Video Rant: Four Times the Juice!

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Here’s a look at something new – no belts (or pulleys) driving accessories, including the water pump. Everything driven electrically  – by a 48 volt electrical system. The 2020 Mercedes GLE is among the first to come with this much more powerful electrical system and the main reason why has more to to do with ASS (automated stop/start) than anything else.

ASS is becoming unavoidable in new cars, because it’s a “field expedient” way for the car manufacturers to achieve compliance with Uncle’s fuel-efficiency fatwas. Shutting off the engine as much as possible is a a way to”save gas” – without further downsizing or de-powering the engine.

But 12V systems – especially the 12V starter battery –   just haven’t got enough juice to deal with the restarting the engine potentially dozens of times a day instead of just a couple of times. It taxes the battery – and so shortens its life.

It’s also hard to get a smooth/quiet re-start without an extremely powerful/fast starter motor – and that requires more juice.

Four times as much juice, apparently.

. . .

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  1. I doubt these systems are any more efficient than a belt and pulley. I’ve read that a bicycle chain is more than 98% efficient, at least when maintained properly. I’m sure the belts aren’t to that level, but for sure it is going to be better than a motor/generator, cable loss and another electric motor.

    Spending dollars to save pennies.

  2. Didn’t cadillac do the electric water pump for a while in the early 2000’s and it ended up in failure. Once it starts to leak it fries itself.

  3. So Benz trusts you with its very expensive merchandise, and its reputation to boot, but GM won’t. Too bad for GM, or any other manufacturer that lacks confidence, and fears they won’t withstand honest review and scrutiny. It’s a shame that the majority of US manufacturers are become fascades of “virtue” and integrity, when the reality is that they have none of those qualities themselves.

    • It’s not because they don’t trust him with their cars or don’t want to risk an honest review. It’s because he said something politically incorrect that “triggered” a leftist drone, and so had to be excommunicated.

      • I know, but it still doesn’t make the rest untrue, lol! The psychology behind their facade of arrogance is always more compelling to delve into, don’t you agree?

  4. Right now it’s around $500 for the batteries for a 24 volt truck.

    So, $1000 worth of batteries on this thing ????

    • Don’t forget the $1500 worth of labor to remove half the engine, take out the battery, install the new battery, authenticate the battery with the car’s systems using Mercedes proprietary software and a $4000 exclusive Mercedes tool for the dealers only, then reassemble the engine. These things will be $5000 on Craigslist after their fourth winter, or however long the warranty is. Of course, batteries will probably be considered wear items like tires, and not covered by warranty.


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