2017 Toyota Tundra Walk-Around

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Here’s a rainy-day walk-around of the 2017 Toyota Tundra – which (ironically) still comes standard with a V8 . . . while the domestic-brand trucks all come standard with puny sixes!

It’s also not as Cod Piece-esque as the Big Three trucks. And, simpler. No turbos, GDI or aluminum body.

Should have the full written review up later today/tomorrow.

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  1. How is Toyota (and to a lessor existent Nissan) getting away with using the older, more proven and reliable technology? They seem to be doing it with more then this aging truck line. They seem to still have 6 speed trans, more 6 and 8 cylinder engines then the US brands.

    And I mean the regulators, not customers. The customers don’t seem to mind. You think it will eventually backfire like it did for VW? Has the Prius bought them that much breathing room?

    I think I agree with you, with the if I needed a pickup for working, I would put the Toyota and Nissan, not only on the list, but at the top of the list.

    A friend has a Tundra, and he took plenty of ribbing when he bought it. But they don’t laugh at him anymore, as that truck has been a super solid vehicle. It’s ten years old, but it still seems like a new vehicle.

    Younger people don’t have the brand loyalty with pickups like older people have. I see more big Toyotas and Nissans pickups then I ever imagined I would ever see. And I live in an area with two huge Ford factories.


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