The Consequences of the Intended

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Kids didn’t used to roast to death, forgotten in the back seat of cars, because it was hard to forget your kid when he was sitting right there beside you – or even sitting in your lap. That was outlawed – for saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety.

And now kids are forgotten about in the back seat and left to roast to death.

Solution? Keep them strapped in back even longer. Some states have mandated that “kids” ride in saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety seats until they’re practically ready for Social Security – or at least, high school.

A few people backed up over kids – chiefly because it is almost impossible to see what’s behind any car made since the early ‘90s, which is because cars made since then have been made with bulbous rear ends apparently modeled on Kim Kardashian in the interests of . . . . saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety.

They can take being bumped into better than the non-Kardashian models of the pre-saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety era.

But now you’re more likely to bump into – or run over – something.

Or someone.

Solution? Pass a law requiring that every new car be fitted with a closed circuit camera system – just like RVs have.

No thought is given to making cars less RV (or Kardashian) like.

People have lately been forgetting to turn off their car’s engine – because in many cars built since the mid-2000s, you don’t turn anything to turn off the engine. Instead you push a button to turn off the ignition.

Or thought you did.

Later, the engine comes back on – possibly turning you off (for good) if it happens when you’re asleep and the car is in your garage. Physical keys were a failsafe. You had to turn the key in order to remove it from the ignition. Why not save with Food Lion Ad instead of paying the full price at another place. Since most people tend to take their keys with them when they they leave the car, they turned off the engine before they left the car as a matter of course, without any special double-checking needed.

Mandating a return to keys rather than buttons would seem sensible (if we’re going into the mandating business, it ought at least to be sensible). Instead, it looks like a new mandate is coming for buzzers – or warnings piped to the owner’s cell phone.

Because that’s so much more sensible than a key.

The government says new cars use too much gas and passes laws requiring the car companies to figure out ways to burn less. One way is to direct-inject the fuel into each cylinder rather than mist it in from above. This saves a little gas. It also carbon fouls the intake valves, which causes the engine to burn oil as well as gas eventually.

Solution? Add another fuel delivery circuit. It uses more gas. Using more parts. But you’ve solved the carbon fouling problem.

Speaking of gas mileage.

You get more if you burn gas – but the government decrees we must burn alcohol along with it. Which results in the burning of more gas to go the same miles – or at least, more gas-alcohol cocktail.

If we went back to burning gas without alcohol, gas mileage would go up about 3 percent across the board. What does this say about the government’s interest in MPGs?

It says the government is interested in other things.

Electric cars are not necessarily a bad idea. For the city. For short trips. Small and light; emphasis on low-cost and high-efficiency – not Ludicrous Speed.

But because the government thinks it’s a good idea to transfer the source of carbon dioxide emissions from tailpipe to smokestack – apparently, this will reduce PPM levels and save the Earth – electric cars have been square pegged and round holed.

The technology doesn’t exist to make them functionally and economically competitive with non-electrics as anytime/anywhere cars. But never mind. Turtles can fly if the government says they can.

Now make it so.

American citizens are expected – required – to obey not only every traffic law to the letter but every law to the letter. Foreigners who enter the country illegally are referred to as “immigrants” by the same government which insists citizens obey every law, traffic and otherwise – and which punishes punish those who don’t. These illegals are given driver’s licenses – and not made to produce them in order to vote.

But we’ll get a ticket for not “buckling up.”

People are terrible drivers. Chiefly because they’re not expected to be good or even awake ones. They pay more attention to their cell phones than the road – or car – ahead of them. To encourage more of this, the car industry fits cars with Automated Emergency Braking and Lane Keep Assist, which pay attention to the road – and the car ahead – on behalf of the driver.

The end goal seems to be to eliminate the driver altogether.

Or at least to bore him to death.

. . .

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  1. How else can bureaucrats perpetuate their existence unless they continuously create that need artificially? They subsidize Gasahol, then likewise, mandate higher fuel mileage using that very same horse-piss. EVs will increase the dependence and consumption of electric power, which can’t even meet current domestic and industrial demands, and yet Uncle will continue to mandate restrictions and rules that make it impossible to meet those consumption needs. Shysters, frauds and charletons, the whole lot of them; white collar criminals that would make Richard Nixon or the Milken Brothers blush!

  2. When it comes to children dying in hot cars, Eric, your title explains it, even though you weren’t necessarily thinking of that meaning. These deaths are intended. The authorities should investigate every such instance as murder.

    Everyone was up in arms about “sudden infant death syndrome” (SIDS), also known as crib death (cot death in Britain). After the authorities finally figured out that most “SIDS” cases were actually murders by suffocation or shaken-baby syndrome and they began investigating every SIDS death as a possible homicide, the number of such cases abruptly plummeted. That was in the mid-1990s. Notice you hardly hear of SIDS now?

    What began to happen instead was deaths of infants “accidentally” being locked in cars on very hot days. A suspicious number of those have turned out to be special-needs kids. Until recently, the authorities have chosen not to prosecute parents for charges such as neglect on the grounds that these were “accidents” and “the parents have suffered enough”. As a bonus, the parents have been receiving lots of sympathy for their loss, including fundraising efforts and freebies.

    Now there are second thoughts. Others have realized you never heard of hot-car deaths decades back, no one seems to leave kids in cars on cold days, and seldom do stories appear of pets dying in hot cars. There have also been numerous weird and freak incidents involving children dying in other ways. Most are suspicious at second glance.

    You have to conclude that some parents looked at having kids as just something to do, and now that they realize caring for their offspring ain’t all fun and games, they want to get rid of the “problem”.

    No extra safety features should be required on vehicles to address this issue. A policy of 100% prosecution for murder for hot-car deaths will end it just fine.

  3. MOST people today, calling themselves ‘parents’, need a good swift KICK in the butt, Kardashian or not.
    To MOST women who have children, and their own car, children are an accessory in the car, and NOBODY cares about their ‘accessories’ until they can’t find them, example: house keys, car keys, lipstick, tissues, kids,…it’s all the same to them, meaning, they need to have their children removed!

    The amount of ‘parents’ I witness daily, abusing their children, is horrendous.
    Therefore, take them away!,

  4. This is perhaps the most brilliant summary of the perniciousness and the inanity of the state of today’s automobiles I have ever read.

  5. OT: Arrested, suspended from college, held on $250,000 bail (which he can’t post until after a hearing so the prosecutor can attach conditions to its release), all with no crime and no charges. All this over a meme that no one seems to have around.

    Welcome to Red Flag America, baby! Hope you like handcuffs!

    • Hi Chuck,

      This makes my blood run cold. No charges, even. Just an arbitrary Hut! Hut! Hut! based on “concerns” expressed. But then, what did we expect? It’s been legal to just take people’s property for years under asset forfeiture laws – no charges let alone convictions necessary.

      One thing leads to another.

      Soon, anyone who refuses to say that He is a She because underneathe the dress, it’s still a He – or “denies” the climate is changing catastrophically – will be Hut! Hut! Hutted! too.

      They did it in the old Soviet Union.

      It’s going to be done here. It already is being done here.

      • When going through my last divorce, my attorney advised me to either sell my firearms or transfer them to a trusted family member, as my even having them would leave me vulnerable to all sorts of false accusations, plus, if accused of domestic violence, the police will come, and even if they don’t arrest, they can and will seize the weapons and they will not be returned. CA, and the Feds, have a law that IF you’re the subject of a Domestic Violence Restraining Order, which do not means that an allegation has to be CREDIBLE, indeed, charges need not have been filed at all, you lose your guns, PERIOD, your 2A rights are null and void, all on the whim of a mentally unstable and vengeful ex. Most Family Law attorneys will not spend billable hours on attempting to get a DVRO overturned and/or get the client’s 2A rights restored as they considered it futile. This is what’s also done, BTW, to get sole custody of minor children, if any, or even pets, and the house and the furnishings, and the cars, it’s known in the family law trade as the “nuclear option”. The trouble is, unlike the real “MAD”, or Mutually Assured Destruction, the male, in almost all cases, is already “disarmed” by the libard state. So why would any guy with so much to lose and apparently little to gain EVER get married (again)?

  6. Those who inadvertently kill their kids in stupid ways are doing us all a favor by invoking the survival of the fittest law. We should thank them for qualifying for associate Darwin Awards by preventing their progeny from living to reproductive age.

  7. This is what it looks like when a reality is being shut down. The entire way of life will change and everything we know will go away. No more slaving for corporations. No more poison food with nano-tech and chemicals. No more lying religion. No more lying history. No more wrong science. No more criminal healthcare that merely manages disease. No more evil banks keeping the people enslaved. No more systems of thought that are in conflict with the harmony of God’s creation. But how to free the slave that adores their privileged chains?

  8. Why is it, that when a government mandate shows itself to be counter productive, or even dangerous, it is never repealed? It’s like those vipers in Washington will never undo something their predecessors have done, out of some kind of professional courtesy for evildoers. All they ever do is modify the pile of crap laws we already have, and never revisit something for whether it’s necessary anymore.

    • Hi OP,

      The government – i.e., those people – can never admit they were wrong. About anything. See Orwell’s explication in Goldstein’s Book.

  9. We were told “Don’t get out of that car”, and for the most part, we didn’t, esp. in town. Out in the country was another thing though. My sisters, cousin and I were sitting in the car waiting for our mom’s to do something at the local radio station which was simply a small building by a tower in the pasture.

    My cousin gets out and is acting the fool. He’s throwing prickly pear cactus around with a couple sticks. One ends up stuck to the bottom of my sister’s foot stuck out the window, a radical act of defiance since all windows were down and it was hot but still, SHE wasn’t out of the car. We got a couple mesquite twigs and removed the thorns and pried the cactus off. No harm(it wasn’t my foot), no foul, (I didn’t do it) and she was fine with just some bloody spots on her socks and a few tiny cactus spines left in her foot to wear off as we always did unless it got infected and we had to get parents involved which mainly meant soak it in epsom salts and water, then squeeze the whole affair until it gave up it’s pus and all was well…..eventually.

    Any one of these scenarios would now likely involve a trip to the ER. (Seriously, can’t people use tweezers any more?) I was 6 when I dropped a really large cedar post on my toe. My first lesson in “You may be able to lift it but can you drag it?”. So I was taken to the doctor after hours, no ER, that was for much more serious stuff. The doc laughed, said I’d done a good job of getting that nail off, cleaned it, wrapped it with gauge and put on a metal splint. Good to go.

    Now it would be X rays, the cops standing around flexing their bellies and biceps and holding onto their bullet resistant vests like they were about to storm the trenches. My parents would be catching hell. After X rays and a CT scan, I’d be held for 24 hours of observation all the while I’d be considering how to best move that post and get it planted in the ground.

    The parents would be scrambling to work out a payment plan to the horspital and they’d be written up for child neglect.

    The occasional fight with a rattlesnake and a hoe would now be a call with EMT, fire truck, and lots and lots of cops(yeah, he’s a big one)and some a-hole from the EPA writing a ticket for killing an endangered specie.

    Once when we were all about 14 or 15, we were hoeing cotton, or to be specific, weeds in the cotton field. It was honest work and besides the rattlesnakes, fairly safe. The field was planted 2 and 4(2 rows of cotton and 4 rows of blanks). the best way to hoe it was to hoe on one row and back on the other, clean and neat. These two city boys decided to tackle a bad row together(never a good thing). So they’re both hacking away at huge careless weeds when one goes in for the kill on a big weed just as the other goes for it with a vicious overhand eye-hoe. The eye-hoe won and my neighbor’s wrist lost. We all got to see what’s down inside your arm there, lots of tendons and then blood. So I drive the wounded to a friends country house. He was such a wuss he wouldn’t go to the ER with the guy so I was elected. At least I had my pickup when I got back. We wrapped a wet rag on it and he held it on. I never knew why I had to go and nobody even noticed me.

    We get back to the house and I take the guy home since he lived next door. I call him a city boy since he was. I was a country boy cause I did all those things my grandparents did all their lives and helped them. I drove a Jeep around like it was legal(no tags)and I was too(10 years old). Nobody said squat to me except my grandfather who’d say “You’re gonna have to gas that thing up out of your pocket if you keep running it around”. I knew better, I’d get my dad to fuel it up and wonder aloud why it was out of gas. I’m sure I was the only one getting fooled.

    These days you’d probably lose the Jeep, maybe custody of your child, visits from CPS, everybody involved on probation…..blah blah blah….. I drove my uncles trucks at that age and although I wasn’t on the road much with them, they were still large trucks.

    If I had to fill out a job application for truck driving and they wanted to know what kind of trucks you had driven I’d need an extra sheet of paper but now all they want is the copy of your CDL.

    Employer before last “When did you get your CDL?” Me, 1968….but I’d been driving a truck for years and it wasn’t that uncommon. A guy I work with got his license to drive his uncle’s water truck when he was 12 and I drove a cousins water truck at that age. I drove trucks around the gin at night moving one to do this or the other thing, put one under the burr collector, one under the seed barn and a semi backed up to the dock for bales. Call the guvnah, child labor laws being violated left and right. In the fall we went to school early(6am) so we could get out early and pick cotton or run a stripper once those came about. Almost nobody had new equipment so we all got a good schooling on all things mechanical. I see that as a plus. We’d be working on building a hot rod or some such before we ever had a license. That car had the same engine the dump truck did.

    We grew up with guns everywhere, in the pickup, windows down, unlocked, with keys in the ignition. Nobody ever got shot and we didn’t fear ever being shot up until Nixon started his war on people and even then it was a rare thing. My best friend shot me in the ass when I bent over to pick up a duck. It was a long distance and he had a good arc to that 6 shot. Everybody laughed including me.

    What have “we” become, my sweetest friend? Everyone I know goes away in the end. My empire of dirt.

    • Ah, 8, the good old days, when this was America, and people were constrained by common sense and morality, instead of obedience to the dictates of dicks and tyrants. Hell, you were more capable at 12 than most people are today at 30- or ever will be.

      Being a little younger than ewe (and NY where I grew up being a little more advanced in tyranny than TX) I got to start out in that world and get a little taste of it….only to see it disappear in my teens- which took the wind out of my sails like someone untying the end of a balloon. (I almost said “balloon knot” ;o )

      That world still exists in places. Reminds me of a video I saw a few years ago- I forget which country- somewhere in Latin America (Atinlay Americayay) of a 10 year-old expertly driving a semi- including backing it into a narrow alley- and not grinding the gears or anything!

      And ya know, funny thing is, the same people from back in those good old days who are still alive today, have largely been converted to the nanny-state mentality.

      When I was 5, new downstairs neighbors moved in (Anna and Eddie) and they had a dog- King- who only liked certain people. I go out to play in the shared backyard, and ran past King…and not being familiar with dogs at the time, I run right past King…who figured if I was running, I must be prey- so he efficiently pursued me, and bit me in the gluteous maximus.

      No big deal- my mother takes me upstairs and patches me up; I stop crying and go back out to play. Anna explains to me that it is not a good idea to run past dogs, because they like to chase and catch things that run past them. And King and I go on to become great friends. I was one of the few peoiple who could walk into Anna & Eddie’s without them having to put king in the bathroom. I loved Anna and King. [Eddie was an old grouch!]

      Sadly, Eddie died when I was about 9- and King died a few months later of a broken heart.

      But yeah….imagine that scenario today- there would be cops and doctors and vets and law suits and all kinds of money wasted…. [We lived right behind the firehouse, no less.]

      Todasy though, with me being a grown man, and my mother having lived most of her life in that world (born in ’25) you think she’d be immune to modern BS- but instead, she is actually so apprehensive, that if I were a kid today, I’m sure that I would be relegated to sitting in the house 24/7.

      • My two boys, now 35 and 33, drove off with my 1978 Plymouth Gran Fury (I’d left the keys on the dash) when they were FOUR and TWO, respectively. The older one stood on the driver’s seat and steered, the younger sat on the floor and worked the pedals. They got about a 1/2 mile down the road…thank “Gawd” in this case for the temperamental Carter Thermo-Quad on that 360 engine, b/c they stalled it and flooded the engine! A deputy sheriff got there before I did, and he was red-faced and hysterical…with LAUGHTER!

        Nowadays, it’d be a major hut! hut!, and CPS would take them AND our then 1 y.o. daughter as well, over a mishap.

  10. Paraphrase…

    “If people are so stupid and evil as to not be allowed to live their lives unfettered; why is it the proposals of politicians, bureaucrats and social do-gooders are always considered good? Are they not also members of the human race?” – Frederick Bastiat

  11. Driving a ’19 Colorado that reminds you to “ding ding ding” “check the back seat” when you shut it off. It’s become a running joke. Nice little truck otherwise. I agree about the backup cam. Driving around an extremely congested city (Honolulu), you have to use your mirrors and put your head on a swivel when backing up. Often in market parking lots during busy times like after work (“pau hana”) there can be six or eight cars backing up at the same time. Yikes!

    • Wik, if that truck has the V6 in it, I’d consider trading it early. Why? They have a problem with the timing chain. The entire thing is in the back and it’s a nightmare. You have to pull the transmission for one thing and much of the top of the engine. I don’t think I’ve seen another engine so badly designed. It’s one hell of a bill just to replace that timing chain(and gears)and all because it has no tensioner and is 5 feet long and operates two cams…….off the back of the engine……for god’s sake……

  12. On Thursday I was riding on the bike path through Glenwood Canyon. Coming the other way was a man and his boy. The boy was on the man’s shoulders, the man was on a bicycle. The man was attempting to hold on to the boy and steer the bike at the same time, but not having much success.

    This presented me with a conundrum. Should I turn around, catch up with the man and point out the danger of this circus act? Or just keep going, none of my business? Given the reality that most people don’t want to be nagged about safety and I wasn’t really in the mood, I continued on my way.

    Now I know that I’m inviting many here to recall their father’s risky behavior, and how they survived. But the problem is that even though you made it though childhood, many don’t. And often the adult isn’t giving any thought to risky behavior. Now again, what business is it of mine? Well, it shouldn’t be. Except that enough people with guns decide that it is their business. And all it takes is one idiot putting his kid at unnecessary risk to ruin it all for the rest of us. Pretty soon a one-size fits all safety solution is thrust upon all. And if we refuse to be “safe” we can be fined, imprisoned or killed.

  13. Engineering is balance. Balance of numerous factors. When the political class makes mandates they often disturb the balance. Then they make more mandates to fix the problem(s) they created. Which result in more problems. It builds upon itself.

    • This reminds me of the current smog brouhaha in Europe’s major cities, which has led to gasoline particulate filters becoming mandatory (not in the US yet, but it’s probably coming at some point). The whole thing started from politicians “incentivizing” people to buy diesel passenger cars, because the zeitgeist at the time was “we are running out of oil so we need to save fuel wherever possible”. This same zeitgeist is what gave us gasoline direct injection… which just so happens to be particulate dirty like a 70s diesel, for reasons I don’t understand. If the authorities had butted out and let the market do its thing, it’s very likely that places like London or Paris would have no air quality problem, or at least much less of one. But now everyone, including rural dwellers whose homes never had an air quality problem even back in the days of leaded gasoline and people whose countries dealt with their air quality problems years ago but still buy cars from the ones that haven’t, must suffer with these stupid particulate filters which are pretty much the new catalytic converter in terms of how much horsepower and fuel economy they rob from the vehicles they’re installed on. I said as much, on another forum, and the response I got basically boiled down to “it’s the government’s job to do the best they can with the science of the time” – mind, this was AFTER it came out that at least one British politician knew from the beginning that more diesels would cause a public health issue but preferred to kick the can down the road with pro-diesel virtue signaling rather than look like he wasn’t doing anything about the peak-oil and CO2 boogeymen of the day. And now, what’s everyone going to say when these particulate filters cause some other unintended consequence farther on down the line? Probably something along the lines of “But Paris had smog! We had to do SOMETHING!”

      Plastic bags are another example. “We’re cutting down all the trees! We have to stop using paper!” Uh, aren’t the trees we use for paper usually grown specifically for that purpose? “BUT THE OLD GROWTH FORESTS! THINK OF THE OWLS!” And so we start transitioning from paper to plastic… and then, just when everyone gets used to getting free small trash can liners with their groceries, suddenly the oceans are full of eternal trash and we have to stop using plastic. Plastic straws, too, because apparently those make a difference to… something, so now we have to use metal straws (which are a pain) or paper ones (which do not work). But no one remembers that the people currently demonizing plastic bags are the same people that were pushing them in the first place.

      • Yeah I point out that plastic packaging and bags use less energy than than the alternatives and am met with crickets. What do they want? Biodegradable or less energy use? People know nothing of engineering balance and swing wildly with their feelings on something.

        • Which alternatives? It takes more energy to make ethanol than it releases in IC burning. Most “recycled” cardboard goes to landfills. WTF is “engineering balance?” Feelings can have no good application to reasonable thinking.

          • We were discussing plastic packaging. The alternatives are paper and metal usually.

            Engineering balance is arriving at a solution that balances many factors. It is part of the art. The masses of idiots making laws pick one factor and make a law then pick another factor and make another law. No balance.

    • People have this strange belief that politicians and bureaucrats are somehow possess of some superior intelligence or selflessness and will always try to do right by their constituents. They never seem to realize, no matter how blindingly obvious it gets, that most of government is made up of people who either couldn’t hack it anywhere else or just didn’t want to try – and that power always attracts those least worthy of it, in terms of both intellect and intentions. Government is the worst of us, not the best. An amalgamation of people who just don’t get it, but who have risen up and taken control believing that they do. People who have literally no understanding of technical issues, but who frankly don’t care because they believe that such understanding is irrelevant. They make emotionally-based, kneejerk-response rules in response to whatever they think is a problem, and then people just lap them up as though they were divine wisdom. It’s disheartening to see.

      • SC, a couple years ago our congressional rep was replaced when he retired.

        In his own words, he described his life before politics. He tried to be a bidness man but always failed. Someone finally told him he should run for office so he did,c c locally, and won. He ran for higher and higher offices and became our rep for a couple decades or more. I was surprised he admitted he ended up in politics because he wasn’t successful in any of his other attempted bidnesses. I think I gained more respect for him for telling that story than anything else he ever did.

        • Holy crud, 8! The dude was so dumb, he didn’t even have the sense to try and hide his incompetence! I wonder if he also had an obese wife whom he told “I married you because I couldn’t get no one else”?!

          • They were high school sweethearts. Lubbockites are a strange breed. There’s the rich farmers and those who suck their ass and everyone else who works for them. It’s a very strange sort of town with the grads of TTU being as weird as the rest of the panhandle.

            It may be the reason when ERCOT(Electric Reliability Council of Texas) stopped the line at the panhandle. The rest of us don’t share with the national grid. When everyone else is having brownouts, we have a surplus. Plenty of reasons, mostly meteorological, in Texas to not have power but lack of same isn’t one.

      • Government is made up of those who won the election. No other characteristic is important to Democrats or Republicans, who have guaranteed ballot access.

  14. If I ever become a parent, as soon as the kids are old enough, no more retard seat for them, I’m just buckling them in like I was and taking the fine if the cop can see them through the tinted windows xD

    • You’d be surprised how much your friends and neighbors will guilt you over this. I have comfy little foam booster seat to position the belt correctly for my five year old. I bought it the moment he met the minimum requirements. My neighbors and preschool teachers have all lectured me about my recklessness, and one pointed out that five year olds still ride in rear facing child seats in Sweden. People are such busybodies.

      • Opp, tell the stupid pricks to move to Sweden (or CA.) where the state cares so much for them that their kids can be gang-raped by third-world moronic Muslim cretins, and the pigs’ll care more about the perpetrators than the victims to the point where they’ll just brush it under tghe table and punish other whites for criticizing the people they let take over their socialist hell-hole (On second thought, no need- as that is what America is becoming)

  15. Maybe have that child wear an article of clothing that holds that parent’s Iphone. I’d bet the farm that child would never be left in a parked auto anywhere or for anytime.

  16. That guy backed over his son not because his vehicle made it difficult to see behind him, but because he WASN’T PAYING ATTENTION.

    If he’d bothered to walk around the vehicle once before getting in, his son’d still be alive and We The People wouldn’t have been treated to another self-righteous For The Children sob-story justification for losing a little bit more of our liberty.

    My current car has a backup camera – which I deliberately avoid looking at while I’m backing up, mostly because I’m craning my head around and using my mirrors to see what’s behind me. I’ve also obviated the damned thing entirely by making a habit of walking around the car once before getting into it, so I don’t back over anything.

    That camera’s going to make me lazy and dependent, I just know it. At least the car’s a 2016, so I can legally remove the damned thing at some point if I want to.

    I think it’s selfish of people to use their personal tragedies to deprive the rest of us of our freedom. He backed over his own son because of his own inattentiveness. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to know, deep down, that it’s your own fault your child is dead. I don’t ever want to.

    But your pain doesn’t give you a license to take away my freedom.

    Find another way to deal with your anguish, but leave me alone. It wasn’t a lack of a piece of equipment that killed your son, it was your own inattentiveness. And no amount of activism will bring your dead child back.

    I think the ultimate answer is a culture wear it’s shameful to not be in control – to not be responsible, to not be attentive. Where a crash is a Crash, unless the investigation proves it was truly an Accident, as in an unforeseeable event that couldn’t be prevented.

    • Now that’s some straight thinking, Ice Age! Everything you said- and summed up in the last paragraph!

      I remember when the world actually used to be like that. It was expected of adults- and even teens and older kids, to be RESPONSIBLE for one’s own actions- especially when engaged in activities which could be dangerous. People who did not act responsibly were seen as kooks and miscreants- and we didn’t need the stinking fuzz to interfere in everything we did, because society would tend to keep the retards in check- or, seeing as that everything was not mandated to be foolproof, their own actions would usually eliminate the irresponsible before long.

      Conversely, this mandated “saaaaaaaaaaafety” culture we now have has caused the ranks of the irresponsible to balloon.

      I thank God that I grew-up when the world was still normal and sane; that I didn’t have to be strapped into a car seat; that people could smoke in their own cars, with us kids present (The smoke went out the windows anyway! And it smelled good!); that we could wait in the car if we wanted, when the adults went to the store or the doctor, etc. whether it was winter or summer. I never once died from sitting in a parked car in the summer, with the windows open; in fact, I had some great times- and no adults were arrested for letting me do so, because they were not criminals.

      Damn, I miss those days!

      I look at the damn kids today, strapped into fancy egg-cartons, with eyes plastered to a screen, and shudder in horror.

      • I lived in Odessa, Tx. a decade ago for a year or more. The evening news regularly had “little Ortega Gonzalez, 18months old, dead of a car backing over him.” I guess more is really less when it comes to kids. You can’t keep track of them and it’s not always someone at your house that runs over them. My dog and cats have the sense to move. I do walk around the pickup but that’s mostly habit from trucking and also making sure there’s not a sick cat hanging out there.

        We once had a dog that was horribly lazy. I kept my pickup parked in the shade of some Paradise trees. One day, heading off to work, I fired up the pickup and let the transmission and a/c do their things. I saw one dog head off and didn’t think too much about it. I put it in reverse and heard this sound like something in the transmission was slipping or transfer case so I’d let off and it would stop. Do it again and as it would load up the sound would get louder but once back to neutral it would cease. I couldn’t imagine what the hell it could be so I get out and walk around only to find Bubba, this fat, black dog lying there with white tracks from the tires(white rock drive)on his head. He was fine, since he’d only been squeezed and with his pea brains, it took a while to feel the pain. I kicked him and cussed him and made him move. He looked at me like I as a mean old man picking on him. This is what I’ve come to expect of the general population now.

        And it’s one reason why I wouldn’t want to live anywhere most of the people aren’t self-employed. They take their kids to work with them. It’s not daddy daycare either. They learn it’s better to work than be in the way.

        We had this young(still do, it’s where they break in the DPS)ossifer take a local farmer to task for letting his 8 year old drive the pickup. It almost came to blows and not much was settled. So the next time, a week later, the ossifer caught the kid driving, it was a huge tractor he had to be helped into it was so large and his daddy driving the pickup. Not much to be said there. There is no license require to drive a tractor……yet.

        I was riding with a friend and his 6 year old girl one day, she was driving. I mentioned she liked to take her part down the middle. Her dad explained she hadn’t fully converted from driving a tractor and sitting in the center. Made sense. People have underestimated the skills of kids these days till they’re virtually useless except as consumers.

        When I was 6 I had my own custom made cotton sack. I doubt I picked much but I was out there and making a hand all the same. Just think of all the stuff I could have learned at the house watching a non-existent television. When I grew up we kids were always “building” something. I would later find, once we had tv, there had already been movies made about us, they were called The Little Rascals. I’ve had many descendants of Petey in my life.

        • Cars were designed by men for men. Roads were also designed by men for mostly male drivers. Probably until recently cars and roads are now being partly designed by women too as they move into engineer fields. As Eric repeats time and again the 90s started making more feminine cars onward and this is the problem today.
          Men biologically excel at putting 100% of their attention, brain power, muscle reflexes into ONE JOB. Women are the opposite, their mind wanders and multi-tasks which is great in some situations, driving is not one of them. They have to exert extra effort to drive like men. Emotion comes into play too for women drivers, rarely does it for men. Look at all the doo-dads and gizmos in cars now made to distract you or remind you to put your phone down. Who do you think these were made for? How many times is it a woman who has left the kids in the car on a hot day? Apparently women can’t even properly design a car for women, and they sure as hell cannot design a car for men because they do not think like men. What do men want in a car? Pedal response, exhaust noise to know the car is on, a CD player at best. What do women want? Leather seats, comfort, safety security, etc..
          You get the idea

            • Hiya Nunz!

              This guy is my kind of guy! People have become so accustomed to the catechism of the Safety Cult (like this guy’s daughter or whoever she is) that they almost boggle when someone doesn’t kowtow to Buckle-up for Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety!

              • Right?!, Eric!

                I knew it was gonna be good when I saw that!

                Lady: “It’s reminding you to buckle up”
                Uncle Tony: “F%^$ that!”.

                His overall summation express my [and probably yours too] thoughts exactly:

                “They have no personality; they’re all the same”.

                [Driving down the road]
                “Why is it beeping at me now?”

                That could be me if I had to drive a late-model vehicle. (Newest I’ve ever driven was an ’02- and if I go the rest of my life never driving anything newer, I’ll be happy)

    • Put a sticky dot on it like I do all of my devices’ cameras. You can buy more than you’ll ever use at the dollar store for, wait for it, a dollar.

    • If you have kids, you should be walking around the car anyway before you take off. You never know what toy you’ll run over.

        • ROTFL! It’s true. I think I’ll try that next time I go somewhere. Oh, wait…can’t; never see kids playing outside with toys anymore. Well…maybe one’ll drop their iPhone or iPud, and I can run it over.


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