NY Heroes SWAT – And Destroy – House To Serve DWI Bench Warrant

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Clover will squirt over this one: 

DANBY, NY — A family has been left homeless after law enforcement agencies destroyed their entire house in the process of serving a warrant for a man for driving while intoxicated.

The home of David and Melissa Cady was condemned after armored police vehicles plowed through several walls while attempting to get 36-year-old Mr. Cady to surrender. A bench warrant had been issued after Mr. Cady missed a court appearance August 26, 2014, regarding his DWI conviction. On December 30th, 2014, a SWAT team moved in to make the arrest.

With the home at 127 Hornbrook Road surrounded, Melissa and the two children peacefully exited upon request. But David Cady did not, and police spent extensive resources to perform a lengthy standoff, resulting in his death.

“I’ve known him for like 12 years,” said friend and neighbor Dave McCarthy to the Ithaca Journal. “He’s been a good neighbor, he’s got a wife, two nice kids, a dog.”

Police cordoned off roughly 20 other homes while besieging the Cady residence. Neighbors were not allowed to return after leaving their homes on the 1.7-mile stretch of restricted roadway.

Police suspected Mr. Cady was armed. On the evening of December 30th, police say that a single shot was fired. It was the only shot of the entire standoff.

After this shot, Mr. Cady stopped communicating with police. Police proceeded to break down the walls to with armored vehicles to “restrict his movement,” and shot teargas into the house until 61 hours had passed, when they finally realized their suspect had died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Soon after, Danby Code Enforcement declared the home to be unlivable and condemned the property.

Resident Kory Watkins uploaded a video (below) of the the Cady’s former house, which now features gaping holes and mounds of debris scattered across the yard.

Watkins captioned the video: “All for a warrant. A violation of Probation for a D.W.I. and it took over 150 officers from over 18 agencies and military vehicles with more than 50 bombs of tear gas to end this like this…UNNECESSARY!”

The stunning turn of events left Mrs. Cady and her two children with no father and no home.

“She [Mrs. Cady] really has lost all the stability in her life in one fell swoop,” explained Pastor Ed Enstine of Danby Federated Church. “She’s basically lived her own life and worked and doesn’t take handouts very easily, but in this case she’s basically back to square 1 — square 0, at this point.”

In a showing of charity, Pastor Enstine is organizing a fundraiser to help get the Cady family back on their feet. See details below.

The Ithaca Journal reported that over a dozen agencies were involved with the standoff, including Ithaca Police Department, Cornell University Police, Ithaca College Public Safety, Ithaca Fire Department, New York State Police, New York State Park Police, Cayuga County Sheriff’s Office, Pennsylvania State Police, Syracuse Police Department, Elmira Police Department, Broome County Sheriff’s Office, Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office, and Tompkins County Office of Emergency Management.


  1. This is what happens when the Feds hand out military equipment to the local yokels, they find any feeble excuse to play soldier and us mundanes are the enemy to be subdued with “shock and awe”. Escher is spot on, either meekly submit or they’ll destroy your world.

  2. Bullies f*ck with you until you show them they can’t get away with it.

    Can’t find the example video, I’ll look for it from home. But a group of teens were bullying another teen, one specifically was the ringleader, of course. Hitting the other teen in face and body. Demanding a fight.
    It continued until another group showed up – three guys. One walked right up to the bully, knocked him on his ass, mounted him, and asked if he wanted to fight still…

    I’d guess the bullying pretty much stopped after that, but to be TRULY effective, the bullied teen would have to stand up for himself. THEN it ENDS.

    Same thing here.

    But listen to the sort of advice the “experts” give:
    (From http://www.parentdish.com/2011/03/16/school-bully-revenge-video/)

    Susan Stiffelman, a family therapist in Southern California who writes the “Ask Advice Mama” column for ParentDish, understands the hero worship.

    “No doubt it felt great not only to the bullied child, but to all kids identifying with him in that victim role,” she tells ParentDish.

    However, she adds, kids and parents should not look to a single body slam as a remedy for bullying.

    “The best way to avoid being bullied is to not give the bully the payoff he or she is looking for,” Stiffelman says. “As soon as a child shows that the bully has ‘gotten to him’ — either by engaging verbally, crying, running away or showing aggression — the bully has achieved his goal.

    “As immensely hard as it is to withhold the reaction a bully wants, in the end, using aggression to counteract bullying generally does not pay off. In this situation.”

    Yeah, and splattering an abusive cop’s brain across his front lawn won’t make other abusive cops think twice, either…
    Where the F do these people live, La-La land? Land of the Lotus Eaters?

    Cross-posted to the related article for today: http://ericpetersautos.com/2015/01/06/shit-one-clover-can-cause/

    • Jean, bullies won’t stop until you physically change their mind. Words rarely work and walking away just gets you a cowardly push or whack from behind.

      I was bullied throughout school, presumably due to my mesomorphic physique. These insecure turds needed to prove themselves over and over again, until they failed utterly.

      That’s when the breaking of noses, elbow joints and other sensitive body parts began. Naturally, I was always the one deemed at fault and hauled off to the principal, until he made it clear to the rest that I was no longer to be fucked with and suspended the bullies, regardless their injuries.

      Red-letter day for me.

      I still get the occasional weak-minded turd, sidling up to me and talking in menacing tone. Before they finish talking, their nose is broken and more while they’re reeling. After years of abuse I’m clearly angry inside. They deserve everything they ask for. Sure it may mean that I technically threw the first punch, but they clearly invited and initiated the contract.

      Any committee advocating anything other than swift and grievous estoppel to the bully has never been bullied and/or menaced properly and are not qualified to speak, let alone give advice.

      But Mr. Cady had apparently harmed nobody through his DUI. The PTB decided to act the bully and be relentless in destroying property and lives to satisfy some ink on a piece of paper. Their actions are clearly in violation of every principle of common law and should be dragged through the courts for this, but I doubt that’ll happen. Courts these days have been changed to suit statute law only, which is far more lucrative. Civil court is where this case should go, being it the last bastion of common law.

      • Because of my own experiences the anti-bullying stuff angers me. First it’s bad advice to the victim. I stopped bullies outside of the school prison walls by beating up the biggest one after making a remark that he didn’t have the guts to fight me alone, without the other bullies. However thanks to authorities they were free to continue within the school. Bullies are the school capos which is why anti-bullying measures are as they are, bully encouraging measures.

        As an adult my first reaction anywhere authority might be summoned is to avoid fighting. Even if I win I’ve been conditioned that I lose. Worse yet is that most bullies I encounter are cops or other authorities of the government.

        School is after all a conditioning process. But along the way it showed me exactly what “authority” is.

    • i don’t think it is that the anti-bullying (so-called) experts live in LaLa Land, i think they were bullies when they were younger and very likely entered a field where they can continue their sociopathic behavior by demeaning and convincing people that common sense doesn’t apply.
      From my experience it is often true that if you meet a person who says they were never bullied at any time in their life, they are either a liar or were the bully.

      there will always be criminals/bullies/sociopaths that will not respond to reason, fairness or respect their fellow human. the only reason they will understand is the defensive violence executed by their potential victims that threatens the bullies’ livelihood and existence.

      • I agree, Harry.

        Bullying is, I think, extremely common. To such an extent, in fact, that it may be a general human trait.

        Awhile back I wrote about Bonobos vs. Chimps. Anyone not hip to the differences between these two primates ought to read up. It’s very interesting.

      • harry, your too correct. Sure wish jean had had some of my guns to single-handedly stop a few car loads of SWAT teams. I guess you just need the doors to come crashing in and have your house destroyed, looking for shit that isn’t even there and never was before you appreciate the whole adventure. Thankfully there are 80% lowers so you can take appropriate action if it happens again.

  3. The point is to make an example of all recalcitrant citizens so no one dares to disobey the American stormtrooopers in the future.

  4. I try not to swear, but what the fuck? To completely destroy the house because ‘little Davey’ will not come out and play?


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