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Here two Heroes arrest/cage a biker over the trumped up charge of – wait for it – “obstructed license plate.”

The swine confected this “crime” so they’d have an excuse to confiscate the biker’s camera, which contained video of other bikers “speeding”… the infuriated porkers couldn’t get those bikers. So they hassled this guy – who ha dnot been “speeding” or doing any other illegal thing.

“Nice policemen,” eh Clover?


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    “Justice officials in the province are under no legal obligation to explain why the Sûreté du Québec officer will not be charged after he allegedly exceeded the posted speed limit by 72 kilometres an hour while on routine business in a Montreal suburb and struck a car, killing the child in the back seat.”

    I bet Clover thinks this is just fine.

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    William Dennison35 minutes ago
    These cops are flat criminals. You get arrested for an obstructed license plate? I can see it in the camera as it pans by. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Then steal the man’s personal property after assaulting him? I have to tell you, I cringe at the idea that people are saying that these two “pigs” should be hunted down and killed, but MAYBE they should be. The cops are learning nothing from the society that has turned against them.

    a2zme1 day ago
    How is this in any way legal?.. Cops just making up fantasy laws on the spot.

    Depro Nine1 day ago
    I would find that giant baby looking fat fucker & stick him like the pig he is. 

    AFreedomLovingTexan1 day ago
    This is so disgusting. What kind of human thinks they can treat someone like that?

    F.T.G.1 day ago (edited)

    Michael Crews1 day ago
    This is Texas, cops don’t give shit. Get his badge number and name then spread it online and let’s all file complaints. These cops are trash and the scum of society

    CopBlock update – motorcyclist suing for $1 million Fed Reserve Doll Hairs

    Thug hero is
    James Westbrook, who wears a Dallas Co. Sheriff’s Department badge
    Date of Incident: 5/27/12
    Individual Responsible: Deputy James Westbrook
    Outfit: Dallas County Sheriff’s Department
    Phone: 214.653.3450

    The rider refuses to give the deputy any of his belongings, hands his license and registration over, and waits as instructed. Upon the deputy’s return with a police deputy in tow, he is placed under arrest for clearly fraudulent charge of “having a partially covered license plate”.

    He is then slammed to the hood of the patrol car by both deputy thugs while being handcuffed, his helmet ripped from his head, and shoved violently into the backseat while the sheriffs deputy slams the car door shut several times in a rage telling the non-combative rider/victim to “Relax, and calm down”.

    The rider’s license plate is clearly visible, his rights are violated, he is slammed and shoved around, and illegally arrested.

    The outcome is the sheriffs deputy being suspended for 30 days, a $1million law suit, tax payers paying the bill, and one more video in an ocean of videos proving that law enforcement agencies are an organized criminal gang of thugs and halfwits.

    Dallas News Crimeblog

    Chris Moore’s attorney, James Pikl, says the case was settled. He cannot say who settled — James Westbrook or his employer, Dallas County. “The dispute has been settled,” he says. “That’s all I can say.” Anything further would nullify terms of the agreement. Turns out, we’re not the only ones taking a recent interest in the case, though. Pikl says others have called recently, including attorneys, and they received the same answer we did.

    What a Country!

    Hero Pig James Westbrook files his own lawsuit. Skwheel.

    Westbrook is requesting the county overturn their decision, pay him back for the suspension and pay for his attorney’s fees.

    • Dallas is where the police chief has “enacted” new illegal rules(being challenged by countless groups)of allowing cops accused of shooting someone 72 hrs to corroborate with other cops to work out a fictional story that absolves them. Of course any observer or victim who survives must deliver his story pronto, no matter if they have to finish him off at the horsepital that’s part and parcel of the “just us” system in this state. Wish I had the mindset of Chigur in No Country for Old Men. There’d be a lot less of them.


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