An EV Question That Ought to be Answered

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Here is a simple question about EVs that deserves an answer: Why is it that they were replaced – by the free market – the first time around?

The question contains the answer. It is because we had a free market the first time around.

Italics to emphasize the past tense.

What happened – back then – was roughly as follows:

The first cars with engines were difficult to start – and cantankerous to operate, once you got them started. They did not have starters. You started them – as by hand. This took a degree of physical strength as well as agility that kept most women (and many men) from being able to start those first cars. Assuming you managed to get the engine running, if you wanted to get the car moving, you had to have mastered the skills of shifting and clutching. This was much more difficult than it is today, because each shift had to be timed to road speed and engine speed because in those early days, gears were not synchronized. You had to know how to double-clutch, which today almost no one who isn’t a professional race car driver knows how to do.

Because all modern manual transmissions are synchronized.

And all the while, you had to keep track of and adjust “spark” – i.e., the ignition timing, which you had to know how to adjust manually, using (typically) a lever mounted on the steering wheel or column.

These early cars were also noisy and smelly and needed constant minor adjustments to be kept in working order. If you have seen old black and white photos of drivers from that era – the very early 1900s – you will see them dressed in special outfits (with goggles, sometimes). Driving – in the early years – was not that far removed from piloting an airplane.

The electric cars of that era were better in many ways – in terms of such attributes as ease of use, for instance. It was not necessary to manually crank the engine to life – and risk breaking your wrist in the process (the crank would sometimes “kick back,” due to the engine’s compression; even people who knew what they were doing regularly got broken bones doing this). There was no engine. You merely turned the car on – via a switch – which was something anyone could do. These early EVs opened driving up to women and older people; to anyone who was able to get in and turn a switch to “on.”

No special skills were needed to drive these early EVs, either – because (as today) they all had automatic transmissions. More accurately, they did not have transmissions at all – because the electric motor turned the wheels directly (as today).

No shifting or clutchwork required.

These early EVs were also less expensive than the gas-powered cars of they competed with because they were simpler to make and so less expensive to sell. The first non-electric cars were much more complicated and largely hand-built, which required skilled craftsmen. This is why the first non-electric cars were luxury cars. Ordinary people generally could not afford to own them – even if they did know how to drive them.

But then something happened. Several things, actually.

The first was that Henry Ford came along. He pared down his Model T to the bare essentials and standardized its parts, so the car could be mass-produced on an assembly line at cost to the purchaser that was half or less what a hand-built car cost. Almost overnight, anyone could afford a car – if it was a Model T Ford.

Soon, there were other affordable cars.

The next thing that came along was the self-starter. Now anyone could start a non-electric car. Just push the (usually floor-mounted) starter button.

These two things took away two of the early EV’s chief selling points. And – just like that – non-electric cars had the advantage. They were almost as easy to use and they cost less. They were also not tethered to a cord. Portable liquid energy – gasoline – made it easy to drive a car like the Model TY practically anywhere, because you could carry the gas you needed to get back from there with you. Gas stations began to pop up – and they were easy to put anywhere, too – because they weren’t tethered to some far-away source of energy. The liquid energy could be trucked to wherever the station was located.

There was also very little wait to get gas when you ran out – because you just poured (at first) or pumped (later on) the gas you needed into the car’s tank.

In a matter of  about ten years after the introduction of the Model T Ford, electric cars were fading fast in the rearview. By the late 1920s, only a handful of companies were still making them; not long after, no one was.

The market decided.

Then along came the government. It has decided – it has decreed – that the market’s decision is to be countermanded. Modern electric vehicles that have the same deficits relative to modern non-electric cars as they did 100 years ago are to be pushed onto the market – while the non-electric cars that most people prefer, because they’re less expensive, aren’t tethered to a cord  and provide much more freedom to drive spontaneously, without laborious planning, are to be pushed off the market.

As obnoxious as this interference with the market is, there’s something worse – which is what the market might have summoned into existence, such as an electric car that’s less expensive than a non-electric car and more practical (as by focusing its design on efficient short-range use than expensive high-speed, long-distance highway driving).

But we’ll probably never know what we’re missing. Though we will know what’s been taken away.

. . .

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  1. There are no more trial balloons. Everything is now subject to Rule and Rules via government diktats.

    No more gas stoves, no more gas ovens, no more portable gas generators. No more ICE cars.

    No washing machines, no dryers, no nothin’. Obviously, you are being robbed blind.

    The WEF wants everybody to wear a sterile sanitized no style uniform.

    You won’t even be able to choose your own clothing. You’ll dress slave style.

    Late stage civilization in chaos and devolution?

    Says who?

    The dissolution of the WEF is the first order of business.

    We have to destroy the WEF to save humanity.

    The only hope.

    Get blue light blocking reading glasses, they do help. Even if you have good eyes, buy 1.0 blue light blocking readers.

  2. I wonder if one of the reasons for the push for EVs is they are easier to automate and control (at least I think they would be), for the self-driving future the globalists want. Then all those who drive vehicles for a living will be part of the “useless class.” The term used by WEF’s Harari. Sounds like “useless eaters.” Where have we hard that phrase before? Harari is an Israeli, so you’d think he would know better.

  3. Sometimes I sits and thinks, other times, I just sits.

    Charles Kettering is to blame for cars with ICE’s, advanced the cause.

    “Charles F. Kettering was a holder or co-holder of more than 300 patents. Their wide-ranging topics include: the motorization of the cash register, the electric auto starter, portable lighting generator, leaded gasoline, Freon refrigerant, automobile paint, an incubator for premature babies, and a treatment for venereal disease.”

    Also founded the Dayton Engineering Laboratory Company, DELCO.

    You can’t have people who are able to think and actually solve problems. Complete the task, as it were. Electrical engineers are dangerous people, common sense tells you to keep a careful eye on such intelligent brain power. People like Kettering have to be bit and bridled very early. All of a sudden, the masses will have more than ever, progress works when solutions are discovered.

    Your fault that the ICE succeeded, if you wouldn’t buy a car, there would be no need for one, the problem is then solved. Shame on you for wanting what you are supposed to have, give it up.

    It becomes even more of a problem when you go for a joy ride. All transportation is to be closely monitored, the authorities will have control of your movements.

    That’s the plan, Stan.

    Get on the bus, Gus.

    Joe is the bozo on the bus, that much we know.

    Joe just sits.

    • … and collects his dirty money:

      House Oversight Chair James Comer (R-KY): “I think that Joe Biden has been selling access to our enemies for decades.”

      Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX): “What’s your basis for that?”

      Comer: “If you study Joe Biden like I have, he’s always been cash-strapped.”

      Hard to stomach that the US now is as corrupt as Nigeria, run by a family of grifters, enabled by a bent ‘see no evil’ attorney general.

      Said Edgar Cayce, after stepping back from a fatal elevator ride: ‘I looked at the faces inside, and saw that they had no future.’

      What would ol’ Edgar say about the sorry likes of us, as Bidenville swirls down the toilet in an orgy of looting, censorship and lies?

      • Edgar Cayce was an outright fraud! A charlatan!

        Not really, just kidding.

        I read an autobiography of old Edgar himself, it was a book at the state library available through an inter-library loan.

        One example that he provided, Edgar was thinking about his neighbor, next thing you know, Edgar’s neighbor is at Edgar’s door. Asked what he was doing there, the neighbor had no answer. Cayce’s thoughts alone influenced the behavior of his neighbor.

        Cayce deduced that his thoughts controlled the thinking, decisions, his neighbor made. Edgar then concluded that it was an imposition of will, willfully using thought, thinking, to control the behavior of others.

        Edgar then wrote that imposition of will is of the black arts.

        What I remember reading in Edgar’s autobiography.

        It’s been 45 years since I read the book by Edgar, the information in the book that comes to mind.

        So many books, so little time!

        Useful or not, it is not soon forgotten.


        • I don’t know much about Edgar Cacye but I had heard about him for years. The wife and I had a couple trips down to Virginia Beach and stopped by his Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE).

          We didn’t have much time, so we poked around his library. I followed some of his index cards into various topics of interest. That’s actually great fun for a guy like me!

          I should probably read one of his books. If only I lived nearby his ARE, that would be a source for endless exploration. I dunno, maybe I would eventually become tired of it but I doubt it.

          Seems like there’s some valuable knowledge hidden away there!

  4. I despise “Command & Control Freaks” who always know best for me. They cluster in and around government where they seek the power to ply their trade. Their heavy hands are everywhere and especially in vehicle manufacturing. I have chosen a BEV because it suits me the way it drives not because it impacts a “crisis” that does not exist. I love the way it drives. However, no one should have the power to tell me – or you – that we must drive one, and then force people to do so with rules or persuade with subsidies sucked from other people’s means.

    I am reminded of a comment I read on the ‘net — “You are not smart enough to tell me how to live!”

    • Well said, Deguello. Since the start of the fake Public Health Emergency, what has been even more disturbing than the number of people who get off on bossing others around is the number of people who want to be bossed around.

  5. There is a ‘free market”. You can freely buy whatever we allow.

    The gas stove is now persona non grata. Cheap gas generators are on the chopping block. New compliance directives from the gods in Washington dontcha know. Seems they’re too dangerous for American simpletons, carbon monoxide and all that.

    How did Americans become this gullible.

    Here is the latest NEA conference in Florida. This is the organization that is teaching your ‘loved’ ones.

    Enjoy if you dare……

  6. You left out spark advance and carburetor richness. One or in some cases both of those also had to be set manually by the driver, not only while starting but also adjusted while driving owing to changing conditions. And they were set by means of twist levers on the steering wheel hub or the dashboard.

    • “Spark” is mentioned in the post (paragraph 7). It’s also mentioned in these step-by-step instructions for starting a Model T, which sounds like a serious chore:

      C&D omitted an essential point, though — it’s a 2-speed manual transmission, but there’s no clutch pedal as such:

      ‘There are two ways to release the clutch on a Model T Ford when all is adjusted properly. The first way is to pull the parking brake lever back. Moving the brake lever back 1/2 way will place the transmission in “neutral”, i.e. the clutch is disengaged, yet the low pedal and reverse pedal can be used to move the car forward or to back up.

      ‘The second way to release the clutch is to press the low pedal. When driving in low the clutch must be released, otherwise the engine would stall because the transmission would be trying to tear itself apart, being engaged in both direct drive (“high gear”) and low at the same time. Most T drivers depress the low pedal half way when reversing or braking, or when stopped at a red light.’ —

      Clear as mud? Yeah, me too. Don’t try no bootlegger turns …

    • For the gearheads out there, here’s an explanation of the Model T’s drivetrain and electrics, including its two-speed planetary transmission. It features some fine old steampunk-style illustrations from Ford, dating from the Titanic era.

      Bizarrely, the flywheel-mounted planetary transmission is in front of the multi-plate clutch, which only functions in high gear (1:1). For low gear and reverse, friction bands around flanges connected to sun gears serve as the friction surfaces to smoothly get going from a stop, with the plate clutch disengaged.

      Equally bizarrely, another friction band around an internal transmission drum serves as the main brake for the vehicle. (The rear wheel drums were intended only as a parking brake.)

      Henry Ford, obsessed with planetary transmissions, hated sliding gears in ‘crash boxes.’ The Model T trans was designed by a Hungarian engineer, Joseph Galamb, under Ford’s direct supervision. The logic behind its driver controls and linkages is quite alien from today’s perspective. Yet this smash-hit design was produced for nearly twenty years.

  7. This article has great information and uses facts and history to make its case. The primary differentiator now; the preeminent force behind EVs is nothing other than the government’s/elite’s sole focus on power and wealth; their domination and control over society at the expense of anyone and everything in their way. The USA has not enjoyed a “free market” for a very long time.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Shawshank. I think it’s critical to remember the past – and to tell those who don’t know much about it what happened – so that they can understand what is happening now.

  8. Didn’t GM make some electric car back in the 1990s that was said to be “The future of automobiles”? I forget what the name of it was, but last I checked, that particular model has gone the way of the Edsel, Pinto, Pontiac, Oldsmobiles, and other cars that are long gone.

    • Indeed GM did, John! It wads called the Impact (or EV1) and I test drove it. Same issues then as now: Too expensive; doesn’t go very far; takes too long to get going, aagin.

      • Eric,

        That claim some made about the EV1 being the “Future of automobiles” certainly didn’t age well. The same claims are being made today about current EVs, but from what I’ve read here and elsewhere, the market isn’t dictating that, the government is. A similar claim is being made about mRNA vaccines that Big Pharma is making. They’re called “The future of vaccines”, but if the past few years is any indication, the government will try to “Warp Speed” them into existence with NO safety or efficacy trials, and try to MANDATE them as part of another mass experiment, claiming “We have to mandate them because of _______ Emergency”.

  9. An EV is a pollution MACHINE.
    Tons of pollution to manufacture. Tons of pollution to run (electricity comes from Fossil fuels until we get on board with Nuclear Power) and a nightmare of pollution when they will become LANDFILL.

    • And don’t forget the toxic smoke and gases from the ever-increasingly common Li-ion battery fires. Oh, who am I kidding? An EV made entirely out of Cobalt-60 “sources” would STILL be “cleaner” and “safer” than an IC vehicle!

  10. ‘There’s something worse – which is what the market might have summoned into existence.’ — eric

    Being deprived of what might have been is the vast but invisible harm of the US fedgov’s command economy.

    For certain, we’d have a vast selection of vehicles — way beyond the homogenized and interchangeable crossovers, SUVs and pickups produced under stifling regs that essentially dictate envelope, engine [–> motor], features and weight (heavy).

    A deeper invisible harm goes back 75 years, to the formation of the national security state under Harry Esssss Truman, the dipshit little haberdasher. Clearly, it hasn’t made us rich — living standards have been stalled since the 1970s. And it don’t win wars (e.g. “Biden’s” humiliating eviction from Kabul).

    By now, the cumulative trillions siphoned off by the Uniparty have suppressed an unthinkable range of innovations, from flying cars to robotic maids to cures for cancer. We have been systematically impoverished under the jackboot of our purblind overlords. Now they must burn.

    • I’ve been saying for years that with the state out of the way we would likely have colonies on Mars mining the asteroids.
      We would likely have moved most polluting industry into orbit.
      Possible we could have made Tesla’s (the real Tesla, not the rolling cellphone) wireless energy transport a reality.
      Can you imagine………….

  11. Get out of here with that racist homo/transphobic free market stuff. Don’t you know the free market isn’t nearly as smart and “equitable” as we are?

    That’s the mindset we face, and there is no way in hell they are going to ask that question or answer it.

    • Ha! John, that is the exact mentality *they* condition us all to (even in our day) in the pooblik skools- Doesn’t matter if you’ve mastered 2+2 in 30 seconds, because “to be fair” the class can only go as fast as the lowest common denominator lead paint eating retard- so 6 months of your time is wasted, until little Deyshawn and non-English-speaking Rashid get it…..

      Put every kid into a model of communism for the majority of their waking hours….and have them become communists, while their parents admonish them to ‘get good grades’ because even the most conservative among them ignorantly think it’s still 1870 with Miss Beadle in a one room school house teaching Laura Ingalls to read from Dicky Bird Land and The Bible.

      Not to mention that amidst all of the confusion created by the system, no one notices that they’re teaching 2+2=5 !!

      tl;dr; Yeah…how can we have a free market when even before all of this overtly ‘woke’ BS, everyone has been raised in a model communist society.

  12. I don’t know this Wolf character, however I really doubt that he would debate any competent and intelligent person. Eric has both attributes so would likely be considered persona non grata to an EV pusher. I am all for it, but the incompetent rarely want to debate the opposition. In the words of Justin Castro, Eric holds “unacceptable views.”

    • Hi Stephen,

      I don’t doubt that “climate lockdowns” will be attempted. At which point there must be mass physical resistance. The Left is perfectly willing to use force – and we should be ready to meet it with the same.

    • Hi Stephen,

      Alternative media has been reporting on this insane idea for Climate lockdowns for a while. There needs to be MASSIVE pushback against such an idea if the Biden Thing or authoritarian governments actually try this, as it’s likely to have the same disastrous outcomes as the draconian COVID lockdowns in 2020 if not more so. I wonder if people pushing this idea are using the same computer models that Neil Ferguson used for predicting MASSIVE COVID deaths in the U.S. & UK in 2020 if they didn’t “lock down” their entire population. As we all know, COVID lockdowns had NO effect on the spread of the dreaded ‘Rona, but DID DESTROY Western economies & countless lives. Not only that, it made it possible for LARGE corporations to make record profits as many small businesses were forced to close but large businesses could stay open thanks to various GOVERNMENT diktats. I can only imagine how many small businesses had to close permanently thanks to such diktats. Remember the terms (which I’ve grown to hate) “Essential/ Non Essential businesses”?

  13. Allis Chalmers developed a fuel cell propelled tractor in the 50’s –I know it isn’t the same as lead or lithium batteries. They found it to be too cumbersome and famers were not excited about using it.

    Allis Chalmers never recovered from the UAW strike. It’s a little known fact that Stalin somehow orchestrated it because at the time AC was a key supplier for all facets of the US military.

  14. Fantastic and thought provoking essay, why gas cars won out in the market place.

    What no one says – what right does the government have to tell us what we can drive? They do not. They have no authority whatsoever, and lucky for us, with them in 32 trillion in debt, with interest on the debt now shooting up to 1 trillion a year, they soon will be out of money to mandate anything.

    I have read that before the advent of gasoline car era, that there were 128 EV car manufacturers. Then someone invented the Venturi carburetor. With that problem solved, gasoline – which was literally being dumped into rivers – became a saleable product.

    The first ICE engine – the Germans metered coal dust into the intake. It became obvious that a liquid fuel was needed. But how to get a liquid into a gas so it could be burned? The first carb was dripping fuel onto a flat plate. Pogue invented the exhaust heat vaporization carb, but it never caught on:

    As far as carbs are concerned, I am glad for modern computer controlled fuel injection, as I found carbs tedious to get them to work properly on old vehicles. A whole lot of tiny ports to gum up and clog, tiny springs and ball bearings. Taking one apart was futility. And if your intake air heat wasn’t working in the winter, you got shit for fuel economy and an engine that would barely run – as the carb would ice up. If the intake air thermostat was stuck open in the summer, the reverse.

    All those problems were solved in one fell swoop with air and fuel metering controlled by a computer. You just have to keep the system stock and it will work perfect every time. And it works at all elevations, as the computer monitors intake air temp, and meters the air and fuel keeping the stoichiometric air-fuel mixture is about 14.7:1 regardless of where you are.

    (Note: Fuel injection is superior until an EMP renders your ECM fried. Then you will wish for a carb. LOL )

    A modern injected ICE is a fantastic invention – to bad they want to get rid of it. I say we keep our ICE cars and get rid of them. What kind of society gets rid of 100 years of ICE car engineering for a totalitarian dreams of crazed psychopaths?

    • Yukon: “What kind of society gets rid of 100 years of ICE car
      engineering for a totalitarian dreams of crazed psychopaths?”

      It’s a society that has allowed the non-producers to take over, by
      dictating to the producers. It’s the folks I can do without – assorted,
      leftists, socialist, communists. They are the envious parasites
      of society, intuitively knowing they are superfluous, but
      working diligently to force their demented dreams on others.
      Unfortunately, not smart enough to understand they will not
      come out of the cataclysm unscathed.

      No matter the logic, these folks refuse to stay out of my life
      and out of my wallet.

      • libertyx
        But they must be so much smarter than we are. After all, they make a damn fine living producing nothing but copious piles of equine excrement, with a fat pension to go along with it.

        • Yes, it is the heyday of the parasites, and once they suck all the blood out of us, they will slither over to another continent and start over. They always need a willing host, easy marks, dupes, who will be easily fooled by their self proclaimed victimhood.

          Like religion the host must be emotionally manipulated by guilt so it can be controlled and paralyzed while they feed. A good metaphor is that wasp that lays eggs inside that caterpiller – which feed on the host – and that is Amerika today, the maggot freak show has emerged.

        • Kable: “After all, they make a damn fine living producing nothing…”

          It’s a great gig if you can get it, but when the socialist music
          stops? … in the former Soviet Union after the music stopped
          the adage was “I pretend to work and they pretend to pay me”,
          and the store shelves were bare.

      • Sounds similar to Ayn Rand ideas, the producers vs. the parasites. John Galt removes himself from the parasite society and created his own. Many people do that by moving out of the city to the country or a new state or country.

        People left California in droves for that very reason, and I predict Gov. Newsome will soon be elevated to presidential level for his job well done – banning ice cars, diesel trucks, lawnmowers, motorcycles. No more gas ranges for you Goyim.

        California has gone to hell – and that is exactly what (((they))) want. They are raising perverts, homos, and trannies to the highest level of power, Michelle Obama is talked about also as a presidential candidate, and just so you know who “it” is, here is an early video of her, back when she was a he named Michael Lavaugn Robinson:

        I present to you the First Lady of the United States:

        Michelle Obama (Michael Lavaugn Robinson) in early days

  15. NASA X-57 Maxwell Electric Demonstrator Will Not Fly

    FTFA: The X-57 is based on the four-seat Tecnam P2006T turboprop. The twin-electric motor version that NASA initially wanted to fly was the “Modification II” configuration of the Maxwell, which incorporates Joby Aviation-developed JM-X57 electric cruise motors in place of the original Rotax 912 S3 piston engines, and used batteries in place of avgas.

    NASA originally aimed to make a first flight using electrical power as soon as 2018. But development challenges with the battery system, electric control system and electromagnetic interference, among other issues–and compounded by complications from the COVID-19 pandemic–have put the program significantly behind schedule.

    The choice of steel ball bearings in the aircraft’s two electric motors that were “lower grades than aviation” standards caused unforeseen issues…

    Other than the obvious make-work project to keep a few researchers well-funded, who decided to cheap out on ball bearings for cryin’ out loud? That’s basic manufacturing stuff that was solved back in the 1940s.

    Sounds like they needed to blame something for scrapping the program, so why not the motors?

    More: “The motor design had a couple of particular failure modes that show up through our detailed analysis that show that it could seize up in flight and … could be a safety hazard to our pilots.”

    In other words, the test pilots looked at the motor data and said “hell no” to flying in that death trap. I wonder if the motors were built in Shenzhen?

    • Hi RK,
      An electric aircraft sounds like the ultimate lead balloon. The weight of the batteries required to go any meaningful distance would probably only allow for a handful of passengers. If they ever do develop one they should load it up with the most fervent EV pushers and fly out over the ocean so that nobody on the ground gets hurt when it plummets back to earth.

      • haha, i like it.
        E-airplanes will never happen, unless it’s just jumping over a river, commuter. Like a larger drone, but it would still be sitting for 1/2 to 1 day to return. Airplanes use constant high loads to do what they do. The only way it would ever work is if there’s a mini-nuke on-board.

  16. Government will also be mandating ditching the internet for the telegraph, turning in your flat screen TV for local theater, and grounding all aircraft for the joys of travel by horse drawn wagons.

    Global warming solved.

      • Keeping AM is a good thing. I have recieved AM transmissions from all over the country. Try that with FM. AM radio is really only superior as far as frequency response and clarity. I listen to stations from all over Washington, Arizona, Utah, California, Montana, Idaho, New Mexico, Alberta, Saskatchewan, etc. From Washington State at night time.

        The other reason we must keep AM in cars is that in order for the AM radio to work it takes much more shielding of the EMF radiation produced by EV systems. Anything that keeps spirilous EMF radiation contained is a positive. The average EV driver wouldn’t care at all about AM because top40 trash and sports is streamed.

    • Sean; I agree…that is a debate that I would love to see. Richter is such an EV fan boy that he has even locked up several of his EV threads to not allow any comments, since so many people even on his own site were disagreeing with him and posting truths about EVs that he disagrees with.

    • Seen,
      People who are so obtuse, ignorant, or purposely deceptive(shills) as to be promoting ridiculous things like EVs, generally don’t engage in debates w3ith informed people who can expose their BS and make them look like the ignorant fools they are.

      So I’d say there’s as much of a chance of Eric being invited to be debate that Wolf guy as there is of Ron Paul being invited to a televised presidential candidate debate.

      When someone persists at being wrong, and is unwilling to change their stance, they only option left is to silence those who are right, so that the narrative can be controlled by pummeling the public with erroneous info, while preventing them from hearing the truth- which most will never think of on their own.

      • Nunz,

        That almost sounds like what Democrats in Congress were trying to do to RFK Jr this week, along with the media’s treatment of Kennedy shortly after he announced his run for President. Of course, their justification was that Kennedy made antisemitic, racist remarks and spread misinformation on COVID & vaccines. Kennedy made the case that Dems wanted to CENSOR a hearing on CENSORSHIP. If their despicable treatment of RFK Jr doesn’t prove that the Democrat Party of today LOVES censorship, I don’t know what does.

        • Ah well, John, “racism” trumps everything! “Prove” someone is a ‘racist’ and nothing else matters [“prove”=accuse].

          • Hi Nunz,

            Another overused term from modern day Democrats is WHITE SUPREMACIST, and now they’ve even resorted to calling RFK Jr a WHITE SUPREMACIST, even though he’s a DEMOCRAT, suggesting that they’re betting that calling him a WHITE SUPREMACIST instead of an ANTI-VAXXER will turn voters off from supporting him.

            • Hi John,

              Communists eat their own, as RFK, Jr. is discovering. Not that RFK, Jr. is a communist. But he thinks there are still Democrats in the Communist Party. He did a service exposing them.

              • Eric,

                Agreed. I would say that these Congressional Democrats are also afraid of him considering he’s running for President, and his campaign is getting support from people across the political spectrum. At this point it appears they and the Deep State are just as afraid of RFK Jr as they are of Donald Trump if not more so.

                Democrats such as Debbie Wasserman Schultz have also proven they’ll go after other Democrats if they don’t march in lockstep with whatever the approved Establishment narrative is, be it on COVID, masks & vaccines, climate change, Trump voters, natural immunity, Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop from hell, January 6th, etc. Just look at the way they treated Matt Taibbi & Michael Shellenberger when they testified in Congress a few months ago when the Twitter files were released, exposing the censorship regime that the Biden Thing was involved in.

                Another Presidential candidate that the media definitely seems to not like is Cornel West, who’s running as a 3rd Party candidate.

                • Hi John,
                  I watched as much of that exchange as I could before my blood pressure got out of hand. Who is this Stacey Plaskett person? Not even a real Clowngress person, though I think she did represent Jeffrey Epstein. I actually made a donation to RFK Jr.’s campaign after that and will absolutely vote for him, even though I don’t usually bother to vote in national elections. I do fear if he starts to gain traction in his pursuit of the truth the deep state will take care of him the same way they did with his father and uncle.

              • These days, I’ve observed communists to be incredibly disciplined and protective of other communists. It would be hard to argue they’re not winning these days. RFK jr. has broken orthodoxy so they attack him. He’s not one of their own anymore so he’s fair game.

                The notion that communists eat their own is a vestige of at least 40 years ago and is akin to the notion that I was told growing up that all Russians hated the communists and wanted to be “free” like those in the West.

                • Hi Funk,

                  These days it appears the communists in governments have gotten more brazen with what they want to foist on the masses, from digital vaxx passports to CBDCs to digital surveillance of every aspect of our lives.

                  • You say “ideologue” like it’s a bad word. It’s a person who zealously promotes an ideology. Yet you’ll complain when the disciplined commies who’ve taken over the institutions and march in lock step take your ICE car and force shots into you arms. The problem isn’t that they’re ideologues. The problem is that they’re commies. Stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.

            • I heard the exchange between (or should it be attack by) Debbie Wasserman Schulz and RFK, Jr.

              She did more in five minutes to advance anti-semitism than David Duke has done in a lifetime.

              • You’d think that they would tread lightly on the Jewish question with RFK Jr. as his father was supposedly killed by a Palestinian with a grudge against him for his support of Israel.

                Just shows how ungrateful those SOB’s are.

            • Hey John B.

              Heh, the crazy vocabulary of these dipshits- “White supremacists”; “Racists”; “bigots”, etc. is just so overblown and absurd. Imagine if these people ever did actually encounter a real version of the thing which with they seek to label normal people?! They’d probably explode. Not to worry though, as real examples are pretty darn rare.

              But what amazes me, is that so many people today tolerate or even buy into this hyperbole. You’d think it would have the opposite effect on people…..but alas, it doesn’t. People have been so indoctrinated and propagandized, I guess they’ll just accept what ever is repeated on a screen enough times.

              “What?! You dare to acknowledge that there is a difference between people of different cultures or gender?! You’re a racist bigot!…err..unless you’re black, brown, yellow, or Jew…then it’s O-K, as you’re just ‘affirming the bonds with those of your culture to band together to resist the terrible racism of those inferior entitled white men who built the infrastructure of the world”.

              • And funny- they always leave Injuns out of it (As in cowboys & Indians..not the other kind)- The one group who have a legitimate gripe.

                • Indeed, the first thing Lincoln’s generals did after killing about 650k Americans was engage in the extermination of the plains Indians.


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