Reader Question: Electric Cars and Saaaaaaaaaaafety?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

David asks: I agree with your points concerning pure EVs – but I think that PHEV does have a few advantages (at the expense of two complete systems to move the vehicle). I just saw a MythBusters Jr show that demonstrates the violent destruction of Lithium batteries in a garbage truck. Given your observation that the government is so “safety” oriented, one would think that these batteries should be better protected. Especially going into a vehicle. How many Tesla vehicle fires have there been already? These batteries are everywhere now and do pose a great risk to everyone. Where are the Safety regulations?

My reply: I don’t dispute that EVs – and hybrids and standard IC cars – all have their advantages as well as disadvantages. The argument is over whether the government has any business imposing its preferences on the market.

And when we speak of “the government,” let’s be precise. It is not some Oz-like deity. “Government” is just other people. How did these other people acquire the right to dictate to us the types of cars we’ll be allowed to buy? Or which we’ll be forced to buy?

It’s rather obnoxious when you view it this way – which is the accurate and honest way.

With regard to your question about EVs and saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety:

There is no question they are being held to a lesser standard. And it’s not just the battery issue, either. Most EVs have some degree of automated driving technology and this has resulted in accidents and deaths. Manufacturers such as Tesla are being allowed to use public roads as their proving grounds – another very obnoxious thing, when you stop to think about it a bit.

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