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All –

I’m hoping someone can help me figure something out. I’m seeing (on both my iMac and my laptop Mac) the “latest” version of EPautos. The newest article – a review of the Lexus IS350 – is up and visible… for me.

But, my wife – on a PC, but using the same Internet access and in the same house – is only seeing the “old” EPautos… a version about three days old, with the latest article she’s seeing being the Tesla rant (Electric Pegasus).

Are any of you having similar issues? Not seeing the latest articles/version of the site?

Please let me know… either way!



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  1. Game Weirdness.

    Oooorgle, I just downloaded, tried and deleted Multicraft, in an attempt to grok what Minecraft even is. Didn’t learn much, saw an ad, that seemed to work very well, then the action opened within the game universe.

    I didn’t grok what to do. Moved around a bit, everything was turning blood red. Which seemed bad. Then a dozen error codes started streaming, and I decided to force close the game. Then I went ahead and deleted it.

    It’s been said only Minecraft has truly embraced the principle of open worlds. That in Minecraft, this here is your story, that you simultaneously write and experience. All at your own pace. Or lack of pace, in my case.

    My story seems to be, give me the old school games where the player’s job is to maneuver the joystick throughout the game, and the avatar just knows what ‘s the right thing to be done. Worst case, you push the red button to “engage” whatever needs engaging.

    Anything needing triangle square circle circle up left left right left right left kind of knowledge. Well, I don’t think I can grok providing that.

    I don’t appear to be one of the players creating and destroying various types of blocks in a three dimensional environment. A player who takes an avatar that can destroy or create blocks, form fantastic structures, creations and artwork, across the various multiplayer servers in multiple game modes.

      • Don’t be such a prude.

        This is an old January article on site weirdness, I think it can bear the cognitive dissonance burden of my sort. It’s the posts by user ufqqiktxe in Eric’s spam queue and its 200 cousins right now about looey vaton that’s a problem for him.

        He’s well used to my quirkiness by now.

        Why do you love these gaming pixels so dearly?. How are they more than, how are they less than, the chemical element pixels of our tangible 2D modelable holographic universe?

        if the universe is just a 3D projection from a 2D cosmological horizon, where exactly is that cosmological horizon? And does this mean that everything we know and love is just a collection of quantum information carrying 2D bits? Does it mean that I am just a bunch of 2D pixels that, when viewed from the right angle, becomes a technicolor, hairy, naked bipedal ape?

        These are the characters transmitted by the pixels of the 37 trillion cognizant cells of my body, there are many like them, but these pixels are meinecraft.

        • That was entirely bat-shit crazy and useless.

          However, on the note of WordPress comment spam; is Eric using the Akismet plugin? It helps quite a lot.

          • 2. Yeah, per his wp-admin subdirectory: “Akismet has protected your site from 2,571,991 spam comments already.”

            1. Get close enough to your TV screen and you’ll see pixels, small points of data that make a seamless image if you stand back.

            Scientists think that the universe’s information may be contained in the same way and that the natural “pixel size” of space is roughly 10 trillion trillion times smaller than an atom, a distance that physicists refer to as the Planck scale.

            If recent measurements of cosmic ray particles are correct, then we may have the first evidence that the universe as we know it is really a giant computer simulation.

            Higher-Dimensional Algebra and Planck-Scale Physics

            the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics is building the Universe pixel by pixel

            Blocks are the basic units of structure in Minecraft. Together, they build up the in-game environment and can be mined and utilized in various fashions.

            You can create pixel art by converting the pixels of any image or picture to Minecraft blocks. You can likewise convert the surrounding chemical elements into objects of living art of your choosing using quantum spacetime matter building blocks of planck length.

            • “per his wp-admin subdirectory”? LOL Tor you are a blithering idiot… Have fun throwing spam, this post has been unsubscribed..

              • Ahhh. Name calling and total avoidance of everything issue and topic. I bet your ambassadorship for Minecraft requires you to show utter contempt for any user who wanders off approved script, eh? No hard feelings then. Thanks for your attention.

                Llama, son, we need to have a chat about Internet Safety. I slowly crumpled down onto the floor next to him. His laptop was open and he was playing Minecraft on a public server.

                His eyes were locked into the action. Comments scrolled down the side of the screen in a chat box. “Son, can you stop your game for a minute?”

                He exited the world, closed the laptop, and looked up at me. “Dad, is this going to be another cheesy scary story?”

                “Whhaaaat?” I faked hurt feelings for a second, and then grinned at him, “I thought you liked my cautionary tales?”

                He grew up listening to my stories about children who encountered witches, ghosts, werewolves, and trolls. Like many generations of parents, I used scary stories to reinforce morals and teach lessons about safety. Single dads like me should use all the parenting tools at their disposal.

                He scrunched his face a little, “They were fine when I was six. But now that I’m getting older, they don’t scare me anymore. They seem kinda silly. If you are going to tell a story about the Internet, can you make it really, really scary!?” I squinted at him incredulously. He folded his arms, “Dad. I’m ten and I can handle it.”

                “hmm… okay… I’ll try.”

                I began, “Once upon a time, there was a boy named Oooorgle….” His expression indicated that he wasn’t impressed with the terror of the introduction. He sighed deeply and settled in for one of Dad’s cheesy stories. I continued…

                Oooorgle went online and joined several children’s websites. After a while, he started talking to other kids in-game and on the message boards. He made friends with another ten year old boy named Helper23.

                They liked the same video games and shows. They laughed at each other’s jokes. They explored new games together.

                After several months of friendship, Oooorgle gave Helper23 six diamonds in a game they were playing. This was a very generous gift. Oooorgle’s birthday was coming up and Helper23 wanted to send him a cool present in real life. Oooorgle figured it wouldn’t hurt to give Helper23 his home address – as long as he promised not to tell it to any strangers or grownups.

                Helper23 swore he wouldn’t tell anyone else, not even his own parents, and set about mailing the package.
                I paused the story and asked my son, “Do you think that was a good idea?” “No!” he said shaking his head vigorously. In spite of himself, he was getting into the story.

                Well neither did Oooorgle. Oooorgle felt guilty about giving away his home address – and his guilt began to grow. And grow. By the time he put on his pajamas the next night, his guilt and fear were larger than anything else in his life. He resolved to admit the truth to his parents. The punishment would be steep, but it was worth it to have a clear conscience. He squirmed in his bed as he waited for his parents to tuck him in.

                My son knew the scary part was coming up. In spite of his tough talk, he leaned forward wide-eyed. I spoke quietly and deliberately.

                He heard all the noises of the house. The washing machine bounced around in the laundry room. Branches scraped against the brick outside his room. His baby brother cooed in the nursery. And there were some other noises he couldn’t… quite… pinpoint. Finally, his dad’s footsteps echoed down the hall. “Hey Dad?” He called out nervously. “I have something to tell you.”

                His dad stuck his head in the doorway at a weird angle. In the darkness, his mouth didn’t seem to move and the eyes were all wrong. “Yes, son” The voice was way off, too. “Are you okay, Dad?” The boy asked. “Uh-huh” sung the father in his strangely affected voice. Oooorgle pulled his covers up defensively. “Ummm… Is Mom around?”

                “Here I am!” Mom’s head popped into the doorway below Dad’s. Her voice was an unnatural falsetto. “Were you about to tell us that you gave our home address to Helper23? You shouldn’t have done that! We TOLD you never to give out personal information on the Internet!”

                She continued, “He wasn’t really a kid! He just pretended to be one. Do you know what he did? He came to our house, broke in, and murdered both of us! Just so he could spend some time with you!”

                A fat man in a wet jacket emerged in the child’s doorway holding the two severed heads. Oooorgle shrieked and gasped as the man dropped the heads on the ground, unsheathed his knife, and moved into the room to work on the boy.

                My son screamed too. He twisted his hands defensively over his face. But we were just getting started with the story.

                After several hours, the boy was almost dead and his
                screams had become whimpers. The killer noticed the wailing of a baby in another room and removed his knife from Oooorgle. This was a special treat. He had never murdered a baby before and was excited about the prospect.

                Helper23 left Oooorgle to die and followed the cries through the house like a homing beacon.

                In the nursery, he walked to the crib, picked the baby up, and held it in his arms. He moved towards the changing table to get a better look. But as he held the baby, the crying died down. The baby looked up and smiled.

                Helper23 had never held a baby, but he gently bounced it in his arms like a pro. He wiped his bloody hands on the blanket so he could stroke the baby’s cheek, “Hey there, sweet little guy.” The beautiful rage of sadism melted into something warmer and softer.

                He walked out of the nursery, took the baby home, named him William, and raised him as his very own.
                After I finished the story, my son was visibly shaken. Between ragged staccato breaths, he stammered,

                “But Dad, MY name’s William.” I gave him a classic dad-wink and tousled his hair. “Of course it is, son.” William ran up the stairs to his bedroom in a fury of sobs.

                But deep down… I think he liked the story.

          • Hi ooorgle,

            Yeah, I have Akismet – and it does a reasonably good job filtering spam posts. But spam “new subscribers”? Not so much. I have to delete (typically) 60-100 of these each day. If I did not prune them, within 3-4 days there’d be thousands of them. I have been trying to figure a way to weed them out without discouraging new people (real people) from signing up as subscribers.

            Any ideas?

  2. I know, long time but I must reply now that I am reading this again for two reasons.

    1. Tor you are so funny! You start your whole effort to help with copy/pastes of DNS checking site results and follow up with “The DNS checking sites are trying to sell their services no doubt.” and more DNS checking site results, lol! Apparently I am not trying to help for suggesting clearing caches, makes sense right? However fear isn’t what Eric should be feeling, nor grinding his teeth or freaking out. Unless he doesn’t have an adequate backup of his code and database..

    2. Even though, I wonder, still having the problems Eric? I hope not after this long. I certainly was trying to suggest an adequate first step to troubleshooting that kind of problem.

    • Oooorgle, your site looks fantastic. You obviously know your shit.

      I bet I know you better than’d you think. You’re all hat and no cattle. A really great premium hat, sure, but still no cattle. Heck you’ve got hundreds of hats gathering dust even, you can’t hardly give ’em away.

      You have a lot of value to offer someone like Eric, is all I was thinking.

      You recognize his value, that’s why you stop by here. Eric’s got all the cattle any man could handle, but not enough ranch hands by far. He’s not even sure what all is wrong, is it the rustlers. Is it him, probably it’s just that ranching has changed, and he is still behind the curve by quite a bit.

      And that’s still where you could ride in wearing one of your closet-full of white hats, and do something epic. Why so skittish.

      Whatever I wrote was just a crude attempt to get you to help make the needed repairs to Eric’s hacienda, nothing else. That’s all this is too, so its still up to you, vaquero. I thank you for your time.

        • the Cayuse were famous horse breeders and horse traders. A small breed of horse, the cayuse, is named after this band of Indians.

          On their way down the Columbia River in October 1805, the Corps stopped at the confluence of the Columbia and Snake Rivers to rest and repair broken equipment. Several tribes gathered to visit with the expedition members and it is likely the Cayuse were among them.

          Lewis and Clark noted the architecture of the Indians’ lodgings. Woven mats over long poles formed oval-shaped homes up to 80 feet long. When the nomadic Cayuse would move, following their migratory food sources, they would pack up the mats but leave the poles behind. It was easier to make new poles when they got to their new destination than to haul the long, awkward lengths of wood.

          By 1855 the Cayuse were settled with the Umatilla and Walla Walla on the Umatilla Reservation near Pendleton, Oregon. In 1990 they were among the smallest tribes in the United States, numbering a mere 126 members.

          Important Cayuse Mythological Figures

          Coyote (Ispilyay): Coyote is the trickster figure of the Cayuse tribe. As in other Plateau Indian mythology, Cayuse Indian stories about Coyote range from light-hearted tales of mischief and buffoonery to more serious legends about the nature of the world.

          Recommended Books on Cayuse Myth

          As Days Go By:
          Book of mythology and history of the Cayuse, Umatilla, and Walla Walla tribes.
          Coyote Was Going There: Indian Literature of the Oregon Country:
          Collection of folklore from the Cayuse and other Oregon tribes.

    • Hi ooooorgle,

      Here’s the problem: I’m a writer/editor, not a computer guy. I’m not only out of my depth, I’m out of time. I can only do so much. When I had Dom handling the technical side of EPautos the various crisis that cropped up were handled by him. Now I have no one to handle them except me – and I have not much clue what I am doing and little time to do it.

      EPautos needs a webmaster – but my dilemma is I can’t afford to pay one.

      • I would really like to know, the “old” EPautos, is this still a problem for you not showing the current content on your wifes pc?

        I think many are happy to help with any questions you may have about maintaining your website. Discerning what is good advice and what is not is critical. If it don’t make sense, don’t do it. But do feel free to ask when you need to.

        The most important thing is that you know how to create, and have made a current backup of your website files (wordpress) and database? I keep several versions going back a while so if I need to refer back to before a change was made I have it.

        If not, I’m sure I can help with that.

        • Thanks, ooorgle!

          The whole thing’s a work in progress; terra incognita.

          My background is reporting/writing/editing. I know very little about computers and software and all that. I’m trying to learn as much about it as I can, but I’m not “fluent” and – bottom line – this operation needs someone who is, who can do the tweaking and maintenance and upgrades that I’m unable to and – frankly – haven’t got sufficient time to do. I am doing everything right now – and it’s too much for one person.

          My hope is that the revenue situation will get to the point that I can afford to pay staff.

          • I certainly want you to be comfortable with it. But, if you are saying you DO NOT have a current backup of your website, you are nuts! This is really all that matters.

            Please don’t hire someone and not assure they are doing regular backups, and if they are not, fire them.

            • A story I hear often now. Even politicians in hot water are using the old “I had it on a backup server that went agly and can’t get it back”. But for real, people really do lose everything regularly by not having a backup. My computer is set for auto backup although I have little of import(legally, I suppose I should say)to lose but lots of things I really don’t want to lose.

              I have had a similar problem and honestly, as oooorle suggested, a clearing of the cache allowed me to re-enter everything accurately and solved my problem.

              Lots of miles lately. Think I’ll throw that old innertube on the saddle before getting on my old cayuse. Good luck eric,

  3. The DNS issues found by Tor probably should be fixed, but I don’t think that’s causing your problem (at least not all of it).

    When I go to, I get an old page. When I go to (without the www), I get the current page. simply redirects to (with the www). Going to (www.) produces a very old version of the page. My theory is that there is a problem with your CMS software configuration and/or your webserver configuration.

    My working theory is that your website software and server are treating these as 3 different websites completely, and thus serving up whatever version is the most recent for whichever domain/subdomain is entered. To fix this, you probably need to have one of the web guru members walk you through fixing the site or paying someone for an hour or two of time to fix it. (I could probably figure it out if I were given admin access and had enough time–alas, I am a math teacher in a private therapeutic boarding school and have zero time available. Tor Libertarian seems plenty savvy, maybe Tor can help you with it?)

    • Thanks, Shoal!

      I’m actively looking for someone who knows what he’s doing to fix this problem. It’s way beyond what I’m capable of and I’m very reluctant to try “fixing” something I don’t know much about!

  4. Tor just copied and pasted a bunch of text from name server lookups etc. Entirely meaningless if your site is working at all. Clear her caches, it’s obviously holding onto an old version. If it’s working for anyone it is working. The fact your wifes pc is having an issue is a symptom that there is an issue with your wifes pc, not your website. Same as the last time you had this problem.

    • Hi ooorgle,

      I thought so, too… until I discovered that by typing in the URL manually, rather than using my bookmark, I also see the “old” main page… which is kind of freaking me out. What accounts for this – or might?

      • oooorgle’s site is really cool and runs like a top.

        maybe he’ll get tired of his Eleanor Rigby echo chamber and participate in an active domain with real live human beings, and not just strut about like a peacock displaying its eclectic rehosted libertarian content.

    • C’mon oooorgle.

      If you have the time to TRY(but fail) to figure out what I’m doing, why don’t you be a mensch and help Eric.

      You have to know that telling eric to “clear her caches” is “Entirely meaningless” to Eric in the form you have presented it.

      It’s frustrating, because for a few minutes of your full concentration, I have no doubt you could fix this problem. Why not take a chance and really contribute to a real person with a real need?

      Walk him thru it. Spell it out. Explain Like He’s an Eight Year Old what he should do.

      Or tell me where to go on the internet to copy paste AND SIGNIFICANTLY MODIFY a bunch of text from various QUERIES of relevant RESOURCES. (modified your bizarre accusation for you to be less wrong)

      I’m not on this site to play WITCH DOCTOR games. I’m giving what I’m able, and doing things that WORK FOR ME in the real world. I have a household with other people in it with real problems, oooorgle. I’m going to be at work in an hour, but there is no work to do, so I can continue doing this, if its got a chance of going somewhere.

      Why not lose the omnipotent master aura and deign to get your hands dirty here?

      I’ve visited your site before. I just went there again and saw your quotes posted there. You obviously have the skills.

      You could be a real human being and a real hero here.

      Quid pro quo oooorgle. First principles.

      what should eric do?

        • one can might make infinite unique dishes and feed multitudes from endless source boxes of copypasta, no?

          Permission to reproduce and modify text on Wikipedia has already been granted to anyone anywhere by the authors of individual articles as long as such reproduction and modification complies with licensing terms.

          MODIFY is the horcrux of wizardry. what might millions of wikipedes be capable of, should they dare weave unique cocoons of solipso sovereign userverses, rather than inch along in the statusquo consensus mass holographical eunichverse?

            • Eric spends hours each day dealing with unsolicited or undesired electronic messages.

              I don’t think he can afford to hire anyone right now.

              Eric could use a volunteer or intern type who could help him out on a non-monetary basis. He might also be interested in some kind of quid pro quo arrangement with the right person.

              “By way of selfless reason’s vision, the mountain of selflessness can be seen and horses can judiciously move beyond the corral if they desire to do so.”

              The Divine Secret of Nothing – Vincent Morales

              • “Eric spends hours each day dealing with unsolicited or undesired electronic messages.” How could you know? He has not related having that problem has he? There are solutions he would know how to implement if suggested.

                “Eric could use a volunteer or intern type who could help him out on a non-monetary basis.” Yes but Eric doesn’t need some newbie who becomes “educated on his mistakes” at Eric’s expense. That should be for his kids to do :). The site is working, proceed with caution and use a test environment to debug.

                “beyond the corral” Thanks! I once got my ass kicked by a llama. They are no sheep.

      • Tor, true, clearing the cache could mean at least two different things, one of which Brent denigrated me well for suggesting since I’m not up on Mac but can’t help but think it must have something similar to a pc’s resolver cache not to be confused with history cache. I actually started out as being a computer programmer in ’68 but not only didn’t care for punching cards but the prissy assed shitheads who would have never spoken to me the way they did without that inch of glass between us. Others I know tell the same story. Who wants to haul around a car trunk full of punch cards for one simple program? Not me. Hauling ass and getting same in the back seat was much more satisfying. Just try getting all those cards flat, unstuck from each other and back in order. Screw it was my motto and that’s what I did.

        • Yeah but what do we know, huh?

          I remember I devised a pretty fair version of Pac Man and kept him up and running on my Atari 800. Kind of an anarchist version of the old dotivore, since he could comply with the walls of his maze, or walka walka walka right thru them all, just as pretty as he pleased.

          Man that cassette program recorder was something.

          It’s all teepee and canoes under the white man’s bridge now tho. The golden era of the buffalo has came and went. Nothing but turkey tacos and soy burgers.

          These snapperchatterers have no idea the kinds of things we once could get into. I was just trying to help.

  5. The DNS checking sites are trying to sell their services no doubt. A good sales technique is fear, so take what they’re saying in perspective. Maybe someone can shed light on what if anything you should do.

    Your site is no problem for me to navigate. I log in, and then have to right click and open one of your links in a new window. Then everything is fine and up to date. I’ve had to do this for a long time now, it might not happen to anyone else.

    Here’s your DNS health check (these are your possible problems only, I deleted the majority of the report that’s green lights and A OK.)

    Parent Zone The calculated parent zone for your domain is com.
    Parent NS records The parent zone DNS server says that your DNS are: [Glue:] [TTL: 172800] [Glue:] [TTL: 172800]

    I have detected 2 stealth nameservers: .
    These are listed in your nameservers but are missing in the parent zone nameservers. Those nameservers are not included in these tests, so you have to check them manually.
    Missing (stealth) nameservers 2

    I have detected 2 stealth nameservers:

    . These are listed in the parent zone nameservers but are missing in your nameservers

    Nameservers on separate class C’s Your nameservers are on the same Class C IP range. This is very bad if you want to be found in the case of outage, or even worst, problems!

    SOA Primary NS Not all your nameservers agree on the identification of the primary nameserver or it isn’t listed in the parent zone nameserver.

    EXPIRE The expire value is how long a secondary nameserver will wait before considering its DNS data stale if it can’t reach the primary nameserver. Your SOA EXPIRE value is 3600000 seconds which is very high (as suggested by RFC1912 a value between 1209600 to 2419200 seconds is good).

    Multiple MX records
    I found that you have only one MX record. If this mail server goes down this can cause mail delivery delays or even mail loss. This acceptable but consider increasing the number of your MXs.

    Acceptance of domain literals Not all of your mailservers accept mail to postmaster@[ip_address] (Literal format). RFC1123 5.2.17 require all mailservers to accept mail to this kind of address. This is a common problem and actually can be ignored.The report of the test is: Does not accept mail to postmaster@[ip_address]

    There is one or more CNAMEs record pointing to This can cause extra bandwidth usage since the resolution of is done in multiple steps. However this is only a warning!

    • Hi Tor,

      I really appreciate all this info – I just wish I knew what to do with it!

      I am way out of my depth; I don’t even know what many of those terms mean, let alone how to go about fixing whatever the problem is.

      I need help… anyone?

  6. Everything is fine after I login. Before that tho, both Epautos and Ericpetersautos pull up an older version of the page where only 1% is donated for January. Libertariancarguy shows the pie chart for November still.

    Here’s possible issues via DNScheck: epautos. com


    Superfluous name server listed at parent:

    A name server listed at the parent, but not at the child, was found. This is most likely an administrative error. You should update the parent to match the name servers at the child as soon as possible.

    Superfluous name server listed at parent:

    A name server listed at the parent, but not at the child, was found. This is most likely an administrative error. You should update the parent to match the name servers at the child as soon as possible.

    Total parent/child glue mismatch.

    The parent lists name servers that the child doesnt know about, see details in advanced. This configuration could actually work but breaks very easily if one of these zones change slightly.

    Too few IPv4 name servers (1).

    Only one IPv4 name server was found for the zone. You should always have at least two IPv4 name servers for a zone to be able to handle transient connectivity problems.

    SOA – Start of Authority

    No address found for

    No IPv4 or IPv6 address was found for the host name.

    Error while checking SOA MNAME for (

    The SOA MNAME was not a valid host name.

    Delivery over IPv4 to could not be done.

    Failed to deliver email for SOA RNAME of ( using

    DNSCheck failed to deliver email to the email address listed as the one responsible for the zone.
    – – –

    Issues via DNScheck: libertariancarguy. com

    Delegation=same as above problems

    SOA Start of Authority

    No address found for

    No IPv4 or IPv6 address was found for the host name.

    Error while checking SOA MNAME for (

    The SOA MNAME was not a valid host name.

    Delivery over IPv4 to could not be done.

    Failed to deliver email for SOA RNAME of ( using

    DNSCheck failed to deliver email to the email address listed as the one responsible for the zone.

    No address found for

    No IPv4 or IPv6 address was found for the host name.

    Error while checking SOA MNAME for (

    The SOA MNAME was not a valid host name.

    Delivery over IPv4 to could not be done.

    Failed to deliver email for SOA RNAME of ( using

    DNSCheck failed to deliver email to the email address listed as the one responsible for the zone.
    – – –

    Issues via DNScheck: ericpetersautos. com

    Delegation=same as above problems

    SOA Start of Authority

    No address found for

    No IPv4 or IPv6 address was found for the host name.

    Error while checking SOA MNAME for (

    The SOA MNAME was not a valid host name.

    Delivery over IPv4 to could not be done.

    Failed to deliver email for SOA RNAME of ( using

    DNSCheck failed to deliver email to the email address listed as the one responsible for the zone.

    Ping ericpetersautos Addressms 139-ms 140-ms
    367.202.111.16 140-ms
    467.202.111.16 140-ms
    567.202.111.16 139-ms

    Traceroute information

    Hops: 21Max resp. time:140 ms
    Average resp. time: 67 ms

    https ericpetersautos. com The Certificate is invalid
    dns ericpetersautos. com Local NS list does not match Parent NS list
    dns ericpetersautos. com Name Servers are on the Same Subnet
    dns ericpetersautos. com Primary Name Server Not Listed At Parent
    dns ericpetersautos. com SOA Refresh Value is outside of the recommended range
    dns ericpetersautos. com SOA Expire Value out of recommended range

    • Shit.

      I have no clue what to do, Tor.


      All that stuff you described? Way over my head.

      And Dom’s not around anymore…

  7. everything has been working fine for me via PCs and firefox.
    A day or two ago it didn’t connect to but a few seconds later I tried and it came up was fine thereafter. I chalked it up to a transitory network packet drop.

    Try clearing the browser cache. That should force it to load fresh or not to load at all.

  8. I can see the most recent Lexus article but the four main boxes’ text overlap each other when the Lexus article or the ignorance of the law articles are highlighted.

    • Thanks, Brandon… I’m not seeing the overlap on my end; but very glad to know the latest articles are visible… not sure why my wife’ computer’s not refreshing… very weird…

      • Main page is fine here, not seeing any overlaps. It may have something to do with Brandonjin’s page zoom in his browser.

        As for the missus’ puter, I was gonna suggest the browser cache too because that should be the only reason why. Go to a different site altogether (Google or blank), flush the cache to ensure all pages to do with EPA are deleted, then try the site again.

  9. I open the new articles through the rss links I receive and that worked fine. 2015 lexus is350 from about 17m ago and the site weirdness from about 5m ago. If i click the new cars tab I see the lexus article but if I click the home link I dont see it on the front page. Maybe this helps.

        • Hi Shoal,

          Yes. Two different PCs. Both using Windows 8.1 (latest version?).

          I was not worried about it… until I read Tor’s post above. Now my teeth are starting to ache….

      • If it affects more than one browser, your ISP or someone else has a cached version of the page that seems to be getting snagged by her computer in place of the current version. It will eventually self-resolve, usually within a day or two.

        If it only affects Chrome, Chromium, or other Chrome variation (e.g. Opera, SRWare Iron, etc) she is getting bit by a really old bug in webkit/Chromium that still pops up from time to time. Try opening the page in an “Incognito” tab/window and see if the current version of your home page comes up. If the current version shows up in the “Incognito” window, then Chrome (or chrome derivative) is grabbing its cached version regardless of what you want. The best way to resolve this is to use Firefox or Safari (or even Internet Explorer 11) instead of Googuhl based software.

        If it’s something else, let me know. I can probably find a solution somewhere.


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