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This August 2016 image provided by shows Abdul Razak Ali Artan in Columbus, Ohio. Authorities identified Abdul Razak Ali Artan as the Somali-born Ohio State University student who plowed his car into a group of pedestrians on campus and then got out and began stabbing people with a knife Monday, Nov. 28, 2016, before he was shot to death by an officer. (Kevin Stankiewicz/ via AP)
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Well, I suppose that leaves me. What the hell. I am already a marked heretic and doomed to ride the cattle car – or at least, to be carted off by angry snowflakes offended by my politically incorrect musings.

So, here goes:

Yesterday’s mass attack in Ohio.

Point the first, I had to search to find a picture of the attacker. For most of yesterday, none of the presstitute media seemed able to find an image of the Somali who knifed a bunch of people, several of them to death. Yet I was able to find a picture of Abdul Razak Ali Artan just by Googling  his name.


I strongly suspect that had a similar attack been carried out by a “deplorable” white male, his face would have been impossible to avoid seeing.

And the victims.

They were, it seems, not Somalis. They were Americans. White Americans, it appears. .

So it would appear that this was a racially motivated attack.

But the races being reversed, the attack doesn’t fit the narrative.

Which us why the story is going away.

It is not even 24 hours since the Angry Somali went on his killing spree yet – as of 7:11 a.m. this morning, the day after, the story is not even rostered among CNN’s headliners or even sideliners.

Instead I encounter the following, far more important and timely stories:

Why Donald Trump won’t change

Panelist: Give Trump ‘his medication’

Trump attacks CNN

Obamacare critic tapped for HHS secretary

And they wonder why circulation/viewership is down.

The presstitute media goes batshit when a white psycho runs amok, using it to cudgel white people as a group and to demand more “control” of them by the government. But when a psychotic non-white goes berserk, the response is strikingly subdued, the coverage of the suspect far more gentle.

These presstitutes are, if course, the same people who sing of “equality” at every opportunity.

But as Orwell famously observed, some animals are more equal than others.

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  1. I think this story is going away for at least two inconvenient reasons that don’t fit the preferred narrative:

    1) The only person killed was the attacker, and they were killed basically as soon as someone with a gun showed up. And if any of the bystanders had been armed, they could have done the job themselves with no risk of being killed.

    2) Calls for “common sense” car and knife control are obvious political losers, while progressives haven’t yet grasped that the gun control is also slowly turning more and more into a political loser — it’s just not obvious to THEM yet, despite the thousands of local legislative seats they’ve lost.

  2. You know. You read these peoples comments. Does anyone ever listen to what they say? They give the reason, we just choose to ignore it. The reason is not religion. It is always blowback. They are tired of us destroying the part of the world they associate with. The horrible things we are doing. We pretend that this is somehow a religious problem.

    I promise you that if we started to destroy and slaughter people in Ireland, and we do it for decades without end. There is going to be similar attacks. People reach a breaking point that they can’t watch it happen any more.

    Were these kids at college innocent? Maybe. They voted, or didn’t vote. They are no more innocent than the hundreds of thousands we’ve killed in the middle east because we didn’t like their leaders.

    Our people need to wake up and realize the problems we are causing.

    • I’m with you, Todd.

      I in no way condone the actions of this cretin. That said, I understand the concept of blowback. Were I a bedouin in the desert, minding my business, until one day a cruise missile dropped from the sky and blew up my family, I would probably be angry about it.

      • Right, to acknowledge there is a cause isn’t to excuse the action. The problem is that Americans never acknowledge the cause. We make up some crazy nonsense to support our moral superiority.

        I can’t help imagine that if our news was full of dead children that we have caused, perhaps we might feel differently. We are intentionally shielded from that view, we are fed propaganda about our “heros” keeping us free.

        I remember the outrage that Michael Moore showed children playing in Iraq before our attacks. It looked just like any American city. How dare he show them like that. It might Humanize the enemy. Whose enemy? Certainly not mine.

        • It’s like we live in a bizzaro world. “Ohio State can’t figure out motive” He told you the motive!!

          Then you have this hero, 2 tour Iraq vet 28 year old.

          Anderson Payne, 28, an Army veteran, served two tours in Iraq without injury. Today he is nursing knife wounds sustained on an American college campus.

          “He turned and went to swing the knife at me and I reached up with my left hand and I grabbed the blade so that it couldn’t hit me and that gave me enough time to duck under his arm and make my way into the building to get away from him,” He just ran away, after being stabbed in the hand.

          When is everyone going to wake up??

          • Also just noticed that Ohio State is one of the places having the massive anti Trump protests. Wonder if all that nonsense is still going on. Maybe the huge tension and stress in the school pushed him over the edge.

  3. I’ve noticed this for many many years. Politically useful events are shaped and exploited to maximum effect. Politically useless or damaging events go away quickly if they show up beyond a local news story in the first place.

    I lost faith in the news media in the 1990s. I saw the same news story covered by the same network on two different news programs before and after an election. Before: FDA is blocking perfectly fine defibrillators from the market and people are dying. (going through the model that had been used for over ten years in europe, how US manufacturers were shut down on paper work issues, etc) After: The FDA is protecting us from unproven defibrillators. (going through how european standards aren’t good enough and US manufacturers could be making defective product because their paperwork wasn’t correct)

    In the first case if I remember right a democrat was trying to fix it. In the second republicans were trying to fix it.

  4. I’ve noticed similar lack of reporting. Information seems sketchy even a day later, though, so all the following is subject to updates.

    First, from what I HAVE been able to find, the only person to have died in the attack was the attacker, who was shot by a cop or campus cop (not sure which). About eight victims are in the hospital, and possibly one or two in critical condition, but no one else yet has died.

    Second, it appears the guy pulled the fire alarm, hopped in his car, and waited for the crowd to evacuate the building before mowing down as many as he could. Only then did it become a knife attack, once he got out of the car. It seems the majority of the injured were hurt by the car, not stabbed/cut.

    Third, and most pertinent to the point you’re making, as soon as the MSM learned no guns were involved, this totally dropped off their radar. If only a single person had been shot by the attacker, we would never hear the end of it. Instead, it was the proverbial”good guy with a gun” who stopped the attack. It needn’t have been a cop. If campus concealed carry were permitted, it could have been any number of people. I’m not sure it would have made much difference since most seem to have been injured by the vehicle, and the time to react would have been merely a couple of seconds.

    It reminds me of the attack in Southern California (Pasedena?) a few years ago where a student murdered his roommates with a knife, then hopped in his car and mowed down pedestrians and eventually stopped and got out of the car with a gun. The vast majority of those injured or killed were harmed not by a gun, but it was repeatedly referred to as a “mass shooting” until the media realized that description was a bald faced lie. Then the story completely died. Much like this one.

    If they can’t blame guns, then they aren’t interested. They only report facts that seem to support their prevailing narrative, not reality as it actually is. Race may also be a motivator in dropping the story, but probably less so.

    • And, of course, no one even hinted at “blowback”. Word association kicked in immediately when I saw “Somali” in the later reports. Then words like “Rant” started being featured. Cinched it. After all, they only envy our wealth and freedom. George, The Younger, said so.

      But Ron Paul, leading the pack to make us understand, is a Russian Apologist according to WaPo.

  5. Can’t believe no one could bum rush the guy and tackle him. It was just a knife. Ohio State isn’t some pussy liberal arts school. Instead, wait for the police to shoot first. Much easier to speculate on the cause (and ignore any prescription meds he might have been on).

    PS: getting pretty tired of the overzealous spam detector blocking posts with imbedded links.


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