Latest Radio: Bryan Hyde Show: 03/05/2024

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Here’s the audio of my weekly chat with Bryan Hyde, host of the Bryan Hyde Show in Utah! We talked about the Supreme Court’s slap in the face to “our democracy” (by which the Left means its control over our politics) as well as the latest blue light special:

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  1. Something that’s going to be discussed on MANY coming talk shows:

    REPORT: Joe Biden has secretly flown 320,000 illegal immigrants from Latin American airports to 43 U.S. cities.


    It gets even worse. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection is refusing to identify which airports they are being shipped to.

    “The program at the center of the FOIA litigation is perhaps the most enigmatic and least-known of the Biden administration’s uses of the CBP One cellphone scheduling app, even though it is responsible for almost invisibly importing by air 320,000 aliens with no legal right to enter the United States since it got underway in late 2022,” said journalist Todd Bensman.

    If true, this might be the most outrageous example ever of criminal misconduct by the US fedgov. Yet this story does not exist in the Lügenpresse. WTF???

    • Biden is a puppet, his Jewish run regime is committing treason.

      Only in Amerika can Demoncraps vote in a Republican primary. So loyal Bidenists did vote for Nikki Haley (another rabid Neocon warmonger) to give her votes and make Trump look weak.

      ZH – As Haley Ends Republican Race, Survey Finds 92% Of Her Voters Approve Of Biden’s Performance
      teaser image

      “Haley’s voters aren’t just Democrats. They’re the most rabid, left-wing, delusional…”


  2. We may a lot to celebrate tonight:

    !. Trump smashes Nimrata and gets all the electorate votes.

    2. The Kali devil Nimrata drops out.

    3. The Jewess meglomaniac Victoria Noodleman resigns.

    Hey that’s 2 witches dead in one day! Yeah – we are winning!

    The wicked witches from India and Khazar crushed by the Dorothy (which in the wizard of oz represents the common man)

    • And the hits keep on coming — Mitt Romney, the original, authentic RINO from central casting, is quitting.

      So are Joe Manchin and Kirsten Sinema, two principal authors of the Inflation Reduction Act with its egregious EeeVee subsidies.

      Fell down to my knees and I hung onto your pants
      But you just kept on running while they ripped off in my hands
      Diamond rings, vaseline, you give me disease
      Well, I lost a lot of lunch over you

      — Rolling Stones, Turn on the Run

      • Things are looking up:

        Kissinger is dead.
        GHW Bush (poppy bush – the heroin addict) dead
        Jacob Rothschild dead.

        But all of those assholes pale in comparison to the Kagan-Nuland death merchants:

        Victoria Nuland is the architect of the Maidan coup and Ukraine war

        500,000 white christian ukrainian boys dead

        2.3 million wounded

        14 million displaced

        Half of the Uke population left permanently under the reign of terror of gay Jew demon Zelensky

        Her husband Robert Kagan is the author the PNAC and the Gulf wars which killed over 2 million

        neither will ever be prosecuted

    • Yep – just like the internet goes out when the NH Republican primary voters are casting their ballots for Trump – they are told to fold their ballot and put it in the circular file – which is conveniently next to the electronic vote tabulator – LOLROFL

      The voters literally filed their vote into the trash can. This is not surprising to me in the least – when I was in the USAF I read how military absentee votes – being transported back to the states – in those Navy duffel bags – were being tossed overboard.

      Vote rigging goes way the hell back. I’ve read JFK won because of ballot stuffing in Chicago.

  3. Good morning Eric, today is Super Tuesday, and as you predicted the Neocon skank Nimrata of the Kaliyuga is still in the race, and may not even drop out tonight after she gets crushed by Trump. The inquiring mind begs to understand why, LOL.

    I found this epic rant on what is really going on with her and her donors, and is worth a read, best on the web:


    “She’s so transparently weak and sort of ridiculous and doesn’t know anything, and just thinks that jumping up and down and making these absurd blanket statements, and repeating bumper stickers, is just like leadership.

    A self-confident advanced society would never allow Nikki Haley to advance.” – Tucker Carlson

    The most highly educated people in this world are often the most willfully ignorant of what is really happening. The college credentialed crowd, especially those who “earned” them within the last twenty years, are more likely than not far less intelligent than the supposed “conspiracy theorists” who have questioned every narrative spun by the masters of the universe and their regime media propagandists over the last two decades.

    The skeptics among us who assess every Deep State engineered event, designed to create outrage, fear, anger, and obedience, with the necessary suspicion and doubt, are conscious of how the real world operates and are taking precautions to navigate through the coming storms.

    Among the dozens of false narratives spun by the black widow spider psychopaths, which include the Ukraine war, Gaza genocide, safe & secure border, safe and effective vaccines, safe and secure elections, the armed insurrection where no one was armed, Russiagate, declining inflation, and strong growing economy, the continuation of Nikki Haley’s ridiculously pathetic campaign for the Republican nomination. If you haven’t noticed, Trump has trounced this warmongering RINO, Liz Cheney wannabe in every primary/caucus thus far. All the other candidates dropped out, as instructed, leaving only Nimarata as the chosen option of the Deep State and their deep pocketed billionaire donors.

    When something makes no sense and the behavior of a feckless politician seems irrational, there is something wicked going on behind the curtain and will not be revealed until those running the show decide it will benefit them financially, politically and increase their power over the masses. As Haley continues to pretend to be a viable candidate, with her coffers being filled by shadowy figures meeting in smokey backrooms, I was reminded of another pitiful excuse for a candidate in 2020.

    A senile, old, corrupt, child sniffing coot, who was nothing more than a laughingstock on the national scene as Obama’s token establishment white guy, making a living as the Big Guy in his crackhead son’s worldwide shakedown operations in Ukraine, China and wherever he could make a buck. In case you didn’t remember, he wasn’t even an afterthought in the 2020 Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire primary. Bernie the commie and mayor buttplug crushed slow Joe. He was even losing to Pocahontas.

    Anyone with some self-respect and self awareness would have dropped out, but for some unexplainable reason he stayed in the race and miraculously “won” the nomination with his inspirational speeches and glorious vision for the country. Or was he selected by those who knew they could rig the election while the basement dummy spent his days shitting his pants and taking naps? Biden was a Trojan horse installed by the Deep State controllers of this farce of an empire. Now this drooling dementia ridden pedophile is barely functional and would clearly get trounced by Trump in the general election, even with the Democrat election rigging machine in full steal mode.

    Nikki will be trounced on Super Tuesday. If she does not drop out, you know something evil is being planned. I see only two possibilities for the Deep State funding of Haley’s continued national embarrassment. They either plan to assassinate Trump or imprison him, therefore needing a useful idiot on par with Bush to continue their wars, destruction of our civil society, ultimate demise of our country, and transfer of power to a totalitarian global regime. Nikki is just the neo-con, low IQ, diversity stooge for the job. Their efforts to imprison Trump seem to be failing, so the CIA, FBI, and rest of the Surveillance State traitors are likely planning a false flag assassination of Trump they can pin on a patsy who furthers one of their other false narratives.

    They need Nikki, because Biden’s VP is an honest to God moron, seen as a cackling joke by 95% of Americans. Biden is finished. They will not run him in November. He will step down at the convention and be replaced by Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, or Gavin Newsom. All I know for sure is the next nine months will be an epic shitstorm, with potential assassinations, civil war, global war, financial chaos and collapse, and possibly the end of our nation as we know it. Buckle up, the ride is about to get bumpy.”

    Read it with pics:

    What I especially liked about that essay was the over the top uncouth language used to describe the immoral anti-human political scum. IMO it is extremely important we denigrate the political class – so as to give the masses courage to face their upcoming public executions. All of them are going to be arrested, tried, and executed for what they have done.

    Every actor in D.C. deserves a military court martial followed by a quick execution then their bullet ridden body dumped into an unmarked mass grave. Even better, feed their carcasses to hungry swine.

    • Hi Jack,

      This could be so. If Trump is removed and replaced with this obvious tool, the brown-skinned version of Mitt Romney, it’s over – and maybe, that’ll be good. The Leftists will go for broke and then we’ll have nothing to lose anymore – and much to gain.

      I need a drink now…

      • They are all obvious tools:

        Nimarata of the Kaliyuga is an obvious tool.
        Buttegg is an obvious tool.
        Jabin’ Newscum is an obvious tool.
        Hellery Cliton is an obvious tool.
        Pedo Joe is an obvious tool.
        Komrade Kamala is an obvious tool.

        What is not so obvious (IMO) is that Trump is also a tool. He went bankrupt 6 times and his Jew buddies bailed him out – and that fact is a leading theory why they own him.

        Good news everyone – the rumor is the Victoria Nuland – the architect of the Ukraine bloodletting – announced her resignation.

        Kissinger is dead. GHW Bush is dead. Joe Biden is near death. What we need is an A-Bomb on Congress while in session to get our freedom back.

    • “Nikki will be trounced on Super Tuesday. If she does not drop out, you know something evil is being planned. I see only two possibilities for the Deep State funding of Haley’s continued national embarrassment. They either plan to assassinate Trump or imprison him, therefore needing a useful idiot on par with Bush to continue their wars, destruction of our civil society, ultimate demise of our country, and transfer of power to a totalitarian global regime. Nikki is just the neo-con, low IQ, diversity stooge for the job.”

      I would like to take this time to quote one of America’s leading intellectual influences, Homer Simpson…D’oh!

      I think we all see what is coming.

      • Gateway Pundit dropped the bomb – they are claiming that Jewess Victoria Nuland resigned today because of their FOIA request – an inquiry into the death of journalist Gonzala Lira.

        Of course you never heard about the US citizen being tortured and killed in a Ukraine dungeon – all you heard was the crocodile tears for the CIA asset Russian stooge Navalny.

        “Victoria Nuland, the architect of the disastrous US Ukraine policy since 2014, will be resigning “in the coming weeks” after Gateway Pundit filed a FOIA request to find out what her role was in the death of US journalist Gonzalo Lira in Ukraine, an outspoken Nuland critic who was subsequently arrested and tortured in Ukraine.

        “Victoria Nuland has let me know that she intends to step down in the coming weeks as Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs – a role in which she has personified President Biden’s commitment to put diplomacy back at the center of our foreign policy and revitalize America’s global leadership at a crucial time for our nation and the world,” Secretary of State Antony Blinken said today.”


        Ding-dong! The Witch is dead
        Which old Witch? The Wicked Witch!
        Ding-dong! The Wicked Witch is dead
        Wake up you sleepy head, rub your eyes, get out of bed
        Wake up, the Wicked Witch is dead
        She’s gone where the goblins go
        Below, below, below
        Yo-ho, let’s open up and sing and ring the bells out
        Ding-dong’s the merry-oh, sing it high, sing it low
        Let them know the Wicked Witch is dead!


        Nuland is married to Robert Kagan – the top Neocon architect of the Project for the New American Century and the Gulf wars that followed. The Kagan-Nuland team killed tens of millions. Soulmates in hell.

        • ‘The Kagan-Nuland team killed tens of millions.’ — Yukon Jack

          They racked up a higher kill score than Pol Pot.

          And the bloated horror of Nudelman’s hideous meatbag suggests that she stuffed her piehole with quite a few of her victims.


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