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Two hours of required government defense information

Erin Dakins and Vincent Finelli are joined by Eric Peters of and dscuss cars, trucks, car spying, government tracing of cars, the best older trucks to buy to avoid government tracking… two hours of required government defense information.



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  1. Thought you should know, the show link, is not for the show with Eric on it. I downloaded it and listened and it’s absolutely just the normal hosts, the file it links to is titled “bunkerfiles.2014-08-22”. Also tried to get it from their site, but they want a bunch of information and a premium paid sign up before downloading, so thanks but no thanks. Hope you guys can rectify this.

      • Yeah, that was a long interview. I let it play in the background while browsing around last night on the web. It’s one thing to read about all vehicle mandates and snooping, but listening to three people discuss it really drives it home. That dood has a lot of cars!


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