We Are Not “All In This Together” . . . But Perhaps “We” Should Be

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There are two questions that deserve answers as the “new normal” is imposed on the rest of us by some of us.

The first is: At what point does an asserted risk to some no longer justify the imposition of certain harm on everyone? At least 33 million Americans have been forced out of their jobs and into the poorhouse; every American has had his life diminished, basic freedoms curtailed – his peace of mind assaulted.

Well, not every American. Which brings up the second question:

Why aren’t the some who have imposed open-ended harm on the many required to share in the harm they insist is necessary?

We are told that “people are dying” – and indeed they are. But how did this suddenly become a blank check claim on the lives of everyone else? It is considered unfeeling to make cost-benefit calculations when human lives are at risk but this is nonetheless something we do all the time – without insisting on a zero-risk result, no matter the cost.

Until now.

Suddenly, a virus with a mortality rate similar to that of seasonal flus that’s less a threat than medical malpractice has become an intolerable risk that justifies unlimited harm inflicted on almost everyone.

But not everyone.

Because we are not – as the treacly phrase has it – “all in this together.”

Some of us – the people who’ve imposed the harm on the rest of us – are very much out of this. Some go about their business uninhibited and unscathed; these some having the power to declare their business (and their paychecks) “essential” while simultaneously declaring ours not.

Why is this tolerated?

If, in fact, we are “all in this together”?

There is a glib congruency between those who urge harm on all for the sake of some. The people so urging are almost axiomatically people who aren’t being harmed, which explains their position nicely.

The politicians and bureaucrats; the fulsomely “essential” workers who continue to get paid while the rest of us continue to bleed. The big box stores and large corporate retailers.

Their businesses are open.

The Essential People are not falling behind on their mortgages, watching their savings disappear, the work of a lifetime evaporating with each passing day of enforced idleness. They aren’t suffering the humiliation of having to beg for government alms and staring at a future of poverty and want.

It is certainly is easier for The Essential People to demand that others suffer. Because they aren’t suffering. They have the luxury of averring all risk – because it imposes no costs  . . . on them.

But they have the gall – or is it simply moral deafness? – to tell the rest of us that “we are all in this together.” Meaning, we bleed while they preen.

They have achieved this by shaming us on the one hand and virtue-signaling on the other.

If we complain about being bankrupted we are putting dollars over lives. If we question Fear Masking mandates, anti-social distancing edicts and Soviet-style bread lines to get into stores we are indifferent to the health of our fellow man.

“People are dying!”

Indeed, they are.

About the same number as have died in the past from or more accurately because of complications developed from various other forms of Corona,  such as pneumonia in the elderly and already very sick and so already very susceptible.

This is normal.

It was accepted as part of life until all of a sudden it wasn’t – because of a concerted propaganda campaign unparalleled in the history of the world that has succeeded in terrorizing the population into a state of paralytic obeisance, using – per Dr. Goebbel’s instructions – a kernel of truth:

There is a virus; it does present a real danger to some.

None of that is new.

But by creating the impression of newness and by greatly exaggerating the threat, one can generate new hysteria.

Note that the media organs have in concerted fashion – as if on cue – recently begun calling Corona “COVID-19,” in order to get the public using that term, too. And the public has begun to use it, reflexively – unconsciously – like a flock of ducks quacking on cue.

Like 911.

This is linguistic conditioning intended to get the public to think of this Corona as a wildly different and wildly more threatening Corona, which it isn’t – in order to terrify the public into believing it must accept a “new normal” – more linguistic conditioning – of greatly restricted personal freedom and practically unlimited government authority.

The public is also being conditioned to regard infections –  styled “cases,” to give it weight – as something abnormal.

Which, again, it isn’t.

Well, it wasn’t.

Millions of “cases” normally occur each year; i.e., almost everyone gets infected with various colds and flus over the course of their lives. All of a sudden, these are terrifying “cases” – reported ominously, every day. Thereby making them seem ominous.

It is much more threatening to hear about 230,000 new “cases” than a few thousand deaths.

The latter sad but not abnormal.

More than 100,000 Americans died in 1968 of – or with – the Hong Kong Flu. Why wasn’t the country “locked down” then? Because the country wasn’t yet in the grip of a consolidated media – and pervasive instilled fear of risk – such that a bad flu season could be turned into a simulacrum of the Black Death in the minds of the population.

America was a sane country back then.

It is becoming insane.

The Goebbelsian kernel of truth about the “novel” Corona virus hyped to an extinction level threat terrorizes the suggestible and emotional – and makes it very difficult for the thoughtful and rational to be heard amid the manufactured hysteria.

People are dying!

Weapons of mass destruction!

It worked 20 years ago, when the kernel of truth was “Islamic terrorism,” though the actual threat to most of us of an ululating jihadi making off with “our freedom” was in the same ballpark as the threat to almost all of us of being killed by the “novel”
Corona virus.

Millions of people who aren’t sick are walking around wearing surgical masks and gloves – to avoid giving something they haven’t got but dread they may have. This is the very definition of neurosis. Four months ago, people so afflicted would have been pitied – and treated, psychiatrically.

Not emulated.

Millions of people who have little to fear from Corona have accepted house arrest, business arrest and are practically begging the government to treat the entire population as a leper colony in perpetuity – using whatever means necessary – and no matter what it costs.

Perhaps those costs should be spread around some more. It might do something to curtail the hysteria – and just maybe, we’ll be able to re-establish normalcy.

. . .

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  1. Ya know what just occurred to me?

    After talking to friends and acquaintances lately, not only have I come to the conclusion that I really no longer wish to keep communicating with these sheep- but that the one thing they all seem to have in common, is that suddenly, they all believe every word that the mass media says- because Corona.

    At a time when fewer Americans trusted newspapers and TV news than ever before…since Corona, it seems that they are all “coming back to the fold”, because they are scared, and the media offers them the “information” to keep them trembling keep them abreast of what “the eggspurts” say and what their beneficent elected “authorities” are doing to “keep them safe”.

    Suddenly, they’re all glued to the TV 24/7, even if they weren’t before; and suddenly, they’re believing everything the TV says, and will not listen to reason when you offer evidence to the contrary- no matter how skeptical they may’ve been a few months ago.

    Corona appears to be a boon to the MSM- a veritable resurgence.

    I just stopped short of permanently severing ties with a long-time associate/client because of his [now] adoration of the lying media and sudden hysteria over the flu- but I have a feeling, our next conversation will put me over the edge, and I will actually tell him to get lost.

    Forget about allies who will stand with us….I can’t even find people whom I can tolerate speaking to anymore, it’s gotten so crazy. It’s like we are the lone sane person among the Jim Jones followers, telling everyone not to drink the Kool-aid….but they are all so thoroughly brainwashed, they look at us like we are crazy, as they guzzle it down.

    • Hi Nunz,

      Amen. Ditto. I get very depressed – very often – lately. To the extent that it’s difficult to write on those days. Today is one such day. I stopped by the place where I have been going for years to get my hair cut – Until Corona – and the door is locked, though the place is “open.” A sign on the door reads: You must make an appointment (plan your day around getting a haircut I used to be able to get on the spur of the moment, when convenient) and – of course – wear a Fear Mask. I was walking away when the door opened; the woman who cuts my hair – wearing a Fear Mask – beckoned to me. I told her I was glad to see her (well, some of her) and that I very much wanted – and need – a haircut. But that I will not wear a Fear Mask. She seemed to get it. She has no choice – as an employee of the haircut place. I, however, do have a choice – not to ever go there again. I opened my wallet and handed her my card and told her that I would happily pay her more than she earned there – plus tip – if she would meet me at some undisclosed location and just cut my goddamn hair, one human interacting normally with another. She said she’d call. We’ll see.

    • I’ve been on mostly work from home. But the TV stays off during the day and usually also at night and never on the major channels or to watch “news”… but a neighbor wasn’t getting several channels so I turned on my TV to figure out what the issue is. (turns out the basement of the sears tower flooded and knocked them off the air) Anyway the stuff that’s on… holy crap. First some “expert” then pritizker gets on…. and the news reports. I only caught maybe a minute or two total between switching between digital boxes, rescanning, etc holy crap is it being laid on thick.

      Maybe that’s the dividing line the TVeee.

      • TV is the dividing line, Brent!
        From what I can tell, via what I hear people repeating (I don’t watch TV- at all) people believe the ridiculous never-ending “predictions”- even though literally every prediction made thus far since this all began has been WRONG.

        Wrong 1000 times…but they still believe the next prediction…

        Like: Governor Nuisance of CA. predicted a while back that by mid May, 56% of Califoriacs would be infected with COVID-19. Well here it is, mid May, and the fact is, 0.03% of Californiacs are infected. Hmm,m…just a little off, eh? 🙂 But no one seems to notice…they just continue to believe whatever the TV and the overlords say NOW.

    • It’s the caught•ionary principle. Also known as the velcromagnon wo/man. Or maybe just caught by their tales…words, masquerading as thought.

  2. One way to put a stop to any future “lock down” nonsense is to immediately declare all mayors, govnahs and public officials (er, I mean servants) as non essential. Lets see how many lock downs are instituted when THEY are faced with no paycheck and staying at home…
    Personally, I can’t think of ANYTHING more non essential than a politician.

    • Hi Bluesman,

      Exactly. Yet – so far – people (most people) put up with being declared “non-essential” by these arrogant, entitled and murderous control freaks who are “the government.” It’s been a kind of mass suicide – but not for the leaders of the cult, who never drink their own Kool Aid. Next time, they should be first in line.

      • The first step ain’t a hairsbreadth separated from the last step: joiners enjoined got the pitcher of water in one hand, the koolaid packet in the other – from the good to get-go.

  3. “There is a virus; it does present a real danger to some.”

    That’s where most writers today go wrong, by stipulating that there is a new doomsday virus. Give that one up, and you’re left with just quibbling over how much tyranny is OK. I say that there is no new doomsday virus. If there is, let them prove it.

    “The Virus” has not been sequenced or photographed, there’s only a weird little image that is being used in MSM outlets (in varying colors) as an illustration.

    There is no test that can identify this virus in a human body, or on any surface, for that matter. That makes all these claims of “cases and deaths” baseless.


  4. I just swiped this post from Twitter…..
    “It went from “flatten the curve” to “find the cure”. From “social distancing” to “house arrest”. From “two weeks” to ” three months”. From “we’re in it together” to ” snitch on your neighbors”. From “individual liberty” to ” comply or pay fine”. We lost the target and gov’t knows it….

    • The idea of flatten the curve shows that either people never learned calculus or simply wanted to exercise their control freak tendencies. It is interesting how every want to be control freak social engineer is automatically in favor of these forever lockdowns and ignores the basics of the area under the curve.

      • Bent psychology, begetting physiology, thinks “curve” sounds sexier. Better to get peyronie in hell than go straight to heaven. Payola, couch closes & I’m ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille me.

        • And here I can’t help but think about straightening the curve, flattening the hill. The virus might get me but the law never will. I had no idea that locator was about to step between me and that deer.

  5. Smearing Dr. Göbbels is not going to save you. Perhaps your owners will kill fifteen million of you–and you will not have lifted a finger in your own defense. Seems fitting.

  6. America was a sane country back then [in 1968].

    Gonna have to disagree with you on that. America was completely torn apart by the Vietnam war. Maybe that exhausted people’s energy so they didn’t focus on the flu of the day. It appears to me that America has always been insane, progressing smoothly from Joe McCarthy to aggressive war in Asia, and on through to the insane War on Terror, etc.

    • By the way, I love that graphic at the top. When I first looked at it, the left couple seemed to be fighting and about to come to blows, the middle pic shows one guy planning to perform an unnatural act on another guy, and on the right, we have a depiction of someone outside, peeing. I didn’t get a different Gestalt until I read “Together we will get through this” and it didn’t seem to fit.

      • Roosevelt said in 5 speeches, in trying to get my grandparents generation to go along with the war(he wasn’t making any headway)that no US troops would shed a drop of blood in that war.

        Everyone knew he was lying Woodrow the Lying Wilson had already proved them to be correct. That was a needless bloodbath that accomplished nothing but turning the govt. into corporate control, nothing good for the people.

        It took years of war the press didn’t report on to make Japan finally attack out of desperation and the generals knew it was desperation.

        Only then did the mass media machine start up the mass hysteria Roosevelt so direly needed. The country’s never been the same again. The first time the deep state wanted to go to war and the president didn’t agree, he was assassinated. The younger generation knew it was a sham. The older generation that had been drug into WW11 just lined up and took their children to the curb when Uncle Sam told them to. The greatest generation my ass. My dad and I didn’t get along for years. To say we were at odds would be an understatement.

        • Eight…just finished watching season 1 of The Plot Against America. Alternative history. Lindbergh defeats Roosevelt in ‘40 with a platform slogan “Lindbergh – or war.” Well, Lindy turns out to be more than chummy with the Nazi Germans. And you know where Roth’s story goes from there.

          But still interesting, & not completely far-fetched (we got neo-nazis & noir Christians right in these threads that could easily populate this alt history story).


          • Hey Ozy,

            I read that book ages ago. Ironic that Roth was concerned about Fascism coming to America, but oblivious to the fact that Roosevelt actually did it.


            • Maybe he was concerned about inclusive, as opposed exclusive, fascism coming to amerika.

              Getting the lambasted short end makes underdogs, but doesn’t also mean the absence of lambastin’ leaves good guys washed up on the shore.

              Case by individual case is the only way to make cases. So invokers of cohorts are just more of the same usual suspects.

    • Thing was, JDL, in ’68 it was a lot easier for any American who cared, to secure a much greater degree of liberty than has been possible in the last 40 or so years. The level of internal tyranny was nowhere near what it has come to be (You could live in a big city, like NYC or SF and have more liberty in ’68 than the average American has anywhere these days); People weren’t as accepting of tyranny (No one called the cops on ya because of how you were disciplining your own fambly- and if they did, they cops would tell them it’s not their business); and they didn’t have the technology to enforce and surveil everything in real time, and to the degree that they do today-That alone was a boon to the procurement of liberty/flying under the radar- papers (sans barcodes and such) we easy to forge, and it would often take long to cross reference and check with the “issuing authority” even they even did at all- which, if the papers looked legit, they didn’t.

      I got to experience the tail end of that world…. Yeah, America as a [w]hole was already the evil hell-bent domineering giant, working to screw-up the world….but as far as daily life went, it was truly a different world- and a wonderful one at that- and not just because tyranny was less present, but because people were largely better; there were still lots of high-quality people around who hewed to high moral standards, and The Golden Rule and all that….and that made all the difference.

      I am thankful with all of my heart that I got to see a bit of that world, and I mourn for the younger crowd who never have experienced anything like that…and never will, ’cause they don’t even realize what they have missed- the world that was stolen from them.

      • Nunz, you’d have loved Texas in the 50’s and 60’s. Laws, we don’t need no stinkin laws. And you didn’t have to obey many at all, just if you stole or hurt people. You were free to do anything up to killing yourself and even if it was so close you survived, everybody just had good things to say to lift your spirit. You didn’t tear up other people’s stuff for the best reason of all…..you’d have to repair it and not just to some shitty degree, to the degree they wanted and if you couldn’t, they’d put your ass to work till they felt they were paid back. And everybody would remain friends and decades later laugh and have a good time talking about it.

        See that scar I have where your old tractor fell on me? Yeh, you were lucky. I almost didn’t lift it off you. And then everybody around laughed. The sheriff was a friend and only stopped crazy shit when it involved throwing beer bottles at the one and only signal light in town. And that’s the way it was in the decades before. Tricky Dick declared war on people and the country changed quite literally overnight. I’ve known guys who worked vice in NYC and there were half a dozen in the dept. They occasionally busted somebody for things that upset somebody’s applecart. Then the War and drugs quite literally caused that vice squad to go from 6 or 7 to 60 to 70……overnight. Then it got bad and mean.

        • Yeah. Back before Texas was Californicated so badly, that Dallas/Fortworth might as well be LA. That damn war, was also the last time we had a real, wide spread anti war movement. To keep that from expanding, they suspended conscription. Other wise, it might have endangered their MIC, which at the time was only a fraction as powerful as it has become. Then the War On Some Drugs kicked off, and its been all down hill since then.

        • Hi Eight, I’ve always maintained our present evils all trace back to Nixon; Kissinger, Rumsfeld, and Cheney, to name just a few, all got their start in Tricky Dick’s administration. The “war on drugs” , along with the Gestapo DEA and the EPA are his legacies cursing us to this day.

          • Mike, I think it got it’s toehold in WW11. It got worse and Kennedy found out how bad they hated liberty. Not to say he was an angel but he was an angel in comparison to LBJ and everyone later.

              • Nunz, it was FDR I was referencing as the start although the realization of how good war could be probably got a real hand up during WW1. That’s when big companies started really knocking back serious money. I don’t know when “corporations”

                Eisenhower warned us about the money to be made although he didn’t come right out and say any specific names but every corporation makes really huge amounts of money even when Johnson and Johnson didn’t make much more than bandages and other cotton products.

                • Sad but true, Eight.

                  My mother actually saw FDR in person when she was a little girl. I can not for the life of me convince her how evil he was……

              • Nunzio, don’t bring up the Tyrant Lincoln, unless you want Professor Thomas DiLorenzo to show up, and give us all a lecture on The Real Lincoln… ^^
                He is one of the few, that was even worse than FDR.
                This is from the Mises Book Store.

                This is the book that made it happen: the nationwide revision concerning the man who they tried to tell us was a great liberator. Dictator and slayer of liberty is more like it. Lincoln was not the godlike figure of myth and legend but an unusually cruel political operator who exploited the moment for personal gain, just as we’ve come to expect of modern politicians.

                In this blockbuster, Thomas DiLorenzo calls for a complete rethinking of a central icon of American historiography. He looks at the actions and legacy of Abe Lincoln from an economics point of view to show that Lincoln’s main interest was not in opposing slavery but in advancing mercantilism, inflationism, and government spending: the “American system” of Henry Clay.

                Through extensive historical investigation, DiLorenzo shows that the high tariff pushed by Northern industries, at the expense of Southern agriculture, was the main cause of the sectional conflict. Further, Lincoln’s goal in preventing Southern secession was the consolidation of federal power and the collection of revenue, not the elimination of slavery. Introduction by Walter Williams.

                Barron’s says: “More than 16,000 books have already been written about Abraham Lincoln. But it took an economist to get the story right. The Real Lincoln, by Loyola College economics prof Thomas J. DiLorenzo, is this year’s top pick in [Gene Epstein’s] sixth annual review of Holiday Gifts that Keep on Giving, When It’s the Thought that Counts.”

                • Yer preaching to the choir, BJ! I despise Ornery Abe with all of my being- He caused the fall of this country, which led to it being what we see before our eyes today- and is responsible for the blood of hundreds of thousands. He was the American Hitler. In fact, I’d sooner have Hitler- at least we wouldn’t have to endure 150 years of everything in the country being named after him, and people adoring him as if he were a saint.

                  That bastard! He even gave me a flat tire a few years back, when I drove past his birfsplace! (I don’t live far from it. Luckily, I don’t live too far from Jefferson Davis’s either…so it sorta evens out…)

                • Tyranny’s frontmen ain’t the tyrants – but they play them on the stage & screen.

                  And voters ain’t the transmissions they play, either.

                  Citizens? Transmission fluid, gear lube…soylent green…& red & white & blue…

                  …but they gotta’ have their blackhatted bad guys reduced all the way down to just one wanted poster child…

                  …monotheism…mononucleosis…KISS principle (with a tongue that’d put Gene Simmons to shame)…people, especially when in congregation, are just that simple syrup stupid…

                  …& the (gray)bartenders know it.

  7. “We have one shot…it’s over…forever.”

    We are not all in this together, & never will be.
    There is no we.
    Any more than there is a corona virus wiping “us” out wholesale.

    But the Weus neurosis begets things like the corona neurosis – among so many others.

    As for forever, that’s individual, too. “It’s” over when I am.

    • Well put. Now almost through my 8th decade I can’t say I’ve ever seen such mass-panic and overreaction to a fart-in-a-hurricane pathogen such as the corona virus, which has a tiny mortality factor, on the order of a half a percent of those afflicted. I don’t know whether most people are utterly incapable of assessing odds or whether a huge majority of the human race has simply turned into collective of fops, dandies, limp-wrists, or chronic neurotics. Collectively this virus is inflicting colossal damage on the entire human race, not from the actual danger it represents but rather from the hysterical overreaction to the relatively minor threat it actually represents. Stop the world! I wanna get off!

      • Ditto, John –

        I am going to work on the TA this afternoon… to take my mind off the degenerated state of the American volk. As you say, neurotics, fops and such. Pathetic simps but also dangerous ones because they aren’t content to snivel in the corner themselves. They want us to snivel with them; to agree that sniveling is good. That – as they say – “we are all in this together.”

        Nichts Ich.

        How do I get off this rock?

        • eric, did you ever locate the transmission problem? Seriously, regardless of mileage, any lubricant that’s been in a transmission for that long is most likely the culprit.

          • Hi Eight,

            Eliminating possibilities; I pulled/checked the governor/spring.It’s ok. I checked the TV cable/solenoid today. Next up torque converter clutch stuff. If it all checks out, gonna button up and refill it, pray and see what happens… expect more soon!

            • eric, you can get a plug kit or just a bolt, drill a hole in the torque converter(use a fine thread bolt and it doesn’t need to be large)and drill it with it at the bottom as it sits. You can get a self-threading bolt or just tap the hole. Once you have the converter drained you have nearly all the lube out of the transmission since you have already removed the pan. I don’t mean this as if you don’t know it but it’s a great thing to do as long as you don’t drill into it too deep. A lot of Ford transmission, esp. the trucks, have a drain bolt from the factory. You get to replace all the lube except for the obvious passages.

              As far as I know it doesn’t hurt to overfill what it would take if you just drained the pan. Know how much the entire transmission holds. In my view this is the best way to change fluid and at this point, you can install a drain kit on the pan since it’s very seldom you have a stopped up filter so you can drain the pan oil any old time you like.

              I don’t suggest making the hole in the converter the way a guy I worked with did, his deer gun. What was crazy is it didn’t hurt the converter and he just plugged it with a self-tapping bolt. Yes, I know, I’ve always been amazed at people who grab their gun by the trigger and never took them up on an offer to go hunting. But getting that converter drained can make all the difference(if you can get to it and a 90 degree drill adapter can make the difference of getting the hole square into the converter). Just offering some experience. I would never have a transmission rebuilt without a converter you can drain. Good luck. Amsoil does a great job of cleaning old fluid, gearbox, transmission, engine and anything else that has fluid that is circulated in it. It saved my power steering box.

            • Eric, in case ya missed my post a few days ago: While you’re doing all of this, soak the valve body in a 50-50 mix of ATF and acetone, and then blow it out with air. It can get gunked-up just from sitting- even with rather fresh fluid. All it takes is a little gunk or little piece of something caught in there to make things go haywire.

              I had my neighbor do this on his ’67 289 Mustang that was doing what your beast was doing…and it fixed it right up.

            • Process of elimination…learning is much more that than it is additive.

              Open, insert, chew, swallow, digest, excrete the bulk you know what.

              Poor elimination, the humanimal alimentary condition, that elementary school only exacerbates…bariatric surgery in reverse…& the mind fooks are “free.”

              • Learning is elemental, my dear Ozy… ^^ In the absence of coercion, it is as natural as mothers milk. Back before that was paster ized. Just mind the fnords, I swear those are every when…

                • Only to them as got the elements @conception.

                  That udder milk so utterly disgusting & poisonous was sold to mothers to feed soon to be dead babies so as to “necessitate” (leaving out the big-boxing of big-milk angles) pasteurization is but one proof of countless proofs of most of the dumbbell curve being congenitally elementaless.

      • Thanks, John.

        Thing is, I can’t see that HR (race, resources) has/have turned into anything.

        Or that the neins-nouns comprising “collectives” matter at all.

        As We Go Marching (Flynn’s book) is still Weus marching, whether that be toughs not tough enough to point, laugh & say have a good time ya’ll! – or fops, etc.

        New Deals, one after the other, to fops & toughs &&& – but same old deck of cards, same possible hands, same game…& the Weus refrain is always, “this time its different.”

        It’s never different because Weus is always the same.

        Not that it matters what I want – the world’s gonna’ fling me off without ever slowing to skip a beat – but I’d still like to get somewhere as far from the madding crowd as possible. When this tree falls I’d like it to be in a forest where there’s nobody there to hear it.

        • Oz, I’d like to be out there with you, the occasional sound of a pop a topping and the subtle sounds of powder falling in a scale falling into brass and the barely audible sound of the press getting the bullet set in “just right” with the silent sound of a micrometer making the occasional measurement.

          Nothing quite as satisfying as a cold one and a powder measure filling primed brass with the almost non-sound of bullets being set as the press gets it just right in the resized brass and set into complete round holders to be pushed into magazines and slid into bandaleros. It’s a soothing thing.

          • Sounds good, those sounds.

            Started watching, pretty quickly lost interest, a show about a couple, old now & ready to pack it in somewhere closer in, who are giving the place they built out in the middle of AK somewhere to some lucky couple (out of 4, or 5, couples competing to win it).

            Strange, all the couples are all from UK.

            In their welcome to AK training the guy tells them there is one black bear per sq. mile, grizzlies extra, & that if the latter comes at you, it’s territorial, but if the former, its dinner. Never heard that one before. Then, lol, he trains them all how to point & fire “bear spray.”

  8. Eric, my father in law recently died from SARS-COV2. He was old, infirm, with comorbidities, and living in an Assisted Living facility. He was at high risk and no measures helped him or many others in his facility. We are still grieving. However, neither his 4 children, their spouses, or any of his 17 grandchildren are at any significant risk from this. Yet, to add insult to injury, Wreck-it Ralph Northam shut my business (and thousands of others) down on March 24th, and Wreck-it’s local counterparts here in Loudoun are now extending the lockdown even longer than Wreck-it!

    I would like to think that my father in law would not have wanted his children and grandchildren to have to live through the mass unemployment, bread lines, bankruptcy, insolvency, looting, violence, suicide, etc. in order to “protect” them from contracting the virus du jour.

    I know the world was teetering on debt fueled economic calamity and the government responses to SARS-COV2 are just a catalyst for collapse, but it is and will make it much worse/longer/deeper.

    The Dunning Kruger effect is in full swing here in Northern Virginia among both the politicians and their lackeys!

    • Hi Angry,

      Very sorry to hear about your father-in-law. I’m dealing with similar with my mother; she’s not sick – physically – but has severe Alzheimer’s and is declining rapidly. I am not happy contemplating her death but I accept that there is nothing I can do to prevent this; that she is nearing the end of her life; that this is natural. That it will happen to me, as well.

      And that is natural, too.

      I am certain my mom would not want me or anyone else to live under house arrest because she might get sick. Much less for society to be force-disintegrated for the sake of germaphobes and other neurotics.

      Such people should be treated – mentally – not accommodated, limitlessly.

      • My grandma is over 90 years old with a clear mind and she is very bored. She would love to visit fam & freinds going to a park or resturant even in the presence of this illness or even just having us drop by for an hour every now & then. Her care taker is paranoid tho, so she cant do anything & we cant visit.

        But she figures no point in living forever under house arrest as a week old woman.

        My other grandparents died years ago with medicine related cognitive decline.

      • I’ve seen that in several states. Now Grays Law, would have one see this as stupidity, not malice. But one really has to wonder, about how so many really stupid people got into such high positions of power. Especially, given the fact that those in those homes are the MOST vulnerable to this latest virus. Its not as if they and their corporate mass media (and state health departments) have incentives to pad the numbers…

  9. I have a feeling that progressive short-sightedness will soon cause a tempering of all the hysteria and we may even see some progressives starting to urge the “return to normalcy” that they currently rage against. The reason I say this is that along with the ruined economy, they’ve basically destroyed their own interests but it simply hasn’t dawned on them yet. Public indoctrination centers (schools) are probably gonna be shut down for the foreseeable future. That’s bad for progressives. Social justice causes are being ignored. That’s bad for progressives. The “war” on global warming has all but been forgotten. That’s bad for progressives. Nobody is talking about “racism.” That’s bad for progressives. Transgender issues, which were all the rage a year ago, are all but forgotten. That’s bad for progressives.

    Yes, we’re currently being hammered by rank-and-file progressives with the idea that a UBI and Socialized Medicine will be the panacea that saves us all, but soon, the petulant, rage-filled social-justice-warrior tribes of the progressive left will resent being pushed off center stage and want the spotlight again.

    • ***”Transgender issues, which were all the rage a year ago, are all but forgotten. “***

      Seems like the non-stop “coverage” of Corona to the exclusion of all else is making the average person (Who now has the attention span of a moth) forget all else. A veritable memory hole. For some things, that’s good (Like the transgeneder BS)…but it’s making everyone forget/ignore everything else of the present and recent past.

      A virtual memory dump, potentially creating a large vacuum in the collective consciousness, which they will likely fill with God only knows what other BS.

  10. If you care about stopping this insane nonsense, then yes, those opposed to this regime of forced Communism should stand together to fight it. If you are talking about standing together for the “greater good”, then go to HELL! Not you personally, Eric. I am speaking to the Zombies who blindly take their thinking orders from their insane masters.

  11. How absurd, that organizations (governments at all levels) that produce nothing, are proven expert mostly at killing people, posses only what has been stolen from others at gunpoint, and are largely composed of psychopaths, deem themselves “essential”, while in fact they are the least so.

    We have reached the point. Resistance at all costs is required, not just to maintain any notion of liberty, but to preserve our very lives. They are psychopaths. There is nothing so evil that they will not attempt to impose it if they consider it benefits them, whether it does or not. They are after all, insane.

  12. “But by creating the impression of newness and by greatly exaggerating the threat, one can generate new hysteria.”

    The origin of the concept of “Hysteria” is the Wondering Womb.
    This article almost touches on the real, underlying process politically administered by the government, at all levels. We are seeing the historical quest for power and influence, the ancient conflict between men and women.
    I believe that this lock down, falsely portrayed as a response to a virus, is a giant SHIT TEST by the liberal Gynocracy. Many understand and agree that this lock down is a rehearsal for the oligarch rule they plan. Women are the key to this process; they are the embodiment of the democrat party. Add in their SIMP, blue pill men, and the majority they constitute will vote in any government program that offers them their agenda.
    The anti-2A movement is an embodiment of the contest and conflict between men pro-2A, and women anti-2A who want to neuter them. (What is a gun but a penis ?)
    Unfortunately, the oligarch class does not give a wit about the gynocracy once they have in place their agenda for money and power. The women will be cast aside and only of use for “sex, drugs and rock and roll”. Trouble is, then our society will collapse: Sodom and Gomorrah 2.0 reigns.
    If we cannot say “NO” to women, we certainly cannot tell Coonman and his Flying Monkeys to take a hike…

  13. Corn Bread you are correct….it is for more sinister plans. The “elite” whom by the way…do not vaccinate, want a world wide vaccine for COVID19, but this shot is not what people will think it is for. They’ve already told their plans and its out in the open, one just needs to research it. It will be a for a mass scale depopulation of society, and to also create a sub-human class, as the shot will alter the DNA of those dumb enough (which will be most) to take the shot, and thusly, future generations will be branched off from Homo Sapiens, into Homo Lessians. They will be a sub-human class, easily controlled by the “elite” to do menial tasks to continue to make their masters rich.

    • Hi Anon,

      Yes – and as difficult as it is for a sane person to believe is even conceivable – I believe this is exactly what they have in mind. We have one shot – so to speak – right now, to resist. If we don’t, it’s over. Forever.

      • Eric,

        Jefferson was correct (and prescient) when he said, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.”


        When you read the letter in it’s totality, you could swear it was written today, with some substitutions in place for the current adversary.

        The good news is, there are plenty of people who will stand up to the shots…however, the bad news is, I firmly believe the evil ones want exactly that!

  14. I have said from the beginning of Lockdown, er Shelter in Place. Send all the politicians home without their paychecks and then we’ll see just how fast this China flu goes away.

    • Amen, Vern –

      Of course, some animals are more equal than others, eh? But if enough of us refuse to let the pigs live in the house while we do the work… things will change.

      • In one fashion or another… Make no mistake Eric, those behind the Progs and their globalist allies, have NO problem with the death of hundreds of millions, or even billions of people. In fact, part of their plans call for a serious reduction in the number of people in the world. Its all part of their plans for a “sustainable” future. Mao and Stalin, managed to kill tens of millions of their own people. Those who came after them, have much higher ambitions. Lets be careful, that we don’t play into the enemies hands.

        • “So this is how liberty dies…with thunderous applause.” – Padmé Amidala “Star Wars III: The Revenge of the Sith”

          That maybe suggests don’t be playing with yourself if/when the clap-on (irons), clap-off (officers fired several thousand rounds – everything they had brought with them, in fact) come ‘round.

          Better yet, don’t wait there for clap-on, clap-offs to arrive. Defense from the barcalounger vs offense from the highergrounder.

          • Never allow the enemy, to choose the time and place of battle. Never confront their strength. Never give them a clear target, for their over whelming strength. Pick your hill wisely.

            • Mostly right. Pick a hill can quickly become just the barcalounger away from home. And soon after that your own personal Boot Hill. High ground ain’t literal. Swamps are beautiful spots, too. Movement’s main.

                • Play to strengths, play at weaknesses.

                  Nothing is unmitigated – did goliath/cornwallis have a chance to realize? Would a chance have mattered? Prolly not: his conception roll traded big physique/army for not so big brain, or too fat a head.

                  Wax on the trade, wax the trade-off.

                  Weight classes in MA protect the little guy from the big guy *within context of the ruleset*.

                  There are rules of engagement in sport fighting.

                  But life outside of sports is full of “other” rules. The actual rules. There ain’t no rules.

                  Letter grades & letter jackets & scarlet letters & stars of David got Hester Prynne•gled from the inside out – but that’s the way taters is sliced, fried & canned – the can s/he came in…

                  *just for the sound of it…Hester was a good ol’ gal & a tough broad….

  15. Eric:

    You are the most insightful and cogent writer on the LR panel since Charlie Reese passed away, and that’s saying a lot.

    This has been, and continues to be, a diabolical scam for the ages (as diabolical as, say, the “final solution” and its quest to cull the herd of undesirables). It is made possible only by the fearful sheepishness of the masses, who could end it all in a day. Problem is, they don’t know what freedom is, they have no concept of its value, nor its historical rarity. They have no concept of history, because they think that the Earth didn’t start turning until the day they were born. They’ve been taught this by taxpayer funded schools and universities. The majority of the world’s population that does not live under direct oppression and tyranny has been indoctrinated to believe that the primordial human desire for freedom and liberty is selfishly lustful, anti-social, against the good of the collective. They were never taught that liberty is necessarily, by definition, a direct affront to the whims and fiats of the collective (and their authoritarian punk-ass governors); they were taught the opposite, and in about 15 to 20 years they’ll be running this country. Folks, “it” is not coming, it’s upon us; you are being socially re-ordered as we speak. They are greasing you up s they can take everything you have without a whimper (like I said, diabolical). There are 535 members of Congress, and about 3 of them care about you, so you’re on your own. Consider, and proceed accordingly.

    • Thank you for the kind words, Stacy!

      I feel a compulsion to scream my lungs out – now, while there is still a chance of stopping this. It is essential that more of us who think (not feel) the same way do the same. While we still can.

    • Stacy, one of the highest compliments I can give is to state that your comment reminds me of something Charlie Reese might have written were he still alive. And Eric also deserves the praise you gave him in making that comparison. I used to copy most of Charlie’s pithy articles and give them to friends. You reminded me how much I miss his contributions.

  16. ” Why wasn’t the country “locked down” then? Because the country wasn’t yet in the grip of a consolidated media – and pervasive instilled fear of risk – such that a bad flu season could be turned into a simulacrum of the Black Death in the minds of the population.”

    I can think of two more reasons:

    #1: There were no NWO “agendas” (or rather, the sheer abundance of sanity wouldn’t allow for such at the time).

    #2: “Con-venience” wasn’t a thing yet. In other words, there was no Skype, (anti)social media, or doing everything from home. (I deliberately omitted the Internet because it’s such a great tool for communication, entertainment and research. Heck, if it wasn’t for the Internet, I doubt if I would have ever known about other freedom-loving “gearheads” like myself! 😀)

        • Robert, thats sadly true. They have been designed that way, by the Monsters at the end of the 19th century. They have only grown worse, since then.

          • Countries are day schools, were from day one, & that was lonnnnnng before Country Day prep came along. But countries, foolish fight clubbers, are just people. Pogo, & all “his” neurotic mirror neurons, are “the enemy.”

        • I meant that they weren’t prisons like they are now. I certainly don’t recall any kids being “hut-hut-hutted” for leaving the school grounds, and that was in the 90’s-mid 2000’s. Worst case scenario would result in discipline by either the school (detention, etc.) or the parents. Yeah, the system was in place to eventually become what we have now, but the point is that there was a hell of a lot more tolerance back then.

          • Absolutely true, BlueGrey! If we had been hut-hutted when I was a kid, I’d be dead, ’cause leaving the school grounds was my primary occupation when I was in school! Hell, ya didn’t even have to be sneaky about it- no one even questioned ya!

            I got picked up by the transit police(for playing hooky) in the East New York section of Brooklyn (I was exploring…now THAT was an edumacation!), and heck, even that was nothing. They didn’t dare even touch me. They attempted to call my mother…but I gave ’em the wrong number…and that was that.

            Another time, I gave ’em the slip…which was very easy. The idea of them laying a hand on, or tackling (etc.) an unarmed KID (or anybo0dy, really) was not even on the table- it was a completely foreign concept- something done maybe in deepest Russia…..but would have been met with universal outrage in NYC of just 40 years ago.

            • Sounds familiar Nunz. In high school I was bored out the wazoo. One teacher I attended one class with, was the mother of a good-looking, good friend. She would sit on the teachers desk and give everyone a good look at her nether regions, aka, her pussy. She was always bright and loud and never shut up. For the most part she made no sense and could do it non-stop for an hour. The first class caused me to to sorta shout out as I grabbed my books and left. She was a real hit with the boys, just because of the visual show every day. That would have been ok with me but her non-stop diatribe drove me batty.

              I beat it straight to the science teacher, a raviv babdis that had lured me out with his best teach friend from a nearby school where they would spend hours trying to convert me back to being a babdis.

              For whatever reason, I was popular with other teachers inviting me to some extra-curricular activity. The band teacher was a divorcee and was just lonely, looking for anyone he could have an intellectual discussion with. We’d go to the movie or similar and he’d have me drive and smoke his cigar and speak of his crazy Indian bitch wife or just talk about music.

              I have no idea what started these things except the science teacher, a rabid babdis who just wanted to convert me(back he thought, but I hadn’t strayed, I just hadn’t bought the entire thing ever….does that make sense). He was the guy who told me I was the most difficult person to get to know he’d ever met. I took that as a compliment, he didn’t.

              With the exception of the band teacher, it seemed to be a will of the wills or something similar. I enjoyed spending time with him because we had conversations about great musicians be both admired and didn’t get too far off that course but it was clear we both marched to the similar libertarian drummer and just joked around like he couldn’t with anyone else.

              Of course my parents saw this in another way. They thought I couldn’t take care of myself and had it come to a physical contest, I certainly couldn’t have since he was a tough guy we only realized when he joined with us to play sports. He could set your hand on fire playing baseball which always impressed me.

              But I was so hard to read(for nearly all of them except my match teacher who taught my parents and was a hard old bird who didn’t give a shit what my views on life might be, she just wanted me to become adept at different types of math, the same thing she wanted from everyone in class.

              Other teachers who knew my parents well just let me go my own way since it was obvious I wasn’t going to go any other way but m own. It finally boiled down to a point when I was a junior and needed no more points to graduate that the principal, who liked to dominate other boys but he wasn’t capable of doing and didn’t like the look in my eye I suppose to try it with me(probably with my dad). He finally asked me to the office one day and said “I don’t care if you come to school, leave school or whatever you want, just please let me know so I’ll be aware if you’re on campus or doing otherwise.

              That seemed reasonable to me so when I didn’t want to continue a day(often, very often)i’d just tell him I had stuff to do and wouldn’t be back. He’d nod and we’d be clear with each other.

              I only got screwed by my English teacher who had majored in band and why she was an English teacher I’ll never know. We had a little back and forth and I stayed in her good graces as long as I didn’t be a contrarian which was not often. She’d try to make a rah, rah rah guy out of me and I’d turn it on her every time. I only got in her good graces once when I was screwing her grand daughter and had a cheering section. The grandkid was young and good looking enough but a nitwit I could only take in small amounts.

              I learned very young everything was political. I didn’t do the political thing with two teachers, the ag teacher who taught me more about just about everything than any teacher I had and the step mother of my best friend who died this past year. She didn’t play favorites but was intelligent as hell and could teach you anything you wanted if you really wanted to learn. Those two teachers set me up for life and the band teacher got me a scholarship to college. I ended up not taking it but that was simply because I didn’t want to major in music and really hated the marching band, one of the main requirements. As far as discipline went, there was very little in a physical way. This was back when people respected each other, teachers and students alike.

              It was really a whole nother world. It was such a closed world there were few boy/girl activities between students of our school since there were two other schools close by and somebody you didn’t spend all day with was much easier to spend time with than somebody you had laughed with, at or just been bored the same way all day every day.

              In many ways it was a really good environment. 100 students in high school and you looked for ways to get out of the too close environs. We had no physical confrontations or very few. Just a teacher and student getting mad and walking away. A pretty good way for a school.

          • There aren’t any straight lines. There aren’t any jumped tracks, either. No before & then after. If “it” – whatever it is – is here now, it was always here.

            9th grade me. Early mid-70’s. Race riot at the high school. Troopers guarding the hallways. Arresting-cuffing students, hauling them off, if they didn’t have proper papers.

            If it didn’t happen to you it didn’t happen doesn’t happen to be true. And that goes double, or more, for merely not noticing it happening to you, let alone others.

            Schools are, & always have been (the Prussians didn’t bring it…) part of the prison complex. (The Name of the Rose is a good story/movie…& Curtin’s “Online Double-Bind” in a recent w/e edition LRC is that same Rose by another name, too…gates-keepers, bills in hand: pay what we say to play, let alone pass…). The velvet bars & velvetine guards are always there, & when necessary, the iron riot gear is broken out.

            For some time now the guards & the rest of the banal malice superstructure – which includes parents who set their progeny up for puppetry good & hard by triangulating them in public school book depositories — have been getting more mileage out of letting Columbines play out…but that only further emphatically proves the prison planet rotates, just as it always has, on its axis of banality…& that “we” are not in this together: every wo\man is an island, whether they recognize & admit it, or not.

            Weus! is the firstest of the false gods, the curdlest of cultures. And A-student bologna-swallowin’ Bogey’s waste opportunities, ammo (dude can’t even lever w/o waste):


  17. What surprises me is the complete lack of opposition to this lunacy from young people who’s lives and futures are being destroyed. If you’re young and healthy the Wuhan not only won’t kill you, you probably won’t even know you had it. The Boomers are scamming the young. The Wuhan is a boomer disease, the young are not in danger. The boomers have fucked up every thing they’ve touched, they are self centered, greedy pieces of shit, I know because I am of that generation and know from personal experience. Every healthy individual needs to stand up and say no more of this bullshit. If you are sick or old with a compromised immune system, keep you ass inside until a vaccine is developed or take your chances with the virus. Everyone else needs to get on with life and the inherent risks that being alive entails. Live free or die.

    • Explains why, as a late Boomer myself, I have NO friends of my own generation! Never have seemed to have anything in common with my own generation. Bunch of dipshits…..

    • rich Griffith you are totally right. everything wrong with this country is because of boomers. in the article Eric says in 1968 we were a sane country. that is because the boomers were to young to take power. not only did they take power they brainwashed younger generations to implement suicidal policies

      • Putting people into groups and then expressing hate for that group seems to go along with the NWO game plan. Of course, everyone in a particular age group all think the same.
        I guess as an old boomer biker, the real deal not a dentist or doctor, I have lived in a different world of freedom than most. I think if you read up on the banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve and the fact that silver was removed from our money in 1965 you might just get a little insight into what is wrong with our country.

  18. The coverage of this bug reminds me of the “Summer of the Shark” in 2001.
    The Summer of the Shark even has a wikipedia page: “The Summer of the Shark refers to the coverage of shark attacks by American news media in the summer of 2001. The sensationalist coverage of shark attacks began in early July following the Fourth of July weekend shark attack on 8-year-old Jessie Arbogast, and continued almost unabated—despite no evidence for an actual increase in attacks—until the September 11 terrorist attacks shifted the media’s attention away from beaches. The Summer of the Shark has since been remembered as an example of tabloid television perpetuating a story with no real merit beyond its ability to draw ratings.”
    I am in media, so this stuck in my memory. I love to dig into a good blood and guts story as much as any reporter, but even I was going “C’mon Man! (to quote ol’ handsy Joe). The number of sharks munching on tourists and surfers wasn’t all that significant compared to other years.
    Of course, the Summer of the Shark quickly turned into the Autumn of the Terrorist, which brought its own host of issues, but sensationalist media coverage continues on.

    • Amy,

      I still lived by the Jersey Shore back then, and I was surfing my ass off! I was out in the ocean every chance I got. BTW, my old break was home to makos and hammerheads, but they don’t bother humans…

      • All the grease in the water from the guidos acted like chum to attract the sharks! (Heck, I never worried about sharks on Lawn Guyland…I was too busy worrying about jellyfish!)

        • Since we got a lot of guidos down in Seaside, that probably attracted the makos and hammerheads down there. They didn’t bother you though. OTOH, the jellyfish were more of a problem. In Seaside, they were small, translucent balls. If you encountered them, you’d feel a prickly sensation but that was it; wasn’t a bad sting like a Portuguese Man ‘o’ War would dish out. It was more of an annoyance, an irritation.

        • Nunzio,

          Come to think of it, the makos and hammerheads in Seaside would leave you alone. If you didn’t fuck with them, they wouldn’t fuck with you; they’d try to avoid humans. Too bad more HUMANS aren’t like that! Wouldn’t it be nice if, like the sharks in Seaside, they didn’t mess with you if you didn’t mess with them? We can dream anyway…

    • Hi Amy, I also remember a few years back there was an “epidemic” of church fires, the implication being that evil arsonists were on the loose burning down churches around the country. Turns out most were caused by candles left burning, faulty/old wiring, malfunctioning heating systems, etc., very few were actually arson. Later I saw a report that there are X number of church fires in any given year, and the number that particular year was about average. Same with the shark attacks you highlighted; whatever shiny thing the media chooses to focus upon suddenly becomes all important.
      I think the advent of cable news 24/7 is mostly responsible for today’s safety cult. When I was a kid we were warned about accepting gifts/rides from strangers as I’m sure there were abductions back then but it would only make the news in your local area. Now if a kid gets snatched anywhere in the country it’s the top story on every station everywhere, but I’ll bet there are no more kidnappings now than there were fifty years ago.
      Probably the same with this Coronavirus crap, every day there’s the latest numbers of cases as the top story; the numbers would probably be similar for the regular flu if they did that every year. Definitely evil afoot with our overlords.

      • Hey Mike!

        Remember “people dressing as scary clowns” which, for some reason was supposed to scare us…’cause TV said so?!

        And “Murder Hornets”. (They found TWO in Washington state, and a nest in Canada…..i-eeeee! They’re coming to get us!!!! (My sister in PA. actually sent me an article and warned me to watch out for them! -We’re truly living in a make-believe world, where adults have less sense than 5 year-olds used to!)

        • Hi Nunz! I saw that story about “Murder Hornets” and immediately thought of the “killer bees” story years ago. I think the only place they ever showed up was on Saturday Night Live 😆

      • School shooting events have dropped to the point that when one happens it is national/international news.

        Terrorist activity peaked in the 1970s.

        Even with a decline in lifespans of American middle class males (due to prescribed medicine addiction and depression), human beings continue to live longer lives overall, and age-related chronic disease is the fastest growing segment of health care.


  19. Hello Eric,

    Saw this online recently from CNN about Masks Mandatory;


    They seem to be saying that those of us won’t wear masks have psychological issues, and just don’t want to accept “the new normal”. This, unfortunately, looks like what you’ve written about — pathologizing those who question any aspect of the “official story” as being psychologically troubled, etc. 🤨

    • That was a technique prevalent in the Soviet Union: characterizing resistance to the state as a mental illness. Ditto for pre-Civil War America, where medical authorities asserted that slaves who wanted to be free were mentally ill. In 21st century America, there have been isolated claims that resistance to authority is a symptom of mental illness. I expect that trend to intensify.

  20. “We’re all in this together”

    Whenever I hear that I think of the image of the drawn image of the Titanic, rudder up, slipping beneath the waves…with lifeboats in the foreground.


    With all the folks still aboard saying that phrase while the 0.1% are in the lifeboats.

    There may, however, be a change in attitude among the liberal intelligentsia on this whole “universal vaccine” drive. Today The Orange Man announced that he’s having the military prepare for the distribution of the Miracle Cure. Should he also say it will be mandated, perhaps the Never Trumpers and those with TDS will finally wake up to the scam.

    Another thing, remember the Harvard prof/researcher that got busted by the FBI? He was getting $50k a month from the ChiComs. The idea that he was part of the CV19 release was quickly denied by Snopes, et al. Perhaps so. But, do you know what his specialty is? Nano Technology. Is the idea that this new Wonder Vaccine has molecular size machines in it so far fetched? The track record of the U.S. government experimenting on unwitting populations is well documented. By what moral standard would they NOT try something like this? Even if it made all women look like 7of9 I’d still be against it.

    • Hi Mark,

      Forcibly injecting people with “medicine” was a war crime punished by the rope. It should still be punished in that manner.

      This whole thing is a vile extrapolation of the usual things – money and power. The vaccine peddlers want to make us buy their got-damned product and the Clovers want to use the excuse of vaccination to control us.

      Your 7 of 9 reference comes to mind. I will not comply.

      I’m perfectly healthy; I don’t need or want the vaccine. And I’m not wearing a mask for the same reason I don’t wear Depends.

      • Wasn’t it the lefty libtards who used to chant “my body, my choice” as they campaigned for abortion? Whatever happened to that little saying? Whatever happened to that concept, hmmm?

        • That was replaced with “your right to swing your arms stops when it meets my face.” This drivel implies that by not having proof that you’re not a carrier of the virus you are putting others at risk. Because remember we’re seeing all sorts of people who are asymptotic carriers. But be sure to forget that we saw shipments of tests (from China… hoo hoo) that were contaminated with the Wuhan flu, in some cases up to 50% of them. No way that they might have missed a bunch of faulty test kits right? No. No way…

      • Eric, once again, given that around 90% of the US corporate mass media is owned by just six companies, which are in turn owned by three. Just who is in a position, to order the corporate mass media, to spread this fear and panic? Perhaps, the same people who control the global central banking cartel? But thats “conspiracy theory” nutism… ^^

        The sad fact is, humans have various “bugs” in their software. That makes it all too easy to manipulate and control them. Fear is one. As is hatred, envy and spite.

        • BJ,

          Edward Bernays, Sigmund Freud’s nephew, pioneered the exploitation of human software bugs about a century ago, and propaganda has only gotten more sophisticated since then…

          • Exactly. The man was an evil genius, and his classic work Propaganda is a fascinating look into his mind, and perspective.

            • If anyone wants to see a great documentary about propaganda and advertising and how it has been used for 100 years now to shape society and political views (And it includes a lot about Bernays), search Youtube for “Century Of The Self”.

              • Sure. Worthwhile. But where are all those “selves” the title refers to? Same meltpot herd-hide as always.

                • YOU will love that one, Eight! One of the best of it’s species I’ve ever seen. It’s 3 or 4 hours long IIRC if ya watch the whole thing- but it’s so good, it just flies by and leaves ya wanting more.

                  Come to think of it, it’s been quite a few years…I may have to rewatch it! Pure joy- I hope it is for you, too!

                • Reminds me, I have those 2 vids that you recommended, which I downloaded a week or two ago that I still have to watch!

              • But did he invert it? Internal/external, we are all in here with the elephant. Given that earth is mostly harmless, absurd would be a nice elevation.

                • He helped himself by helping Mad Men advert it.

                  But, say again, advert externalities ain’t nuthin’ unless the terroir•eceptacle is pre-programmed to receive: you can check out anytime you like – but you can never leave.

                  • Talk about forests and trees. Undergrowth and over coats, both of consequence for future consideration. But the past is gone, and the future is not yet. Be here now.

                    • Map ain’t territory. Temporal maps included. Just more diversion, distraction. Elementallessness.

      • eric, I had that flu in 68. Lots of people did(duh!). It was a real bitch. It took me a couple weeks to get well. The best thing for it(for me)was when a friend took me to a nice health place for me with all sorts of things like dry and wet saunas(those helped a lot), a really hot pool sized thing with a wall of stone with cold water flowing over it. We got it up to 114 and stayed in it a good while. I had to be helped out by several people. Then was thrown into a cold pool. By the time I’d done both the dry and wet saunas I was much better. It turned me around. I wish there was something similar around here. Most of the people there were men who’d been hurt some way or another, lots of scars, surgeries and injuries. I can understand why the Swede’s are so much healthier since sauna’s are just a way of life.

        • 8Man, you are correct. About 15 years ago we got a Jacuzzi. It’s a corner unit for two, indoors, that 2 will fit in nicely. It hit me about 10 years ago when I had a cold/flu and a fever of about 102, that my immune system was raising my body temp to fight the infection. This is basic stuff. I then thought, “why not help it?”. I filled the tub with water so hot I could barely stand to touch it. Pop in some menthol aroma therapy soap and hit the jets. After about 20 minutes my head was soaked with sweat(sorry for the visual) and I stayed in for about 2 hours. When I got out I took my temperature, 99.0. The whole body ache was gone. I basically cooked the cooties out of existence. I’ve done this whenever I get a fever and it has yet to fail.

          • Mark, I’ve always used the hot shower or bath thing followed by a cool rinse…..much, much better when I am done.

      • May not be a rope but it will certainly involved metallic alloys. Just about anything doing 3200fps will make it’s point.

  21. As if Americans aren’t catching on this pandemic was pre-planned from the beginning (see CDC advertisement for quarantine managers in November of 2019).

    Man evolved in crowded connected conditions without masks and gloves, and managed to survive this long. Even the Plague didn’t wipe us out.
    Wheres the science for masks? Masks impair one’s immunity; harmful respiratory viruses and bacteria will be rebreathed again and again instead of being excreted from the body’s respiratory system. Masks increase the concentration of potentially-harmful viruses in the nasal passages which could then increase the likelihood of those viruses entering the brain via the olfactory nerves.
    Social distancing, masks, gloves, confinement, excessive hand washing, stress from ginned up fear, and depression are damaging everyone’s immune system which will lead to many people becoming sick when the quarantine is lifted. These measures are the exact opposite of what we should be doing. Quarantine the sick but free the healthy and get things back to normal now. https://www.lewrockwell.com/2020/05/gary-g-kohls/the-plandemic-facial-mask-issue/?winst=1589475114843&of=0

    Two emergency room physicians. “Millions of cases, very small number of deaths.”
    Must see video. Every minute is pure gold.
    Doctors provide differing opinion on shelter-in-place order, say country should reopen

  22. In general, be very suspicious of problems that require “everyone” to pitch in at once to solve them. Such problems are tailor-made for authoritarians to take control, because, despite the theoretical existence of “libertarian left” as a quadrant of the political matrix, in practice you need a strong centralized authority to MAKE “everyone” pitch in at once. See also “climate change”.

  23. as a biker i’m at risk from cars so in the interest of my safety can people who drive Mercs, Suv’s, BMW’s and Audi’s stop pulling out in front of me. I’ve lost count of how many times these people have tried to kill me.

  24. Another thing that bothers me is that there doesn’t seem to be any clear guidance on which activities and situations are relatively risky and which are relatively safe.

    For example, large groups in enclosed spaces with poor ventilation may be risky, but outdoor activities may be safer.

    Once we have consistent information about the relative level of risk, we need to
    move to a much more targeted and focused approach; in other words, if nursing homes and international travel are key “super spreaders,” lock them down, not everything all at once. We’ve done that many times before successfully, as in no travel to countries where there’s Ebola.

    The problem is that politics, not science, is the driving factor, and it’s all about getting rid of the Orange Man, not the virus. Plus, “coronavirus” is a relatively palatable reason for governments and businesses to be doing things they’d otherwise not get away with.

    And another thing: Do you thing we’d respond like this if Shrillary or Bolshevik Bernie was in the White House? Methinks no.

    • Hi Bryce,

      It’s pretty obvious at this point that the WuFlu is extremely unlikely to kill you if you’re not elderly and don’t have a serious underlying medical issue that makes you weak and more vulnerable to any virus. The mortality stats are clear.

      If you don’t fall into one of those two categories there’s no reason to do anything you didn’t do last year. Steer clear of people who are obviously fighting a cold – to avoid getting one yourself. But masks and gloves? Refusing to shake hands or handle cash or get within six feet of people who aren’t obviously fighting a cold? Pathological overkill of the Michael Jackson/Howie Mandel variety. That’s sickness, all right… of the mind.

      None of what’s going on is reasonable, much less justified.

      Those who are vulnerable have an obligation to themselves take extra precautions – but not to impose them on others. Doing the latter – as is being done – is no different than imposing a 25 MPH maximum speed limit everywhere because there are elderly people who have poor eyesight and slow reflexes.

      • My point exactly: We handled outbreaks of far worse diseases by focusing on the most risky populations and the most risky situations.

        I also think that COVID19 is being used as a convenient and palatable excuse for a lot of things that wouldn’t fly otherwise, and as a cover for certain unsustainable economic things coming to a sudden end. For example, have you noticed that a lot of CEOs at big name companies suddenly stepped down last year? Or the repo market situation that barely made the news?

  25. More than anyone else, Wall Street has made clear its privileged exemption from the “all in this together” happy talk for the marks and the muppets.

    As Matt Taibbi explains, “The $2.3 trillion CARES Act retains all the cruelties of the free market for those who live and work in the real world, but turns the paper economy into a state protectorate.”


    “Only” $500 billion of the CARES Act went to big business. But the Federal Reserve leveraged it up to 10-to-1 in Special Purpose Vehicles, with taxpayers (of course) bearing the losses when defaults occur.

    None of this is remotely legal under the Federal Reserve Act, which limits the Fed to buying safe Treasury obligations and short-term commercial paper and bankers acceptances which grease the wheels of commerce.

    Even more astonishing, the Fed hired BlackRock with no competitive bidding to act as their purchasing agent — including purchases of BlackRock’s own bond funds such as LQD.

    That’s the old-fashioned way of getting wealthy: both the buyer and the seller be, at any price that you and yourself agree upon.

    This is corrupt on its face; epicly corrupt and illegal under multiple statutes. But not a peep of protest is heard from either side of the political aisle.

    *cough* *re-elect the incumbents* *cough*

      • Anon, THAT, and the “Moon Landing” are such sacred cows of this present world, that some even among us refuse to question. 🙁

        • Scared cows extrapolate “who owns banks & media” to entire populations of the same “who” that own neither.

          Dumbasses, from “competing” religions (special Olympians all) dropping their dirty dungarees & showing their moon landings, “even among us.”

          Not very interesting, but stupid. Pretty funny, but pathetic.

      • Ah, but the Shadow knows, what lurks in the hearts and minds, of the Nose. But Wotan knows, that the Nose, is not singular, but plural. Banks are defined by rivers, but fish never notice the water, or the fisherman, until it is much too late.

        • Well, Like Quigley told Marsten, “This ain’t Dodge City & you ain’t Bill Hickock’s shadow, Wotan.”

          There’s old fish, there’s bold fish, & there’s even some old, bold fish that never don’t notice everything.

          Includin’ shadows what just nose they’s fisherman.

          • Funny you should use that example. I just watched Quigley a couple days ago. I have a .54. I just wish I could afford a scope for it.
            I had an ex-lessor via a neighbor. He shot CJ and then tried to make out like CJ was at fault. I cornered him(you don’t want this)and asked him if he thought I couldn’t return the favor.

            it was one of those Clint moments when I said “It’s only half a mile from here to my house. That seems like a fair distance”. He gave up his lease shortly thereafter and CJ hasn’t been shot by a 6mm since. I won’t be bullied or have my dog shot or fucked with any way. Go ahead, make my day.

            • I wish you could afford a scope for it, too. Or better yet, Quigley’s eyes, peering thru that Vernier aperture.

              We had one poisoned, in the 70’s. Never knew for close to sure who did it.

              Go back as far as you want – “time” is irrelevant — “the people” has always contained more shitheels than could ever be shot.

              • Ozy, I was referred to as Eagle Eye in my youth and up into my early 60’s. It sucks loosing that keen eye. In my 20’s I shot a water bird on the wing in the dark. Nobody would have believed it but we could hear it hit hard in the chest when it hit the ground in the dark. It was so big the big tomcats wouldn’t touch it back at the house. .22 flu. plain and simple.

                • It surely does, Eight. Process of eliminations…of vital powers.

                  That little ol’ band from texas had one called eliminator. Don Henley, & the boys, still going. But not like it was. Life goes on, long after the thrill of livin’ is gone.

                  You’re having me flash on a bit of Unintended Consequences (novel, I’ve mentioned before). There’s a dog shot & killed. There’s a Remington 37 – magazine’s gone, so breech load it is – with a handful of .22 CB Caps. There’s what the protagonist does with it against 6 substantially more heavily armed intruders. And what some local pigs, actual oinking kind, did with the remains. And there’s a character in it, a long ranger, you’d surely relate to.

                  861 pages. A novel. But historical, too: has the entire history of everything to do with that particularly American implement, including them as would beat ‘em into plowshares & the consequences, maybe fanciful, maybe not, begat by that effort.

  26. In regards to the special dispensation of being an “essential” business, ‘All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others’.

  27. Coming soon: “contact tracers” – more people who aren’t in this together with the rest of us, who are going to narc us out to those with titles and badges and guns who, in turn, will lock us down on an individual basis. Until we prove we aren’t sick through forced testing, because we might have been in the vicinity of someone who was sick. Now more reason to hate our neighbors.

    No, we are not in this together. Count me on the outside. Come what may.

    • I understand how contact tracers work. I also understand the 3 S’s. Can a contact tracer be identified in hog shit?

        • Nunz, there’s a fairly hilarious movie that relates to that called “Snatch”. It’s worth a watch.

          • Thanks, Eight- Will give it a look.

            Every time I see the word “snatch” I think of this girl who used to wait on me at a local bidness. We were kidding around about last names one day, and she mentioned that because of her first initial and the letters in her last name, on her records at her doctor’s office, her file was labeled “s.natch”- or as she put it: “Snatch”! To this day, I always think of her by that name!

      • Hey, Eight,
        You just reminded me of something my dad told me many years ago. He was a funeral director in TX. When he retired, he moved to a small town on the border of TX and LA. named Uncertain (It’s real, look it up ). Uncertain is surrounded by cyprus swamp. I asked him about some old tales about certain folks disappearing in the swamp and he said : Just try and get DNA from alligator shit….cause first you gotta grab the gator.

  28. Hehe….reading this just made me think: When I was a kid in NY, and they still had Blue Laws, these two nice Jews- the Yarlow brothers- had a nice little five-and-dime-type store. In order to get around the Blue Laws, to be able to stay open on Sundays, they had one small refrigerated case from which they sold milk- Milk- an “essential good”- which let them qualify as sellers of “essential goods”, which thus qualified them to be exempt from the Blue Laws……

    Maybe beauty salons and gun stores need to do like the Yarlow brothers. Sad that it’s come to that.

    I miss the Yarlow brothers. They sold all sorts of things that little boys love- like invisible ink and Caps![the bang-bang kind] and smoke bombs! And if you were a few cents short, they’d just let you make the purchase and tell you to bring the difference next time (We always did). Damn, I miss that world- even 60 miles east of NYC- and it was still paradise, then. (Certainly not now!)

    Got milk? Gott, milch!

    • Caps! I’ve completely forgotten about the hours of fun we’d have playing with cap guns and then graduating to hitting rolled up piles of them with a hammer. Good fun!

      • Charles, remember the smell of them, too?! Ya can’t even get that smell from a real gun! (I guess brass contains it better than paper- or maybe my sniffer just ain’t what it used to be!).

        I remember one night in particular- I think I was 9- It was dark. I was walking home from downtown; had my trusty cap gun in hand, and was playing detective- pointing the gun at imaginary villains across the street, and firing shots, as cars were queued up at the red light.

        Imagine doing that TODAY?! Even without the cap gun….the fuzz would be called just because a 9 year-old was walking alone at night!

        • Hey Nunz! Seeing these idiots wearing masks reminds me of when we were kids playing cops and robbers with cap guns, we took turns being cops or robbers and of course the robbers were the ones who wore a mask. Sigh….how and when did that all slip away? Now the cops ARE the robbers, and if anyone saw you with a cap gun they’d call a swat team on you. A truly pity today’s youth, they will never experience the fun of exploring their environment without an escort hovering nearby.

        • Ah yes, the olfactory delights we enjoyed when we were young.
          1950s and 60s 22 ammo had a distinctive smell I loved.
          And my first 2-cycle motorcycles were something I long to enjoy the smell of once again.
          Alas were are condemned to “safer, less environmentally impacting” vehicles that omit some of the best parts we enjoyed when we were young.

          • Back when everything was “real”, it was like an olfactory wonderland! Everything had a distinct scent. You could smell the innards of our old tube TV! (And many other things with real electro-mechanical components…they all had their own distinct smell!)

            Cars had a smell. Not just new cars, either!

            • You are so right.
              In the early 1960’s we lived a half block away from a nursing home. Smells from that were uh, not delightful.
              They would burn trash in barrels, including diapers.
              In 1968 I was in college, young and naïve and was visiting a friend in one of the dorms. And there was that smell.
              My comment was, “Smells like someone is burning shit.”
              My friend replied, “Yeah, that’s the guys next door, they’re into that shit.”
              It was at a party where I finally made the connection.

              • There was a huge feedlot in Lubbock. One day we were passing by the place that turned blood into shingles and other such. It was a smell not to be believed or at least barely tolerated.

                My sister was in the car and said “Oh shit, that smells like burning cotex”. Well, she shoulda known since we grew up with a burn barrel in a house of me, my dad and 3 women. And I was the one who had to do the trash thing. She was so right.

      • Wow,

        I must be naive. I thought this was a charming story about a different time, childhood fun and fond memories of two kindly and innovative shopkeepers. But no, it’s really a story about two hate filled Jews pissing all over Christianity.

      • Nah, SPQ- In this instance, Jeremy is correct- These were just two kindly old men who did what even many other “Christian”/non-Jew business owners did, in order to resist an unconstitutional tyranny. They were true allies. Truly two of the nicest people ya’d ever want to meet.

        On the other hand….the local drug store at the time, was owned by “the other kind”. They’d pass out stale candy to tricker-treaters…. (Their store burned down in the recession of the early 80’s when that particular downtown was drying up…probably “Jewish lightning”!)

      • LOL!!!! Really, Spittle Queerie, I must admit that you never disappoint! Like all “aryan warriors” you are a genetically inferior first-class liar and coward looking to blame others for the perfidy or you and your own kind. You’re the one that’s filled with hate, a real phony “Christian” if there ever was one. Really, the only question is whether you are a closet homo like so many of your fellow travelers. Keep the laughs coming!

  29. Next they will be segregating those who’ve had the *vaccine* and those who haven’t. Those who have not cannot travel, work, go into retail stores, etc. Except what is in that vaccine? Whoops, you’ve been chipped.

    I understand vaccines have been contaminated with remnants of animal DNA structures from where they developed which has caused the rise in cancer, and a whole host of other issues. I’ll never get a flu vaccine. Yes, in the late 50’s and 60’s the small pox vaccine eliminated small pox and was a great success. However, today we have Bill Gates of the world who I don’t trust nor like.

    • Hi Hans,

      It seems so obvious that Fear Masking is the necessary psychological predicate to vaccinating (and tagging) which is why I so adamantly protest the Fear Masking. Wearing the Mask means you’ve bought the story – that WuFu is everywhere and a mortal threat to everyone… ergo, vaccines must be taken by everyone when they become available. And those who refuse are – big surprise – dangerous cretins who are “putting our lives at risk.”

      • What galls me is the FEAR PORN being spread out there! For example, I was listening to the local radio station and caught the news. The one story I heard had that WHO Dr. saying how we might never be rid of the coronavirus. I was like, “No shit, Sherlock. You’re NEVER rid of viruses; they never go away!”

        I don’t remember much from HS biology, as that was over 40 years ago for me now. One thing I do remember is this: the basics about viruses. My bio teacher said that you can carry a virus FOR YEARS and not know it. He said that, until it goes to the right place in your body, at the right time, and under the right circumstances, you won’t show symptoms. For example, if you have the mumps virus, until it gets to your glands, you won’t show symptoms. But yeah, viruses are like cockroaches; they never, ever go away. Are people DUMB?!

        • This is not completely true. There are viruses that you never clear, then there are others that you do. The Herpes viruses (Epstein Barr, Cytomegalovirus, Varicella Zoster, etc.) are with us for life. This is not true of all viruses.

      • But Eric! This is a Deadly Global Pandemic! People are DYING!!! You should see the confused looks from such people, when I tell them; Yes, people are always dying… ^^
        We lose more than 600,000 to cancer a year. We lose around 650,000 to heart disease. Hell,we lose more than 250,000 to medical “mistakes” each year (some sources claim its more in the 400,000’s…). In other words, we lose MANY people per year, from various reasons. If we use a low estimate of 1.75 million a year, that is roughly 146,000 people a MONTH. None of that, has caused the corporate mass media, to go into the hysterical fear mongering panic, that we’ve seen for months now. Perhaps this isn’t about the virus? Perhaps its providing cover, for various actions and agendas? But what would be big enough, to justify destroying the global economy? Whose purpose would that serve? To ask the question, is to answer it.

    • Wrong about the pox (& polio, too, if that’s what you actually meant) – both the ridding of it & what the vaccine/s begot. See Humphries Dissolving Illusions.

      T’day’s gates was just as well rep tied by other gators back in those “good old days.” Them bill’s, collectin’, is always at the door.

      Time machine denial is just as dishonest as any “other” kind, feeds back/forward into more of the same just as much, too. Before & after scapegoated Eve et the apple is bullshit.

  30. I’m not convinced there’s even a “new” virus. There’s millions and millions of viruses. Prove to me this is “new”.

    It doesn’t matter though. Just as you say, corona has become COVID. They named it so that it’s ingrained in everyone’s mind. Now, all they have to do is name any “virus”, whether it exists or not. Millions will fall in line all on fear of the virus. Just as the US could attack any country for any reason “because 9/11”, they will now be able to do any type of lockdown, surveilence, etc., “because COVID”. It doesn’t matter if there’s a “new” virus, old virus, or no virus. Everything they do is justified “because COVID”.

    • Hi Ancap,

      Yup. I think I will reveal my Illuminati story; I occasionally think I should have jumped at the chance. It’s a pain having a conscience – even a vestigial one…

    • Same with me, Ancap. Imagine if all along[in the past] they had just been reporting the number of people dying from whatever influenzas were extant at any given time. Imagine if people had been going to get tested for any flu-of-the-season. Imagine if there were non-stop media coverage about it, and government edicts to supposedly prevent people from getting the flu.

      We no longer have to imagine. And that’s all it is; The flu-turned-weapon via politicians and their mouthpiece- the media.

      They’ve played-out the “terrorism” card for as lomng as they could, and without more false-flag ops, which would be very risky to perpetrate now- it has run it’s course. They’ve played out “Global Warming” as long as they could….but it’s hard to sustain that any longer in the face of record cold…. So they needed a new tool to invoke universal fear and with which to exert even more control. What better tool than something which already exists, everywhere, and which could effect “everyone”?

    • Kind of like the recent vintage of naming snowstorms. Winter storm Harry. Winter storm Ivan. A personification of natural events, designed specifically to evoke innate fears. Which is followed by the shelter in place edicts, which are now styled as lockdowns. It’s all of the same piece. A form of mind control.

    • As a more cynical explanation, consider that the “action is the reaction”. The plandemic always had in the chute–as one of its central purposes–a chemical castration and culling of the herd. A certain Mr. Gates has been fiddling around in his basement lab for decades now working on the Final Solution…

      Therefore the purpose of morphing the “virus” to the new term, COVID, was sort of a language psyop. A ‘pre-conditioning’ if you will (astute 9/11 researchers will recall the fore-shadowing of the terms “9-11”, and “ground zero” being stealthily used in the media years PRIOR to the event–and particularly the term “a new pearl harbor”). The people learn to associate a term with an emotion–usually a strong emotion–and it preps them to submit to what’s coming. Therefore when the new “vaccine” is forced on us, it will indeed be for the purpose of further dividing us, and CONTROLLING us, as well as culling us… Those who accepted the injection(s) will have a biometric ID administered with the “injection device”. It will serve as their ‘Certificate Of Vaccination I.D.

      And that is precisely what it will be called. Remember you heard it here first.

      Godspeed to you, Eric in all truth and power…

      • Hi FO,

        I can attest to the language psyop of “911” prior to and immediately after the actual event. I was working, at the time, in Washington as an editorial writer at the conservative Washington Times. For about a year prior to the event, the editorial offices received direction from an outfit styled the Partnership for a New American Century (PNAC) run by Bill Kristol – or rather, fronted by him. Injunctions about a “new Pearl Harbor” and a “catalyzing” effect being necessary to “transform” the nation. And – voila – it all came to pass.

  31. The virus is a cover for more sinister plans. I am not 100% sure what that is, but know it’s not good.

    I am 100% sure we are being deceived. The numbers don’t add up even with all the obvious manipulation, yet the media and political hacks keep stoking the fear and pain.

    They won’t rest until we are all an economic Zimbabwe.

    • I tell ya what it’s a cover for, Corn Bread: World governance.

      Next step in the plan will likely be the splitting of the US into 10 “autonomous” superstates. We’re being prepped for this already via the show being made about election shenanigans/”interference”/postponement of elections etc. Pay attention as it happens!

      Most people will see this as a good thing, thinking that it is a grassroots thing and a move toward decentralization, but in reality, it is just a power shift, away from DC…but toward international control.

      The bankrupting of the states and Federal government is also a necessary part of their plan…and as we can see by the recent and ongoing unbridled printing of TRILLIONS of dollars, that is already being played out.


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