A Positive Case . . .

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Most of us haven’t gotten sick – Holy Rag or no. But what’s it like to get the sickness that has paralyzed not just America but most of the world?

Herewith one reader’s experience, with some thoughts following:

I tested positive for WuFlu the week of Thanksgiving after having pneumonia-like coughing and shortness of breath the Friday night before, followed by three to four days of mostly-stay-in-bed fatigue and soreness. I had to call off work Monday and Tuesday and I knew if you got a WuFlu test, my company would pay me for time I had to miss if I could provide a lab report.

So I went to the urgent care Tuesday and the Friday after Thanksgiving they called me and said it was positive. So I had to self-isolate another week before going back (although I felt fine the second week).I feel like sort of a “traitor to the cause” because I knew I was just pumping up The Cases! – but I needed the money from work.

I must say though, the doctor who saw me did no medical work on me at all. Her advice was go home, rest, drink plenty of fluids and take over-the-counter cough syrup and cold/pain meds as needed, as I was already doing – kind of like when you have, you know, “regular” flu! No mention was made of sending me to the hospital or even prescribing any meds.  In fact, no one I saw at the clinic seemed overly concerned about my possibly having a “killer virus.”  I didn’t tell my relatives (I’m a separated man with no kids and parents both deceased) — most of them buy into the hysteria and are like “we have to wear masks, social distance, etc.” and can’t wait to get the vaccine.

I don’t want to used by them as an example of The Cases! But my question to you, and possibly your readers, is should I say something, to my relatives, co-workers, etc.?

One one hand, I feel it’s important for others to  know that basically I had the flu for a few days, not a doomsday disease, and that all the media hysteria is worst-case scenarios that don’t represent everyone who has WuFlu. On the other hand, they may just give me the “Orange Man” treatment — remember how Trump was lambasted after he had it and said people shouldn’t fear it; he was “downplaying the dangers and disrespecting the victims, blah blah blah” — and they just won’t believe me at all.

What are your thought on this?

I think it’s healthy that people who get sick point out they haven’t died – or even needed more than a few days off from work and some time in bed, perhaps.

It might calm everyone – or most everyone – down.

The populace is gripped by hysteria precisely because the populace fears death is certain if they get sick – which is a remote possibility unless the person who gets sick is already quite sick or quite old and in almost all of the “cases” of people who have actually died, both of those things combined.

The fear induced in people people who are neither already very sick or very old is the textbook definition of hypochondria, i.e., an unreasonable and disproportionate fear of sickness and death.

But it’s even worse than that because of the pressure being applied to everyone – including children, who have as much to fear from the WuFlu as they do from dying of old age.

I was at Lowes a couple of weeks ago, standing (Undiapered) in line (not anti-socially distanced) waiting to pay for some items when another person in line sneezed. You’d have thought someone had ululated Allah Akbar! and brandished a scimitar. This is the result of terrorizing the populace that they are likely to die if they catch a cold.

Somehow, it has to be relearned that catching cold – including the flu, including a bad case of flu – is and always has been part of life and that it does not mean the end of life in almost all cases and thus must not be allowed to serve as the justification for the destruction of life. Economically, socially – and literally (as per my recent column about the effects of the catastrophic depression being induced by this pointless attempt to eliminate a sickness that for most of us is just that, a sickness – not death).

I suspect I may have been a “case,” too.

At just about this time last year I had a very bad respiratory bug. My lungs gargled and crackled when I exhaled deeply and I had a bad cough, too. But I’m otherwise healthy and not elderly and so it passed after a couple of weeks – as is almost always the case with almost all respiratory infections in almost everyone who isn’t very elderly and very sick already.

And was understood to be the case for almost everyone who is not already elderly or sick and thus nothing to be unduly worried about.

We’d groan about feeling bad; we’d sigh about how our kid infected the whole family and now we’re all down with the flu . . .but we knew it was a temporary bout of feeling not-so-great and usually nothing more.

That needs to be relearned, in order to forget the fear and end the terror. I therefore encourage you to tell others that you didn’t die, in case they haven’t noticed.

We might get back to not being terrified by a sneeze.

. . . .

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  1. Oh how nice….The Impotent Orange Buffoon who can’t be bothered to pardon Julian Assange, has pardoned several ex-Congressmen who were guilty of “insider trading”. Not that I think insider trading should be a “crime” (But it is if we do it) but funny how they pardon their own ilk, while letting the nobodies and the hero who far from committing a crime performed a national service rot and even die.

      • Snowden should be pardoned as well. I have a feeling Trump may hand out a pardon for anyone who has a nice thing to say about him. Support Trump, Receive a Pardon. Unfortunately, I believe Trump has become part of the same Swamp that he stated he abhorred.

        • Exactly, RG! Same BS that’s been the norm with every politician for ever. I take it as a sign that Trump is either giving up, or knows that he is done, ’cause that’s when they hand-out the pardons…just before they close the door and turn off the light.

          • Seriously – he pardoned blackwater guards – mercenaries however you look at them. But not assange and snowdon which did more for freedom in the western world then most…. a comment I read somewhere was “draining the swamp seems to have turned to pardoning the swamp”…. says it best.

            • Morning, Nasir!

              Yeah, it appalled me, too. I still hold out (small) hope that OM will somehow prevent the senile pedophile from ascending to the purple… but I’m not sure anymore it’d make much difference.

        • Hi RG,

          Trump consciously ran as an outsider, but surrounded himself with the worst of the “swamp”. It’s really a shame, he had an opportunity, but he blew it. He still has an opportunity to do something monumental that would also raise a towering middle finger to his political enemies.

          Should he pardon Assange, the outrage on the establishment left would be enormous and greatly satisfying. Not only would he be doing the right thing, he would piss off his enemies and expose them as nothing more than partisan hypocrites. Now that’s a twofer worth doing.

          Should he pardon Snowden, the outrage from the neocon faction that pervades both parties would be enormous and gratifying. Again, he would be doing the right thing, and exposing the colossal contempt for the freedom of us “mere mundanes” exhibited by these swamp creatures. Another twofer worth doing.

          Will he? Almost certainly not.

          Anyway, Merry Christmas and I hope you give your family a drubbing at poker night.


  2. I know of 4 people (2 in CA, one in NV and one in TX) who made appointments for Covid tests but, after arriving at the test center, left without being tested because they did not want to wait in the long lines. The following week, they all received notifications they tested positive.

  3. The immune system is like a muscle.

    You have to challenge it or it will grow weak and flaccid.

    My WuFlu experience is nothing.

    A little short of breath, some general lethargy and some joint aches.

    I’ve felt worse.

    Big deal.

    • Sounds a lot like….the flu. Woo-hoo! (There, now it’s the woo-hoo flu- or wu-flu, for short!)

      Some relatives and acquaintances in the Northeast (Where there are ‘lockdowns’, and where masking is ubiquitous) have had it….same deal- sounds just like the flue, and they get over it in a week or two- only difference being their constant referring to it as “this terrible disease”, since that’s how it is referred to in the media (apparently)- i.e. all those who are “true believers” and who are baptized into the Corona cult (as opposed to just catching the flu) are granted the privilege of membership in that special group who have the stigmata of “this terrible disease”. (Of course, if their PCR test had been negative and they had had the very same symptoms, it would’ve been “just the flu”)

  4. If one listened to and believed the propaganda, one would conclude that we don’t really have an immune system. That whatever disease is floating around can ONLY be prevented by a vaccine. How could one come up with a better sales pitch for the Medical Industrial Complex? Especially with the Psychopaths In Charge leading the sales teem with the threat of violence if you don’t buy their product. Along with the willful destruction of smaller private business, it becomes clear that the main reason for the plandemic is to separate our assets from us. All of them.

    • Morning, JWK!

      It’s fascinating to me that more people aren’t troubled by the fact that the vaccine peddlers enjoy legal immunity from liability. Of course, most people are unaware of this fact – because the vaccine peddlers have massive advertising budgets and that gives them veto control over what the media is allowed to tell people.

      • I guess soon we will see either public service propaganda ads reminding us to get vaccinated, or insufferable “ask your doctor about ‘Covenience’” ads from Pfizer, equipped with some annoying jingle and imagery of people having fun, subliminally chucking us the finger.

        Was listening to the radio this morning, with the hosts yammering about how they can’t wait to get the vaccine. I threw up in my mouth.

        You want to take it? Fine. Have at it. But don’t fawn over it or gloat about it. And if you come down with something chronic and far worse than rona, don’t look to me for any sympathy, or to the government to compensate you. You wanted it so bad, you accept the consequences – good or bad – and your fate.

      • eric “It’s fascinating to me that more people aren’t troubled by the fact that the vaccine peddlers enjoy legal immunity from liability.”

        If masks work, why do we need 6′ also?

        If 6′ works, why masks?

        If both work, why lockdowns?

        If lockdowns work, why do we need a vaccine?

        If the vaccine is safe, why does Pharma need immunity from lawsuits?

        Does anyone still think this is about a virus?

        I have yet to have a maskhole come up with any coherent answers. They just get angry and accuse me of not caring about “x” being safe. Any questions about the “safety” of those trying to make a living, get a preventative health exam, a critical surgury, keeping sane through personal contact, who are denied these…….. ignored. NOTHING is as critical or important as “the Virus”. All other considerations secondary, if even considered at all.

        If life was fair at all, stupidity would be painful for the stupid, not those who are affected by their stupidity.

        • The wife and I have been robbing our bank account for cash for over a year. Why do that? Because I believe in what several economists say, the ones who’ve predicted every time the federal banksters wanted more money. I knew the economy was going to tank.

          After 911 I realized there was no end to what they would do to us. When wuflu hit we just shook our heads and said “They’re really going for the gold this time”. I considered it might be real but already knew the planning had already been practiced. It was depressing to watch the general public eat this shit up but it seems the longer I live the better the public likes to eat any shit fed to them……more please, I’ll believe anything.

          I had already experienced the stupidity and ignorance of college educated people back during 911 since 6 of the 7 members of the RRRT just ate that bs up about the planes turning buildings into dust.

          Never mind I was the only person familiar with construction and deconstruction of buildings. I was cussed and called all sorts of names. They even ate up that shit when it turned out to be a perfect Saudi passport that somebody ran out of building 2 and handed to a detective and ran off.

          The wife and I have been sick this year. It’s one of those really dry years and we were eating benedryl like crazy with all the snot we were pouring.I got sicker first by a day or so since I always do. It was the same old allergy caused bronchitis we have nearly every year.

          We laid around and took those OTC drugs to knock it back and got well in a bit over a week with nothing but some Evan White to let ease over our throats.My uncle taught me when you got sick with crap like that just take a bottle of bourbon to bed and you’d be well in a few days. My throat was swelled almost shut one morning and I lay there and took as small amount of Evan in my mouth and let it soak on my throat and got rid of it in 24 hrs.

          I have had influenza and got a terrible ass-kicking from it at time. I had the Hong Kong flu in 68. It picked me up, threw me down, stomped on me and tried to boil and freeze me to death all at the same time. Now that was some real flu boys and girls.

          A dorm mate had a pass to a really good spa for men, dry and wet sauna, huge hot pool(no tubs back then, this thing had a rock wall at an angled down the long side and you could boil and flop your head back into that really cold water.

          I stayed in that long enough it took 4 healthy guys to drag me out and throw me in the cold pool which was a bit of a shock but amazingly after several seconds you get warm all over, amazing. After I’d swum in it a few minutes I walked out and took a shower, then got in the wet sauna and coughed up enough horrible colored snot to paint a building, then went into the dry sauna for a while. I took a final shower and actualy felt pretty good and knew it was all but over and it was. At no time did I take an antibiotic, maybe a bit of nyquil or more than a bit. That was the good old days when it was chock full off alkyhol. That was the winter I learned to make Nyquil on the rocks as nearly everyone did. It happened right before midterm tests so everyone drank Nyquil till they passed out and the smart ones drank it before going for a test. It’s a proven fact that if you get drunk while studying, getting drunk will increase the scores because you can recall when you’re drunk what you studied when you’re drunk.

          I don’t worry about the health aspects of this supposed plandemic but the thought of becoming just another Chinese prisoner scares hell out of me. I might be tough but I’m certainly not fearless.

          • 8, don’t need no economist to tell us where things are going…when both parties collaborated to print-up more money at one time than was ever spent by government in the 200 years that this country’s been on the map…or when I just sold two items on Ebay, used, for DOUBLE what I paid for them brand new not too long ago. But hey, Uncle gave my mother $20 a month more on her Socialist Security, ’cause they say inflation’s only “1%”……

            • Nunz, my point was there are people who know “when” the money market is going to crash. I was paying close attention in ’08.

              There’s a guy named Mat who has Winders towing that pretty entertaining on YT. His story is he worked for a roofing company for 12 years, then bought it and sold it after a couple years.

              What he leaves out till just today was he bought it in ’07 and he sold it in ’08. He sold it in ’08 because he had a family and was starving(he didn’t say that). I just happened to be roofing in ’08 and had a list of roofs to do as long as my arm one day and the next I had a couple roofs to finish and none on the “to do” list. My phone rang off the hook. Hey,, we’re not going to roof after all.

              Those guys building houses had one hell of a time getting out from under the ones that were being built and that list of houses to build evaporated like the list I had to roof. Killing it one day, looking for fuel you could afford to get back home the next day…..and that’s no exaggeration. I recall the last fuel I bought “for cash” for a long time was up to $5.26/gal since the Shrub gave the oil companies to gouge till the day he left. It had been less than $3 a month before.

        • People who believe in vaccines do have any trouble with the lack of liability. Bringing it up will cause them to think you’re a conspiracy kook.

          Vaccine believers tend to work under a rationality that whatever they are being vaccinated against will kill them very soon so long term adverse effects do not matter. They will also say things like that they would rather have a living autistic child or a living child crippled in some other way than one who died from as if those were the only two options. And those are only the believers who will accept that vaccines are not perfect. Most refuse to believe they aren’t.

          Keep in mind many of the vaccination faithful will in the next breath tell you how the big pharma corporations and all corporations are evil and only looking to cheat people. They will claim the FDA keeps us safe. Of course the vaccines they make are 100% safe, effective, and manufactured without flaw or defect and the fact that the FDA’s budget comes from them is not any problem at all. The revolving door between them and the FDA? no problem there either.

          There’s no reasoning with those incapable of it.

  5. At the beginning of the movie “The Big Lebowski”, The Dude writes a check for 0.67 cents, the date on the check is marked Sept/11/1991. The movie was released in 1998.

    Over at Ratical dot org, they have a page on Covid vaccine info.

    Here’s what it says:

    Do you know what’s in COVID-19 Vaccines?

    Lung cells lines (ChAdOx1-S recombinant) from a 14-week old, aborted, male fetus https://bit.ly/3go2qFB
    New mRNA technology that “hacks” your cellular machinery https://bit.ly/39UxnQC
    Potential injection of new bioreceptor technologies that transmit information https://bit.ly/37Mxo69
    The vaccine manufacturers are not revealing the ingredients except for the cell line above

    Did you know that a Catholic priest is dead after volunteering for the Moderna vaccine?

    Did you know that many doctors won’t take the Covid Vaccine?


  6. If ya haven’t joined FreedomCells.org yet, I noticed a couple people from Floyd are on there now, one active as recently as a few minutes ago lists their skills and barter interests. To find em you have to go to the Member Map and then scroll past the map to the actual list (because the map doesn’t appear to plot points down for all of em for some reason).

    • I saw that site. I’m leery of it. Why does one have to “join” to see anything? I’m not a joiner…I haven’t even joined THIS website…..

      Kinda seems ironic- the first thing one has to do to see anything on freedomcells…is give up a degree of anonymity….. And I’d stay away from random people from the interwebz, until and if I got to know them very well anonymously online first…. There are a lot of nuts out there…a lot of provocateurs. Kinda reminds me of those “freemen” sites…never saw anything good come from them…just a bunch of kooks and grifters. Be careful who you take up with.

    • I saw that. I’m leery of it. Why does one have to “join” to see anything? I’m not a joiner…I haven’t even joined THIS website…..

      Kinda seems ironic- the first thing one has to do to see anything on freedomcells…is give up a degree of anonymity….. And I’d stay away from random people from the interwebz, until and if I got to know them very well anonymously online first…. There are a lot of nuts out there…a lot of provocateurs. Kinda reminds me of those “freemen” sites…never saw anything good come from them…just a bunch of kooks and grifters. Be careful who you take up with.

      • Haha.. What, you’re not ready for them to pick you up at your curbside? Put yours infos right here’s! The donut eaters are so lazy.

  7. I think I had the ‘Rona too! I dropped dead on the street, and blood poured out of my mouth. I HATE when that happens! 😀

    ((Remember…a year ago when they were actually pushing that narrative? “People in Europe and China dropping dead on the streets and blood pouring out of their mouths, from this deadly virus!!!” -Few seem to remember THAT tactic which was used to create the initial fear… ’cause the attention-span of Joe Sixpack seems to be about as…err…what was i talking about?))

    • I recall in March (when college students were ignoring the fear mongering during spring break) some moron wrote a scare story that the beaches were the most deadly places to be. She reasoned that the Corona is everywhere in the air and when it rains the Corona is washed into the storm sewers which eventually outfall to the oceans, where it becomes concentrated and aerosolized by the waves crashing on the beach.

      • Someone should’ve countered with their own quick article to the effect of “Yeah but I feel like in the time it took for her to come up with such a farfetched theory and regurgitate it back to all of us on social media, she surely ought to have already died from the scawy viwus charging through the cracks in the windows and doors!”

        Now THAT makes sense 🧐

      • And now I’m hearing that Spring Breaks are cancelled for college students this coming year. Can’t have all these young, healthy boys and girls gittin’ together having a good time, they’ll super spread the bogeyman cold, and heaven forbid some old sick person somewhere might kick off as as a result!

  8. I’ve noticed fear pushers have even stopped using the word “novel” as a modifier, probably because it wasn’t and isn’t. The new modifier mantra for the needling is “safe and effective”, probably because it isn’t and won’t be.

  9. I got it, for sure. It hit me pretty hard too, relative. Relative to this: My Doc says ” …..you’ve never get sick bad (other than Lyme), never had the flu, never gotten the flu shot, in 25 years……i’m convinced this is man-made if it hit YOU hard”.
    My worst was my first episode with lyme disease which put me down hard for 5+ days, very painful. Have had it 7+ times since over 10-15 years and each time my symptoms get less to the point now I see my doc, ‘ i got it again’ he knows I know and we fix it with less and less meds over time. My body is ‘fixing’ it over time.
    I was away at the time (getting corona), told all who I was in contact with. I most likely gave it to 3, and one of them thinks they gave it to 2 very compromised elderly. They were all prepared before symptoms because of my message. All survived, and had less problems than me.
    Like your reader, the away Docs said the same thing to me about what to do, practically nothing other than some stuff to help me sleep.

    • Chrisq, we had a very unusual year weather wise. It rained, damndest thing you ever saw. We’ve been in a dought since 1992 and it ain’t breakin. I was working in the summer, ha ha, as if I hadn’t always, and bustin ass in the heat and rain…but that was good for grazing and crops.

      I got sick and kept feeling like shat so i went to the doc. I had looked up everything about Lyme’s disease and I had every symptom. I waited and worked and blew it off but couldn’t seen to be rid of it. Finally went to the doc. He thought his shit didn’t stink but he’d give me any drug I wanted so wha the hey.

      I told him I had worked hell out of the IOS and I had every symptom of Lyme’s disease. He gave me one of those Fauci grins and laughs and told me I definitely didn’t have Lyme’s disease, not even knowing where I lived and the huge amounts of ticks. It offended me being called the fool but he wrote me a script for something to kill Lyme’s disease anyway. Why did he do that? He was so sure I didn’t have it and such an asshole when I said I had every symptom. I took my script and paid my bill and did a long boil all the way home. The next week in the local paper there was an article of a 16 year old girl was confirmed with a case of Lyme’s disease, the first confirmed case in the area. Since they were trying to warn people of where and when you could contract it, they gave her approximate location of where she lived. it was two blocks from the smart-ass doctor’s address.

      I did get well but it took a few weeks. I never went back to the asshole. I have no problem of being wrong even though I had researched the net fervently for a week or two. When someone laughs and blows me off and indicates I’m the biggest fool to walk, I get a little pissed. That was the end of our relationship. I didn’t show up saying “I know I have Lyme’s disease”. I just suggested from the research I had done it met all the symptoms. The truth was I was covered in ticks every day. It’s not like saying I had Lyme’s disease when I didn’t have a clue of what a tick was or hadn’t been eaten alive by the fuckers every day. I had already had a dog with Lyme’s disease.


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