Diaper Report: 11/15/2023

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You still see them.

Not everywhere. Not in numbers. But it’s not like it was – when you never saw them anywhere – excepting within a surgical suite. Certainly not on the face of the person manning the cash register at the supermarket – as I just saw.

The kid – he appeared to be in his late teens/early 20s – was the only one in the store wearing that thing. This clearly didn’t cause him to think that perhaps it is ok to not wear that thing.

“Think” being the operative fallacy, of course. Such people don’t. They believe. They want to believe, is probably more accurate. Even in the face of so much evidence that what they believe is as absurd as believing it’s reasonable to walk around on dry land wearing a life preserver for just-in-case.

And far more degrading.

Wearing that thing has become a symbol of their belief, much as the sans culottes refused to wear the breeches and stockings that (to them) identified the wearer as an enemy of the French revolution.

It is also symbolic of what America has become – and that is what’s most objectionable about that thing. Every time you see it you are reminded.

This was – only four years ago! – a country in which you didn’t see freaks walking around unless you happened to be walking around New York City or San Francisco. Everywhere else, you saw just people. This was so because – outside of New York City and San Francisco – freaks were regarded as such and this tended to discourage them from displaying their aberrations publicly. More to the point, freaks weren’t tolerated in the context of civil society or employment. Four years ago, if that kid manning the cash register at the supermarket had shown up for work wearing that thing, his boss would have told him to take it off. Not to be mean – but because customers are off-put by freaks and don’t want to deal with them. Don’t want to see them.

It is bad for business.

How would you have reacted to a cashier – a server at a restaurant – wearing that thing on his face just four years ago? Probably you would have wondered about the mental stability of the person. Four years ago – it seems a lifetime has passed – such freaks were generally encountered at busy intersections in bad parts of a city; a schizoid squeegee man with a greasy rag in hand – putting out his hand for a “donation” in exchange for leaving you (and your car) alone.

Now we are stuck having to see – and deal – with these freaks on a regular basis. But it is much worse than that, of course. We are supposed to pretend we do not see them. Or – rather – pretend that they aren’t freaks – and deal with them as if they were normal people.

To do otherwise is considered bad form, even mean. Their feelings might get hurt. And on account of that, our feelings – along with respect for objective reality – must be suppressed. We must defer to their derangement by pretending it isn’t; that it is perfectly normal for a young guy to wear that thing over his face – and to work! The kid’s boss dare not tell him to take that goddamn thing off; if he were to do do so, he’d get into trouble. He must pretend not to see the derangement of his employee – and thereby pretend such derangement is normal.

Nothing to see here . . .

And that is a measure of what those things have done to us. America will probably never be what it was – just four years ago – when abnormality was recognized as such and treated as such. There were crazy people walking around in those days too, of course, But the difference was we knew they were crazy and it was ok to say so.

Now, it isn’t considered polite to say so.

Unsurprisingly, it is also a de facto crime (and soon, apt to become a de jure crime) to pretend not to see that he isn’t a she – or that she isn’t a he. It’s not a coincidence that the rise – and normalizing – of that mental aberration followed closely upon the heels of the enforced normalization of the wearing of that goddamned thing over people’s faces.

A Frenchman had something to say about this – to the effect that if they can make you believe in absurdities, atrocities will inevitably follow.


Apres it, le deluge.

. . .

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  1. I deal with United Health Services, a VA contractor under VA Community Care. They are only better than the VA because they’re 15 miles from home instead of 100.
    To the point: I have seen my “primary” Nurse Practitioner (a stand-in to cope with the now-chronic MD shortage) twice. She is somewhere in her early-mid 30’s and been masked each time – visits in May and June 2023.

  2. In Ashland, Oregon about a month or two ago, there was a group of high school students outside their school who protested the “Climate crisis” and was practically begging elected officials in the city to “Stop natural gas now!” What was disgusting, besides the fact that they’ve obviously been propagandized by somebody, was the fact that some of them were also wearing face diapers. I’m surprised that nobody who wants TOTAL CONTROL over the population advocated face diaper mandates under guise of “Stopping the spread of CO2”.

      • Ken,

        Might there actually be a doppelganger, an animatronic or even an AI version of Joe Biden, or perhaps even body doubles of Biden like there were purportedly body doubles of Saddam Hussein when he ruled Iraq? Given the absurdities of the past several years, it wouldn’t surprise me.

        • Even the “Genuine Article” is going to mouth exactly what his “handlers” and the Korrupt Korrupt Kabal deem he say. Else, he’s “25A’d” out of office, and/or given a “hot dose” with his afternoon hot cocoa.

  3. If a server wants to wear a mask, I won’t treat him like I was treated for several years when I refused to wear one. I also won’t tip as generously if I can’t understand his muffled voice.

    • Hi Howard,

      Ordinarily, I wouldn’t care either. I am weird myself and so if someone wants to wear a funny outfit it’s cool with me. Except for this outfit. I have in the past argued that there is a commonality between the “mask” and the armband. Both stand for evil and stupidity. Not the kind of stupidity that is tolerable – because it doesn’t cause harm to others (like wearing say an Uncle Fester outfit).

      It is evil because both of those things represent the kind of stupidity imposed on others – by the kinds of people who wear such things.

      Anyone still wearing a Face Diaper now is either a fool and the tool of evil people or they are evil, themselves. It’s a difference without much distinction.

      To those who say I am harsh, I ask: Would you abide someone who wore the armband? Who believed in the Fuhrer, still?

  4. How I learned to stop worrying and love the nuclear mask.

    Mask me up, Jesus!

    Kind of like genocide, is it not?

    It’s all bullshit, body counts don’t count.

  5. So at a local huge indoor climbing gym there are typically 2-300 people there on a busy evening. Ages range from 2 to 75 or so with a median of around 30. Obviously most of this demographic is insanely healthy, prior to the shots anyway.

    I’d guess 95% vexxed and a few have sported “The Double” blue and red bandaids (flu and coof) recently indicating their proud participation in another Clottery raffle event. This year’s prize is a sudden or unexpected trip of somesort that isn’t specified in the raffle documentation.

    There’s one young guy that works the desk who has been a consistent masker since the Madness. And it MUST be working because he hasn’t died that I’ve seen anyway.

    Anyhoo recently the muzzles have made a ‘slight’ comeback, like that last herpes sore that just won’t quit. About 4-8 people are muzzled occasionally and usually wear it below their nose and sometimes take it off when climbing something hard. This part confuses me where they wear it below their nose, which used to be an act of defiance for someone forced to muzzle in the golden age of pneumo-diapers.

    So, in the bathroom two days ago washing my hands. Muzzled guy behind me at the urinal drops his face diaper into the sticky floor goo. He doesn’t retrieve it immediately either like the 3-second rule for dropped pastries. He let’s it sit there until he’s done and zips up. Meanwhile another guy has started pissing in the adjacent urinal adding some foreign topside spray.

    Stupid diaper guy bends over, picks it up, stares at this strange guy washing his hands now for 2 minutes, gives me a creepy little smile, and PUTS IT RIGHT BACK ON…. Also doesn’t wash his hands. Walks right out

    Pretty sure nature will eventually do it’s thing and right this boat.

  6. Eric:

    I have tried to put the Covid idiocy behind me, but it is hard. It SCREWED so many things for no reason. I have decided that a better course is NEVER forgive and NEVER forget. So I will keep my options open and and act as necessary. Hope to meet you in person sometime. Going to any conferences?

    • Ditto, Ugg!

      I will only forget – when it’s over. And I will only forgive – after the people who did this and actively partook apologize. There has not been a reckoning yet – and until there is, I’m not pretending this never happened.

      On the conferences: I am hoping to get re-invited by Tom Woods’ circle to speak at another such. I was lined up to do be at an event in NYC that got kiboshed by the ‘Rona hysteria. It would be great to meet up with you and others here one of these days. I ought to host a weekend libertarian pig roast or some such at my place!

      • What would you rather be? Hyena? Jackal? Jew? Take your pick.

        I’ll take hyenas, then jackals, never some goddamned Jew who will burn in Hell forever and ever, Amen. Thank God!

        Ever been inside a meat locker? Whole beef carcasses hanging by the meat hook. Inside the kill room, the heavy duty made of steel industrial hardware to trap the animal for the slaughter is right in front of you.

        Three longhorns meat hooked for ineluctable eventual butchering are on display. Seven more steers are ready to be steaks, roasts and ground beef.

        The reality in this world, facts of life. There is demand for beef no matter where you are.

        The butchers didn’t have masks, but did have hair protection on the top of their heads. Hats to prevent human hair that will contaminate the products.

        They’re not Jews, they’re butchers.

        Jews are ruthless animals that butcher humans.

        You reap what you sow, sow the wind, reap a whirlwind.

        God help us all.

    • Ugg/Eric,
      In order to be forgiven you first have to confess your misdeeds. These evil bastards will never do that, in fact whenever they get caught for their lies they double down. I will never forgive or forget until they are held accountable and punished……which will never happen.

  7. The ironic thing about people who STILL wear face diapers, is that they probably love to hate billionaires or preach that they “Stand with science”. However, there has NEVER been any “Science” to support face diaper wearing, and these same billionaires that they love to hate have been peddling all sorts of bull crap the past several years about face diapers, COVID, mRNA “vaccines”, climate change, EVs, etc., and people who claim to hate billionaires arguably bought their bull crap hook, line, and sinker.

    • Morning, John!

      One of the most striking things to me about all of this is the pirouette performed by the Left as regards Big Pharma – which the Left used to pretend to loathe but now loves. Of a piece with the Left’s turnabout as regards free speech. They defended it vigorously when it was their speech that was threatened. But now they want to control speech that disagrees with anything the Left says.

      Leftists are, in other words, people with no principles beyond the getting and maintaining of power – for the Left.

      • The Left supports anything that advances communism. Before 2020, Big Pharma didn’t really advance that agenda. With vaccine mandates, now they do.

          • Both of the TRIBE. Furthermore, the gal that shot him, Feiga “Fanny” Kaplan, was also, and, though she wasn’t initially successful, probably inflicted enough of a wound that his life was shortened further. I’m speculating that in addition to her ideological disillusionment with Lenin, she was probably a jilted lover as well. Like Stalin, the Commie Rat had a thing for a “nasty little Jewish princess…” (with a garlic aroma, that would level Tacoma…)

      • Hi Eric,

        Speaking of censorship, the FCC voted to have the government take control of the internet. You thought the censorship that libertarians, conservatives, and actual experts & journalists endured the past few years was bad? Wait til the Biden Thing takes total control of the internet…..


        Not only that, Presidential candidate Nikki Haley is pushing what has to be one of the most insane, dangerous ideas I’ve ever heard of. She wants all social media users to be verified by name…..no more anonymity. Predictably, she’s using the excuse of “National Security”…


        Nikki Haley already gave me numerous reasons NOT to vote for her for President, but what she’s advocating just adds to it. If it comes down to Haley v Biden or Haley v Gavin Newsom next year, what are the odds that people won’t vote at all or vote for a 3rd party candidate like Cornel West, Jill Stein (who recently announced she’s running again), or Robert F Kennedy Jr?

  8. I’d encourage everyone to watch Stossel’s interview with Rand Paul. And probably pick up his new book about the crimes against humanity carried out by the CDC.


    In the interview Paul describes some of the internal communication between Fauxchi and his underlings about masks. Basically the consensus was that, although they can’t possibly do anything, to maintain esprit de corps amoungst the population and to make “them” feel like they are doing something to participate, the mask campaign was rolled out.

    Fauxchi “We never mandated masking”

    But by establishing yourself as the expert, nay even The Science, you pretty much made it impossible for dissenting views and opened up the whole of public spaces to lawsuits when someone got a cold.

    Unfortunately I think we’re going to be stuck with the true believers going forward. At the radio club meeting last weekend an otherwise logical and intelligent retired math teacher was masked up, ostensibly because his wife (also at the meeting) has a heart condition, I guess he’s worried about making her sick. Commendable I guess, at least on the surface. She wasn’t masked. Then at some point in the meeting he wasn’t either. I guess he might have felt a little silly?

    • I hear you RK, but I can’t stomach Rand Paul. Aside from being a very pale replica of his dad, he’s becoming ubiquitous and is suddenly the champion of all that’s good and right. Problem is, where was he when we needed him the most in 2020? Oh yeah, he was wearing a mask and remaining mostly silent during the non-stop tyranny (not to mention profiting with insider trading of a Covid-related stock).

      Paul is like every other politician: an opportunist. He’ll stand tall only when the smoke has cleared and knows he can get away with talking brimfire and bluster. And of course, make a few bucks peddling books and perhaps set up a future presidential campaign.

  9. You still have a few believers out there. Driving home a few days ago, I passed a Covidian wearing the testament to their faith driving alone in the opposite lane. Insanity is all around us!

      • Haha. For the money like whatshisname the olympic runner guy, shit a senior moment, while online. Oh yeah, it’s, shit forgot again. Help me someone. What is the name of the Olympic runner guy that became a girl and had his dick cut off because it would feel better. After being cut off it did not feel anything. Help me, I refuse to google for the name, I know it’s not Kardashian, that’s the the guy who got OJ off death row.

          • The Wheaties guy. … I suspect you got no idea how very wrong what Bruce did in the eyes of the older Gen X & Bommers was.

            How contrary it was to all that was… man.

            …Or, maybe you do? Idk.

        • Morning, Ugg!

          It’s Bruce Jenner – who calls himself Caityln now. Of course, even if he did get his weenie cut off, he’s still a man. Well, male. That’s the sad part here. Transvestitism is relatively harmless, provided the person understands he (or she, as the case may be) is just dressing up. To insist/believe that one can literally “transition” from one sex to the other is indicative of serious mental disorder in that the person is delusional. Excepting hermaphrodites (and this is a birth defect) a person is male or female at the chromosomal level. Biology – and reality. To pretend/insist that biological reality doesn’t exist or is fungible according to how one feels is (again) delusional. To demand that others affirm this delusion is evil.

      • Seriously, does anyone on Earth believe that Babe Ruth was a girl? What part of Billy Joel looks even a little feminine? This is not a tyranny list just an itemization of liberal elites.

        • Bruce (Caitlyn) Jenner is a sick (in the head) man.

          As for the “Babe”…his carousing would get him crucified in today’s press. As one of his team “roommates” put it (the Yankees wouldn’t put their star up in a private suite, fearing that his partying would only be WORSE), he didn’t room with the “Sultan of Swat, the Colossus of Clout, the King of Crash…the B-a-a-a-m-m-b-e-e-e-e-n-oh! (Bambino)”, he roomed with Ruth’s LUGGAGE. Ruth did, after the 1922 season, get a private Pullman car for when the team travelled by rail, ostensibly for his wife (Helen Wofford, but after they separated in 1924, he was accompanied by usually former Siegfield Follies star and divorcee Claire Hodgson, or, a gaggle of bimbos), but the reality is that during most train trips, the Babe was “sleeping it off”.

          Ruth was certainly not a homosexual. He liked the *ahem* “ladies” to the point where I’m surprised he didn’t sire an entire roster of the second generation of Ruth, akin to what, in the 1954 Disney sequel to “Casey at the Bat”, he TRIED to do, but ended up with NINE girls (poor Mrs. Casey, but in the cartoon, watching her brood play, she looks damned good!), eventually forming a top-notch girls baseball team, the Caseyettes.


  10. What gets me is seeing these people wearing them one day and then not the next time you see them, then again the next time! There are a few employees of the grocery store we frequent every Saturday that wear the rag SOMETIMES. It truly baffles.

    One young lady who works there I had never seen her wear one of them. Then recently all of a sudden she had one on! WHY?? I looked at my wife and visibly showed my incredulousness at the spectacle. The young lady saw me and was clearly embarrassed. The next week she didn’t wear it and hasn’t since as far as I have seen. I like to think maybe I shocked some clarity into her thinking in that moment. Who knows…

    • Exactly what I saw at my work. We had three mask-holes. One guy started it, then two others followed suit, then they all just stopped. Now, one of them has resumed. I’m dying to ask, are you having “symptoms?” Are you worried someone else has “symptoms?” Or does crazy just take a break every once in awhile?

    • It’s said that in Japan and South Korea it is fairly common to see women donning the cloth because they didn’t feel like putting on makeup. Especially in Japan it is very much a social tableaux for a woman to be seen in public without makeup.

      • RE: “Especially in Japan it is very much a social tableaux for a woman to be seen in public without makeup.”

        Maybe, that’s a really recent thing? Idk.

        All I can say is, 30 yrs ago, that was simply Not true.
        Not. At. All.
        And, I seriously doubt it’s true now.

        Also, ya gotta wonder, if it was because they didn’t want to put on makeup… what about they eyes? No mascara? …I never put on makeup (most guys are like that, right) but if a woman put on eye makeup, how much harder is it to do the rest?

        …Ya, seems like propaganda, mang.


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