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EPautos ended October in the black – a first!

A huge thank you is due to all who helped keep the wheels turning. Who kept us out of the ditch, really.

It’s the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel… a very long tunnel. It gives me hope, renews my spirit. So, again, thanks to all of you.

Speaking of which: I’ve just just mailed out the latest batch of EPautos stickers. They should be in your hands within a few days, at the latest.

Remember: Please let me know you want one when you donate to the site. And also, provide an address so I can mail the thing to you!

Here’s to a great November…! EPautoslogo


    And verily didst Prometheus make descend a page from his Book of Brights down to the captive world of the Book of Dims

    Chapter 4
    26 And then the Lord said, “Noah, will you shape a planet near this star? You are my best sculptor.” 27 And so I set to work on Earth, humbled by the Lord’s praise. 28 When my work was done, the Lord said, “Noah, you did not disappoint. Now will you fill it with two of every plant and animal in the universe that you hold dear? I wish to see your sculpture full of life.” 29 And so I traveled the universe, selecting the Lord’s life that pleased me most, and I brought it to Earth to flourish. 30 When my work was done, the Lord said, “Noah, you did not disappoint. Choose a partner of your choice, your best friend, and we three will walk upon the face of Earth and marvel at your work.” 31 And so I asked my dear friend Naamah to come with me and the Lord to see my creation.

    Chapter 5
    1 We stood on the soil I had shaped and looked upon the brimming life, and the Lord cried. 2 Naamah, too, wept. But she wept at the beauty of my creation. 3 The Lord cried in sadness. 4 He spoke: “Noah, your brothers and sisters never use their demi-god powers for such beauty. Instead they wield their power to oppress the weaker creatures in my dominion. And so the time has come to take their power. I am sorry for what I must do to you and Naamah, but there is no other way. I hope you understand and continue to be my favorite sculptor and shape a new, smaller universe on Earth.” 5 With those words, Naamah and I were turned into mortals. 6 We looked into the heavens and could see the great flood of God’s power washing over the universe, killing our brothers and sisters who had refused to respect the Lord’s word. 7 Some fought uselessly against His power, but their battling formed black holes–permanent scars on the Lord’s creation.

    Chapter 6
    1 Naamah and I were saddened by the loss of our ability to shape the heavens, but we were grateful the Lord chose us to shape a new creation. And so we set to work with mortal hands

  2. Congratulations! That is great news.

    Remember, you are a pioneer of sorts. And you know how to know who the pioneers are, right? But the subscription/pay for content model should have happened years ago. I think the main reason it didn’t is because we were all so conditioned to look for “portals” like dead-tree newspaper sites and well funded aggregators instead of hunting down original content. And of course, Google being the primary way to find content is a major issue, since they’ve admitted they skew results to favor sites using their advertising engine.

    But people are waking up to the idea that free beer isn’t always free. There’s always a catch. As we all know, in the case of Internet content it means it comes with selling your eyeballs to the highest bidder and keeping tabs on everything you’re looking at. The presentation of Video is nothing but portals and I expect that to continue and find it’s way into other content, much like the bad old days of AOL and CompuServe.

    The sad thing is that the alternatives exist. RSS feeds, super-simple ways to publish new content, and it’s never been cheaper to set up a server. Content creators like you are figuring it out, but there’s still a major gap: promoting your site. There’s still a need to get your name out there. Here’s another thing you’re doing right, getting out on Tom Wood’s podcast and


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