Latest Radio: Bryan Hyde Show 4/7/20

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Here’s the audio of my usual weekly chat with Bryan Hyde, who hosts the Loving Liberty show in Utah!

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  1. public accommodation is a patch on government deciding who can have a business. If anyone can simply start a business then free association makes sense. But the government decides who may have a business so when those business owners decide not to serve certain people that causes problems. There may be no businesses for them to turn to as a result of not having a free market. Government had a choice. Relax its power so everyone could have businesses or make more conditions for those it allowed to have businesses. So guess which it chose? The later of course. The path of more power.

    As to out and about I am finding a much larger proportion of clovers on the road. Also when walking. It seems every slow moving control freak is taking advantage of the government imposed situation.


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