Live From Corona Country, Part 15

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Here’s the latest “on the street” report from my part of the Corona’d States of America, SW Virginia – where there is no sign of bodies stacking up or even lines at the local regional trauma center.

Videos like this are being taken by people all around the country – and they show the same thing.

The same thing. Hospitals seem deserted – not “overwhelmed.” It is very strange – and very unsettling. How much longer can the Fever be maintained? Without anything to support that it’s the Crisis being portrayed?

At what point does the realization dawn that the Emperor has no clothes?

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  1. Total predicted deaths from CV19

    Number of deaths for leading causes of death:
    Heart disease: 647,457.
    Cancer: 599,108.
    Accidents (unintentional injuries): 169,936.
    Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 160,201.
    Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 146,383.
    Alzheimer’s disease: 121,404.
    Diabetes: 83,564.
    Influenza and Pneumonia: 55,672.

    Number of deaths for leading causes of death:
    Heart disease: 647,457.
    Cancer: 599,108.
    Accidents (unintentional injuries): 169,936.
    Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 160,201.
    Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 146,383.
    Alzheimer’s disease: 121,404.
    Diabetes: 83,564.
    Influenza and Pneumonia: 55,672.

  2. Meanwhile, my life in Stafford County remains pretty much the same as always. I normally don’t go out much, except for a weekly shopping trip for the essentials: groceries and wine. Since Ku Klux Northam’s lockdown fatwah, I’ve changed that to several trips a week just to figuratively flip the bird at the authoritaaaahs.

    For those who can’t wait to find out, no, I don’t wear a mask. If that becomes a requirement, I’m contemplating putting on a Lone Ranger mask. Hey, they said wear a mask, so I wore a mask.

    On the lighter side, I was taking my Jack Russell terrier for his daily walk this morning around our quiet neighborhood and along came a cop car. My initial thought was whether I was about to be hassled, but it turned out to be nothing. The deputy just waved to me in a friendly manner, I waved back, and we both continued on our separate ways.

    • Hi Mike,

      Yesterday, while sitting outside the coffee shop where I usually (and still do) go to spend a few hours each day working on my laptop, I saw a young woman performing Sickness Theater with her daughter. Both wearing masks; the woman leaving her kid to stand outside while she braved going inside to get her coffee from the Plague House. I began to gasp and choke and writhe, uttering Corona! in between gasps. I hope I made their day.

      • Careful with this, as it can trigger a Hut! Hut! Hutting! I hear that some areas treat this type of mocking as some form of terroristic threats. See, when society loses its mind, there is no end to the possible ways they can ruin your day. Hell, some places will now Hut! Hut! Hut! you for not wearing a mask in public.

        Certainly, these losers should be scorned and mocked. But it’s just the same that they aren’t worth the effort wasted, and they’re too dense and ignorant (indeed hopeless) for it to resonate with them. In their mind, we are the crazy ones, and those with titles and badges and guns will take their side.

      • That’s awesome. Did they smile back at least? Sickness theatre. LMAO. Woman leaving her kid outside? Sounds like child neglect.

    • HI mIKE my KJU north rooftop korean style Governor is Steven Sisolak of Milwaukee Wisconsin a democrat here in Nevada keep your wits fellows this is a 1st class Gas Light drill dont worry about Jessie Owens he was a fine man and American and is the exception or maybe a whole country on newly invented METHYLAMINE AMPHETAMINES arent too great and detailed as regards National Socialist Filosophies and overconvinced themselves of the ARYAN connection the chubby himler the sister raping Austrian dear leaders mean cartoon jew cluster dredels spinning around the world like planet Adonis Mercury winged Valkyries Kyrie Elaison Christie Chris Christy new jersey della where is my al obama banjo on my knee I’ll ask a something and ten a see a something air is zona senator califlower flaggits call a rado radical connected cuts florid duh I’m smart U are smart we need things to make the world economy go smart Georgia on my mind Oranges and Sanity apples not statistical lemmings jumped from a height only one time they were chased by a film crew live trap a lemming yourself and verify owl misses enrique pedros autodidacts she left because womens brains are smaller and purer she couldnt bear erics 19 daily nervous righteous efficacious breakdown and mothers against drunk diddlers on inter t’webs aint no mounting high enough need a 30 inch pee ness for his game and Eric is only a 27 inch short leg man huh why eee i da’hont know illing noise killing joys in dirty diana mj is mooncrawling every day of the dead festival why ‘oaming whiz constance Sisolak Sizzle czechklosovak ian …

      nv GOVY says 11 is too much at once better you’re 10 or less and not in court with a citation 5 or 10 bizness licenses are pulled in this city indefinitly all day every day . . Jesse Owens was a friend always was a good friend of mine I fell so dirty when he starts singing with Richard Cheese Springfield Illinois Simpsons Matt Groenig cartoonist…

    • PappaS, I noticed the “deaths” are “projected” for 04/21/20. I used Weatherunderground for, well, weather. But they have “corona” numbers listed for the various counties here in west Texas. Under numbers of corona cases it’s the same every day N/A, a nice way to say there are none, same for deaths, N/A…..none.

      This is so much horseshit and it’s for the same reason JFK was killed, the Vietnam war was started, the “oil shortage” hit home(3% of oil from OPEC back then and it didn’t take long to ramp up Tx., N.M. and Ok. to have so much fuel(for those who might not understand oil and refineries, a refinery has a very narrow range it can be modified. If there is no oil, then things really get dicey and it’s nearly impossible to scale it down to any real degree and the same holds true in ramping it up. I hauled oil field equipment but knew a lot of guy who hauled crude, brine and fuel. The fuel haulers joked not to leave your bathroom window open after you’d taken a bath or you were liable to come back to a bathtub full of fuel. It was just about that bad too. In order to short fuel retailers, they were using old, leaking, left to rot from 20 years earlier tanks of all sorts everywhere you can imagine. Every non-used truck stop, service station and convenience store with tanks were topped off. It was a good deal for those owners since they got paid for storing fuel. But it didn’t work in Texas. There was just too much fuel they couldn’t haul fast enough to far away places. And all you had to do to see the lie with your own eyes was to take a load to the port(s) in N.O. and see the lines of tankers way out there in the gulf. Same for every refinery in Texas and everywhere else in the US. No oil shortage, just the lie the papers couldn’t keep the presses rolling hard enough to try and convince everyone of it.

      Thankfully, for the Fed and WS, the war was raging in Vietnam, fought for money and riches under the guise of fighting Communism… if a tiny country with 1.5M people were going to come en masse on their san pans and invade the US bringing boatloads of Communism.

      Oh, Communism was here all right and it was being taught in schools and teachers were being paid to teach it. I lived in such a rural place the teachers were old and taught the same courses they taught my parents and for a great many, they were the same teachers.

      After Tricky Dick was forced to move out of the WH, we were in a bind. Ok, the Fed and WS were in a bind and that was the source of the oil shortage.

      Once you had to go this and that way to get around all the wells in the pasture and plow around them in the fields, it was hard to keep the lie so things sorta got on a half-ass even keel. It was hell too. Not for the average person but for the Fed and WS. We rocked along till they found another boogey man, this time in Grenada and the boogey man was once again communism but it was really just their open stock trading and WS getting shafted along with the IRS. Not much of a war there, just couldn’t string it out long enough since you could practically hike across Grenada and it only had one semi-city.

      Then things went sour for the Fed and WS and we tried to gin up a war in S. America but those were Catholics and Christians and it didn’t sit well with the Catholic and Christians so they used Panama and military C 130’s to haul huge amounts of cocaine to the states. Ah, another war and one that Nixon had prepared everyone to fight but up to then it had just been pot producers and heroin smuggling from places we had “freed” from Russia called Afghanistan. And they had the best damn pot you could find with the exception of Columbian gold. It was gold and red and all sorts of brilliant colors and damned good. And so was the black stuff from Afghanistan who had their unique way of making black hash and layering it with opium creating the ultimate smoking dish, Oreo hash……and damned if that wasn’t great stuff too.

      But cocaine sorta blew everything else out of the water and then became just another easily bought drug. Still, not enough to involve the military in a major way. But we jacked and jacked and jacked with the middle east while stealing their oil and finally got some of them mad, the very ones we’d armed(no point in pissing off people who can’t defend themselve).

      After the stock market crashed in 99 and the dotcom stocks took a big dumper, WS was desperate again and some genius came up with the idea of 911. Now that was spectacular and if you keep repeating the same lie, it becomes truth no matter there isn’t a smidge of truth there anywher to be found.

      The Fed has been on the brink of taking a dump ever since the big dumper it took in ’08 so now, as we’re coming up on what is going to be the “big one” for the Fed and WS, something had to be done to convince the masses the Fed and WS were just minding their own bidness. Nothing like another war but we’re all(Russia, China and even the middle east using Russian weapons). If everyone would recall, Trump the war hater, made a huge attack his first week in office on Syria. The problem was, the US didn’t realize the Russian anti-missile defense was more than a match for that and those missiles did nothing but go this way and that and the US had military egg all over it’s face. A couple years later, Russia showed its new hypersonic missiles that travel 3 times the speed of sound, can barely be detected and can’t be stopped. Oh shit, what to do now. We really can’t start a shooting war, we’ll get our ass handed to us.

      When the US told Putin he needed to keep his oil prices higher to keep our prices higher, he declined. And the Fed knew it had to do something and the C 19 was the answer. And for all the bs, the American people with half a brain ain’t buying it. That’s the reason we have martial law and are killing off the economy ‘with a virus” since the Fed can’t be shown to be the cause. It’s beginning to not work on a massive scale since there is no massive scale of death.

      The next election should be a doozy. Trump is a liar just like Biden. But we have people like Jacob Hornberger running on the libertarian or independent ticket. I’m interested to see just how well independents do this time. Trump has finally shown his true colors and they’re the same ones that Republicans and Democrats have always shown. mmm mmm mmm, what a frickin mess.

  3. Insurance Mafia cuts “protection” payments:

    Allstate is expected to refund more than $600 million, according to Bloomberg. Personal auto customers would be getting back about 15% of their monthly premiums in April and May. American Family said it is going to be refunding about $200 million to its customers via a one time $50 payment, per vehicle.

    Allstate Chief Executive Officer Tom Wilson said: “Given an unprecedented decline in driving, customers will receive a shelter-in-place payback of more than $600 million over the next two months. This is fair because less driving means fewer accidents.”

    Driving is down by about 35% to 50% in most states as a result of coronavirus lockdowns.

    Wilson continued: “We started with one week of data and we sat down and said, ‘OK, what do we do about this?’ It’s one week of data. We don’t normally price on one week of data. In about a week and half, we pulled this off. There was not one debate in our company about whether we should do this or not.”

    That’s the good news. But the bad news is that when Allstate slashes premiums based on ONE WEEK of data, it means the bottom has dropped out of the economy, and they don’t expect it to bounce back soon.

  4. Some auto-related data from Manheim:

    Used car index fell 1.1% from Feb to March. Normally March prices are up, due to tax refunds.

    Total used vehicle sales volume fell 18.4% year-over-year in March.

    Total new vehicle sales were down 37.9% year-over-year in March (ouch!)

    Manheim’s conclusion: market and underlying economic conditions deteriorated rapidly in the second half of March; but because of the strong start of the month, the Manheim Index lost only 1.1% of its value. The decline in April is likely to be much more severe.

  5. I’m looking at the good side of this lockdown. Much worse here in Oz than the US. I drove to and from work today. 40 minutes to get to work, normally 80 minutes. Coming home, 32 minutes instead of 90 minutes. Fuel usage down 50%, that’s right 50%. Not stopping at every light. Not having to put up with the half asleep dud drivers of both sexes and mainly overseas nationalities. And petrol prices down 50 cents per litre. What a hoot. I am taking 1 zinc tablet and so is my wife, amazingly. Plus vitamin C at 1 gm per day.

    • I’ve never heard any health professional say anything bad about vit C, and it seems IMO that it’s basically a super cure for alot of what ails us. It’s not the cure all for everything I guess, but it seems to me like it does more good than anything else. BTW, by my reading, the immune cells NEED vit C as one of their main food items.

      • And vitamin D, and Zinc. I’m a 65 year old smoker that takes 10000 units of D and 50mg of Zinc and 2000mg of C per day. Got the flue back in Dec (or maybe Cvirus?), got well in 4 days.

        9 states have NOT imprisoned their people in their homes or forced businesses to close.
        Arkansas – 14 deaths. No statewide or local lockdowns.
        Iowa – 14 deaths. No statewide or local lockdowns.
        Nebraska – 8 deaths. No statewide or local lockdowns.
        North Dakota – 3 deaths. No statewide or local lockdowns.
        Oklahoma – 42 deaths.
        South Carolina – 40 deaths.
        South Dakota – 2 deaths. No statewide or local lockdowns.
        Utah – 8 deaths.
        Wyoming – 0 deaths.
        Total death all 9 131


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