Reader Question: Is it Crazy to Buy a Non-Electric Car?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Mary asks: I’ve read several of your articles about electric cars and specifically, about the way they’re being forced onto the market. I also know that several European  countries have passed laws banning non-electric cars, as soon as 2030. My question is – do you think it makes sense to buy an expensive new car that I might not be allowed to drive just ten years from now or even sooner?

My reply: I think this is a very valid concern. I think it is extremely likely that, at the least, exorbitant “fees” will be imposed on non-electric cars, as a cudgel to force them off the road. Even the prospect of such “fees” is apt to depress the resale value of non-electric cars, which will also cost you money. The car you buy this year may be effectively worthless ten years from now, whether because no one will give you anything for it in sale or trade or because you’re not allowed to use it anymore.

I foresee this as inevitable because EVs cannot compete with non-EVs on economy, practicality or longevity. Therefore, just as EVs are being forced onto the market via regulations and mandates, non-EVs will be forced off the market (and the roads) in the same manner.

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  1. Hopefully if the PTB try to ban ICEV’s that will be the tipping point where all us proles finally decide we’re mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. Hope I live to see it, apologies to the writers of “Network”.

  2. Eric,

    If EVs are forced on us in this way; if we’re not allowed to buy a cheaper, more practical alternative ICEV; then what do we do when our present ICEVs wear out or are forced off the road? What do we do?! Are we supposed to go out and buy an EV that we can’t afford? Also, if we can’t really afford to move in to a city with a good transit system, how are we supposed to get around where we are?

    Do you see these ICEV bans coming here? Do you see them being widespread?


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