A “Case” You Probably Didn’t Read About

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A friend in Georgia called to let me know a junior high school student who attends the same school as her 13-year-old son tried to kill herself the other day. She was found hanging from a cord she’d wound over the shower head in her parents’ home. She was despondent over being denied her life – and so decided to take it.

The good news is she was discovered in time and is still alive.

The bad news is there are many such “cases” – including the premature deaths-by-neglect of elderly people who haven’t got the ‘Rona but lost the will to live – and stopped eating or just faded away from depressive ennui resulting from being “locked down” in nursing homes for the past six-plus-months, by decree of the Gesundheitsfuhrers.

Mammals need the warmth and companionship of other mammals. Take that away – “lock them down”- and you sentence them to a slow but certain death, beginning with their spirit and ending with the mortification of their bodies.

This is not a minor inconvenience, a temporary and necessary sacrifice. It is an outrageous, criminal assault on the physical and psychological well-being of hundreds of millions of people (in this country alone) in the name of a fatuous hyper-precautionary Sickness Cult that regards a slight risk of a bad cold to most as finger-wagging justification – and you’d better not object to any of it.

It has worked – so far – because most people are kind and generous and no one wants to be accused of harming other people, let alone actually harming them. But it begins to wear thin, as the enjoining and finger-wagging waxes even as the evidence mounts that the damage being done is sickeningly disproportionate to the threat asserted.

Questioning is beginning.

It is reasonable to alert people who come to eat at a restaurant that certain dishes may contain peanuts so that those who have allergies to peanuts can avoid those dishes. It is ridiculous to insist that all restaurants establish Peanut Free Zones for the sake of those with peanut allergies.

It is tyrannical to decree it.

My gym has been open for the past four months and almost no one wears the Holy Rag as the gym is a secular joint; people come there to exercise, not perform religious rituals. Notwithstanding this heresy, no one is sick. Probably in no small measure because they are exercising – and breathing freely – both tending to improve one’s health.

But gyms around the country are “locked down” – denying more people than the number of people who’ve allegedly died of the ‘Rona (as opposed to with it, but actually because of old age compounded by poor health) access to the means by which to maintain and improve their physical as well as psychological health.

Being able to go out – and go within. To see your friends – and see their faces. To deny this to people is inhuman. To deny it to them in the name of what, for 99.8 percent of them, amounts to nothing more than than the slight threat of a bad cold is something worse.

Particularly as regards children such as the one who almost took her life, mentioned earlier.

It is established fact – the “science” – that 13-year-olds like the girl who is the schoolmate of my friend’s son – are at less risk of dying from ‘Rona than they are of being killed in a car accident. Yet on the putative basis of an hysterically exaggerated “risk,” they are being abused in a manner that would have earned those responsible a felony conviction as recently as this same time last year.

Forced to stay at home. Forced to wear a muzzle – the sort of thing formerly applied to dangerous animals and for that reason just as degrading but without the justification. Denied their friends. Denied their outlets, such as team sports and just “hanging out” freestyle.

Fear the Bogeyman! Don’t Question! Wear a Mask!

It is child abuse – or would have been so described, this time last year.

This wears on kids, especially (see here) for whom six months might as well be six years as their time-sense is different than that of adults. If it seems as if this will never end to us – adults – imagine how it feels to a 13-year-old. Also, we have next year. They only get one shot at 7th grade.

Or their senior prom.

It is not hard to understand why kids feel their lives are over before they’ve even gotten started.

Just as it is easy to understand why many elderly people, imprisoned in “homes” and denied contact with their families (phone calls don’t suffice) despair of living.

And just give up.

How did it happen that such control over our lives came to pass? It came in a blizzard storm of orchestrated terror, a manufactured emergency that has been maintained not with “science” and the free consent that an actual emergency would voluntarily engender – but by decrees that rely on threats.

Issued by people who exempt themselves.

Life is becoming the equivalent of owning a car you’re not allowed to drive; of having a spouse you may not touch. A life you may not live. It is killing us.

And kids, too.

. . . .

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  1. I’m already on that. Our family has traveled across the country three times since this mess of tyranny began on the Ides of March–all travel is sans face diapers. We’re also going about our business as much as possible. That said, face diapers are required for swimming now–any time they’re out of the pool. My kids have been swimming for years. I refuse to put my kids in a situation where they have to put warm moist bacteria in front of their nose and mouth, making a petri dish. What shocks me, however, is that we were the only ones who said no. The other parents just go right along with it.

  2. I felt compelled to post this immediately. Why are people locking kids in and fearfully foregoing travel? CONSIDER FRIENDLY MEXICO! Mexico is wide-open for travel. No tests. We just returned from Playa del Carmen, Akumal, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres. Akumal Bay Beach Wellness resort said “no masks needed, we cleaned really well.” Wore no masks all week. Place immaculate. Must wear masks on transport. Other resorts do require masks, walking into restaurant. KIDS WILL HAVE A GREAT TIME and will do REAL (not on a screen) fun things. For instance swim in cenotes, watch turtles in Akumal bay, (right off beach, no boat). Isla Mujeres, the kids can drive all the way around the island on a golf cart, ($40 / day) darting through traffic (w parent supervising). Prices and airfares PRETTY CHEAP too, just do alot of comparison shopping. And make sure the all-inclusive includes all meals and alcohol. If you or the kids don’t have a passport, GET ONE! ps- my sister just returned from great trip to Keys (FL). Another place to consider! Lotsa snorkeling fun!

    • Hi Sara,

      It sounds fun; the problem is that to get to Mexico entails playing Sickness Kabuki, including the donning of the Holy Rag at the airport and on the plane. That’s something I’ll never do – no matter what’s on the on the other end of the trip.

      • Hi, Eric: I don’t think people like Sara realize that they are ‘compromising’ their liberty and freedom along with everyone else’s. I haven’t been on a plane since the TSA was formed And that was way before face diapers. I honestly don’t think a lot of peeps have a clue.

        • Hi Lyn,

          I am not a mask wearer, don’t believe I will ever don it, which will keep me off any type of public transportation, but I do give Sara kudos for doing. She is living. She is escaping and not being held back by fear and savoring life. At the end of the day we need to realize our time on Earth is short. Our principles are important, but if it stifles us from the small enjoyments that life offers is it really all worth it at the end?

        • I agree, Lyn –

          I also agreed 20 years ago, when it became a requirement to submit to government goons feeling your crotch and treating you as a presumptive “trrist” as a condition of flying. I tried, I tried… to get people to see that if they accepted this, they’ve already accepted the next thing…and here we are, required to accept being treated as presumptively sick with a deadly plague and forced to submit to loathsome rituals as another condition of being allowed to travel by air.

          No vacation is worth that. And the collaborationist element is spot on. As back then, if enough of us would grow a pair and refuse to fly until we can fly without being treated this way then the airlines would have to give in because they would not remain in business otherwise.

    • Hi Sara,

      Glad you had a great time. Hopefully, it provided you and your family a refresher and a nice break from the insanity. My husband and I honeymooned in Cancun when we married 20 years ago. We had a good time although, to be perfectly honest, I think we spent most of the time drunk. What else do 22 year kids do? 😁

      I do wish I took the extra day to visit Cozumel while I was there. The water at Isla Mujures is absolutely stunning.

    • Our family went to a dentist in Tijuana in November, being that we’d not been able to go to our dentist in over one year. Many ADA dentists will only see you if you’re in pain. The Mexican dentist was awesome! He cleaned everybody’s teeth. Amazingly, there were no cavities, after over a year with no dental care. We didn’t have to wear a face diaper, or take a “covid” test.

      We couldn’t find a dentist in Los Angeles that would pull my son’s wisdom teeth without having a “covid” test, but our Mexican dentist said he would be glad to do so. We’re looking forward to going back! We paid in cash (it was much less expensive than the U.S.), but our insurance reimbursed everyone at 100%.

      It was our first time in Mexico! Our passports were expired, but we got back in the U.S. just fine. Entering Mexico was like entering another state. I think they did take a picture of the HO (Honda Odyssey), and there were a couple of guys standing there with guns, but we didn’t have to stop or show anything to anybody.

      Coming back to the U.S. was more cumbersome. We had to wait in line over an hour.

  3. because most people are kind and generous and no one wants to be accused of harming other people

    that is a smal part of the problem. I think the MAIN part is that so many are hopelessluy ignorant, and too lazy to educate themselves. The schools for three generations now have seriously dumbed down their “product”. How many even reading my words now can state the size of the openings between the fibres in those cheap blue paper folded mug nappies seen nearly everywhere? Hokay if you know the size of the holes, how big is the virus particle that wants to get ThROUGH tahat hole? Is it bigger than thehole, same size, or smaller? By hoe much? How manywho don’t know will go now and tryand learn those numbers?

    I’m a sometime panelbeater/resppry guy. I’ve sued the N95 particle masks for decades, When Im working When I”m working reshaping a glob of hardened dingo on a door panel, I wear the N 95 to keep the dust from that nasty resin out of my lungs. When Ive finished with a session I take the mask off, then find a huge gob of the grey or pinkish dust falling out of my noes, and feel the grit inside my mouth. I now my sinsues are full of the particles, too. I blow that junk out for a long time. Tose bondo dust particles can easily be seen as individual pieces with a handheld loupe or lens. Virus are so tiny they need a super high powered mciroscope, for detail an electron microscope is essential.
    For those who read this and are too lazy to go look it up, the N95 masks have holes of around 30 microns. Sounds like its a real f ine filter, right? Well those cornoavirus pieces are between 0.8 micron and maybe 1.4 microns. In other words, NO, that mug nappie don’t do any better with the ‘ronaviruskkf; than a chian link fence does keeping mosquitos out of your house.

  4. Dunno how i missed this article. Yeah, kids have been doin time in the psych wards this year thanks to incompetent parents who’ve sold them out big time. Fuckin shameful, that kinda breach of trust and damage can’t be reversed.

  5. This is so good, I hope you don’t mind that I’ll read it aloud, and make a video with it.
    This is everything I’ve been saying for the past nine months.
    Humans require touch. Humans require other humans. The worst thing you can do, to any human, is isolate him or her, from being touched, hugged,squeezed. Humans, regardless of age, require it. Add neglect in caring for (as if) the elderly, and that isolation is deadly, faster than any cold, or flu, or actual disease, either. When you cannot neglect them, to death, go with the old, intubate and ventillate, and blow out their lungs.
    But, the kids; they need touch, and not in any pervy sort of way, but the slap of a friend, the excited hug, the made-up handshakes of groups. Kids need this. It is all a part of growing up. It causes me to fear for those who will survive this. The longer this goes on, the more children will pass, at their own hands. They are alone, after all, so it would be at their own hands.
    How extremely sad.

    • What if some of these kids grow up and became … another Son of Sam, or Zodiac killer, or Bundy, or Charles Manson, or …

      Let’s hope those responsible for this global tragedy be brought to justice.

      • Hi Luis,

        The outrage may be percolating – finally. I hope so. It appalls and depresses me that so many have so easily surrendered to this, especially after it became clear – if you’re willing to look – that “the virus” was (and is) being obviously used as a pretext for tyranny.

        • One nice thing, Eric, is that people who were absolutely all over me for not believing in the powers of da’rona now ask me what i know and why I knew it, all along. It’s been a great week as far as that’s concerned!
          We are starting to be, “all in this together”, and i mean in the know.

      • Some might. But, if they grew up to be CHarlie Manson, we’d be better off than if they turned into Joe (or Hunter) Biden.
        Thw whole Helter-Skelter hullaballoo was a lie, perpetrated by that weirdo Vinnie the Bug. It’s time people figured it out. That was, “deep state”, doo doo.

        • Seriously?!? I’d love to know more! As a child, I had the “Helter Skelter” book and it scared me so much that I’d sometimes take it out of our house and put it in my Grandma’s attic. I was just sure that Manson was going to get out of jail in California and come to where I grew up–out in the country in North Carolina, and come in and kill my family and me. That book had some really gross pictures in it and the text was especially scary in some places. Not long ago, however, I heard that some of the characters involved were having supper together the night before RFK died, or some such. So, I’d like to know more. Sometimes, it seems as though everything we’ve been told is a lie. There seem to be lots of stories to scare us along the way.

          • It’s all propaganda. Vinnie the Bug (Bogliosi) made it up in his head and convinced a couple of the girls to go along. As others; supposed friends of Manson, heard the stories put out by him, they stated words they had supposedly heard Charlie state. I find the whole thing just too obvious. Our government has lied, to us, in so many instances, I can’t believe anything they state.
            Anything and everything Manson said (and did nott state) was twisted to fit the Helter Skelter narrative. It’s insane! As Manson has said, repeatedly, “They sold a lot of books off of me.” (I think it was 48.) You should watch the myriad of statements he made, to many different media programs. There’s a channel, in youtube, where many can be found: Michael’s Backporch. I believe he was a friend of Manson, but, he doesn’t seem to take one side or the other.
            Helter Skelter, the book, was meant to terrify you. I read it, as a teen, and even then, I couldn’t believe the lunacy. But, that’s me.

  6. In Japan, the suicide rate is about 8-9 times the covid death rate. Highly abnormal. I suspect there are 10’s of thousands around the world choosing the suicide route. In the US, we have been experiencing a rising suicide rate well before the fake pandemic, especially among the younger populations. The fake scare has only exacerbated it. We have been told by the experts that isolation for anyone is not conductive to a wholesome and happy existence. Where are the psychiatrists on this? The outrage? Hard to find any. I expect pharma and the Deep State have bought off thousands of people.

    Looking at this whole nonsense of a pandemic, of which I can find ABSOLUTELY NO supporting truth as to it’s reality, at age 70 it is easier for me to say “screw it” because I have already lived a good portion of my life. I don’t have the next 50-60-70 years of life hanging in the balance. Most of us older folks have been bullshitted enough by the authorities, government and the experts that we question most everything. Not so for most younger people who don’t have much life experience. They are looking for leaders or role models and something concrete to grab on to. Government offers none of that..period! Finding that in today’s world has to be extremely tough for many, especially if they do not have a relatively solid family structure to rely on or some other trusted outside source. Sadly for many, that might even be a gang which offers some structure even if not very useful as a life long choice.

    We really have no true leaders in the world, only the Deep State scumbags who have managed to control most of the information circulating around the world. And it sure ain’t the truth. I suspect it is up to us older folks to fight this terrorism tooth and nail. That might set an example for the youngsters. Many have been severely propagandized by design and that is a great tragedy.

    I figure we are at about the same time period of Germany in the late 1930’s where most citizens believed their government…to their own detriment. The evil we face is far more powerful and organized, or so it appears. It’s time to fight with force or lie down and shrink in fear and give in to a slow vaccine injected death. Or, death by isolation, starvation or whatever nefarious means the Democrat Commies have in mind.

  7. So where are the million parent marches threatening to make antifa look like a marshmallow roast around the campfire if this madness doesn’t stop? How many teens can the county lockup hold? How many vehicles can they impound for failure to pay the punishing fines? We’re locking ourselves down.

      • I’m already on that. Our family has traveled across the country three times since this mess of tyranny began on the Ides of March–all travel is sans face diapers. We’re also going about our business as much as possible. That said, face diapers are required for swimming now–any time they’re out of the pool. My kids have been swimming for years. I refuse to put my kids in a situation where they have to put warm moist bacteria in front of their nose and mouth, making a petri dish. What shocks me, however, is that we were the only ones who said no. The other parents just go right along with it. One friend said she is doing it because her kids are gaining weight so she’ll go along with the inevitable face diaper bacterial infections instead of helping them control their diet.

    • Hi WP,

      When they – the Great Resetters – decided to not leave us be. I’m a libertarian; I believe in live – and let live. But when people refuse to let others live, when they attempt to take away their lives – then it is our right and duty to fight them.

      • RIght on.
        I don’t see the Great Reset as being self-defense. I see it as the actual play. Da’rona is just a vehicle to get it going.
        How I wish people would get it. More people, on this site, need to read Jon Rappaport.

        • Hi Anne!

          I encourage as many as I reach to read Rappaport’s coverage of the ‘Rona. The problem is, I think most of us who get it already do and those who don’t never will. They are mindless, obedient cattle – and dangerous when alarmed. The question becomes: How to deal with them before they deal with us?

          • You’re probably right.
            Yet, I’ve experienced some good news, over the holidays. More people are asking me why I know it’s not real. They are eanest in wanting to know the truth. I invite them to bare their faces, as they always did, every other year, whether they had a cold, or not.
            I do believe Christmas was the last straw for many. Being isolated, from family over what is nothing, has been too much. Finally, they either get it, or they want to get it. Phew!
            (And this is why Gnashville experienced their recent terror, to be sure.)

  8. Current US society can be described as follows:

    The Bears decide the policies. The Wolves enforce the policies. The sheep obey the policies. Outside of this structure are the Foxes who refuse to comply with the policies. Change will only come to the US when the Foxes outnumber the sheep.

  9. The world is under a spell, yes, a spell. It was cast by the usual (cast) of characters for the usual reason-rule the world. It has been the wet dream of these….things, for as long as the world can remember. The thing about wet dreams is there is always the mess to deal with when your dream comes (is there a pun there?) true.
    The problem with spells is that it requires “some kinda wizard can change him back.” Covid is not a virus, it is a spell and there are many wizards out there waving their wands to no avail, Kaufman, Cowan, Dr Stefon Lanka, the virologist who proved in a German high court that the measles was NOT caused by a virus. With this kind of fire power one would think there’d be cracks on the edges, maybe there are, but I’m seeing far too many nappie/diaper thingies on too many faces to believe their counter spells are effective. Maybe what’s needed is THE ELDER WAND. Yes, that’s the ticket. Meanwhile my contempt for humanity only grows.

  10. I feel sorry for all those young people who can’t go out and enjoy life. But pretty soon they’ll be busy with their new jobs: Taking care of old people. The Federal Government is going to create a new National Service Program called “Love Thy Neighbor”. The program is designed to match old people with young people. So each young person will get paid to take care of one old person. Home visits, help with meals, showers, everything. That way, old people will be able to live comfortably at home for many more years. It’s a wealth transfer from the young to the old. Those kids will never enjoy the economic freedom that they need to save money, get married, and start a family. So the government will start new families, by choosing the members.

    • i can believe this — just what the Boomers would do — I’m a tail end Boomer — but I have to agree they are the stinkiest lousy generation ever — this is all basically from them — they are behind the Masks and the great fear, they don’t want to “die” and have no problem inflicting young people — and Boomers are mostly committed Leftists, after the 60s they became “Educators” and destroyed Academia… — a curse that keeps on cursing….

      • “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment”
        I’ve said since spring when it was obvious we were being scammed that the public response is indicative of a spiritual problem. Most people run from one distraction to another never wanting to face their own mortality. When forced to without any means of dealing with their inevitable demise, fear reigns.

        • +1
          I have said the same thing. This fear is not of a virus, but of each one’s realization that he or she will one day face Almighty God.

          • Hi Anon,

            The religious nature of the panic – and response – is very interesting. People are desperate to believe in something, to feel part of something transcendent – and on the side of “right.” Joining the Diaper Cult serves this purpose.

      • i was born in 1950. i grew up in the 60s. i resent your blanket application towards baby boomers. i don’t have a left wing commie bone in my body. what i see as having been the biggest problem towards the destruction of america is people’s willingness to embrace socialism which is nothing more than stealing someone else’s money to give to yourself. the last time i looked, there were a lot of people aside from boomers applauding the robin hood mentality. not everyone was drinking the kool aid back then any more than we are drinking it today.

        • Well-said, Lyn –

          One cannot fight collectivism by asserting its principles. Diapering – worship of collectivism – afflicts people of all ages and both sexes.Making blanket statements about people serves no good purpose.

          • thanks, eric. I’ve. seen this opinion on other sites as well and it has always struck me as odd given collectivism is embraced by a rather diverse set of people where sex age or color have little to do with it. who benefits the most and why goes a long way to explaining what people are supporting the radical commie left. start with the governments, city, state and federal. they produce nothing and exist (eat, have a roof over their heads and medical) because they steal money from the tax donkeys…the people who don’t work for “government and actually produce goods we all use. calling their theft taxes doesn’t mean it isn’t stealing. their biggest group of constituents is the ‘welfare because it helps me mentality’. so there’s a considerable portion of the public who thinks like the statists. they will fight tooth and nail to get someone else to keep paying for them to live. they care not a whit about others who will lose their homes, their business or their health as long as someone is willing to keep forking over their wages ‘for them’.

            i am a low income tax donkey facing going under. despite having paid my taxes this year the IRS hasnt bothered to send this tax donkey any $1200 covid support check. i have no living relatives and already know i will die alone. i do not doubt there are others in my situation who these government employees and their welfare constituents would gladly see us all dead before ending the status quo.

            i should be scared but I’m so fed up with these entitlement minded bastards there seems to be no room for fear anymore. i received a notice from the IRS last December indicating i owed obamacare $114 from 4 years ago. i don’t and i will never pay it. in january of this year i was diagnosed with cataracts. having no vision care i had to foot the bill for the exam an a pair of glasses since i can’t afford the surgery. i was told i would be blind in 4 years without it. on 12/28 i will be 70 and i am getting ready to draw the social security i worked for. but the shitheels calling themselves government (YOU KNOW PUBLIC SERVANTS) aren’t even open for business. yet the tax donkeys are still expected to fork over any wages they can still earn due to the commie lockdowns. these selfish lazy bastards are destroying the lives of those who actually worked for a livin

            i have never been a violent person, eric. but today, i would gladly support and work for the IRA. the boot that was on the throat of my ancestors before me is now the boot on my own. and today i know i could willingly kill my enemy even if it meant dying to do it. what is a life as a slave other than a living death. its been my money they’ve been stealing. they didn’t work for it. and now having stolen it all, i have nothing left to lose.

    • Hitlere and the other nazis in Germany tried that. They “selected” people who would be allowed to breed “the masater rce”, they resided in “facilities” kept fo rh the purpose. Each month “they” would decude who would be paired ith =whom. If a child was conceived, she was “taken off the market” intol the child arrived, then da gummit go the child to raise per their standards. Didn’t conceive that month? Fine. Back in the pool you get someone else next month.
      Thiese sorts of sickness come uon us when we throw out th God who made us all, and KNOWS how we functioin best. MMasks, no vsiting, can’t work, can’t go anywhere, etc, is NOT that
      way we work best” thing. This stuff ain’t a response ot the virus. NopeNot at all. They who would control and own us (be our “god”) deliberately developed the virus then deployed it to do reciesly what it is doing.. and capitlaisd on the “crisis” to destroy society as we know it.
      I knew this time last yaear, from the little press that had leaked the basic story (in several version,s each at odds with the others in signficant ways, so they hadn’t yet settled in THE story…) that they” would use this virus as a means to bring unprecedented contorl by instiling mortal fear in the masses, based NOT on anything resembling science, but what would prove successful in cowing the masses into complaince wiht insane mandates. nd, horror of horrors,I also KNEW the asses would blindly comply in abject fearof their dire false predictions.
      HOW did I know this Remember Ebola, zika, H1N1, H5N1, Avian Flu, AIDS, and a few others I’ve forgotten. Remembe,r each one of these was “gonna kill us all”, the end of mankind on the planet, millions dieing like flies, WE GOTTA DOOOOO SUMTHIN NOW or we’re all doomed. And NONE of themturned out to be anything reotely near their predictioins. Twenty million deaths wihtin a year here in the US? I KNEW it wasn’t gonna happen.

  11. The despair felt by the young will not go away when (if) these interminable lockdowns end because the media indoctrination is nearly complete. They will voluntarily continue with ‘social distancing’ and isolation and mask wearing long after the official mandates are lifted because they will have a deep seated fear of death lurking in every social interaction. That will cause psych problems for another generation.

    Most bars and restaurants in this town rigidly adhere to the 6 foot rule, the 25% capacity rule, and the mandate to wear a mask between front door and table. Those restaurants are probably going to fail. My wife and I go out nearly every weekend with other like-thinking couples to places where the unspoken motto seems to be “No Mask? No Questions!”. Last night was particularly fun because the bar/restaurant was packed. Not a mask in sight, including on the wait staff. Social distancing meant trying not to bump other people and spill their drinks. It was just like 2019 again.

    These will be the new speakeasys. Just as during Prohibition, people will skirt the law, do what they can to avoid the fines, but still carve out some normalcy where ever possible. We understand that taking on the Gov in a mass protest is not going to happen (law enforcement and the media will see to that), but subtle and insidious breaking of the law will eventually invalidate it. These are actions anyone can take that don’t require organizing or coordination, and therefore the Gov can’t anticipate or counteract very easily.

  12. I urge anyone having a hard time coping to seek out some type of gym or sports club. I joined a pickleball league. it is the first organized sports i have played in 40 years and I am 50 now. I was sold when I visited the facility and saw no diapers at all. I am sure some of the members are maskers, but are afraid to display the diaper as a minority. In fact, a man raised his voice to me one day about not social distancing. It warmed every inch of my soul as I looked around and saw 10 or 12 people staring at the man like he was the heretic. Some of the people openly ridiculing him. These folks are mostly between 60 and 80 and are in great shape. I have not seen that man at the club since.

    • About the same at a gym around here. However, an unknown masker has repeatedly called the local PD to hassle the owner about the lack of compliance with the holy governor’s “order”.

      • Hi Lonne,

        I have spoken with the owner of my gym to let her know I will stand bodily with her, should it be necessary, to push back the Sickness Polizei…. and also, that I will not Diaper under any circumstances. I will cancel my membership and turn my back on her if she caves and buy myself a set of weights and open my basement to anyone who wants to work out without a requirement that they join a religious order in order to do.

        • Here’s a rock music video that’s not too bad, slightly nationalistic, but I’m surprised at how well it captures the moment. You might like it.

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          Five Finger Death Punch – Living The Dream (Official Music Video)

  13. “Being able to go out – and go within. To see your friends – and see their faces. To deny this to people is inhuman.” So true! And, one of the saddest things, what drove that teenager. The old people in this country who favor lockdowns and such are looking more and more despicable everyday.

    Brandon Smith has an article titled, ‘,The “New Confederacy”? Yes, It’s Time For Conservatives To Unite Against The Globalist Reset’

    I’m sooo not doing that right. Do you have a HAM radio and know how to use one? I’m trying to decide if it’s worth the effort on my part. I don’t know anyone in my new county.

    Our Cruellia Governor, her highness, here in Iowa just extended her Mastika mandate until next year. I had hoped this was a good spot, this area was once called one of the five free States – even though the face diapering was on par with everywhere else – voluntarily.

      • I had in mind our Dear Leaders, mostly. Those who have power, and those who could say no to them, but do not. And, you’re right, it does seem to be the millenials that are all masked up. When I go out, the few bare naked faces I do see are all older than millenials.

      • @mark

        same here. it seems like some people on this site are blaming the old people. i don’t wear a mask when shopping but all the young people sure are and the 30 year old jack asses i live next door to actually run their kid away from me if she dares to approach me to talk to. her mother is scared to death she herself is going to contract it and die. she seems to think i am a leper. and last night on amazon, i actually came across a video of a young women giving a product review inside her home while wearing a mask. why???? it reminds me of the jim jones cult followers back in the 70s. sick, sick, sick.

        • Hi Lyn,

          Just the other day, I encountered a young woman – about 25, I’d guess – who was the only other Undiapered at the supermarket. I did my usual thing – walking up and telling her it was nice to see another sane person in the nuthouse – and we both laughed.

  14. Jesus. I know that myself and too many have descended into depression, having been stranded in this bizarre alternate dimension. I do think that this is, and will be for some time, horribly damaging to kids, who are learning to fear their faceless brethren as walking biohazards. I can only hope that it plants those seeds of rebellion in their little psyches, just as, I believe, having a strict upbringing was instrumental in my despising of authority. Blowback.

    Also, we watch V for Vendetta every year on the 5th of November. With this virus’s appearance and the tyrannical reactions, that movie is proving ever more accurate.

    Often, when I hear the news gushing out fear porn and exploiting every oddball young man or woman who supposedly reacted horribly to the ‘Rona, I hear Chancellor Sutler, there, telling his panel to remind the people “WHY THEY NEED US!”.

  15. I haven’t restricted my kids one bit. Their friends haven’t been acting any different either.
    They hang out & conduct themselves much like nothing has happened.
    Except for school foolishness, their lives haven’t much changed.

    All these kids seem to being doing fine, none of the mental health issues that others are facing and I am happy for it. Kids are in no danger anyway, so why create hypochondriacs out of them?

    On the up side – these kids are defiant against masks, lockdowns and silly rules. Budding anarchists.

    The government may have done more to create an anti government generation than any other event could have. I imagine it would be even more impactful upon someone who had a friend or relative commit suicide because of all this.

    • Hoo-ray! for you, Dan. Seriously, Well done. Problem is, in all my travels around my area, you’re the exception to the rule, sad to say.

      • helot,
        You are unfortunately correct. With out holiday season restrictions, I have noticed near 100% compliance in stores.

        People are covering the faces of toddlers almost universally. Something I couldn’t imagine doing, but they dutifully comply with the edicts from our local vatican.

        I got kicked out of the local communist liquor store yesterday for not observing their religious tradition. My $ will be spent at one of the other businesses that don’t enforce the sacraments.

        • Hi Dan,

          Seeing the Masklings is especially disturbing to me because I dread what will happen when these poor kids grow up, having been immersed in Fear since their earliest memories.

  16. Their goal is to break people’s minds of tradition and superstition.
    They are trying to end sky-daddy religion and tribal nationalism.

    Read Weishaupt’s Illuminati. They are tearing everything down to bring enlightened individualism (Anarchy/Moses-Thou Shalt Not Steal, aka, Civilization) to the entire world.

    It just appears evil.

    • I certainly hope / assume I missed the sarcasm…otherwise, you are one of the stupidest creatures I have ever [virtually] encountered.

    • I don’t think that’s sarcasm — truly you are totally clueless — these “Illuminati” brought in Communism and are behind nearly all the Wars and violence of the last few hundred years – – the nearly 200 Million murdered by Communism last century? That blood is on them — Karl Marx was one of them — so your comment is beyond ignorant — if you think Satanists are “good” for humanity your a special kind of clueless — Interesting you mention their “tearing everything down” — this is what they do — what they don’t do – – and have never done — is build anything useful — thieves and murderers….

  17. The kids must be worried about their future too. They hear stuff, they surf the internet, they probably found some authentic media outlets, so they’re probably freaked out.

  18. My oldest daughter was cheated out of her senior prom and homecoming last spring. She stays in bed until forced out late morning or early afternoon. I know there must be millions in the same boat. The best time of life being wasted, I cant push her out to a muzzled world. Fuck the evil bastards.

    • I agree, Ernie! Fuck ’em with a nail bat! How many life enhancing moments and opportunities are being missed? It’s absolutely criminal.

    • Same here. My daughter had tickets for a senior cruise with her friends and parents, plans for the senior prom and ROTC military ball with her boyfriend. Not to mention golf tourneys throughout the summer of her senior year. Not one of those things happened. You can’t get back those opportunities. So glad we homeschooled.

      It isn’t easy to see an upside, however, she has since been able to take a trip to the beach with friends, and is doing OK in college (although a lot of the stuff is online), joined a sorority, etc. I continue to have a smoldering anger about what she has been robbed of, but also hope that she will see through this nonsense and reject it herself. My anger spurs me on to continue to resist the mask-holes and all the tyranny. Whenever anyone says anything about whatever latest order has come from the guv, my response is, “What order?” I couldn’t care less.

  19. No doubt this has been hard on kids, some more than other. Like everything. It is truly the aspect of this that pains me the most. We homeschool our daughter and have had to cancel some get together type social stuff like our annual play as well as trim her/our social circle of several clovers. The militancy of some leftist type parents whose politics we could previously ignore and who now use their kids as political display pawns is truly despicable.

    OT, but the main road through “town” in my area is now chock a block full of billboards screaming various come ons for all manner of vaccine injections. It’s like one giant shooting gallery. The only game in town. And the WuFlu vax is still only in “limited release” in my area. That, and the po-po had a plainclothes in an unmarked vehicle “observing” the shop where I had to get my truck inspected. The shop had previously been mellow about diapers and still doesn’t have a sign about those but now there’s a Michelin tire branded sign advising about socialist distancing. Guy had a pen and clipboard furiously scribbling notes. Otherworldly…

    • Also, ivermectin appears to be perspectively quite beneficial and relatively free of horrible side effects. These things should be able to purchased OTC from every corner drug store!

  20. Although, I do put a good head of blame on the government and news media for overhyping this virus, the true blame lies with the parents. Us, parents are responsible for the physical and mental well being of our children, it is not anyone else’s responsibility. We know when our child is down in the dumps or suffering from the onslaught of depression. You have a responsibility to change their environment. If your child is not faring well learning online because they like to be around others, yank them off Zoom and put them in a private or chartered school where they can associate with others (usually mask free). If your child misses their best friend allow them to see each other. I have talked to a few parents who have become so encompassed in these ‘death’ totals they are acting like utter fools. Their hyperactivity and fear are driving their own children to extremes. Pay attention to what your behavior is doing to your offspring. Get the kid out of the house by going and doing anything else. A little sunshine, a little change of environment, do most children (and adults) a world of good.

    • Couldn’t agree more.
      Good short story: I was seeing my kid go down the rabbit hole of ‘gaming’ around 10 years old. He tried all sports, cause that’s what mom and dad did, but his mild-Tourette’s was causing much social trouble. The gaming thing made sense to me. Most tourett’s kids are bright, and he was very good at gaming, and got accolades from ‘remote’ friends. I watched to see what the hell was going on. “oohh my god XX, you are awesome……”
      I said hell no, this is not going to end well, but I didn’t know what to do about it.
      Then it hit me while I was watching a hockey game. helmets with masks, loud in the rink (he tic’ed pretty loud), they all face the same way on the bench, etc…
      Took him to a local practice to watch, he said no way. Had the coach come over to talk to him, and he was awesome (i love the guy for what he did). He started the next week. Many, many struggles.
      6-8 years later, he was captain of his HS team and lead them to their first ever county championship, tic’ing and all, although he learned how to control/mask it pretty well.
      He tells me today (22 yrs old) ‘thank you sooooo much dad for not giving up on me. I now see how it could have not gone too well’. Makes me tear up with what those 8+ years were all about.

        • Thanks, I should have mentioned my wife as well, as she is/was absolutely a major part of the efforts. Although she wasn’t allowed to go to most hockey games, cause she made quite a ruckus if her kid got checked bad, haha.
          Makes me sad to think of so many broken homes where the Dad (or Mom) are not allowed to be part of the kids upbringing. Need both for sure.

        • Thank you Mark. I say it that way sometimes too.
          A little while ago, my son and I were somewhere and we saw a kid with a shirt that said something like ” I game for life ” and he was not very well put together. My son nudged me and said “thanks Dad, that was almost me”

        • Awesome Eric! I’ll add to it: He was not ever very good either, but did ‘leader’ stuff very well and put it all out on the ice and in practice which got him in a lot of trouble with the very good kids who didn’t need to practice hard. He went through a lot of struggle, but came through the other end better than I could have hoped for. He is even playing at college now and has no business being on that very good team with his skill set, but the coach wants him around and he gets to play 4th line sometimes. I started sobbing the first shift he ever got in college knowing what he has gone through (and I think I’m a tough guy, haha).
          This year, before it got canceled, he was hoping to get a more permanent role on the 4th line and maybe get to play some 3rd line, but no season, sucks.
          I absolutely love hockey and the majority of hockey people, and what it gave him. I think from a big picture standpoint most hockey coaches are way better life coaches than other sports. Maybe just me, but that’s my observation. There are certainly others too, like wrestling comes to mind. It’s weird but most of my friends are ex-wrestlers or hockey players, some football.

    • Hi RG – who takes responsibility for what these days anyways !! and even when you DO try to take responsibility the state steps in and tries to stop you whenever possible!! They can actually charge you for neglect if you dont make them show up for the state sanctioned brainwashing ! can you imagine !!

      • Hi Nasir,

        I kept mine out of state sanctioned brainwashing. I realize most parents choices are limited, but the less the government knows of and about my children the better. England may have stricter requirements than the States (all 50 have a different set of rules when it comes to homeschooling; VA is actually pretty lenient). I believe as a parent my husband and I have the ultimate responsibility to dictate what is best for our child, no government is going to tell us otherwise.

  21. Indeed, the notion that we destroy our economic, social, and mental health to keep from catching a virus that MIGHT be slightly more dangerous than ordinary influenza is insane on its face. If it hasn’t already, I strongly suspect that more deaths will result from the increase in suicides, homicides, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, malnutrition, etc. than will from COVID.

    • Yes, this has never been about health or a virus. It has always been about control. TPTB were just looking for the right manufactured crisis to capitalize on.

  22. I recently met a teenager from a friend while we were riding bikes. Seemed like fine young man on his way. About 2 weeks ago he just took the family car and took off. Drove approx. 6 hours and just was generally freaking out. After he called back home “I am coming home, sorry”, he said “I just can’t take looking at a computer screen all day, it’s driving me batty”…”It’s been months of this and I really am at my wits end”…
    WTF are this idiot politicians doing to our kids in some magical/wishful end game that we don’t know about?

  23. Eric,

    This is on topic. If not for my cats and David Knight’s show, I’d have gone crazy! Thankfully, there’s your site here.

  24. Eric,

    This is off topic, but I have to tell you this: David Knight was let go yesterday! That’s right; Alex Jones let him go. I don’t know WHAT I’ll do now! There was no one like David Knight, a retired engineer and business owner who brought a unique mix of intelligence, insight, analysis, depth, maturity, common sense, and honesty like no one else on air did. My days literally revolved around Knight’s show; if I had a Dr. appointment or something, I did it after his show finished. I don’t know WHAT I’ll do now…

    Even though Alex Jones has been saying for months that things were tight financially, I don’t think that Knight’s dismissal is driven by finances. If he were merely let go for financial reasons, then WHY did Infowars and banned.video REMOVE ALL TRACES of Knight’s existence there? Why didn’t they leave his old shows and video clips up?

    I think his dismissal was due to clashing with the boss. Even though Knight never criticized the boss, he DID criticize Donald Trump; if Knight thought Trump said or did something wrong, he didn’t hesitate to say so. Knight also criticized a guest that his on-air colleagues featured on their shows; I’m talking about Steve Pieczenik, who Knight said he would NOT have on his show. The simple fact of the matter is that David Knight called out Trump, whereas his on-air colleauges at Infowars worship the ground Trump walks on. I think it’s really as simple as that.

    In any case, I shall miss David Knight, and I shall miss hearing you on his show, Eric…

    • Hi Mark,

      I just heard about David Knight; very disappointing. He is a thoughtful, intelligent, reasonable presenter of facts. I am certain he’ll land well, wherever that may turn out to be – and I have already let him know that I’ll do whatever I can to help.

      • I’m sure he’ll land on his feet, but is SUCKS without his show! It was his show that gave me some sanity and insight this year. At least his site, roundtablereport.com, is up. I miss him already… 🙁

    • I listen to both Alex Jones and the David Knight show. Very disappointed the David was let go, I hope he comes back on his own somewhere.

  25. It’s apparently worse than we know. A friend is a child psychologist at a local middle school. She has relayed that the kids are nearly uniformly messed up with this. That many are, in fact, contemplating self harm or suicide. There have actually been several local suicides of high school and college kids. Futures denied, futures destroyed, other futures with unknown/unknowable damage.

    So a big shout out, and a big thank you to all corona Karens, covidiots, politicians, contact tracers, health departments, maskaholics, experts, big tech censors, the media, NPR, Gates Foundation, Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca, BioNTech, USFDA, CDC, Fauci, Birx, Newsom, Cuomo, Murphy, Wolf, Whitmer, Trump, Biden, AGWs, and front line essential workers. You’ve done us all proud. Fuck you very much.

    • BAC:

      I love the strong words!

      Early on during this phony sickness narrative I tried to engage in good faith with the brainwashed (friends, family and the public). I quickly re-learned Mark Twain’s lesson not to argue with fools. This lead to despondency.

      Over time I found great strength in mentally saying “fuck you” when confronted with this nonsense. This can be very empowering after say reading an article or watching a video that is clearly pro-sickness-narrative propaganda: “Fuck you!” Also good for the soul is to calmly and dismissively say “fuck off” when any Karen attempts to hector me for not engaging in the fear/masking rituals. It sounds silly, but I believe being able to say “fuck you” in defiance can be a great anti-suicide tool.

      A final thought here. Is anybody else tired of keyboard warriors finding it necessary to genuflect to the ‘rona itself. They use language like: “While Covid 19 is indeed a deadly disease that has sadly taken the lives of [insert made-up number], the lockdowns are not justified because [insert some pseudo-science reason other than that we are free people]” By doing this, they concede the existence of the very pretext these fuckers use to oppress us. It’s absolutely maddening. I’ve spent (perhaps wasted) hundreds of hours researching “Covid 19” and have not been able confirm its actual existence. I will not concede this point and I don’t know why others are so quick to do it.

      • Me. Liberty, and BAC; Thank You for these postings. I have literally been telling friends, co-workers, associates for years now that We’ve lost the will to just tell others “Fuck You, or Fuck Off outa here!” since as far back as 1990. Even if I were to fully believe in the safety measures for a virus I’m dubious really exists as anything more than a bad cold, I am selfish! I selfishly demand the right to breathe unencumbered. How dare anyone tell us to restrict our free breathing?! I go crazy wondering why nobody else around me is as insulted as I am by all of this. And just as it has always been in the world, I care for myself and those I am close to, I do not care for strangers. I do not wish anyone ill, mostly anybody, but I do not care about someone else’s elderly grandmother that may somehow get sick because I walked past them in a grocery store. I don’t believe in anything called asymptomatic, I’ve never heard of that before. But if I am wrong, I have hoped to be an asymptomatic carrier giving it to everyone without care, you know, herd immunity and all that. I have had people confront me about my lack of a face bag, I just smile and tell them to enjoy your corona.

      • Word. I also internally say the same thing – it actually makes me laugh out loud because those oh-so-serious Karens and Kens have no idea what I’m thinking!

    • Maybe a little reality here. I get no pleasure in this but I also don’t choose to live in fantasyland.
      “The chosen masters that you have voluntarily allowed to rule over you have intentionally created this crisis, and are fully prepared to use it to destroy your life and family. You have suffered for almost a year, and this is only the beginning. The state’s agenda is crystal clear; propaganda is their weapon of choice, and total submission is their goal. Are you prepared to stop them by whatever means necessary, or will you comply and become slaves. Those are the only choices left!”
      From an article on Lew Rockwell by Gary D. Barnett 12 18 20.

      • Hi Rog,

        I take no pleasure in it, either – but it is well-said. It is necessary to say it. We fight – or we submit. There is no longer any way to just fly under the radar; they absolutely will not leave us alone, ever. Therefore, it is on us to end this.

        • Eric
          I have yet to accept the mask. Don’t even have one. I have not been confronted by one person. While commenting to a friend about his mask in the store a couple months ago some big hay eater came around the corner of the isle and almost wrecked her cart trying to get by us, and as she roared away hollered that everybody should wear them. Or something to that effect.
          I agree with you that it is “on us to end this”. But as the paragraph from Gary says, along with another article today on Rockwell, when I struggle with my own thoughts and what I have come to learn and understand after 81 years, I firmly believe that the real fight is not one of flesh and blood. It is, at least for me, a spiritual one. There is a lot of talk and speculation and argument about it I know, and I have had my share of it for many years now. But all of that changes nothing. dI can’t even remember how long ago it was that I tried to tell my sister about it. No dice. As far as she was concerned, Christ was a communist. Ouch!
          I really like your site and I really do understand what you are trying to do. I also think I feel your frustration with the whole damn show. I get pretty upset at times and do a lot of visualizing when I see a photo or the name of certain individuals. But I also know that I can’t get to those who are really in charge. So I tell myself that I just have to try and be patient because He who is really in charge has His Agenda and that’s the one that in the end will be carried out. I am as convinced of that as I am that the sun is hot, or water is wet.
          I know the goal of your website is not based upon any religious ideas, but one regarding the truth about all things auto. And I think you’ve put as much heart and soul into that truth as you know how to do. You don’t make claims or arguments about religion other than to allow any and all to say their piece and you don’t, as far as I know, prevent any or censor any on your comments board.
          I get the urge to comment at times about my view and it’s all based upon scripture. A lot of prophesy, both old and new testament, but so far I’ve done little and don’t want to get too involved where it’s not wanted.
          I see and feel so much frustration and anger in the comments of most here and I really believe that there is help for them if they someday decide that that’s what they want. I think it was about 40 years ago that my then pastor told me that; “The day will come when God’s Elect will be driven into the scriptures in order to find the answers and the truth that they have been missing and are needing.”
          I don’t know if I can help anyone with what they are wanting or needing but I would never turn down anyone who sincerely wanted to know something that I might be able to help them understand. There are always those who can’t seem to wait to discredit or ridicule anyone who might have an answer, but they have always been here and it is to be expected. But that didn’t stop the Truth from being brought.
          There is way more going on in this world that what most believe or want to believe, and like this current scam, most don’t want to believe it is a scam.
          As I said, I think I understand your frustration and anger. Stay close to the two remaining Amigos. They will always be perfectly honest and faithful regardless of what happens. People like that are so hard to find.

      • Yes, if he wanted to end this madness, he could rescind his EO for the “national emergency,” dethrone and fire Fauci, and make HCQ available OTC through FDA. Not hard for him to do this, but {crickets}

  26. The following is a copy of a thread over at No Agenda Social (Mastodon instance) that I got into with another user. Once again, Eric was able to do a far better job of expressing my thoughts than I, but I’m posting for the reaction from others.

    CSB – AI engineer & cartoonist
    This virus takes lives

    Deniers don’t understand it
    Dec 16, 2020, 05:56 · · Web ·

    ReadyKilowatt @ReadyKilowatt
    @CSB yes it does. Lives at the end, when there’s not much time left anyway. Lives that are in decline, whose owners (for lack of a better term) are spending more time looking back than forward. Saving those lives at the expense of those whose lives are still unfolding, those who are looking forward and only see barriers to interaction, loss of opportunity and fear. It is very unlikely that my nephew will have a senior prom, and might not have a graduation ceremony. Because old people die.


    ReadyKilowatt @ReadyKilowatt
    @CSB who is so selfish that they will sacrifice my nephew’s young life for a few more years (perhaps months) of decline?

    That is the issue.


    CSB – AI engineer & cartoonist @CSB
    @ReadyKilowatt so old people are selfish because they want to live? that’s your point?


    m000se [AK] @m00se
    We all gotta die someday



    ReadyKilowatt @ReadyKilowatt
    @CSB yes, it is.


    Atlas @Atlas@atlas.fedi.live
    @CSB @ReadyKilowatt

    More specifically, boomers are willing to sacrifice the well being of everyone because, in typical boomer fashion, they are unwilling to face reality, and they look for the easy way out, blaming everyone else along the way.

    There is no choice between healthy and sick. Only good choices and bad choices.

    Boomers are the ones at risk. They should stay home. They should self quarantine. Children are not at risk. Adults are not at risk. Boomers are, and yet they demand we destroy the future for our youths, in one last extremely boomerish act of immaturity and selfishness. They should live off the retirement accounts they grew by outsourcing America to China.

    Just let everyone else deal with and clean up the mess. Let the rest of is face a grim reality, manage, and move forward. Yet, even that is too much to ask. Boomers demand that we all suffer with them.
    Read more


    dumpsterFireman @dumpsterFireman
    @Atlas @CSB @ReadyKilowatt

    Shit bruh don’t buy into the ‘old people vs us’ narrative. I hear just as many ‘z’s and ‘millennials’ as ‘boomers’ advocate for this horse shit on the premise that they are afraid they’ll lose their parents, grandparents.

    Energy wasted dividing yourself with those you should be joining up with to take on the true evil that has caused all the things you mentioned.


    Atlas @Atlas@atlas.fedi.live
    @dumpsterFireman @CSB @ReadyKilowatt

    I stand by what I said. Just as a police office has an elevated expectation of behavior, elders in any culture should represent wisdom and be an example to future generations. Clearly America has a deficit in that area, and blaming the younger generations doesn’t get to the root of the problem.

    To address a problem, first you have to acknowledge the problem.


    dumpsterFireman @dumpsterFireman
    @Atlas @CSB @ReadyKilowatt

    I don’t disagree with those fine points. Still, why blame any generation in particular? Why not attack the behavior and ideology directly?

    One of the ongoing goals of the people in power is to disconnect and destroy the family unit. As far as I can tell, pointing the finger at the older generation only serves to advance this purpose.


    ReadyKilowatt @ReadyKilowatt
    @dumpsterFireman @Atlas @CSB my parents are very old, as are many of my friends. They constantly complain about “these old senile politicians” who are forcing these lockdowns. They understand they are at risk and take appropriate action. They are grateful for the accommodations, such as reserved shopping times just after sanitation, but don’t agreeable at all with the global reaction. They want their grandkids to have a normal life.


    Comrade Chris @chris@girevik.su
    They’re hobbling our western nations with their living and not working!


    Robert Cane @deathpanels
    @ReadyKilowatt @CSB It’s a fallacy to view human life as a zero-sum game. We aren’t competing for a limited resource. We should ALL be free to choose our level of risk, given clear and accurate public health information.


    Deacon_of_Cle @Deacon_of_Cle
    @CSB and lockdowns and restrictions have taken livelihoods. The privileged don’t understand it.


    GLUΞDToTheSCRΞΞN-ΞLΞCT @GluedToTheScreen
    @CSB While there are some true deniers,

    I think most people acknowledge the illness but dispute the overall severity…

    … which is COMPOUNDED by inconsistent messaging and actions of those in authority.

    It does not help when leaders say one thing and do another.


    ReadyKilowatt @ReadyKilowatt
    @GluedToTheScreen @CSB And what is the efficacy of these actions? We hear again and again how the restrictions are necessary to “reduce the spread” yet there’s nothing that shows the closings, lockdowns and masks are having any effect. My county is back to closing restaurants after a summer of declining cases with relatively minor restrictions. The “cases” have exploded, deaths are up again, and lockdowns are eminent.


    ReadyKilowatt @ReadyKilowatt
    @GluedToTheScreen @CSB This increase cannot be explained by “letting our guard down,” because over the summer, when restrictions were eased, the cases decreased. Methinks the meddling is just because politicians think they have to take some action, even the wrong one, and they’re so weak they cannot admit they’re wrong.

  27. Excellent observation on kids’ time sense. This is undoubtedly hitting them harder than us adults. In addition, they don’t have personal experience with previous “pandemics” like SARS or swine flu, etc, so they don’t have that to help evaluate the current situation.

    • Boomers are good with all this because most all of them are getting “a check” in the mail and they don’t have businesses at risk etc. their income is not impaired — They are for the vast majority Leftist types in nature and it is them that are the biggest “Mask Holes”, Burn, Murder, Loot supporters etc. — if you are scared to catch a Cold stay in your house — don’t require everyone else to do so for what is basically a Flu season — if you look at the decline of the USA over the course of the Boomer Generation? Enough said…a plague of Faucis….


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