This “Kill Switch” Business

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Some of you have probably heard about the Biden Thing’s decree that, beginning with 2026 model years cars – all new cars must be factory fitted with so-called “kill” switches. By which is meant not only that the car can be turned off by the government and its baying bloodhounds – i.e., “law enforcement” – but also by itself, if the car decides you are driving outside acceptable (to it  . . . as well as to the government) parameters.

The key to understanding the latter is understanding what the government means by “impaired” driving – ostensibly the reason for the fatwa’ing of the “kill” switches. It not being enough, apparently, to have probable cause-free dragnet stops of motorists, where each one is obliged to prove to the satisfaction of law enforcement that he has not violated the law (so much for the old presumption of innocence) with regard to drinking and driving. Not enough to punish those who actually do drink and drive.

Everyone must be presumed “drunk” as soon as they get in their car to go for a drive. They will be obliged to prove – to the satisfaction of the car – that they have not been drinking, else the car will stop driving.

In addition to the “kill” switch – and tied into it – will be (and  to some extent, already are) what are styled “passive” sensors that monitor the “performance” of the driver. If these sensors detect signs of  . . . whatever they are programmed to detect, the “kill” switch shuts off the car. Ostensibly, the “signs” are of impairment, such as eyes not staying open/focused on the road (Subaru’s EyeSight system, already installed in all new Subarus except the last handful of manual transmission-equipped 2023 Crosstreks). But there is no technological reason why other “signs” – of things the government does not like  – such as ignoring signs, could not also be programmed-in to trigger the “kill” switch.

Note that almost all 2023 model year cars already have something called Advanced Speed Limit Assistance Technology, or something similar. What that means is the car knows what the speed limit is, everywhere you drive. Which it does via the real-time mapping of where you’re driving and how fast you’re going. Go faster than the speed limit and the Advanced Speed Limit Assistance will warn you of your “speeding” by shifting the little icon in the instrument cluster that displays the current speed limit from white to red. It is one small step – one line of code, probably – to go from there to stop.

It could and almost certainly will also be used to erect a much more comprehensive version of the DM “points” system, under which a driver is dunned a certain number of “points” after having been convicted of “speeding,” as well as other such sign-ignoring. Imagine if the DMV – and the insurance mafia – could apply “points” (and fines) for every single instance of sign-disobedience. Could “kill” your driving privileges on that basis. Most of us would have our driving privileges – the pathetic thing our former right-to-travel has become – rescinded before the day was out.

The rest of us would probably give up driving the day after – because why bother? “Driving” would be reduced to sign-obedience, a schooling for dullards and the half-dead. It would mean the end of any pleasure attending driving, at any rate – and that is very much intentional. But it is also something else. That being an assertion of Who’s Boss. Which isn’t you.

Which is established by enforcing obedience – generally.

Fail to do as you are told – and not just on the road – and they will turn off “your” car.  The same people who turned you away from stores, if you refused to “mask.” Who tried to take away your job, if you refused to take their drugs. The ones who quiver with rage that you, lowing cattle, have had the power to go where you like, whenever you like. It is this they are determined to “kill” – and they have in fact already done so. The Thing has ordered it to be so.

And so it is already in the works.

Recall the mantra of the WEF, that we will own nothing – and be happy. Well, who will own “your” car when it can be turned off at will by someone other than you? When it can turn itself off, contrary to your will?

If that sounds like “ownership” to you, it’s possible you may indeed be happy about what the WEF – and the Thing – have in mind for you.

. . .

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  1. I have a great idea! Code the vehicle so that if it violates road rules and regulations, that it turns itself off, and then sends a notification to local law enforcement to the vehicle’s location…pay the cop whatever fine is required, on the spot, and then the vehicle will be enabled…don’t pay, and the vehicle will be impounded!

    Safety! Think of the children….

    Happy motoring.

  2. ‘The key … is understanding what the government means by “impaired” driving.’ — eric

    Is it anything like impaired legislating?

    ‘On Tuesday, the office of Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) office posted a statement announcing she wouldn’t seek reelection. “I am announcing today I will not run for reelection in 2024 but intend to accomplish as much for California as I can through the end of next year when my term ends.”

    ‘However, just a couple hours later, Feinstein was unaware she’d announced her coming retirement. Several reporters say that, when a press gaggle asked her about her it, Feinstein said, “I haven’t made that decision. I haven’t released anything.”

    ‘When a staffer told Feinstein that her office had indeed released a statement, Feinstein said, “You put out the statement? I didn’t know they put it out … Okay, well, it is what it is.”

    ‘One Democratic lawmaker who had an extended encounter with Ms. Feinstein in February said the experience was akin to acting as a caregiver for a person in need of constant assistance. The lawmaker recalled having to reintroduce themself to the senator multiple times, helping her locate her purse repeatedly and answering the same set of basic, small-talk questions over and over again.’ — ZH

    This mentally dysfunctional elderly woman has 22 months remaining in her Senate term.

    Try to imagine an incoherent conversation between Feinstein and “Joe Biden.” Then see the coming docudrama movie: Close Encounters in the Memory Care Wing. 🙁

    • Jim,

      With this kill switch, the government could define IMPAIRED DRIVING as a driver who didn’t take the latest mRNA jab from Pfizer, used Biden Bucks to make “unapproved purchases”, said something critical of Biden and/ or the psychopaths at the WEF, etc.

    • The Chinamen just grab the old fool and haul him off to the infirmary.

      Outlived your usefulness.

      The next ice floe is for Diane.

  3. What would be creepy is if a small image of Joe Biden pops up on an LCD screen in your kill switch equipped vehicle when it’s activated. And with what our would be overlords are pushing, what’s to stop the government from using this “kill switch” to shut off your kill switch equipped vehicle if you didn’t get the latest COVID booster jab or mRNA vaccine from Pfizer, if you criticized the Biden Thing on social media, your insurance lapsed, you exceeded your allotment of carbon footprints, or even if you used your digital dollar on a purchase that the government deemed BAAAAAAAAAAAAAD.

  4. ‘Who will own “your” car when it can be turned off at will by someone other than you?’ — eric

    Apparently, the Woke auto maker, ‘complying’ with government diktats, will own it:

    ‘European Tesla drivers tweeted Tuesday that their mobile smartphone app to control their vehicles has crashed. Some complained remote functions ceased to work as the app read “503 Server Maintenance.”

    ‘The Tesla App allows drivers to remotely view the status of their vehicles, lock or unlock doors, manage climate control, and control charging. The inability to access the app could create headaches for drivers.’

    503 error, comrade: you’re grounded.

  5. I remember hearing about this kill switch business way back when GM rolled out On Star. You can be sure that if they’re talking about it now, its light years ahead in practical application.

    Envision a day when Congress passes the ‘Safe Roads and Effective Drivers act.’ The bill will include funding for every copfuck in the land to be outfitted with hand held EMP devices and tail pipe C02 testers

  6. “Everyone must be presumed “drunk” as soon as they get in their car to go for a drive. They will be obliged to prove – to the satisfaction of the car – that they have not been drinking, else the car will stop driving.”- Eric

    I’m from a state that in the past, outlawed alcohol purchases on Sunday under the presumption that an individual would go to church instead of drink on the sabbath. All the true alcoholics knew how to plan ahead and have their “Sunday” alcohol well ahead of time.

    Sounds like I need to invest in balloon manufacturers, across the board. Not only are balloons a big deal today, but they will be a really big deal in the future.

  7. I remember a long time ago when we all learnt to drive and before we actually got licenses in PK, the cars imported from Japan had some sort of a warning which would make a pleasant airplane like bing every few seconds if you went over 120 or so kmph if I remember correctly. now it may not seem to much in the west but on Karachi roads it was more than you would normally get with traffic.

    While I suspect the safety department at Toyota had something else in mind, but to a group of teenagers – well this bing was music to our ears. Made all sorts of games out of it (who could make it bing fastest from zero, keep it there fastest, reach it on certain stretches of road)….

    I cant imagine the fun and games kids today would have messing with these gizmos on cars

  8. You’d think Biden would be tired of another dark winter, gotta be old just thinking about it.

    No doubt he wakes up in a puddle of drool.

    Klaus wakes up and does’t dare look in the mirror, the sight is disgusting, just horrible.

    You can conceivably do a kill switch command all at once with every car that has a kill switch.

    Every car on every highway, freeway, roadway would stop.

    It’s already mayhem and chaos, more is better.

    1,446,000,000 billion cars, 12,000,000 are EVs.

    Less than one percent there. You have to get in line, be a compliant consumer and buy one to lessen the gap.

    What makes the people, strike that, scum bags in charge think they can do anything they want to humans?

    They try to get your goat just for the fun of it, something strange going on for sure.

    Mask up, you swine, vax up, you ignoramus, always do what we say or else. It’s still going to get worse, won’t get much more than that.

    Ukraine probably has a population decline hitting the Deagel estimates at this point in time.

    Best time to seek a cease-fire agreement is now. Tons of damage done. Unless, if the plan is to collapse civilization, then keep on truckin’ to the slaughter. Might as well find out the hard way if it works or not. It won’t and never can.

    NHK produces the program Digital Eye, can be viewed on YT.

    Digital Eye has a plethora of information about the war. The program is worth watching and listening.

    Ain’t nobody getting out of here alive, you might try to live forever, ain’t gonna happen.

    • “What makes the people, strike that, scum bags in charge think they can do anything they want to humans?”

      Because the ‘scum bags’ never get punished or pay any price… They know this and get off on making you miserable knowing. If you attempt anything,,, well, you are simply a terrorist or worse,,, a white supremacist and most of the sheep will back them not you.

      Never correct a child throwing a tantrum and watch how fast they happen and their severity increase.

  9. The upcoming of this feature in particular helped drive my decision to buy as new of a car that I could afford this year. It should last me 10 years and won’t have that kill switch. I think Genesis does have that speed limit assist shit but I’m pretty sure it can be disabled.

  10. This all stems from the great majority of people not exercising their ability to say NO and actually following through with it. I see it all the time in my daily life. It’s incredibly frustrating.

  11. “If these sensors detect signs of . . . whatever they are programmed to detect”
    Whoops, I listened to the wrong news radio station. Whoops, I called a poor driver a “mother fucker”. Whoops, I bought meat at the grocery store. Whoops, I didn’t stop and kneel when I drove by City Hall. Last of all, whoops, the government is so effed up they can’t even read their own writing, and shut your car down for no reason at all, not even a bad one.

  12. What about offensive driving? For example, a very slow car in your lane coming up, with a car next to you. Offensive drivers step on it to get in front of the car next to you and avoid the slower dangerous car in front of you. I could easily see some computer saying ‘you are outside of your bounds’, shut the car down, and now you’re in a more dangerous situation.
    What about trying to avoid an accident, which usually requires some aggressive moves?

    I’ve already proven to myself and others that I can beat ‘traction’ control going up a snow covered hill. My brain vs a computer, I win every time. Same with abs, I beat the computer.
    At least a lot of motorcycle manuf. add a ‘traction and/or abs’ control off switches, because on dirt roads, these things are a major hindrance vs your brain.
    Some cars do too, but they turn themselves back on without your input. Although I don’t think I’ve seen an abs-off switch.
    Looks like we’re going to have to learn to code, or find people who can defeat this crap permanently.

  13. The problem is that a significant number of the sheep like this stuff. “Oh, good! This helps keep me from getting a ticket! Yay! I’ll gladly pay extra for that!”

    People — women in particular — LIKE “keep lane assist” and shit like that so that so they can drive down the road at 70 mph with their eyes on their f–ing cell phone as they’re texting their bf with their acrylic nails about where to order dinner. People LIKE back-up cams and “crash avoidance assistance” so they don’t have to bother to look where the f–k they’re going. People LIKE TPMS so they don’t have to check their own tire pressure. People LIKE onboard GPS (which enables the government to track them in real time) because they’re too stupid and too lazy to learn how to read (and fold) a map.

    This is a chicken-or-egg question. What comes first, the overbearing government intrusion, or the stupid people who want the mommy government to coddle them?

      • Laziness, or simple convenience. Convenience, which is of little real value, seems to be the driving force. “But it’s so CONVENIENT to just swipe your credit/debit card at the checkout instead of inserting your card in a reader. So CONVENIENT to skip the checkout and buy your stuff on your phone”. Jesus Christ! Are people really that helpless, or crippled?

  14. >we will own nothing
    Including yourself, and your self-esteem.
    The State will own your ass.
    > – and be happy
    They are going to need some mighty strong drugs to induce that illusion.

  15. The other thing that will be interesting is when components of the car that communicate become obsolete and no longer talk to the authorities. Recently, my vehicle can no longer communicate with OnStar due the installed equipment being 2G.

    I’d be curious if the car will be permitted on the road now that it can no longer snitch.

  16. IF ONLY they cry! If only that drunk wouldn’t have crashed into my child! We need to make sure this NEVER happens to any other mother ever! Momma will make them pay for killing you, baby!

    An ounce of prevention? More like revenge is a dish best served cold.

    I don’t know that I’ve ever met anyone who drives drunk. I’m sure it happens but only after the bars close and the shooting begins. There are probably a few high-functioning alcoholics on the road too. But the days of the old-school W.C. Fields drunk are long gone anyway, in fact I doubt they really ever existed in any number.

    But there’s funding that will go unspent if they don’t find drunks. There’s research, lobbying, personel, lawyers, judges and a penal system that depends on drunk drivers being punished. There’s treatment, detox, and psychologists. When the number of drunk drivers decreases, ratchet down the legal limit. Momma’s got a lot of mouths to feed.

    • You say you haven’t met anyone who drives drunk. Perhaps, your definition of the word, ‘drunk’ is a little off kilter. They have already been lowering the threshold of what it means to be drunk to the point that ‘buzzed driving’ is drunk driving, i.e. one glass of beer plus another sip & that’s it, you’re considered drunk and a menace.

      And, with teen drivers, ANY amount of alcohol in their system means they are automatically considered drunk.

      I even know of a guy who got convicted of drunk driving because he was suffering a heart attack while driving.

      I imagine there are scores of people who have been convicted of drunk driving because they suffered from other ailments and such like.

      • Hi Helot,

        It’s true – in re the ever-diminishing threshold defining “drunk” driving as a matter of law. It can be as little as .05 BAC, which is about one beer over supper, or close enough to that such that risking a beer over supper is … risky. Not to your driving – but to what might happen to your driver’s license.

        • This year in WA they’re pushing for the .05 limit, all it will do is snare the average Joe/Jane for no good reason. Meantime, the repeat really dangerous drunk drivers run around causing mayhem. Hey WA how about dealing with the dangerous ones for a change? Doesn’t make for a snappy sound bite on the evening news though.

        • Doesn’t your body have a natural metabolism internal BAC close to the new proposed lowered 0.05%?
          IF that’s the case, sounds like TPTB are trying to set EVERYONE up to be convicted of “drunk driving” without them taking a sip.

            • It’s a type-several-times-until-the-computer-memorizes-it. Then next time I click on the fill-in-the-blank, it auto-fills.
              Ditto for my email.
              But you’re right, if I had to manually type that every single time…….

      • Never mind that a good driver under modest influence can drive circles around a stone cold sober poor driver. It’s an excuse, not a purpose.

    • ReadyK,

      “I don’t know that I’ve ever met anyone who drives drunk. I’m sure it happens but only after the bars close and the shooting begins.”

      Haha, really? I guess I grew up under different circumstances, as it was fairly commonplace. Even now, out here where I live, there are people who drink and drive, though the roads are all dirt, and if you’re too trashed to drive, you’ll probably just hit a tree or a rock or something.

      The laws are becoming ever more absurd, in that the percentage of ethanol in the blood is the primary factor in determining your guilt. If you’re wasted or not, if you cause some damage or death, you should be held responsible. If not, someone at least should have to complain before you are bothered…

      I hold that I could still drive better with a 6-pack in my gut than many people drive when they’re perfectly sober. And it’s not that I’m a wonderful driver, but that the skill is being lost at an alarming rate. Even so, these horrible drivers are often perfectly “legal” in their actions, and I would not be.

      Oh, and I never drive faster than I can see, and besides that, it’s all in the reflexes.

    • >I’m sure it happens but only after the bars close
      Once upon a time, several decades ago, local sheriff’s deputies were staking out bars in an adjacent small city which contracts with the County Sheriff for law enforcement. Bar owners complained that the presence of law enforcement in the parking lot was driving away business (ya think?), with the result that the Deputy Dawgs were told to call it off. 🙂

  17. I’m sure the follow on will be banning older “non compliant “ cars and trucks, and stop the practice of rebuild/restore the Before Time rigs. Another collision point looming of “us” vs “them”.

    • That is already happening in California which banned 2010 or older semis starting this year. Some European cities have banned older cars, such as Paris which has banned 1997 or older cars from the city center in 2016. Paris will ban ALL private cars in parts of the city in 2024.

  18. ‘Beginning with 2026 model years all new cars must be factory fitted with so-called “kill” switches.’ — eric

    Between kill switches and EeeVees, auto makers are about to collide at high speed with a brick wall of buyer resistance.

    Their economic sector is called Consumer Discretionary for a reason — emphasis on ‘discretionary.’ People can’t be made to buy new cars. Can pay, won’t pay.

    As the epic tide of malinvestment fueled by the idiotic Inflation Protection Act turns into an albatross round their fool necks, some auto makers are going to croak.

    Who cares about craven collaborators, though? I have no fucks left to give. They are our enemies.

    Did you hear about the midnight rambler?
    I’ll go easy with your cold-fanged anger
    I’ll stick my knife right down your throat, baby
    And it hurts!

    — Rolling Stones, Midnight Rambler

  19. Damn Eric that is so effing depressing I feel like throwing up!
    Time to start shopping for a good used car that will last for the rest of my time on earth; being 75 it’s on the short side but hoping for at least ten years.

    • That’s still plenty of time to see shit get very real. Those of us that are 30+ years younger are really going to see some shit. It’s still amazing to see the stuff that September 11 of 01 set off.

      I knew it would be bad, but really had no idea how bad. CBDC’s can’t even be made out to be as bad as they are. We’ll have to se them to believe and fully understand it.

      • But CBDCs are so CONENIENT, and that seems to be the guiding light these days. How’s this for convenience, kill yourself and everything is real convenient.

      • Hi Ancap

        CBDC’s are just going to make the various black markets explode. Not to mention the inherent weakness of having a highly centralized government system. Especially in the age of DIE. If you think diversity hires are bad in the private sector, you should see them in government.

    • I rather address them as cocksucker, ass kisser or bag licker. The conniving cunts sit around all day dreaming up shit and rulllleees to keep us safe. The sons o bitches need to be fast tracked to Hell


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