This’ll make you Sick

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“Rescued at gunpoint” – that is, citizens forced out of their own homes by SWAT thugs:

No warrant. No probable cause. Just – kick in the door, shove a gun under their noses – and order them out of their own homes, hands up, while the goons ransack the place.


But what’s even more sickening is the attitude of the victims – the homeowners who were assaulted.   They – the ones interviewed in the video, at least – were thankful.  “They did what they had to do to secure the neighborhood,” said one man.

He reminded me of the character Parsons from Orwell’s 1984. A cringing, pleading – and always smiling – worm who cannot conceive the government could ever do something wrong.

Because, of course, he has no conception of his own rights.

America is ready.

1917 – and 1932.

It’s going to play out again.


In a neighborhood near you.

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  1. What happened to the lifestyle of the American biker?

    Since when did being a biker mean riding to the city, staying in a hotel, buying chrome do-dads and t-shirts and drooling over custom assembled bar hoppers?

    Before H-D began their clothing line and marketing their motorcycles to Joe the CEO, all of the “events” were club campouts or competitions (hill climbing, flat track racing, etc.). I have no issues with corporate America making a few bucks from the motorcycle owners and the wannabes that are attracted to these over commercialized “biker” events. The only problem I have, larger numbers of these RUBs are showing up at non-corporate sponsored events and creating issues.

    They are not schooled in MC etiquette and generally lack the respect for the clubs or the women in attendance. The disrespect I have witnessed would have gotten your ass kicked to the point of hospitalization 10 years ago.

    I would like to make a list of do’s and dont’s for the newbies when attending the club sponsored events. Feel free to add to the list.

    1. Do not touch the cut! This is important, so I’ll repeat. DO NOT TOUCH THE CUT!!! This is the vest with “colors” attached. Feel free to ask the patch holder about their logo or their colors, but HANDS OFF!

    2. You are a guest. Not the guest of honor. Have a good time without interfering with everyone elses good time. Especially the host’s.

    3. Respect the women. Leave your beads in the RV with the camera. If a woman decides she wants to go topless, it’s not for your entertainment. You may look, but don’t stare! You may not touch them, so don’t ask. If you are there for the show, LEAVE!

    4. If law enforcement becomes involved due to anything you did or didn’t do, sell the bike, change your name and move to the other coast. THINK before you say or do anything. If any club member feels you have disrespected the club, their colors or any individual in attendance, expect extreme pain and a possible lengthy hospital stay. The real world is not like “Wild Hogs”.

    5. If you feel uncomfortable or out of place, leave. Either this is not the lifestyle for you or you’re not welcome there. If you are asked to leave, ask no questions and DO NOT ARGUE. Promptly pack your gear and LEAVE.

    I have attended many events sponsored by 1%er’s. Using common sense and respecting all in attendance, I have never had an issue. But I have seen some near incidents due to people violating the simple rules of biker etiquette. If you are new to the lifestyle, take this seriously. Sometimes you don’t get second chances.

    1 ‘I saw a small patch on a Hells Angels vest that said, ‘FILTHY FEW’, what does it mean?’

    It’s just like asking any Motorcycle Club member ‘How many guys in your club?’ Don’t ask what a patch or insignia means on any Motorcycle Club member’s vest….It’s CLUB BUSINESS! It’s okay if you’re talking to a club member to ask/say, ‘That’s a great looking pin, is it ivory?’, but not ‘What does that stand for?’. It’s not that it’s anything mystic or cryptic, it’s just that it’s for members, and members only to know. It’s not just with motorcycle club
    members…..Try asking a Mason what he had to do to get to the 12th Chair…

    2. ‘What does ‘high jacking a conversation’ mean; is it bad?’
    In a citizen’s or Yuppie bar it’s quite common to see someone interject a statement into someone else’s conversation. You know, two guys you don’t know are talking about the best quarterbacks in the NFL, and you chime in with ‘Hey, what about Y.A. Tittle?’ Normally this will get you in the conversation with them…not at a Biker bar! It’s old fashion, but they consider it rude to interject a statement into a private conversation….It’ll get you anything from a hard look, to a quick rap in the mouth. Real simple, old fashion rules: If it ain’t yours, don’t touch it; If it doesn’t concern you, stay out of it; If you’re rude, apologize….if you’re still standing…

    3. Agree. Be respectful and don’t mess with any girlfriend of a club member

    4. Forget about THINKING before you say or do anything. Just DON’T say or do anything. Remember this… “Three can keep a secret if two are dead!”

    5. If you are politically or morally sensitive OR easily offended, you probably should not be there anyway.

    other considerations…

    ‘My buddy says I shouldn’t lock my bike when it’s at a Hells Angels Club House. Why?’

    If you mean taking the key out of the ignition, that okay, but locking the forks, chain locks, etc., that’s being disrespectful to the Club. It’s like saying you don’t trust the members or the people they invited to the Club House. The same can be said when you are at a Club function other than at the Club House; your bike is completely safe and it’s watched by Prospects or hang-arounds. Look around the next time you’re at a Club function and you’ll see bikes with helmets, jackets, gloves with the bikes, and even keys still in the ignition. The Club does not tolerate misbehavior at their functions.

    – Unless you are well known to club members, I would not recommend you take pictures inside their club house unless you ask first

    – This is a BIG one! When riding with a 1% club in an organized ride, always remain BEHIND the members and do NOT pass them.

    – If you support an OPPOSING 1% club and or wear their support gear. You are taking a big risk.

    – Don’t ask anyone about club business or discuss club business with anyone!

    – Don’t try to sell anything to anyone at a club house.

    – Show respect, be respectful. Can’t stress this enough.

    Cowboy Junkies mp3s of Cowboy Junkies

    ” Music rooted in blues, folk and country styles in the vein of Hank Williams. – Cowboy Junkies”

    State Trooper – Cowboy Junkies

    “State Trooper”

    New Jersey Turnpike. Riding on a wet night. ‘neath the refinery’s glow. Down where the great black river flow
    License, registration: I ain’t got none
    But I got a clear conscience. ’bout the things that I done

    Mister State Trooper. Please don’t stop me. Maybe you got a kid
    Maybe you got a pretty wife. The only thing that I got’s
    Been bugging me my whole life

    Well, in the wee wee hours. Your mind gets hazy
    Radio relay towers. Gonna lead me to my baby
    Radio’s jammed up. with talk show stations
    It’s just talk, talk, talk, talk. ’til you lose your patience
    Hey, somebody out there. Listen to my last prayer,
    Heigh-ho Silver oh, Deliver me from nowhere.

    • I have very little experience when it comes to biker clubs. Everything you said seems spot on to me except this line: “The disrespect I have witnessed would have gotten your ass kicked to the point of hospitalization 10 years ago.”

      So what has happened to the clubs in the past 10 years?

    • Tor, back in 80 or 81 (I forget, I had a bit too much fun back then) I drew up some hand lettered posters for a “run” out in the backwoods of NW Florida. That favor, for some real bikers (that I also designed tatts and shot a little airbrush for), got me an invite to the run. After the formality of hiding my rice burner over in the woods (Throw it in the woods?) in the tent area, I set out with my “sponsor” to explore the van area. We were in search of some outstanding airbrush work on display there.

      That little tour was an eye opening experience for a young impressionable hardhead. One of the first things we encountered was a circle of folks smoking a funny looking cigarette. A very attractive young woman with absolutely no tan lines walked up and partook. I commented to my “sponsor” that I was surprised she could walk around a place like this without a stitch on. He said there was probably a six foot eight gorilla watching over her nearby that would stomp a mudhole in anyone’s ass that even looked at her too long. “Ohhh”, I said.

      Now I had clearly stated, at the sponsors’ request, on every poster, that there were to be no firearms, no fireworks and no glass brought on site. I saw more Jack Daniels bottles in 30 minutes than I’d seen in the previous 5 years. Once in the van area, I thought I’d died and gone to a gun show. Nancy Pelosi would have pissed all over herself at the sight of hardware these guys had on display. I didn’t stay long enough to verify this, but credible reports stated that the night sky lit up like the Magic Kingdom from all the fireworks. Some folks just can’t follow the rules…

      On my way out a notorius biker (noted for having his bike in milk crates in the kitchen of his trailer for two years) called “Garbage” made some nasty comment about my RD-350. So not wanting to look like a pussy I put that bike on the pipe and sand blasted his hairy ass. Oops! The rearend kinda got away from me and I hit two unintended targets on chopped sportsters. Now you may find this hard to believe, but the chase was on right then boys and girls! Fortunately, the paved road leading into the place was more than a bit twisty. So after about three curves those fellows were no longer in visual range. Good thing too, because I suspect they were wanting to give me a perfectly good ass whipping…for free, no less! That was nearly 33 years ago and I can still feel the residue from that adrenalin rush! Whew! Good old days? I’m not so sure…

      • Good God Boothe, you’re as crazy as I am, maybe crazier. I don’t know why I did what I did except it was really exciting. I had a ’67 Malibu in ’68 with a Chevy parts built 327 that made way over 400hp. Parts not in the book, all with GM number, Holley intake with GM numbers, an unknown to anyone but a few cam with GM numbers, same for everything including a Holley carb with GM numbers and 2 1/2″ cast iron shorty GM headers. I’d race a buddy with basically the same car except a full blown 427 in it with all the goodies. It was geared even higher speed than my car and we race through town. You could hear the difference in rpm of the small block and big block but we’d shift within tenths of a second. It was always a good race and I always beat him top end. I remember one night starting at the red light and headed west out of town at about 3 in the am. We were side by side and by the time we got to the Mobil truck stop at the edge of town there were people streaming out the door. Of course we weren’t running any mufflers so it was LOUD. Fire coming out from under the cars you could see reflecting on everything. My engine turned so high it would sling the blades off the alternator fan now and then. It had little dings from the under side of the hood where they’d come off. Actually, that was about the sanest thing I ever did. I can’t relate the other things. I never set out to hurt anyone though.

        • ” I never set out to hurt anyone though.”

          Oh, the judge loves that kind of reasoning.

          “Your honor, I didn’t go to do it. ”

          “Yes, but you done it, just the same. 90 days, boy.”

          • You gotta use those big calf eyes and hope he likes his son and you resemble him somewhat. The alternative is : Damn boy, don’t you think about anything before you do it. I’m not asking for an answer here, just shut up. BTDT.

        • I thought so too. I forgot to tell Ed. If he’d had any money in it that would have been a paid one. One of my worst that left me temporarily blind occurred in my own room, in my own bed that I had been asleep in in Ft. Stockton. It’s a story unto itself. Remember when beer came in steel cans that were nothing less than a mortar when unopened and cold?

  2. Ed, sorry I addressed MoT when it was you I was responding to. Things are really agly on my end today. I have been having to resign in and things just seem wacky, can’t keep it organized. I need some fresh air I guess. Maybe if I had a cold one I’d be more organized. It’s noon somewhere after all.

    • Aw, that’s OK, Eight. I figured it out as soon as I read a few lines into it. BTW, I have read several of Dennis Lehane’s novels. It’s too bad that Bennifer’s little brother got to play the part in “Gone, Baby, Gone”. It ruined the story.

      • Ed, I didn’t like the way the story ended. If my wife knowingly and maliciously screwed me over when the going got tough, it would definitely be over. I didn’t think that was realistic for that character as I don’t think in other books he gets it right either. I kept waiting for the sequel to end and kept waiting and kept waiting. I was worn out by the end. Finish it for God’s sake.

        • Well, one thing the casting director got right was casting Slaine as Bubba. That was a good fit, as was Titus Welliver in his role and Ed Harris in his.

          The character of the wife as a recurring retard in the other novels was bad. She turned into a real drag and he never gets the stones to dump her. She dumps him and he keeps her on as a partner in the business. Too much like a soap opera, if’n you ax me.

    • Yep, that happened in the Bottom on St. Patricks day. The fat skinhead cop starts punching someone he outweighs by 60 pounds in response to nothing more than some mouthing off, and takes the guy down to the sidewalk, where the smaller man knees porky’s balls and gets loose. He’s winding up to deliver a good shot to the puss when fatass Lawanda grabs his arm, and the shitass with the mohawk starts in with his collapsible baton.

      These cops are lucky they were dealing with a trio of drunk college kids instead of some serious street fighters. If 3 cops can’t handle 3 college kids, of whom only one is resisting, without calling in more pork, they’d be toast if they were dealing with 2 hardasses from Oregon Hill or Lakeside.

      Oh, wait…maybe that’s why Richmond’s swinest won’t get out of their cars in Oregon Hill without SWAT backup. I watched this vid and imagined that fatass skinhead donut addict starting his pushback on the typical sleeve-tatted dude he’d encounter in the dwindling neighborhood right across the expressway from Carytown.

      He and Lawanda would have been lucky to be able to crawl back to their car, minus their belts, guns and badges.

      • Aint that the troof! Fedzilla izz too dumb to know he already extinct. Little Black Uncle Sam-bo think his rigor mortis spazzing in history’s tar pits mean he still alive, and still Scar the Lyin’ King, but all them zombies betta hide dey faces…

        – – – –

        I think a lot of progress is taking place on this blog in regards to escaping the every day coercion concentration camp mindset.

        Every post and comment is growing work in progress showcasing the unquestionable superiority of building and living in a consent culture of one’s own making.

        – – – – – Oregon Hill– – – – –

        The hoods are up on Pine Street. Rear ends lifted too
        The great-grandsons of General Robert E. Lee
        Are makin’ love with a little help from STP
        Their women on the porches, comparin’ alibis

        Greasy eggs and bacon.
        Bumper stickers aimed to start a fight
        Full gun racks, Confederate caps.
        If you want some, shine well
        You can always find some more
        But what I remember most is the color of Suzy’s door

        And Suzy says she’s up there. Cutting carrots still
        And Suzy says she’s missing me.
        So I’m missing Oregon Hill

        A river to the south to wash away all sins
        A college to the east of us to learn where sin begins
        A graveyard to the west of it all.
        Which I may soon be lyin’ in

        ‘Cause to the north there is a prison.
        Which I’ve come to call my home
        But come Monday mornin’, no country song.
        Will sing me home again

        Sunday mornin’, 8 A.M. Sirens fill the air
        Sounds like someone made the river.
        Sounds like someone being born again
        Me, I’m just lyin’ here in Suzy’s bed

        Baptists celebratin’ with praises to the Lord
        Rednecks doin’ it with gin.
        Me and Suzy, we’re just celebrating
        The joys of sleepin’ in. Because tomorrow I’ll be home again

        Oregon Hill – Cowboy Junkies

        Oregon Hill – 2012 Halloween Parade – Find Your Tribe

        – – – – –

        Being An Internet Creep Is O.K. – Jenna Marbles

        – Anything Peaceful, Anything Consensual Is Okay

        • Tor, had they said General Sherman or the POS Sheridan, slaughterer of native Americans I could understand but Robert E. Lee? I’m appalled. The south will rise again and be on friendly terms with Texas. Texas won’t have to rise again, it’s going to be the only place left standing.

          • “General Sherman or the POS Sheridan,”

            Eight, I use the monkiers “Bedbug Billy” Sherman and “Firebug Phil” Sheridan to refer to those two war criminals. There may very well be a special corner in hell for their kind. I can imagine them sitting at the feet of their idol “Massa Abe” Lincoln.

            • The shrine to Lincoln in DC is as noxious as a shrine to Hitler would be to most Berliners.

              It’s no accident that Der Fuhrer was a great admirer or “massa” Abe.

          • No shit Ed. If there is a hell, I don’t have to worry about being included with them….and they’d better hope not too. I had just listened to Virgil Caine singing about his wife calling him to come see the Robert E. Lee. I don’t pretend to be unbiased. I can get my hair up about this stuff…..well, what’s left of it.

          • I agree, Eight.

            Lee conducted himself honorably. In fact, his conduct of the war arguably led to the loss of the war for the South. He was not a pillager; he did not war on civilians. Grant, Sherman, Sheridan, et al, would have made fine Obergruppenfuhrers in the Waffen SS.

        • Tor, I got it wrong. I re-read the song and get it now. Cowboy Junkies I have no exposure to and it’s all to my bad I’m sure. I have wondered about their music, pitiful ain’t it? I suspect I might be a cowboy junkie or something similar.

          • Eight, the song by the Junkies is about a neighborhood in Richmond called Oregon Hill. After Lincoln’s war, it was kind of a suburb of Richmond that grew up around a mill and a foundry. It was so far out of town that some wag said that the neighborhood was out in Oregon.

            It was a mill hill village until the mills closed. It was also the last enclave in Richmond for a community of working class white folks who were fierce about protecting themselves and their neighborhood from encroachment.

            The neighborhood has been cut off by a beltway built for commuters and is in the process of being gentrified out of existence. Oregon Hill still exists, but is under attack by “progress”. The wrecking ball of gentrification, section 8 and a progressivist dominated city council.

            Look at the youtube vid of the halloween parade and check out the link there to the vid “Shout Out to Oregon Hill” it’s a vid shot by a Richmond native who has made similar vids for the other well established old sections of Richmond. The skinny linkhorn dude speaks in an accent that is rapidly disappearing. He’s telling a funny story, just meant to entertain, and is telling it to the black video documentarian, which shows that the current legend of Oregon Hill being a “rayciss” white neighborhood is bullshit.

            It’s just that, if you ain’t from there, you need to respect the neighborhood, no matter what color you are or where you’re from. You’re a guest unless you show your ass. It’s how any neighborhood really is, at heart. Here’s a link to the vid:


          • MoT, thanks for the history. I knew it was west? of Boston and had been absorbed to some degree. I know this only because of being flat on my back for the last two months I’ve gone through a tribe sized stack of books and e books and read a bunch of Dennis Lehane’s books. He educated me to more knowledge of Boston and the surrounding area that I could found out researching it. You cleared up some things for me though. Respect for neighborhoods, each other, that’s what it’s all about, something the fools on the hill try to learn with studies done at our expense. If they were part of the actual citizens, they wouldn’t be so lost. By the way Tor, I gotta find me some Cowboy Junkie music. I really liked the lyrics after re-reading them. MoT, I can’t watch videos but thank you for the post.

        • Dammit Ed & Tor, you’re almost making me miss living in the Communistwealth of Virginia. Almost. Then I think back to my last trip back home and the first thing I see is a Va. State Trooper geing through the luggage in the back of some kid’s SUV. I hadn’t even made it 8 miles into “The Old Dominion” on I-64.

          Then there was the time we were in Richmond, down on Grace St. at the Newgate Prison listening to the band. Some tatted up biker beat this punk ass VCU student’s face in, probably because he didn’t know who not to smart off to. Management called the law and a couple of well fed City of Richmond’s swinest showed up. The bikers involved were still brazenly standing outside without an apparent care in the world as the kid related what happened to me to the swine.

          Tax feeder number one says “Yeah man, we could arress him [the biker], but he be out again in 30 minutes. An’ he prolly come back down here and buss yo’ ass agin. Now fo’ fiffy dollars he’ll go down hard.” See, the police are our friends…for fifty bucks they would have gladly gone out and given that nasty old biker a wood shampoo on behalf of that pimply faced youth. Ahhh, yesss…The Old Dominion, the Capital of the Confederacy…I remember it well. General Lee would be so proud…

          • That last post should have read “what happened to him” not ” what happened to me.” I was just standing there, beer in hand, taking it all in. I’d had more than enough dealings with real, old school bikers to know to keep my mouth shut. I’d never had my mouth closed for me, but I’d seen other people star in that move. That kid sure as hell didn’t sign up for ‘Not Smarting Off To Bikers 101’ at VCU.

          • Yeah, poor old Grace St. Back in the old, “reactionary” 50s, Richmond’s downtown was a shopping destination for a lot of the South, like Atlanta was. If you live in some little mill hill town in the Carolinas, you could take the train to Richmond, check into a hotel and spend a few days shopping and seeing shows.

            Now, just look at it. It’s being gentrified slowly, with the city council controlling like a tupperware party. Until just a few years ago, Grace St. was hookers and crackheads only.

            Now, it’s hookers, crackheads and a few nervous tenants in the new apartments that are being built in the former department stores, Berry-Burke and Miller& Rhodes. The 400 block is still a hooker stroll.

            Richmond’s swinest would tend to leave any 1%ers alone. They would have taken that kid’s $50 and walked away, chuckling.

            It’s like the old blues tune, Stagger Lee:

            “Policin’ officers, how can it be?

            You can arrest everybody, ‘cept cruel Stagger Lee.

            He’s a bad man. Ol’ cruel Stagger Lee.”

            They don’t want to tangle with anybody who might tangle back.

  3. The neighbor gunt is from the glorious people’s republik of Boston and thinks she is the greatest thing since the post-coitus cigarette.
    I’m from Boston. Well shoot off a fuckin’ flare and here is a bozo button, well good for you.

  4. 4th amendment? That is so uncool and boring old white guy founder stuff. A glorious rainbow collective with each according to his needs doesn’t need that outdated quaint unreasonable search and seizure stuff.

  5. Once that you’ve decided on a killing, First you make a stone of your heart. And if you find that your hands are still willing, Then you can turn a murder into art.

    There really isn’t any need for bloodshed, You just do it with a little more finesse. If you can slip a tablet into someone’s coffee, Then it avoids an awful lot of mess.

    It’s murder by numbers, 1, 2, 3, It’s as easy to learn as your ABC. Murder by numbers, 1, 2, 3, It’s as easy to learn as your ABC.

    Now if you have a taste for this experience, And you’re flushed with your very first success, Then you must try a twosome or a threesome, And you’ll find your conscience bothers you much less

    Because murder is like anything you take to, It’s a habit-forming need for more and more. You can bump off every member of your family, And anybody else you find a bore

    Because it’s murder by numbers, 1, 2, 3, It’s as easy to learn as your ABC Murder by numbers, 1, 2, 3, It’s as easy to learn as your ABC. Now you can join the ranks of the illustrious, In history’s great dark hall of fame. All our greatest killers were industrious, At least the ones that we all know by name.

    But you can reach the top of your profession, If you become the leader of the land, For murder is the sport of the elected, And you don’t need to lift a finger of your hand, Because it’s murder by numbers, 1, 2, 3, It’s as easy to learn as your ABC. Murder by numbers, 1, 2, 3, It’s as easy to learn as your A, B, C, D, E…

    Am7#5 Bbmaj7b5

    Em7 Am7#5

    Bm7 Bbmaj7b5

    F#m7 Fmaj7

    Bm7 Bbmaj7b5

    Em7 F#m7

    Gmaj7 F#m

        • Annihilating tormentors? Those are your ideas, not mine!! C’mon Mang!!

          “Murder By Numbers” has two simultaneous conflicting time signatures being kept at the same time. It’s not conducive to manual physical processes whatsoever. If you’re into annihilation, maybe listening to “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor” by Drowning Pool might be a better choice.

          The lyrics describe how to get in the mindset of killing people. Sting said it is about the evil deeds of politicians.

          At some concerts, Sting introduced this by saying it was about the manipulation of large groups of people, knowing that the audience were being manipulated the whole time.

          This song is basically saying the same thing. Whether you are a individual killer slipping tabs of poison into someone coffee, or a leader of the land, such as the Prime Minister, ordering an army to attack and kill, it is still murder, just on a different scale. Very cleverly done. I remember the first time I heard this, I thought the groove was cool, but the lyrics were horrible (as in this guy is sick). Then I got that it was making fun of politicians.

          In contrast, the rythmic appeal of Murder By Numbers reveals how easily and addictive murder can become to our political elite who hold the keys to our security. Ideally, the openness of a democratic republic would preclude an elite from abuse of power but only to the extent the media and the citizenry demand the level of vigilance necessary to keep their nation at peace and their economy strong. Sting’s song is a reminder of the precarious state of the human condition and the attractiveness and ease with which humans may engage in and manipulate others to commit acts of depravity and murder.

          – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

          Panarchy Diagram Explains Why There Is Not “One” Right Way To Fight Tyranny

          Panarchy is useful, because it recognizes there are viable ways to accomplish things. It does not require a centralized authority, nor force, nor political proselytization.

          Were methylamine or Eric to take Handsome Jim’s advice, they would likely end up in his same predicament. The dreaded: “poverty trap.”
          Even is Handsome Jim’s claim is correct, that those who pay taxes are stuck in a “rigidity trap.” It is only showing a problem and not a solution. How does one avoid taxes, while also avoiding the “poverty trap?”

          People with high wealth and high connectedness will sometimes release, but mostly remain in conservative mode.

          • “Sting said it is about the evil deeds of politicians”

            Or as Billy Vera and the Beaters sang:

            “Think small; you rob a gas station.
            Think big; you’re the president of a nation….OOOOO, it’s the American Way.”

            Tor, ol’ Hand Job actually thinks he’s slick by trying to ascribe violent motives to libertarian principles.

            Now that he dropped the mask, let’s hope eric assigns the Clover avatar to all his posts from here on in.

            Hand Job is a got-damned genius. Got a point on his head and he thinks he’s sharp.

          • Wow Ed, I saw your post and clicked on it just as Sting came up on my Zen, weird. He’s with Dire singing Money for Nothing.

        • “good thing for all the libertarians to sing when geTting ready to annihilate their tormentors.”

          Shill. Provocateur. Take off, handjob. Nobody here but you is talking about annihilating anyone.

  6. I’ve already seen one other clip and it was disgusting enough. And is it any wonder the mainstream media, including FOX, don’t loop these scenes endlessly instead of digging into every anal detail about the brothers. Too bad one is dead and can’t speak for himself and oh-so-inconvenient for the government that the other is still breathing.

  7. “I would say that the people of the Boston area DESERVE this kind of thing,”

    I guess some do, and some don’t. It’s too bad that the JBT’s didn’t just come down hard on the statist types who cheer such tyranny even when it’s directed at them.

    You’re probably not too far off the mark, though. I can’t imagine anyone who loves him some liberty wanting to live in Baaahsten.

  8. I would say that the people of the Boston area DESERVE this kind of thing, given their ceaseless state-worship over the last half century-plus. However, advocating that this tyranny to be allowed to infect Boston is as dangerous as allowing a virus to affect a human host: it will almost surely spread to others.

    If Boston were the only place that this is going to be tried, I wouldn’t shed a single tear. However, this is a disease that WILL spread to EVERYWHERE ELSE in the country. This is why it needs to be stopped!

    • There are innocent people in Boston also. Do they deserve this fate just because of their proximity to some of the worst statists around? I’m from Massachusetts myself (though I no longer live there) and I don’t fancy myself much of a state-worshipper.

      • Yep, Darien. That’s kinda how I see it, though I’m not from Mass. Surely there are still a few liberty minded people left there. I shudder to think of anybody being subject to that kind of treatment.

        The assholes who will do that stormtrooper job have no regard for themselves, so that means they’ll kill children, old people, or anyone.

      • It’s not any different than if someone points a finger and blames you for what the President and Congress does. What? Did I pull the trigger? Well evidently not but with such fast and loose accusations but liberanter is pointing out is your reap even what you haven’t sown when totalitarians are at the reins of government.

        • MoT, reminds me of a friend in Germany taking a tour. About the three dozenth time the guide said And this is what you(a group of Americans)did, pointing to ruins he started seriously getting riled. He understands to a great degree but wasn’t it the German people who were gaga over Hitler’s ideas? That’s a rhetorical question since I’m very familiar with everything that happened from before the start of WW1 to the end of WW11. No matter whether the US should have been there, this country didn’t start it. Too bad they killed Patton and he would have cleaned up the Bolsheviks too.

  9. As I said to someone today, it’s the line right out of the last bad Star Wars movie: “So this is how liberty dies… with thunderous applause.”

    I wonder if the irony is lost on people.
    Boston was the birthplace, in a way, of the American liberty movement. Now, it’s the birthplace of American tyranny.
    Armed men killed unarmed people, they were tried in a court of law, defended by one of the very men who denounced them. Now, armed men kill unarmed people, the government wants them dead or indefinitely “detained” and everyone claps like circus seals.

  10. Actually Gil, you do not know what my level of metallurgical expertise is. From a practical standpoint I have actually cast items in metal myself, not merely watched; metals including lead alloys, bronze, brass, sterling silver and karat gold. I was performing lost wax casting in a jewelry store, professionally, at sixteen years old.

    My grandfather and father taught me blacksmithing quite young (before I was ten). I have actually hand forged and tempered my own springs, knives, tomahawks, fire steels and other specialized tools over the years. In addition to this I have engaged in steel fabrication, welding and cutting (using MIG / TIG / stick and oxy/fuel gas) both on the job and off. So I have a very clear understanding of the effects of varying levels of heat applied to many different metals.

    As I’ve told you before, I am an Instrumentation & Controls technician with over 32 years of experience in my field. A big part of what I do involves measuring temperature in and around steam boilers. These are typically fairly high temperatures and they are often applied to steel. So I have seen the effects of prolonged (years, sometimes decades) heat exposure to steel.

    Perhaps you saw a phenomenon where a stainless steel vessel became malleable at the melt point of lead (621.5F for pure lead). I doubt it. But not knowing the actual alloys and temperatures involved I can’t be sure. You may have also seen a chemical reaction occur similar to the cupellation process when assaying gold. In other words, depending on conditions, exposure to the lead itself may have damaged the stainless steel vessel’s structure.

    Stainless steel is hardly “indestructible” and is known to be susceptible to attack by various chemicals; things you wouldn’t think of like chlorinated solvents. Chemical reactions are frequently augmented by the application of heat or the presence of a catalyst. Depending on the heat source (Was it electric resistive or induction? Fuel gas? Was it a carburizing or oxidizing flame?) you may have seen chemical, galvanic and thermal phenomena occurring simultaneously.

    The point is, my grammatically challenged rube, with the WTC collapse we had jet fuel (kerosene, fuel oil, whatever your preference) and atmospheric air available for combustion initially. That was consumed fairly quickly. That left combustible solids from the aircraft and the office for fuel: upholstery, paper, plastics, cardboard, wall coverings and the like. You may believe these materials would generate enough heat to compromise structual steel in the presence of air (20.9% O2). I do not. Eric did a very nice analysis of this (complete with math to back it up) some time ago. You should go find it and read it. With WTC 7 there was no jet fuel. Explain that.

    The government of its day has lied to the public innumerable times down through the ages to accomplish the ends of the insiders. Often the church and the media aid and abet them. The people will run around frantically like a flock of sheep when spooked by those they look up to. It doesn’t take much to spook people who simply won’t question what they are being told by official sources into giving up their liberty, their treasure and even their lives. Hence the frequent allusion to Homo Ovinae Americanus on this site. Or in language you should be able to clearly grok Gil: Baaa-aaa-aaa.

    • Boothe, I wish you see the effect our ground and ground water has on some SS. The submersible pumps are the only SS I’ve found yet that it doesn’t eventually degrade. It also tends to keep enough moisture around even creosoted posts to seriously affect their lifespan. The only thing is doesn’t seriously affect is brass. Copper is a fleeting memory here. I finally have nothing but plastic and brass in any water line.

    • This is what I’ve been saying too. Whether or not the FBI is actually responsible for the bombing — and even an outfit as reprehensible as that I won’t accuse without better evidence than I have — it can’t be denied that the government took tremendous advantage of it. Now they know they can flood the cities with troops and tanks and very few people will apparently even notice.

      “If you want to live, turn off your cell phone” was the heart of the matter. If people will accept that, they’ll accept anything.

      • Wonder how it would have gone in Charlestown or the Southie projects?

        JBT: “If you want to live, turn off your cell phone”

        Townie/Southie: “FAAAACK YEEOOUU!!”

        • Ed, even this Texas knows the cops won’t go into Southie after dark and won’t stop during the day. Not a single illegal gun in the entire town ha ha ha ha.

          • Naturally, Eight. Porky hates the idea of being in danger. They’ll always jump out on unarmed ditzes rather than armed hardasses, when they have a choice.

            When they have no other choice but to actually go up against a real, armed criminal, they rely on 200 to 1 odds, and a surprise raid with plenty of body armor and full auto weapons.

            Officer safety over all, don’tcha know.

  11. I hear ya, Jacob.
    Me too.
    And Now we know what it was like to live in Germany in the 1930’s.

    The father saying the cops did the right thing by pointing guns at him as he held his child was nothing short of bizarre.

    I watched a bit of Rachel Maddow today for the first time here:

    “A cringing, pleading – and always smiling – worm who cannot conceive the government could ever do something wrong.”

    Hey, that describes Rachel Maddow to a T.

    As I watched that video I kept thinking, “She is a classic example of a Clover” The even scarier part is: there are many just like her with that same condescending thoughtless stuck-up attitude.

    The relevancy of the novel, The Moon is Down, just keeps growing and growing.

    Combine those two videos with this one:

    The First Day of the 2nd American Revolution – Land of the Free

    … and yes, I feel ill.

  12. I remember when I used to not understand how tyrannical governments came in to power; now I realize I live in a time where I will see the most powerful government in history show the sheeple just how tyrannical it can be. In exponentially increasing incrementalism.


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