Herman Cain – another one….

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Another “fambly values” Republican who can’t keep it in his pants…? 

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain was in the hot seat on Monday night, answering questions about allegations of sexual harassment from the 1990s during an interview that aired on Fox News’ “On the Record.”

Politico first reported on the accusations in question from when the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO was serving as head of the National Restaurant Association over a decade ago. The GOP contender, who previously denied any wrongdoing in the alleged incidents, maintained his innocence when pressed on the matter by Fox News host Greta van Susteren.

In coming to his own defense; however, Cain said that because he could recollect certain incidents taking place, that doesn’t mean they didn’t occur.

Asked if he’s ever seen a financial settlement paid to one of two women who accused him of sexual harassment, Cain said, “No. I don’t recall signing it. Now, the fact that I say I don’t recall signing it doesn’t mean that I didn’t sign it, but I simply don’t recall if I signed it.”

Cain was also presented with questions on the settlement issue during an interview on PBS’ NewsHour that aired the same night. Below, an excerpt of the exchange:

JUDY WOODRUFF: And in terms of the settlement which was reached by the Restaurant Association, you as the CEO were not aware of that, or you were aware of that?

HERMAN CAIN: I was not. I was aware that an agreement was reached. The word “settlement” versus the word “agreement,” you know, I’m not sure what they called it. I know that there was some sort of agreement, but because it ended up being minimal, they didn’t have to bring it to me. My general counsel and the head of human resources had the authority to resolve this thing. So it wasn’t one of those things where it got above a certain authority level and I had to sign it. If I did — and I don’t think I did — I don’t even remember signing it because it was minimal in terms of what the agreement was.

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