Conditional Use and its Uses

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The news about Ford seeking to patent its new technology to remotely control vehicle systems – and vehicles, themselves – isn’t new.

In the sense that this technology isn’t.

GM has had a similar system online – just the right word – since the ’90s. It is called OnStar. You have probably heard or remember the ads touting the system’s ability to remotely unlock or start (and so, implicitly, stop) the engine of a car so equipped and to automatically summon emergency help, in the event of an accident. It can also do more than all that, as this writer experienced when test driving an OnStar-equipped GM vehicle almost 20 years ago.

After driving the car at high speed through some tight corners, a woman’s voice manifested inside the car, even though I was the only man inside it. It was the OnStar operator, asking me whether I needed “assistance.” The car having alerted OnStar to my faster-than-PC driving.

It – the car – did not do anything. But the point is, it could have.

Every other car manufacturer embeds similar technology in their cars. They are all . . . connected.

Which means, so are you.

Perhaps you see where this is headed. On the other hand, maybe not. Many news stories about Ford’s supposedly “new” technology” not having mentioned it.

But one did illustrate it.

The New York Post published several diagrams, apparently from Ford’s patent application. One of them sketches out the network, to which the car and the borrower are tethered to the lender. The article goes on to describe how Ford could turn off various necessary vehicle functions, such as the AC – or cause the car to emit an obnoxious noise that could not be turned off – if the borrow fails to make payments to the lender. Possibly, the car could even repossess itself, if equipped with what is always inaccurately styled “autonomous” or “self-driving” capability. (It is is inaccurate because the car is the antitheses of autonomous, which nothing can be that isn’t under independent control.)

Fail to pay and the car drives itself away.

Considered in context, this isn’t objectionable – unless you object to things you didn’t pay for being taken away from you. But the patent sketch – and the tech – hint at something that goes beyond that.

Even if you did pay your bills. Even if you paid off the car. It will never be yours because it will always be under the control of the network.

Which could shut your car down for medical reasons.

As for not taking the drugs the government-corporate nexus ordered you to take. Why else would there be a box showing “medical facility” connected to the network, to which your car is connected?

Also note the connection to “police authority.”

Neither having anything to do with whether you made your payments. “Police authority” could shut down your car for driving it when you’ve been ordered not to – because Climate Change.

Or just because.

Or for driving it in ways they say you’re not allowed to.

Most new cars also have something called “Speed Limit Assistance Technology” embedded ever so helpfully. Drive faster and the car knows. And so could the insurance mafia, inevitably part of the same “network.”

Reading between the lines, what we have here is a picture of our feed lot future. One that has long been implicit about to be made explicit. Its motto is: You will own nothing – and be happy.

The latter part being debatable. Unless, of course, you are one of the few who intends to own everything by controlling everything. This makes sociopaths very happy.

Perhaps the picture is coming into focus now.

Ford’s technology – and remember, it is not new technology – proposes to make the use of what you like to think of as your car conditional upon your obedience. And that is how you – and I – are to be controlled. It is an elaboration of the concept in Communism of “communal” property; the individual is allowed conditional use of property but all property is owned by “the people” – which means the handful of people who control the apparatus of state. Stalin owned nothing. His many dachas – private homes – as well as his Packard limousine – all belonged, so it was said, to “the people.” Meaning Stalin.

And he was very happy.

The genius of this shuck-and-jive is that the people fall for it. They see Stalin in his limo, being chauffeured to his dacha while they walk home in the cold to their communal apartment – but they aren’t outraged because Stalin doesn’t own these things.

They belong to “the people.”

The same principle has been applied in America for at least the past 100 years and arguably far longer. You are allowed the conditional use of what you let yourself believe is your home but which isn’t because it can be taken at any time by the state, which in the meanwhile allows you to live there so long as you keep up with your payments – i..e, your rent. They call it “property taxes” but if this differs from rent in any meaningful way perhaps someone will explain how.

For awhile – and it was a pleasantly long while – we did have control over our cars in that they were not under the control of anyone else. If you didn’t make your payments, it might be repossessed. But it could not be turned off or shut down or drive itself away if you failed to obey.

Ford has pulled back the curtain on something that has been behind it for 20 years, at least. Something the ones behind it have been itching to do for at least that long and are, at last, on the cusp of actually doing, openly.

And they are very happy about it.

. . .

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  1. Oh and before it comes to a repo situation, it could crank up the stereo and loop “Where’s my money bitch!” And use the Fratzonic exhaust speaker to loop “I’m a deadbeat… I’m stealing from Wells Fargo!” over and over until you pay. Then if you still don’t pay up, tension the seatbelt tighter and crank up the heated seat… just to make sure you get the message. If you still won’t pay… well, there’s always setting off the airbags or forcing a thermal runaway on the battery pack.

    Have to send a message. They can’t have people reneging on their promises right?

  2. Oh this gives me an idea for an ad…

    Closeup of phone recieving a text alert.
    Text: Ford- Let’s take a drive!
    Man gets into his 2028 F-150 Upper-hybrid-super-king and shuts the door. The garage door opens, and it begins moving out into the street.
    Man: Where are we going?
    F-150 voice: Calculating… It’s a surprise chosen just for you!
    Man: Cool. I like surprises
    F-150 voice: Calculating… yes, I know. (doors lock)
    Vehicle continues down the road and pulls up to a fast food restaurant.
    Man: Why are we here? I’m not hungry.
    F-150 voice: Get your broke-ass in there and fill out an application, deadbeat!
    Voiceover: The new F-150 Upper-hybrid-super-king, now with loan guarantee package standard.

  3. I have a 2007 Lacrosse with OnStar that I never set up or used. Can I pull the fuse to the OnStar to disable it?

    • Your OnStar is old enough that the cellular network on which it depends no longer exists. Telecommunications standards rot faster than milk that’s been left out in the sun.

  4. Damn! I have to get serious about finding a good used car that will last another 10 years or so, don’t think my ‘01 or ‘03 Corollas will make it with the rust they’ve accumulated. Being 75 I hope to find something pre 2010 that will last as long as I can drive it, I absolutely will not be a part of the matrix.

  5. As Orwellian as Ford’s patent application may be, I always find some solace and humor in the notion that for every new obnoxious and dangerous governmental control proposal, especially those based on new technology, there will always be smarter and more nimble folks ready and willing to outsmart it. Some smart electronics whiz will find ways to frustrate and tie in knots any attempt to impose this totalitarian nonsense on the rest of us. Or the technology will be so impractical it will collapse under its own weight. And if necessary, we can simply stop buying vehicles that contain this garbage or — gasp! — stop voting for those who support it.

    • Amen, Bill –

      I think the situation now is to accept that we must “opt out” – by which I mean more than just stop playing by their rules. The time has come to figure out how to separate ourselves physically and politically from these people.

  6. Don’t have to buy a car that is going to keep track of how you drive and where you go. You’ll also be informed of when you can go to the grocery store.

    The thing will probably shutdown when you attempt to leave the 15 minute perimeter in the village where you live.

    Every year I have to complete a survey from the USDA to report the crops planted and any animals raised. It began with the amounts of potatoes grown only, no other crops were required to be reported. This year, the survey requested a lot of information about the operation including listing more crops raised.

    One question was if I had a truck older than 10 years. Didn’t care about other machinery used. Wanted more details than any other survey prior.

    I received a second mailing informing me that if I didn’t complete the survey, it is against the law. Didn’t know it was a crime not to answer questions on a survey.

    Biden can bomb Russians and there is no law to stop him. If I refuse to answer survey questions, it’s Crowbar Hotel for being meek and weak or something.

    Zelensky can buy a 135,000 dollar Chopard and demand your sons and daughters die in Ukraine. Herod had more compassion.

    Cognitive dissonance is off the charts.

    I’m retired now and am not going to continue the expanded planting I have done in the past. You have to stop at some point and wake up in the morning with a different outlook.

    The old gets old.

  7. The mental groundwork has been laid down for tools such as this being used to enforce or punish “dissenters”. Social media canceling is the acceptance stage of PC thought.

    Next step is to find ways to really punish wrong think, like no car for you.

    Or maybe it is as innocuous as no more purchasing cars, only renting them – which isn’t innocuous at all.

  8. ‘Ford could cause the car to emit an obnoxious noise that could not be turned off.’ — eric

    This recalls an experiment about how to drive away loitering youths (presumably, gangsta rap fans) from an urban storefront. Loud pop music broadcast over exterior speakers — The Captain & Tennille seemed to work splendidly — caused the youths to flee in horror at the unhip noises.

    Since the info flow is two-way, it raises the possibility of reverse hacking. Such an incident occurred this week, when a participant in a Zoom meeting at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago began flashing pornographic images on the screen. The meeting was cancelled due to ‘technical difficulties.’

    One has to laugh at the absurd scene: hardened criminal counterfeiters, who have looted countless trillions, recoiling in moral horror at what they regard as obscenity. Maybe we should try this more often. 😉

  9. The Epoch Times reports that the Biden Thing,
    through the Consumer Products Safety Commission, is still trying to ban gas stoves, laughably claiming that gas stoves are “Harmful to human health”, especially when you consider that they’re STILL pushing COVID jabs, which we KNOW HAS HARMED or even KILLED countless people who’ve taken them. This proposal to BAN gas stoves, along with the plan to ban gas vehicles, is a wet dream of the globalist technocrats.

      • Hi Jim,

        Thanks for that link. We should FLOOD them with comments opposing their plan. I’ll have to concoct my own comments even though I don’t own a gas stove myself, but if they do go through with that, they won’t stop there. They’ll look for something else to BAN; perhaps that gas powered vehicle you own now, or even any gas powered lawn equipment you have? Other things that are likely in their crosshairs include water heaters, grills, woodstoves, fertilizer, etc.

  10. Work R&D for any large company in the US which derives some income from Patents and licensing, and the pressure is always there to file new patents.

    Where I currently work, I sit just below the paygrade where the requirement is to file one Patent per year or face a poor ranking in annual evaluation and eventual dismissal.

    Tommy Boy has already said that he believes that Ford has too many engineers.

        • Probably!!!

          Funny how they never talk about having too many executives.

          If anything there is far too much “management”. They are expensive, and if 75% went away, it would probably improve things. At least engineers can add some value (if they are allowed to do so). When was the last time a “manager” added value to anything? Most are waiting for the first time.

  11. The “connectivity” of every single device one can imagine is getting ridiculous. Everything from voice activated clothes washers, to water heaters, and garage door openers, cars, lawn mowers, backup generators. What the HELL do I need wifi connectivity to a lawnmower for?
    It’s quite simple. If it has a wireless connection it can be “hacked” or externally controlled, by who or what? God only knows.
    The average person thinks nothing of this, they love the “tech.” They don’t understand why I don’t keep large amts of money in the bank. After having my debit card hacked a couple times I realized the banks are infinitely less safe than physical cash being kept in an actual safe place that I have sole control over. At least If I have my money somebody will need the fortitude and the proper amt. of force to take it from me, instead of just getting some numbers and making a purchase with my pixel-wealth without me knowing.

    My life needs to more to be more analog

  12. The united States of America government “powers that be” are using corporations to do what “it” may not do, thereby bypassing Constitutional prohibitions on government behavior.
    How does one fight back against this illegal and unconstitutional corporate “power”?
    From the “jabs” being mandated in order to keep one’s job to other coercive behavior by corporations, there has to be a way to fight back and reign in their illegal and unconstitutional power.

    • The federal government esp is totally unrestrained. The measure is what is in the “benefit” or “interest” of the state, not what the words agreed to actually mean. And who enforces them? The government’s own courts.
      No thanks.
      They have the guns & want you to have none.

      The best way to me is to stop accepting their power. Work outside the system. Like sanctuary cities for illegals & drugs, when the states and local governments stop playing, the feds lack of real power is laid bare.

      Feds need locals to enforce their dictates. Some states are banning federal firearm enforcement. Some are pushing refusals to send national guard without a declaration of war. Most of the states have adopted medical marijuana, some recreational. If state & local governments keep taking back all of their reserved powers, the feds will shrink.

  13. 25 years ago Insurance companies were (and still are) offering car owners a “discount” on their policy premiums if they plugged a monitoring device int their car’s ODB port, to livestream all car functions to the insurance company. People did (and still do) it willingly by the hundreds of thousands, just to “save money”. Stupid Sheeple will never cease to willingly surrender their individual autonomy for perceived “savings” or “saaaafety”. Individual autonomy is one very unique thing to the United States alone, aside from every other nation in the entire world, and sheeple are still too stupid to understand this fact! Our founding fathers, and most of our former-colonial ancestors understood it extremely well, enough so to fight and overthrow the most powerful colonial nation in the world at that time. Ours was not a “rebellion” but a War of Independence in ways no other nation has yet replicated. The problem we, as a nation, are dealing with, is a cultural subversion by immigrants who want all the “freedoms” but none of the responsibilities. It is much akin to what Texas, and other States, are experiencing with the exodus of Commiefornians to their areas. Multiculturism is destroying our formerly established culture of Independence & Individual Autonomy, and it has been since the late 19th Century.

    • The ink was not dry on the current US Constitution when there was a law instituted forbidding criticism of the FedGov. Way to much reverence for those “founding fathers” who illegally replaced the Articles of Confederation with a new one that vastly increased the powers of the FedGov. Any form of government will work, and likely work well, if one is allowed to walk away from it. Abe Lincoln solved that little problem after killing 650,000 Americans, more than all other wars combined, to ensure one could NOT walk away from it, and live.

      • Hi John,

        “Any form of government will work, and likely work well, if one is allowed to walk away from it.”

        Extremely well-said. Exactly. Which is precisely why government by consent of the governed is never allowed.

        • Such became apparent to me when arguing with a socialist who was singing the praises of socialist enclaves. I had to point out that’s because they were socialist of their own volition, voluntarily. No one holding a gun to their head.

      • The government is just a service corporation…one that can collect tax by force…who gave it that power?…it has a monopoly on creating/printing money……it says it has allodial title to all land…according to who?….with that fake allodial title it can collect tax on the land or restrict it’s use…….the people working for/running this service corporation can steal money that it collects…..or use that money to insure they maintain that job running the service corp….the service corp has exclusive rights to use of deadly force….who gave it that power?……

        king charles the 3rd has/had allodial title to all the land in commonwealth countries…just recently he said he doesn’t have it…the indigenous do…

        the U.S. booted the king out so in the U.S. the service corp. claims allodial title to the land…..

        There is a program called UNDRIP which is supposed to give some land rights back to the original indigenous people that were invaded….

        If the indigenous have allodial title to the land then the service corp is a false government squatting on someone else’s land and collecting taxes….under what authority?….

        • UNDRIP

          @ 3:50 in the video….The UN pushes undrip on the international level as well as on the national/federal. provincial/state, city and town levels….so it is difficult to defend against….

          undrip …..the narrative is they say they are giving all the land back to the indigenous, with the UN managing the land….

          Article 30 @ 41:12 in video…. UN managing the land…the government for the indigenous owned land….in the whole country……..the army and police would all be UN soldiers….that was the reason for gun control legislation…UN the only armed force allowed….replacing the existing armed forces….

          Financial incentives for governments to sign up…$5 million…for 100% adoption….up to $100 million….

          Some countries are pushing it now……Obama said they were considering doing it…

          you are booted out….no more property…off to the 15 minute city…you didn’t own it anyways….you never had allodial title…the government or in some cases the crown did……..if the indigenous have it now they can boot you out…..

          In addition the indigenous must be compensated for the use of the their land for the last 200 to 300 years….

          it looks like undrip is a trick by the UN/globalists to take control, ownership of all land…. there is no definition of indigenous in undrip, it is a trick, fraud.

          the 1st nations don’t like it either, they smell a fraud, trap, deception.


          • an indigenous government would be 100X better then the marxist/globalists/w ef owned government

            king charles the 3rd said the indigenous own the land…. not him…the crown…@ 9:30 in video…
            the crown had allodial title in commonwealth countries…now king charles says they don’t…inferring the indigenous have allodial title now and always did…..this changes a lot….

            this means the indigenous have allodial title to the land now…in all commonwealth countries….. about 20% of the planet….

            The indigenous are starting their own government @ 09:30 in video

            The indigenous are making their own marshalls…police force so they can get control…fight back……@ 11:10 in video…

            The indigenous are also bringing in their own banking system and bringing their own currency…@ 12:45 in video

            The indigenous are starting producing their own food supply @ 03:00 in video

            an indigenous government would be better then the marxist/globalists/w ef owned government running the country now….
            probably a far smaller government, far lower or no taxes, freedom of speech and movement, maybe a new gold backed non fiat currency,

            Chief Muskwa Wahyaw Kayitapit, A Warrior For The People


            • There are no indigenous peoples in the continental US that I know of. Everyone is from somewhere else,,, some just arrived earlier than others…

                • UNDRIP……..United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

                  The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples was adopted by the General Assembly on 13 September 2007

                  The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) was adopted by the General Assembly on Thursday, 13 September 2007, by a majority of 143 states in favour, ………4 votes against (Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States)…….. and 11 abstentions (Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burundi, Colombia, Georgia, Kenya, Nigeria, Russian Federation, Samoa and Ukraine).

                  Years later the four countries that voted against have reversed their position and now support the UN Declaration. U.S. supports it now…

                  Today the Declaration is the most comprehensive international instrument on the rights of indigenous peoples. It establishes a universal framework of minimum standards for the survival, dignity and well-being of the indigenous peoples of the world and it elaborates on existing human rights standards and fundamental freedoms as they apply to the specific situation of indigenous peoples.


  14. The sad part is that even if you could disconnect your vehicle, it probably won’t run if you do. If I’m not mistaken, I think the internet was created by the DOD. So, what did we expect? The state would leave it alone? It’s been turned from a valuable asset for education, entertainment, and enlightenment into a weapon of the state. And a very effective one.


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