The Bill of Safety?

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Will Americans resist being forcibly vaccinated?

The worry is that most Americans have already accepted being force-vaccinated . . . in principle. They did so more than 30 years ago, long before WuFlu Fever – when they accepted being ordered to wear a seatbelt/helmet and to show “papers” on demand – but without probable cause – at “checkpoints.”

They endorsed it when they amen’d forcing people to buy car (and then health) insurance. When they accepted the government telling them they would no longer be permitted to buy new cars that didn’t meet government’s “bumper impact” standards.

Told they would have to buy air bags – and didn’t rise in outrage. 

They gave their implied consent when they didn’t object to their “consent” being implied … when they accepted being forced to assume the degrading I surrender pose at airports and – even more degrading – spread their legs and let a government worker run his hands around their privates. Around the privates of their wives and children.

All these things are based on the same thing – the principle that it’s the legitimate business of government to impose “safety” (however defined by the government) as opposed to respecting and protecting people’s rights.

Which includes the fundamental right – now largely former – of the individual human being to weigh and assume a risk that strikes him (irrespective of what other people think) as remote in relation to the benefit he believes he’ll enjoy by assuming that risk.

This was the essence of the whole pioneer thing that built the country – without which it never would have been built. People in Europe weighed the risk of a months’ long ocean passage in a tiny, often leaky wooden ship, which might not make it – for the sake of hopefully getting to a new country where they would be free, at last, of being told what they could and could not do.

There was no “safety” in this – irritated Indians in the woods, the very real possibility you might freeze or starve to death – and maybe even get sick – but the rewards were potentially tremendous. So tremendous, that people took all those risks – which they could, because there wasn’t yet a government that told them it wasn’t . . . “safe.”

Now, there is. And it’s becoming impossible – illegal – to do anything.

And we are subjected to everything – in the name of “safety.” This will almost axiomatically include forced vaccinations, step right up (and bayonet in your backside). Because vaccinations will – they will say – keep us safe. And safety is everything. Justifies anything. There is no limit to what is necessary to keep us safe.

I’ve been trying to get this point across for decades. People accused me of exaggerating; that “buckling up” is really no big deal. Well, it is a big deal – if you don’t like the idea of being parented – and vaccinated – by the government.

The only way out of this is to reject the principle that it is the rightful business of government to impose “safety” on anyone – rather than respect and protect everyone’s rights. These two things are mutually exclusive things – which is why “safety” has been pushed for these past several decades as the means of getting rid of our rights. Though of course it is not put quite that way.

But the facts – the results – speak for themselves.

Your right to peaceably assemble – without permission – has been taken away . . . in the name of “safety.”

Your right to freely associate – even to the extent of in your own backyard – has been taken away . . . in the name of “safety.”

The government asserts the power to close businesses at its whim . . . in the name of “safety.”

It sends armed thugs out to manacle and jail people who’ve done nothing more than walk with their children in a park or attempt to do honest (legal) work to earn the money needed to feed their children . . . in the name of “safety.”

Can you think of a single thing left to us that is no longer conditional on the government saying it’s “safe” for us to do it?

Can you summon a principled defense against the idea that “safety” requires the entire population to submit to vaccinations?

There is nothing in the Bill of Rights about “safety.” Yet – somehow – the primary focus of government has become “keeping us safe.” This is an astonishing substitution.

One keeps things one owns “safe.” They are stored away, fenced in, put in secure places. Consider what this implies, then, about those who claim they are “keeping us safe.”

And how did they acquire the right to do this?

Was the Bill of Safety ever ratified by the people?

Wait – better not ask for that. There are probably enough Americans to form a working electoral majority in favor of such a thing. One can identify such “voters” via the Fear Masks they wear.

They will vote to have you vaccinated.

Just as they voted to force you to “buckle up,” wear a helmet and strap down your own child in a . . . safety seat. These children – a whole generation of them already grown to adulthood – having been conditioned to regard safety as infinitely more desirable than the undiscovered country of risk and reward. The decision is no longer theirs to make – nor ours, either.

Because our owners know best… and they will keep us safe.

. . .

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  1. Forced vaccination has been popular for a long time now. Forced vaccination of children has been in place for decades on end now. Those who object and jump through the hoops or evade the requirements either purposefully or because they simply aren’t in the system due to poverty make up I think it was less than 6% of the population. Yet this has created a huge attack effort by the provaccination camp. They say there is a huge anti-vaccination movement. Nope. Vaccination rates are unchanged from decades ago. A little higher or lower depending on methodology of measurement, but no real difference. Basically it comes down to yet another control freak movement.

  2. I’m no MD, but I’m taking serious issue with the vaccine deal. FAUX-chi et al keep saying that there’s no evidence that once you’ve had the cerveza virus that you’re immune, which they utilize to poo-poo the herd immunity concept (Damn you Sweden for zigging when everyone else is zagging!). But they also say our only hope for continued existence is a vaccine. Am I nuts or isn’t the body’s immune response the same whether one acquires a pathogen ‘naturally’ or if it’s introduced ‘artificially’ via a needle? Granted, a vaccination is typically a controlled dose of inactivated virus, but the response of one’s immune system is the same, no? That just doesn’t compute for me.

    I have great concern re: vaccination. They’ve over-reacted with their response to this virus and, outside of a few, relatively small push-backs, largely gotten away with setting the world ablaze with their terrible decisions. How far will they go with vaccinations? They already restricted my ability to get on an airplane unless I have the new ‘approved’ identification card. Will they do so if I haven’t partaken of their vaccine? Will they tweak the PATRIOT Act to put me on a watch list because I refuse to subject myself to being injected with some unknown material? Sadly, I think the sky’s the limit now…

    Yeah, I’m going to trust that the vaccine has been thoroughly tested. How long is the list of drugs that had passed the FDA’s muster, but now are being pulled from the market because they’re injuring/killing people? I’m old enough to remember having ‘chicken pox parties’, and I think we should have cerveza virus parties. Hell, I’ll fly to China and go around licking doorknobs before I’ll let FAUX-chi’s ‘experts’ give me a shot of anything…

    • As if vaccines aren’t bad enough, what they’re proposing for a COVID-19 “vaccine” is apparently not really a “mere” vaccine- but rather something that permanently alters ones DNA (!!!!! to infinity)- So I guess the whole “No proof that infection guarantees future immunity” thing is the excuse needed to monkey with the DNA of humanity.

      It is beyond scary to think that such a thing would even be proposed- and to imagine the evil it will occasion- and that most people will be lining up for it.

      • So…are we to assume that we need to tinker with people’s DNA because they’re not sheep-like enough? Based on what I saw at my local Lowe’s yesterday, I seriously beg to differ. Saw lots of sheeple roaming the aisles proudly sporting their fear masks and hilariously ill-fitting school lunchlady vinyl gloves. Got a few side-eye looks due to my un-masked face and I side-eyed right back. N95 masks don’t do squat when you have a beard, as evidenced by the cement boogers I was farmer blowing for two days after an afternoon of grinding off tile mortar during The Great Corona Pandemic Master Bath Remodel of 2020.

        There’s enough people that are scared s#!tless about this that they’ll be lining up miles deep…with the appropriate 6 foot spacing, to be sure.

        • Hi Mark,

          It’s not even that (pussification). These people are belligerent about their sickness. Which is that any assertion of “risk” is a morally righteous justification for the imposition of actual harm. We (they mean us) cannot be too safe.

  3. Things have been as bad as they can get for as long as I can remember.

    At least one bright spot for me was flushing google-alphabet completely and forever.

    My Huawei Mate 30 Pro wasnt cheap but only using Huawei store and spook free clean asian tech vale la pena

    reloj ‘

  4. Since I now get a say in when it’s safe for others to come out of hiding, I have decided, that for their own Safety, clover should never be allowed back on the roads. It’s simply far too dangerous and I won’t allow it to happen.

    I plan on shaming every clover I see, especially those who have their children in the car while wearing a mask. “What on Earth? You put your infant in a dangerous situation, like driving on the expressway no less, just to go get a soy latte cream espresso”? Shame, Shame, Shame…… (someone needs to report them, like, right away.)

    I doubt they would get it that they are actually in more danger going out for a drive with three toddlers in the back of their green/car, while driving oblivious to traffic with a cell phone attached to their ear, but whatever.

  5. I know I’m going to sound like a broken record here, but when are people going to learn the lesson of those who first came to these shores so long ago? They LEFT the oppression. They didn’t sit around and complain about it day after day as it only got worse.

    Unfortunately, I’m having trouble following my own advice. I absolutely HATE Google. They post these ads that cover what I’m trying to read, and when I hit that little x in the upper right hand corner, the ad disappears, but now I get a big empty box that says something about Google blocking what I’m trying to read. I stopped using google as my browser, but that didn’t stop the problem, so now I’m trying to figure out how to move all of my files from my gmail to somewhere else so I can delete my gmail account. I’m making preparations to leave the country, and can’t even migrate out of google mail.

    This is getting ridiculous. People are starting to give me a hard time for not wearing a mask, or getting within 6 feet of them. I’m getting really tired of hearing these a holes yell, “Maintain social distancing!” as they stand loitering in the aisles of the Hardware store blocking traffic just like they do in their Prius putting down the fast lane a good ten miles under the speed limit.

    The propaganda campaign is a resounding success. I can’t believe how enthusiastic people are about wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, etc. Legislating all of this is going to be completely anticlimactic.

    • Hi Schnarkle,

      I’m not looking for a fight, either – but I am ready for one. First SOB who tries to screw with me over Fear Masking or anti-social distancing is going to get a lesson.

    • Well, if it ain’t broken, it’s deeply scratched, at the least.

      “They” left “that” oppression, “those” oppressors, to “found” oppressions all “their” own.

      That’s what those old genesis/creation fairy stories are: the deepest of scratches in the vinyl.

      And the records just keep on skippin’.

      • Hip hop popping fresh, meet the new meme, same as the old meme. Illusions/delusions from cradle to grave, tax farms and wind farms, from sea to shining sea. Victim is as victim do, its always someone else’s fault, and the societies too. Never give a sucker an even break, but whose to choose, when when humpy takes a dump?

    • Nobody has hassled me yet about masks or anti-social distancing. If anyone comments on my not wearing a mask, I to reply that I would rather stay healthy, and then continue on my way. Maybe that will plant a seed of doubt in any minds that are not completely beyond hope. If anyone asks what I mean by that, I will be happy to explain how masks are counterproductive.

      In the case of a distancing Nazi, “Bugger off” is an appropriate response. Not much chance of reaching someone that deeply neurotic.

  6. I am a 70-yo recent cancer (leukemia) survivor. Still working, with no intention to retire. Truth be told: I can’t afford to.

    Following a stem cell transplant (2018) that I chose to undergo, my immune system was therapeutically reduced to zero. Shortly thereafter, my oncologist heavily recommended a flu shot (among many other things). I had refused such an inoculation for my entire life. I made an exception to that policy for the past two seasons.

    Will I have a “seasonal” flu shot next fall (2020)? Probably not. Will I ever accept a WuFlu shot? Absolutely not!

    I faced death in the eye twice during the early stages of my cancer treatment. What have I to fear now but life itself?

  7. Please stick with me for the critically important quote by the great Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn at the end of this comment….

    Firstly, I have been watching this Plandemic pan out very carefully. It has clearly been well thought out, and very well co-ordinated globally. The old fashioned Problem-Reaction-Solution model is being clearly used, for example Problem (the virus) – Reaction (fear and economic destruction) – Solution (all power to the government, who then decree a vaccine is the solution).

    Many people did not fall for the Plandemic, and many others are waking up to the Plandemic every day, so the rush to get to the ‘solution’ stage before the whole thing is exposed in accelerating as quickly as it is unravelling.

    Forced vaccinations may now not take place, particularly if enough people are willing to passively or better still, actively resist.

    But how many do we have on the side of liberty, truth, and humanity, and prepared to put up some resistance?

    As with any group or population, the 2 ends of the spectrum are easy to identify and quantify – at one extreme, perhaps 10% of the population, are those who will enthusiastically line up to get thier ‘shot’ at the very earliest oportunity. At the other extreme, likely around 5% of the population (or less), are those who will rather die than take thier ‘shot’. These people may even be willing (and able) to put a blade or a bullet through the face of anyone who forces thier way into thier home to give them thier ‘shot’. These are the most danerous to the program if thier numbers are sufficient, and they may even be left alone (for a time).

    It is the big middle section of the extremes – the majority of the population – that is to play for. Constant fear propaganda (and threats of continuous house arrest and unemployment / empoverishment) coupled with life conditioning to do what an authority figure tells them to do have likely caused a significant 40% of the population to be willing to submit to a ‘mandate’ / ‘order’ / ‘decree’ to line up and be vaccinated.

    Another 10% or so may be convinced to take the shot through peer pressure / social shaming or threats that they will have to self-isolate indefinately (already been suggested) or otherwise excluded from society.

    Therfore 60% of the population would likely willingly submit to a mandated vaccination (which fits the Goverernment figures and also the excercise 201 figures).

    However, that leaves a massive 40% of the population non-compliant. Even reducing that by 10%, maybe as much as 20% if including all the infirm, homeless, displaced, illegals, etc who would be outside the programe, it leaves the Government / Deep State with at least 20% of the population who would not be compliant.

    That 20% ‘remnant’ is potentially a very powerful force – especially if emboldened by the ‘extremist’ 5% who violently resist.

    20% of the population would easily be enough to stop the entire programe of forced (or more likely coerced) vaccination in its tracks, especially if they did what Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn had wished he and his family had done before he was rounded up and sent to the Soviet Gulag – and that is resist with force.

    I quote the great Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn below, from his epic book ‘The Gulag Arcipeligo’:

    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt!”

    God bless you all.

    • Lots of great stuff there, Time For School!

      Personally, I think the number of people who would accept a vaccine are a LOT higher than you surmise- especially if any threat of violence is even so much as implied- or even if it just threatened that us refuseniks will not be able to leave our houses/work/shop/receive their “universal basic income”, etc.

      As in all things, those of us who will not comply; who stand for liberty, and who will actually buck the whole system, no matter what, are a tiny minority.

      A perfect example of this is one of my neighbors, who, when there was talk of implementing the National Animal I.D. System, requiring that all livestock, from chickens to cows be RFID tagged, was loudly condemning such a thing…..then by the next time I saw him, he had signed up for the program when it was still only voluntary, “Becauise we’re gonna have to do it sooner or later anyway” (and because it increased/furthered his farm subsidy!).

      Our masters know human nature very well- and exactly how to work it. Our neighbors will spy on us and rat us out- no problemo- they’re signing up for it already- but resist what Uncle says, even if the reasons proffered for it are questionable, even in their own eyes? N o way! They’ve been long conditioned to obedience and to not rebel. Remember, these are the people who happily narc on their every financial transaction every year by dutifully sending in their papers to the IRS- How many rebel against that most egregious transgression of our most basic right of privacy and freedom?

      And just mention “the military”, and even the small percentage of those who might question obedience will say “Oh well, what can ya do?”.

      Past performance is indicative of future actions. Just think about how it is that we got to this point. Why would anything change?

      Hey, thanks for ther Alex Solz. quote! That NEVER gets old, and is always inspiring! (It could have worked in his day- because unlike ours, there’s was something that happened all at once, without people having been conditioned to it. We are worse off, in that we have LONG been conditioned to it through gradualism and a system of rewards for obedience- and unlike them, our countrymen don’t even realize who the enemy is. They view the enemy as a benevolent friend, and see US as more of an enemy for not complying. That’s where we are at.

      • Nunzio, then of course there are those who would just snicker, if they mentioned the military… ^^ Anyone who has had certain experiences, knows what I’m referring to.
        Given the potentials involved, I suspect that this was just a test run, to get some field data on various factors. Those involved, really aren’t stupid enough to trust their models. They leave that to their tools and minions. But matters are rapidly coming to a real crisis.

        How/when/where has yet to be determined. Given that every attempt to take out the OM has failed, the counter strike is going to be VERY nasty. From the looks of it, its already started. That means that certain parties are going to get desperate.
        Desperate people tend to do desperate things. Keep your power dry.

        • I agree with ya, BJ- This may just be a “dry run” to not only judge the public’s reaction, but to get everyone used to the idea so that in the future it will just be accepted as normal, and or people will be off-guard. Only in the future, they’ll be set up to just do it immediately.

          A lot of what they do is calculated to work on our minds more than anything else.

      • Re: tax return filing.
        I stopped filing for a return as soon as the romneycare/obamacare mandate forced you to declare under penalty of perjury that you were violating “the law”. My legit jobs have all done the witholding shit so i knew eventually my small returns were going to turn into small, then large fees. I used to procrastinate filing cause i hated it. Now i make myself a fancy meal to celebrate april 15 and not having to dedicate time and stress to filling out their forms. W2’s get a glance then start up the wood stove.
        I was working in assachusetts when the mandate came down. Dark days! Those people couldnt believe i wouldn’t sign up for the company plan. The infernal revenue scumbags they exclaimed. What if you get sick they gasped. Havent had a problem. Would almost enjoy going joe stack on ’em if they wanted to extort me again.

        • My solution is to keep my income below taxable level. I can live like a king on $14K a year, with no mortgage; a low cost-of-living area; no debt; and $300 a year property taxes. A king I tells ya! 🙂

          The effed-up thing is, I could make more; file a returen, and probably get back MORE than I’d pay in (Such is the case with a few of the guys who work for a friend)….but of course, I don’t want any part of that extortion, nor do I want to give up my privacy to become a client of the IRS….for the IRS is like the Mafia: OPnce you’re in…the only way out is….[makes slit-throat gesture].

  8. Errands today.

    Haircut appointment. But upon arrival: Not w/o a mask. So no haircut.

    Mine’s been Custer length before, is headed that way now, & that may rhyme, now’s the surround is rimed with ancient mariner types that actually shoot the golden albatross on command.

    Hmmm…hoarfrost – sounds exactly like a different spelling.

    Bakery is out of business. Bicycle store that’s been there 20 years is out of business.

    Honest endeavors stevedored onto the scrap heap by Trump types…& those that “race” that TT circuit…that short-circuit…that little shop of charcuterie horrors.

  9. Im a food production worker, & I want to explain how masks are extremely dangerous in many situations. As per state fatwa my facility requires face coverings & they provide us with the shitty blue masks. In the cooler, they take 10 to 15 minutes to be soaked. In production, it varies based off of whats cooking, but they get soaked with sweat & condensation pretty fast. When wearing a mask, safety glasses fog up instantly. Try driving a pallet jack or a forklift or other equipment when you cant see clearly. And having a wet rag over your face is just multiplying germs & making people uncomfortable. Also they drip after a while. And you constantly have to adjust them.

    I might have to quit, and then if too many of us quit, that fat unemployment check that so many are getting wont be able to purchase much food, and some will turn to crime.

    Also obesity is the biggest threat to health in the usa so closing down gyms & outdoor recreation is obviously going to do more harm than good.

    • James, those are good reasons for not wearing a mask. My reason is simpler to say to a busybody who asks, ‘Why aren’t you wearing a mask?’. I answer, “I’m’ not wearing a mask because kiss my ass”.

      The same answer works when the question is why I need a gun, or why I won’t submit to a test or allow a vaccine to be injected into me.

  10. Eric, I used to read your articles regularly a number of years back, but life got busier than I wanted it to and I ended up getting away from a number of my favorite reads on Lew Rockwell. So, the whole Wuhan Flu hysteria lead to me working from home (and slowing down), and finding the time see if you were still writing your columns. Boy, am I glad I did! Really appreciate that you are still fighting the good fight, and the clarity with which you addressed what has been, and what is happening to us as a society and a nation. Thank you.

    • 5 procent are really thinking,10 procent thinks they are thinking and 85 procent will rather kill them self than to be obliged to think
      Alva Thomas Edison
      That means that governments and PTB,will do what they want

    • Thanks for the kind words, Dan!

      I’m hoping sanity will prevail, even at this late date. And if not, better to go down with the war flag flying.

  11. I get what you are saying and the mindset behind your points. You are correct no question about it but cars have a two edge about them. Let’s take the glass in cars, no more windshields that are the collars of death, padded dashes and break away steering shafts. Those things saved a lot of lives and injuries with very little cost added on to build the vehicle. Seatbelts save lives but should be pro choice in using them. People do research to find impact ratings of cars they want to buy and some don’t care. Unleaded fuel has saved millions of men from dying, believe it or not. Lead goes out the tailpipe on the sides of the road, a vehicle is not grounded being on 4 rubber tires and is a static electricity machine. Unleaded did come out when many new cars didn’t have AC but now is unleaded a moot point? E-10 is big time bad news, total BS. However, airbags and such should be an option not a federal law. Check Points for drunks, are illegal no matter what 5 or more puppets say. There is some good to safety incorporate into cars that has come about with new technology. But cars are faster with more hp and I buy them along with big fuel sucking pick up trucks. Again seatbelts are nothing but a revenue scam and the proof is twice a day millions of “children” are bussed by government without any seatbelts. I wear a MC helmet without a law saying I have to, my choice as the Bill Of Rights clearly states. There are two sides to this matter but there is a very clear line which has been overstepped by force. Flu shots are forced medication and I see the jackboots killing people who refuse, smacking into their homes and doing what jackboots do, trained to kill. We have a major problem coming soon in that department. If some don’t want a vaccination they are of zero risk to those that have been vaccinated. As common sense states, if the vaccine work, which is subject to another viewpoint that has sound science saying vaccines are very dangerous.

    • Hi Mark,

      With regard to personal “safety” – a very subjective thing – that is a matter that ought to be entirely up to the free choice of the individual. By what right does any man rule another? That is the core issue here. The merits of things like “safety” glass are not the issue; the issue is forcing any person to accept being parented – ruled – by another.

      Underlying this disgusting business of parenting other adults is the more disgusting premise that other adults are imbeciles, incapable of making sound choices. And maybe so. But even so, it is beyond outrageous to make this assumption – and enforce it upon everyone.

      Why not let people make their own decisions – and let them be accountable for the consequences?

      I’m personally very tired of being parented. Aren’t you?

      • Hey Eric, I just thought of something that is up your ally, in a big way. Went to the tax assessor to get them to correct their over taxing mistakes and they did. I ask the assistant if I put in new energy efficient windows would that raise my property taxes. She said, “yes if we find out about it”. I let it go at that point but here’s the proof of the, energy efficient scam to steal people’s money. Every year I have to get my vehicles smog, pay the government and pay the place that did the smog, all in the name of protecting the environment. But if I put in windows that save energy in turn protect the environment, I get penalized with higher property taxes. What an oxymoron.

  12. or attempt to do honest (legal) work

    I wish you hadn’t included “(legal)” as if it made some difference, since that only empowers and encourages the government to make activities it doesn’t like illegal, and to claim that’s all that’s needed to run your life.

    In fact, any honest work (not involving force or fraud) that the government criminalizes makes criminals out of the politicians and enforcers who participate. Anyone has the absolute right to use whatever level of force is necessary to repel such laws.

    • Hi JdL,

      Point taken; you’re right,of course. I had thought about just using “honest” but added “legal” because of the context. Government has long punished what it arbitrarily decrees to be “illegal” work – even when it’s clear it’s mutually agreeable free exchange. But now – for the first time – wholesale prohibitions applied to legal work, too. Hence my use of the modifier.

      • The problematic word “legal”, described in a short, oversimplified history of the rise of the Anglo-American statutory law:
        After Roman soldiers left the British Isles, the island was repeatedly invaded by Angle and Saxon pirates, stealing land. Before and while Anglo-Saxon England gradually yielded to consolidation and centralization of power, ordinary people, trying to live together peacefully, discovered and established a vast body of tort and contract law, the law Merchant, and other so-called customary laws. Under the guise of national security, from Vikings, Normans, pirates, etc., the English kings infringed on those laws by collecting taxes. They used those taxes to subsidise Royal Courts, who eventually starved out competing courts, leaving the Royal Courts with a monopoly. The kings then codified and, naturally, took credit for, that body of customary law, and also established their role as law givers.
        The king’s earliest law enforcement function was to support an individual who was unable to induce some relatively powerful offender into the private hundred court. The king collected a portion of the offender’s fine for the service, which developed into a payment to the king (wite) for any violation of the “king’s peace.” The profits from enforcing the king’s peace accrued only to the king or those to whom he had granted an “unusual favour.” Law enforcement and its profits became something the king could exchange in the political arena.
        The codified laws evolved into what Hasnas calls the “morally deficient” statutory laws we’re now cursed with. It is not possible to collect taxes, and thereby support a government of the type this planet is now strangled by, without violating bedrock principles of tort and contract law. All forcible government is illegal, immoral, and a bringer of suffering.
        Anderson, T. L. & Hill, P. J. (1979). An American Experiment in Anarcho-Capitalism. The Not So Wild, Wild West. Journal of Libertarian Studies 3, 9 – 29.
        Bell, T. W. (1991). Privately Produced Law. Extropy 3.
        Benson, B. L. (1990). The Enterprise of Law. Justice Without the State. ISBN: 978-1-59813-044-7. Independent Institute, Oakland, CA.
        Brashear, M. D. (2019). Holodomor Memorial Day in Ukraine and Around the Globe. For over 50 years, Holodomor was erased from history through cover-ups and denials and was never memorialized. Foundation for Economic Education.
        Browning, C. R. Ordinary Men. Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland. ISBN: 0-06-099506-8. Harper Perennial, New York.
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        “The meeting at Philadelphia in 1787 for the sole and express purpose of revising the Articles of Confederation, got the name of a Convention (I believe before long that of a Conspiracy would have been more Significant), [and] paid no more regard to their orders and credentials than Caesar when he passed the Rubicon. Under an Injunction of Secrecy they carried on their works of Darkness until the Constitution passed their usurping hands.”
        ~ Abraham Yates, 1789

  13. This is women’s empowerment fulfilling one of its planned purposes.

    If it wasn’t for men (simps) following that “happy wife, happy life” bullshit, this would not have gotten so out of hand.

    • Hi Handler,

      As crazy as it may sound, I think the wheel has turned because of child safety seats, more than any other thing. Most adults under 30 today – of both sexes – grew up strapped into a safety seat; never got to experience just jumping in (and out) of the car. Was cosseted and under control from earliest memory. Had it drilled into them that cars – the world – is “unsafe” and risk must be avoided. Were conditioned to be passive, to wait to be told what to do by Authority. Combine this with at least 40 years of mandatory seat belt laws and a constant drumming of “safety” being the most important consideration and – here we are.

      • Eric! That is exactly what I have always believed. If they can get the children…..whether it’s car seats or random warrantless locker searches, et al- that will be their “normal” for the rest of their life. They’ll never even question it- but on the contrary, they’d think it strange to not have such things, and that anyone who objects is somehow strange or “a bad guy”.

        The car seats were the coup de gras of evil genius though, because it is administered by one’s parents- which not only makes it seem like an act of kindness, but also makes the sprogs witness their parents slavishly “complying”- which makes that seem perfectly normal.

      • I still recall the “Baby on Board” stickers – meant to imply, “don’t you do anything to endanger my ‘little precious’, you crazy bastards!” Many wags responded to this self-righteous snottiness with stickers of their own:

        1) Ex-wife (or mother-in-law) in trunk
        2) I don’t give a flying &*#! about your kid

        • Hi Doug,

          I remember both those retorts. The problem, of course, is that the first – Baby on Board! – “don’t you do anything to endanger my ‘little precious’, you crazy bastards!” -is now the general attitude and no longer laughed at. The sickness psychosis currently running rampant is proof of this. Don’t yo do anything to get me sick, you crazy bastards!

    • Saying it again, this all goes back to the conflict-contest for control of the relationship between the sexes.
      Safety verses Freedom.
      Women verses Men !
      Democrats are Female.
      Republicans are Male.
      Women have been intentionally empowered, not by their own actions, but by the courts. Divorce rape is no fantasy. Combined with their SIMPs and White Knights, they are a majority and cannot be told “NO”. Lacking that option, men have caved, and government (at all levels) is running the train.
      We lost it, metaphorically, as described at the Garden of Eden.
      The result of all this inversion of the natural hierarchy will be disastrous. Oligarchs do not care, thinking that they are insulated from the consequences. They may be correct as they have control of the public narrative.
      Time will tell, “But as for me, give me liberty, or give me…..”

      • Hi Jack,

        I have several male friends who, like myself, are divorced. We are all of us involved with new women – nice women, I must add – but even so, we’re all extremely reluctant to get more involved. If I were still married, I’d face the hideous choice of acceding to my wife’s insistence on Fear Masking (which I suspect she would have insisted on) or suffer her anger, the withholding of sex, possibly risk divorce – the sword of Damocles hanging over every married man’s head. I won’t tolerate that kind of thing anymore, nor ever again. The woman I’m dating is sweet, never demands I do anything or pouts if I don’t. I, for my part, extend the same courtesy – and do my best to be kind and thoughtful. But I will never compromise my principles for the sake of keeping the peace – in order to avoid being made miserable or made broke (via divorce).

        • Woman are a different creature than men but the two can and do get along in many cases. How that works I can’t explain but it does happen. Likely love and patience and a whole lot of it. Here’s a fact, men get along with one another better than woman get along with one another. But laws have destroyed men’s lives where on the average 27 men commit suicide everyday in the USA because of, Family Court Rulings. The reason for this unspoken tragedy I believe is, such courts are local and when a man kills themselves Social Security money comes into play with the children and Medicaid pumping new money into the local economy in greater amounts than if the dead men were alive. Ain’t no other reason, such an unspoken tragedy is willfully overlooked.

          • ***”Woman are a different creature than men but the two can and do get along in many cases.”****

            As well they should- as they were created to complement each other- each possessing traits which fulfilled what the other lacks. Today though- women being more susceptible to propaganda, and having been thwarted to demand “equality” and “independence”, they have assumed the role of adversaries who will not cooperate in the mutual codependence which is the very basis of a marital relationship.

            Many men have dropped the ball, because rather than abstaining if they can not find a suitable wife, they acquiesce and settle, just for sex and procreation, even if no suitable prospect is available- and in the end, while they may technically get those “benefits” [Usually less of the former] those desired benefits often turn out to be detriments, and lead to lives of compromise with no joy, but instead only the technical fulfillment of their desires. (e.g. they may physically have kids, but without a truly suitable wife, the kids don’t turn out to be what they had hoped; or they end up divorced, with the cow and some other man raising the kids, while they struggle in slavery for the next twenty years or more, paying child support and alimony).

            To have the mere physical requisites without the substance of the meeting of the minds, is less than having nothing at all.

        • Eric, that’s one of the problems with modern dating culture. They may be sweet and non-demanding now [Although many are so militant that they no longer even wear that mask at any time!] -but after marriage, it changes, because the nature of the relationship changes- and they can not accept what it means to be someone’s wife, and act as if it’s still a strictly voluntary “free agent”-style relationship- and then claim that you’ve “changed” when you assume the posture of a husband insteasd of a mere friend.

          That mentality has affected virtually all women these days- unless you can find one who has made it clear that she believes in and upholds constraints and obligations of being a wife in the traditional sense- otherwise, they merely view marriage as nothing more than the continuation of friendship [which of course, it should include] or a “50-50 partnership” [which is a recipe for disaster- and not a marriage] only with the formality of marriage guaranteeing monogamy and a legal “right” to your stuff.

        • Marriage was never intended to be used as it is today. In ancient time the woman’s father would give some stuff (gold, livestock, furnishings, land, whatever) and they made a contract with God to be joined together. When moses introduced divorce rules the man was to give a note to the woman & send her away with her stuff and she could move back with her family or find another man. Marriage was for virgins & widdows to be secure with their man so he couldnt send her away in poverty just cause a younger finer woman found him interesting. It wasn’t so that a woman could leave her man for just any reason drag him through a complicated law process & take half of his stuff prevent him from seeing his children, & requiring monthly payments for many years after.

          Because people have rejected God they are building god(s)
          (artificial intelligence, high speed networks, cameras, microphones, radar, bureaucracy and weaponry to create an omnipresent omnipotent omniscient entity to monitor & control everyone according to its algorithms or morals or whatever)

          • Right idea, Anon- just a few technicalities backwards.

            It was the husband who would have to give the bride’s father essentiallyu a year’s wages for his daughter- the daughter having monetary value for what work she could do around the father’s homestead- in exchange for a woman who had been trained already at such things, and would thus be of value to a prospective husband (Unlike today, where a woman may know how to run a nukular reactor or how to counsel trannies…but can’t boil spaghetyti or darn a sock! -and who may well come to the marriage with over $100K in student and credit card debt!)

            That did change at some point- probably in Europe in the Middle Ages, when the ratio of men to women changed due to wars and genocide perpetrated by popes and kings…so that fathers then essentially had to pay men, who were in short supply, to take their daughters.

            Divorce was intended as a time-limited option only- If the man discovered something on the wedding night- like the girl not being a virgin, or having some undisclosed physical deformity which made consumation and procreation impossible, etc. (See the example of Joseph and Mary)- he could then divorce her. It wasn’t about being married for 10 years and then “I’m no longer happy” or “Irreconcilable differences”)

            But you are so right….. This culture has so butchered the notion of marriage and courtship, that although such may persist in name, it really no longer exists in substance.

        • Be careful Eric !
          I have been through the divorce grinder too.
          It took me a while, but I discovered the work by Rollo Tomassi and his three books, “The Rational Male”. I was not blind to some relationship reality, but i only knew a peek. Rollo, and others, opened my eyes ! Deo Gratis !
          Case in point: I now understand that there are NO GOOD WOMEN. There are women who are good, but only as long as they are getting what they want. Believing in the “Good Woman” is to believe in a Snow Flake. They are all the same, just as we men are. The giant variable in this issue is the Government, just as it is in our automobiles.
          The goons that run government, at all levels, know that women are the weak spot for most normal men. Hence, playing to their proclivities, and under the protection of the court system, they can use women to control us.
          I believe that the only sane course at this time is MGTOW.
          See you….

          • You got it, JACK!

            No matter how nice they may seem/be…come the day that they feel things aren’t going their way, they’ll avail themselves of the full power of the system to destroy us.

            I hate to say it, but I’ve witnessed a perfect example of this in my own mother- who is about the sweetest most loving and kind person to everyone that you’d ever hope to meet.

            When I was 14, she was tired of being alone and struggling (She divorced my father when I was a baby due to his infidelity, and never really dated or anything while I was growing up- and kudos to her for that)

            So my sister introduced her to some loser bar fly (My mother doesn’t drink- let alone go to bars!). She marries the loser, who of course turns out to be an abusive alcoholic (What fun! I came yay close to shooting him with his 30.06 when he threatened to kill my mother!).

            The marriage lasted about a year and a half. Of course, my mother didn’t get anything, since the bum didn’t have anything….but here comes the important part:

            Over the intervening years, I’d ask her why she ever married such a character, and she’d say that she wanted someone to take care of her, and was tired of struggling in poverty.

            So I’d say “And you thought that some middle-aged guy who lived in a room over a bar, and who didn’t even own a car at the time was going to provide this?”.

            And she says: “Well, I thought I could change him”.

            Over the intervening 44 years, she always cites that guy as being her downfall/being responsible for all of her subsequent problems. I point out the fact that while it is true that the guy was a creep, he never hid that fact, and she knew what she was getting- and the absurdity of marrying someone based on the belief that you can change them, and then blaming them as the villain when you are unable to change them into what you want them to be!

            But that is how women think- even the best of them.

            Of course it never occurred to her that if he had been of such weak character that she could have changed him, that he would of course be incapable of providing the security which she sought…..

            That episode did a lot to open my eyes about women- I mean, if my own sweet mother, who has maintained friendships with people she’s known even briefly, for longer than I’ve been alive, can operate on such a motive….there is really no hope.

            • Wow, maybe it’s your guys age. My Wife and I are in our 60’s. She just canceled her hair appointment. (Ohio just opened up salons) because they say she has to wear a mask. She also has a conceal carry as do I. I’m so glad I’m not young and grew up in relative freedom compared to today’s kids.

              • Hi Randy,

                I’m with you, amigo! In fact, I am preparing to visit the place where I go to get my haircut – or used to go. I will bring with me a card, on which I will write: I would love to get my haircut – and pay you to cut it, with tip – but I will not wear a mask as part of the deal. I understand your shop’s owner requires this. So how about this, instead:

                We meet at a mutually agreeable undisclosed location; you cut my hair – no masks – and I pay you the same as I would have at the store, except you keep the entire thing, plus a large tip for your trouble.

        • All wahmen share the same brain. You’re a resource to be used and discarded. They will never be happy or satisfied. Keep it “friends” at best unless you want to be saddled with more baggage.
          Just remember. Females stop maturing in their teens… And it shows.

          • Hi Anon,

            I think the key – given the situation – is to avoid a legal commitment. Commit to one another; be kind to one another. Share things, do things for one another. But do not make a legally binding commitment when that commitment amounts to at-will employment and your “job” can be terminated at any time and have to pay out half of what you earned while you were “working” to the party that decided to split.

        • There’s a horde of LONELY divorcees that realize, once the dust settled from one spat too many, that their temper tantrums weren’t worth it, and that feminism is largely bullshit, spewed forth by psychotic, hate-filled females and/or deranged lesbians (usually the same) to self-justify why they can’t “get a man”. And if all a guy wants to do is get his rocks off, fine, they’re EASY pickings, and usually the nuttier they are, the better they are in the sack…but a royal pain in the ass to live with once out of it.

          • Hi Doug,

            It’s sad all around. Once one goes through a divorce, one realizes one could could through another. In other words, that it’s not a commitment for life. In other words, false advertising. People get “unhappy”? They “grow apart”? Surely. But if both aren’t conscious of this going in and willing to accept good times and bad/better and worse – and stick with it – then why bother with it?

            That’s the nut of the problem with marriage, as I see it.

            Divorce – now as likely as marriage – has cheapened the currency of marriage. Once it happens, you don’t want it to happen again. And the only way to be sure it doesn’t happen again is to avoid getting married again.

            This is sad – for divorced men as well as divorced (and never married) women. Commitment has much less meaning because it has been rendered less meaningful. Men have easier access to sex without commitment. Women have less access to commitment.

            Thanks, feminism!

            • I agree with response by Eric above.
              I would add that core reason for marriage is to protect the social construct of family formation: Child Bearing. “Love” is just the bait, but not the essence. Feminism has produced “Unfettered Hypergamy”, supported by the full power of government. This is like giving dynamite to children.
              MGTOW is the best current response !

              • Hi Jack,

                Yes, thanks for elaborating that point – about children. This really is the ultimate point of marriage. And the reason for the necessity of the commitment. It does take two committed parents to raise and care for a child. Even if they’re not “happy” at the moment. Something more important is on the table.

                When kids aren’t involved, then it’s easy to see why the happiness of the woman (or man) becomes the criteria for continuation of the marriage. But “happiness” waxes and wanes. And the culture admonishes people they must be happy at all times. Ergo, when they are not, the solution is to end the marriage.

                This is what feminism has wrought. The destruction of families via the destruction of the commitment to marriage. Which has led to men wisely avoiding not only marriage but commitment. Women have been told by feminism to play the same game, but it exacts a much harsher price as men can generally get sex without commitment while women have a much harder time getting commitment without giving sex first. And a woman’s “sex value” is generally biologically limited while a man’s ability to get sex is limited chiefly by his status and ability to “provide.”

                Feminism – a product of angry elite women (who have different options than most women) has been terribly costly to women, even more so than to men and to families.

                • Exactly Eric. Now, since demographics is destiny, who benefits from convincing mostly western white people not to reproduce?

                  What ideology is best suited for the role of Useful Idiot, in that regard?

                  Couple that, with the Useful Idiots in the Globalist faction, and you have the process of undermining, and eventually destroying, western civilization well in hand.

          • In one very real respect, women are just like dogs. They need to be able to look up to a man. Too many men have bought into certain aspects of feminism as well, namely that women should be able to have free reign over public diplomacy. C.S. Lewis puts it well when he points out that a wife rules the home, but when Jr. breaks the neighbor’s window, the father of the household should handle neighborhood diplomacy.

            When I woman rules the roost, she is miserable. When they can’t respect their husbands, it will eventually drive them completely crazy. A woman has to get it into her head that she must be able to look up to and trust her husband completely. If a wife has the conviction to push her husband up instead of tearing him down, the marriage will be indestructible. The problem is that women are conflicted between wanting to look up to their man, and wanting power while men aren’t really all that motivated to acquire or maintain power any more either.

            I don’t know any guys my age who are happy in their marriages. They are constantly lamenting the contempt and scorn their wives heap upon them on a daily basis. However, I do know a few who have married women from other countries and seem quite pleased with the outcome. They have effectively gone back to the traditional method of arranged marriages by arranging their own marriage. i know two who married women from the Philippines, one who married a woman from Honduras, another who married a woman from some eastern block country, etc. All of these men are well into their 50’s while their wives are in their mid 20’s. Most bring their wives back to the US, but I also note that a few have learned that this isn’t the best idea, and staying in those countries reduces the chances of their wives becoming Americanized. The Amerikan culture has this horribly corrosive effect over just about anyone who immerses themselves in it.

      • Indeed, women are hardwired to seek security on behalf of their children, as they should be. The rock we have collided with is the at least cultural castration of men, who formerly balanced the feminine drive for security, with the masculine drive for risk/reward evaluation. Per the survival of the species, men are somewhat expendable. One can sire 100 or more children, while women can deliver 20 at the max. Men are subconsciously aware of this, and so are more willing to take risks. With the demolition of the masculine, only security remains. No risk allowed, and thus no reward available.

        • Husbands and fathers used to provide that security for women. Today, the state provides it- so of course, the state is the foremost authority in women’s lives- and thus the entity whom they listen to and obey. While they decry obedience to any husband or father, they will gladly do whatever the men (or wannabe men) who comprise the state tell them to, blissfully unaware that unlike fathers and husbands, the state does not love them nor their children, but just views them as cattle.

        • Nunzio, the VAST majority of our population, is at best adolescent. How could they be anything else? Especially, the last two generations of them. But even before that, it ran into the hard wired differences between men and women. Jordan Peterson (one of the Progs current Devils) has some fascinating insights into those differences, and the horrible damage, that has been inflected on entire generations, of our young boys.

          The Progs identity politics, is based on the divide and conquer(rule) principle, and has been quite successful up to this point. But as with all such things, it has come with a massive price tag. That being our peoples loss of liberty, the potential of entire generations, and the trashing of our traditions and economy. The Progs seek nothing less, than the destruction of western civilization itself. They and the Globalists, are the tools and useful idiots of those who own the central banking cartel.

          • No argument there, BJ. Except, it’s not just the progs. This stimulus BS should make that obvious, if nothing else. They may cheer for different teams so the spectators can be divided…..but ol’ Frank Sinatra and the crew are still calling the outcome of the game. [Heh…my aunt used to work for the NY Jets….]

    • yes the society is totally ultra feminized and all the so called tough guys sat around sucking on their thumbs allowing it. I was never married. had plenty of gfs but never took the plunge

      • Hi SP,

        The “plunge” is right! Like the Titanic’s!

        I think marriage is a fine idea in principle. In practice, it’s a bear trap – as is fairly said of any legally binding partnership that can be abrogated essentially at will but without substantive cause and with extreme consequences for the party left.

        I’m no hippie but maybe they had the right idea. Co-habitate as long as it suits and when it doesn’t either party is free to split – but not with half the other party’s stuff!

        • It’s best to keep finances and living arrangements separate. There aren’t very many decent women that will go for that kind of deal, though.

          • Yeah, Handler- and such isn’t really a marriage then- it is more of a “convenient business arrangement” rather than a codependence- which was probably ther goal of our masters, to eliminate real, strong families- and to just ensure that spouses always remain a “me” instead of an “us”.

            Seen my neighbor do this- keep from comingling finances- so he got to keep the house that he built and all of his stuff (and even the kid!) after two divorces. It’s a sad state of affairs (And even sadder, how readily women will abandon their kids now-a-days!)

        • Eric, when a man sez “I do”, he’s DONE.

          Even going into a marriage armed with what he THINKS is an airtight pre-nup, once he’s legally committed, he’s in for a bunch of liabilities, which, in THEORY, are supposed to be enforced regardless of sex. Right…and I’m Arnold Palmer.

          The reality is repeated in “Family Law” courts throughout the country every day. If the marriage goes south, a man is on the hook to support his ex-wife, and she can and often does “sandbag” her earning ability in order to max out the award. Of course, SHE can shack up with another guy willing to put up with her, WITHOUT benefit of marriage, and proving what used to be known as a “common law marriage” can be all but impossible in order to terminate alimony. Which points out the utter hypocrisy of feminism – they’re “independent” and “self-determining” when it comes to their own interests, but when things go south, the “man” has to TAKE CARE of them. Like a petulant, spoiled child. Any wonder less and less men are going along with that bullshit arrangement?

          • Hi Doug,

            Yup. Marriage today is essentially at-will employment, not a commitment for life. Yet marriage is marketed as a commitment for life. This is vicious. Worse than being promised employment for life and lining up your entire life on that basis – only to discover one day you’re fired and now you owe your former employer a salary for life.

            If it’s not a binding commitment for life (yes, I know – there are extreme cases of physical/sexual abuse) then it makes no sense. Both people agreed to the marriage without coercion. Both had an obligation to vet the other party/decide on that basis. If you have any reservations do not get married. If you don’t – and do get married – then stay married (absent something extreme – such as physical/sexual abuse). Not being “happy” or “listened to” doesn’t count as justification for abrogation of this commitment. Work it out. You loved this person once enough to commit to them for life. Commit to be being happy for life.

            But, no. Marriage has been reduced to a conditional convenience with devastating repercussions. It is more dangerous than committing to a 30-year mortgage on a home that you can can be summarily evicted from at almost any time by the lender, even if you make payments on time, if the lender decides they just don’t like you anymore.

            • Eric, that is what happens when the state deems itself the arbiter and ultimate authority over a religious and or familial/social institution. It perverts and destroys it, just as it does to everything else it touches, while perverting justice and even making veritable slaves of men.

  14. Eric, the key word in all these discussions SHOULD be, “CHOICE”.

    Ok, for example, the humble seat belt. I have no problem with an auto maker CHOOSING to offer them, as did Preston Tucker with his Tucker ’48. Of course, we often forget the Tucker was intended to be marketed as a premium high-performance automobile, so engineering innovations were intended to SELL it, whether Preston Tucker actually cared about the safety of Tucker owners is debatable, the 1988 movie notwithstanding. Requiring auto makers to install them, as happened with the 1968 models, may have pleased the INSURANCE “mafia”, but again, all it did was raise costs for even the so-called “economy” models, i.e., the purchasing motorists was DENIED the “choice”. The seat beat “Fatwa” also STIFLED innovation, as all makes were made “equal” by Government fiat. Of course they’re “Good”, but the issue isn’t “good”, doesn’t the CONSUMER make that decision for HERSELF?

    It gets a little more dicey with automatic seat belts (thankfully only a few years) and air bags. How many motorists have been injured or KILLED when those damned things malfunctioned? Again, engineering by a “Fatwa” of Uncle Sam, not by market forces!

    Now, with this questionable “plague” (oh, the disease itself is real, but how pervasive and deadly it truly is seems to have been DELIBERATELY exaggerated by those with a nefarious political agenda), the cry for “s-a-a-a-a-a-f-t-e-e-e-e” has gone to ludicrous extremes. Never, when a epidemic has been detected, have the HEALTHY been quarantined. And so many have been sold the LIE that it’s for their own “good”. No, it’s for the “good” of those that mean to RULE.

    • Amen, Doug!

      Choice – vs. compulsion – is the issue. All these “good ideas” come with downsides as well as upsides – hence the moral justification for honoring the individual’s right to make the choice, as the choice affects him specifically. Take your seat belt example. Yes, in general, they are a good idea in that – in general – it is “safer” to be buckled up than not. But not always. And maybe the individual would rather spend the money he is forced to spend on the seat belts on some other thing of greater specific value to him. There is a halting degree of effrontery in the busybody’s insistence that they know best – and are make sure you’re forced to do as they say.

      The end result of accepting busybodyism is endless, reciprocal busybodyism. If Karen can lobby the government to make Kevin “buckle up” for safety, then by the same logic, Kevin can lobby the government to make Karen wear a Fear Mask (though Karen would probably demand everyone wear a Fear Mask). But you see the point. Instead of people respecting other people’s choices – which is really just another way of saying respecting their freedom – we have this toxic society in which everyone (almost everyone) is trying to control – and punish – everyone else.

      There ought to be a law!

      Where’s your mask?

      Buckle up!

      Buy insurance!

      The irony is that in addition to making life insufferable this business has also made life less “safe.” For example, all the “safety” equipment (and regs that bind designers) forced onto the new car market have made the average driver much less skilled and attentive as well as greatly reduced visibility to the rear and sides, making crashes (and bad ones) more rather than less likely.

      Mandatory insurance has caused people to rely more on drugs than good habits to stay healthy.


  15. Eric, your mention of “the whole pioneer thing that built the country” calls to mind one of the great works of American literature: Zane Grey’s trilogy about the early settlers of the Ohio River Valley. The books — Betty Zane, The Spirit of the Border, and The Last Trail — provide great insights into the lives of those who left comfortable surroundings to eke out a life whose only guarantees were danger and a desperate struggle for existence.

    I read the series in the early ’90s and was inspired by current events to re-read them now. It’s wonderful to see that such men and women existed. At the same time, it’s depressing to contrast them with the sheep wearing their fear masks and doing all the other bullshit things the government (along with some businesses now) insists upon. How very far this country has fallen.

    • Hi Mike,


      I am proudly wearing the Boo-Moo! T shirt and my ear tag, for what it’s worth. And I will not ever wear the goddamn mask. For the same reason that I won’t wear a diaper. In order to avoid lining up for a vaccination.

    • Hi X,

      I saw this. It is very hard to come to terms with the fact that this is America now. But in truth, it has been America for decades. What difference is there, really, between what happened to this woman and what has been happening every day for decades in this country with regard to “buckle up” laws? Armed government workers will – and have and do – threaten to kill people for not wearing a goddamn seatbelt. For their safety. I have been trying to get people to grok this for literally the past 25 years. Now maybe they begin to understand.

      • Very doubtful Eric. The Clovers are pretty much terminal, in regards to lacking any real thought about what is being done to them. Given generations of public indoctrination, from an early age, and the non stop propaganda of the corporate mass media, what else would you expect? At this point, AGWs can kill people on camera, and not only get away with it, but blame their victims. After all, they are the Thin Blue Line, that “protects” society from Anarchy and (wait for it…) CHAOS!!… Until reality slaps enough of them awake, its not going to change.

        • Yep, BJ- and we have plenty of examples of just how absurd it can get without people “getting it”, waking-up, or rebelling. Nazi Germany, for one. Only it’s far worse today, as the sophistication of propaganda has increased exponentially, as well as the technology to disseminate it.

          People are easily reduced to being little more than rats in a maze. They soon forget that they are artificially constrained in a maze or that the cheese is moldy; they’ll just happily compete to find the cheese, and to have a higher status in the maze.

      • Maybe cops should socially distance. Staying 6 feet from eachother and those they arrest. Also not throw people on the dirty ground where they could pick up germs as well as cuts & bruises.

        These rules are actually good but they are applied to & enforced by the wrong people.

        Meanwhile they are emptying out prisons and those criminals cant get a job or an apartment cause work is now illegal, and landlords cant evict for non payment so why take in tennants? I bet many of those criminals are turning to crime to get food & shelter. And with a mask who can recognize them?

        • This is truly a world gone mad- and the scary thing is, that so many have gone mad, that the vast majority can not even see the madness- but instead think that it is good, and think us crazy for not approving of it nor participating in it!

      • Hi Eric, I adopted your term AGW to refer to police whenever I talk to people. I think it is brilliant. The way we use our words has enormous impact on the way people process what they hear and has profound influence. I’ve come up with another term (all by myself) to refer to the popo. Government Sponsored Violence Delivery Units, or GSVDUs.

        I know it’s more cumbersome, but it gets directly to their intended function. I say sponsored rather than owned because they frequently go rogue, which gives their sponsors plausible deniability.

        • Excellent, Hank – I love it!

          And, yes – the words we use are critically important. We cannot allow fungible meanings or disingenuous meanings to pass. This is why I use AGW. It accurately – honestly – conveys what these people are. Similarly, I always correct people who speak of “asking” when it comes to things like taxes (which should be called theft, which is what they are), “contributions” . . . and so on.

          The war for people’s minds begins with the war for words.

  16. That hot tub that we Americans are relaxing in is looking more and more like a kettle that will soon come to a boil. Uncle’s police state recipe will soon be ready to be served, whether you want it or not!

  17. The next few weeks should be interesting. If no real appreciable spike in “cases” (assuming they don’t make one up) occurs in states that have opened up, will these psycho petty tyrants relent or eat crow? If there is a case spike -real or manufactured – will the psycho petty tyrants lock it back up, and for how long?

    The ramped up discussions of contact tracing and vaccine has me worried. If scientists have been unsuccessfully working on a coronavirus vaccine for four decades, how are they suddenly going to achieve success in 9 months? Answer: it will be ineffective, unsafe and deadly, or it won’t really be a coronavirus vaccine at all (something more nefarious, such as a contact tracing chip).

  18. Man evolved an immune system in crowded connected conditions without masks and gloves, and managed to survive this long. Even the Plague didn’t wipe us out.
    Wheres the science for masks? Masks impair one’s immunity; harmful respiratory viruses and bacteria will be rebreathed again and again instead of being excreted from the body’s respiratory system. Masks increase the concentration of potentially-harmful viruses in the nasal passages which could then increase the likelihood of those viruses entering the brain via the olfactory nerves.
    Social distancing, masks, gloves, confinement, excessive hand washing, stress from ginned up fear, and depression are damaging everyone’s immune system which will lead to many people becoming sick when the quarantine is lifted.
    These measures are the exact opposite of what we should be doing. Quarantine the sick but free the healthy and get things back to normal now.

    • TM this is why we are supposed to wear masks. The virus has not been as deadly as feared and so the “authorities” have to come up with creative ways to kill us. Masks are a great idea. And another reason to extort money from us.

  19. Narratives are ploys, from genesis get-go’s. So “safety” is one of those? So what?

    Even the mark of the beasters are more than incapably capable of mixmetaphoring “their” narratives, are confused, can’t keep the embraced invention straight: ain’t ‘sposed to be an end o’ the road for that branch of churchmice.

    Fear remains the original infection. Words continue to gild that lily’d liver.

  20. “The evil of ‘democracy’ is that the majority can be so easily convinced to vote for their own enslavement.”

  21. Amen Mr Eric – been saying the same thing for decades.
    I CHOOSE to wear a helmet when riding…except for when the state decided to try and impose a law saying I HAD to. Then I didnt. Led the highway patrol on a merry chase or two… the statute was repealed as unconstitutional, as it is. Still labouring under the seatbelt thing – have been to court twice over it and spanked em – the system is designed for acquiesence and goes ’tilt’ when you stand up. Same thing on radar entrapment. My MVR is ‘clean’.
    The vaccination thing is, I believe/hope the same line in the sand as confiscation of firearma – methinks (((they))) will finally see large scale resistance, which is why they are illegally dispatching the military inside the borders. Its gonna get real messy. Ammo up my folk. Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
    Deuteronomy 28 applies to us as does IIChronicles 7:14. Read and act accordingly.

    • Amen, Luke!

      Speaking of motorcicle chases, I was watching a video last night, and FINALLY saw someone doing what I always imagined I’d do if I rode: They started to pull over for the pig who was initiating a stop… the point where the pigmobile was just about stopped…and then the guy on the bike takes off! Naturally, since the bike can accelerate from a near stop MUCH faster than any car, this bought the biker a huge advantage, as he just left the pig in the dust. He got away quite easily.

      I’ve never understood why more bikers don’t do that- it seems so obvious, even to me.

    • Hey Luke, I’m genuinely curious how you defended yourself against these things. What tactics have worked for you? I’ve defied them repeatedly, brought up the blatant unconstitutionality, and been shrugged off. Howdja do it?

      My experience has been that they explicitly don’t care about the law. The Constitution and all its amendments are black letter law, but in the real world that simply doesn’t matter.

  22. Too bad that the Bill Of Rights doesn’t contain anything about the government providing “safety”- for then it would be anathema to them, just like everything else that is really in the BOR, and we wouldn’t have a problem! -Just as defending our borders has become anathema to them….

    Governor of WA. has stated that all WA. residents who refuse COVID testing and contact tracing, will not be permitted to leave their homes…no work, no shopping…..

    The syringes already ordered by the military already have a provision for chip implantation. Even if they didn’t, the Corona vaccines are being designed to work at the DNA level…..they want to alter your DNA!!!!

    The Mark Of The Beast is here. Guess it’s gonna be the end of the road very soon for us refuseniks. Quite frankly, I don’t care anymore. Just glad that I got to live to see Bible prophecy come to fruition! But I put very little stock in living in a world that has become what this world now is. Just hope I can take a few of the cocksuckers with me when they come.

    • Amen, Nunz –

      If you’re ever in my neck – SW Va., not far from the TN border – stop by and let’s have a pull. You’re my kind of people!

      • Hey Eric!
        If this were a few years ago, when my mother could take care of the animals, I’d hop in the old Kubelwagen and pay ya a visit!

    • Exactly Nunz, I will not be branded with the mark of the Beast and will follow Solzhenitsyn’s advice if they come for me. Hopefully I can take a few down with my 12 gauge before they take me out; if only more of the sheeple would resolve to do so Uncle’s minions might have second thoughts about their assignments.

    • Yeah Nunz, LOL, they probably ALREADY have the vax all ready to ship across the world! It’s probably already in boxes in warehouses, they probly got it finished a couple years ago. So, they just needed this fake virus excuse to make it mandatory. If this ever becomes a law, this is a physical assault, everything else has been financial/etc, but this is bodily harm being done to ppl — I think ALOT of ppl will not be going along with this. I’m glad everyone has guns — that may be the only thing protecting this country from becoming a total complete s***hole overnight.

      Here’s what I predict is going to happen… lots of yammering, whining, blah blah, but next year or so, lots of counties will declare themselves to be “medical rights sanctuaries” and “disease risk allowance sanctuaries” etc. IOW the counties are going to have to say no to the states & feds.

  23. Unfortunately, for the time being, fortunately, for the future, the matter of mandatory, enforced “safety” and other travesties of the coercion state/government is one of competing markets. The current market demand is for the state and we (as a whole) are getting what we demand – forced compliance, e.g. slavery. The other market choice, freedom via the zero/non-aggression principle, is completely unknown to the very vast majority and even if known hits the wall of cognitive dissonance; it’s beyond comprehension. When I mentioned, “fortunately, for the future,” … well put it this way. Soon, I think, the intrusiveness of the state will become so overbearing and obvious, that large swaths of people will begin to realize that life under the state does not work and will never work. There is an alternate product and it has, over the history of mankind, been proven to work.

    • I hope you’e right, Charles. I have pledged everything I can bring to bear – and put on the table – toward that end. If not for me, then for the future.

      I won’t comply.

  24. Statement by Lt. Col. Mike Andrews, Department of Defense spokesman:

    Today the Department of Defense and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced a $138 million contract with ApiJect Systems America for Project Jumpstart and RAPID USA, which together will dramatically expand U.S. production capability for domestically manufactured, medical-grade injection devices.

    Jumpstart will enable the manufacture of more than 100 million prefilled syringes for distribution across the United States by year-end 2020.


    Why is the US military in charge of a public health campaign? Do they anticipate administering these “shots in the arm” at gunpoint?

    Moreover, DoD procurement has an unbroken record of grotesque cost overruns and failure to meet specs. The masters of the spectacularly failed F35 fighter program are not even qualified to procure a box of yellow No. 2 pencils. If they did, the pencils would cost $35 apiece, with a $15 upcharge for an eraser tip.

    Bend over, comrade. This will only feel like a mosquito bite. Now hand me your wallet.

    • “Moreover, DoD procurement has an unbroken record of grotesque cost overruns and failure to meet specs. The masters of the spectacularly failed F35 fighter program are not even qualified to procure a box of yellow No. 2 pencils. If they did, the pencils would cost $35 apiece, with a $15 upcharge for an eraser tip.”
      Some of that money gets laundered into black ops/projects too. They just like to feign incompentence.

    • Scan a bit further in the article:

      The contract also enables ApiJect Systems America to accelerate the launch of RAPID USA manufactured in new and permanent U.S.-based BFS facilities with the ultimate production goal of over 500 million prefilled syringes (doses) in 2021.

      U.S. population: 330 million. Multiple doses by 2021 for those who survive the dosage in 2020.

      • Coincidentally(?), in the epicenter of the Covid-1984 outbreak in Italy, seniors were given 2 flu shots late last year. For their protection, of course. (Credit to Dr. Mercola for the Covid-1984 designation.)

  25. All based on illusions. That if we are safe enough we will live forever. That no price can be put on one’s safety. That a life consumed with being “safe” at all costs is worth living. That there is a moral aspect to forcing others at gunpoint to facilitate your safety. That no risk is required to gain reward. That a gang of Psychopaths In Charge are the least bit concerned with your safety, while in fact, they are only concerned with your well being if it happens to enhance their own. The recent application of “safety” by such serves one purpose and one purpose alone. To enhance their power to confiscate your wealth and transfer it to themselves and their cohorts.

  26. You’re looking at the wrong document. The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights is what we’re living under, which includes:

    Articles 22–27 sanctioned an individual’s economic, social and cultural rights, including healthcare. Article 25 states: “Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services.” It also makes additional accommodations for security in case of physical debilitation or disability, and makes special mention of care given to those in motherhood or childhood.[7]


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