We Damned Well Did It!

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It must have been a good sign. FrankenHarley is operational; I got my “Lost” jumpsuit in the mail… (motor pool logo, of course) and we just cleared the pie chart.

We’re in the green! Made it!

I want to thank in particular:

Alan, Chris W., Sean, Chris T., Hanh, Henry, Bob and “Duke” for their generous support. Seriously, I’d rotate your tires; you could borrow my tools – anytime.

So, again, thanks!

And: big batch o’ stickers headed out tomorrow…






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  1. Love what you do and the road to success is yours.

    Creativity is the mother of artistry, the father of great works, and the soul of the author.

    Quotes on Writing – 4 min

    Keep on keeping on, just passing thru.

    Genius regular guys who’ve proclaimed: What if we’re the exact same people online and offline. We can be paleolibertarians who deny the potential of technology and badmouth everyone who doesn’t conform and lump them together so we don’t have to adapt and evolve. We…

    Come to sites like this for the tech info and personal stories. A traditional forum like this is much more friendly for users like me. OT digressions can branch off into a new thread, and there’s no stupid nesting comment limit when things get interesting. The main site has what seems to me a lot of sock puppets or bots just to stir shit up – Tor Libertarian, Clover, David… all seem like sock puppets to me. Some asshole with painted socks on his hand staging an argument between left hand and right hand. Feh. I don’t need the drama, the pissing into the wind, that I see on the main site. That’s it, really. There’s some really good people, some very sharp minds, that hang out at EPA; your reviews and views on auto tech and policy are always good reads and generate great comments from user’s personal experience. The arguing about how many angels can dance on the head of a Libertarian pin bullshit is much less useful, noxious, and avoided here. My character fault is brutal honesty when asked for it. Peace, and good luck.

    Can anyone point me to a post where Tor, Clover, David, etc., share with us what car they drive? What their favorite car was,or a useful fix? I don’t even get the impression that they’ve ever driven from their posts. wtf.

    I agree about the articles that are not connected with autos. It seems they are rants that would receive more attention on web sites that are more appropriate for their content. I do think the auto articles and the forum are good and worth reading.

    Keep on keeping on, internet schlubs who’ve passively accepted that online reality is subordinate to real world reality by fiat.

    Keep on thinking you’re the good guys that have only one name. You know the name the govt forced your parents to assign you at birth. Way to come infect a new frontier and reduce it to an exact vanilla snoozefest replica of the regular world that’s a complete pile of shit in most ways.

    You geniuses who only use your real name and real reputation on the internet guys just keep on keeping on.

      • Yeah all good, just been AFK. Still movin the parentals to some new digs in houston area, but had a chance to log in, read a few pages, and to post right quick.
        What’d I miss?
        Somewhere on I-40 there were 1000s of cars backed up. Finally got to the source of the prob, it was 2 heroes standing watch and three guys sweeping the shoulders with push brooms.


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