Florida Heroes in Action . . . 258 times

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You know the cops have gone wild when a store owner has to install video cameras to film the police instead of the criminals.

But that’s exactly what happened at the 207 Quickstop in Miami Gardens, Florida.

Store owner Alex Saleh got sick and tired of watching police harass his employees on almost a daily basis, going so far as arresting one clerk for trespassing when he was there working.

Earl Sampson has been stopped and questioned by Miami Gardens police 258 times in four years.

He’s been searched more than 100 times. And arrested and jailed 56 times.

Despite his long rap sheet, Sampson, 28, has never been convicted of anything more serious than possession of marijuana.

Miami Gardens police have arrested Sampson 62 times for one offense: trespassing.

Almost every citation was issued at the same place: the 207 Quickstop, a convenience store on 207th Street in Miami Gardens.

But Sampson isn’t loitering. He works as a clerk at the Quickstop.

So how can he be trespassing when he works there?

The owner of the store is tired of seeing his customers and employees being bothered by the police, so he installed 15 video cameras to protect himself and his customers… not from everyday criminals because Salah says he has never been robbed …but from the police, whom he has filmed behaving like mafia enforcers for no other reason than the fact that they have badges and guns.

Since he installed the cameras in June 2012 he has collected more than two dozen videos, some of which have been obtained by the Miami Herald. Those tapes, and Sampson’s 38-page criminal history — including charges never even pursued by prosecutors — raise some troubling questions about the conduct of the city’s police officers.

The videos show, among other things, cops stopping citizens, questioning them, aggressively searching them and arresting them for trespassing when they have permission to be on the premises; officers conducting searches of Saleh’s business without search warrants or permission; using what appears to be excessive force on subjects who are clearly not resisting arrest and filing inaccurate police reports in connection with the arrests. (source)

See one of the videos for yourself.

Salah said that the police use racial slurs to his customers and treat them like criminals. In the case of Sampson, the man who keeps getting arrested for trespassing, he has been exonerated by evidence on the videos.

One video, recorded on June 26, 2012, shows Sampson, clearly stocking coolers, being interrupted by MGPD Sgt. William Dunaske, who orders him to put his hands behind his back, and then handcuffs him, leads him out of the store and takes him to jail for trespassing.

More than once, Saleh has told police that Sampson is an employee and is not trespassing.

On that June arrest report, obtained by The Herald, police explained the trespass arrest, saying that Sampson was arrested for loitering outside the store when in fact the video, which has a date and time stamp, clearly shows him being handcuffed and arrested inside the store.

Last year, Salah took his videos to Internal Affairs and reported what was going on. The result? The abuse got even worse, he complained again, and they attempted to intimidate him into silence.

One evening, shortly after he had complained a second time, a squadron of six uniformed Miami Gardens police officers marched into the store, he says. They lined up, shoulder to shoulder, their arms crossed in front of them, blocking two grocery aisles.

“Can I help you?” Saleh recalls asking. It was an entire police detail, known as the department’s Rapid Action Deployment (RAD) squad, whom he had come to know from their frequent arrest sweeps. One went to use the restroom, and five of them stood silently for a full 10 minutes. Then they all marched out.

Although the police department has not been receptive to the complaints, Salah isn’t backing down. Instead, he and his attorney are filing a federal civil rights lawsuit. The suit contends “that the police department has routinely, under the direction of the city’s top leaders, directed its officers to conduct racial profiling, illegal stops and searches and other activities to cover up illegal misconduct.”

The police department’s harassment campaign against Salah has grown since they learned of the litigation he is undertaking against them.

Since Saleh has served notice that he is going to sue the city, Sampson hasn’t been arrested, and police are not as active in the store’s parking lot.

But Saleh is mindful of his David vs. Goliath battle with the city’s police department. He worries about his safety, and carries a licensed firearm.

In December, Saleh was followed out of his parking lot by a Miami Gardens police officer, who stopped him after a few blocks. The officer, Carlos Velez, said he stopped Saleh because his tag light was out.

Two other squad cars arrived at the scene, bringing the total number of officers on the scene to six. A police dashboard camera captured it all.

“I thought, you know, there is a lot of serious crime in Miami Gardens,’’ Saleh said. “Why do they need six police officers on a car stop with a burned-out tag light?’’

Another officer, Eddo Trimino, approached Saleh’s passenger side, opened the door and removed a gun that was in a bag containing the store’s money, Saleh said. They ran a check on the gun, which Saleh was licensed to carry.

They cited him for having a bad tag light, tinted windows and bald tires.

Before leaving, the unit’s then-sergeant, Martin Santiago, allegedly told Saleh:

“I’m going to get you mother-f—–,’’

The next day, Saleh viewed video of his truck as it pulled out of the parking lot the night before.

His tag light was working.

Howard Simon, the executive director of the Florida ACLU, says that Miami Gardens’ “selective enforcement’’ is a clear violation of civil rights.

“Unfortunately, this is being done all across Florida and the country,’’ Simon said. “I have to say congratulations to the owner of the convenience store for recognizing this is not acceptable and having the courage to stand up and challenge it.’’

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  1. @Helot,
    Some how your comment is being sung by Billy Joel in my mind. Maybe it’s the cadence?

    “You guys are so out of touch.”
    – Everybody’s talking bout the new world order but it’s still livestock control to me, woo – hoo!

    It’s Still Rock ‘n Roll To Me – Billy Joel –
    Drum Cover – RockBandMom·

    Marge Durst Natural Cow Girl

    Well-Fed-Drugged-Zombie-Admins Order Dr. Mercola to Stop Illegal Claims

    • Checking out your link I see the boot-licker [it’s odd how that word isn’t in spell check. Did I spell it wrong?] doctor says, “people who fail to protect their health put the rest of society at physical and/or financial risk. Failing to vaccinate, for example, decreases herd immunity”

      Talk about the walking brain dead?
      [Dear reader, if you don’t know. You’ve got A Lot of catching Up to do. KeyWord: Rappoport.]

      “In 2005, the FDA ordered Mercola and his Optimal Wellness Center to stop making illegal claims for products sold through his Web site”

      Well Hell, if the FDA is against it, there’s probably something to it!

      “In 2011, the Chicago Tribune reported that Mercola had not complied with the FDA’s order and intended to “fight the FDA . . . if they decide to take it further.” [16]”

      Go! Mang! Go! Fight them bastards who rule from the revolving door of gooberment and crony corporatism. They’re probably Monsanto executives, or their friends. Puke bunch, the lot of them.

      • Dear helot,

        “… boot-licker [it’s odd how that word isn’t in spell check. ”

        The one that gets me is “statist.” Now why the hell isn’t that a word?

        Could it be that someone at the Ministry of Information doesn’t want it given the “official” seal of approval as an English word?

      • RE: “SH dropped off the media’s radar almost instantly.’

        Ya. Not jut the media, but just about everyone. At least in my circle.

        I’m embarrassed to say.

        • The fact that they (mainstream media, which takes its cues from the corporate-government nexus that runs the show) have shut up about it is to me strongly indicative of their fear that the tale is too obviously false for constant discussion.

          In the same way, there is and has been virtually nil coverage (in the MSM) of WTC7.

          Interestingly, many millions of Americans have no idea that a third tall building went down that day….

      • They’re getting more and more reckless; it’s inevitable. It’s the nature of the psychopath. Their advantage is their ruthlessness, their complete lack of self-doubt, empathy, and remorse–which allows them to act in ways we find hard to comprehend.

        But it’s their great weakness, too; because they don’t learn from painful experience. They don’t FEEL the pain. When we make mistakes, we feel social embarrassment; we feel guilt, or shame, or simple self-recrimination.

        They don’t.

        And it causes them to make obvious mistakes. Their hubris is so great they think they’ll get away with it again, and again, and again.

        Sandy Hoax was deconstructed within two weeks. It just fell apart; the piss-poor method actors, the looping video green-screen with Anderson CIA Cooper, the kids walking out of the school, then back in, then back out–ON VIDEO.

        Where’s the surveillance footage? Where are pictures of the supposedly shot-up security doors? Why did the medical examiner–after (snicker snicker) autopsying 20 dead children laugh on camera and make flippant remarks about the ammo caliber.

        So sloppy. So sloppy, in fact, that they recently demolished the entire school and had the concrete walls pulverized on site–a needless expense when 95% of demolitions cart the concrete off to a recycling plant. Why? And why the confidentiality agreements for the demolition crews?

        The Boston Bombing was deconstructed while it was still happening. It’s dead in the water. All they gained from it was:
        1) Proving people in the northeast are absolutely, completely subjugated and won’t put up a fight, ever; declare martial law? We’ll spread our legs!
        2) Proving cops in the northeast will go door-to-door and Just Follow Orders.

        They’re losing one of their most powerful weapons, the False Flag.

        • Right you are, Meth!

          It’s of a piece with the (to us) insane recklessness of Hitler’s actions. Not so much his genocide; his lunatic strategic decisions as oberbefehlshaber. One can learn something about psychopaths by studying this.

          They are capable of great audacity. But reckless audacity often has its price.

          Good to see you back, by the way!

          • Good to be back. The insane push to finish our project has slackened as the executives have seen the progress….fewer 12-hour days lately 🙂

            My dad is slowly recovering from the medical system’s slow, methodical attempt to kill him.

            Make hay while the sun shines, men. My wife and I are fully out of the market, putting away precious metals–including the third one, Pb–and getting ready for The Shit That Surely Cometh.

            The flood of illegals is their latest, desperate attempt to destroy the country and Texas in particular.

            It won’t work. But it will hurt–them, more than us, eventually.

        • Dear meth,

          Excellent analysis!

          Psychopaths eventually get caught because they are deficient in the emotions attendant with having a conscience. Lack of fear leads to lack of caution leads to getting caught. What seemed like an advantage at the outset turns out to be a fatal Achilles Heel.

          Sandy Hoax was so slapdash compared to 9/11, it was hilarious. Like a bad high school play.

          Actually 9/11 was bad enough, at least in hindsight.

          “We’re not the conspiracy theorists on this particular issue,” said [actor Charlie] Sheen. “It seems to me like 19 amateurs with box cutters taking over four commercial airliners and hitting 75% of their targets, that feels like a conspiracy theory. It raises a lot of questions.”

          The PTB really overplayed their hand on the school shootings. Now the first reaction many people are going to have when another gun free zone shooting makes the headlines will be “What the fuck! Another staged shooting? Already?”

    • Banned: 911 audio
      Banned: school security camera video
      Banned: names of the choir members performing at the Super Bowl
      Banned: access to the death certificates of those allegedly killed

  2. On the subject of Sandy Hoax, this is from Whale:


    The only people who claim to have seen any dead bodies are medical examiner H. Wayne Carver and his staff. There is no visual evidence of the shooter’s alleged violent entry into the school. There is no evidence of the crime scene’s aftermath. No eyewitness, photo or video evidence of broken glass. No evidence of blasted security locks and doors, bullet casings and holes. No evidence of bloodied walls and floors.

    Why Were Medical Personnel Turned Away From the Crime Scene? Medical personnel were forced to set up their operation not at the school, but at the fire station. Medical responders who rushed to Sandy Hill Elementary were denied entry to the school. “You may not be able to save everybody, but you damn well try,” emergency medical technician James Wolff told NBC News. “And when (we) didn’t have the opportunity to put our skills into action, it’s difficult.” There is no photographic or video evidence of an evacuation of the 600 children.


    No surveillance footage was released from inside the school
    No mention that evidence and investigations have been sealed for 90 days by a State Superior Judge regarding Adam Lanza and his alleged mother
    No mention by the media that a Active-Shooter Drill was indeed taking place 14 miles down the road and at a nearby firehouse where most of the news footage was shot
    No mention by the press that Lt. Paul Vance of the Connecticut State Police has been involved in multiple Active-Shooter Drills
    No mention of the press that Eric Holder and the Connecticut Governor met two weeks prior to the shooting as part of Operation Longevity
    No mention that the Governor admits on TV that he was recently told something like this would happen in his state
    No mention of the purple van fleeing the scene with multiple people in it wearing masks and nun outfits confirmed by police audio
    No one mentions that a local press agency the Newtown Bee got an interview with Sandy Hook Elementary’s principle on the shooting the day after it took place, however the mainstream claims the principle was shot dead.
    No mention of the press that memorials and fundraisers were uploaded in advance on several different formats not only limited to Vimeo and twitter but websites as well including CNN’s website where we proved the day on the time date stamp was removed
    No children interviewed the day of the shooting heard gunshots
    MOST IMPORTANTLY – The shooting has led to the largest push to limit the 2nd Amendment in the history of the United States

    • The shooting has led to the largest push to limit the 2nd Amendment in the history of the United States.

      The only GOOD thing that came of Sandy Hoax was a giant, resounding Fuck You to the politicians who tried to further neuter the 2nd Amendment. It was a political disaster for them; not just because they lost, but because they created a serious, hard-core wave of resistance that has swept millions upon millions of AR’s into people’s hands and created a new class of gun owner.

      It also backfired horrifically from their perspective, because it put so many people on notice that they were coming. It’s been a huge component of the ongoing awakening.

      This is a mistake the psychopaths make again and again–they seem incapable of seeing systems as dynamic. They see them as static, as Newtonian; push here, pull there, action/reaction. Not so. They don’t understand chaos theory–another reason they’re so fond of central planning.

      Sandy Hoax was a BIG mistake, and I’m just dying for it to undergo the 9/11 truth treatment. It has been deconstructed and pretty much destroyed within two weeks.

      The Boston bombing wasn’t even finished before it was being vivisected by the alternate media.

      False flags are becoming very, very difficult for the PTB.

      • The PTB spend an awful lot of effort on reducing chaos to produce a static system with them on top not to understand that it exists. It seems their goal is to make the world into what they understand rather than not recognizing the complexity of systems.

        As to false flags, it is difficult to tell what is a false flag, what was allowed to occur, and what is being exploited. The news is so produced these days, so force fit into narratives, that there is always lots to find that is of questionable authenticity or provably fake. The problem in the alternative media is that people make the “ancient aliens” leap to the event being staged or a false flag. However the evidence usually only points to us being lied to.

        • Dear Brent,

          “The problem in the alternative media is that people make the “ancient aliens” leap to the event being staged or a false flag. However the evidence usually only points to us being lied to.”

          It’s definitely a problem alright.

          The problem is twofold.

          One. Some in the alternative media are indeed “tinfoil hat” types. They bring discredit to other serious minded observers and whistle blowers.

          Two. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the “tinfoil hat” types in the alternative media are goonvermin shills, planted among us to discredit ut and make us look bad.

          As you said, it’s hard to tell what’s what. In the end, all one can do is refer to hard facts, and not appeal to any particular individual’s authority.

          For example, architectural and engineering professionals know perfectly well that the WTC towers simply could not have disintegrated into tiny pieces and fallen straight down as a result of “building fires.”

          • @Bevin – Ever flown a Cessna single or similar? Try and get it centered right on the runway “numbers” more than once, even on the same day of practice. Now what “no hours” human can fly a 757 heavy (with 64 people + crew) on board into the second story window of the Pentagon on a once in a lifetime approach at terminal speed? Selling the Brooklyn Bridge for cash to the Dali Lama would be a piece of cake by comparison. Just say’n.

            • Morning, Gary –

              I’ve mentioned previously my acquaintance who was a carrier-based fighter pilot during the Vietnam clusterfuck. He calls BS on the Pentagon “official story” for many of the same reasons you’ve laid out. This guy, who qualified to drive an F4, told me he would have had a helluva time flying a 757 feet off the deck into a building. He told me that in his opinion even a skilled commercial pilot with years of experience flying heavy multi-engine aircraft would have had a his hands full executing the maneuvers allegedly performed by the “Abdullah” pilot – who (according to the “official story”) was just barely qualified to take off in (but not land) a Cessna. It is my F4 pilot friend’s opinion that an amateur pilot who seized the controls of a 757 and attempted to fly it in the aggressive, envelope-pushing manner described would have almost certainly experienced catastrophic loss of control and crashed the aircraft. He adds that the guy would probably have crashed attempting anything more than “straight and level,” at the direction of qualified 757 pilot.

          • You guys are so out of touch. Don’t you know that the government loves us?

            The government will take care of everything and sort things out.

            Don’t you know that faith in the government is The New religion?

            I mean, how can you continue to focus on sports as your main objective in life if you cannot rely on government?

            Doesn’t in say on our Dollars that are Iron Clad, “One nation Under government”?

            Gosh, don’t you wake every morning and wonder how much extra you can give to your government out of your paycheck to help you to be more free?

            Why don’t you want to …. Ack! I can’t keep up this jibe assed nonsense. I don’t know how the walking brain dead do it. I can’t even do it in jest.

          • Mang! Why can’t you guys just accept the governments version of how things went down? I mean, if you don’t accept their version, how can you go on about your life as if everything is just peachy? Like so many do.

            How can you just smile as you sign off on your tax forms?
            How can you just laugh as the cashier tells you the amount of your bill for ‘whatever’ when she adds on the tax? Why would that make it hard for you to smile when you go to tack on the amount for the tip?
            wHAt kind of freaking Americans are you to not want to just go on a vacation and spend a shit load of money and ignore the future?

            What’s wrong with you guys?

            Can’t you see your better-half expects you to go into debt for a vacation!? It’s not like you’re going to get tazered or flat out shot while on the road! What do you think this is, The Wild West!? It’s not like you’re going to get the shake-down ten miles out… that only happens fifty to one hundred miles out. Duh.

      • Hi Meth,

        It’ll be interesting to observe what transpires in NY. Will there be resistance to the implementation of the new laws that have made “instant criminals” out of so many people? Or will the law be repealed?

        I suspect it will be more or less ignored – but left on the books.

        For now.

        So it’s available…. later.

    • Morning, Ed!

      Most here already know about this one, but, for me, the flash-bang in the room was the performance – caught on video – of that “dad” just prior to his intended performance.

      I don’t see how anyone not afflicted with Down Syndrome could watch that and not be swayed that something’s very wrong with this picture.

  3. Dear Eric,

    Classic case of the Aesop’s Fable, “The Heron and the Frogs.”

    Frogs demand a “law enforcement officer” to “protect” them. Instead the LEO eats them one after another.

    Who will protect us from our protectors?

  4. According to Jeff Berwick–who should know, since he lives in Acapulco most of the time when he’s not jetting around–this wouldn’t happen in Mexico. At least not in the region he lives.

    Well, it might happen–once.

    He reckons the towns-folk would get together, walk to the police station, and beat the shit out of the cop who dared do this.

    And I must say, there’s some evidence it’s true; did ya’ll read about the Mexican town that’s armed up their citizens and ejected the drug cartels and the government goons?

    I have some really conflicting info about Mexico. On the one hand, it’s my understanding they have totally draconian gun laws. On the other, I routinely see pictures of fairly well-armed towns-folk standing around.

    Which is it? Or is it, like so many other “laws” in Mexico, that good people simply ignore them and go about their business?

    I’d like to know the same about Chile. They have handgun registration; but I haven’t heard the story on Evil Black Rifles. Nor do I know if they ignore their laws as healthily and vigorously as the Mexicans do.

    It would be stupid to make that my sole choosing point of whether to expatriate to safer climes…but I’m deadly serious about keeping my weapons. We may be losing all our other freedoms, but the weapons are there for when it becomes unbearable and the masses are finally ready to fight back.

    Will they ever be?

    Because these cops definitely deserve the Mexican Treatment.™

    • Dear Meth,

      I just watched “The Hunger Games 1” again on video, in advance of going to the theater to watch “The Hunger Games 2.”

      HG1 has scene in which a child from their district, District 11, is killed in the compulsory gladiatorial style combat she gets drafted into. District citizens suddenly riot and beat their guards to death.

      We outnumber them. The only reason the PTB are the Powers that Be, is that the sheeple among us subscribe to the Myth of Authority. They demand “Law and Order.”

      Well, they asked for it, and they got it. Unfortunately, thanks to “democracy,” so did we.

        • Dear Tor,

          Everyone but everyone is saying that “The second film is better than the first.”

          If that’s the case, it’s really good. Because the first was already plenty good in my book. Explicitly anti-authoritarian, anti-state.

          Author Suzanne Collins, who has influenced millions of young people, is going to do as much for liberty as Ron Paul or Lew Rockwell.

          • The music and soundtrack are a lot better. The first HG’s effects were a first effort by an Indian company. Either they’ve improved their abilities, or someone else did the effects this time.

            Coldplay – Atlas – Catching Fire

            Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins lives in Sandy Hook, CT and in her book 22 children are “ritualistically” killed, and 20 children were killed in the shooting, as well as to the fact that “Sandy Hook” can be seen on a map in Dark Knight Rises.

            This is what some conspiracy theorists refer to as predictive programming.


            – Under statism, the odds are ever in their favor.

          • Dear Tor,

            As you know, I’m a relative noob re: conspiracy theories.

            So the theory is that Collins was a co-conspirator who set up the scenario so the PTB could then execute it?

            I would be more inclined to conclude that the “zeitgeist” produced the result. That is an extremely common phenomenon.

            Society has evolved to a certain state. Certain social, economic, and political trends are fairly clear. A fiction author wants to write about a dystopian future. She looks at where we are, and from that predicts where we will soon be.

            That does not require her complicity. Merely her independent observation of future trends. Orwell did the same with 1984.

          • Dear Tor,

            To clarify, I am not dismissing “predictive programming” per se.

            I have no doubt that the Bilderberg “elites” try everything they can think of to retain control, including 9/11. I don’t underestimate their evil or cunning.

            I’m merely saying that other forces are also at work. So-called “multiple discovery” or “simultaneous invention” for example. These are also real.

            Therefore one has to separate the intentional from the unintentional.

          • I read the entire series in a week of very late nights followed by hilariously nodding off at work like a heroin junky on the late bus.

            It’s fantastic–I totally agree Bevin, she’s written the new generation’s 1984.

            If it doesn’t scare the hell out of them, the fluoride and Ritalin have done their jobs too well.

          • @Tor–I remember that, it’s really freakish.

            Suzanne Collins either knows the NWO really well and is one of us, or she’s one of them and The Hunger Games are one of:
            predictive programming
            revelation of the method
            externalization of authority

            But from the tone of the books–you have to read them–I sensed a kindred spirit. The throwing off of authority, the degradation, the depiction of the tyrants–their sheer meanness. The tearing down of the plastic Trendies.

            Great stuff.

            I don’t know what to make of the Sandy Hook connection; it’s seriously weird.

            BTW did you see they had the contractors who tore down the Sandy Hook elementary sign non-disclosures? And that they’re pulverizing the concrete walls? The theory I read was that the walls show clear evidence of full-auto fire…long stitched lines of bullet holes.

            I don’t know about any of that. But I’m seriously curious why they haven’t released any video footage.

            I said as much in some comment forum…I think it was abcnews.go.com.

            I had more upvotes on that comment than my last twenty put together.

            If you guys want a little optimism, go troll the comment boards on some mainstream sites about incidents like the New Mexico van-shooting or Obama’s latest misdeed. I’m amazed at how fast public opinion is turning.

          • Meth, “they” will never release video footage of Sandy Hook, or the recent TSA shooting, because “they” know it will expose the government’s story as a fraud.

            It’s the same reason when sex dungeons get uncovered, the media NEVER asks “how many more of these sex dungeons are out there?” because “they” know that those on the top of the corporate ladder would have to worry that their private sex dungeons might get exposed. Not to mention all the lower level sex dungeons out there. It’s also why the media never asks “With all these thousands of missing people every year, how many of them are being sold into sexual slavery?”. Again, because “they” know that the sheeple masses would revolt and demand action…luckily for “them” the sheeple masses won’t do shit until they are explicitly instructed to do so, like they were after 9/11 (Go to war with these middle eastern countries that had nothing to do with 9/11…after all, the official story even said that 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi Arabians but shhhh we can’t ever speak ill of Saudi Arabia…they control the oil…)

            • Hey Jacob,

              In re Nahhnlevven:

              I used to live in the DC ‘burbs and (when I was still on-grid, employment-wise) drove into the Shitty City every day. I am very familiar with DC and environs. It immediately struck me as bizarre – and unbelievable – that no video or even still photographs of the aircraft (cough!) that hit the Pentagon have been published. There are thousands of tourists with video cameras and regular cameras walking around on any given day – and that day was a bright, sunny fall day. The sort of day that brings out lots of people. Yet – apparently – no one thought to look up when they heard the sound of a twin engine commercial jet flying erratically and, you know, maybe take a video or picture of it? Remember: The Towers had already been hit – therefore, people would have been keyed up about aircraft flying erratically. Yet none of those thousands of tourists – hundreds of video cameras, minimally – shot any footage of the jet as it roared overhead, obviously careening toward a building? Really? Who buys that?

              There are also security cameras all over the place, especially near the Pentagon. Yet, no footage? C’mon!

              Logically, one of two things must be true:

              The video/still photography tells a story that does not jibe with the official narrative and has been suppressed.

              Or, there are no pictures or videos of the plane because there was no plane at all.

              It’s not hard to snap a picture or video of a commercial plane in flight. But a missile would be traveling too fast for most cameras/video rigs to actually get clear footage of.

          • Bevin,

            The 1st HG movie was ok as a film. Not quite as good as an adaptation of the book to film. (although I think it is often difficult to adapt books to film.)

            I do think the books display anti-authoritarian themes in a future distopia.

            I read all three books. While I did like reading the books, I did consider the 3rd book to have a rushed feeling towards the final third of the book. It was weak and disappointing to me. I wrote some thoughts here at parchment girl. (just search for my name.)

          • Dear Meth,

            “I don’t know what to make of the Sandy Hook connection; it’s seriously weird.”

            I’m not sure the correlation between the 24 children from 12 districts is all that close a match for the 20 children and 6 adults reported dead at Sandy Hook.

            If it was an Illuminati choreographed show, wouldn’t the numbers be exactly on?

            I always thought the choice of 9/11 as a date was deliberate. 911 is the emergency number to call for help. Leaving people helpless on 9/11 seems like classic psychopath sick humor.

            As I mentioned to Tor, I agree with you about Collins. Her writing is clearly working in our favor, not the NWO’s. “Cui bono” suggests that she could not possibly be a NWO co-conspirator.

          • Dear mith,


            I’ll check it out and get back to you.

            Reports are Collins and the director got along swimmingly. They worked closely on the filmization. Hopefully they can flesh out Part III a little more for the film adaptation, and fix the rushed ending.

          • The government won’t even release the pentagon (and its neighbors) security camera footage from 2001. Now if the government wasn’t lying or paranoid or both there would be no reason not to release it. There’s nothing even remotely interesting on those videos if they are telling the truth.

          • eric, last I knew there were 80+ videos that were seized from various businesses showing the Pentagon strike that have never been released.

            • Hi Eight,

              Yup – and it makes one wonder just what’s on those vids… .

              I have two issues with the Official Story. The first, I’ve already discussed. It’s bizarre – and highly odd – that there have been no videos released showing a commercial jet on its death run to the Pentagon. There have to be videos. Why are they being suppressed?

              The second derives from a conversation I had with a friend of mine, an older guy, who was a carrier-qualified combat pilot (F4s) during Vietnam. He told me that he did not believe anyone not a highly skilled pilot with a lot of hours in a 757 could have executed the maneuvers attributed to Hani Hanjour – the worst of the A-rab “pilots,” a guy who had trouble handling a single engine Cessna trainer. The flight path of the Pentagon plane involved high-performance maneuvering that would have put the aircraft at the limit of its capabilities – to say nothing of the pilot.

              I smell bullshit…

          • eric, there was a tail piece from some plane but not the one supposedly there and then there was a huge lack of pieces and parts. So where did all that go? It just happened to hit a new hardened section of the Pentagon that held the computers showing there was a huge amount of money missing.

            BTW, I’m having to fill out the posting form as if I”m not registered.

  5. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that the public is being “served” by such outstanding examples of humanity.

    I am sure Mr. Saleh thinks that the taxes he pays for police “services” is worth every cent.

    • Mithrandir – You have to put the term “service” in its proper prospective. For instance I’ve seen my neighbor’s bull “service” the cows. You could say they have been “served” when he gets done. Same thing’s being done to the public in this case…


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