The Right to Not Get Sick?

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We were told, at the onset of the “lockdown” that it was necessary to imprison the populace in order to prevent the hospitals from being overwhelmed with the Corona’d. This never happened – even in New York, where the Javits Center – a massive indoor exposition facility used for major events like the annual (until this year) New York Auto Show – was converted into a massive urban field hospital, whose beds were never used, because they weren’t necessary.

The military hospital ship Comfort – also dispatched to deal with the overwhelmed overflow – was likewise never needed.

Of course, the answer given is that the “lockdown” prevented the overwhelming – which works like the medicine man taking credit for the sun reappearing after an eclipse. This is how the medicine man keeps the tribe in line.

It works so long as it’s not questioned.

Maybe people ought to do that.

Most states have experienced Corona fatalities – as distinct from “cases” – in the high hundreds. If that high. Out of populations in the millions. If millions of Americans weren’t innumerate, millions of Americans would be much less terrified of Corona.

Which is less of a threat to healthy adults than going for a drive.

Some 40,000 people are killed in motor vehicle accidents each year and your odds of being one of them don’t depend chiefly on your being over 80 or in poor health. Speaking of the latter. America has among the highest proportion of morbidly obese, hypertensive and diabetic people in the world.

Exactly the demographic most likely to get Corona’d by any virus. Because they’re already sick. 

Maybe these people should lose some weight, stop drinking liter bottles of fructose-sweetened soda.

In order to be less vulnerable to getting sick.

Instead, the new line – now that the “overwhelmed” line isn’t holding water – is that the “lockdowns” will remain necessary because people might get sick. In other words, a new right – enforced by the government – to be free of the threat of sickness.

In exchange, of course, for our freedom.

It’s a beautiful thing, too – because there is no way to eliminate the threat of sickness. But that possibility can be used to justify practically anything – very much (as this writer has been saying for decades) the same way that “getting dangerous drunks” off the road has been used to justify treating every driver as presumptively drunk – and every air traveler as a presumptive “terrorist.”

Principles matter. They become the basis for practices.

This newly minted “right” percolates to the surface as the logical, inevitable denouement of the idea that risk is intolerable. That “we” – defined by them – can’t be too saaaaaaaaaaafe!

People mustn’t drive a car without a seatbelt on or ride a motorcycle without a helmet; kids can’t be permitted to play outside without a parent supervising at all times; every new car must have a back-up camera and six air bags and technology that applies the brakes automatically – just in case the driver doesn’t.

Why not the inverted right to be free of the threat of getting sick? As distinct from the right to take steps to reduce your chances of getting sick, such as giving a wide berth to anyone who seems sniffly and – most of all – taking good care of your own self so as to make yourself healthier and so less likely to get sick, whether from this Corona or some other Corona?

Instead, this new – and more dangerous than unshielded plutonium – “right” to be free of any threat that you might get sick.

The “asymptomatic” – which is everyone who isn’t sick – must be presumed sick and forced to wear a surgical mask as if they were in fact highly contagious. Everyone must stand six feet apart from everyone else – because someone might have Corona, without any need to establish that in fact they do have it.

Sickness must be presumed – everywhere – and this will never end because there is no way to establish, for sure, that someone isn’t sick.

The idea enshrines pathology – germ-o-phobia not only normalized but institutionalized.

It’d be seen as crazy – if so many people weren’t.

. . .

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  1. It’s telling when gyms get shut down but not McDonalds.

    What gets me: why do people even listen to what the government says. They have no credibility.

  2. The plethora of lately discovered “rights” nearly all fail the fundamental test of whether such is a right or not. The assertion of your rights places no burden upon me. I am not required to furnish you a venue to speak in order to facilitate your right to speak freely. Likewise, I do not accept the burden of providing you a sanitary environment to live in. That responsibility is yours, and yours alone. If such was even possible, which it is not. Life is a terminal disease. The acceptance of one’s own mortality is the first step to wisdom.

    • ‘Zactly, JWK. Just like these maroons who say that “Healthcare is a fundamental human right”. Really? So then if they believe that, they must also advocate slavery, else how could someone else be forced to provide a product or service, or to pay for such? (And speaking of healthcare, why is it that it’s always the YOUNG- late teens and early 20-somethings these days who are so concerned with “not being able to afford to get sick”? Have they so destroyed their health already that this is an issue for them, at a time when they should be at the peak of their strength and health? -Or is it just an implanted idea from the media and leftist bands….or the fact that half of these kids have already destroyed their health via alcohol, drugs and buggery, and now want someone else to pick up the tab?)

  3. After a cease and desist letter, a temporary restraining order and being told by Garfield County Public Health not to serve customers on the premise, Shooters Grill owner Lauren Beobert decided to take it outside.

    Dining, that is.

    With most businesses continuing to adhere to public health orders from local and state governments and minimal vehicle traffic on Third Street Thursday morning, Boebert set up tables on the sidewalk and parking spaces outside of her downtown Rifle restaurant and began serving breakfast to customers.

    “I’ve been patient, followed all of the proper channels, and provided service in a safe and responsible manner using the same guidelines as neighboring Mesa County restaurants. When that wasn’t good enough for our local officials, they issued a cease and desist,” Boebert said in a statement Thursday. “The fact remains that my staff needs their paychecks, so this morning I moved my tables out onto the city street and opened back up for business.”

    State and local orders prohibit restaurants from offering food or beverages for on-premises consumption, as well as movement in and out of restaurants by the public until May 27.

    Now keep in mind this is a political stunt as Boebert is running to get on the Republican Party ticket for state representative. But she’s about the closest thing we’ve got to a libertarian candidate so if she’s on the ballot in the fall I’ll probably vote for her. And the food’s not bad either.

  4. Rememner Governor Nuisance of CVA. proclaiming a while back that by mid May, 56% of Californites would be infected with Coronavirus? How’d that work out? Oh…today in mid May, 0.03% of CAers are infected….oh well…I guess that’s close enough….

    I really getting mad when I go to town (and it’s not nearly as deranged here as in many other places). Remember when the emploees at Walmart et al used to be nice young girls, who’d smile and say things to you in a very polite and pleasant and non-threatening way? Now they’re suddenly putting fat dykes out in the front, who snap at you: “Enter down there! Follow the arrows!”.

    They’re becoming more confrontational to those of us who will not play along with the mental illness of mask-wearing and “social distancing”. Now I just tell them to F-off. But I’m getting madder by the week seeing this nonsense…… and I wish that more people were too!

    • There’s a few chain stores around here not following that bullshit. Everything was normal at Tractor Supply and Office Depot.

      It’s always the unfuckable fat chicks that are on power trips!

  5. Rights should not incur costs beyond those exercising them, powers can expand to infinty. those who have rights ought to swat down every power masqueding as a right. If only your wallet will be fatter for it

    I’m attempting to formulate the responce that I ought to expect. Where is the problem?

  6. Eric,

    “Sickness must be presumed – everywhere – and this will never end because there is no way to establish, for sure, that someone isn’t sick”

    Just to put this in perspective, these social distance warriors are the very same people who brag about eating ass.

    They will stick their tongue up someone’s ass on the first date.

    But if you or I eat a Dorito that fell on the floor they will tell us that it is just wrong.