Chris Christie – The GOP’s Herman Goring

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Fat collectivist slob hugs Obamacare:

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  1. Hermann’s family was one of many Germans and Dutch who were mercilessly plundered and holocausted by the British in South Africa.

    America’s taking of the British side in the tangled ancient clashes between empires and tribes is proving to be its fatal conceit.

    Chris Christie is but one of many countless bloated Goering-Americans.

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  2. Chris Christie is running for reelection in a primarily Democrat and Free Stuff Army state. Anything that comes from the Federal Government means it doesn’t come out of his budget, so this is a win-win for him.

    And the Republican party would be idiots to not run this guy again, given he has an approval rating over 50%.

      • “anyone interested in liberty”

        So few and far between?

        Or, so numerous as to be uncounted?

        Is that like a, ‘To Be or Not too Be’, kind of question?

        I see lots of ‘Not too be’s’ everyday.

        The, ‘to be’s” not so much.

        You can practically poke the, ‘not too be’s’ with a stick if you try to use more than superficial conversation with them, it’s like they freeze up?

        50/50 odds? I don’t know.

  3. In the words of a wise internet browser by the name of Jacob, “Chris Christie sounds like a girl’s name, which is fitting because he’s obviously a total homo.” No offense to Chris Christie’s boyfriend, at least you’re the honest one…it’s just too bad Chris can’t come out in public about your relationship.

    • I apologize to all the women who may be offended that I said “Chris Christie sounds like a girl’s name”. I would like to call out Chris Christie’s father for naming him a girl’s name, because he obviously wanted a daughter and probably sexually abused Chris as a child, so we mustn’t blame Chris Christie for his actions and words, he is only acting upon the horrible childhood he was brought up upon and acting upon the money that lines his pockets in his adulthood. I shed many tears for this.

      • It’s true that many morbidly obese people were abused when young; their obesity is a kind of shield against the abuser.

        OTOH he might just be a fat fucking slob. I hate to give him the benefit of the doubt.

        Turncoat asshole.

    • I don’t care one way or another who Christie likes to sleep with. What I care about is who he likes to point guns at. He’s a bully – and looks the part. I’d love to see the tables turned – and have that fat pig forced to do calisthenics every morning and made to eat nothing but canned tuna and water.