I didn’t care for the confrontation but was willing to suffer through it. The stress that it caused my wife was too much though, so I put it on a couple of time for her. From that experience though, we now have some established ground rules so that no one is subjected to excessive stress. I haven’t put one on since July. We still go out to “safe” restaurants and my record is solid since that point, and I suffer through the confrontations when they come up. Having a perfect record with regard to mask wearing is great. But to turn back the tide, we need to turn current wearers into former wearers. No shame in being a former wearer.

      • Yes, feeling ashamed is what makes many people do it in the first place. It takes courage to turn away, especially after having done it a few times. TPTB know this.

      • Oh, just a quick follow up. Not sure this matters, but for the restaurant trips, I still couldn’t bring myself to put on an actual mask, so in the situations mentioned above, I used a neck gaitor/buff. Minor rebellion before going 100% mask/face-covering free.

    • Jim,

      If you live in the land of the sickness zealots in the northeast like ny or nj it is almost impossible to be 100% face diaper free. I have donned the face diaper to be allowed to say goodbye to mom back in October, to attend her wake and funeral, to get my shoulder surgery and i still have to diaper when doing physical therapy. Although i did draw the line at mom’s funeral, dad asked if i wanted to ride in the limo which i initially accepted, but was told as i got in i would have to diaper. I said no thanks i’ll drive myself.

  11. Our Fauci, who art in healthcare, hallowed be thy name. Thy reset come, thy will be done, on earth as it is at Pfizer, Facebook and Amazon. Give us this day our daily jab, and forgive us our masklessness, as we forgive those who destroy our lives. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us to the evil ones. In the name of the president, the congress and the senate. Awoman.

  12. Haven’t worn the rag yet, have no intention of doing so. So far, only denied service a couple of times, yelled at once in a store (the Karen wasn’t successful, though). I live in a fairly blue area.

    Each day is a challenge, but, by the grace of God, I will face it uncovered!


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