“Nice Policeman” Just Wants to “Ask” a Question

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This one’s especially for you, Clover:

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  1. Context of this illegitimate assault for the bootlickers.

    This man is a nursing student at the school.

    A week ago, the suspect had either lost his laptop charger or it was stolen. He confronted a friend about it, the friend told the police he was harassing him, but they then resolved the issue.

    The police during this encounter (one week later) just happened to see him on the campus and decided to confront him about the disagreement, indicating that they already knew who the fuck he as already. He was committing no crime when the police confronted him, and he had no obligation to identify himself or to answer any questions.

    The cops escalated this for no good reason. The arrest is bullshit, their behavior is bullshit, and anyone who supports what the cops did is an enemy of common sense, liberty, and shits on the graves of soldiers who bled to preserve the Constitution. Walk proud, bootlickers.

    Their reason given in the video is bullshit, because it is not possible to be guilty of obstruction for exercising his 5th Amendment right. They could not give him a valid reason because he broke no laws.

    Long past are the days when it was respectable to be a cop in America.


  2. Yeesh, for some reason this title gives me the willies along the lines of demented plastic Lego men under the rule of Mr. Bill:

    ““Nice Policeman” Just Wants to “Ask” a Question”

    And then suddenly a Samurai Warrior appears with a cheeseburger and a Pepsi.

    I read an article once with a title along the lines of “Plastic People” I’m reminded of that too.

    Anyway, I kind of wanted your opinion on this bit, if you saw any errors, this seems as good a place as any:

    “A Lot of people are Very confused about life.
    WROL is Not anarchy.
    WROL is chaos.
    Chaos is quite the opposite of anarchy.
    Likely everyday you participate in anarchy. You walk down a sidewalk or stroll through a grocery store isle. There are no stop signs in the grocery store isle, the grocery carts have no turn signals, nor do the people walking down the street, yet everything flows ok.
    When was the last time you saw a “walking speed limit” sign on a sidewalk, or a “No U-turn” sign on a sidewalk? People don’t need goobermint.
    They get along just fine without the need for grocery cart laws or dotted yellow lines down the sidewalks.

    Just understand this: anarchy is not an absence of rules, as highlighted above (you don’t elbow your way through the grocery store or down the sidewalk, or butt your way in a line to a club, do you?) there are rules under anarchy, but they are imposed by culture, by the People themselves, or even by religion, but not by an overlord called government. Anarchy exists everyday, all around us, all the time.

    Did you cuss out the guy who sold you gasoline?
    Why not?
    There’s no law against it.
    Perhaps it’s because you followed an anarchy rule of culture?

    Consider this:
    Civilization and property rights pre-date government.

    Or? Maybe you’re one of those types who are ok with this title:

    ‘School Teaches Kids “The Government Gives Us Rights”’

    And, maybe you’re ok with the idea that you don’t own yourself?
    If so, you may be one of “them” and you could be a lost cause, unable to fight your way out of the paper bag you’re trapped in. IDK, it’s your call. Who owns you?”

    Also, I liked this bit, and thought you guys might, too:

    “The strange phenomenon of the opposition to Anarchism is that it brings to light the relation between so-called intelligence and ignorance. And yet this is not so very strange when we consider the relativity of all things. The ignorant mass has in its favor that it makes no pretense of knowledge or tolerance. Acting, as it always does, by mere impulse, its reasons are like those of a child. “Why?” “Because.” Yet the opposition of the uneducated to Anarchism deserves the same consideration as that of the intelligent man.

    What, then, are the objections? First, Anarchism is impractical, though a beautiful ideal. Second, Anarchism stands for violence and destruction, hence it must be repudiated as vile and dangerous. Both the intelligent man and the ignorant mass judge not from a thorough knowledge of the subject, but either from hearsay or false interpretation.

    A practical scheme, says Oscar Wilde, is either one already in existence, or a scheme that could be carried out under the existing conditions; but it is exactly the existing conditions that one objects to, and any scheme that could accept these conditions is wrong and foolish. The true criterion of the practical, therefore, is not whether the latter can keep intact the wrong or foolish; rather is it whether the scheme has vitality enough to leave the stagnant waters of the old, and build, as well as sustain, new life. In the light of this conception, Anarchism is indeed practical. More than any other idea, it is helping to do away with the wrong and foolish; more than any other idea, it is building and sustaining new life.

    The emotions of the ignorant man are continuously kept at a pitch by the most blood-curdling stories about Anarchism. Not a thing too outrageous to be employed against this philosophy and its exponents. Therefore Anarchism represents to the unthinking what the proverbial bad man does to the child,–a black monster bent on swallowing everything; in short, destruction and violence.

    Destruction and violence! How is the ordinary man to know that the most violent element in society is ignorance; that its power of destruction is the very thing Anarchism is combating? Nor is he aware that Anarchism, whose roots, as it were, are part of nature’s forces, destroys, not healthful tissue, but parasitic growths that feed on the life’s essence of society. It is merely clearing the soil from weeds and sagebrush, that it may eventually bear healthy fruit.”

    Are you ignorant of what anarchism really means? You know “they” have made the word anarchy a bad word much in the same way they did to the word “conspiracy.”

    Wake up!

    ht tp://dwardmac.pitzer.edu/Anarchist_Archives/goldman/aando/anarchism.html

  3. Although this is probably preaching to the choir:

    This appears to be a waste of the gentleman’s time (at the very least.)

    1 — Do as I say or else.
    2 — Why.
    3 — Goto 1

    Eventually the pheroes get frustrated repeating themselves and jump to
    4 — Arrest the mundane and try to throw the book at him for not obeying.

    It seems that this could have been diffused if the phero explained (in plain simple language if needed) to the mundane what he did wrong. (ie what law/statute he was violating or who he was harming)

    I would not be surprised if it is a “bogus technical” foul from the following comment:
    The cop SPECIFICALLY and directly said he was arresting him “for not answering my questions”.

    (I’ll have to actually read Kafka one day. 😮 )

  4. YouTube account: vincent cordero
    This video is of an innocent student Jeffrey Michel who came to campus at Brookdale Community College in Lincroft New Jersey to do nothing but study for his education in nursing to help provide for his 2 year old daughter.

    The cop SPECIFICALLY and directly said he was arresting him “for not answering my questions”.

    Tom Thomas, Cop Block

    UPDATE- 11/17/14 – Brookdale Community College issues statement on arrest of student Jeffrey Michel

    – The reason BCC gives for the arrest, is he was resisting arrest. Questions? See Kafka – The Trial.

    “Brookdale student Jeffrey Michel, 27, was being placed under arrest by Brookdale police officers on Nov. 14 as the result of an ongoing investigation. He was charged with harassment, obstruction, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. The Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office has been notified and is conducting an investigation. We are fully cooperating with the investigation and, as a result, we are unable to comment further at this time.”

    How can I contact these heroes?

    • “How can I contact these heroes?”

      .45 ACP, 9mm, 10mm, .22, .223, etc; varied bludgeons and blades as well.
      Don’t stop until Jell-o has a new flavor, “black and thin blue line goo.”


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