Hands Up!

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You have probably seen crowds of people with their hands up – a protest meme over police trigger-happiness.hands up 1

Apparently, it has been taken literally … by the other side.

As hallucinatory as this may sound, if you’re pulled over in the city of Topeka, Kansas for any reason – including non-criminal trivialities such as having an out of date inspection sticker, a dead brake light, or because you’re spotted unbuckled – the cops there will henceforth expect – scratch that, order – everyone in the vehicle to assume the Perp Pose.

This includes old people, kids. God help you if you have a rotator cuff injury and have difficulty putting your hands up above your head. And god help you twice if you make the mistake of reaching for your driver’s license or fumbling with your purse.

They call it “hand compliance” (see here) but it’s more than just your hands involved. You will be expected – legally required – to “freeze” and remain motionless until ordered otherwise. Mind: Any failure to “freeze” will henceforth be taken as a legal threat to – you guessed it – officer safety.

And you know what (often and increasingly) comes next.

Expect this to spread. Topeka cop 1

Cancer tends to.

“We all want to go home to our families, and this makes it safer for us to approach vehicles to gain that compliance. It gives us a chance to survive these encounters,” explained one of them.

Italics added.

Is anyone struck dumb by the topsy-turvy irony of it?

Nationally, cops killed an estimated 1,029 people last year (see here and here). Far more than in any European country or indeed, all of Europe combined. More than in communist China – a country that also has four times the population.

No one knows the precise number of “officer involved” killings in the U.S. because there is no single reporting standard at the national level and because many of these are effectively swept under the rug. But the long and short of it is that American cops are ventilating civilians in the low four figures annually, at least. Statistically – and realistically – speaking, you are far more likely to find yourself dead at the hands of a cop than at the hands of an ululating “terrorist.” Have any of you reading this ever been accosted by a “radical Muslim”? Almost all of us, on the other hand, have been menaced at least once by these armed-and-dangerous strangers known as police. Who literally wield life-and-death authority over us. And seem to know it.   officer safety pic      

Meanwhile, how many cops would you guess have been killed by citizens?

About 114 (see here).   

That’s about ten to one… in favor of the cops. Which stands to reason, given they not only have guns but what amounts to a grant of sovereign immunity to use them at the flimsiest provocation. An officer need only bleat that he felt his safety was in jeopardy. Mark that. His safety need not actually have been in jeopardy.

Just that he felt a “threat.” 

Which stands in stark contrast, of course, to the legal standard ordinary civilians are held to – which is extremely high. In most states, one must prove that an imminent potentially lethal threat loomed – as in, someone actually capable of hurting you actually attacking you – before one may legally display one’s gun. Let alone fire the gun. If you do fire it, there had better be mountains of unimpeachable evidence that you were in immediate mortal peril. And even then, the odds are extremely high you will be charged with various felonies, arrested and carted off to the clink – where you will stay until either someone posts a large sum to bail you out or an expensive lawyer (whom you will pay a large sum) gets you out. Even if your are exonerated – criminal charges dropped/disproved – you will almost certainly face a civil suit that will ruin you financially, whether you win or lose. 

Your life will be turned upside down for months, years – perhaps forever.  angel cop2

This tends to make the ordinary citizen think twice before whipping out his pistol.

Which, of course, is good policy. People ought not to be itchy-triggered and resorting to lethal violence ought to be the absolute last resort. 

Why then does this series of inducements not also apply to cops? Should they not be held to an even higher standard than ordinary civilians with regard to the use of deadly force? Punished more severely in the event they use deadly force without inarguable justification?              

Instead, the reverse is true. The likelihood of a cop being charged criminally for shooting someone even in egregious circumstances is very low – and if a killer cop dodges that bullet (so to speak) he need only worry about the possibility of a civil suit which, if he loses, will sock the taxpayers of his county or state with the bill.

Not him, personally.

He will perhaps be assigned desk duty – or suspended with pay.

Part of the reason for the sorry state of affairs is that cops don’t have much to worry about in terms of consequences. They have “the law” on their side. Literally have a license to kill.

And yet, cops sweat about their “safety” like prison punks, despite their body armor, their military hardware, their legal advantages and all the rest of it.

It ought to embarrass them.

But, more deeply: Why should their safety be the priority and that of ordinary citizens secondary (at best)? Does this question occur to anyone anymore?hero cops pic

I vaguely remember an old saying: To Serve and Protect. It implied the reverse of today’s dynamic. That our safety was the object of the exercise. That to be a cop meant putting oneself in harm’s way for the sake of the citizenry. To take risks, to put one’s life on the line if need be.

Whatever happened to that?

Is it not ironic? We’re pressured to regard these obsessed-with-their-safety/over-armed/over-reacting men-in-black as – of all things – “heroes.” It’s as bizarre and double-thinkian as referring to people trapped at the DMV as “customers.” Only worse, because at least the DMV only wants your money.

These guys want your submission – immediately.

And very possibly, your life.

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    First principles, Dixie. Simplicity.
    Read Marcus Aurelius. Of each
    particular thing, ask: What is it,
    in itself, what is its nature…?
    What does it do this Yankee you seek?

    He rules-

    (sharply, as he stops)
    No! That’s incidental.

    What is the first and principal thing
    he does, what need does he serve by

    Order, social structure, unskilled frustrat-

    No, he covets. That’s his nature.
    And how do we begin to covet, DIxie?
    Do we seek out things to covet? Make
    an effort to answer.

    No. We just –

    No. Precisely. We begin by coveting
    what we see every day. Don’t you
    feel Yankee eyes moving over your lush fields,
    your capable men working in the sunshine
    Dixie? I hardly see how you
    couldn’t. And don’t your eyes move
    over the things you want?

    All right, then tell me how –

    I’ll listen now. After your father’s
    murder in the civil war, you were orphaned.
    you were 10 years old. You went to live with
    northern cousins, at a factory
    in Chicago. And – ?

    And – one morning I just – ran away…

    Not “just,” Dixie. What set you
    off? You started what time?

    Early. Still dark.

    Then something woke you. What? Did
    you dream…? What was it?


    The 10-year old Dixie sits up abruptly in her bed,
    frightened. She is at a Chicago factory floor; it’s almost dawn.
    Strange, fearful shadows on her ceiling and walls… a window,
    partly fogged by the cold; eerie brightness outside.

    DIXIE (V.O.)
    I heard a strange sound…

    DR. LECTER (V.O.)
    What was it?


    crosses to the window in her nightgown, rubs the glass.

    DIXIE (V.O.)
    I didn’t know. I went to look…


    Shadowy men, factory workers, are moving in and out of a nearby
    assembly line, carrying mysterious bundles. The mens’ breath is
    steaming… A refrigerated truck idles nearby, its engine
    adding more steam. A strange, almost surrealistic scene…

    DIXIE (V.O.)
    Screaming! Some kind of – screaming.
    Like a child’s voice…


    is terrified; she covers her ears.

    DR. LECTER (V.O.)
    What did you do?

    DIXIE (V.O.)
    Got dressed without turning on the
    light. I went downstairs… outside…


    in her winter coat, slips noiselessly towards the open factory
    door. She ducks into the shadows to avoid a machinist, who
    passes her with a squirming bundle of some kind. He goes
    into the machinery, and she edges after him reluctantly.

    DIXIE (V.O.)
    I crept up to the main assembly line… I was so
    scared to look inside – but I had


    as the open doorway LOOMS CLOSER… Bright lights inside,
    prole dwellings, babies being mechanized, then robotic figures…

    DR. LECTER (V.O.)
    And what did you see, Dixie?


    is held down on a table by two factory foreman.

    DIXIE (V.O.)
    Borg. The northern Borg babies were screaming…

    A third mechanic stretches out the baby’s neck, raises a bloody
    knife. Just as he’s about to slice its throat and insert a harness –


    staring into the distance, shaken, still trembling from the
    child’s shock. We see Dr. Lecter, over her shoulder, studying
    her intently.

    They were assimilating the spring Borg?

    Yes…! They were screaming.

    So you ran away…

    No. First I tried to free them… I
    loosened their straps, pulled out their hardware – but
    they wouldn’t run. They just stood
    there, confused. They wouldn’t run…

    But you could. You did.

    I took one Borg baby. And I ran away, as
    fast as I could…


    a vast Chicago urban plain, and crossing this, a tiny figure – the
    little Dixie, holding a northern Borg in her arms.

    DR. LECTER (V.O.)
    Where were you going?

    DIXIE (V.O.)
    I don’t know. I had no food or water.
    It was very cold. I thought – if I
    can even save just one… but he got
    so heavy. So heavy…

    The tiny figure stops, and after a few moments sinks to the
    ground, hunched over in despair.

    DIXIE (V.O.)
    I didn’t get more than a few miles
    before the sheriff’s car found me.
    The factory worker cousins were so angry they sent me
    to live at the Lutheran orphanage in
    Peoria. I never saw the factories again…

    DR. LECTER (V.O.)
    But what became of your lamb?
    (no response)


    as the adult Dixie turns, staring into his feverish eyes.
    She shakes her head, unwilling – or unable – to say more.

    You still wake up sometimes, don’t
    you? Wake up in the dark, with the
    Borgs screaming?

    – The Silence of the Assimilated Yankee Borg

  2. Judge Joan B. Gottschall. UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT. 219 South Dearborn Street – Suite 2356. Chicago, Illinois 60604

    Courtroom 2325 | Chambers 2356
    Telephone Number: (312) 435-5640

    NOTE: Judge Gottschall requires a three day prior notice for motions. Civil and criminal motions are heard on Wednesdays & Fridays at 9:30 AM. A BOUND (clipped copies are not acceptable) courtesy copy is to be delivered to Chambers 2356 within 24 hours of filing.

    Judge Gottschall is no longer accepting clerkship applications.

    Motion Schedule
    Motion Type: Criminal, Civil, Status Call
    Day: W,F
    Time: 9:30 a.m.

    Court Reporter. Joene Hanhardt. (312) 435-6874
    Room 1744A
    Courtroom Deputy. Marlan Cowan. (312) 435-5641
    Room 2332A
    Judicial Assistant. Nancy Moravecek.
    Law Clerk. Cynthia Cohan.
    Law Clerk. Lee Muench.

    Submitting a Proposed Order, Agreed or Otherwise, for Electronic Entry by the Judge are technically not to be “filed.” Rather, they are to be “submitted” to the judge to consider, to modify, if appropriate, and to enter electronically.

    Acceptable binding methods include: secure staples, comb-binding, and three-ring binders. Unacceptable binding methods include: binder clips, paper clips and rubber bands.

    The following is an example of how a fact should be set forth in a Rule 56.1(a)(3) statement: On April 6, 1994, John Jones told Sam Smith that he had voluntarily quit his job. Tab “G” – Deposition transcript of John Jones at p.6, lines 22-32.

    An asserted statement of fact requires the opposing party to acknowledge that fact or to cite to other (contradictory) facts in the materials in order to demonstrate a real factual dispute.

    To prevent confusion, such proposed orders must be attached to an e-mail sent to the e-mail address of the assigned judge, Proposed_Order_Gottschall@ilnd.uscourts.gov

  3. Eric aspires to be a pushrod to actuate the rocker arms of our cylinder heads over our diaspora to actuate the valves of emerging means of social cooperation. He is always looking for fellow lifters or tappets willing to relocate in various engine blocks of change amid the spontaneous orders of camshafts.

    In reply to RAMROD. Hi Ramrod,

    “I’d rather change people’s minds. Not all, but some. Which may be enough.

    Ideas are powerful. Cause people to reconsider an assumption – get them to view aggressive violence against peaceful people as they already do child molesting – and you have forever undermined the preachers of authoritarian solutions.”


    “Cops murder people. Cops murder pets. They push people around. Thanks for writing an article about it. Maybe you can inspire some veteran like Timothy McVeigh to fight back. You are a scholar. You won’t pull the trigger. The police state will not be be changed through normal lawful conduct. The system is rigged.”

    Ramrod encourages us to be like metal or wooden devices used in early firearms to and sacrifice our lives to push the projectile of coordinated bundles of men ups against the propellant – mainly gunpowder.

    Ramrods are commonly referred to as “scouring sticks”. We are cordially invited to be human cannon muzzle-loading weapons like the storied muskets so nobly wielded by our fancy-hatted founders and officious owners. We become immortal by carving a notch underneath their barrels of the great star-spangled human centipede gun that fires shots heard round the worlds.

  4. I would Ramrod, but as my candor increases, dissatisfaction often increases.

    Perhaps you might start with elucidating your first posting here at epautos:

    Submitted on 2012/11/13 at 9:28 am
    The greatest American ever, Timothy McVeigh, was in the military.

    What is it you found so great about him? Was he always great, or did he become something great towards the end of his life?
    – – –

    As for condensing my thought vapors and distilling something definite, perhaps I am at my best in an uncohered state.

    Lately, I have been watching all the Borg themed episodes of the various Star Treks.

    If you would like me to try to temporarily assimilate you into my personal hive mind, I am willing to try. Tell me, where should I start?
    – – –

    Leilani Munter
    Leilani Münter

    Born February 18, 1974 (age 41)
    Best finish 38th in 2014

    An American race car driver. She drives in the ARCA Racing Series, and previously drove in the Firestone Indy Lights, the development league of IndyCar. She was born and raised in Rochester, Minnesota, earned a degree in biology from the University of California, San Diego and currently lives in Cornelius, North Carolina.

    Her personal car is an electric Tesla Motors Model S, which she charges with solar panels on the roof of her North Carolina home.

    • Timothy McVeigh was a small town military man who believed in limited government. He was outraged by U.S. Government murders at Ruby Ridge and Waco. Rather than write scathing articles from an ivory tower, he blew up a Federal building which he associated with those murders. His purpose was to send a clear message to future government murderers that there are consequences to murder.

      Timothy McVeigh sought no personal popularity or riches. He wanted revenge.

      Timothy McVeigh wasn’t waiting around for a popular uprising. He wasn’t waiting for the system to get things right. He showed that one an can make a difference.

      • Fair enough.

        Eric seems to be in the process of moving from his ivory tower into a van down by the river. He’ll probably sell you this website if you’d like to run it differently. Make him an offer.

        Tell me, where else can men not waiting around for any institution or consensus even assemble and pass notes to each other these days?

        I’m the moderator of https://voat.co/v/archonless/ (username is Tor1)
        I have two subscribers. Post anything you like there, us happy few will be sure to read it and act accordingly. Tell us what is to be our objective?

        Timothy James McVeigh

        Curriculum Vitae:
        High School: Starpoint High School, Lockport, NY (1986)
        University: Bryant & Stratton Business College, Buffalo, NY (1987, dropped out)

        TruValue Hardware Store Kingman, AZ (1994)
        Burger King high school job
        Ku Klux Klan North Carolina
        National Rifle Association
        Bronze Star
        Combat Infantryman Badge
        Renounced US Citizenship
        Failure to Appear Arkansas (23-May-1995)
        Polygraphed El Reno, OK (31-Aug-1995)
        Conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction
        Murder 8 counts (19-Apr-1995), convicted (2-Jun-1997)
        Inmate: ADX Florence (Supermax) 1999
        White Supremacists
        Risk Factors: Methamphetamine

        The Racist Next Door

    • Timothy McVeigh was put to death by the ruling class on June 11, 2001. He showed that one man can make a difference.

      May he rest in peace.

      • Written closing argument of defense attorney for the Timothy J. McVeigh moot-jury exercise. Mr. McVeigh is charged with treason under State law as was John Brown.

        The mass of men serve the state thus, not as men mainly, but as machines, with their bodies. They are the standing army, and the militia, jailors, constables, posse comitatus, etc.

        In most cases there is no free exercise whatever of the judgment or of the moral sense; but they put themselves on a level with wood and earth and stones; and wooden men can perhaps be manufactured that will serve the purposes as well.

        Such command no more respect than men of straw or a lump of dirt. They have the same sort of worth only as horses and dogs. Yet such as these even are commonly esteemed good citizens.

        Others – as most legislators, politicians, lawyers, ministers, and office-holders – serve the state chiefly with their heads; and, as they rarely make any moral distinctions, they are as likely to serve the Devil, without intending it, as God.

        A very few, as heroes, patriots, martyrs, reformers in the great sense, and MEN, serve the state with their consciences also, and so necessarily resist it for the most part; and they are commonly treated as enemies by it.

        TJM Closing Arguments

        TJM (1968 – 2001)

        John Brown was sadly correct, as the blood shed in the Civil War would prove. But John Brown was trying to ultimately SAVE lives, by engaging in a little bloodshed, and thereby avoiding a great deal of bloodshed.

        In every revolution, there is a man of vision AND action. John Brown was executed after he acted on his vision at Harpers Ferry, Virginia. If you conclude that Timothy McVeigh acted on his vision, should you not also conclude that he did so with motives as pure and decent as John Brown’s?

        Timothy McVeigh’s entire life up to the point of his first arrest was one of decency, honesty, and service. In his multi-volume biography of Abraham Lincoln, Carl Sandburg wrote that we “would be served by a life of Lincoln stressing the fifty-two years previous to his Presidency. Such a book would imply that if he was what he was during those first fifty-two years of his life

        it was nearly inevitable that he would be what he proved to be in the last four.

        • It is uncanny that you bring up John Brown. I have brought up that he is the greatest American of all time.
          1) His life was a failure. He had few abilities. He did not use that as an excuse to be a helpless bystander.
          2) He wasn’t going to wait around for others to create a bandwagon to jump on.

          • I think I understand where you’re coming from. I would only add, there is a vast spectrum of useful endeavors between pure words and pure action. TMJ employed some of both. Not getting caught would seem to be most important for me, since I wish to have a long and lasting effect.

            As the Borg would say, deciding if someone is doing the right thing or the wrong thing is irrelevant. A great deal of people’s time seems to be deciding who and what is good. And who and what is bad. Personally, this seems like time poorly invested.

            Time is telling, observe what is being done and what the results are. And there is your answer. What should be done is what gets results while not violating your principles.

            Maybe Eric should best be spending his time making assault vehicles in his garage. Even if true, how would I convince him of that. Sending him money would seem to be my best shot.

            Some of us are better at words, others at actions. Everything you successfully do helps, I would say.

            Unless I’m being paid, I usually play it safe and am mostly talk and not much action. If John Brown 2.0 is hiring somewhere, I’d be more than happy to consider his terms and get to work doing what he says needs to be done.

            I originally came across this website through lewrockwell.com. There are lots of writers there with institutional/ivory tower connections. But not Eric. I would classify Eric an independent. He’s totally freelancing here, no college bucks or Koch funded institutional cash that I’m aware of.

            Book Discussion on John Brown, Abolitionist

            David Reynolds talked about his book John Brown, Abolitionist: The Man Who Killed Slavery, Sparked the Civil War, and Seeded Civil Rights. 

            Mr. Reynolds profiled the life of abolitionist John Brown and discussed John Brown’s commitment to the abolition of slaves, his political struggles between good and evil, and how significant his Puritan background was to his lifestyle. Mr. Reynolds discusses his attack on the armory in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia on October 16, 1859.

            John Brown at Harper’s Ferry, 1859

            There’s a civil war worth winning going on in Eastern Ukraine. Just be careful to stay alive so you don’t end up being food for the dogs there.

            Maybe becoming active South of the US / Mexican Border is also somewhere that actions can accomplish a great deal.

            Turning words into actions

          • I have never threatened to shoot anybody or blow anything up. When I go into the courthouse, I have to check-in with the U.S. Marshals. One of them has to be next to me or I must sit where a camera is watching. I do not know if their claim that I am on the secret Homeland Security Threat List can be believed. The ruling class knows that RAMROD is a religious fanatic who practices sedition.

            • Seditious conspiracy (18 U.S.C. § 2384) is a crime under United States law. It is stated as follows:

              “If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both.”

              For a seditious conspiracy charge to be effected, a crime need only be planned, it need not be actually attempted.

              The accusation of seditious conspiracy is of political nature and was used almost exclusively against Puerto Rican independentistas in the twentieth century.

              Federal Grand Jury Targets Puerto Rican Independistas in New York

              Federal Grand Jury Targets Puerto Rican Independistas in New York

              The Puerto Rico Independence Party believes in full independence from the United States to form a new completely separate country with full sovereignty.

              This proposed Puerto Rican country would base its economy in tourism, manufacturing, agriculture, service industries and a new foreign trade without all the trade and tariff restrictions imposed by the U.S. Government.

              Its largest trade volume will be, as it is today, with free trade with the United States. Part of the income of the proposed new country would come from rental income from considerable amounts of property used by the Federal Government including among others several military bases, and will attempt to maintain some of the economic grants Puerto Rico receives today.

              The new government will also apply for numerous funds available for underdeveloped or developing nations. These funds are granted today to a number of other countries around the world.

              Puerto Rico Independence Party Point of View

              • U.S. Judge Joan Gottachall mailed me an order that I did not appreciate. I copied the order and wrote in black marker underneath: POUND THIS ORDER UP YOUR LIBERAL ASS. I signed and faxed it. The fax went through a courthouse office rather than her personal office. I trust that a lot of people heard about it.

              • I read the same thing a number of years ago. If the current American population was living in 1775 there would not have been a revolution. They would have been afraid of getting into trouble.

                • Exactly, Ramrod.

                  A majority – an effective majority – has been conditioned to docility via servility. Don’t question massa! He’s just doing it for our safety…

  5. I admit freely enough that, by careful breeding, supervision of environment and education, extending over many generations, it might be possible to make an appreciable improvement in the stock of the American negro.

    But I must maintain that this enterprise would be a ridiculous waste of energy, for there is a high-caste white stock ready at hand, and it is inconceivable that the negro stock, however carefully it might be nurtured, could ever even remotely approach it.

    The educated negro of today is a failure, not because he meets insuperable difficulties in life, but because he is a negro. He is, in brief, a low-caste man, to the manner born, and he will remain inert and inefficient until fifty generations of him have lived in civilization. And even then, the superior white race will be fifty generations ahead of him.

    H.L. Mencken, Individualist in correspondence with Robert Rives La Monte, Socialist.

    If there is one mental vice, indeed, which sets off the American people from all other folks who walk the earth. It is that of assuming that every human act must be either right or wrong, and that ninety-nine percent of them are wrong.

    • I know two Negros who are educated, intelligent, and fluent: My ex-U.S. Congressman, Jessie Jackson Jr. and his wife (ex-Chicago Alderman). They are both still in the Federal Prison System.

      Even the best Negros are childish and can’t be trusted.

      Negros are DNA disadvantaged.

  6. Collective Rights

    Only an individual man can possess rights, the expression “individual rights” is a redundancy. The expression “collective rights” is a contradiction in terms.

    Any group or “collective,” large or small, is only a number of individuals. A group can have no rights other than the rights of its individual members.

    A group, as such, has no rights. A man can neither acquire new rights by joining a group nor lose the rights which he does possess. The principle of individual rights is the only moral base of all groups or associations.

    Any group that does not recognize this principle is not an association, but a gang or a mob.

    The notion of “collective rights” – that rights belong to groups, not to individuals – means that “rights” belong to some men, but not to others—that some men have the “right” to dispose of others in any manner they please—and that the criterion of such privileged position consists of numerical superiority.

    The notion that “Anything society does is right because society chose to do it,” is not a moral principle, but a negation of moral principles and the banishment of morality from social issues.

    collective – short for collective farm. noun. from 1925.

    : a farm that is run by several farmers and controlled by the government

    : a farm especially in a Communist country formed from many small holdings collected into a single unit for joint operation under governmental supervision

    collective (adjive) early 15century, from Middle French collectif, from Latin collectivus, from collectus – to collect.

    As a noun, short for collective farm it dates from 1925. collective farm first attested 1919 in translations of Lenin. Collective bargaining coined 1891 by Beatrice Webb; defined in U.S. 1935 by the Wagner Act. Collective noun is recorded from 1510s; collective security first attested 1934 in speech by Winston Churchill.
    – – – –


    Cooperation is the free association of men who work together by voluntary agreement, each deriving from it his own personal benefit.

    A proper association is united by ideas, not by men, and its members are loyal to the ideas, not to the group. It is eminently reasonable that men should seek to associate with those who share their convictions and values. It is impossible to deal or even to communicate with men whose ideas are fundamentally opposed to one’s own (and one should be free not to deal with them).

    All proper associations are formed or joined by individual choice and on conscious, intellectual grounds (philosophical, political, professional, etc.)—not by the physiological or geographical accident of birth, and not on the ground of tradition.

    When men are united by ideas, i.e., by explicit principles, there is no room for favors, whims, or arbitrary power: the principles serve as an objective criterion for determining actions and for judging men, whether leaders or members. This requires a high degree of conceptual development and independence . . . . But this is the only way men can work together justly, benevolently and safely.

    Good teamwork is self-interested

    Let us rid ourselves of the confusion that sees so many social values, such as teamwork, friendship and love as inherently selfless; while also equating “self-interest,” “egoism” and “selfishness” with shortsightedness, foolishness, childishness, materialism, and the harm of others.

    Let us clearly recognize that one’s own self-interest–one’s happiness–is not bought at the expense of the interests of other people.

  7. Anarchast Ep. 205 Avens OBrien: Libertarian Love and Loneliness!

    Posted on April 6, 2015 by Avens
    Saturday I was interviewed on Jeff Berwick’s Anarachast! I know some of the new clicks on avensobrien.com will be from this interview. Welcome new friends! Obviously, all my writing can be found on this site!

    The breakup posts that Jeff refers to, I’ve pasted them on another blog entry you can find by clicking here.

    It was a great interview though I’m so socially awkward I hate doing video interviews, but Jeff’s such a sweetheart I couldn’t *not* do this. Someday I’ll be good at this. Today is not that day
    – – – –

    Avens O’Brien ‏@avensobrien 20 hours ago Los Angeles, CA
    @TorMnkov thanks for the retweet. 🙂

    Avens O’Brien

    27 mins · ago
    Okay, liberty movement. Looks like you need a hug. There’s been a little fighting but it’s okay. You’re gonna be fine. You’re just trying so hard to be the best you can be and sometimes its hard when other people are trying their best and you have different ideas and values… I know. It can be tough.

    But you gotta remember that at the end of the day we’re all in this together. To stop forcing people to do things they don’t want to do, to stop govt coercion and wars and violent aggression. Some people have different methods. Some people talk it out, some people march, some people are still reading books and learning. You’re gonna be fine.

    Just take a deep breath and be kind to each other. Treat each other how you want to be treated. You are loved, you are a fighter for freedom, and you’re gonna be okay, even when someone is wrong on the internet.
    Is that any better? *hugs*
    Now? *hugs some more*
    Okay, now go play with your friends and remember: the enemy’s gate is down.

  8. Yeah I always thought we’d be together. And that our love could not be better. Well with no warning you were gone. I still don’t know what went wrong.

    You don’t know what I’ve been through. Just want to put my love in you. No more nights. Of blood & fire. All those special memories. Now I bleed for you – burn for me.
    Perhaps I was just dreaming. When I think these things had real meaning. Love eternal. Lust infernal. Bleeding, burning. Needing, yearning.

    Mon cherie. You remain. A mystery to me. I see your face in every flame.
    With no answers I have only myself to blame. Of all the women I have known – they’re not you. I’d rather be alone.

  9. You never think it could happen to you.

    12,000 years ago, Americans were living in giant pits in Idaho, under roofs framed by mastodon and mammoth bones. There were still plenty of elephants to hunt. And giant beavers 6 ft tall, 200 pound saber toothed cats, western camels, and hippo-horse hybrids.

    Some of the toughest and manliest dudes on the planet. There was plenty for all, and they fashioned all kinds of tools and devices out of bones and other raw materials to make life easier for all. Y ou try to act the Clover in those days, and you’d get a swift smack to the head with a femur bone.

    But then all of the sudden, all their big game died off. And only the buffalo remained. And now they had to go nomadic and follow them around. And out of necessity they became plant domesticating farmers, so they would have enough to eat. Life became a struggle for them and they were still having a hard time when the first Europeans happened by.

    Boy did those wet-backed European boat people started showing up in droves. And it was all over for the indigenous Americans. They were killed wholesale, except for the few that decided to be assimilated by these new high tech Borg city-dwellers. Because resistance is always futile.

    It’s only on the television that you see men stand up to the feminized and socialized Borg and win. In real life, you always end up being assimilated. There are many Euro Borg languages, but they all use the same chilling catch phrase:

    We are the Borg. Lower your defenses and surrender your weapons. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.

    • Resistance is futile. I want to stand up to the feminized and socialized. I don’t want to win. I want to walk in the footsteps of the greatest looser of all time: Jesus Christ. I want honorable defeat.

      • Hi Ramrod,

        Not me. Losing sucks. It may be a romantic notion – the battleship Yamato’s last one-way sortie, without air cover, against the (almost) entire U.S. Navy in late summer ’45 – but what’s the point, ultimately?

        I’d rather win.

        Which can be done.

        We have the right – the moral – idea on our side.

        And ideas are powerful things…

        • Yea, Eric, you haven’t told me something that I already didn’t smell. Walking in the footsteps of Jesus Christ is not for everyone.

          I appreciate your website. You are a winner.

        • Yep, not necessarily anything honorable in losing….or winning. It’s best to avoid a situation you know you’re not going to win. Retreat is a great tactic to live and fight when things are lined up for you. Russians retreated and kept on till MN kicked Nazi butt for months. They gathered a lot of materiel during that time and everything regarding winning a war increased for them while the Nazi’s were running out of everything. I’d rather pick my battles and avoid them altogether if there is an alternative. I don’t have dreams of defeating everything that can be thrown at me. My best one involves fishing in a calm lagoon and later having my catch be cooked by naked native girls of the winsome sort. Hey, it’s just a dream and I don’t have to tell the wife how nice it was. Rum, fruit, cool winds through my hair…..crap, that woke me up.

          • There are distant memories of when the U.S.A. used to be “Home of the Brave”. Losers were praised as Heroes. Do you remember the Alamo, Eightsouthman?

            • ramrod, when I wake up and see a Come And Take It flag on one wall and a Bloody Arm on the other with a quote of Tariff of Abominations(you might want to research this) as one of the pics of a screen saver……what do you think? Yet Sam Houston tried to warn the foolhardy and brave Texians how the Alamo could not be defended and esp. when the odds were 5,000 to 200.

              It’s not uncommon for me to hone my Bowie knife while the wife watches a movie and I sorta do the same. I love how it whistles when you cut the air.

              I’m old and as eric has said, “crotchety” and the main reason I’m crotchety is I have no time for the stupid. I got a big dose of it today…..all day.

              • You have slithered deep into American culture: “the brave are foolhardy”. Vietnam deja vu. You are not timid; you are intelligent. Just like all the Harvard students who watched the foolish young men board the buses to induction.

                There is a line of demarcation in this country. You and me are on different sides of it.

  10. The North fighting the South was not much different than all the other Northern attacks against Indians, Mississippi River Delta British, Mormons, and the like. an unfair fight that was over before it began.

    Closer to a holocaust of the poor than a war. In this mass execution, conscripted lowest class northerners died along with the entire south. When it was over, the wealth of the southern states was picked clean as if by vultures.

    In no way was it an idealistic battle of differing beliefs. It was more like what happens in Russia today, if military recruiters see you and you’re the right age and poor and powerless.

    Bam, you’re in the army. Few Russians are battling the Ukrainians out of some kind of ideology. It’s more of a layabouts at the Home Depot jumping on a truck and driving to war scenario. And if there’s more trucks than workers, In Russia the empty trucks come right into your prole neighborhoods and drag you off against your will until each pickup bed is filled to quota.

    Northern Forces

    Northern Total Deaths 389,753
    Wounded in Action 275,175
    Total casualties, 1861 to 1865 664,928
    – – – – – – – –

    Confederate Forces

    Confederate Total Deaths 289,000
    Wounded in action 194,026
    Total casualties, 1861 to 1865 483,026


    The Union blockade of the South was the largest ever attempted in world history. James Russell Soley, former Assistant Secretary of the Navy, argues that it was a signal success


    Later this same total blockade trick would be pulled against the Germans to devastating effect.

    Union / Confederacy
    Percent of nation’s population 71% / 29%
    Percent of nation’s railroads 71% / 29%
    Percent of nation’s farm acreage 65% / 35%
    Percent of nation’s manufacturing workers 92% / 8%
    Percent of nation’s manufacturing output 92% / 8%
    Number of factories 110,000 / 18,000
    Railroad mileage 22,000 / 9,000

      • that’s just his style – If Russians HAD crossed the border to fight in Ukraine, you better believe we would be seeing the satellite pictures. It’s a propaganda war, but the sheeple are buying into it.
        On a similar note – when was the last time Iran started a war? Before Alexander the Great, when they were still called Persia.

        • Interesting story. I went through pilot training with Iranian students. One of them related to me how much he hated the Egyptians because they invaded Persia and committed atrocities. This invasion was before the time of Christ.

          • Yes, Asians in general and Middle Easterners in particular have looooooong memories. They hold grudges, blood feuds, longer than most countries have existed. The Tehran Embassy attack in 1979 was payback for the CIA helping to install the Shah in 1953 – a relatively short term in their mindframe.

    • Mark, makes you wonder what would have happened without the potato(did I spell that correctly, cue Dan Quayle) famine. BTW, I had to query my wife as to the name of that stupid guy who was Bush 1’s VP. That tells you how caught up I am in the actors on that stage. But, I know people who still tell Bill Clinton stories who would have you believe he was worse than either Bush…..dolts. Anyway, back to my famine story I’m sure is not news to anyone but boatloads of Irish immigrants were given the option to live on that boat till it left NY and returned somewhere with everyone knowing they’d starve, or signing up with the Union and get three squares a day and boots and clothes.

      A great many of those guys had no inclination to fight anyone and crossed the Rio Grande into Mexico first chance they got. Now there are Irish communities all over Mexico for the main part.

      My ancestors who lived in the South on my father’s side didn’t see fighting a war when they knew there was nothing to be gained. They were all doing well enough, successful business people for the main part. I think all of them eventually joined the Confederacy but it was only when you had to make a choice.

      My point is, it was a very unpopular war for most everyone who served on either side. Sound familiar? Goebbels was a stupid SOB but he got it right when he said Why should anyone go to war when the best that could happen would be them surviving, hopefully unscathed.

      Once again, for how many wars was the cry Onward Christian Soldiers the motivating factor?

      I believe that was the very reason TPTB were unsuccessful getting a S. American war going in the late 20th century. The Pope called them out and it was evident it would be Christians against Christians and that’s not a popular meme. Christians need a “godless” enemy.

      When the US trumps up a war, if the opposition has no weapons, the CIA and the DIA will make sure they get enough to do some newsworthy damage.

      For those people who want to make the entire middle east a glass parking lot, I contend they’d do much better to make DC a sputtering swamp….again.

      In a recent conversation with a bunch of old college friends the specter of a giant tsunami was “in the news” so to speak. While the Chicken Little’s were lamenting the untold damage that could be done via an 1800′ wave(Deep Impact), virtually wiping out most of the population centers of the US, I chose to look at the silver lining, i.e., seafood in my back yard and maybe an errant propane tanker to boot. As with everything, you must look for the bright spots in life.

    • My last U.S. Congressman was Jesse Jackson Jr. Him and his wife, a Chicago Alderman, were sent to Federal Prison. Jesse replaced Mel Reynolds who went to State Prison for sexually molesting an underage girl. Mel Reynolds was the reform candidate over Gus Savage. Gus blamed his loss on “outside Jew treachery”

      My current Representative in Congress is a goofy Black broad who calls herself Robin.

  11. 2014 Deaths of “heroes” using Officer Down Memorial Page Data

    2014 Line of Duty Deaths: 127
    (only 60 are not typical deaths found in any profession)

    Total on left is because of police hazard, number on right is normal deaths

    by each category

    1 9/11 related illness:
    2 Assault:
    Automobile accident: 26
    Drowned: 2
    Duty related illness: 3
    1 respond to arson, Fire:
    47 Gunfire:
    Gunfire (Accidental): 1 friendly fire during training and 1 during warrant service by partner
    Heart attack: 19 many during training, all just normal attacks unrelated to work
    Motorcycle accident: 4
    Struck by vehicle: 5
    5 Vehicle pursuit: 5
    4 Vehicular assault: 6
    1 dragged by car, 1 homeless in car grabbed wheel, 1 intentional ram, 1 during pursuit;: 1 normal hit & run, 1 normal highway death, 2 drunk drivers, 1 druggie driver, 1 impaired driver

    Total is 60 deaths due to police hazard
    And 74 deaths that are just part of normal life we all face

    Number of LE in the US

    There are
    120,000 federal full time heroes
    765,000 state and local heroes
    885,000 total heroes in the US

    435,000 other various bureaucratic and support staff headcount that aren’t doing anything you could call hands on law enforcement or policing of any sort.

    So, out of 885,000 heroes. 2 of them are killed each month. Not even remotely dangerous or worthy of pants pissing by any sane measure or standard.

    • Dear Mark,

      “So, out of 885,000 heroes. 2 of them are killed each month. ”

      It would be laughable, if it weren’t for the danger to us “mere mundanes”.

      I’ve seen lots of angry comments online about “settling scores” when the SHTF. Considering that population of the US is 300 million, those 1 million costumed thugs better think long and hard about mistreating ordinary people.

      It’s not hard to find out where they live. They’re not invulnerable.

      NB: This is not a threat. Merely an observation. I don’t even live in the US.

      • Dear Eric,

        What’s really sickening is how liberal left Hollywood screenwriters who write for the ubiquitous cop shows and movies, act as propagandists for this “Courageous Heroes of the Thin Blue Line” bullshit.

        How many times have we heard some police captain brief his costumed thugs saying “He’s a cop killer. He killed one of ours. Let’s get this guy!”

        This is the audience’s cue to feel a surge of “Yeah! Get that motherfucker!” As if cops exerting extra effort to catch someone who killed one of them, and by obvious implication, LESS effort to catch someone who killed one of us, was somehow something we “mere mundanes” ought to cheer on!

        The brainwashing is incredible.

        • You have got that right Bevin! Additionally, many cop shows and movies display scenerios where cops supposedly just have to violate laws and human rights for the good of society. Many of the sheeple seem to buy into this, and such shows only encourage the coproaches to abuse their victims more.

          • Dear Brian,

            The thing is, I myself was sucked along by that conditioning for years.

            It took a conscious effort to snap out of it. That’s how insidious it is.

        • bevin, that’s the reason I got up and walked out with my parents watching one of those. At 16 or 17 I’d had alls I could stand as Popeye says. And those ever-present doctor shows. There was probably a doctor with a gun and badge show too.

          • Dear 8sm,

            I’m embarrassed to admit it took me way longer to catch on than you did.

            It’s to your credit that you saw through it at such a young age.

            • bevin, I don’t know I saw through it so much as got sick of everything back then being some sort of “law and order” bs or medical bs. We got our first tv in ’54 with one station. We later had 2 more, ABC, NBC(the first)and CBS(the last) and sometimes shows would simply change networks. It was the same ol same ol year after year, decade after decade. I was typical of most rural kids back then, bored shitless.

              Had we been in a vacuum culturally(almost)we might have been less bored but there was a race to space, electronics were being remade nearly as fast as they were made.

              Video and pictures of the Vietnam war were constantly on our screens(no longer….and we even have laws to prevent such now, Patriot Act, NDAA, etc.) The British invasion really made us realize there was a whole ‘nother world besides west Tx. We didn’t even have Indians to fight.

              Drilling for oil was old hat and the jobs didn’t pay crap back then. We were caught in the doldrums between WWll and Star Trek. It was an exciting time in many ways and the economy was booming.

              I had to sell all my livestock before leaving for college so my life changed radically but it was already changing very fast years before I left.

              Once you’ve seen a few dozen pig shows and a few dozen doctor shows and other shows that practically mimicked the pig shows, we were burnt out. Shows like Bonanza were laughable to people brought up in a real west scenario.

              It was certainly a world away from this crap we live now and much better in ways of freedom for sure. I was 14 when I bought my first handgun(mailorder). It was only many years later I recalled how when I took it to school the principal hollered at me Hey B, what you got there? Well I had to stop and let him look it over, spin the cylinder, admire the leatherwork on the holster and tell me it was really nice. I wonder how that would work out now? If you wanted to steal a gun, go to the school and the parking lot was full of pickups with mostly, 3 guns in a rack in the back window. Teachers owned most of them and locking a vehicle back then wasn’t even thought of. Theft was mainly something we heard about. Violence too. Every now and then a wife might pop her husband with birdshot when she caught him with another woman. Men NEVER shot women. I detest what this country has come to and it mostly originated in the NE.

              • Dear 8sm,

                I lived through those days.

                I think I mentioned before that I went to high school in Eric’s neck of the woods, the MD/DC/VA region. I was a member of the high school rifle club. I took my .22 bolt action with me on the school bus once a week to the club shoot in the basement of one of the buildings. Nobody thought anything of it.

                Image taking even an air rifle on a school bus today! Maybe even a water pistol.

                This is just one of many indicators of the erosion of our freedom.

                • bevin, a cocked hand gets a kid kicked out of school? A 6 year old eats a cookie into a vague shape of a handgun, banned. I don’t see how we can continue this way.

                  Now the fools in DC are/have considered more than one thought crime bill. NDAA probably has something in it for that.

                  I once considered moving to Mexico but I’d be the same criminal there with a gun and stand out like the proverbial sore thumb.

                  • Dear 8sm,

                    “a cocked hand gets a kid kicked out of school? A 6 year old eats a cookie into a vague shape of a handgun, banned. ”

                    It’s insanity, for sure.

                    But there’s a method to the madness. It’s all part of a larger effort to normalize fear and loathing of any weaponry that will enable the people to effectively defend themselves against the Leviathan State.

                    This concerted effort to demonize firearms is SELECTIVE. To the totalitarian educrats who have elementary school students arrested merely for a cocked hand, the same guns in the hands of goovermin SWAT team thugs is perfectly fine, benevolent even.

                    They aren’t really against guns. They’re merely against us having guns.

                • Bevin, you may want to consider my point of view. There is a relinquishment of freedom. Americans hate freedom. Americans love the benevolent dictators who provide a safe cocoon. If you are ever on trial for some make-believe crime against the orderly society, your American jury will unanimously convict you. Americans want to please their overlords.

                  • ramrod there is certainly a very concerted effort to make it seem that the people like a safe cocoon but I don’t buy it for the most part. There’s a good reason Jade Helm shows Texas as red, a hostile area. For the most part, Texans don’t buy this crap. A young teacher I know wears a Come and Take It t shirt at his family business. That’s the view of the entire family. Next time I see him I’ll query him about what he sees in school. I know a few school teachers in the area, younger than me mostly but not young. I know for a fact a couple of them have at least one AR and who knows what else. This bs seems to fly in Ca. and some other states but for the most part, I see few people buying it.

                    Where I think they’re shooting fish in a barrel that aren’t there is in the welfare state. Most of those people not only aren’t buying it but that is probably partly why so many are in the welfare state. Once convicted, it’s difficult to find a job. That doesn’t mean their minds changed all of a sudden. Mostly, it means these people are still armed, just not so you can tell. Notice no big stories as they try to collect the “illegal” firearms recent NY laws have produced. People have moved not only their magazines but guns to locations not associated with them. The controlled MSM never mentions this since they are SO controlled. Dianne Feinstein has been beating the drum for banning the internet since ’97. She’s back in the spotlight trying to do what she couldn’t before. Only the stupid and duped in Ca. want that scum back as their senator. Other senators have even said she’s barking up the wrong tree but she won’t give up. Even the Supreme Court told her what she wants is protected under the 1st amendment. I don’t know the answer. I suspect it could all blow up any time. The DHS has ordered a huge amount of crowd control weapons recently. Maybe they have an itch they think those weapons can scratch. Those who oppose them have no “less lethal” weapons as they describe their order.

                    How do rubber pellet grenades and CS gas work when the people who are serious are hundreds of yard away?

                  • I am glad to hear that Texas is a “hostile area”. I reckon that there is a lot of jury nullification when the ruling class uses its laws to persecute people. How is the resistance to the war on drugs coming along?

                    Chicago is filled with timid guys who are scared to talk back to their wives.

                  • Hi Ramrod,

                    It’s very important to choose one’s words precisely. I’d amend your statement to “many Americans hate freedom.” The fact that you and I are having this conversation proves that not all Americans hate freedom.

                    We may not be a majority – but there are more of us out there than you might think.

                    • You are way out there, Eric. I can hear your moaning from the battlefield: “what kind of trouble are you in now”?

                    • eric, I’d say “some” hate freedom. I’ve heard lots of negative feedback from the Boston area. People stayed in their homes for the reason they didn’t want to be gunned down by roving gangs of badged thugs.

                      How many “southies” you reckon were sitting behind windows armed to the teeth?

                    • Eightsouthman, excuse me for painting with a broad brush; but, giving a gun to a “southy” is like giving a wristwatch to a chimpanzee: neither one of them knows what to do with it.

                • Morning, Bevin!

                  Yup. I can attest to similar – and more recently. I was in high school in the early 1980s. And the “grits” (as the Yankees called the Southern boys) drove to school in pick-ups with shotgun racks… with shotguns and rifles in them. Parked on school grounds. No one gave it a thought.

                  • Dear Eric,

                    Indeed. As I mentioned, this was in the greater DC area. But was still the 60s. Time has changed that.

                    I later moved to Texas, and pickup trucks with gun racks were among the most common vehicles on the road. Nobody thought anything of it. Nor did it pose a public safety problem.

                    In fact, it was probably a major deterrent to crime!

        • What’s really sickening is how liberal left Hollywood screenwriters who write for the ubiquitous cop shows and movies, act as propagandists for this “Courageous Heroes of the Thin Blue Line” bullshit.

          Yeah. It’s really disturbing, the number of copsucker shows that pollute the TV channels. The silver lining, though, is that they just serve to further undermine Hollywood’s already diminishing credibility. Also, note that most of these copsucker lovefests are broadcast on the Big Four network channels, which, thank God, fewer and fewer people are watching with each passing year.

          • Dear lib,

            Yup. All those lines of dialogue such as,

            “These are cop-killer bullets!”

            “He was a brother officer. I want every manjack on this case, 24/7!”

            “He’s got a gun! He’s got a gun!”

            Or conversely, if the same person spotted with a gun has a badge next to it,

            “It’s okay, folks, he’s cop!”

            This sickening Myth of Authority mindset is a key indicator of political immaturity, and shows the degree to which We the Sheeple are to be enslaved.

    • You could not be more clear. 60 is a very tiny number when you compare it to 885,000. What is closely akin is no deaths during routine traffic stops. What is telling is the words of the cops themselves: “we don’t know who we are stopping”. Translation: we pretend to have a legitimate danger every time we utter the phrase “we don’t know”. Cops are psychopaths. They have invented one more situation for beatings and shootings using the pretense of “officer safety”.

      • The thing is that they initiate the encounter almost EVERY F’ING time.

        And IME, they attempt to escalate by making demands, treating the ‘criminal’ with no respect, and ultimately threatening you if you dare stand up for your rights.

        • Americans like to call the cops and watch the violence under the pretext that “something doesn’t seem right”. This doesn’t happen often to me; but, it has happened several times. One time, I was beaten up after I turned my back and said that I didn’t want to talk, Another time, I was threatened by a Police Lieutenant in front of two of his men: “show me your ID or I will throw you over the hood of my car.

          I am not planning to kill cops. When one does get killed, my public response: “I am glad, that is one less thug who will be shooting unarmed people and pet dogs. I have gotten some funny looks. I don’t know if they were from off-duty cops.

      • What is closely akin is no deaths during routine traffic stops. What is telling is the words of the cops themselves: “we don’t know who we are stopping”. Translation: we pretend to have a legitimate danger every time we utter the phrase “we don’t know”.

        I’ve witnessed just enough surreal nonsense from all levels of government in recent years that it would not surprise me at all to discover that many of these cop deaths every year were the fruits of false-flag operations designed to justify ratcheting up the totalitarian controls levels even further. Is it at all farfetched to believe that a few low-level bullet-stoppers in blue would be sacrificed for the greater goal of omnipotence by the State (hey, the military does it all the time)?

        • Dear lib,

          The PTB had no qualms about Project Northwoods, which as eventually executed in modified form on September 11, 2001.

          Several thousand people were murdered in cold blood.

          Why would the PTB even think twice about sacrificing a few pawns for their larger goals?

          They wouldn’t even blink.

  12. 114?

    Not even close.

    The article’s source, ODMP, shows that of the total of 114, just under half were accidental or health related; heart attacks and so on.

    You are 58 times more likely to be killed by a cop than a terrorist in AmeriKa.

  13. Former colonies sometimes get uppity. Sometimes they’re even allowed to “win” their independence. (wink wink nudge nudge). Fear not, the US is pre-approved to rejoin the modern British Commonwealth via a simple straightforward process. All is forgiven. What could it hurt, really?

    The United States could join the 54 members of the Commonwealth of Nations under the Edinburgh criteria upon: Accepting the Harare principles. Recognising the Queen as the Head of the Commonwealth. Accepting the English language as the means of Commonwealth communication. And respecting the wishes of the general population vis-à-vis Commonwealth membership. We’ve an explicit invite to join, as does Israel.

    Israel: part of the British Mandate of Palestine until 1948. Israel’s eligibility was declared in 2006 by the Commonwealth secretary-general.

    USA: Non-member state that was a British protectorate, Colony, Mandate or under some other type of British administration. 100% eligible.

    The Harare Principles are probably the greatest soft power / actual power principles that exist in the world today.
    Harare Dec
    — — —

    adorbs mother daughter duet singing in the car

  14. War makes thieves, and peace hangs them.

    – Basically, this means: American PTBs don’t dare allow peace to break out. If they ever did, they’d have a whole world of enemies eager to get to the bottom of all their crimes and thefts. They’d lose a lot of their stolen loot. They’d have to sacrifice a lot of their allies and cohorts, just to escape with their skins still intact.

    Lists of wars involving the unitedState

    American use of war pretext incidents.

    Not sure why all the other fake wars aren’t also on this list. 1776. 1812. 1861. Wars are always about enriching a small class of insiders at the expense of the greater population and the lesser competing powers of society.

    The Northies vs. Southies Shiv-il War was a prison-rules gang-territory war, and nothing more.

    Art of War – Niccolo Machiavelli

  15. 3500 year old explanation of A is A. Of the Aristotelian Axiom: Nothing is in the intellect that was not first in the senses. Existence exists.

    As an illustration. Consider men’s ability to get a more abundant supply of milk by feeding the cow more plentifully. This proves that man can attain mastery over nature only by recognizing the laws of nature.

    This doctrine of svabhava remains of considerable interest because we see in it a distinct tendency to oppose the theistic assumption from the point of view of positive science. In the clash between the ‘doctrine of God’ and ‘the doctrine of Nature’ we have our earliest glimpse of the conflict between religion and science that took place in ancient Indian history.

    Why is it necessary to postulate any extra-natural cause, over and above the merely natural, to explain changes and modifications.The evidence of the necessity of the physiological apparatus of the female animal for milk production does not indicate any extra-natural cause.

    From the point of view of svabhava vada, the cause of milk would not be grass as such but the entire natural complex consisting of grass-as-eaten-by-the-cow. Svabhava vada can only be refuted on the basis of the demonstration that some further spiritual factor is necessary for the causation of milk.

    So if you have a cow and grass. What need have you for any esoteric imagined thing beyond this. If some god or supernatural force is needed to bring forth milk from a cow, where is your proof of this required extra thing?

    According to svabhava-vada, the exclusive reality of natural causation is the ground for the total rejection of the possibility of any supernatural causation.

    Nature by its own inherent efficacy accounts for the origin and maintenance of the world. Svabhava-vada considers the concept of a first cause (of a God) over and above the natural laws to be fictitious.

    By svabhava is meant the power invariably belonging to the material objects, as for instance the radiation of heat by fire.

    The naturalists claim as follows. By svabhava is meant the transformation of objects by themselves – because of their inherent nature. Everything that exists comes into being because of the operation of svabhava.

    Thus, for instance, earth is transformed into pot and not into cloth. From the threads, again, is produced the cloth and not the pot. Such regular occurrence cannot happen without the operation of svabhava. Therefore, everything is to be finally viewed as svabhava. So it is said:

    Who makes the thorn sharp? And the beasts and birds so varied?
    All these come to being from svabhava. There is none whose desire forms them; what is the use of postulating any supernatural effort?

    The thorns of the palm-tree are sharp, Some of these are straight, some others twisted. But its fruit is round. Tell us, who has shaped these?

    Objects when let alone require svabhava. Even the boiling of beans cannot occur without svabhava. In spite of the presence of the cooking-pot, fuel, time, the stone chips resembling beans cannot be boiled. A natural cause is required. There is no supernatural cause that will provide the beans nor boil the beans.

    Things are as their nature makes them. This is the universality of causality. Which only traces all changes to the thing itself.

    Hence, according to svabhava-vada, it is not a law-less world in which we live, but only there is no external principle governing it. It is self-determined, not undetermined. What needs to noticed about it first is its positivistic character which is implied by the contrast that is sometimes drawn between it and the misguided belief in the supernatural.

    svabhava-vada, in its earliest stage, was some form of an independent world-view without any rigid affiliation to any philosophical system. The oldest of Indian philosophies were science-motivated.

    As unconscious milk flows forth from its own nature merely for the nourishment of the young animal, and as unconscious water, from its own nature flows along for the benefit of mankind, so the pradhana also, though unconscious, may be supposed to move from its own highest nature merely for the purpose of effecting the highest end of man.

    Just as grass, herbs, and water, independently of any other instrumental cause transform themselves, by their own nature into milk, so we assume, the pradhana also transforms itself into the Great Principle.

    If you ask how we know that grass transforms itself independently of any instrumental cause, we reply: Because no such cause is observed. For, if we did perceive some such cause, we certainly should apply it to grass, according to our liking, and thereby produce milk.

    But, as a matter of fact, we do no such thing. Hence, the transformation of grass and the like must be considered to be due to its own nature merely, and we may infer therefrom that the transformation of the pradhana is of the same kind.

    Grass becomes milk only when it is eaten by a cow or some other female animal, not if it is left either uneaten or is eaten by a bull. If the transformation had no special cause, grass would become milk even on other conditions than that of entering a cow’s body

    Men are also able, by applying a means in their power, to produce milk from grass and herbs: for when they wish to produce a more abundant supply of milk they feed the cow more plentifully and thus obtain more milk from her.

    • Thanks for the education. I like this philosophy. It makes not only sense….logically, but sense as in “perfection”. It brings a certain joy to things.

      I’m not sure how I made this transition or maybe it’s simply a corollary but the words of Commander Cody come to mind in the naturalness of it all. Too much fun, it’s news to me, too much fun, there must be a whole lotta things that I ain’t done, I ain’t never had too much fun. Every story’s got a moral and mine does too
      It ain’t nobody’s business whatever you do
      All of us got weird notions of time
      The Lord only knows that I sure got mine
      I’m public enemy number one
      All because I wanna have too much fun

      The corollary I suppose is every incarceration I’ve endured was because of nothing more than having too much fun…..as defined by someone else. That’s not natural but a construct of gunvermint.

      • Too Much Fun. 1973 C. Cody.

        Too Much Fun. 1995 D. Singletary.

        There’s also 1999 and 2014 versions, but they’re both intolerable.

        Semi-Truck. CC&HLPA.

        Truck Stop Rock. CC&HLPA.

        Mama Hated Diesels. CC&HLPA.

        Mama hated diesel so bad
        I guess I knew it was something to do with Dad
        The first time I seen her cry
        Was after one of them things went by

        Now it’s me and the local preacher
        Standing in the graveyard grass
        Staring down at the highway
        Watching those big boys pass

        Well he laid his hand upon me
        And he prayed for quite some time
        But I could barely understand the words he said
        Behind that highway’s whine

        Then he handed me a faded photograph
        He said he found it in my mama’s hand
        He said “Son I’m afraid that you and this picture
        Were the best your Mama ever had”

        Well I looked down at that picture
        It was Mama and some guy
        Standing in front of a semi-truck
        “Just Married” painted on the side.

        • I once had a Freightliner cabover with a “home-made” Cummins that was a beast. Had a custom diamond pleat interior. With double 5″ stacks and no mufflers it was quiet in the cab but I always had to stand on it going under overpasses just to hear that bad boy scream.

          Once a DOT type asked Where are the mufflers? Right there I said as I pointed at that big turbo. He laughed. That was the olden days.

          My buds used to holler “hey Deadman, throw us a line” when I went by. When I’d go by they’d cut their lights early if they knew me and I’d whip in and give them a draft and pull one or two along with me. I’d slow down if it was the right guy I could trust and let him get right on my tail and then take him with me when I got back in it. Trucking was a lot of fun back then. Trouble? Plenty of other truckers would stop and stay with you till you got er fixed or hollered calf rope and hitched a ride.

          No instant on radar and not much radar for the most part and even if you did get stopped for speeding back then most of the DOT were gearheads enough to let you go.

          I had 50,000 miles on that engine in 3 months and would you believe a 5 cent stud holding the air cleaner element in broke off and went through that engine? It got rebuilt but was never quite the same(dealership option).

          And the wife of the mechanic who was tasked with rebuilding it stopped by and picked him up and me too and got us both real stoned. Dropped me off at the interstate where I had to wait every bit of 30 seconds till a young nurse stopped and gave me a ride almost home.

          Back then people never considered what might be in that shave kit and didn’t really care. Mine had a Browning HP in it because of those nights on the docks. Those really were the days and I’d go back in a heartbeat.

          P.S. I’ve been really sick with a sinus infection, strep throat(no voice for a month) and pneumonia for the last couple months and have not worked in 3 weeks so if some of my comments are sorta out there….well…….My last day of work was Friday the 13th when the DOT shut me down. I know that big Detroit would cure me if I just had a load…..maybe tomorrow.

  16. It’s about time, “hands up” hand compliance has been a best practice in most other forms of robbery for years now, leave it to the dim-witted cops to apply it to there style of wallet larceny late in the game. It’s nice they are more open about that they are robbing us by the way they are conducting themselves now. Next on the agenda, “put your face down and count to 100 before looking up”

    • Since I got worked over pretty hard by the DOT Friday the 13th(March) this year, I had to look at the calendar. I intended to beg off on the one in March since I have a long, sordid history with Friday the 13th and this year has been no exception. I’m shy of that date. We had one also in February and I got stuck without a ride in McCulloch county that day. So I jumped into the Pete with a few inches of fuel in one tank(the only one hooked up) and got home on fumes. With a hard N wind and dark coming on, I’d have taken anything with keys in it. We have another this year in November. I need a frag grenade for the next one. Cancel that. I’d probably blow myself into next year.

      • Hey 8, some years ago I hit a buck whitetailed deer on Friday the 13th in Iowa with my 800 series KW that had a 550 CAT engine. That deer bent in my grill, rolled underneath, and somehow ripped a brakeline and punctured the sidewall of a tire on my dropdeck flatbed trailer.
        I had to report the incident to a cop for insurance purposes. An older state trooper came by and asked me what had happened. I told him that the buck had learned about the winners on both sides of the same collectivist political party presidential primaries and didn’t like the results. He knew that it was Friday, the 13th., and he decided that it was a great day to commit suicide by running out in front of a semi truck.
        That cop laughed his ass off at my spontaneous joke. He later even confided to me that there were too many stupid laws. This was one guy who I would not consider to be an all out coproach. He has probably been retired since then and replaced by one though.

  17. My feelings as a Christian points me to my Lord and Savior as a fighter. It points me to the man who once in loneliness, surrounded only by a few followers, recognized these Jews for what they were and summoned men to fight against them and who, God’s truth! was greatest not as a sufferer but as a fighter.

    In boundless love as a Christian and as a man I read through the passage which tells us how the Lord at last rose in His might and seized the scourge to drive out of the Temple the brood of vipers and adders. How terrific was His fight for the world against the Jewish poison.

    To-day, after two thousand years, with deepest emotion I recognize more profoundly than ever before in the fact that it was for this that He had to shed His blood upon the Cross. As a Christian I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice. And if there is anything which could demonstrate that we are acting rightly it is the distress that daily grows.

    For as a Christian I have also a duty to my own people. When I go out in the morning and see these men standing in their queues and look into their pinched faces, then I believe I would be no Christian, but a very devil if I felt no pity for them, if I did not, as did our Lord two thousand years ago, turn against those by whom to-day this poor people is plundered and exploited.

    -Adolf Hitler, speech in Munich on 12 April 1922.
    – –

    I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord. page 60 of Mein Kampf. Adolf Hitler.

    • Jesus Christ was a super Jew who hated the common Jews because they obeyed Roman laws. Jesus praised the Holy Maccabean Martyrs. This mother and her seven sons were tortured to death by their Greek overlords because they refused to be obedient.

      Never forget that Jesus Christ was a criminal who was crucified by the police state.

      • I’ll tell a tale of Maccabees in Israel. When the Greeks tried to assail but it was all to no avail. The war went on and on and on. Until the mighty Greeks were gone.

        I flip my latkes in the air sometimes. Sayin’ hey-o, spin the dreidel. Just wanna celebrate for all eight nights. Singin’, hey-o, light the candle. We say, “Al hanissim”, oh yeah, for all eight nights. Then we play dreidel by the candlelight. We say, “Maoz tzur”, oh yeah, for all eight nights. Then we play dreidel by the candlelight.

        And the great menorah. For eight days, it kept on burning. What a celebration. A great return to Torah learning. ‘Cause I can feel it. And I Nes gadol, nes gadol Nes gadol hayah sham. Nes gadol hayah sham. Nes gadol hayah sham. And now I told you once, and now I told you twice. About the miracle of the candlelight.

  18. As a longtime reader, I appreciate your ideas and know that you are providing a valuable service, Eric. Your articles are funny, insightful and you frequently get me wound up. Cops and clovers are guarantees.

    Your ideas are seeds. More people need to hear them and get informed, but I sadly don’t believe that ideas alone will turn the tide. I frequently feel that pang of guilt that I am unwilling to be the one who “initiates” contact. Sadly, I’m just another husband and father that is fed up with all this nonsense. I sense there are many of us, a great many. We sit, angered and fed up, yet frustrated because we know that, deep down, we are unwilling to do what’s necessary to usher in real change.

    When those more bold, or more frustrated, or just plain pissed off light that candle, many will follow. Until then, people sit and simmer. Someone….on our side or theirs, will push that final button and then all bets are off. People, even nice law-abiding veterans have limits. I suspect more than one person is approaching theirs.

    • Until we have a sufficient following (majority not needed, but a sizable plurality), armed rebellion is useless, doomed to fail. But when we reach it, armed rebellion will be unnecessary.

      • There is nothing wrong with failure. Honorable defeat takes courage. What is wrong is American culture: look stupid, act helpless, chant “what good will that do”.

        • So the history books say, but they are always written by the winners. I have friends, serious scholars, who claim it was not necessary. It may have taken a bit longer, but it would have happened. Witness Canada, Australia and India – other colonies.
          Likewise the British Empire abolished slavery without a war.

          • 8 of the 56 signers of the DOI were native born British.

            Why did the colonists want independence? How were they able to achieve a victory over what was at the time the world’s preeminent military power? What were the consequences of achieving independence?

            The actual economic reasons for the American Revolutionary War.

            As a part of the British Empire the colonies were protected from foreign invasion by the British military. In return, the colonists paid relatively few taxes and could engage in domestic economic activity without much interference from the British government.

            For the most part the colonists were only forced to adhere to regulations concerning foreign trade. In a series of acts passed by Parliament during the seventeenth century the Navigation Acts required that all trade within the British Empire be conducted on ships which were constructed, owned and largely manned by British citizens.

            Western Land Policies

            The movement for independence arose in the colonies following a series of critical decisions made by the British government after the end of the war with France in 1763. There were fundamental changes in British economic policy toward the American colonies.

            The first involved western land. With the acquisition from the French of the territory between the Allegheny Mountains and the Mississippi River the British decided to isolate the area from the rest of the colonies.

            Under the terms of the Proclamation of 1763 and the Quebec Act of 1774, colonists were not allowed to settle there or trade with the Indians without the permission of the British government.

            These actions nullified the claims to land in the area by a host of American colonies, individuals, and land companies. The policy was put in place to maintain British control of the fur trade in the West by restricting settlement by the Americans. But it had a toxic side effect of stirring up a hornets nest of newly impoverished settlers, forced from their lands.

            Tax Policies

            The second fundamental change involved taxation. The British victory over the French came at a high price. Domestic taxes had been raised substantially during the war and total British Empire government debt had increased nearly twofold.

            The British decided in 1763 to place a standing army of 10,000 men in North America. The bulk of these forces were stationed in newly acquired territory to enforce its new land policy in the West.

            Forts were built which were to become the new centers of trade with the Indians. The British decided that the Americans should share the costs of the military buildup in the colonies. They were taxed to fund their own oppression and wholesale property confiscation.

            Taxes were significantly higher in Britain than in the colonies. One estimate suggests the per capita tax burden in the colonies ranged from two to four per cent of that in Britain. Those in power in British decided that the Americans must begin to pay a larger share of the expenses of the empire.

            A series of tax acts were passed by Parliament the revenue from which was to be used to help pay for the standing army in America. The first was the Sugar Act of 1764. This act lowered tariff rates on non-British products from the West Indies as well as strengthened their collection.

            It was hoped this would reduce the incentive for smuggling and thereby increase tariff revenue. The following year Parliament passed the Stamp Act that imposed a tax commonly used in England.

            It required stamps for a broad range of legal documents as well as newspapers and pamphlets. While the colonial stamp duties were less than those in England they still generated enough revenue to finance a substantial portion of the cost the new standing army.

            The same year the Quartering Act was imposed. This a tax required the colonists to provide British military units with housing, provisions, and transportation.

            In 1767 the Townshend Acts imposed tariffs upon a variety of imported goods and established a Board of Customs Commissioners in the colonies to collect the revenue.

            American opposition to these acts was expressed initially in a variety of peaceful forms. Boycotts, petitions, and lobbying.
            The boycott was so successful in reducing trade that English merchants lobbied Parliament for the repeal of the new taxes.

            Parliament soon responded to the political pressure. In 1766 it repealed both the Stamp and Sugar Acts. In response to the Townshend Acts of 1767 a second major boycott started in 1768 in Boston and New York and subsequently spread to other cities leading Parliament in 1770 to repeal all of the Townshend duties except the one on tea. In addition, Parliament not to renew the Quartering Act.

            With these actions taken by Parliament the Americans appeared to have successfully overturned the new British post war tax agenda.

            However, Parliament had not given up what it believed to be its right to tax the colonies. On the same day it repealed the Stamp Act, Parliament passed the Declaratory Act stating the British government had the full power and authority to make laws governing the colonies in all cases whatsoever including taxation. Unfortunately only policies and not principles had been overturned by the colonist’s efforts.

            The British Empire became fractured and disorganized. It began to careen wildly between a soft administrative touch, and an unforgiving and brutal hard line.

            Americans viewed all of this intolerable wishy-washy-ness as a blatant abuse of power by the British government. A call went out for a colonial congress to sort out a response.

            On September 5, 1774 delegates appointed by the colonies met in Philadelphia for the First Continental Congress. Drawing upon the successful manner in which previous acts had been overturned the Congress organized a comprehensive embargo of trade with Britain.

            It conveyed to the British government a list of grievances that demanded the repeal of thirteen acts of Parliament. All of the acts listed had been passed after 1763 as the delegates had agreed not to question British policies made prior to the conclusion of the Seven Years War.

            The Tea Act was not even on the list. The reason for this was that Congress decided not to protest British regulation of colonial trade under the Navigation Acts. In short, the colonial delegates were saying to British Parliament: just take us back to 1763 and all will again be well.

          • Of note, though: Gandhi noted his peaceful methods would not have worked, had it not been specifically the British of the time, that he was facing.
            Gandhi made them accept the Indians as human, not just “WOGs.”
            He forced them to face the inhumanity of their laws.

            Do you think his approach would have been useful when the police shoot first, then forget to even ask the questions?

            At the same time, we DO seem to be a more violent breed here. Slavery was abolished elsewhere without a civil war. Here, we had a bloody, brutal war, which resulted in free slaves. [I am aware that slavery was not THE cause, but an excuse is still a greivance.]

            Would it have been necessary to fight the Revolutionary war? Not sure, it’s the path not taken. We might be living a very different life in a very different society. I do not believe that the US would’ve been allowed to go peacefully, though – too much treasure here to be exploited.

            There is the traditional problem of violence, too – that whatever the plan, whatever the cause, something forged in blood and violence will only lead to more blood and violence.
            India/Pakistan is proof that that is irrelevant, however. You may be a pacifist, it won’t protect you from those who have violence in their heart.

            Just rambling at this point, so i’ll stop wasting space. 😉

            • Slavery was the cause of the Civil War; that was the passionate issue of the day that sparked anger. I have heard your kind of nonsense before, always without an explanation of what did anger the South to fire on Fort Sumter. If you want to chirp States Rights, what cherished freedom was the North stopping?

              • The States had the right to secede. It may have been slavery that led them to secede, but that was NOT the cause of the war. Lincoln did not want the South to secede, because he wanted the tariff income. HE started the war, even tho SC may have fired the first shots.

                  • I’ll answer your question with a question.

                    Do you think you have the right to permanently leave the united States?

                    If so, explain with passion and if you do have the right. Tell me the number of individuals it will take before the right ceases to exist.

                    David Ward
                    Memphis, Tennessee

                    P.S. I should note to everyone, the English Colonies seceded from the United Kingdom. So if a state doesn’t have the right to leave the united States then the colonies didn’t either. That merely means since the colonies didn’t have the right to leave they are still part of the UK.

                    I know some people want to have their cake and eat it too but i literally isn’t possible you either support a right or you don’t.

                    As for slavery in 1860. It really wasn’t the issue that started the war. Lincoln literally stated, “My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union (AKA Tax REVENUE), and is not either to save or to destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone I would also do that.”

                    To put a point to it, “I have heard your kind of nonsense before, always without an explanation of what did anger the South to fire on Fort Sumter. If you want to chirp States Rights, what cherished freedom was the North stopping?”

                    The Liberty to keep the fruit of one’s labors without oppressive taxation is your answer. If you have issues with that, I suggest you read the works of Thomas DiLorenzo regarding Lincoln.

                    Another suggestion is to read Lincoln’s first inaugural address upon his being sworn in (He stresses the collection of tax revenue heavily. BTW, this is 2 years before the above listed “Save the Union” quote in the Horace Greeley letter.). It is very very enlightening. BTW, several southern states left the union before he was sworn in.

                    Also of note, Lincoln ordered naval blockades of southern ports for the purpose of tariff collection. A naval blockade is a form of siege which is an act of war even though no shots are fired. Makes you wonder eh?

                    Someone sealed access to my house I’d shoot to end that seal.

              • Ramrod, here’s some more nonsense. And if it’s not enough, you can now read Lincoln’s writings where he says repeatedly he has no intention of keeping blacks in this country or trying to integrate them into society with whites. He also says he has doubts about them being homo sapiens since at the time, very few whites had ever seen black people. I’ll lecture you on the cause of the firing on Ft. Sumptner sometime when I’m not sick.

                ⌂ Home

                  • If he was hiding it, it was a really long range plan, dating back before he ran for the Senate. He really did not care if slavery remained in the South, because he hated blacks. He was committed to stopping the SPREAD of slavery into the territories, because he wanted NO blacks there.
                    He wanted the ‘free’ blacks to go back to Africa, hence Liberia.

                    • I won’t say that you can’t be correct. I am not a mind reader. This is the kind of guess work were reasonable minds can disagree.

              • The primary issue were federal tariffs. The southern states did a lot of import/export business and they were taxed by the federal government who then used those monies for corporate welfare in the north.

                As to the fort, it was the usual federal government ploy of angering others until they did something and then claiming to be an innocent victim. Not only would the federal government not vacate I recall it was also hindering the import/export economy of the south.

                Lincoln made it very clear that he accepted slavery, he just didn’t want black people to spread beyond where they already were and preferred removing them from the country if he could.

                • Brent,

                  What is not played at all in history is that Fort Sumter was not really a garrison of troops but a U.S. Customs Tariff collection station. As such, a detachment of military was present to make sure all goods were presented for inspection and duty. A side note. Not one person was injured during the skirmish. That is essentially what it was. Also, of note all of the individuals that left the Customs Station were allowed to retain their arms and to return to the north as there was belief by the state of South Carolina that a state of war existed.

                  David Ward
                  Memphis, Tennessee.

                  • I want to also note, U.S. Customs didn’t have the policing force it does now. The military had to provide said muscle.

                    David Ward
                    Memphis, Tennessee

                  • ACK! Phffftt! A state of War DID NOT EXIST. Sheesh. I, too, am suffering from not only a Sinus infection but additionally a Ear infection. Sorry for the confusion.

                • “The southern states did a lot of import/export business” right Brent, the south was primarily agricultural, and produced more than the US could use. The north was primarily industrial, and wanted the “protection” of tariffs against imported competition.

                • I get it. Southerners didn’t want to pay excise taxes so that they could be more filthy rich. Southerners were selfish and greedy. The did not care about the United States or the Southern States. They did not care that the Negros that they used would someday become feral and destroy one neighborhood after another.

                  • Ramrod, I want to have a car company of my very own. If I can manage to get enough senators and congressmen on my side you wouldn’t mind paying more in taxes to make my dream come true, right? You’re not selfish or greedy or any of those things right? You’re perfectly willing to pay taxes so I can build my manufacturing company without financial risk to myself, correct?

                    • My concern about your car company is importing Negro slaves who will become feral and destroy one formerly decent White neighborhood after another.

                    • You didn’t answer the question Ramrod, would you like to pay more in taxes so I can take a start a business with no personal financial risk?

                    • Brent, there is no answer to a stupid question. I am sure that I am not the only one who has told you this.

              • I had not realized the relations ship between these words. Thank you.
                According to the online dictionary I saw, to violate is to treat with violence.

          • Slavery simply died out since it wasn’t really economically viable in the long run. The US is the ONLY country where a war was supposedly fought to end slavery even though slavery had nothing to do with it.

            Like all pols, Lincoln had many advisers and lots of pollsters. Two months before the election he was told by his owners he’s have to align himself with the abolitionists who he abhorred to get the votes he needed.

            Lincoln says repeatedly in his writings he has no idea how whites and black could live together. At the time of his death he was working with Charles Du Bois in an attempt to successfully carry out du Bois’ idea of sending blacks back to Africa via du Bois’ Black Back to Africa Movement.

            Don’t make me dig my old tom duBois up and make him explain it. What a great cat, black as night and loved bourbon and water…..and Peter’s Professional. He liked catching a buzz too.

            • You are cavalier about slavery and its demise. You want to ignore that the slaves were Negros who became feral and are destroying one formally decent White neighborhood after another.

              • Not saying I agree w/u, but IF they are feral, it was not a natural process. It is due to the bleeding heart leftists who created the welfare state – Uncle Sam’s plantation.

                • The bleeding heart leftists now call themselves progressives. You can view them on Daily Kos or Mother Jones. Their poster girl for benevolent dictator is U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren.

                  • Hi Ramrod,

                    In re “Progressives”:

                    Just another label for authoritarian collectivists. This is the defining, the critical thing.

                    And “conservatives” are just as “progressive” in that respect.

                • Hi Phillip,

                  Yup. And you can see exactly the same result with regard to what’s known in these parts as po’ white trash.

              • Ramrod, the declines happened after roughly 1965. In the face of great racism people were able to build communities and economies. That was wrecked through government in a number of ways.

                Don’t worry, government is doing that to everyone that isn’t in the club. It’s just doing it one group at a time.

                • Very insightful, as always, Brent. They went to work to destroy the black family and black neighborhoods/social networks, and they did it in a way to foment white ill feelings against the black race. In effect, they re-enslaved the black population. And now they’ve gone along way to enslaving the white population, which wasn’t perceptive enough to see what was happening and bought into the racial divide. Divide and conquer. One group at a time, as you said.

                  • Very insightful about what “they” did; but, not perceptive enough to point out that “they” were Black themselves. As we say on the South Side of Chicago: “they are their own worse enemies”.

                    • All the real leaders got shot. All the hustlers who were more interested in their own personal wealth didn’t. That should help you figure it out Ramrod.

                    • It is not hard to figure out what your own two eyes see: Obama morphed himself from race hustler into vote hustler.

                    • Hi Ramrod,

                      My take: America is a not a nation; a distinct people/culture… not any longer. It is held together by force at this point. “Consent of the governed” is an absurdity; a sick joke.

                      We are right now in a cold civil war. Or – more precisely – a cold war of secession. Irreconcilable differences. I’d like for it to elaborate peacefully. But it may come to blows.

                  • Well, they had to try a different approach after Hitler gave eugenics a bad name. But there are a disproportionate number of Planned Parenthood ‘clinics’ in predominately black neighborhoods.

              • Hi Ram,

                I recommend you read some of Tom DiLorenzo’s books to learn more about the economic and political reasons behind the (my term) war of Northern Consolidation. Slavery was incidental – and not the reason nor the motive for the war. One of the most trenchant – because absolutely factual – points made by DiLorenzo is that the Northern population was, overwhelmingly, opposed to fighting a war to “free the slaves.” What they did support was a war to impose the North upon the South, to “save the union.”

                • You, and many like you, are invested in the denial that the Civil War was about slavery. There is nothing contained in any book about the passionate Sunday sermons that Southerners listened to about the Bible condemning excise tax. There were passionate sermons about the downfall of the Black man.

                  • Slavery was the pretext – not the reason.

                    There is a difference.

                    The situation them was analogous to the “fight fer freedom” in Iraq.

                    • Eric, I don’t expect you to know these things off the top of your head. You might want to do some future research. Facts are supported by records: news papers, pamphlets, letters from soldiers.

                      You might be correct. God bless you.

                  • Dear Ross,

                    If you don’t believe Eric, how about believing Honest Abe himself?

                    In an August 22, 1862, letter to New York Tribune editor Horace Greeley he [Lincoln] explained to the world what the war was about:

                    My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and it is not either to save or destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slave, I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone I would also do that. What I do about slavery, and the colored race, I do because I believe it helps to save the Union.

                    • I don’t believe Abe because he was not motivated by honesty. He was motivated to say what was popular so that he could get elected. This was as true back then as it is now.

                • Most of the Northern population had never been farther than 25 miles from their farms. They didn’t know what a “union” was.

                  • Ramrod,

                    Sentiment in the North was extremely pervasive that “the union” must be preserved – at bayonet point, if necessary. There was tremendous antipathy toward the South in the North and not “because slavery.” This is a modern politically correct orthodoxy that is Orwellian in its historical falsehood. The North was virulently racist notwithstanding that chattel slavery had been outlawed; in no way did this mean most Northerners or even large numbers of them considered blacks their equals and wanted them admitted as full members of society.

                    Lincoln certainly did not.

                    The fact is Lincoln had major trouble summoning political support for the war on the basis of slavery. People refused to enlist. There were draft riots. It was only when the war aim became the subjugation of the South to “save the union” that political support materialized. And even then, Lincoln had to resort to mercenaries and a draft as well as egregiously tyrannical acts to achieve his aims.

                    The issue that drove the war was whether the central government was the ultimate sovereign or the states (and by implication, the people within the states). They were called states for a reason, incidentally. Not “districts” or “gaus.”

                    States are independent, sovereign entities. The people of the founding generation considered their home states their countries. The federal government was merely meant to be a very limited entity established by the voluntary consent of the states (consent which could be rescinded at any time) for limited purposes, such as a common national defense. But the states (and people within each state) were considered the ultimate sovereign.

                    All the foregoing was taken as a given at the time of the Articles of Confederation. The Constitution attempted to subvert this and laid the groundwork for its eventual actual subversion.

                    The North – which controlled the federal government – needed the South’s money (via tariffs) and also coveted power – absolute power – over the entire country.

                    As DiLorenzo points out in his books, the fact is Lincoln promised to enshrine Southern slavery in the Constitution by amendment if the South agreed to remain within the union.

                    You might also read up on Abe’s views regarding blacks.

                    • eric, and as you say, the only part of the Constitution(originally) that allowed for a tax on the states was exactly the establishment of a federal army for the DEFENSE of those states. By that same token, every state was free to dissolve it’s bonds with the other states, to not pay taxes for establishment of federal protection from enemies, foreign or domestic.
                      It was, almost exclusively, the old European money that bankrolled Lincoln, mostly England.
                      13 free and sovereign states were more than they could allow…..and they weren’t good ol boys.

                      I don’t know if things would have happened differently but I expect to some degree that would have been the case had the 13 colonies stayed with the basic Articles of Confederation. At this point we can only speculate.

                    • The ruling class in the North wanted the South’s money. The underclass fought because they would be harmed by their rulers if they didn’t. Those members of the underclass who were enthusiastic about the war were religiously preached to about the evils of slavery. They admired John Brown. They wanted to “set men free”. They didn’t care about excise taxes.

                      I am not disputing that Lincoln and his henchmen were rotten people.

  19. Wondering what had prompted adoption of this abomination, I went to the Topeka police website. According to their Fallen Officers webpage, one cop was killed @ six months ago, and two more a couple of years before that. Prior to that, Topeka cops were killed by gunfire in 1995, 1955, 1921, and 1912. I suppose that from the viewpoint of an armed and armored ‘hero in blue’, there HAS been a sudden rash of cop killings. That still doesn’t justify the new policy.

  20. recent stats from FBI show that you’re about 20-30X more likely to be killed by a US cop than to be killed by a arab terrorist..just sayin.

    • Hi Fred,


      Dunno about you, but a “radical Muslim” has not taken away any of my freedoms.

      American – mostly white & Christian – politicians and cops have.

      • Calling themselves Christian. Not in accordance with ‘the Rule Book’ or, as I sometimes refer to it, ‘The Manufacturer’s Handbook.’

      • “Dunno about you, but a “radical Muslim” has not taken away any of my freedoms.

        American – mostly white & Christian – politicians and cops have.”

        Don’t mistake my next comment for cop enamorment.
        Not 20 minutes ago my wife, who works in the neo-natal intensive care unit as an RN, was saying how most of the babies, now being cared for, are of arabic origin rather than spanish or black. Maybe you won’t have to wait that long for that to change.

        • Hi Noway,

          Perhaps. But do they “hate us for our freedoms”? (Not much of that left to hate.) Or is it because “we” – that is, the powers that control the show – have an egregious record of mucking around with their countries? Of murdering their people by the thousands?

          • Back in 2007, Ron Paul described this on national TV as ‘blowback.’ Rudy Giuliani claimed he had never heard of such an outrage and demanded an apology.

          • No, they hate us because we are not moslem. We do not believe as they do and therefore they must impose sharia law for our own good. In their view, (the haters) we have three choices; convert to islam, pay an exorbitant tax, or be killed. End of story!

            • Hi Noway,

              And that same charge can be directed with equal validity at Christians, especially the twice-born/Pentacostal sort. Some of their leaders openly advocate theocracy – with “unbelievers” given the status of untermenschen, if not worse. This is not a matter of opinion; it’s a matter of fact.

              Islam is more actively violent now – but Christianity has a pretty god-awful record in that respect, too.

              The problem – unmentionable – is that all the Abrahamic religions are fundamentally violent, tribal, with-us-or-against-us. Christian holy books seep with genocidal lust and horrific tales of “holy” mass murder.

              It (Christianity) has been quiet – mostly – of late, but only because it really had no choice.

              That may, of course, change.

              If you know any twice-born types, you will admit – I hope – the glib violence and casting out that they routinely evidence with regard to those they consider not part of their community, who do not share their beliefs.

              • Exactly. Notice how many want to control religion and government. There’s a reason they want both.

                The twice born types want you to be born again. And you want it too, unless you don’t value your life.

                If you hear politicians spouting their religion, run. If you hear religions spouting shit in favor of government. Run. The church and the state…..it’s the worst concoction ever concocted.

                • Dear ancap,

                  “Notice how many want to control religion and government. There’s a reason they want both. ”

                  Ayn Rand talked about that.

                  She uses two terms to illustrate the most notorious individuals who have played a role in the history of philosophy: “Attila” and “Witch Doctor”. She categorizes various participants in human history, who have been a force for evil in her view, as being an “Attila” or “Witch Doctor”. An “Attila” is someone in history who used physical (“brute”) force to accomplish goals. A “Witch Doctor” is someone (often a philosopher, religious person, or other type of intellectual) who has used the written or spoken word to persuade people to go against their rational minds, often to the advantage of the “Attila” who is currently in power.

                  Basically the Neocons are the current Attilas, and the Christian Zionists are the current Witch Doctors.

                  • Morning, Bevin!

                    Yesterday, I happened to hear a particularly odious (but illustrative) fellating of the neocon worldview by Glenn Beck. I could almost picture him on his knees, rapturously being golden showered by “Bibi” Netanyahu!

                    • Google Glen Beck’s Mansion. He has made a nice living pretending to be concerned about others.

                    • Yup.

                      Beck – and Rush – opportunistic clowns who’ve made a fortune off the flag-humpers and Bible beaters. I could probably have done it, too.

                      But I prefer to be able to look at myself in the mirror.

                    • Well said. All their money goes to make themselves look important to shallow people like themselves rather than what they think of themselves.

                    • Dear Eric,

                      I’ve stumbled across the name Glen Beck frequently while surfing the net, but never really paid too much attention to his pronouncements.

                      Ran some searches on him. He apparently likes to pose as a libertarian, but is in fact a warfare statist, and wants the US to invade Syria.

                    • He’s insufferable!

                      Another “dry drunk,” too – like The Chimp.

                      Twice-born; has the auto-erotic fixation on All Things Israel characteristic of that bunch…

                    • Glen Beck is a self-styled “fiscal conservative” who can no longer stomach being called a Republican. He has taken a small step or 2 TOWARD libertarianism from a few years ago. But he does not grok (at least not yet) that small gunvermin and empire are mutually exclusive.
                      He also seems to be in thrall to Southern Baptist John Hagee, even though he is a Mormon.
                      “Know thine enemy” – Sun Tzu

                    • Yep.

                      A “fiscal conservative” being one who is more prudent (as he sees it) spending your money, which he takes by force just like the “progressives” he derides.

      • With respect, the Muslims are trying to – google Chicago call to prayer, Muslim No-Go zones.
        There are articles out there about de facto Islamic rule of certain areas, Chicago and Dearbornistan being the top offenders.

        They don’t have the numbers… YET. But their religion is one of conquest and subjugation, so if we give them an inch… [Islam = Submission to, I.E. Onwership By, Allah. Not in the Christian sense of “owned by God, the maker,” either. As in, A slave to Allah. The difference being, Christians must CHOOSE to submit, and are not supposed to convert by the sword. Muslims are told to convert or kill everyone else, to ensure peace on earth. They obey with a slave’s mentality, too. They lose part of being human, that self-ownership, self-determination. And those who are “westernized”, if not doing it for Taqiyya, are in fact apostates to the “radical” Islamists – keep that in mind, too. Islam is incompatible with any other religion, and any secular authority. Divine right of Kings–> Mullahs.]
        Sucks, but – can’t trust them.

        Taqiyya, from Wikipedia:
        In Shi’a Islam, taqiya (تقیة taqiyyah/taqīyah) is a form of religious dissimulation,[1] or a legal dispensation whereby a believing individual can deny his faith or commit otherwise illegal or blasphemous acts, specially while they are in fear or at risk of significant persecution.[2]

        Not from Wikipedia:
        If they are in the realm of the Unbelievers, they are “in fear or at risk of significant persecution.” Simply because they are among “us”… {us = Agnostics, Atheists, Jews, Buddhists, Christians, Pagans, Animist, Shintos, etc, etc, etc. All outisde the House of Islam.]

        Point being: While we need to deal with the problem here first (Gov’t), we need also know there are other threats from the outside.

        • Funny that, I have known Muslims who didn’t seem to care what your religion was. OTOH, I’ve been around a great many white Christians that made me glad I was white right then.

          Is there a difference in the Southern Baptists who raise their children to hate other religions and the radical Muslims who do the same?

          If you went to a nursery in San Antonio you’d be convinced the entire world was about to become Hispanic and they may not be far off the mark but I work and play with Hispanics and we fairly much assimilate and have done so for hundreds of year with each other.

          I have a problem in being able to tell a Chester White from a Yorkshire when they’re first born so how do you know if you’re seeing a Jew or a Muslim? I don’t fear Iran nearly as much(exponentially)as Israel.

          I fear those on Capitol Hill more than any other group in the world including cops who merely do their bidding.

          If the immoral majority on Capitol Hill decreed it, cops would “ask” us to stop, clean our cars and give us refreshment. “Sir, I accidentally sucked up a nice joint off your floorboard….would you like it back? Oh hell no, just keep it, I have plenty more. As you wish sir. Here fella, you look hot, have a cold one. Why, thank you sir”.

          • 8South, I need to sort fo go in line here…
            “Funny that, I have known Muslims who didn’t seem to care what your religion was.”
            Those are the “apostates” per their co-religionists….
            Or, they are performing Taqiyya….

            Since we can’t tell the difference….? Can we afford the risk?

            “OTOH, I’ve been around a great many white Christians that made me glad I was white right then.”
            Same here. Or, wishing I was black. Ain’t nothin’ like walking down the street in Newark, NJ, and the hatred almost peels your flesh off….

            “Is there a difference in the Southern Baptists who raise their children to hate other religions and the radical Muslims who do the same? ”
            No. Same creature, different color.

            “If you went to a nursery in San Antonio you’d be convinced the entire world was about to become Hispanic and they may not be far off the mark but I work and play with Hispanics and we fairly much assimilate and have done so for hundreds of year with each other. ”
            Not true for everyone. Basic group psychology, exactly what results in Clovers…. But they’ll identify with each other more readily than you. However, they like whites more than blacks. (Don’t know about Asians. Never read of any conflicts, but just because I haven’t read of it doesn’t mean there’s no issue.)
            I think most people like those who are “orderly” and work to maintain the world, as opposed to those who act like they want to destroy the world. Funny how that apparrently breaks down along racial lines, too. 😛

            “I have a problem in being able to tell a Chester White from a Yorkshire when they’re first born so how do you know if you’re seeing a Jew or a Muslim? I don’t fear Iran nearly as much(exponentially)as Israel. ”
            Not sure what a Chester White is, doubt it matters. 😉 Comparison-wise, you’re saying, it’s hard to tell one human from another; I agree.
            But it’s then conflated with Jew/Muslim/Christian, etc. If you CAN’T tell the difference, based on appearrance, then in theory? There is none. But see Taqiyya again…. 🙁 Further, the deception can be any religion, so could be that Southern Baptist whatever that’s protesting soldier’s funerals – can’t tell outside of the protest. But the Actions, those tell another story – that protest, the actions of Muslims who would kill us, that blatant stuff? We can deal with that OK. Problem is, again, Taqiyya. How can you tell an honest man from a liar? Only comes over time.
            But there are tells, eventually; and we can then extrapolate a set of “rules” about a type of person.
            Shifty eyes, close-set eyes, twitchy movements, hands always moving, someone who’s always fiddling – we see that as nervousness, which might be a sign of dishonesty, or drug abuse, or fear…
            Well, in similar ways, we see a group of blacks on the streets of Newark, we might walk the other way…. It’s just not worth the risk to find out if they are dangerous, or just won a basketball game…
            If people go to a culture, and do not assimilate, they might be seen as a threat – so, wearing a hijab or a burkha might get the wearer classed as a threat, right or wrong.
            Like seeing someone wearing a yarmulke gets them classified certain ways, too….

            I can’t tell those Southern Baptists bastards from the Lutheran Minister, until the preaching starts….
            Then it becomes fairly evident. (I hope, anyway, I’m not really all that religious… I’ll have time for religion while burning, if you follow…)

            “I fear those on Capitol Hill more than any other group in the world including cops who merely do their bidding. ”

            You and I diverge on this… I have a more tacit fear of the cops, since I’ll meet them more often. The bastards running the show I’ll almost never meet, which is good for their health and well-being. When faced with a rabid dog, you put it down; I’d follow the same strategy with the congressrats, (HNIC)OTUS, etc. I don’t have to have the same nastiness towards police; I can allow them a little more humanity. More like a rattlesnake (perish the analogy) than a rabid dog, you can find the snake, and evade it or outrun it most of the time. it “just wants to go home at the end of the day,” after all. the rabid dog has no such thought…. It just wants to despoil the world.

            The rabid dog is even more dangerous, if you are too close, though – no argument there.

            “If the immoral majority on Capitol Hill decreed it, cops would “ask” us to stop, clean our cars and give us refreshment. “Sir, I accidentally sucked up a nice joint off your floorboard….would you like it back? Oh hell no, just keep it, I have plenty more. As you wish sir. Here fella, you look hot, have a cold one. Why, thank you sir”.”

            Too true… As above. Though right now, they’re like pitbulls being trained to fight, and you’re example is more of a puschophant’s personality… but “orders are orders.” They’d just be “following orders,” so it would all work out, with self-selection solving MOST of our problems….

            Pity we can’t get “the ter’rists” to “handle” our problem for us, but there’s profit in chaos and not much in peace… (and that’s assuming the ter’rists aren’t propped up by our gov’t just to produce fear, panic, populace & population control, and corporate profits)…

            I swear this world would send sane men to drink…. Fortunately I’m not. A drinker, of course. 😉

            • jean, as for my having to deal with cops, I’m literally at their mercy every day. They even have a special corps made to fuck with guys like me and they’ll pull me over to simply try to find something wrong and frequently lie about those supposed infractions.

              3 weeks ago I was stopped by a Tx DOT pos. 14 infractions and a red tag to boot. One infraction was failure to display DOT number. That was simply ludicrous. I could see it, everyone else could, but he just included it without looking or he’s blind. I lost a load of finish rock cause he wouldn’t let me go a few miles to a site and dump it. He’s a very unpopular sort. He even tried to jack with me on my hours and no logging and all he had to do was look at my license and see I’m exempt. I’m grandfathered in and that’s not intended as a double entendre although that wouldn’t be far off the mark.

              No, I have to deal with cops left and right. I may have to start logging and if so, I’ll go back to two sets of logs. Locals can stop me but don’t since they don’t understand logs…..thankfully.

              • Grandfathered in – LOL. Years ago someone got pissed at the lady in Useless who kept my kids in her home daycare – because she would not accept their brat. They tried to drop a dime on her for zoning violation. The Chief of Police didn’t bother to tell this POS that both he and the Mayor had gone to HS with Eileen. Just said the Eileen had been there before Euless had – grandmothered in.

                • well, it was about time age and experience counted for something positive. Otherwise these young shits look at me with pity when I play dumb. They haven’t a clue I did the same to their father and grandfather. Just a good ol boy, never meaning no harm, beats all you never saw been in trouble with the law since the day I was born. Makin my way the only way I know how…..always doin just a little bit more than the law would allow I’m a good ol boy, you know my mama loved me but she didn’t understand why they kept showin my hands and not my face on tv………..

                  • Eightsouthman,

                    Just make sure Uncle Jesse doesn’t tan your hide. 😉

                    Fun show, although I find it hard (now) to believe that I enjoyed watching it when I was younger.

                    • Mithrandir, I didn’t watch tv on a regular basis back then but always got a kick out of that show. Boss Hogg, a 4′ tall fat Jew as the power broker in the SE was hilarious all in itself. It was one scene of over-acting after the other but I was satisfied if Daisy was in it. I’m sitting here looking at a Dukes of Hazzard coffee mug ha ha ha ha.

                      A guy I sometimes trucked with had a new 12 V tv his wife had given him for S Tx. grain harvest. You ended up sitting in miles long lines of trucks waiting to unload, mighty boring A bunch of us sat around sipping cold ones and watched Movin On one night. Listening to us you’d have thought it was the best comedy on tv.

        • ” While we need to deal with the problem here first (Gov’t), we need also know there are other threats from the outside.”
          If we can manage to take care of the gunvermin, I don’t think Islam is going to be a serious problem.
          Biblical Christianity is supposed to be intolerant, not in the sense of persecuting or coercing others, but in ‘accepting no substitutes.’

        • Hi Jean,

          I don’t deny any of that but – as Eight already has – I’d point out that very much the same points can be made against Christianity, too. Intolerant of differences of opinion, hateful – even murderous. Western political and social institutions have tamed these impulses greatly. But they exist, sub rosa, nonetheless.

          As fas as no-go zones:

          We’ve had those here, too.

          For blacks, for non-whites generally; for people who (like me) openly do not “believe.” Even today, in my area (rural South) to openly admit you’re not a “believer” and a “good Christian man” effectively excludes you from general society.

          It’s all crap in my book. If taken seriously.

          I’ve said this before. It’s merely quirky – and even adds a certain color to someone’s personality – when they role-play as a Klingon, attend Star Trek conventions and so on. Doesn’t worry – or bother – me at all.

          Neither does a general spiritual inclination; a desire to question and ponder about existence, whether there is anything beyond what we perceive to be existence… etc.

          But when a religion person insists they have a lock on existential questions, that they “know” god (and – much worse – have conversations with god), that their holy books are absolutely, literally true; that their faith is right and everyone else’s is – at the least – misguided if not heresy, paganism and evil…. then I do worry and am bothered.

          The Abrahamic religions all share the same militant, ethno-tribal savagery of the purblind certain.

          This is why I throw them all in the woods.

          • You insist on conflating everyone who CALLS himself a Christian with those who seriously try to follow God’s Word.
            21 “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. 22 Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ 23 And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’
            Matthew 7:21-23New King James Version (NKJV)
            Lawlessness in this case means anything contrary to God’s Law. e.g., “Thou shalt not steal (except by majority vote).”

            • Hi Phillip,

              Does it really matter?

              The exact same argument can be used with regard to Muslims, too. That is, there are those who “pervert” the “true meaning” of the faith… etc. Who “call” themselves “good Muslims” but aren’t really…. (according to other Muslims)… etc.

              The problem is no one can objectively define what it means to be a Christian or a Muslim. It’s a matter of parsing and interpretation and belief.

              There are Catholics and Cathars (well, there were)… snake handling tongue talkers and nice old ladies who bake cookies every Sunday. I suspect the same is generally true of Muslims. That is, there are those who – like some Christians – kind of ignore the ugly and violent aspects of their faith and glom on to a sort of spiritual humanism.

              But the reverse is just as true. That is, there are professors of both faiths who preach a violent, better-get-right-with-Jesus (or Muhammad) kind of doctrine that bubbles over into murderous violence when given reign to do so.

              I’m not trying to be offensive to people who believe, nor do I have an issue per se with belief.

              It just creeps me out when people claim they “know” with absolute certainty something that’s palpably a matter of opinion and often enough, a kind of loony opinion about numinous beings who whisper in people’s ears or appear to them in visions and so on… in other words, delusions that that would be immediately regarded as evidence of madness were they not couched in religious terms.

              • I hear you Eric. It’s just that I, as an adherent of the NAP and believer that that is consistent with Biblical faith, don’t care to be lumped in with those who think Jesus made a mistake when he preached the Golden Rule.

          • As someone with a permanently altered christo-phrenic brain, I concur with each and every word of this. Clear, concise, and peacefully presented. A must read. Kudos.

            Children steeped in Judeo-Christo-Muhammado programming have weaponized and strategically impaired and defective brains.

            There are vast conceptual mine-fields and open pit cognitive holes where they will always be slow and unable to grok what you are saying. Purblind is exactly the right term for such Christian dimwittedness.

            The covenant to mutilate the foreskin has an analog in the brain as well. Abrahamians also have a circumcised mind, and there is no procedure to re-attach what has been altered and removed in their thought processes.

            Worst case scenario, they herd together and cease all rational function and productivity, becoming like the walkers of the Walking Dead, and all that is left to be done with them is put the zombified zealots out of theirs and everyone else’s misery as efficiently and unobtrusively as possible.

          • The religions arising out of the Middle East do tend to be rigid in their theology and dismissive at best (overtly hostile for the most part) to questioning and alternate beliefs.
            As a contrast, check out the “Creation Hymn” from the Rig Veda, one of the oldest texts in an Indo-European language. It asks questions to provoke thought, and does not provide pat simplistic answers.

            Who really knows? Who will here proclaim it? Whence was it produced? Whence is this creation? The gods came afterwards, with the creation of the universe. Who then knows whence it has arisen?

            Whence this creation has arisen – perhaps it has formed itself, or perhaps it did not – the one who looks down on it, in the highest heaven, only he knows – or perhaps he does not know.

  21. The police getting out of hand probably isn’t all that surprising. Ron Paul, and others, have often warned about the “wars coming back home to us.” The saying used to be “A person might make a good cop, but a bad soldier,” and vice-versa. This was because people recognized that it takes two different types of mentality to do those jobs — a cop was essentially a mix of an older brother, high school principal, and social worker, while a solider was trained to indiscriminately blow up the enemy. Now that more and more cops are veterans of Iraq and other places, they’re bringing the same mindset that kept them alive over there into policing — they don’t look at a community as the place they serve and protect, but a war zone to be patrolled. It’s not a town, it’s a free-fire zone, where everyone is potentially an insurgent…err…a criminal.

    Look at the language they use…”It gives us a chance to survive these encounters,” like every traffic stop otherwise ends in a shoot out. Is that what these guys are afraid of?

    What makes it all worse — and basically unlikely to be reformed — is the rampant corruption that plagues the “public sector” in America. You don’t have to go far to find some story or another about corruption in the higher levels of police departments. Authoritarian police benefit these jokers, because everyone is going to be increasingly afraid to say anything, lest they be the next ones to be found “reaching for a gun” during a traffic stop.

    I’ve known some cops, mostly older guys who were around before things changed so much. None of them had anything good to say about where things were headed, and this was a couple of decades ago. I remember one of them moved to the middle of nowhere in Idaho, another retired somewhere south of the border, for the precise reason that America really is becoming a police state…again, that was 20+ years ago.

    Oh well. Maybe the next feature to be installed on a car is going to be a taser hooked to your seat. If you get pulled over for speeding, for example, the officer can just press a button and zap everyone into “compliance” if he thinks there is any remote possibility of a threat to his safety, such as a teddy bear in the hands of a child or a “I love cops” bumper sticker on the car.

    • If I recall, Lyndon Johnson said something like, “You can tell a country’s internal policies by its foreign affairs”.

      Look at our foreign affairs – perpetual war, extortion, surveillance, drug and gun running, etc., etc.

  22. Snitching and offering human sacrifices to authority figures is some of the lowest behavior imaginable. I’m not sure you can say it’s always wrong to report someone to an illegitimate authority, but if you are serious about liberty, you should set the bar to a very high level and only report your fellow man, when there is no peaceful alternative.

    Look at the policy at Freedomain Radio. A policy probably enacted by site admins, and not necessarily Stefan Molyneux himself:


    If you violate the above rules, you will be banned. You may or may not receive a warning beforehand. The admin will try to send you an e-mail informing you of a ban, but you may not receive this, for a variety of reasons (i.e. it got spam-binned, or you are currently using a different e-mail). If you cannot log on to the board, or you cannot access the website, this means that you have been banned. Feel free to send an e-mail to the admin if you are confused.

    If you return to the server after being banned, the admin will inform your ISP, and you will face sanctions from them. All posts store the IP address of the poster, so IP masking will not help you, since the admin already has a list of your prior posts.

    I’m not much of an authority on banning and what reporting someone to an ISP actually accomplishes. But this seems like there will be many instances where someone who has been banned will be reported, though they won’t even realize they’ve been banned.

    I appreciate Stef’s hard work, but I’ll keep my spam to myself, why risk being sanctioned by a website you’re visiting as a recreational practice. Isn’t there enough authoritarian hierarchies already, without adding libertarian authoritarianisms to the mix?

    There’s a lot of bad apples, sure, but how is it everyone has given up entirely on the original conception of the internet, and have now surrendered to the statist narrative that all online spaces are merely a subsets of the real world spaces, and not entitled to any special treatments whatsoever.

    Stalin’s boot can now virtually stomp your digital face just as well as roadside heroes can stomp on your actual face. it’s pathetic.

    Wake me up when the eternal September of the relentless clovers finally ends.

      • That’s was one of them. The biggest one in my eyes, is the final day of America’s frontier status that came in 1893. That horrible moment when the unitedState became just one more settled and immutable territory.

        The day it stopped changing and offering a big reward for a big risk. The day it joined the chorus of international idiocy, a world where each nation or tribe says “Hodor!” in a slightly different, yet totally identical eternally monotonous way.

        That day didn’t have to come so soon, but the deciders hastened its arrival. They sealed hope’s demise, and solidified their power and encased us all in their amber.

        Wake me up, when September ends. Green Day MV.

  23. Firefighters should also be included in any plan to reign in misbehavior.
    There are a number of cases here in Michigan involving arrogant firefighters that deserve scrutiny.
    A southeastern Michigan municipal firefighter claimed to have a “arson dog”–one that could detect accelerants. This firefighter and his “arson dog” were responsible for denials of insurance claims and prosecutions for arson, on the dog’s reaction alone. Insurance companies LOVED this guy, as they could get out of paying (valid) insurance claims. Of course, the firefighter could not be sued–“qualified immunity” got in the way. One person who had been ensnared in the firefighter’s (false) claim of arson decided to go after the dog’s “abilities”. When tested, the dog was found to have NO ability to detect evidence of arson. Finally, the firefighter’s “arson dog” career was over. How many lives did this POS ruin??
    The second case involved a fire at a plating plant. The owner of the plant had a fire department “fire plan” which involved shutting off processes and utilities in an orderly fashion. When responding to a fire at the plant, the arrogant firefighters pushed the owner out of the way and REFUSED to follow the fire plan, stating that they were going to do it “their way”. The building burned to the ground.
    Firefighting is not a particularly hazardous occupation. Firefighter arrogance can be just as dangerous as police arogance

    • True story:

      I once rolled up behind some Hose Heroes on a rural stretch of highway; speed limit 55, they’re doing a bit more but not much. I passed the Hose Heroes in a legal passing zone. I did “speed” to do so, but it was a safe, orderly pass (because I did “speed”).

      So what, right? Did I cause them any harm? Impede them in any way? No, of course not.

      Well, a few miles down the road, I rolled up on a roadblock. There had been a minor accident and cops had blocked off one lane of the road. Apparently, the Hose Heroes had been en route to this accident site.

      I was waiting in a line of cars for the cop to wave us by when the Hose Heroes caught up. One of them literally leapt out of his truck and ran to the cop to bitch whine about my having had the temerity to pass them. The Hose Hero told the cop that I had passed them in a no-passing zone – an outright lie. Also that I had been “speeding” (true).

      Cop made me pull off into a parking lot where he proceeded to demand ID and paperwork. I remained cool – knowing that Hose Heroes do not have radar, do not (yet) possess law enforcement powers regarding such things as “speeding” and it was just their word against mine. I was polite, admitted that I had passed the Hose Heroes but done so lawfully in a legal passing zone.

      Cop seemed annoyed but let me go after wasting 15 minutes of my time.

      • eric, a Funny story about hose heroes. A friend who was a Vietnam vet and had been severely wounded and continued to be wounded physically and mentally was speeding to work one morning and the the old red and blues so he pulls over in a parking lot, got out to see what the problem was. Low and Behold, it was one of those fat fuckers in a red car that started in on my 21 year old screwed up buddy like he was a child and the hero was going to spank him hard. Ronny realizes this dope isn’t a cop and tells him so to which hose hero begins anew and that was all it took to light Ronny’s fuse. He hit that hero so hard it literally knocked him out before he landed on his back. Ronny continued on and after a while, got a whole new attitude for the day. He was happy for at least the next several hours.

    • The state and its magical dogs, computers, and other tools. People say the human race has advanced. I see no change. People still believe in magical powers so long as a prop is involved. The computer says, the dog says, never mind that both do only one thing, they follow the instructions of the person programming them and using them.

      It’s ok to search if the dog says something is there but only the specially trained cop can interpret what the dog is ‘saying’. What it amounts to is the say-so of authority via a prop.

  24. Eliminate both “qualified” and “absolute” immunity for all public officials. This one move would put the onus back on to the individual. If they knew that they could be personally sued, and lose everything they own, they would tend to “behave themselves”.
    Make any awards for lawsuits from municipalities come out of the respective police, fire, and public official’s pension systems–not the taxpayer’s pockets. This would also be an incentive for these “public servants” to “behave themselves.

  25. Cops murder people. Cops murder pets. They push people around. Thanks for writing an article about it. Maybe you can inspire some veteran like Timothy McVeigh to fight back. You are a scholar. You won’t pull the trigger. The police state will not be be changed through normal lawful conduct. The system is rigged.

    • Hi Ramrod,

      I’d rather change people’s minds. Not all, but some. Which may be enough.

      Ideas are powerful. Cause people to reconsider an assumption – get them to view aggressive violence against peaceful people as they already do child molesting – and you have forever undermined the preachers of authoritarian solutions.

  26. Its not just cops that have been put on a “pedestal” to be worshipped by those of us unworthy, private sector, greedy taxpayers (now known as suckers). Its almost every public sector “servant”.

    And don’t even joke about it too. I posted on my profile on farcebook, this status update sometime last year (my status’ updates are almost always jokes). “The most underappreciated public servants aren’t firemen, but garbage men”.

    Yes, it was posted as a joke, but it sure wasn’t taken as one……Holy Moly…

    One friend (who’s husband is a private sector garbageman) pointed out that garbage men (along with nine other private sector jobs) have higher rates of on the job injury and death then firemen (and cops).

    Another friend who is a public sector fireman poo pooed that statement. She counters with with an actual study with actual numbers and other actual facts (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

    He still didn’t want to believe it.

    He, like so many other public sector employees will stand by un-facts and other lies in order to protect his “hero” status and more importantly the public sector pecking order (firemen over garbagemen and probably cops too). Most garbagemen in my area are now back in the private sector after major fights from taxpayer groups, another sore point for most public sector “servants”.

    But he “unfriended” both of us after all the others comments (quite a few) after that pointed out he was wrong. He then veered off into that nasty public vs private sector pay thing too, with him claiming that public sector servants were underpaid (also untrue in my area) vs private sector pay. That tired and untruthful “public sector jobs pay less then the private sector” still has a lot of believers out there.

    It shows what us taxpayers are up against when it comes to the overall attitude of people WE are paying (sometimes very well paid) salaries too. In my area (NW Indiana outside Chicago), the average public paycheck is higher then the rate of the overall average private sector paycheck. That means a public school teacher (another public sector employee that complains about low pay often) on average, makes more money then the average private sector taxpayer paying his or her salary does.

    Granted, this area has a much higher percentage of low paying retail and warehouse jobs, but that is one of my points. The area is not a high income area, so public sector employees cannot take more, in fact they probably need to have a cut in pay to get in line with the overall income of the area.

    But here are the facts most cops and firemen wish you didn’t know.

    Neither police nor firemen are on the top ten list of dangerous jobs. In fact no public sector jobs (outside of the remaining public sector garbagemen) are on the top ten dangerous list.

    Here is the top ten list for those of you who don’t know what they are.

    1. Loggers
    2. Fishermen
    3. Airplane Pilots and Flight Engineers
    4. Roofers
    5. Garbagemen
    6. Miners
    7. Truck drivers
    8. Farmers and Ranchers
    9. Electric Linemen
    10. Construction Laborers (not including roofers)

    • Around here (and probably everywhere) the ‘teachers’ in the GICs complain every year that they are not being paid “enough. ” I say, there is nothing stopping them from taking a higher paid position if they can find one. And there are plenty of unemployed/underemployed folks to fill the positions (I can’t bring myself to call them ‘jobs’) they vacate.

      • Teachers also hate it when I point out that they could get a summer job to earn more too. Back when I was a kid (1980’s), most teachers I knew had summer jobs. The teacher across the street did sales at Sears, my mom (also a teacher) worked at a thrift store. Another I knew taught driving school, and a friend of my mom’s did the books for her church. Two of my high school teachers worked for a concrete contractor during the summer and made more money during the two and a half months they did teaching the rest.

        It was just understood up until that time that teaching just didn’t pay that well, the second job was part of the deal. The first year my mom taught, 1965, she made less then two grand, (though they included housing, but still very low for the 1960’s). My mom never complained about the pay (though she was making good money at the end), and in fact warned me that if I was more interested in making money (which I am), teaching wasn’t for me.

        Now a days, the STARTING salary for a FIRST year teacher at my local school district is $34k! The wealthier town nearby has a starting salary of $43k. That is for a fresh out of college, not one minute of experience college grad! Also keep in mind the average income of the town is $31k! Average INCOME, not first year pay. Plus its hard not to find a teaching job, at least compared with any other job in today’s horrible job market. It was a source of pride at my college’s education department, that every grad would have a job by the middle of the summer! The rest of us, were lucky if they found a full time job within two years after graduation (took me 11 months).

        Now all the teachers I know make enough and none of them work summer jobs. Not a one.

        I remember when I was selling real estate, I sold a house to a teacher. I had to hold my mouth when she complained about the pay of a teacher, which she did too often. Even as I handing her the keys to a very nice 4 bedroom, 3 bath, 3 car garage house on a half acre lot! Yeah your suffering so much lady…………

        Did she work the first summer in that house? Nope, she spent the summer totally remodeling the kitchen even though the house was only about 10 years old.

        I do enjoy voting against school tax increases though. Sometimes they even don’t get the increases too.

        • Teachers are world class whiners, the few I know personally are always whining about pay, even though they make an annual salary more than I ever did. This is of course while only working for HALF the year (180 days required for a school year), and getting off all school vacations, holidays, snow days, and very other Wednesday (for “professional development” – or to work on their golf game). Not to mention their smarter than thou attitude toward me since I was a lowly blue collar lineman for the local utility. I also vote against any tax increases for the schools, though it doesn’t seem to stop them; the teachers seem to have the locals brainwashed to believe their property values wil plummet if they don’t keep forking over their salaries to the “education” mafia.

          • What’s worse about teachers is what they collectively do to the few in their profession that actually buck the system and start educating children instead of training and conditioning them.

            Maybe if they have another ‘we are desperate for math and science teachers’ episode maybe I’ll change careers. I’m not going back to school for all the education bullshit classes, but sometimes they get desperate enough to accept engineering degrees.

            • Brent, I don’t know what training you have. I have heard that in most places, if you have a Masters degree, you are not required to have the ed classes, which are crap anyway. (Hey, it worked for Danny DeVito in Renaissance Man)

              • I’ve never heard that, but I do have one. I’m pretty sure that condition doesn’t exist in Illinois. The teachers’ unions here wouldn’t leave a big door like that open.

          • It’s not just the pay that the teachers complain about, it’s about how hard they work. Like staying an hour after school for meetings with students and parents, grading papers after hours, etc. They were in classes for 3 90 minute periods each day,with a 4th for “planning”.

            Brainwashing and babysitting must be exhausting. Listening to them gripe sure is.

          • I also vote against any tax increases for the schools, though it doesn’t seem to stop them; the teachers seem to have the locals brainwashed to believe their property values wil plummet if they don’t keep forking over their salaries to the “education” mafia.

            There is indeed a symbiotic relationship between the eduparasites/professional government indoctrinators and the marching morons who were the victims of their regimen.

            • School teachers, taking them by and large, are probably the most ignorant and stupid class of men in the whole group of mental workers.

              It was morality that burned the books of the ancient sages, and morality that halted the free inquiry of the Golden Age and substituted for it the credulous imbecility of the Age of Faith.

              It was a fixed moral code and a fixed theology which robbed the human race of a thousand years by wasting them upon alchemy, heretic-burning, witchcraft and sacerdotalism.

              H L Mencken

            • I differentiate between teachers and educators. Teachers majored in chemistry, art, English, etc. They teach their disciplines. Educators majored in education. They go into a school to become the warden.

            • It is worse than merely the tax cattle woting for the increases due to “property values” or similar bogymen.
              In Neew Jersey, when the school budget was voted down? they ignored the vote and implemented the change anyway. It was “big news” for a day, then conveniently went away.

              Time to start making drones. What’s good for the oppressor is good for the oppressed, but we need to take over the OODA loop… Make THEM react to US; instead of being a “group” of individuals, we need to act in concert.


    • UPDATE: The officer, identified as Patrick Cherry, is a New York police detective assigned to the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force with top-secret security clearance has been placed on modified assignment. email Patrick.cherry@nypd.org, phone # 646-373-4468.

      He faces suspension, reassignment or loss of his clearance after an incident with an Uber driver Monday that was captured on video, officials said.

      The uploader reports that the “Uber driver pulled around and gestured that he should use his blinker, casually and non-offensively, and kept driving us,” when this happened. The officer then pulled the Uber driver over and unleashed a torrent of abuse and threats.

      “I don’t know what fucking planet you think you’re on right now,” the officer yelled. “Pull over five fucking feet!”

        • It’s a fitting name alright.

          Here’s what the Joint Terrorism Task Force in Minneapolis accomplished:

          FBI Seeks Moles to Infiltrate the Minneapolis RNC: Report
          By Maria Luisa Tucker

          The FBI will once again infiltrate groups planning to protest the Republican National Convention, City Pages reported this week. Only this time, it’s Minneapolis instead of New York, and their ingenious plan includes paying college kids to be the moles:

          “What they were looking for, Paul Carroll says, was an informant—someone to show up at “vegan potlucks” throughout the Twin Cities and rub shoulders with RNC protestors, schmoozing his way into their inner circles, then reporting back to the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force”

          … – and then they came for the vegan potluckers, and I was silent… in the end, when they came for me, there was no one left to speak for me.

            • tell me about her senza peli sulla lingua
              – –

              As legend has it, they came for this one guy a really really long time ago who went around challenging religious leaders in authority positions, stopped an accused prostitute from being brutally murdered, converted a tax collector, and tried to get people to agree to treat others with love and respect.

              The authorities of the day weren’t having this shit, so they had him publicly executed for being totally badass. The joke was on them when this dude was like “lol jk, not dead. Nice try, can’t kill me though.” Government troll level – BOSS.

              Whether I believe it’s true or not, still a pretty awesome story in my opinion.

  27. Criminals SHOULD “feel threatened”, despite the garb they’re dressed in, since they “threaten” “everyone’s safety”!

  28. If ‘Occifer Safety’ is their fixation, then they do not deserve ‘hazardous duty’ pay. Well actually, they don’t deserve any pay at all. Like when the FedGov threatens a shutdown due to lack of a budget resolution – I say “Go ahead! Please!”

  29. Beautifully written, well done! This double-standard of threat has to stop!

    Like you said, the proof of “self-defense” for us vs the cops is so out of whack that for the cops it doesn’t even exist.

    I can see it soon though that due to the sheer number of police brutality charges, someday a defense lawyer is going to use that trend as evidence that someone did “fear for their safety” when they shot a cop, simply because he WAS a cop who was clearly trigger-happy and twitchy, and on that day I will never stop laughing. 🙂

    Just treat a cop like any other gang member you might come across but recognize that he belongs to a favoured gang, and you’ll at least have the right mentality when dealing with these morons.

    Until then, officer safety will never trump “personal safety”.

    p.s. what MIGHT be funny someday is to have a switch and a wire in your car and hold onto it with the button pressed. If the cop asks what it is, say ‘It’s my dead mans switch…if you shoot me or injure me, I let go and the car explodes in your face. Now that we understand each other, let’s talk slowly and rationally about why you stopped me…when I feel safe, I’ll disarm the bomb.

    • mamba, that happened a couple years ago in TX. of all places. Heroes break down the door simply on the word of an ex GF who felt slighted to search for “drugs”. He actually did have 3 tiny seedling MJ plants but must have been fairly well known. He and his child were in the living room watching tv when with no warning, the door crashed in and a flashlight(typical home invasion scenario) hit him. He grabbed his handgun and downed the first one literally stopping the rest in their tracks. A jury found him not guilty and even the MJ charge didn’t stand. It may be a first and I’m sure many lawyers could come up with a plea for him but it might be the tip of the iceberg. We can only hope so.

    • “p.s. what MIGHT be funny someday is to have a switch and a wire in your car and hold onto it with the button pressed. If the cop asks what it is, say ‘It’s my dead mans switch…if you shoot me or injure me, or make any move that looks like calling for backup, I let go and the car explodes in your face. Now that we understand each other, let’s talk slowly and rationally about why you stopped me…when I feel safe, I’ll disarm the bomb.”

      Fixed. And BRILLIANT.

    • I was thinking a reservoir of lighter fluid in the door, with a striker. Sprays, lights, and you drive away.

      Need a “changeable” license plate, though, since it’ll be on video…

      You are a good man to presume they might be honest or moral;
      I am a cynic who is tired of human nature.

      I’ll deep-fry them “just because” – the badge, the guns, the “cooperation” across jurisdictional lines… It’s all meant to keep us prisoners, and unaware of the chains. Shiving a guard? Just business.

      • Probably only because the middle finger would serve as a reminder of how “under-endowed” the target of the insult is in comparison to the figurative phallus being raised in his direction.


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