Watch These “OathKeepers” Honoring Their Oaths

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Here’s video from Tulsa, OK showing how much armed government workers respect the law.

A man and some friends attempt to peacefully – and lawfully – open carry in a public park, which is legal in OK. He is Hut! Hut Hutted! by a gang of armed government workers, all Tacticooled  up, jacked-up and tatted up (see about 7 minutes into the video).

The AGWs claim that this public park is private property – in which case, why are AGWs “serving” and “protecting” on private property? – even though the man being filmed has proof it is not and points out to the AGWs that state law pre-empts any local “policy” with regard to the legality of open or concealed carry.

These tatted-up thugs are not going to stand between you and the government when the government decrees you’re not allowed to possess a gun. They will be the ones Hut! Hut! Hutting! at your door to collect them.

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  1. Another of the endless examples of the contempt the AGW has for your firearm rights. These animals can not stand the thought that normal folks are allowed to have the same deadly force at their fingertips that they do.

    They always go out of their way to embarrass, harass, and especially humiliate the person with the firearm.

    If you ever hear an AGW, while wearing one of those huge US flags on their shirt sleeve, talk about his support of the 2nd amendment, that is one doozy of a lie.

    And Wayne LaPierre, you should be ashamed of yourself for ignoring this sort of thing. End the badge licking and get a pair. Stop enabling these people.


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