Armed Citizens Confront Corona “Case” Seekers

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According to the Pioneer Press, a team of state and federal health workers who were conducting random coronavirus testing in communities across Minnesota were met by armed residents uninterested in being tested.

There was no violence. But the residents made plain their feelings about being tested.

The incident came to light after at least two Twin Cities-area police departments posted an email from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety on their social media accounts.

“The households are randomly selected so examiners will be out knocking on doors,” the message says. “I am sending this email because a team of MDH and CDC examiners was recently confronted by a group of armed citizens while out in a neighborhood.”

When confronted by the armed group, the team simply turned around and walked away and were not followed, according to a spokesperson.

“The incident was unfortunate,” Julie Bartkey, a spokeswoman for the Minnesota Department of Health said to the Pioneer Press. “The team did the right thing by leaving and notifying their study site coordinator of the situation.”

“The vast majority of neighborhoods have been friendly, but we will continue to monitor for concerns as we move through different areas of the state,” Bartkey said. “It could have been a simple misunderstanding, we simply don’t know.”

It’s good that some people are beginning to push back against this. It will be better when more people do so. Not with violence – but by making it clear that violence will be answered, should it come to that.

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  1. Boy that sounds like a great idea to be tested. Then when the fake test says you’re fraudulently positive, you can get thrown in a death camp! Wheeee, yeah, woohoo, sounds like a great idea! They’ll ruin your life and take you away … forever … due to a fake virus that doesn’t exist and a fake test. Wow, they really care about our safety so much… only loving people would do this. First firing everyone from their jobs and creating an international disaster [over nothing], now this… still continuing with the assault on humanity, still going on, because they just love you so much, … yeah they’re going to LOVE US ALL TO DEATH! How about they just leave people alone that don’t want their love? No, they can’t just LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE! They have an excuse for that — everyone might be a leper/carrier/contagious so they MUST test everyone or else the refusee is going to kill everyone by contagion… OMG that is SO LAME of an excuse, even if it were true you can’t even possibly prevent the contagion spread anyways… it’s a joke, it’s a bad excuse to HURT people and VIOLATE their free will & civil rights.

    CIVIL RIGHTS — that’s why we have you know what.

    • A good point was made in a headline I read somewhere, which stated something to the effect that TPTB are essentially saying that they must completely obliterate a flu– something that has never before been done…and can NOT be done! So, ipso-fatso, as long as there is a flu….there will be “an emergency” to ‘combat’ and destroy it- in other words, a perpetual war on sickness which of course can never be won- just like a ‘war on drugs’ or a ‘war on terror’.

      We should have a real war on terror; the terror that is being imposed on us by these psychos, to make society perpetually afraid of the flu, and to relieve us of all of our basic liberties by doing so!

      • Oh, Nunz- we ARE having that real war on terror. So far the majority are sitting tight and don’t realize how screwed they are. They figure if they just keep their heads down, take their drug test and their covid test, take their vaccines (most people don’t have severe side affects…), If they just wait for an elected fuhrer to fix it for them, that they’ll be OK. They will wake up. The Jews in the Warsaw ghetto finally fought back, the resistance in Budapest, the Confederate States of America- all fought and died. The war is on, and we’re all reacting to it- the most evil have gained control of all the resources and the propaganda megaphones.

        I don’t care- our purpose in life is to struggle, and fight the good fight, and eventually die for something. Find happiness in that. I resolved a long time ago to live free- and realized that our civilization is a thin veneer and we are at war daily and in a life and death struggle. Our tactics have to change constantly, but our principles should be solid gold and uncorruptable.

        • Well-said, Ernie!

          I made that decision when I was very young. Even 45 years ago, one was always confronted with choices, just by being in government skool. Would you submit to idiotic rules; let some cadre of employees who spend their days exercising authority over other’s children alter your ability to do the right thing, just for the sake of reaping some promised reward of very dubious value? Would you want to become like those employees- who are living out their “reward”? To constantly live as a child, under a system of rewards and punishments based on obedience to an immoral and unjust system of hierarchy, only to have the school replaced by a corporation or government master?

          We get a good taste of the way this world works, while in school. Do we merely adapt to it in preparation for a lifetime of subservience to human masters just so that we can conform to what is portrayed as the normal course of life? Or do we rather cringe at that prospect, and say “This is abhorrent even as a child, and I can not foresee living my adult life under such conditions, which would essentially be to live life as a perpetual child, serving other men of nefarious intent, rather than living my conscience before God, and being free to practice the requisite morality that that implies?”.

          The choice we are presented with is one of who or what we will obey and serve; Where does true wealth come from? Who or what determines our actions? How do we spend the majority of our waking hours? Who or what determines our morality?

          Will we trade our values, freedom, morality and affections for the validation of others- as reinforced by “grades” and salary, status, normalcy, sex, etc. from others who are so committed to also having delegated their autonomy and humanity to such a system- or will we live as God intended, as men, and do what is propitious and right under all circumstances, and reap the resultant consequences or rewards of THAT?

          This system of indoctrination has been perfected over the last 100 years, so that now, one essentially makes that decision (usually without even realizing it, because it is just portrayed as normalcy, and there is no time or room for any thoughts to the contrary) at a young age; and consequently, one goes deeper and deeper into the system- with more indoctrination, and it’;s resultant debt- and before they know it, even if they start to wake-up and regret their course, they are hopelessly mired within the system, and escape is almost impossible.

          And the more the young are bombarded with media and others all portraying what is “normal” and “good”; being taught to override their consciences and just accept the absurdities and intrusions and injustices they encounter so that “they can get theirs”, the less there are any who ever question such.

          “Get used to the zero-tolerance policy at school that punishes you when you punch the guy who was bullying in the nose; and get used to having your locker sniffed by Occifer Friendly’s K-9 for drugs, because this is hoiw it will be when you work for Global Widgets”.

          How many recoil at that and say “There’s no friggin’ way I’m gonna live like that!”? Not many. We’re only here on this site, because we’re among the few who did recoil, and did something about it- regardless of the cost. (And that cost has actually been a great windfall- because we do not have to live that way….but they are certainly trying to force us to…or will likely eradicate us for not doing so- in which case, we still win, because ultimately, we die as MEN, and we count the One we obey as being the True Judge who is capable of rewarding us in the end!)

        • The coming covid hoax vaccine is not designed to stop the hoax. It is designed to cure the world over population problem. The dumb suckers who allow themselves to be tested will eventually “disappear”. Don’t get the test. Don’t take the vaccine. Otherwise, your life span will be very short.

  2. Hey Eric!

    Have you verified any details of this story? Doesn’t sound quite right….. Sounds like it might just be a [from it’s original source] a propaganda piece, to justify yet more draconian “security”. Just sounds fishy- Government workers carrying out an agenda don’t just go away….nor leave people who defend their rights and property in peace. I mean…when’s the last time THAT happened?

    • Astute analysis, mein freund. I reside in the American Siberia- Communisota- and can tell you that culturally these scandanavian heritage folk will likely just not be home when they show up. Not that there is no resistance, they will just stubbornly avoid the issue and maybe stab someone in the back later when they can get away with it. The vast majority of Communisota is rural, independent, Scandanavian, German stock. Except around MSP with its hordes of carpetbagging yankees and the recent importation of horrendous amounts of middle eastern and African muslims.

      So while this quietly announced program is allegedly voluntary, it is unlikely to be met by armed force here. I hope I’m wrong- it is high time for the Norse to finally go berserker.

      • Beware the People of the Ice. They are slow to anger, but their wrath is world shaking. Wisdom says, never confront superior force directly. Never give them a clear target. Always strike at their weakness, not at their strength.

  3. So desperate to get their “second wave”, they have to resort to door to door case seeking? Using their fraudulent tests, I guess they will indeed find more cases. What could possibly be the motivation here, except for prolonged diapering, new lockdowns a’la UK/Australia, and implementation of whatever final solution they have cooked up for us.

    But I don’t believe this story, as the details in the article are scant and don’t make sense as laid out. I see it as a ruse to enable case seekers to get an AGW escort to intimidate people into getting tested, to increase case counts. The plan now must be to threaten people in order to coerce testing, since more and more people are wising up and seeing the hoax for what it is. Can’t have that.

  4. One need not even break any “law”. I suspect that merely being armed and standing in their way would be sufficient. After all, 100% pure unadulterated absolute perfect safety is their “goal”, so they aren’t about to take any risks.


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