Hero Openly Says He Doesn’t Care What “The Law” is

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This is the complete footage of the illegal arrest of Army Master Sergeant CJ Grisham back in March 2013. While on a hike with his 15-year old son, Grisham was approached by Officer Steve Ermis of the Temple PD. When Ermis didn’t like the answer to one of his questions, he decided to take Grisham’s weapon without asking or notification. At no time did Ermis explain to Grisham that he was under investigation of any sort. At the moment Ermis grabbed his personal rifle, Grisham instinctively reacted by grabbing the weapon. This momentary reaction is what prosecutors claim “interfered with the duties of a public servant”. After the officer threw Grisham onto the hood of the car, still without explaining the charges against him or why he was being disarmed, Grisham refused to comply with orders to have his hands cuffed until he was certain he could get a record of the illegal arrest.


  1. Example: I’ve been pulled over in my car many times for so-called “unregistered”. I had the original plates removed by a cop years ago – unlawfully (and sans my presence actually). Because the plates don’t have printed on them anywhere “remains the property of VicRoads” or such, attaching them to your property makes them a lawful chattel of yours.

    This makes wheel clamps your property as well, unless they “remain the property of” somebody. Their removal is lawful, because you may attach or remove anything to your property, it’s a Common Law right.

    In any case, my car, although considered “unregistered”, is still on the VicRoads register of vehicles, considered “inactive”, but still on the “register”. The charge of “unregistered” is incorrect your honour. The car will remain on the register permanently unless they receive a write-off notice.

    I print my own plates on the computer for it. Some cops think they can take them off me, but some know better – they’re private property and can’t be confiscated. That’s the difference. Just about every cop has a different “opinion”, rather than full knowledge of the law.

    A very important video follows that everyone should see. This guy was just trying to feed himself and was charged with illegal fishing and then resisting arrest. The judge ended up leaving her post and he closed his own case.



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