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If EVs are wanted by enough people to make them worth making, why is it necessary to force the not-making of alternatives to them?

It was not necessary for the government to out-regulate cassette tapes when the compact disc came along. Nor the compact disc, when digital music storage/playback came along. The reason there aren’t ice boxes in people’s homes anymore is because the refrigerator came along.

It is never necessary to out-regulate an inferior product. But it is always necessary to out-regulate a superior one – when the alternative being pushed on people as its replacement is inferior.

For example, Freon – or R-12.

It was – it is – superior – to the replacements that have been pushed on people since Freon was forced off the market back in the ’90s via regulations that banned its use in new vehicle air conditioning systems, restricted its sale to credentialed “professionals” and raised is price from about $1 per can to more than $100 for the same amount. This was supposedly done to close a hole in the ozone layer. In fact, it was done to protect DuPont, which held the patent on Freon that was about to run out.

More expensive – and less efficient – automotive AC systems was the result.

Electric cars are like the various replacements pushed on people in lieu of Freon, which worked really well – and didn’t cost much. Like the nferior – and more expensive – replacements for Freon, EVs require the suppression of superior alternatives – because if people were free to choose them, the “market” for EVs would evaporate like a piece of dry ice in the July sun.

If this were not so, it would not be necessary to push them onto the “market” – nor would it be necessary to out-regulate alternatives to them that cost less and simply work better for most people. It is precisely on account of this latter that the alternatives are being out-regulated and thereby pushed off the market.

It’s axiomatic, inarguable.

Can anyone intelligibly say otherwise?

No. And so they say all kinds of other things, to get around having to concede that an inferior and more expensive thing is being pushed on people. They say it is necessary to push the inferior and more expensive thing. The same thing they said about the alternatives to Freon (and will say about the alternatives to meat that they’re already pushing for).

There is always an excuse – when it comes to this pushing – and an excuse is not the same thing as a reason. Or at least, it is not the same thing as a good reason.

There was good reason to stop buying cassette tapes when CDs became available, just as there was good reason to stop buying ice boxes when refrigerators became available. And there was good reason to stop buying electric vehicles some 100 years ago when better alternatives to them became available.

Those better alternatives were – and still are – so much better that they have dominated the market for vehicles from then to now and to so comprehensively that the only excuse that can be proffered to justify pushing them off the market is that it’s necessary – in the view of people who have decided they do not want us to have better, less expensive alternatives to them.

In other words, their goal is to diminish us.

We are to have less – and pay them more for it.

Bear in mind – because it is probative – that these people are in a position to have more – because they can pay for it. In part, because they have the power to make us pay for it – for what else are subsidies?

What else are the taxes we’re all forced to pay?

This pushing-of-EVs business ought to be seen for what it is – which is the pushing of us into a revivified form of serfdom – with necessity as the excuse.

This, too, is inarguable.

If it were truly necessary, then the push would not be for expensive, high-performance EVs that most people cannot afford (leaving aside their preference for an alternative to them). The focus would not be – as it is – on how powerful and rapidly accelerating they are. These attributes are superfluities in a necessity. It is like a haughty lord of the manor gorging on suckling pig and mead while lecturing his serfs about the need to tighten their belts.

The necessity – if it were real – wouldn’t need excuses, either.

If the “climate” really were in “crisis,” we’d know it.  It would not be necessary to push people to believe it. Just the same as it was during the “pandemic.”  People would have seen the threat – which would have been self-evident – and taken the appropriate steps on their own, for rational reasons of self-interest as well as concern for others. Instead they saw “masks” everywhere – the ones  people were pushed to wear, so as to make them believe everyone else believed. The spread of this belief became the excuse for everything else.

And now they want you to believe it is necessary for you to accept further diminishment – because the “climate” is “changing.”

Don’t question any of it.

Because they don’t want to have to answer for it.

. . .

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  1. Laura Aboli speech on transhumanism will blow you away – here is 4 minutes of shocking expose about what they are planning for us – the EV thing is just one small part of the overall plan – our extinction – merger with machines.

    I will tell you all flat out that this orchestration of our end is coming from intelligence far above the human level, there is no doubt that human life on earth is being steered by extraterrestrial Ai, like Grey Aliens, they manage this planet for the owners and we are just cattle to them.

    • RE: “there is no doubt that human life on earth is being steered by extraterrestrial Ai, like Grey Aliens”

      Or, more like, demons?

      …”These are acts of men rebelling against God. They are using the technology of the most rebellious entities in the universe— ‘fallen angels and demons.’ The point now is we are watching targeted, weaponized attacks, primarily on red states. . . . Ladies and gentlemen, we are dealing with supernatural evil. Yes, supernatural evil motivating some of the most wicked and wealthy people in the world.””…

  2. ‘If EVs are wanted by enough people to make them worth making, why is it necessary to force the not-making of alternatives to them?’ — eric

    Though I’ve got nothing against hybrids — often an elegant solution to squeezing more mileage, more power, or both from internal combustion (as in the latest Prius) — they are, unavoidably, more costly.

    Now CAFE regulations have backed Toyota’s Camry against the wall:

    ‘America’s best-selling sedan will only be available with gas-electric hybrid powertrains in 2025, Toyota revealed Tuesday night. The 2025 Camry will feature a 2.5-liter gas engine paired with an electric drive that will deliver more power than the 2024 hybrids.

    Whether consumers want it or not, federal government regulations are forcing gas vehicles out of the marketplace by tightening average fleet mileage requirements. Recently the White House proposed a 58 mpg standard for the 2032 model year. The 2022 average was 27 mpg.

    ‘For the 2024 model, the cheapest gas-only Camry costs about $2,400 less than the cheapest hybrid. “We think the value the hybrid powertrain brings is worth that kind of premium,” Toyota’s North America brand chief David Christ told Reuters.

    ‘According to federal fuel economy numbers, the current Camry hybrid saves $650 a year versus the gas version, reflecting the 52 mpg vs 32 mpg difference. That implies a 3.7-year break-even on the price differential between the hybrid and gas-only version — excluding extra interest, higher sales tax and higher insurance.’

    It also excludes higher maintenance: a hybrid has more parts to potentially break. Probably it means about a 5-year break-even: not bad, but not attractive to price-oriented customers.

    NHTSA [administrator of CAFE regs] to Americans: not feeling flush this year? Ride a bike, serf.

    • Hi Jim,

      Yes, terrible (but entirely predictable) news re the Camry. The Avalon/Crown has already been so transitioned. Get thee a V6 whilst thou still can.

      In my dotage, I will be able to regale the kids about the days I got to drive V12 and V8 powered cars…

    • I totally get it. Fuck the morons, One cop pulls over one car for whatever BS violation. Really fucks up up all the other people who are just going home or to work. Plus as FI says it really puts everyone in danger as blind idiots driving 60-70 in the right lane move to the left where traffic goes 80-90. Life in the fast lane. Time for the revolution.

    • THAT was a well written bit.

      This is the exact link,

      ” So you put us both in harms way for a bulb”

      Ever since ‘they’ first started pulling people over for seatbelt violations (when previously, it was only supposed to be something which was cited AFTER you were pulled over for something else, they weren’t pulling people over for JUST seatbelt violations in the beginning) I thought just that, “So you put us both in harms way for a SEATBELT!?’

    • That is cwazy as the rabbit would say. I live in Northern Michigan. The charger thing will not play. I predict Wretched Whichmore will be hung by a mob of her peers within 5 years.

      I would rather bring back the guillotine, much more efficient.

      Mark now, 11/15/23 @ 9:16pm.

  3. Fake environmentalism is just fear to make people check their brains at the door.

    No freon ozone hole

    No car global warming – or gas stoves or cow farts.

    Envirofakists know the format of TV news. Make unimaginable claims to draw the dollars.

  4. Natural gas leaks from the Gulf of Mexico sea floor. It never stops and never will. Natural gas is inexhaustible. The earth will cease to exist before the oil is gone.

    Still stones out there, you can go back to the Stone Age, 1955 will be a Stone Age compared to the post-modern era.

    Human stupidity and ignorance too, both inexhaustible, Einstein was right, human stupidity is greater than the limitless universe.

    Nothing can exceed it. Look at the current situation, stupid is on fire, literally.

    If you want petroleum, there is kerogen as a primary source, add heat and pressure, voila, rock oil. Has to be carbon there, carbon formed before life formed, simple logic. Hydrogen, check, oxygen, check. Abiotic oil is possible and more than likely a reality.

    Chasin’ sand in the oil bidness is what they happen to do. Not that difficult to understand. Oil sells like hotcakes.

    Texas has 185,000 plus oil wells plus the natural gas wells. The oil wells produce an average of 13 bpd. 13 x 185 000 = 2 405 000 bpd. Counting natural gas wells, well over one million wells deep in the heart of Texas.

    Way out west in California, the Lakeview Gusher pumped out 125,000 bpd in the beginning. Continued for 586 days and in the end there were 9,000,000 barrels of oil retrieved.

    Crude oil is coming out of Mother Nature’s ears. Natural gas has been naturally burning for a thousand years over in Baku.

    Texas didn’t start the fire, nor did Edwin Drake in Titusville.

    Been going on for 122 years since Spindletop. It will continue for hundreds of years. Ohio produces oil, Illinois, Alabama, Louisiana, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana. Not so much in Pennsylvania anymore.

    There is a legacy oil well, museum piece, in Pennsylvania that produces 6 barrels per year.

    Russia? Oil there. Saudi Arabia? Oil there. Syria? Oil there. Norway? Oil there. Gulf of Tokin, oil there.

    Where isn’t there rocks that contain oil? Hydraulically fracture the shale and move more oil to the surface, not a problem. Water wells are hydraulically fractured, you get more water.

    So what’s with all of the fuss and bother?

    This eye-for-an-eye and tooth-for-a-tooth stuff is as old as the hills.

    Might want to give it a rest, take it all to a new realm. Rise above, raise awareness, it’ll help mankind more than you know.

    The idiot stakeholders who think they are in control and in charge are blowing smoke.

    Julian Assange is right on the money, the elite, or whoever they are, are enriching themselves at the expense of all those paying through the nose to just get by.

    Not just by war, it is everything, all your stuff to us belong.

    Time to pay my gas bill from the local provider.

  5. We built our house with a central fireplace in an area surrounded by miles of woods. Heating will never be a problem for me as long as I can wield an axe.

    Every year I like to see how long I can go just using the fireplace for heat before finally succumbing to the wife’s demands to turn on the natgas central heat.

    Me personally, I’d be happy with a small cabin with a wood burning stove after the kids move out. Just have to convince the wife.

    • Your namesake had little trouble keeping Lynn Halsey-Taulor night. Of course, she was too damned much trouble. Clyde was all the companionship a guy needed.

    • Lived 19 years in North Alabama with only wood heat. Messy, lots of work, but always there. I designed the house with wood heat in mind. We lived “up” (warmer) and slept “down” (cooler). Ours was bigger than a cabin, but think about that if you build. There was a flight of stairs with a 4×8 opening to the upstairs, and an equivalent opening on the other end of the basically “open” living area. (The downstairs hall would have a breeze on really cold days with return air heading to the furnace, a Riteway Model 37. Apparently they are out of business.)

  6. Totally off topic, but I read this, this morning:

    …But unlike here on EP Autos, where “independent free thinkers” are actually valued, you have to sign in to comment at the “Post-Millennial”. Not only that, you must PAY them to have an account.

    So again, thanks for your free-speech policy, Eric. it is appreciated.

    I wanted to tell these goofballs that “decriminalization” isn’t legalization, and also legalization of drugs doesn’t mean you must let people shit, camp or throw their syringes all over the sidewalk.

    I’d swear this is only being done to demonize libertarian ideals.

    One idea: Make those sidewalks the defensible property of the adjacent business owners, and see how quickly your homeless problem is banished.

    • Hi BaDnOn,
      The sidewalks in San Francisco got cleaned up in a hurry with the Biden thing going there to meet with Xi. Be interesting to see how long they stay that way. Both my kids had lived out there at different times years ago and we always enjoyed going out for a visit; it’s a shame how the lefties let a beautiful city get turned to shit.

      • Used to go to races back in the day. Then the NASCAR people, like the big universities that play college football, decided that they wanted to make more money and they hated that their sport was a regional thing with devoted fans that they thought were icky people. So they took races away from the classic Southern tracks and sent them to awful cookie-cutter tracks like Fontana (now closed) and Texas with no history of NASCAR fandom. Now it is dying. Killing the V-8s and replacing them with glorified golf carts will be the end of it. Besides, how would you race EVs except a few laps at a time? No quick charger exists to do a pit stop.

    • All I gotta say is if NASCAR goes electric, they had better invest in some serious fire-fighting equipment! And a really good plan to evacuate the stands to avoid exposing fans (if by then there are any left) to highly toxic smoke from raging battery fires….

    • Not that I watch NASCAR (stock cars, yeah right!), but as with all of these large entertainment corporations going woke, I say good riddance. I will watch with glee as they writhe around in pathetic agony as they die a slow death.

      There are local live races to attend if you are a fan of racing. Same with NFL. If you are a football fan, go support your local high school football team! There’s more excitement when it’s live and local and the participants are just regular people and not big money guys.

    • The first sentence was laugh-out-loud funny.

      A leaked image shared on X (formerly Twitter) shows an alleged NASCAR prototype with a crossover body style and electric underpinnings, and it’s made fans of the sport very excitable.

      NASCAR fans are very excitable about electric crossovers? Really?

  7. Heat pumps are lousy. Our house in NW Florida has one. It does fine during the summer, but when we get a cold snap, it’s time to turn off the “heat” pump and use our fireplace. We’ve got plenty of firewood stacked. Nothing better than drinking some bourbon and hot apple cider by a roaring fire.

    As for EVs, they are as useless as tits on a boar hog here. The nearest town for me is 10 miles away. My nearest neighbor is 2 miles down the road. The nearest gas station is 5 miles away. These appliances only work for city people. This “one-size-fits-all” lunacy is becoming tiresome.

  8. “Eric-Don’t question any of it.
    Because they don’t want to have to answer for it.”

    BTW; has anyone else noticed that the Black Lives Matter lawn signs have come down since Oct 7th? I guess those supporting the never-ending saga of white racism in our country by showing their support of the (Marxist Hate Group) BLM, got an answer they didn’t want to hear…when BLM came out in support of Hamas. Ouch! They got red-pilled and had to make a choice.

  9. Is there anyone here who lives in an older apartment or house that has electric baseboard heaters? I lived in apartments over the years that had baseboard heaters, and those things JACKED up the electric bill when used during the winter season. I’m not sure if the Biden Thing will try to force people to exclusively use baseboard heaters under guise of “Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaving the planet from cliiiiiiiiimate change”, or if they’ll just push heat pumps while warring against natural gas, fireplaces,
    and wood stoves as a source for keeping warm during cold weather.

    • The resistance electric was OK when rates were dirt cheap, Seattle City Light for example in the saner times, had total control over supply via their city owned hydroelectric system. Mid 1971 saw the first rate increase since 1920, still under a penny per KWH. Even in 2015 rates were only 7.93 cents per KWH. The WPPSS debacle in the 80s drove rates sky high here in WA for the utilities that had signed up for the nuke boom that went bust when the Washington Public Power Supply System went broke in one of the largest bond defaults in history. Some of the independent PUDs still have great rates, Grant County 5.7 cents while I’m a Puget Sound Energy customer at near 12 cents average.

    • I was an HVAC contractor in the early part of my career. The “all electric” home was a big thing in New England back in the 60’s. I made good money in the late 70’s and early 80’s converting those homes to gas or oil fired heating systems. My sister bought a house with electric heat and hot water around 1980. She was flabbergasted when her first monthly electric bill was $400. I put in baseboard hot water with an oil fired boiler, along with tankless hot water off the boiler. She then spent less than $400 a YEAR for oil. Just like electric cars back in the early 1900’s, we’ve been down this road before, and it ain’t gonna work.

      • Hi Floriduh,
        I remember those days; I worked for the electric utility and they had just started up the Pilgrim nuclear plant. The mantra was “nuclear power will be so cheap we won’t even bother to meter it.” Plus from a contractor’s point of view it’s a lot easier/cheaper to run flexible wiring vs. rigid pipes. Problem was all the other generation was oil fired so when oil prices tripled after the Arab embargo, so did electricity prices. After that everyone with an all electric house was going through the scenario you described.

  10. Not only can they afford to pay the indulgence, they make money by buying shares in the uncompetitive “green” energy producers! Then with the “green credits” they earn they buy more shares. A “positive” feedback loop, that feeds back all the money to the top.

    Meanwhile, their green projects are destroying the ecosystems in places where life is hard enough already and causing more CO2 to be released from the ground where it’s sat for thousands of years.

    “Fake it ’til you make it” is no way to run energy policy.

    • @RK

      Amazing isn’t it! Invent a problem,,, then have a ready made solution. Climate Change (aka Global Warming) specifically CO2 is the problem they say. Millions of Solar Panels, Wind Turbines and EVs are the ready solution that will make these perps trillions of dollars while their solutions are actually dangerous to the planet and the life it supports. 0.04% CO2 is barely enough to keep maintain life, Anything below 0.03 will eliminate most plant life and animal life along with it. And they’re doing their best to eliminate it!

      Covid was the same. Invent a nonexistent virus, the problem, The killer vaxx was the solution. Not only make trillions of fedbux but kill off a major chunk of the population. A twofer to them. Already since 2021 baby deaths are rapidly marching up and they are ….baffled. We worry about Palestinian genocide but ignore the democide of the bio-weapon mRNA vaxxes will cause. Even after all the information ‘parents’ are having their children take the shot so they can go to work and feed the monsters with their tax dollars.

      • I took a class for small business owners about raising capital and what the various sources look for. First day the instructor tells us “The only thing businesses do is marketing and ROI.” I’m paraphrasing, but that’s pretty much it. Renewable electricity generators are lousy investments, so sell the sizzle instead of the steak. What better way to sell then to get Uncle Sam to force everyone to buy it? That’s some first class marketing there.

        Not new either. Convince legislators that a canal from Lake Erie to Albany will revolutionize travel. Convince Congress that it’s worth destroying treaties (and people) to build railroads out to California. That one worked so well that the head lobbyist became “honest” Abe. And now, convince the bureaucracy that the world needs to squander wealth and abandon what bought it because the temperatures might get back to where they were at the height of Rome?

        Brother please!

  11. A similar thing was going on during COVID with this push to “vaccinate” every last American. Natural immunity via recovery from a ‘Rona infection has consistently shown to be SUPERIOR to “vaccine immunity”, but the corrupt public health bureaucracies dismissed it. Instead, they tried to tell people who had the dreaded ‘Rona & survived that they should STILL get vaxxed.

    Not only that, but drugs that have actually proven to be “Safe and Effective” for COVID (Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, etc.) were blocked via government/ public health diktats. Instead, Remdesivir and the mRNA COVID jabs were pushed relentlessly.

    The whole COVID insanity of the past few years (Suppression of civil liberties, draconian measures, mask mandates, forcing people to take experimental pharma products, etc.) is likely the biggest crime against humanity in our lifetimes as it was GLOBAL, but it appears that NOBODY running for political office in the U.S. (except RFK Jr) or in establishment media wants to talk about it.

    • I happen to agree with you, John.

      Even more “mainstream” sources are having to admit that these “measures” were a detriment, to say the least:

      “In the U.S. and the U.K. especially, lockdowns went from being regarded as something that only an authoritarian government would attempt to an example of “following the science.” But there was never any science behind lockdowns — not a single study had ever been undertaken to measure their efficacy in stopping a pandemic. When you got right down to it, lockdowns were little more than a giant experiment.”

      And science (the actual process and its practitioners) has suffered greatly for this “plandemic” and all of the baseless and deleterious mandates.

      Now, I expect you’ll be paid some commentary by the “virus(es) isn’t (aren’t) real” crowd, so brace for that. I’m currently doing a little workup on virology (in my nearly non-existent spare time) to be released on the forum.

      • Hi BaDnOn,

        You’d be surprised how many people continue to belieeeeeeeve the narratives that draconian measures such as mask mandates and lockdowns “Saved lives”. And even when blue state governors such as former Oregon Governor Kate Brown talked of “Reopening the economy”, there were people who bleated that they were “Reopening states too soon” because there were “Too many COVID cases” or that “Not enough people have been vaxxed”. And now there are those who’ve fallen for the intense propaganda about NET ZERO, CARBON DIOXIDE IS A POLLUTANT!, CARBON FOOTPRINT TRACKERS ARE FOR THE GREATER GOOD!, etc. It’s hard to tell at this point which cult is more insane…..the COVID cult or the CLIMATE CHANGE cult.

        • Indeed, John –

          And it’s more than a little worrying as it’s not at all unlikely there will be calls to impose “climate lockdowns” – and worse – and these freaks will welcome it.

          • Eric,

            These freaks would likely welcome climate lockdowns against people who refuse to drive an EV or eat bugs. Remember what they wanted to do to people who refused to be guinea pigs for Big Pharma?

        • Hey John,

          The key word is “cult”, isn’t it? Doesn’t matter what it’s about. Heaven’s Gate and Jim Jones are good examples.

          Remember Heaven’s Gate? I’m too young to remember Jim Jones, but Heaven’s Gate will always have a dark corner of my heart. Remember Comet Hale-Bopp? It was spectacular, and all too real.

          All of those poor lost souls, laying in their bunk beds, still wearing their Nikes… Forever imprinted on my mind as one of the most bizarre spectacles…

          And all you had to do to board the space ship behind Comet Hale-Bopp was to shed this mortal coil.

          There will always be another Comet Hale-Bopp and another reason to put on your Nikes and eat the special apple sauce or drink the Kool-Aid, and, unfortunately, there will always be people who do so.

          It’s up to us to question the word of the Great Prophets.

    • There are 60,,, some say over a hundred varieties of the Corona virus. Go to the hospital and I can guarantee you they’ll say its Covid! Hospitals/Doctors are given incentives by the cartel aka government to diagnose and treat for Covid the jackpot is writing Covid on your Death Certificate! Many have gone in under their own power and left on a stretcher with a toe tag attached.

      Cartels answer was the Emergency vaxx. Now it is a known fact a emergency vaxx can only be distributed if there are no known treatments. What to do?? Simple,,, you outlaw any possible treatments, Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine— which they did.

      Their treatment for Covid was Remdesivir. I believe Fraudci owns the patent on that. During a six month test in Africa it killed almost half the participants. Look it up. Now why would they use a known killer drug to treat a supposed novel virus? Many that walked in were drugged and put on ventilators. It’s a known fact 80-95 percent of those on ventilators die due to their lungs being blown out.

      There are those that claim the virus is in fact real as they claim to have had it. Why wouldn’t a doctor diagnose Covid knowing he would make bank. I have no doubt these people were deathly sick as a good case of the flu put me out of commission for over 2 weeks back in 2015. I thought I was gonna die.

      Admitted by the CDC.
      The virus has never been properly isolated nor proven to cause the disease. Ask the CDC for a sample and they will say none exists.
      The PCR test is no good for diagnosing Covid or any other virus,,, per Kary Mullis the inventor.
      The antibody tests are even worse.

      Everything they did then was the same as they are doing today with the wars and that was/is to scare the living shit out of you. Some actually die due to all the scaremongering.

      As for the vaxx. It speaks for itself. It has killed/maimed so many they have stopped updating VAERS.

      One cannot trust the hospitals/doctors if they are being bribed with hundreds of thousands fedbux. Same as one cannot trust their EV push as they are offering thousands of fedbux to buy one and supporting all the losses of the manufacturers with printed up money.

    • They did this a long time ago with chickenpox.

      Old school doctors knew that the risk of dying from it was extremely small, and that the immunity you got from getting over it was superior. In fact the worse the case the better the immunity, in general, and the younger you were when you got it, the less bad a “bad” case had to be in order to do the trick.

      Basically the chickenpox vaccine was almost totally unnecessary.

      But soon after it came out the schools started making it mandatory (with exceptions for if you’d already had it)

      Now everyone gets the vaccine instead, and shingles is worse than ever.

      So they invented a shingles vaccine, to fix that problem.

      The whole thing is stupid.

      Now they’re trying to do that, on steroids, with the flu (I.e. “covid” which is functionally the same thing).

      Which is even stupider.

      I’m not necessarily antivax. But I am anti-stupid. I think that no vaccine should be mandatory. I think the strongly-recommended ones should be few, carefully chosen, and administered no more than one at a time. And I think the Big pHarma/Public Health-Industrial Complex needs to FOAD.

  12. If you think R134a is expensive, check the latest refrigerant R1234YF. It is $120 per pound. But, it will prevent climate catastrophy. Right???

    • They have just outlawed R22 used in 90% of home A/C. Big,,, BIg,,, BIG moola for the manufacturers and installers. They are bleeding Americans dry. Everything from crappers, light bulbs, appliances, home A/C and home heating and the houses themselves.

      Yet on Zerohedge all is good. Inflation has been whipped and now the Fed will get back to its cheap money program.

    • And you wouldn’t need Aircon in the car for most of the year if they’d run proper vents. We had a ’73 Dart with black vinyl seats, no AC. In the summer when you’d first get in sure, it was hot as hell and you’d better not let your skin touch the seat… for the first 5 minutes. But we’d crank down the windows and open up the big vents up under the dash and after a mile or so of driving the temp would be the same as outside, which you were already acclimated to because you opened windows and had screen doors at home. AC was a luxury or for the feeble.

      Only places that really required AC were Florida, Louisiana and Arizona, and then only from May to September.

      But then they had to turn houses and cars into “envelopes” because of Carter’s dept of Energy bringing in deep thinkers on the subject. Then instead of living in a climate, it became a matter of controlling climate. Seal up the house, seal up the cars…

      Nowadays if you roll down the windows in most cars they create a pressure wave that “thumps” in your ears and is extremely uncomfortable and makes it impossible to hear anything. Why is that? Side effect of aerodynamic design? Or maybe to keep you from cruising with the windows down since you’re spoiling the engineer’s vision and might cause a slight decrease in fuel economy.

      Don’t get me wrong, AC great and I’m really happy that it exists. But imagine what you could do with all the money spent on a $50K vehicle with AC if it were still an option and you lived in a temperate climate?

      • You are correct. My ’65 Corvette convertible is comfortable at speeds above ~ 40 with the floor vents open and the wind wing vent windows opened. It gets hot when you are in slow moving traffic. But that car isn’t for “Soy Boys” – but it does seem to be for “White New Balance Wearing Boomers” 😉

  13. The free market is not perfect, but it’s orders of magnitude better than a “managed” economy. It usually produces the highest quality at the lowest price. Not so much the “managed” economy, including the “managed” money. One gives us a high standard of living, the other can barely give us a standard of life, if it doesn’t fail to do so.

  14. Two words – heat pumps!

    Forced to go with an inferior product mandated by the government when driving is one thing. But heating yourself during winter is another. Coal and oil replaced wood, then natural gas replaced coal and oil. During all that time electricity was the least used for heating – for good reason. Now in the fascist NYS we ARE FORCED to use heat pumps. Why? Why not. Just cuz. Get your gov incentives NOW for that $30,000 heat pump installation.

    • Morning, Pug!

      We have a heat pump – it came with the house – but I almost never turn it on because it sucks. I installed a 40,000 BTU propane heater for when I am too lazy to feed the fire; either of the two latter provides comfortable, warm heat. Heat pumps don’t. At least, not when it’s 20 degrees (or less) outside.

      • I don’t have a heat pump, but I do have electric heat, which works OK. But given the forecast of grid failure, I’m thinking I should install a propane heat source. Not easy, and not cheap in a house not built for it.

        • Hi John,

          If you have a basement, running a propane gas line/circuit isn’t that difficult. I have done this myself, with no particular expertise. I located a ventless heater in the main room of the house, the living area we spend the most time in. Then I plumbed the gas line – which was a lot like running another circuit from your electrical panel, only using pipe rather than wire. Mine runs from the side of the house (had to drill a hole to let the pipe end poke through the wall; this is where the on/off valve is and then – from there – a “run” under the ground about a foot deep to where I have the propane tank, about 20 yards from the house) underneath the first floor joists, which are exposed/easy to get at from the basement) to under the floor above which is the heater. Drill a small hole through the floor for the pipe. Connect to the heater. You’re done!

          I set mine up so I can add another ventless heater (in the main bedroom) eventually.

          The big expense is going with a vented gas fireplace or similar. I’ve had no issues at all with my ventless unit. These usually have an oxygen depletions sensor for just-in-case and so long as you don’t mount and use the thing in a confined space with poor airflow, you ought to be fine!

          • I’m leaning toward a ventless heater. I had one in an old house I used to live in, and it worked OK. I would recommend a CO1 detector. If I recall correctly, ventless heaters us an Oxygen detector, and simply shut down if it gets too low. I would be more inclined to get a couple of 100 pound propane bottles and put them right at the house.

        • Mr. Kable and Eric,

          I very much recommend using a forced-air propane heater for an RV, such as this one:

          You’ll need to feed it a 12 volt power supply, but that is easily done.

          We used “ventless” heaters all last winter, and I can say that this unit is FAR superior, and quite efficient. And, as you see in that link, it can be acquired for $550.

          So far, we’re still living in an immobile RV, BTW, but that will change within the next year or so.

          What I did was to build an external box from hardy board (which is awesome if you want a water/fire proof building material). I cut 4 holes in the wall: 2 for the intake and 2 for the output. You have a thermostat inside, which is something most ventless heaters lack, and you don’t have to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning, as the intake and vent for the propane burner run outside of the external box.

          I can take pictures if you’d like, though it’s not a complicated arrangement.

        • Might I recommend a wood stove John? I’ve found most of my firewood for free after a storm and as a bonus you can always find wood pallets to burn.

          The ashes I use in my garden for fertilizer although I advise against using pallets then unless you remove the nails and staples before use.

          • I’ve been looking at wood stoves, the installation cost is steep.
            I’m tempted to d.i.y., …howevah; I’m not too keen on the idea of doing so.

            Even putting a wood stove insert into an existing fireplace is lotsa moola.

            A wood cooking stove would be ideal, most I’ve seen run between $3,500 to $6,500.

            (Why is it that everything I want costs upwards of $3500, or double that? Frustrating.)

            All that said, Doug sure does make installing a wood stove seem easy peasy:

            ‘Installing this Wood stove was easy! Off Grid Living’


            • Hi Helot,

              You ought to be able to buy a used, free-standing wood stove for well under $500. Then all you have to do is put it where you want it and install the “chimney” – which is just metal tubing that doesn’t cost that much. The only artful part is cutting the hold in your roof and making sure the flashing is right and tight. But any competent roofer can help with that.

              • I have not been able to get various & sundry contractors or roofers to do some work for the last four months.

                They all say they’ll do the work & that’s as far as any of them ever get.
                No call, no show, etc.

                There are a few good ones around but all of them are booked solid until Spring.

                I told one of those, “I hear that alot, why is that?”

                He supposed it was because fewer people are doing the trades than in the Before Times.

                …I wonder if it’s like that everywhere else?

                Sigh. I’m not a roofer, but I may have to imitate one.
                …Of all the different jobs I’ve done in my life, working in an attic is the one I like least. Gotta be half-trapeze acrobat.

                • Same here in central WA, neighbor was on a two year wait list for a house repaint. Roofing offers better schedules, hope you enjoy mariachi music 12 hours a day while the “crew” reroofs the neighbors place!

    • Places like NY (and also the UK, which has a gas boiler ban on the books coming up soon) will soon become a testament to how long people can keep old equipment running. Assuming that these laws stay in place and sanity does not prevail. The UK will become the Cuba of gas and oil fired heating, and in NY the first repercussion will (IMO) be a lot less new home construction. AFAIK, NY’s law only affects (at least for now) new construction, while the UK’s law affects new and existing buildings.
      But still, imagine you have nice piece of property somewhere in NY and you only have a few choices of what sort of heating system you can install in your new home you plan to build. You can then choose to go ahead and build on it and kowtow to their rules, or you can sell the property and hope you get back at least what you paid for it. Personally I do think that at least some people in that situation will get around the law by building the home to spec (or buying a new home built to spec) and then retrofitting the heating system to their liking. Because then the home would become existing construction and not new construction.

      That said, heat pumps stink on ice big time! I would never have a house that had only that as a heat source (unless maybe I was to move to central or south Florida, which isn’t going to happen). Every house I’ve been in that has one always feels anywhere from 3 to 5 degrees cooler than what the thermostat is set for. And I’m talking new or nearly new homes. I’m in my own home now, and my thermostat is set at 69. I am perfectly comfortable. I have baseboard oil fired heat. I was in a client’s home yesterday, and I was chilly….their thermostat was set at 74! And yes, they have a heat pump. Sorry – when its cold outside, there’s no way I want to have cold air blowing out of vents when my “heat” is running.

      I see people defending the damned things saying their house stays at the set temperature when it’s below freezing outside. That may be true (as it was in my cousin’s house many years ago when it was 13 outside and set to 70 inside – but I was freezing!) that a heat pump can keep the thermostat satisfied. But it surely struggles to keep the occupants of the building warm!

      But of course the other big issue is when there is a power failure, you will get no heat at all from any electric source!

      • They are pushing heat pumps here in WA also. The goal is no gas in new construction, idiots. My gas cost per therm jumped from $5.78 last Oct to this Oct $8.66, due to Gov Dimslee’s carbon fees. The state legislature tried to pass a bill to ban utilities from telling the truth about the carbon fees!

        Like many, our house came with a heat pump. It works in heat mode about three weeks in Spring and three weeks in Fall in between it’s gas furnace for actual HEAT! Thankfully here in Central WA the houses are “dual fuel” like ours or gas heat / central air conditioning like my buddy down valley. I also have a gas fueled enclosed fireplace with fan that easily heats up the great room if all else fails. It gets really cold here, you won’t stay warm unless something’s burning! And high 90s low 100s in the summer functional heat and cool systems vital here.

        These heat pump idiots will get a big surprise when it fails in a few years trying to pull heat from sub 40 degree winter days.

        • I keep coming across this in so very many subjects:

          “These […] idiots will get a big surprise […] in a few years”

          …I wish it weren’t so.

          “It is, what it, is.”


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