89-Year-Old Victimized by “Hero” Cops

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Poor old guy gets visited by the thug scrum:


  1. There was a similar property taken in South Carolina when I77 was being laid out. The house stood empty for 12 years before the highway construction got to the point where it was demolished. It’s not unlikely that the old couple’s property won’t even be needed for the years they have left on earth.

    There’s a reason that the old truck routes are much more winding than the new interstates. When the old truck routes were being built, property owners could, and often did, say no.

    Now, every level of government is unbound by law and does what it pleases, with no regard for the people it pretends to serve.

  2. http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2012/10/25/highway_407_east_expansion_expropriation_fight_threatens_costly_delays.html

    Antons Kapostins has been living in the Ajax home he built with his bare hands on 13 acres of farmland for 50 years now, but it’s recently been demanded that he leave. The house, which sits on a half-acre lot, has been taken by the Ministry of Transportation; they expropriated the land in March 2011 for the first phase of the Highway 407 East construction.

    After moving from Latvia, Kapostins and his wife, Gaida, 87, built their home and raised three sons. Over the years, they raised their own cattle and produced their own food, and Kapostins worked at the local factory. He and his wife just want to spend the last of their days on their farm.

    Of the 342 properties needed for the first phase of construction, it is the last one to be forced to vacate and comply. Bob Nichols, a spokesperson for the Ministry, admitted that “a few” of the other properties had also not been acquired “amicably.”

    • That’s pretty twisted. Steal the land for a fraction, now that they’ve essentially devalued it through the threat of constructing this road, and then force this elderly couple out. Sick bastards!

      • Highway 407 is the first completely electronically operated toll highway opened in the world. It is leased to a private consortium for 99 years who made a one time payment. The tolls go to various private parties in Australia, Spain, and Canada.


        Maryland Route 200, the Intercounty Connector(ICC) is another road of this type. It also uses all-electronic tolling, with tolls payable through E-ZPass or billed using Automatic Number Plate Recognition. Users of this road without E-ZPass are charged an addition 50% surcharge for not having an E-ZPass.


        This hijacking of private property for to build government controlled property illustrates the “pure fascism” economic model. It is the SOP of Canada & the USSA. “Commerce” occurs with no voluntary private party participation whatsoever, and with nothing off-limits from being stolen by the state for the “general welfare”


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