The “Kill Switch” . . . for the Car Industry

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Electric cars have already cost the car industry billions; Ford estimates its losses alone are in the vicinity of $4.5 billion.

Cars the government controls may cost the car industry everything. 

Such cars are coming online less than two calendar years from now, when the first 2026 models become available sometime in mid-late 2025. These ’26 models will be the first models that the federal government will have supervisory control over via what has been misleading and maliciously sold to the public as “impaired” driver detection technology.

Often referred to as a “kill switch” to supposedly prevent drunks from driving, the fact is this “technology” will be used to monitor driver performance – these are the literal words used in the federal requirement – and a driver will be considered “impaired” by the “technology” when his “performance” falls outside the parameters of acceptable (to the government) driving.

It is not about preventing “drunks” from driving. It is about preventing you from driving in any manner the government decides it does not like.

And cowing opposition to this as being “for” drunk driving.

That is how Rep. Thomas Massie’s efforts to kill the kill switch were defeated recently. Nineteen Republicans were afraid of being characterized by Democrats as indifferent to drunk driving or even being supporters of it, as per the emotional incontinence of Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Never mind, by the way, that “kill switch” would treat every driver as presumptively drunk even if they’d had nothing alcoholic to drink (of a piece with the normalization of probable cause-free roadside “sobriety checkpoints,” where drivers are obliged to prove they aren’t drunk before they’re allowed to drive away).

And so 19 timorous Republicans voted with the Democrats, defeating Massie’s attempt to kill the kill switch, which now appears to be on track to become the latest government-mandated feature few Americans will be unhappy to learn their next new car will come standard with.

Just like the air bags you’re also forced to buy and sit inches away from (even if known to be dangerously defective) there won’t be an off switch.

If you drive faster than the speed limit or even if you don’t but accelerate “aggressively” (as defined as anything faster than glacially) or “swerve” or brake hard, suddenly (even if necessary, as to avoid the kid that just ran into the road) or fail to come to a complete stop (and wait) at every stop sign then your “performance” will be considered “impaired” – and the car will pull itself over.

And as bad as that is, it could easily be worse.

Even if you do manage to drive within the allowable parameters, the government will still have the power to prevent you from driving at all any time it likes for any reason it likes. As for example when it declares a “climate emergency.” It won’t be necessary to lock people down.

Their cars will do that for them.

It’s hard to get far from where you live when you can’t go anywhere, except by foot.

But perhaps the most insidious aspect of this business is the power of the implicit and omnipresent threat that will be hanging over every driver’s head – i.e., the knowledge that the government could, at any time, throttle back the freedom to drive and for any reason at all. This is apt to result in something more than people souring on driving – having become passengers in their own cars.

It could sour them on buying one of these cars.

Who, after all, wants to make payments on something that isn’t really theirs because someone else can control it whenever they want to and lays down how they are going to allow it to be used? Imagine if the house you thought you bought had a front door that random strangers not only had a key to but legal power to open any time. A home that strangers not only had access to but could also decide whether they approved of how you were using it? And if they didn’t like the way you were using it, had the power to put you out of what you thought was your home – and lock you out of it?

Probably most people would stop paying their mortgages. Or at least, stop applying for them. Might as well just rent – and dispense with the fiction (and the cost) of owning.

The same could and likely will happen as regards cars with “kill switches” – once people realize they are paying for something they no longer control.

Might as well just pay for a ride at that point.

And this is something the car industry may not be able to afford – especially if people decide to just hang onto the cars they already own, over which they still have control.

. . .

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  1. I just don’t see this happening.

    So I’m not drinking and driving, the car senses me swerving or whatever, and it shuts off??
    On I5 downtown Los Angeles during rush hour??
    The car malfunctions and backs up traffic for MILES??

    What if I’m driving in a blizzard and I’m slipping and sliding (and I have, several times); the car shuts down and I’m stuck in a life or death situation??

    What about severe high winds pushing your car around??

    What about off road four wheeling??

    Just like self-driving cars; it’s just not going to work.

    • “I just don’t see this happening. […] Just like self-driving cars; it’s just not going to work.”

      …Man, do you ever have some catching up to do.

      It’s not a bug, or a flaw, or a failure… it’s a feature.

      “…The 15 Minute City is more like a recipe, containing every single ingredient of the climate change and covid lockdown agendas in a single comprehensive Orwellian vision. It includes removing motor vehicles, removing private transportation and roads, smart city and AI monitoring of each person’s electricity usage, monitoring of product consumption and “carbon footprint”, biometric surveillance within a compact and stacked urban landscape, the cashless society concept, equity and inclusion cultism, population control, etc.”…

  2. We are going to need good hackers. That’s the new growth industry – people who have the ability to get in there and negate, remove or trick this technology.
    I just read an article that they want to do the same thing with speed. Some asshat representative is pushing it at the DOT. Since the GPS knows where you are and what the speed limit is (even my old Garmin does that), it can warn you that you are exceeding it. At least, a warning is what they are saying now. Of course, I’m sure they can later decide the better course of action is to order automakers to create technology that will limit the speed automatically to whatever the GPS says it is on any given road and/or shut down the car if you fail to heed the warnings. It’s always starts with a carrot: “Isn’t this cool? You don’t have to pay attention to the speed limit or look up from your phone to search for one of those pesky signs. Your car will do it for you. You can go back to looking at cat videos and tiktoking.”
    But we always end up with the stick: “You’re a dangerous driver. No car for you. (But of course, the payments are still due the 15th of every month, unless you want to be a dangerous driver with a poor credit rating.)”

    • RE: “Since the GPS knows where you are and what the speed limit is (even my old Garmin does that), it can warn you that you are exceeding it.”

      Back in the 1980’s cars did that in Japan. Riding in one the, ‘ding ding ding’ would go off and on constantly. …Back then, one could ignore it.

  3. I will not buy new again. I’ll drive my ’16 Navigator L as far as it can go at a reasonable expense. But after that, it’s off to the used market, probably nothing later than ’14 as I understand that even then Ford’s were spying and saving your calls and texts to be downloaded at the dealership. My next phone will most likely be a degoogled android and my next computer a Linux machine. I’m tired of this spying and our freedoms disappearing. I’m old enough to remember the Apollo program well and pride in our country. I remember kids, by the hundreds, playing outside with little to no supervision. I remember the Bad News Bears being a documentary, not just a movie. I want my country back and since few seem interested in having the balls to fix it, I can only do what I can do. That and quite a bit of prayer to our good lord for a great revival as nothing else can fix this mess we are in.

    • Good comment, Bryan Karlan.

      Any ideas which, “my next computer a Linux machine”?
      I used to keep up with this stuff…

      Quote of the day: “I remember the Bad News Bears being a documentary, not just a movie.”

  4. The new ‘25 Camry just dropped yesterday. Watching the YouTube reviews, you can see it has a creepy sensor mounted on top of the steering column behind the wheel that stares at your face and determines who knows what.

  5. It likely would not work 100% of the time. Why not put a faraday cage around the antenna of the offending nanny/narc unit, could be as simple as a layer of aluminium foil. So long as the auto doesn’t need to check in/log on to run. Sensors in the steering wheel? Get a cover for it. Camera? Groucho Marx novelty disguise eyeglasses.

  6. What does the kill switch actuator look like? I envisioned a TV remote looking unit. Could not find image on internet. Could errant LEOs / AGWs steal and sell them to miscreants? Reverse engineered by other miscreants? Used to stop vehicles and rob occupants? Or worse?

  7. “And if they didn’t like the way you were using it, had the power to put you out of what you thought was your home – and lock you out of it?”

    The house kill switch already exists – property taxes.

    • I often wonder how popular a county/state would be that did not tie taxes to real estate. There is no place that I know of in the USSA.

      There is a libertarian utopia thought…her name is Cayman. Some of the best infrastructure that I have ever seen. No real estate taxes, capital gains, income tax, etc. They have duty fees instead.

      • I often wonder, would a stepping stone towards a better future be levying property taxes only upon corporations or companies & not regular People/land owners?

        …Are you thinking of moving to the Cayman?

        [I did a search on LRC trying. to find an old article I read once written by a guy who lives there, so I could post it here.

        “99 items found for “Cayman””

        Zero links appeared. It was a blank page. Funny, that.]

        • Hi helot,

          I seriously would consider it, but I am about $1 million dollars short of the residency requirement. 😊

          I went a few years back and the people are super nice. Hubby accidentally left his wallet in the console of a rental car we just dropped off. We were having lunch and realized he didn’t have his wallet. I had left my purse back at the rental house and we had no way to pay. We explained the situation to our server and I began removing one of my rings as “collateral” until we returned and paid the bill. She shook her head and told us to go retrieve his wallet and we could settle the bill afterwards.

          As we were speeding to the car rental I doubted we were going to get his wallet back. It was probably long gone along with the $700 of cash in it. We made it there and explained the circumstances. We waited about 15 minutes expecting someone to return and tell us nothing was found. I was wrong. The guy cleaning out the car had found it in the console and brought it to us. We thanked him profusely and tipped him $50 dollars. Would we have seen it again in a US city? Doubtful. We then rushed back and paid the restaurant and our server. I have nothing bad to say about the place or people. They are fantastic.

    • Property taxes are the definition of fraud with regards to non-commercial property. Look up your local/county/state tax codes, read them and understand them. Then use the courts to take the people who are placing these “commercial taxes” on your non-commercial property, to task.

      • Hi Big Daddy,

        If only this were true… in the sense that if only such tactics worked. The fact is that the local government will evict you from what you think is “your” home (and sell the home at auction) if you fail to pay the rent (property tax) they say you “owe.” There is no recourse. No avoiding it.

        That is the bottom line, alas.

        We had a regular here who used to regularly post stuff about how “living persons” were not subject to “corporate law” – and other such nonsense.

        I despise the tyranny we suffer under. Most of all the tax on property, which makes the concept of property an absurdity.

        But I am under no illusions that one can utter Magic Words or file Special Forms – and opt out of it.

        No offense meant.

  8. Eric, the reluctance or indifference of the car companies to do anything about this is explained very simply. They are owned by the same money that owns everything else, and can afford to lose a penny in one place to be compensated by a dollar in another. There’s a lot of money to be made for them in controlling us more, by herding us into big cities and getting rid of cars. The car industry is small change in this context, and will be sacrificed for the greater good.

    • I agree, TTM –

      This has been in process a long time but it really got rolling circa 2008 when the bankruptcies were prevented – and the “bailouts” happened. The Obama regime bought the American car industry and the government has owned it ever since.

      • They’ve owned everything since time immemorial. At least as far back as the time of the founding of your country, which is also owned by them, lock-stock-and-barrel. You were never free, it was all a scam by these masonic assholes. Now they are tightening the screws and the charade is over.

  9. There is something not right when supporters of the Israeli aggression gather on the Mall in Warshington when thousands of women and children in Gaza are being slaughtered.

    Disgusting despicable people with no regard for human life. If you really want to support the war over there, board a plane, grab a weapon of choice and go for it. Be all you can be, not the sycophants that you obviously are.

    Why not protest the barbarism? Where are the Stop War real humans? Get a life, God Almighty.

    Pure Evil

    If there is a kill switch for killing, let it happen.

    Make Peace the Kill Switch. Not a bad idea.

    Did see a bald eagle today on the way back from doing the necessary chores.

    One of the nicest Novembers ever to remember. The Hunga Tonga eruption vaporized ocean water into the atmosphere, the effect has warmed the earth. Can’t be denied.

    • Probably a real big crowd. Big as the J6 INSURRECTION. Joe must be cowering in his bed, well he is at his summer, no winter place in Qatar or Keev (wherever that is) gotta pick up the cash. Can’t trust the help, a bunch of thieves.

      • The didactic assaults the fortress of my mind, but the story goes through the back of my heart

        Words spoken by a pastor to a youth group more than 25 years ago.

        The pastor was from Canada and was deported.

        It should bother everyone’s conscience as to what the powers that be are actually doing.

        They are the wild animals gone mad and gone to plaid.

        Got to see right through them, easy to do.

        It’s not that cool.

    • Those worrying about Speaker Johnson’s “Christianity”, shouldn’t. “Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.” Jesus Matt. 5:9

      Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them. 21 “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22 Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ 23 Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’. Also Jesus, Matt. 7:20-23

  10. The thing all pessimists miss regarding all the crap going on is the Fact that people are tough. We have survived and will survive. Annon1 whatever is a nutter. All the admiralty etc stuff.

    Power comes from a gun. The Gov has many they are wielded by your brothers and sisters, for money. If that (the money) stops as it might, well shit just hit the fan. Make sure you keep yours and use them when needed.

    People deal with the real things, sometimes well sometimes not so well. But it is dealt with. As long as we keep our ability to fight they are VERY afraid. According to a thing I read on this site, Americans have 500 Million guns, that in my opinion is light. There are more. Then there are lots of things that can be used as weapons. Such as nails, glass, combustibles.

    Just be prepared to fight. Football does that. Might be our winner. O-HI-O, the red or GO BLUE, Michigan 🙂 (My apologies to those of you that think sports are stupid). I am a Wolverine. Wolverines are tough, mean and vicious, just ask any Buckeye. I respect Ohio State. Best opponent ever. Best rivalry ever. Sorry MSU.

      • Anon,

        Ugg’s an attorney, so probably familiar with the law. As far as “understanding the legal system”:

        Understand that the law is what courts say it is; cops enforce this law – and that’s the sum and total of what “the law” is as a practical/operational matter. It does not matter (as an example) whether the income tax wasn’t “properly” ratified, as some “sovereign citizens” insist – or whatever the assertion is. If you refuse to pay what they tell you you “owe,” then the law will see to it that you do pay it – and insisting you aren’t subject to their laws because you are a “living person”or some similar claptrap is going to get you just as far as stamping your feet because it’s raining and you don’t want to get wet.

        This not a defense of the tyranny of the law. It is a statement about the fact that the law is whatever the courts and cops say it is. Ignorance of that law is no excuse. There are no Magic Words or secrets that – if spoken (or known) – will exempt you from laws or enforcement thereof. It is like believing in the Tooth Fairy.

        I’m asking you to please stop posting garbage about “admiralty law” and “living persons.” It’s not just stupid – it makes us look stupid.

        • Hi Eric. Funny thing is, even if that stuff spouted by Anon was legally correct, these “sovereign citizens” don’t seem to be smart enough to realize that it NEVER works! No matter how sound your argument, you will pay your taxes, you will produce a valid driver’s license and you will have insurance for your vehicle, or you will go to jail! I was talking to my brother the cop once and he told me about a sovereign that they arrested for driving without a license, no registration etc. Guy refused to recognize the authority of the court, said they have no jurisdiction over him. Judge threw him in jail until he recognizes the court’s jurisdiction. He’s now been rotting in a cell for 3 years! The original charges probably would have gotten him 30 days at most. What an effin moron!

          • Indeed, Floriduh –

            “The law” is what those who control the enforcement thereof say it is. Period. You can holler until your throat is sore about how “the law” is something other than the courts and the cops say it is. It does not matter. They have the power to say what “the law” is – and to enforce what they say it is.

            People like Anon do not seem to understand this. It baffles me, because Anon does not seem unintelligent. Far from. And yet…

      • Trial attorneys always show off their full libraries of legal volumes in their commercials. They need all of those books to tell them what the law is. Laws are thousands of pages, and most of the congress-people who write and pass them, don’t bother to read them (who can blame them)? Nobody has the time to read those SLA/EULAs, or listen to the disclaimer hyper-babble in commercials. Yet everyone is supposed to know all of it. Sick joke.

  11. Has to be a Geiger counter embedded in every car too, you never know when somebody might have a briefcase nuke. For your safety, of course. You might be radioactive and the car won’t start. Might as well find out so you know.

    Kill Switch is a double entendre, it will kill auto sales like never before.

    No more sex in cars, they’re gonna be gone. Can’t kill sex, no way, can’t be done.

    Bears in the woods know that instinctively.

    Things are sadder than sad in the war zones, wherever they are anymore.

  12. “We’ll just increase the temperature of your water 1 degree, Mr. Frog. After all, the water is barely even lukewarm. Warmer water is beneficial to your health. It increases circulation.”

    They brought us here in small increments, always presenting their demands as reasonable and beneficial. They knew nobody would take up arms against them for a single degree of change.

    Is it getting hot in here?

    • Hi Philo!

      Yup. There is an interesting correlation between “Zero COVID” and “Zero Emissions.” Both are zealotries pushed by maniacs. It is not unreasonable to seek to reduce harmful emissions to the extent that they are no longer harmful. It is insane to insist they be reduced to nil – whatever the cost – irrespective of the absence of harms caused.

      • Zero this, zero that… talk about extremism!

        Having 3 kids, the zero tolerance policy that caught my attention first was the zero tolerance policy towards fighting at school. If someone messes with you, and you defend yourself, you will be punished just the same as the aggressor! You see, the correct behavior is to find someone in AUTHORITY and tell them about it and let them handle it for you. You are not to learn how to solve problems on your own! No sir.

        Can you imagine no fights in our day? Some of the lessons I learned during that period of my life positively shaped who I am now.

  13. A friend of mine works for a porsche dealership. He told me his latest training he was forced to complete was all about sustainable development and how porsche has signed on to zero carbon…( zero life) and that their employees can no longer refer to women as women or men as men. cannot say ‘miss’ or ‘mister’ any longer.

    so a kill switch for their cars makes perfect sense. it fits the agenda 2030 that porsche has signed on to. they are all about carbon zero which basically means no life. zero carbon is zero life. porsche signs on to it. you be they would want that kill switch.

    manufacturers going broke over it? they don’t care. they won’t go broke. we will before they do. they have their face in the feeding trough of all the governments of the world and are fattening very well on tax payer money. they don’t need customers. they are joined at the hip with the states. public private partnerships. forcing customers to do their bidding rather then being in business to please their customers.

    wrong is right and right is wrong. the companies won’t go broke until the government does. they are melded with them and feed off the endless money trough.

    the only kill switch they need is to cut off fuel. take away gas or make it so expensive no one but the rich can afford it and it becomes the ‘kill switch’. you never know what those with worm filled brains will come up with next. the thing to do is not obey them and do your best to avoid all their decrees. stay independent as long as possible.

  14. This new overreach is great news. It lets us know just how desperate the owners are. They may seem cool as clams, yet underneath, their inner tyrants are draining out. It means we have about a year, give or take, before the owners stop caring about appearances, and unveil the brick wall behind the veil.

    The whole kill switch thing reeks of collusion. EV pushers, big gov, and the insurance mafia, just laid their cards n the table. If they sell these modern wonders in the next model year, it means the cars of the last 3-5 years already have this technology, embedded, just waiting to flip the switch, so to speak. I’ve never been under the illusion that they didn’t have kill switches in some cars since around 2ooo. In retrospect the whole EV boondoggle now seems like just another bouncing ball designed to distract us. Pushing back against EVs enabled the Insurance mafia to maximize and codify the spying, nannying, and hectoring. These next cars are their final goal, your car will be like your phone, from there, a short fall down to conveyance as a service, with access controlled by some dindu at Goolag.

    • The archetype for today’s leader is Xi Jinping. Just look at all the good he did in Hong Kong! And that great job he did with COVID. He’ll have a handle on that tofu-dreg construction real soon.

      You better watch out
      You better not lie
      You better not cheat
      I’m telling you why, Xi Jinping is coming to town!

      He watches when you’re sleeping
      He lies when you’re awake
      He knows who all’s been taking bribes
      So do what you’re told or he’ll harvest your kidneys!

      I guess that last line doesn’t rhyme…

  15. As is always the case, people who don’t have a problem with this spy tech always mistakenly think it will be used to control OTHER people. Other people who need controlling! They think that since they aren’t drinking and driving, they have nothing to worry about, silly. The TV people say nothing but good things about this! It must be good!

    Then suddenly it bites them in the ass too. Who could have seen that coming? NOW they oppose it when it’s too late, because, as the reactionary imbeciles they are, they were too stupid to see more than one step ahead.

    And so here we are.

  16. The kill switch is easy to get around…we don’t buy the car.

    Look at what is coming for every small business owner in America beginning January 1, 2024.

    Now, look at the 23 exemptions.

    They aren’t coming just for our cars, they are coming for everything.

    • Hmmm. May have to let my LLC expire this year. May be time to go to a full blown cash only unbanked outlaw black market thing. This is the first I’ve heard of this crap.

      • Hi Ernie,

        This is the first that anyone has heard of this crap. I have been to over 60 hours of continuing education classes this year and nothing was mentioned on the subject. I even get accounting publications…no mention. Guess when they (Congress) slipped it through…2021. Every small and medium sized business in America will need to register. If you are a large corporation or a bank…no need to enroll…you are exempt. Funny how those that handle the money don’t have to play by the same set of rules.

        I have avoided at all costs. I have yet to figure out how I will get out of this one. I am beyond upset. Wait until I have to spring this onto my clientele.

        Anybody else notice that when you go to pay your federal taxes on the EFTPS system you must register now through or That happened on October 19th. Apparently, no heads up on that either.

        I curse every Congressperson who passed this piece of shit.

        • From an ActivistPost article, ‘UN & Bill Gates Team Up To Create “50-In-5” Digital Panopticon’

          “…There were only seven requirements for Technocracy. Here are 3, 4, 5: 3) “Provide a continuous inventory of all production and consumption”; 4) “Provide a specific registration of the type, kind, etc., of all goods and services, where produced and where used”; 5) “Provide specific registration of the consumption of each individual, plus a record and description of the individual.”

          This has been further encoded into the United Nations Seventeen Sustainable Development Goals, which is pure, unadulterated Technocracy. — ”

          And, here’s Doug with a video showing someone getting digital ID via the creepy looking eyeball scanners:

          ‘It’s Already Here! Look at this……’

          • We now know why they want to hire 40k + IRS “compliance officers”. It all makes sense now. They will link the business owners, businesses, and bank accounts in one database.

            Digital currency is just around the corner.

            IRS agent: “Mr. Smith, we see your company reported gross revenue of $1.2 million in revenue last year, but your bank account shows $1.5 million dollars was deposited. Please explain.”

            This is going to be an authoritarian nightmare.

    • Minor spell check notice:

      In addition, a lawyer or accountant who is designated as an agent of the reporting company may quality for the “nominee, intermediary, custodian, or agent” exception from the beneficial owner definition.

      Qualify not quality.

  17. The thing is: it’s not going to stop anyone from driving drunk. They will know to not drive one of these equipped cars. Just drive something else.

    That’s why in the future, they will want EVERY car, no matter how old to have it added. That’s why it needs to be stopped.

  18. Those 16 senators didn’t vote their hearts. They voted their wallets. Which is why government as it is today can never work. The members go in as paupers and emerge as millionaires. That GD piece of paper (baby Bush) is exactly that these days. The Supremo’s are as paid off as any other member of government. Hell,,, with all that money sloshing around I’m not sure I could stay honest! Just about every law passed in the last 160 years violates that paper in some way and very little is said or done.

    Schwarzenegger was Governor of California. His “Screw your freedoms” comment was really just a moment the truth slipped out. It’s what all gov slugs think. Only difference,,, He said it aloud!

    Which is why the only good government is no government.

  19. They want people out of cars and into 15 minute cities. OK, how’s that going to work, practically speaking? There’s a small commercial space about 1/2 a mile away from my home, and two more just over a mile away. That’s about a 15 minute walk. The small space had a convenience store for years that probably lost money, and every few years a restaurant would try their luck in the space next door. The convenience store went away just after the pumps were removed (just a guess that the tanks were leaking), and the restaurants fail serially. Now the space that was the convenience store is a liquor store, I guess it does OK because it’s been there a while now. Helps that it’s next to a trailer park…

    Imagine if they rolled out European style small city living? One of the reasons these little hamlets work is because many of the commercial properties have been around for 100+ years, predating all the regulations and inspections. They got that rathole kitchen grandfathered in because it’s been there forever. Meeting all the rules and regs for small businesses is a major drain on profit margins, and most small/micro businesses aren’t going to do enough revenue to make it worth doing.

    Oh those other businesses up the road? A Dollar General and Kum-n-Go convenience store. Dollar General is about the most depressing place on Earth, and the most nutritious thing in Kum-N-Go is a pack of cigarettes. But they can earn a profit in this regulatory market (probably because they help write the regs), so they get to stay. A nice English corner pub? That requires a lot more foot traffic or really rich neighbors.

  20. How did this become *law* in the first place? We truly are doomed. Now it is mandated we have to pass a retraction to the law? I assume it was slipped into those *omni-bus spending bills* that Gaetz was so rightly pissed about. Why not give the UAW a big fat raise, they’ll be out of work in two years.

    Hey Insurance Mafia, you gonna give a discount now we’re all safe?

    FYI: Off subject but… homeowners in Paradice CA who rebuilt their homes with insurance money are now just getting their new bill from the insurance mafia: $9000-10,000 per year. (Thought you owned your home? They do.) (Thought you own your car…they do)

      • What should one expect from a government engaged in the most despicable of human acts, human sacrifice. Which is exactly the business plan of the Military Industrial Complex. Death for money.

    • Probably isn’t a “law” but a regulation.

      Regulations of course are not voted on by any voters, not even Congress. Created by some regulator in some cushy office in DC (getting a six figure income to boot).

      Regulations currently hold the same force as a law though.

      Regulations shouldn’t exist in a free society. We don’t live in a free society.

    • “Hey Insurance Mafia, you gonna give a discount now we’re all safe?”

      That is a quaint and very cute sentiment. It will be the polar opposite of this. Your rates will become predatory every time you violate one of the arbitrary metrics placed upon your driving. I know this how?

      Living it in real time. As I’ve mentioned before Tesla’s send an extraordinary amount of telemetry data back home. They are also insanely expensive to insure. Tesla itself is now an insurance company and have the lowest rates by far. IF! Big if… you drive the car within the nanny parameters they’ve decided are ‘safe’.

      I’m currently an early adopter of this regime. Everything coming to the entire automotive bureaucracy is being beta tested by Tesla right now. Kill switches. Check. Massive telemetry upload at all times. Check. Insurance tied to that data and a literal “Safety Score”. Check.

      This is my daily lived experience. My insurance premiums are all over the map. When I drive like my grandmother it can go as low as $60 a month which for a Tesla is “cheap”. When I drive the car like I actually enjoy it then I get put on the ‘naughty’ list and my premiums soar through the roof because the car tracks every single thing I do. Stop distance, stop speed, forward g force, lateral g force, braking time, average speed, acceleration. Distance between vehicles, distance during lane changes. You name it, it is tracked.

      So if I drive it a bit ‘spirited’ my insurance premium basically doubles to $120-130 a month and that is for some moderately spicy driving. If you were to drive it like you stole it you’d be looking at 200+ a month and I’m not even exaggerating.

      • Yes, currently paying $90 a month on a 25 year old car, and that’s AFTER the ‘discount’ (which raised my rates by 15%) for my ‘grandfather-like’ driving. The insurance mafia’s reporting software found nothing wrong in 6 months of driving but ‘hard stops’ that happened only when I had to slow and stop for a traffic light turning red.
        Complete scam. Anyone know a lawyer who does class action suits? I’m ready to be a lead plaintiff.

  21. At the height of COVID jab mania, there were those who tried to compare “Unvaccinated drivers” to drunk drivers, which NEVER made any sense. However, considering that it became painfully obvious the past few years that Big Pharma (among other industries like the military-industrial complex) has MASSIVE influence over the government, what are the odds that Pfizer and other Pharma companies will want in on this kill switch for new cars and have the government activate the “kill switch” if a driver didn’t take the latest “vaccines” recommended by, say, the CDC? Or, considering this global dystopian society the globalist/ technocratic elite are trying to build, how about if you’ve exceeded your “Carbon footprint” allowance by eating MEAT instead of BUGS, or “driving too much” instead of walking or riding a bike? Or perhaps even if you said something critical of the Biden Thing, government approved narratives involving various issues, or WEF types online? Or even disobeying nonsensical public health diktats like what we saw in 2020-21? These kill switches that cars will soon be required to have could be used for anything.

  22. Most people have no clue what is going on with this bill. It feels like we live in two worlds now the real world and the bs world. I predict the kill switch if it ever actually takes place will eventually be eliminated but only after years of subjecting thousands of people to being blocked from driving.

  23. During most of my adult working years, my wife and I both bought a new car every 2 or 3 years. Partially because I retired, but mainly because of all the new fangled technology, we stopped with hers, a 2016, and mine, a 2017. That’s about 6 or 7 cars that we didn’t buy in the last 7 years. If we live another 10 or 15 years, that’s 10 or 12 more cars that we won’t buy. The automakers can thank themselves for those lost sales because they offer nothing that I want, and it’s only going to get worse. With proper maintenance and care, I can easily keep the cars we have until the day I die. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has made this same decision.

    • Amen, Floriduh –

      I’d be interested in a new truck, if there were a new truck similar to my old truck. I do not want any “advanced assistance technology,” as I am not a cripple or an incompetent in need of such. I do not want a touchscreen. I want a simple, owner-serviceable vehicle that doesn’t scold or parent me.

      • Eric, find yourself a 2007 to 2021 Toyota Tundra. No nannies. A tiny screen. But better, a big honking 350 cubic inch V-8 with Japanese quality control. It sounds delicious through a Borla or other aftermarket exhaust.

        Mine is already to 200k plus miles and still runs like a top. Highly recommended. I wouldn’t touch the new hybrid, big screen, turbo Tundra with a 10 1/2 foot pole. Too much gimcrackery. To top it all off, they use the sound of the iForce V-8 to fool drivers into thinking they still have a V-8!

      • I would be interested in a new large V8 powered, two door coupe, comfortable large lazy boys style seats, non sporty, premium but not luxury, American made car. Doesn’t exist anymore either.

        Until the 1970’s used to be lots of them from makers like Buick, Olds, Mercury, Chrysler etc. Never banned but regulated out of the market. Probably made the automakers good money and built brand loyalty too.

        When I move south (out of the salt belt) I will likely get a late 60’s early 70’s one, fix it up and modernize it in good ways and daily drive it.

    • Have a friend who would buy new cars often too. He and his wife decided they aren’t doing that anymore due to the spying tech and the huge increases of the cost. Guessing it’s cost the industry at least four sales from them already. I think its happening, its just brewing slowly and outside of Eric will never be reported by the “news”.

    • I’m in with this group. The last new car I purchased was in 2018. It was European Spec. so no Back-Up Camera or other trash US Models had. Now that Europe has gone full nanny, I will never buy another new car. For what? Cars are not only getting worse but boring as well.

  24. Virginia — first with the worst:

    ‘In 2016, Virginia became the first state to join the Driven to Protect Initiative. The program, Driven to Protect | Virginia, continued until September 2023 and remains an example of the ongoing technological innovation happening in Virginia.’

    So why did Driven to Protect END two months ago? Defunded? Didn’t work? Gave up?

    People have questions. Journalists can provide answers. Generally, dotgov staff are happy to chat with informed citizens.

    • “As the first state to collaborate with the DADSS Program, Virginia helped advance the DADSS technology from early prototype to a more sophisticated system that is on its way towards commercialization in vehicles of the future.”

      DADSS = Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety.

      A primo example of Fascism,,, State Corporate partnerships.

      They dropped it because the final product is complete control of the car and driver,,, not just for drunkenness. There are still Americons out there that believe this is only for drunk driving. The same crowd that believe the virus is real, the shots are safe and effective and masks prevent diseases.

      Yes,,, ignorance is in fact bliss.

  25. ‘[Kill switch] cars are coming online less than two calendar years from now.’ — eric

    After reviewing the three kill-switch related papers presented at the 27th ESV (Enhanced Safety of Vehicles) conference in April 2023, I flatly do not believe this timeline.

    A paper by Zaouk, Willis [of KEA Technologies Inc.], et al, states that ‘Currently the DADSS program is focused on transitioning the latest generations of consumer breath and touch sensors from research to product development. Numerous parallel research programs continue … the goal for DADSS technologies is commercialization.’

    Another paper by Brauer, Ritchie [of Joyson Safety Systems USA], et al states that ‘NIR-AS [Near-Infrared Alcohol Sensor], with continued development, can be a potential tool for assessing driver alcohol impairment in support of ADAS and/or ADS countermeasures.’

    KEA’s website presents the same message: ‘KEA has equipped a fleet of vehicles with the most recent prototype sensors and supporting data acquisition system equipment to evaluate sensor performance in a live operational, on-road setting.’

    Joyson applies some artful obscurantism to avoid the word ‘alcohol’: ‘Gas Sensing
    Detects, classifies and quantifies volatile organic compounds (VOC) [e.g., alcohol] in the vehicle cabin using a multispectral sensor system. Sensor functions include air quality assessment, un-safe or un-pleasant odors and eventually occupant health and wellness. Integration with Joyson Safety Systems occupant monitoring system provides the ability to correlate changes to occupancy conditions and safety apply countermeasures.’

    Clearly both of these potential vendors are still in the research phase. They are not supplying commercial products to MY 2026 vehicles.

    While we should continue our strident opposition to kill switches, we also should not submit to political scaremongering and smoke-blowing: the kill switch is not ready for prime time, and may never be.

    Having the author’s names from their recent technical papers, it’s easy to just email or phone them and see what they say about the schedule. But you don’t need no PhD in Organic Chemistry to grok that kill switch sensors are not commercial products yet.

    • Hi Jim,

      I can speak to this a bit – being someone who has access to the latest cars on a regular basis. The technology is already embedded – and all that it would take to fully enable it is an over-the-air “update.”

      For example: Most new cars come equipped with “speed limit assist.” This system is capable of two things: One, it can prevent “speeding” by dialing back throttle. Two, it can notify the government (and insurance mafia) that you are “speeding” in real time, every time. “Brake assist” can brake – and stop – the car.

      These two “technologies” alone could serve the purpose.

      Every Tesla could be turned off via an over-the-air update. Probably the same for other EVs, too.

      • Conceivably the control module, switch and wiring are embedded, though I’d like to see some evidence.

        But recent technical papers by vendors state that no commercial sensor is available yet. Without the physical sensor mounted in the vehicle, it can’t be activated with an OTA update.

        One journo, James Dickson, suspects the kill switch is bullshit: ‘The bill that passed creates a paperwork regime that may or may not ever demand manufacturers to install anti-drunk driving technology.’

        After doing my own independent research of primary sources, I firmly concur.

      • Drove my sister’s new Corolla and every time I exceeded the speed limit by even a mile over, the speed limit sign on the center display glowed an angry red.

        I said “F— you car. I’ll drive as fast as I like.” My parents chuckled, but it’s ridiculous.

      • Guessing most recently made connected cars could be shut off, if the government really wants them to be shut off. The ship may have sailed already. An alcohol sensor (which will probably be very glitchy tech) is just the side show, it doesn’t have to work.

        Maybe it being glitchy will help get people off the fence finally.

      • Unfortunately, if you choose an older car to avoid the restrictions on your right to travel the next step digital money will stop you from buying the fuel you need to drive ‘your’ car.
        Time to go on strike against the entire federal system while we still can.

        • Amen, John –

          I’m prepared to resist as necessary. I wish enough of us had just said No years ago – and then none of what’s coming would be necessary.

    • If I may, while the passive alcohol SENSOR is vapor ware, the programming and positional sensors are very much in place and could be a kill switch with just a firmware flash. If you drift over to the shoulder for any reason, that is detectable. If you accelerate at over .1g, that is detectable. They started putting in black boxes in the 1990’s and only we fringe libertarian tinfoil hatters noticed or cared. Accelerometers and gps are very much a thing and we’ve used them for decades.

      The fact is, nothing is really new here, not even the strangling ratcheting of totalitarian communism.

  26. I’ve already decided to hang on to my 2014 Mazda3 that gets over 40 mpg since it doesn’t have as much of the safety crap. Yes, I’d love a new CX-5, but until they make it possible to turn all that crap off I don’t want, I’m sticking with what I’ve got.

  27. And, I imagine you can forget doing any track days or autocross with these tethered vehicles.

    I never cease to be amazed by some of my racing friends that are leftists. They support the very thing that is going to destroy their sport because this is all driven by the Marxist Environmentalists that they love. It’s a level of stupidity that can’t exist in nature.

    • Hi Mark,

      Yup. This business may put me out of the test driving/reviewing of new cars business. What would be the point of driving any car when all cars drive the same?

      • Eric, you’re goal with these 2026 cars should be to see what the limits are before the car deems you impaired. Could be very interesting.


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