A “Case” of Headache

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I had a “case” of headache this morning – probably from reading (again) about all the new “cases” of WuFlu. What is it with this “cases” thing? Does the media really not understand the difference between “cases” of something and whether people die from it?

Lot of “cases” of headache in this country.

Also indigestion, menopause and acne. If the media reported the daily tally of these, you’d think there was a  . . . crisis. Of course, the media does not do this. And didn’t do it, previously, with the common cold or the seasonal flu. If it had done so we’d have been “locked down” and  wearing face diapers years ago. There are millions of “cases” of  these things every year – in part because there are hundreds of millions of people in the country and it’s inevitable a percentage of them will get sick each year.

This never used to be considered a “crisis.” It was normal because it was life. Including, sometimes, death.

In 1799, George Washington caught a cold while riding the fence line during a snowstorm in December at his Mount Vernon home; being an older guy at this time, the cold worsened and – we don’t know for sure, but the evidence suggests – developed into pneumonia, which is hard to shake when you’re older, especially when the quack doctors attending you decide to bleed you as the “cure.”

Washington died – but the country wasn’t locked down. Because in those days, Americans understood that getting sick was part of life, especially when most people didn’t die because they caught a cold.

But then, in 1799 there was also no saturation media – able to speak with one very loud voice – drum-rolling a horrific-sounding “case” count on the hour, accompanied by lurid graphics and ominous implications.

The latter italicized to make the point which they always do – without actually saying it.

The daily “case” count is intended to make the viewer believe that mass death will follow. They practically lead the poor horse’s muzzle to the water trough. It is a deliberate attempt to pump up the numbers when the relevant number – the percentage of “cases” who end up dead – continues to decrease. Not just in numbers but also percentages – which is a function of the number of  “cases.”

An excellent example of this deliberate (it has to be – stupidity and journalistic negligence can no longer account for what is going on; it is too blatant at this point) shell game of death is the reportage of what is going on in South Dakota.

Or rather, what hasn’t.

This state is one of the only ones not “locked down” – because it has a governor, Kristi Noem, who does not believe in practicing what she calls “herd leadership,” by which she means imposing on South Dakotans what has been imposed on New Yorkers, Californians and Virginians, oh my!

Meaning, she left it up to South Dakotans to lead themselves. To weigh the risk of getting sick vs. the risk of getting dead and weigh those things against the certainty of going broke or out of business and leading a sad, neurotic, Face-Diapered life as the “new normal.”

Dutifully – you might even say gleefully – the media jumped as one on the chance to report “skyrocketing” cases of Corona in the not-locked-down/not-treat-everyone-as-a-Face-Diapered-leper state. “The number of confirmed cases has risen from 129 to 988 since April” – exclamation-pointed the New York Post a couple of months ago. Which went on to tantalize its readers with the schadenfreude news that “the state is now home to one of the largest single clusters of coronavirus outbreaks” – i.e., “cases” – in the entire country!

The New York Times piled on – “5,898 cases,” it reported the other day.

Oh, the humanity!

But what about the dead humanity?

In all of South Dakota – about 885,000 people – all of 75 people have supposedly died from – or with – the Corona virus in their system as of last week. The with is important because it credits WuFlu/Corona with a lethality it lacks. “Cases” of the very elderly who die of other things – such as being very elderly – are claimed as Corona victims if Corona is found in their bodies at autopsy. Which is like attributing the condemning of a house eaten up by termites to the bad storm that finally pushed it over last night. It is rotten – just the right word – in both instances.

A deliberate, malicious effort to deceive. To use fear for a political purpose, which – to her immense credit – Governor Noem did not do. She is a relic of a time when American leaders were not always rotten.

Which explains why she has been targeted. Vilified as “uncaring,” irresponsible.”

Granny will die!  

Also why the number of deaths attributed to the WuFlu in her state – in most states – is rarely mentioned and never parsed.

A fractional mortality rate that decreases with each uptick in “cases” doesn’t a “crisis” make.

An innumerate population is easily driven batshit crazy with fear when it is presented with thousands and thousands of new “cases” – exclamation pointed and frantically, breathlessly touted by Face-Diapered media personalities (just the right word) who long ago ceased being reporters, if they ever were.

. . .

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  1. I don’t disagree with the article, but I must point out how easy it is for humans living today to believe myths. We laugh at the old belief in witches, and also that doctors who “bleed” their patients are just as silly. But sometimes, the old ways weren’t as dumb as we might think. After all, if bleeding patients always resulted in death, even the old ones would have given up on it.

    There are beneficial reasons to “bleed” a patient, though not quite to the extent in the old Errol Flynn movie Captain Blood, where the governor had the gout and Dr. Blood was about to make his escape from the penal colony. The Governor says, “perhaps you can bleed me some more”, and Errol says, I’ll bleed you even if I have to bleed you to death.

    Well, it turns out that bleeding has a beneficial effect. It reduces the amount of iron in one’s system, and iron can cause several problems. Some people feel much better after donating blood for just this reason. My Brother-in-law had a-plastic anemia and needed transfusions. Over time, his iron level got so high it became a problem. He was told that if they found a cure, he could begin to reduce the iron by donating blood. Today, there are also medical leaches used for the same thing.

    And finally, many microbes love iron and so if you are sick, it is often best to avoid taking any iron supplements, and a little bit of bleeding might actually help.

    So, sometimes the old ones weren’t as dumb as the new ones. And today, the new ones are pretty dumb sometimes, such as the panic over a bad flu season, that still is not as bad as the one a few years ago.

    • Hi ET,

      THat’s interesting about bleeding; and I agree – we are not as smart or “advanced” as we believe we are. Especially as regards medicine. Your comparison of WuFlu to the witch hunts of the 1600s is spot on!

    • Yeah, look, they’ve even rediscovered the beneficial use of leeches in recent years. The FDA couldn’t even deny their benefits- They approved leeches for medical use in (I believe) 2004.

      • Hi Mark,

        That’s interesting in re the iron/longevity. Another correlation seems to be with size. Ever been to an old folk’s home? It’s full of little old ladies. Big men don’t seem to be candidates for centenaryhood. Apparently, we wear out faster!

        • And then there’s the old question: Why do married men live longer than single men?

          They don’t – it just seems like it. 🙂

      • Mark; Eric,

        The eggspurts, as usual, tend to have their heads up their asses [Not Sardi].

        I think traditionally why women have tended to live longer than men, is because men work all of their lives- often in dangerous or stressful or physically-demanding/detrimental situations [Including office work- nothing is more deadly than sitting in a chair for 40 years]. Now that most women are working all of their lives, they’ll “catch-up”[down?] to men- it’s just that not enough time has yet elapsed to reflect that fact, since many of the 70-90 year-old women of the recent past were from a time when it wasn’t as common for women to work.

        Tl;dr: A housewife who has had the benefits of of recent modern conveniences, medicine, sanitation, etc. will live longer than her husband who worked cin the factory, steel mill, or office for 40 or 50 years.

        I’ve noticed that even among my family of long-livers, both the men and women who have avoided the typical 9-5 tend to live the longest. Those who worked typical 9-5 positions and or in unhealthy environments, died at a more typical age (Like my maternal grandpa who was the youingest of my relatives to die [at only 74], likely because he worked as a longshoreman and then drove a taxi in Manhattan for ov er 30 years, in the days when there was no A/C or emission controls…and you just breathed in the exhausts from street-clogging traffic with the windows open all day. [He died of emphysema]

    • Hi Sally,

      Have you noticed that “Corona” became “COVID” almost as if a light switch had been turned on? This happened about a month ago. The media literally speaks with one voice – and the people hear and obey their master’s voice. It worked the same 20 years ago, when – just like that – the media began talking about Iraq rather than Afghanistan in the days after Nahhhhnnnnlevvn.


      Perhaps the Illuminati are right and most people really are cattle.

      • So true, Eric- just like they’ve managed to make the involvement of so many of the world’s politicians and big-wigs involvement with Jeffrey Epstein go down the memory hole virtually overnight. For the masses, the media controls the reality.

  2. There will continue to be new “cases” until herd immunity is achieved, which won’t happen until well over 50% of the population has been exposed. Why continuing to delay this process is considered good (now that the feared hospital overload has proven to be bogus) completely eludes me. Let’s get it over with! The longer this madness goes on, the longer the truly vulnerable (old and sick people) will feel they need to stay isolated.

    • Amen brother. What a good point. No need to keep the vulnerable in some sort of limbo. I’m sure they hate that.

    • Hi Turtle,

      The difference is helpful to the rational side of this “debate” as it shows the fraud of the claimed CFR that helped to start all of this mess. Many people have the virus but do not get sick, which means that it is far less deadly than originally hyped.


  3. The facts is the facts…it’s that we are getting no facts. We are getting politically positioned news from all main street media fronts. We will never get the truth because it is now anti-human to be truthful. It’s racist to demand the truth. It’s racist to be a white person. Questioning Covid and the fake pandemic is racist. Confusion abounds and everyday it is something different. I am listening to no one. I have not masked, distanced, stayed lock in a closet, or watched one minute of TV news or listened to the fake medical authorities. Age 70…alive and well and couldn’t care less about all this nonsense. Thanks Eric.

    • Right on Tom. I’m same age and done same. I run a business with 180 people. Masks aren’t required but they can wear them if they feel better doing so.

      Now California has commanded that everyone wear a mask in most public places. The grocery store had a young person at door that tried to get me to wear a mask. I just walked right by her and said I have health concern.

      Part of the new rule says you don’t have to wear a mask if you have a medical issue or a metal health issue. It messes with my mental health to wear a mask or even see other people wearing them. So that’s my health concern.

  4. So, the first thing I thought when they started reporting the “counts” was, why would the Government and All media all at once lie us into fantastic fear? As everyone knows “counts” should NEVER be used to “prove” anything. Ratios are truth. Counts are lies. I could only conclude that “they” knew something secret about this virus that “we” could never be allowed to know. And that what they knew warranted destroying America. Perhaps this was an engineered bio weapon etc… But as time went by – I realized that wasn’t it. They must have lied to us to purposefully crash the economy so they could buy it up cheap.

    • >They must have lied to us to purposefully crash the economy so they could buy it up cheap.
      There you go.
      Reference: Weimar Republic, 1920s.
      A few people “in the know,” with access to hard currency, make a killing.
      The vast majority of hard working people, trusting souls, get the shaft.

      Heck, we’ve seen it in this country.
      Think back to the Reagan era, to the days of “junk bond” kings, hostile takeovers, & S & L fraud.
      Howzabout those wonderful fellers at Enron, eh?

      Nothing new under the sun.
      Scammers gonna scam, and fraudsters gonna fraud, ’cause that’s what they do.

  5. Notice the 3 women in the picture are all dresses in black as if the were at a funeral. Clearly the black dressing was part of the psyops to get people on board to the pandemic scam. Magnifying the fact they are trying to pull off a scam by setting the stage, because the truth is not on their side.

    • 80% of white women like these haggard witches and the daughters they raised who march with BLM are the single most destructive force besides the jews ever unleashed on this country

    • Hi MC,

      Yup; but was it a mistake? I have come to believe that the entire Corona thing is kind of slow-motion Nahhnnnlevvn, planned and used for the same general purpose.

  6. A friend of mine went for Mexican take-out and came back with a bad quesadilla. Boy was he ever sick! We need a vaccine for dilla.

  7. What fascinates me most is the point that all media avoid facts like the devil the holy water. All you get are “studies”, “computer models”, “statistics”, “experts” and interviews with film and sports celebrities.
    I read a study that proved that the pickle decided World War 2, and I was myself involved in a study that proved that the black stork delivers little children in Thuringia.
    Computer models rely on their parameters and can show that nuclear submarines fly to the moon. Statistics are like bikinis: what they show might be interesting, but the parts they hide are of utter importance.
    Expert on the other hand is a term that is not protected by law (at least in Germany), so any idiot can call himself an expert on everything, and celebreties normally have not the slightest cue what is going on.

    I spent a weekend to find out how many people died since October 2019 monocausally because of Covid19 – young, healthy, infection, dead. The answer: maybe none, most realistically two, at most five – all over the world.

    I then found facts – yes: facts! – on the website of the by far most boring German bureaucracy imaginable: The Federal Institute for Statistics. The result? In January to May 2020 there were far less deaths than in the last four years before. And if you can read German: It is more than awkward to watch how they try to paint the 2020s numbers somewhat dramatic in their representation on top. If you want to look for yourself (scroll down for the graph):


    I would love to force the media on gunpoint to make these numbers public.

    But I know what will happen: “The death rates are so low because of our drastic measures.”
    Yes. That is like a cock on a dungheap, claiming: “In the last years the sun was rising on its own. But THIS year it went up because of ME crowing every day. Prove me wrong.” Because I can not travel back in time to decapitate it in advance this is tricky, and I guess they know that.

    Sigh. I would like to know what history books will have to say about the 21st century. I do not think it will be very pleasing.

    • Excellent, Schnapp!

      Of course, the sniffles doesn’t sell papers – or lock down a society. Therefore, we need “cases.” Lots and lots of them! And “hot spots,” too.

      It is a measure of the decline of journalism – or rather, the increase in its captivity – that practically every single media outlet quacks loud about “cases” and “hot spots” and never (to my knowledge) parses the mortality stats nor puts them in context. It is nothing less than despicable.

      But it’s not old.

      This all began – in a truly concerted manner – after naaaahhhnnnlevvn when the media uncritically amen’d all The Chimp’s talking points about Trrr and “WMD.”

      They are never held to account.

      In my opinion, the mainstream media is far more destructive than armed government workers, even.

  8. Good heavens! A woman leader who believes in liberty. No wonder the press is on her. All the women I see in leadership roles are the most tyrannical in thought and action.

    • “They” don’t consider such to be “real women” if they buck the socialist-feminazi agenda, just like they don’t consider my black friend a “real black” because she’s a conservative Republican (Bordering on Libertarian)…..

      • Well, as Sleepy Joe says, they can’t be black, if they don’t support him… ^^

        Let me get this straight, they are really going to have Sleepy Joe, on the same stage, in real time with Trump? Thats going to be painful…

        • SPQ, believe it or not, some of them have overcome [what has become] their culture, and do not identify with most other blacks- and consequently, are rejected by most other blacks and white liberals.

          I’ve known and been friends/am friends with a few such. They’re rare…but then again, such is the case among all races these days. Heck, there are a few blacks who post here- and I’d be happier to associate with them than the average white.

          Heck, Murray Rothbard- one of the greatest Libertarians, who enriched us all, was a JEW!

          I think it’s true of all of us, from wherever we come from, that WE are the exceptions, rather than the rule, among our own cultures…even our own families….humanity in general.

          Some have more to overcome than others, and those who manage to do so, are probably better people than us, because it took more for them to get here than it did for us.

  9. Statistics are so much fun because they can give you any result you want. I’m sensing pre-existing biases on both sides of this “case debate.”

    A more reliable test might be whether or not one sees overloaded morgue trailers stacking up in all the hospital parking lots. So far, they are MII…..”Missing In Inaction.”

    And BTW Mr Kilowatt, I may be biased via marriage, but I think that labeling all white, blonde, anti-vaxxer women as “Karen” is pretty darned “Racist!” 😉

  10. The Supremo’s just decided that Johnny can dress like Joanie and use the bathroom of choice.
    Threw out a bunch of gun suits like limited capacity mags and handgun carry bans.
    Religious school can no longer have segregated dorms.
    Health care companies must pay for sex change ops and employers and teachers may be punished for addressing their employees and students by incorrect pronouns.
    The court threw out the Trump administration’s case against California’s ‘Sanctuary State’ laws, that forbid local authorities from assisting federal immigration authorities.

    I am going to guess that next they will allow the secession of BLM held CHAZ in Seattle.

    The hits just keep on coming….

    • You’d think it’d be obvious to everyone by now that this country is going one way, no matter who they vote for or we do. We are already so overwhelmed with this sick tyranny that there is no going back; no reform is possible. It’ll run it’s course no matter what we do, and only option is to leave….or to accept it as it encroaches more and more upon us- and it is to the point where it does encroach upon us all, because they have legislated every aspect of life. We’re on the Titanic.

      What we’re seeing are the crowning touches of agendas that have been being pursued for 100 years now….and the better part of the population are so brainwashed and demoralized that they even cheer for it. They will take their anger out on US, not the tyrants whom they see as benefactors.

      • There really is nowhere else to go even if we did want to leave. The pandemic has proven to be a coordinated effort across every country to promote the globalist/communist agenda and kill off any nationalist leanings. Frivolities such as Brexit and Hong Kong freedom have all but been forgotten. The control measures taken by other nations either match or exceed those here, and feasible international travel has become a thing of the past. I’m still appalled that we the people so willingly gave up our remaining freedoms, let alone so quickly.

        • There are a handful of small nations- mostly far-off island nations, which do not belong to the UN. Those are the places worth investigating. Also, very remote places, like Patagonia/The Amazon, etc. No face masks there. But as far as the First world and Second World? There’s nothing. But even there, there are many places where, while one may not have true freedom, one can still live a lot freer than here- like Asia, or even many Third-world places once you’re out in the sticks. The mountains of Belize; even very rural areas of Mexico. Just depends what ya want..and how much or little of it ya want.

          But cities, or anywhere where the technological infrastructure is in place? Lewis Mumford and Jacques Ellul have warned for decades that this is where technology would be leading us….and they sure were right.

        • Hi Rich,

          Maybe it’ll snap back. But the historical probabilities say it’s not likely. Mencken was right when he said, almost 100 years ago, that most people are “clamorous to be led to safety.” I do not understand the appeal or the mentality. What fun is saaaaaaaaaaafety? Without taking risks you never live; you just live in constant fear of dying. Once upon a time, this was considered neurotic, or just wimpy. Now it is the value around which this society organizes. It has become a fetish, actually.

          Well, for the conditioned masses.

          The one doing the condition understand better.

          • Eric, the general population has been indoctrinated and brain washed for generations.

            Think of it this way; When roughly half of the human population is hard wired, to prioritize safety/security. What happens when they rise to political power? Tyranny.

            Its a natural consequence of their priority. Abstracts like liberty, and personal responsibility, get shoved aside in favor of policies directed at increasing safety/security.

            Keep this going for generations (while they control the vast majority of the public “educational” system…) and what you get, is the
            tragic situation that surrounds us today.

            • Morning, BJ –

              Very true, in re the imbeciles who worship safety – and so embrace tyranny (theirs and ours). But, actions have consequences and a society predicated on saaaaaaaaaaafety is a doomed society. It cannot survive. But some of us will. And it is going to be our job to rebuild based on reality and morality.

      • Hi Nunz,

        Of course it’s going to get rough. The question is what comes after. It may not be a new Soviet Union or something worse. It could also be something better. Keep in mind – and you and I can both remember this – that circa 1985 the Soviet Union seemed Forever and WW III inevitable. Fifteen years later, the Soviet Union fell apart relatively peacefully. That it happened once is proof it can happen again and I think we ought to do all we can to see that it does.

        Imagine this country separating into several independent states – a return to what was – with different strokes for different folks. Those who want to live under socialism or where saaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety is the Prime Directive have their states and we have ours.

        This is not moonshine. It could happen.

        When I was writing the other day about the “cases” con, I mentioned South Dakota – its governor specifically. Not all hope is lost. Imagine, in the aftermath of an economic collapse, that states like SD simply declare their independence. Some of these states have nuclear weapons already – quite a deterrent. Even if not, I think it would be a job for a rotten, morally and ideologically bankrupt remnant of the federal government to conquer a vital, fierce and highly motivated corps of freedom minded people in a vast, largely rural area – such as SD.

        Recall – again – the example of the Soviet Union and how that ossified oligarchy was unable to curb stomp Afghanistan. Despite all the hardware and mercs it had.

        The zeal of righteousness is a force multiplier.

        • The ruling elite have decided on a course of creating chaos and destruction, so that they can have their technocratic NWO rise from the ashes, which may be quite a foolish strategy. Controlled burns don’t always stay under control, particularly when winds are blowing hard.

          They are hard at work implementing UN Agenda 21 and the 4th industrial revolution. Investigate the 4th industrial revolution and you’ll find what they are talking about is genetic and electronic manipulation of the human organism. Transhumanism. Elon Musk’s neurallink and Bill Gates’ gene modifying vaccines are key components of the 4th industrial revolution. They claim they are creating super-men, but the objective reality is that the true goal is to create compliant slaves incapable of thoughts independent of the hive. A world where all thoughts are spoon fed directly to the brain, monitored and prevented from any independence.

          The ruling elite use control of food, the monopoly on productive useful growth of food crops and animals, as human control. Little by little they are closing all the exits, making it difficult to impossible to obtain food outside of their monopoly through patents on GMO seeds and other lifeforms. The ruling elite also use manipulation of the weather as a weapon.

          There are a lot of things that can go wrong in a world of gene editing, weaponized weather, weaponized pathogens, weaponized currency, human cyborgs and total monoculture. My belief is that their technology will escape its bonds and cascade out of control resulting in destruction of biblical scale. Nature loves to play her tricks and she’s relentless.

          As I see it, we are on the cusp of cataclysmic change, destruction and misery, but on the other side of that will be a rebirth of the human race by a remnant who survive the storm. The technocrats will not win. Their systems are too complex and fragile. More importantly their systems are unnatural, and in the end nature always wins.

          Everything the ruling class has planned requires massive amounts of electricity. All the servers for the surveillance grid and 5G cells, the cashless society, factory farms and electric vehicles. Underground bunkers and command complexes cannot function without massive fans to pump fresh air down and through. The fans consume tons of electric power and backup generators won’t be sufficient for long. This is all going onto the back of a vulnerable aging electric grid infrastructure that is in dire need of upgrade. It is estimated that the rollout of 5G alone will increase the demand for electric power by 20-25%. This at a time when fossil fuels are being banned from electric power generation and the environmental impact studies for a new nuclear plant consume 25 years and enormous investments. Windmills and solar panels are not going to power the future that the technocrats dream of.

          • **” This at a time when fossil fuels are being banned from electric power generation and the environmental impact studies for a new nuclear plant consume 25 years and enormous investments.”***

            Hank, they don’t have to play by their own rules! Those rules are just their now to destroy private business and the free-market/Capitalism. Once those objectives are complete (They almost are), “they” will no longer care nor push those agendas. Heck, they’re already letting off on the EV crap…..

        • Hey Ya Eric,
          Yes….the US will indeed split up into several “superstates”- I’ve been saying this for a long time- it used to be widely promoted among “conspiracy theorists” before the interwebz.

          We are starting to see before our eyes the events that will hasten this. Come November, there weill be such chaos surrounding the election- no matter which actor wins- that this break up will then start to be fast-tracked.

          But this break-up of the US into 10 “superstates” as it will eventually become, is just another aspect of the implementation of the NWO- The destruction of the independent superpowers into units which will be easier to control, and which will prevent the re-establishment of “rogue” independent powers.

          This will not be a move toward freedom- but rather towards greater tyranny- although once it is established, the tumultuous conditions necessary to create it and to cause the people to demand it (“The election was rigged! Let’s separate!”, false-flags,etc.) will likely subside, so it will seem more peaceful…at least for those who don’t care about liberty)

          But even if this coming [non]”revolution” were real. Just look at the people around you when you’re out about- the people who riot; the people who support Hitlery and Bernie, and whine for “socialized medicine”; who “enlist”; who live in NY and CA and Minneapolis and Shitcago; etc. etc. What type of society do you think we’d get with such people populating it, even in a real grassroots scenario? It would be the same or worse than what we now have.

          We’ve been conditioned to think in collective terms. Even WE still do it to some degree without even realizing it. The problem is: Human nature. People as a whole have never been very liberty minded- the colonize, dominate, regimentate, seek and exercise power and coercion over others, etc. etc.

          And throughout history, wherever you have people congregate, youi get the above-mentioned attributes. People are always hoping for reform in one way or another…..but any reforms are only relative. The only real way that we can be free in our lifetime, is to be physically apart from organized society.

          Today, not only are we dealing with human nature, but we have the added burden of having that nature axacerbated by the nefarious mind-control of media, schools and other aspects of government, which makes it even worse.

          We’ll never reform society, nor conquer the cabal which rules this world- We are in worse shape now than at any other point in human history. Our ONLY hope is break free and simply be in a place where we can be left alone. But what is wrong with that? Isn’t thayt ultimately what we want?

          • Nunzio, you are starting to sound like a cheer leader, for the Hidden Masters™… ^^

            You appear to believe them to be omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. That they are completely incapable of mistake, over extending themselves, or having flawed judgement, or flawed execution of their multi century long schemes.

            Hmmmm… There is an entity, that has those traits… God, perhaps? ^^

            I direct your attention to systems analysis, and the reality of
            government operations, as an obvious counter argument.

            The hour is indeed late, but we are rather far from the End of Days.

            • Aww, nay, nay, BJ. I rail against those types who think that the cabal has control of everything that happens- but just as an observer of our ever-worsening predicament over the years, and a little knowledge of history, it is apparent that:

              a)Most people don’t give a damn about liberty, as long as they have some of the basics of life and can compete with their peers for position, even if the prize is nothing more than numbers on a page and the imagined or actual envy of others.

              b)Some very rich and powerful people who come from a line of people like themselves, know the above, and use it to control the better part of overall human action.

              They certainly don’t know everything, nor have absolute power….but since most people are so easily controlled, and will even do their bidding and dirtywork, voluntarily, they can do a great deal very easily.

              I think a lot of what they do is experimental- which is likely what this first round of Corona response BS was- to see how the majority will react, and to learn how to be more effective next time and how to deal with the stragglers like us, or maybe even hold off if there are too many of us (There aren’t!)- But the thing is (And here’s the important part) they can try things and experiment until they get it right….and since most mundanes are oblivious, they can just keep trying and altering and doing different things till they get the desired results (And many times genuine spontaneous events can work to their advantage, or be manipulated to).

              Just think of how much they can accomplish with a war…and how people will voluntarily participate! How absurd is it that people in the US would sign-up to fight in Baghdad, and how a pretext could be created right under the noses of millions of people to foster that- and not just by some crude act, but by a complex intricately timed plan that could only be accomplished with the involvement of a few top officials of the government and military! Such is the work of a huge, highly-organized bunch with international powers.

              • Nunzio, all that you say is very likely true. How ever, never forget that they are FAR from monolithic

                There are various factions within the Oligarchs. Some with allied interests, others starkly opposing. That is why they haven’t been able to achieve their Peoples Utopia, to this point.

                These types of experiments, aren’t observed by just one faction. They also expose the acting faction(s), to counter actions by the faction(s) that oppose them.

                Given the major push back we are seeing, those opposing them are at the very least, making them change their operational tempo. It remains to be seen if this will escalate to the strategic level.

                • Hey BJ,

                  Pushback? What pushback? You mean what they choose to allow (Like the riots) in order to cause the plebes to desire even more “law enforcement” to keep them safe? (And that narrative is already being pimped: I’m seeing things now where the “conservatives” are justifying the Atlanta pig’s latest murder because the victim had grabbed their taeer “and might have tasered a cop” [after he already had and was running away, when they shot him…] )

                  Pay attention here: The Corona BS., The riots; and soon, election chaos, will result in the implementation of martial law- de facto or overt. The “lockdowns” were essentially the beginnings of that.

                  As I and others have long been saying, this will eventually lead to the planned break-up of the US….to be replaced by 10 “superstates”. It will not be a break-up in the good sense of the word…but rather just the crowning achievement of reducing the US and it’s people to an “equal part” of the NWO.

                  Monolithic? Well, it might not appear so at the lower levels…but if you know their plans and look at what they have achieved over the last 100 years…and how things are being fast-tracked toda, on “steroids”, mayube you’d conclude that at the top level there must be a true unity of purpose, because that’s the only way that it could be as to why we are now seeing the finishing touches being put on plans which were implemented before any of the players alive today were even born.

                  To even THINK that we’d people now openlyu calling for the mass vaccination of the population of the WORLD, and a “cashless society” and world governance, shows how effective “they” are, as well as how unified they are, because those things have been their goals for generations.

                  Chaos, disorder and strife are necessary to destabilize a once functional and strong culture/society. You are mistaking that chaos and strife and disorder among the big overlords, but in reality, it is merely one of their tools- a product of their actions- and in fact, also aids in hiding them.

                  One thing we can probably agree on though, is that the dystopian global “utopia” they are implementing and putting the finishing touches on, will ultimately be disastrous and crumble.

                  By the way, I say these things, not only because of the realities we can see before our eyes today….but as a Christian- because what we are speaking of is “The Beast” system, which has long been prophesied to spring up for a short time at the end….and who can deny that it is indeed happening before our very eyes?

                  That can account for the seeming monolithicness of it. It would be virtually impossible to have such a cohesive and powerful worldwide system come to fruition under the auspices of mere human conspiracy. You have to admit (and basically are) that such a thing requires more than what humans are capable of- which is fitting, for ultimately, what we are witnessing is a Satanic conspiracy.

        • Bob Heinlein in his most dystopian novel “Farnham’s Freehold” said it best the difference between freedom and servitude was a manual transmission versus an automatic transmission. To be free you have to keep control which you do with a manual. The automatic puts you out of the loop that means you are not in control. Gotta read it.

        • Preach it, Eric! I have no patience with pusillanimous defeatism. I’m in this to win. The leftists can burn in hell.

          My wife, daughter, and I are seriously considering moving to South Dakota. If Trump does not win in November, we will almost certainly move there.

          • Amen, Geoff!

            Passivity – toleration – is lethal. We must stand our ground, resist, defy – and if need be, defend ourselves from them physically. I’ve actually thought about SD as well. When this country implodes, being on the right turf will matter. They will not hear of peaceful separation. It will be us – or them.

            I vote for us.

  11. I confess that I truly do hope and pray that SOME kind of plague hits us that is 100 percent lethal to those with room-temperature-and-below IQs. Such a massive thinning of the herd will do the North American continent a universe of good.

    • Libby, the beauty of that would be that such a pestilence would take out virtually all of the pigs and mercenaries too!

  12. The PCR test that they use to “detect” the virus is so horribly flawed that they are just pulling these numbers out of their ass.

  13. I believe that the new “cases” shown in areas that are “reopening” right now are in many cases, fabricated, double counted and recycled from past cases. There is little evidence that anything out of the ordinary is occurring disease wise. What is out of the ordinary is this abomination of mask wearing and media generated fear porn over the whole issue. News Headlines should read “Propaganda spikes as states “reopen” The states aren’t really reopening. We still have the cattle lines, fear mask wearing and a lot of other annoying crap we didn’t have before. Service workers are getting as arrogant as they were in the 1970s through the middle 1980s. Hours of operation have been cut and the travel industry is on it’s ass. The only thing that is still ridiculous is that all teh bad drivers are back on the road. I miss “pandemic” traffic.

    • Hi Swamp,

      Yup – things just got a little worse at my gym. I stopped by today on my way to the coffee shop and was informed I needed a Leper Towel henceforth. Either bring my own – or buy one from them (each time) for $1 each time. I expressed disgust and the guy behind the counter agreed and sighed.

      • Hi Ya Eric!

        To further highlight the idiocy of all this “sickness Kabuki”: Concerning the flu- any flu- and how ridiculous the notion is that practicing all of this mask-wearing and anti-social distancing and disinfecting everything, etc. is: How is it, that up until now, we’ve all managed to be in the presence of people who have the flu- in stores; living in the same houses with them; doctors seeing sick patients; etc. and yet we often do NOT catch the flu? And conversely, we may not have been around any sick people…or even any people at all…and yet sometimes would get the flu?

        That just shows how flawed their germ theory is; how flawed their understanding of the transmission of the flu is; and how ridiculous this Kabuki is- and that no matter how many precautions one takes…some are still going to get the flu while others practicing those same precautions aren’t; And some who practice no precautions may or may not also get the flu- and that’s the way it’s always been- and if it were not so, pretty much anyone who works with the public or in public, would be perpetually sick….but they aren’t (And that fact is not attributed to immunity, because there are always different and new strains of the flu around).

        These facts just further illustrate how utterly absurd and useless the Kabuki, and the destruction of the economy and the most basic liberties is, even IF COVID were really something to fear for the majority.

        The Kabuki would be a worthless response even if the threat were as dire as they portray it do be- how much the more when there really is no threat that did not exist at any other time from any other flu?

        • lol yeah how did we ever survive before? I’ll add a couple more points: space aliens have been visiting earth for eons, yet… no space vyruzes killed off all the humans, and ppl have been flying around the world for decades… yet no vyruzes have killed us all off yet. But … all of a sudden… out of the blue… a killer vyruz emerges and is going to kill us all??? This is so dumb it can’t be any dumber.

    • Hier in Kalifornien:
      18 Juni AM:
      Keine Probleme.
      18 Juni PM:
      Sign outside der Supermarkt (defended by armed guard) refers to the latest Führerbefehl* as “the law.”

      Ruhe in Frieden das Grundgesetz.
      Rest in peace, to our (former) Constitution.
      The Supreme Leader rules by decree now.

      *Also sprach die Nervensäge.
      Ein Befehl für Alle und Keinen.
      (if you didn’t get the last reference, here it is:
      Also sprach Zarathustra (Untertitel Ein Buch für Alle und Keinen)
      Thus spoke Zarathustra (subtitle a book for all and none)

      Personally, I liked it better when that Austrian guy was in charge (Arnie, not Adi).

  14. Weather Underground states May 2020 was the hottest month on record. Everybody knows the 1930’s were far hotter but I imaging they rigged those numbers like they do Covid. I can tell you that this May was the nicest and coolest month we have had in a long time from a local perspective in northwest Florida. This morning it was 68…. n i c e for June.
    As for Covid, Drudge and Zerohedge are leading the Covid plandemic charge. Always stating thousands more cases (hot spots) but neglecting to say they diminish the death rate. Since they are increasing the testing one would imagine the case numbers increasing. Considering the latest data has American high school graduates math abilities at the 5th grade level ( spelling and reading are lower! ) it should be no surprise they are easy to lead by the nose,,, most now have nose rings to make it easier.

  15. Got it again: “saturation media” with “An innumerate population.” Although I would go ones step further and call the general population stupefied -probably as a result of said media and gubmint schools.

    Such fear mongering much more difficult to pull off when there were only nightly television news and daily newspapers. It was much more difficult to disseminate this kind of Propaganda.

    With facebook and twitter there can be a new existential crisis every couple of hours. Moreover, the messages can be so accurately targeted that two people in the same household can be subjected to two mutually exclusive messages (depending on their politics).

    Mass media is the enemy.

  16. The “cases” should have been allowed to increase exponentially months ago. In which instance, we’d be through this and on with our lives. This asinine and intellectually arrogant idea that we could stymie the spread of a virus by isolating ourselves, staying indoors, and donning paper face diapers is akin to King Canute thinking he could command the tide to retreat.

    I guess since the riots have gotten boring, it’s time to return to the tried and true pandemic narrative. This will only serve to prolong this economic and social misery, as well as continue the slow drip of the virus spread. Perhaps until November 4th. God help us.

  17. Case count is the new and improved fear porn number. The death count and mortality rate aren’t scary anymore. Even though the more that have it, the closer we come to herd immunity, and the sooner we get there the less and less likely there will be a “second wave” this Fall when temps drop, at which time viruses typically become more active. Which brings to mind, perhaps that is the reason the Psychopaths In Charge want to keep it from spreading. To insure such a “second wave” occurs, and thereby cementing their tyranny in place.

    • The term “October surprise” comes to mind. Scarmongering like the old Johnson campaign. This time with help from the CCP 50¢ troll army. (I’m sorry, I meant the Russians…).

      OT: The powers that be in DC think that by getting rid of Trump things will get back to their version of normal, with all the agendas, central plans and top down tyranny. It’s too late for that though. They’ve unleashed the lib-tard Kraken-Karen double headed (fisted?) monster on the countryside. If the Milquetoast Biden gets in the big chair come fall I’ll be amazed, but it won’t heal the country any more than Carter did.

      • Eric,
        It is not only cases, and never reporting the 99.9% recovery, it has also been combined with contradictory bits of information / findings. That is very effective at causing fatigue / confusion in the minds of many. If only they could have had images of overwhelmed hospitals, welded shut apts, people being thrown in vans, it would have been more effective. I know stop giving them ideas for when wave II comes along.


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