Reader Question: Freedom Cars?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Kris asks: Been reading for a few weeks now and love the reviews and the objective commentary is really refreshing. Heard you as a guest on Real News with David Knight who I am also a big fan of so want to give him a plug. I’m a huge car fan, but not necessarily in the traditional sense of just loving them to look at them. I only want to drive them. This is great because I live in a ruralish community and commute to a city so I get plenty of seat time, but I’m also an efficiency freak, which takes away a little of the fun. (Knowing my fun is blowing cash and inching my car nearer to the end of its finite life!).

These conflicting interests play heavily in my selection of cars. I want a car that feels like you’re driving it, and feels like it likes to be driven hard, but doesn’t punch you in the pocket book for stretching the legs and remembering what actually driving a car means. Also, I want the option to be able to work on my car so it can’t be crazy complex (ruling out hybrid anythings) I submit to you that the car that I’m describing is maximizing a car’s “freedom factor.” My current weapon of choice is a 2013 Golf TDI with sport suspension package. Hugs the road, lacks a little in handling balance from the fwd, but more than makes up for it in the torquey diesel (shines on rural back roads) that sips fuel and runs and runs and runs (500k miles of runs). Agree?  Disagree? What are your thoughts on other cars that rank high in the “freedom” factor? Thanks in advance!

My reply: Well, Kris – if you stick around or read through the archives here you will quickly discover that I am a card-carrying member of the TDI Army (some will get this reference to a legendary hair/glam metal band). I love these cars long time! As you’ve already nicely explained, they punch all the buttons: Extremely efficient but also extremely fun to to drive as well as very long-lived cars. The only thing not to like is the war being waged on them by the government. VW was crucified not so much for “cheating” – that was merely he excuse, much in the same way that “fighting terror” has become the excuse for the piecemeal assault on our ex-freedoms.

The real reason VW was attacked is because VW’s diesels were a mortal threat to the Electric Car Agenda. They were too efficient – and not expensive enough. Why would any sane person spend $35k to buy an EV that can go maybe 200 miles before it needs to be plugged in for hours when for $22k they could buy a TDI Golf or Jetta that can go 700 miles and which takes 5 minutes to refuel?

VW was also working on a 100-plus MPG diesel powered commuter car – which we’ll never see because of Uncle.

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  1. I wish i got the TDI back before the culling.

    Question though. Why would Diesel be killed off in favor of electric vehicles? Does this oil lobby not have the strenght it once did?

    • C_lover,
      I have been pondering that same question, about the oil cartel. I doesn’t make sense. When a cartel as large as oil has their life blood taken from them they don’t sit around and let it go, someone is going have an “accident”. This whole push for electrics, it’s odd that Eric hasn’t picked up on this.

  2. You know, couldn’t of said why The Limp Wristed Queen (Barry) and his administration went after TDI any better

    It’s a shame, I’m more a tuner/HP guy, but I’d of love to of gotten a TDI and worked on it and used it as a fun road tripper

    Hopefully after the midterms, after the Red wave drowns out the Libtards and RINOs, maybe then Trump can undo what was done with Diesels, although the Globalists in Europe will ensure that VW doesn’t make another TDI again 🙁


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