False Hopium and the Pompadoured Fail

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Well, it’s over – and now the time has come to sort through the debris. Where to start? How about with what is – as opposed to what was hoped for – and what that means, going forward.

Whether the Pompadoured Failure failed because of this, that or the other thing is open to discussion. What isn’t is that he failed. He is gone – and his replacement is in. This is a hard fact and goes down hard but hoping otherwise – that there will be a “second inauguration” is of a piece with hoping for the second coming. It may – but counting on it is apt to leave you feeling pretty hopeless when it doesn’t.

Though perhaps hope does spring eternal. Nietzsche had some thoughts about that, but never mind.

What we know is that, courtesy of the fail – and belief in the “second coming” – those who didn’t support the Pompadoured Failure’s replacement are now on on notice. They are targets. They will not be protected by the government that is now in full three-branches control of the Pompadoured Failure’s putative opponents.

Italicized for cause; bear with.

They have also been made objects of ridicule – an important thing, if you are among those who despise those supported the Pompadoured Failure. It is now congealing that not only are the people who supported the Pompadoured Failure “domestic extremists” and “white supremacists” – including, presumably, the record number of black and other not-white folks who supported the Pompadoured Failure – they are also buffoons, like the Pompadoured Failure.

It is easy to portray them as such when they Tweeted and bee-lieved in the likes of Lin Wood and the Imminence of Epstein, just you wait! In the coming of the “kraken,” the retired generals said so!

Well, they waited – and now they laugh.

Anyone who fell for it now looks the fool. And fools are not taken seriously. Think David Icke and shape-shifting reptile queens of England. Now think “white hats” and snatched Pelosi laptops and My Pillow Guy and that guy who thinks avian reptile aliens and “Jinns” are real … and so is a Trump second term.

Still coming. Soon!

People who supported Trump because they saw him as a slightly less awful alternative to what has been selected as his replacement are being lumped in with those people. It won’t be hard to ridicule any opposition to the “new normal” now.

And the Pompadoured Failure egged it on. He had meetings with My Pillow Guy at the White House – but he didn’t fire Fauci. He also didn’t rehire the general who putatively supported him – and who spent the two months after the Election Fail encouraging those who believed it might be reversed to bee-lieve in that delusion.

Making them look . . . delusional.

Some on the Pompadoured side of the aisle still believe – if you can believe that – and thus appear even more delusional. In their own way, they are as pathetic as the double-diapered hypochondriacs who still bee-lieve they’re likely to die from a virus that we know doesn’t kill 99.8-something of the population.

As with them, facts have no curative powers. One must just bee-lieve.

And never criticize.

This writer has been denounced already for refusing to drink the Pompadoured Kool-Aid. Or at least, for refusing to take another gulp of it. I admit – ruefully – that I had a taste and liked it. It took awhile for the effects to wear off – something that happens when you stop taking gulps. The hangover is a bitch, but better to deal with the situation as it is than how we hoped it might have been.

Which, by the way, may well have been the plan all along.

Is it not at least puzzling that the Pompadoured Failure never questioned much less opposed the thing that caused the Failure? He agreed with the hysterical narrative about “the “pandemic” . . . which, he said “would kill millions”   . . . were it not for the beneficent actions of his Pompadoured Self. But it was precisely these actions – and non-actions, such as not firing Fauci and above all, permitting millions of absentee ballots to be counted before they were vetted – that assured his replacement.

Only an imbecile couldn’t have seen it coming – a year ago.

Is the Pompadoured Failure an imbecile? This seems improbable. So what, then, is he?

Two options come to mind.

The first is that he is an incompetent narcissist, too self-absorbed to imagine he could ever play the role of the “losers” he so often derided on TV. Too lazy and politically obtuse to look into it – and understand what he was up against. In which case, he is merely a failure; another in along line of Republican ineptitudes. A man out of his depth, adroitly played by people much more sophisticated than he.

The second is we were played.

And the Pompadoured Failure played his part. He set us up like pins at the bowling alley – and now comes the knocking down.

We’ll soon know – by what happens, as opposed to what was hoped for.

. . . .

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    • yeah he was an embarassing failure- a liar – a petulant thin skinned child and not very bright. he deseves the fate coming his way. oh well

  1. Reading today about 1 million vaccines a day, and about vaccine passports being debated in the EU. Then I’m reminded that it was Mr. Tangerine Man who brought this upon us, courtesy of Operation Warp Speed. As we refuseniks are slowly squeezed from what’s left of public life, we can reflect on this FAILure to consider long term consequences to our lives and liberty. For this, I will hope the left hounds him to the ends of the earth.

  2. What Donald J. Trump did was give us the classiest, most elegant, charming and beautiful first lady in my lifetime, if not in the entire history of this nation. That’s way more on the positive side of the ledger than you’ve gotten from virtually any other president.

    He pulled us out of the TPP and the Paris climate accords. He rolled back CAFE fuel mileage standards. He didn’t start any new wars. We knew he wasn’t going to drain the swamp from the get-go based on his cabinet picks. If not for the massive spending and playing into the plandemic hoax, which is unforgivable, he would have been about as good as could be expected.

    Nunz is right though. Politics will never be the mechanism that frees us and we waste our energy when we engage in it. Our path lies in opting out and creating systems that circumvent the legacy systems.

    • Hi Hank,

      Biden just reversed the Paris thing; the U.S.is now a party to it again. Biden will kick up CAFE, reversing Trump’s actions to limit it. Face Diapering and Holy Jabbing are now the state religion of America. The only good Orange Man did that will survive his departure is showing just how corrupt the system is to those capable of seeing it. But he did so inadvertently. His amen’ing of the Sickness Cult is unforgivable. Even now, having lost, the Orange Ape continues to talk up the “horrible China virus.”

      Yeah. The one that didn’t kill an obese geriatric with a spray tan.

      • Eric,

        This stupid ass Paris Climate accord really pisses me off. If you read it, it says in the first few sentences it is an “International Treaty”. What the hell happened to Article 2 Section 2, Clause 2 of the US Constitution which states: “[The President] shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two-thirds of the Senators present concur…” This monstrosity was never presented to the senate to ratify. How the hell did the man from Kenya bind the USA to this international treaty without senate approval? Why are people not outraged by this? Am I missing something?

        Trump fucked up when he removed the USA from the treaty with executive action. He should have gave it to the senate, where hopefully it would have died, and we would have been done with it. Now, the hair plug man simply undid what Trump did, much like Trump undid what the Kenyan man did. It still is not a ratified treaty! But, you never hear this mentioned in the news, not even by Republicans.

        • As far as I can see, the Paris Accord is not really a treaty. It only pretends to be one, by decreeing “recommendations.” Maybe I didn’t read it closely enough, but your point stands. It was never ratified by the U.S. Senate, therefore it is no part of U.S. law.

          Same thing applies to the JCPOA with Iran. PhD nuclear engineers on both sides of that deal (lead negotiator for both sides earned their PhD at M.I.T.) worked hard to get an agreement both sides could live with. Barry signed it, but never presented it to the Senate for ratification., which meant that OM could repudiate it at the stroke of a pen, which he did.

          The Iranians, no fools, realized it is a waste of time to negotiate with the Americans, because any agreement not ratified by the U.S .Senate can be repudiated at the whim of whatever numbskull is currently in residence at das Weiss Haus.

          And now we come to “mask mandates…”
          Neither the decree by the Gruesome Nuisance in Sacramento, nor that of Creepy Joe in Washington have the force of law, at least not until they get the Constitution declared null and void. That may be coming (we can hope not), but for now, ein Führerbefehl is nothing but hot air.

        • Hi Rush,

          Of course; it annoys me, too. And now the Senate will ratify it. Just as it will cement Obamacare by reinstating the mandate. Thanks, Orange Man…

  3. The big take away from all of this [No pun intended] for Libertarians should be TO NOT WASTE OUR TIME supporting statist tyrants just because they may appear to be the slightly lesser evil. Think of all the time that has been wasted over the last 4+ years, on sites like LRC and the alternative news sites et al, which have been plastered non-stop with speculation about what’s going to happen; how some statist champion is going to save the country (which had already deteriorated to the point where the only benefit of preserving the status quo as opposed to retaking liberty would be the preservation of the current tyranny with more piled-on perpetually no matter which troop of actors were running the show); etc.- But just think if all of that wasted time and effort had been used by all Libertarians (Readers and writers) to rather promote true Libertarian ideas (I know you have, Eric- as have some others) and to rather point out why no statist assclown (Not even an Orange one) is going to help the cause of liberty, but instead can only hurt- as we have just witnessed, seeing that after 4 years of ‘being saved’ we are now less free than ever- thanks to the Buffoon’s playing along to Corona; his inaction to prosecute the high crimes of those formerly in power; his inaction to do anything about the fraudulent election; his appointment of Swamp-creatures to high positions; his HUMONGOUS bolstering of the military-industrial complex; 5G; CARES, yada, yada…

    Whereas if the Libertarian community had instead spent the last 4 years largely ignoring the statist politics, and instead been more diligent to continue to put forth Libertarian philosophy; had maybe put forth practical information on how we can stay relatively free, by sharing info on which locales are most suitable and have the least government US and abroad- (And 4 years ago, many more people who aren’t already situated would have had the opportunity to do something, whereas now, with ‘Corona’ and the resultant economic problems, many who might have jumped ship can not now do so).

    Instead of practical information for Libertarians, the Libertarian community at-large has essentially promoted inaction -the pacification of most Libertarians, to be content and sit back and play armchair quarterback and watch the game and hope for the best….despite all appearances that the best would just be more tyranny…as if that is O-K because it is preferable to even more tyranny- “Support the red tyrants, because the blue ones are worse”. “So vote for the red one, because he’ll save us from the blue one! Vote to preserve the current republic, because we’ll never have liberty anyway- so we may as well support the tyrant who will only pile-on 23000 new tyrannies, rather than the one who will give us 23004”.

    We should take a lesson from the Amish. They don’t concern themselves with such BS. They go about their lives and live freely, and largely don’;t involve themselves with the state infrastructure in any way- even if it means some inconvenience or not having all of the goodies we’ve become so accustomed to. It doesn’t matter to them who is in office, because they will live as they do no matter what- and the tyrants will do what they will do, no matter what. We can’t change that, and the Amish certainly can’t- so why waste so much time obsessing over it? Live the way you’re going to- like the Amish- and don’t play the state’s game- because spending our time playing their game is time wasted; time which we could have otherwise used productively. Also take a lesson from the Amish, in that many of them are now fleeing this country, as it becomes harder and harder to stay free here…and we’re getting to the point where it is going to get much worse…fast! (Many of the Amish are going to the hills of Belize).

    Abandon the Titanic…..don’t try to patch it’s myriad of cracks or sit on the deck debating what will happen as the ship sinks!

    • Thanks Nunzio. That is good advice. To your point, I am looking to move somewhere, hopefully still in the continental U.S., where local politics are less intrusive, federal ones are largely ignored, where statism is not so deeply entrenched in minds and souls of the locals. Does anyone have a suggestion?

      • Anything in the US is just as big a crap shoot as the more civilized third world countries. The US is now a Banana Republic, though without the bananas to sell.

        Alaska still has a low enough AGW to land ratio to be probably the best choice, except that is a freaking deep freeze for more than half the year. Same problem with 99% of Canada. You can’t afford the to buy in the 1% that stays snow free year round unless you have $1+ million.

        • Right. I thought of Alaska. I like winter. I like snow. But Alaska is on another level. Maybe the parts of Alaska that are closer to the coast wouldn’t be so brutal. Then again, any state that continues to reelect a Murkowski gives me serious pause. It makes me wonder if any legitimate elections occur, even in Alaska. I suspect they don’t. Maybe every Alaskan living is looking around wondering, “who keeps voting for this roach”?

          Canada is a non starter.

          • Heh, yeah, Jody. Trouble with AK is that most people live in or around the two major cities. Very hard to be self-sufficient in the bush- Good luck growing anything; ya’d need tons of wood for heating (No utilities out there); the only real transportation are those puddle-jumper planes ($$$$).

            Everything you have to buy up there in the city is expensive; in the small towns is uber-expensive; Good lukc getting fresh food. Cops in the cities are looking to make money for the state for any little thing, to relieve people of their oil-share check (Yeah, you get paid to live there- not sure what it is now- but used to be a little over a grand a year…big whoop)

            When I was young I used to dream of living in a cabin off the grid up in the woods in Alberta…..but that was as unrealistic as finding a suitable girl who’d be dying to do the same. ()The cabin still sounds nice, if it were doable; only now at least I’d have the sense to do it alone!)

          • Ironically, the best thing about Canada is that it is an non-starter for most. The people who are going, go to the cities.

            If I were the pioneering sort, and 30 years younger, I would look at the British Columbia coastal islands and fjords as the last still available, not-frozen or deadly dry, North American ‘frontier’ where there is basically no authority to speak of. Temperate climate and extremely low population above Vancouver Island. Plenty of seafood and game. Fresh water falls from the sky regularly.

            It would not be an easy life, but self sufficiency and being mostly left alone by the man would be possible, at least for a while.

            But I still think South America is a better option for the long term.

            • ??? Canada’s more of socialized non-free police state than America even is. Want to see our future? Just look at Canada. Taxes that make ours look low; no free-speech; not even the right to refuse medical treatment….. If Alberta were to ever secede [There’s been talk of it]…who knows.

              But hey, at least the people are nice, and polite.

              • I was born there. I know. But the Canada you are speaking of is the cities and suburbs. There is no real free speech in the first world anyway. On paper, sure, in practice? Taxes are brutal, but only if you let them be. There are plenty of good ways to reduce the tax burden. As a contract worker, through deductions and tax credits I actually paid zero net income tax for several years. 9-5 working stiffs get raped though.

                But my above pioneer scenario would be dropping almost completely out of society and the tax system and going self sufficient. The government and society rules matter little if you don’t interact with them.

                If Alberta, Yukon, Alaska, BC, NWT and Saskatchewan all formed a new country, I would approve. Of course we would have to nuke Victoria and Vancouver on day one or they would screw it all up Commifornia style.

                • First world holds zero interest for me. Going Grizzly Adams is my thing- but there’s no avoiding the property taxes in Canada, right? (And they are REALLY brutal).

                  Hey…Saskatchewan- Any place that has a Capital named Regina, but rhymes it with a part of the female anatomy, can’t be too bad!

                  If the provinces ya mentioned ever did secede and form such a union (screw Alaska though- Damn Americans! They F everything up!)…it would almost be worth enduring the weather for!

                  • “but there’s no avoiding the property taxes in Canada, right? (And they are REALLY brutal)”

                    No, can’t be avoided. Cities are brutal, but rural undeveloped land is taxed quite low. If you qualify for farm status, much lower.

                    The 25 acre farm and home I own there have taxes of less than $400cad/year.

                    Unimproved property has very low tax. I am looking at a 12 acre waterfront chunk on a small uninhabited BC coast island right now. Taxes are ~$250cad.

                    BUT, in the Vancouver, Victoria areas, very high tax. $15-20K/year is not uncommon.

                    • Not bad. Consistent with many places here, such as where I now live (27.5 acres and a mobile home <$300/yr)- but it's actually a lot higher in many other states.

                      Funny thing, I have this long-time fambly friend who had these 2 friends who moved back to somewhere in Ontario(puke)….they were paying over $2)K a year in taxes on their suburban house twenty years ago…. That's even worse than New York.

                      There's no getting around any of this BS anymore, no matter where you go if you're just looking for the typical city/suburban/small town lifestyle.

                      One thing I will say for Canukistan though- if ya don't mind US-style tyranny, even dialed up a notch or two, at6 least they seem to do lots of things much better than we do. Just compare the NY side of Niagara Falls to the Ontario side…the NY side looks like a cheap whore's wastebasket and clown show.

                      They even seem to be nicer about their tyranny- which I guess is bad in a way, as it makes it more tolerable to most people- but at least they're smart enough to do it that way- unlike the slack-jawed yokels running the show here.

                      I knew a guy what used to live way up in Churchill, MB(?). I'm no fan of the cold and snow…but I do like extremes. Almost wish it would've been feasible for me to go visit when he had invited me! (There used to be polar bears around town regularly!)

                    • Here is a turn-key off grid place with enough room to grow food and keep a couple of animals. On a small island near Nanaimo.


                      Even a B&B income potential for granola kayak whale watcher types.

                      Highest sun hour area in Canada and snow free year round. Wireless internet is available for work from home types.

                      Unserviced island so basically as free as you can get in the socialist paradise of Canada while still having first world services close by. There are medi-copters in Nanaimo, Victoria and Vancouver if there are medical emergencies. But you will need a boat or use a water taxi to get to the shops.

                      It is one I passed on when looking for places on the BC coast. I want a bit more land on a bigger island if I stay in this hemisphere.

                    • Nice island…but darn- for $300K you can buy 100 acres with a decent full-size house and barn and all here….. Land, and distance from your neighbors is a great insulator.

      • Hey Jody,
        As far as staying in this country, which may buy one a little more time, I’d say that a few key things to consider are: (And I say this being one who has actually done it, and thus have managed to buy myself almost 20 years of muich greater liberty thus far)

        *Pick a state has the liberal [in the classic sense of the word] gun laws: i.e.: Constitutional carry; strong castle/self defense laws, etc.

        *A state which does not have a huge city, but is mostly rural.

        *A state to which the escapees of the blue states are not flocking (Top five states they’re flocking to: FL TX TN NC SC)- because the vast majority of those escapees flee their former states just to escape the high taxes and declining quality of life…and then proceed to practice the exact same politics which turned their former locales into hell-holes; AND because people who live in places where they have a long history and lots of relatives tend to behave a lot better and value their property rights and communities a LOT more than do people who have no roots and who are just part of large mass of strangers from all over)

        *Choose an area which is ‘poor’ (Low taxes, less government funding, no incentive to massively increase taxes because no one could afford to pay them…) and in an area of the state where there are clusters of counties which do not have zoning/code enforcement, etc.)

        When you find an area that looks promising, go there and get a feel for things. Do you see a lot of cops on the road/in town (Bad!); Do the locals behave with civility and informality (Good!). Do they keep their homes, farms and towns in a respectable state?

        *Avoid places that have federalized cops (Many of the western states, like AZ, NV, ID.)

        *Avoid places with a lot of military bases/culture; federal lands, etc.

        *Look at their traffic laws, and get a feel of how strictly they are enforced, because generallyu, in everyday life, the most likely activity that will expose us to interaction with “law enforcement” will be when drive. (This alone rules out VA.- as they are the most egregious and pestilent enemies of drivers!).

        A few states that come to mind: WY SD KY.

        I chose KY because I don’t like the cold, and wanted a long growing season- and there are quite a few areas (NOT eastern KY!) that check all of the above boxes. Best castle laws in the country- it is presumed that if someone breaks into your home, they are there to do you harm, and you can use deadly force; and you can not be civily sued for injuring/killing someone in self-defense). If this country wasn’t going the way it is, I’d be happy to stay here. Land is cheap- you can still get large tracts of land (100+ acres) for less than what a typical house elsewhere would sell for- especially if you don’t mind woods!

        Ultimately though, I think our time is running out here in the USSA, no matter where we go- just like in CA. where people living in the middle of nowhere in the desert are being driven off of their own land by the county government which enforces HOA-style code enforcement EVERYWHERE! Even here in my very rural 5-county cluster of KY, it’s just a matter of time….they’ve already talked about enacting zoning/a building department on several occasions.

        The biggest change I’ve seen though- and this applies to everywhere in this country, is that when I moved here, the older generation was still dominant- and they were very traditional; and they, not having grown up with much access to media (Took a while for cable and internet to get here) and having grown up when the schools were almost 100% locally controlled- were a different breed.

        NOW…the younger generation has come ‘online’- and having been exposed to the same media now as everywhere else, are much more propagandized- they seem a lot more like NYers, as opposed to the older generation which was undeniably Kentuckian/Southern. The young’uns have largely even lost the accent 🙁

        Depending on your circumstances, if you are at all able, it would behoove you to try and leave now, rather than having to move again in the near future. But I know, even today, being that I can’t leave yet (96 year-old mother) I know I certainly would do the same thing today (leave NY/any blue place) to enjoy what freedom I still could while it is still available. I couldn’t imagine still being in NY now (It was bad enough 20 years ago!).

        -My two-cents.

        • Thanks Nunzio. That’s very helpful. I do think you are correct. States like Kentucky, Wyoming and South Dakota could be brought to heel basically overnight, if the evil empire decides to. They may be relatively better now. I don’t think they will remain so. I expect even agorist groups, even loosely formed ones, will be hunted down and dealt with. Then the next question is, what country or region on the earth is a viable option, unless you are talking about disappearing into deep wilderness?

          Regardless, in the meantime I’m going to do more research on states with the attributes you mention.

        • perhaps oklahama or arkansas – two states that are usually completely ignored. Nunz I feel for your situation. My mom died at 85 this year before all the madness began. I love her and miss her and I still cry but taking care of her for 11 more years would have killed me.

          • Hey Mark3,
            So sorry to hear about your mom! 🙁
            I’m cherishing the time. My mom is still very independent, other than shopping- so I really don’t have to do much, and she still even occasionally cooks things for me. I count myself very blessed- and hope it can last a little longer, because it’ll all likely be downhill afterwards.

            Yes, I don’t know much about AR and OK. Are they constitutional-carry? (That’s always my first question, as it really shows where a place is headed- the states that have had it, and the states that more recently enacted it, are saying something positive!)- I know I’d love the scenery and wild thunderstorms of OK! Those are two states I’ve never even been to 🙁

  4. Trump did do a few minor things in opposition to the Psychopaths In Charge. His greatest contribution was giving those who oppose the Psychopaths In Charge someone to vote for besides a card carrying member of the Psychopaths In Charge. Regardless of how effective he might be, or not be, his election alone gave them a voice, and drove the adherents of the Psychopaths In Charge into a fit of rage. Putting their insanity on full display. Maintaining that fit of rage for four years, without having to do a thing other than hold the office, was the only significant thing he did after being elected. The problem being, the Psychopaths In Charge are so enraged they are intent on inflicting their insanity on us at a record level. Perhaps a lethal one.

  5. Eric your question is a good one to contemplate. If we can successfully answer it we may gain better understanding of the inner workings of our faux republic, a challenging task given that its politics are entirely characterized by falsehood, secrecy and deception.

    I wonder if the truth about the Trump presidency may be a combination of both of your options. Perhaps his quest for presidency began simply as a reckless act of an over reaching buffoon, but coalesced into a very effective scheme for furthering the control agenda, his coerced participation a key ingredient.

    Perhaps once it became clear to Trump that the party he had crashed had some very unforgiving bouncers, and they explained to him, that now that he was here, there was no need to act rashly and make a scene, (brains outside their case) but instead, since here, the hosts requested that perhaps he liven up the party, and make good with the guests, and please the hosts as well, and do a little dance for everyone. Trump, being a preeminent con man and narcissist, and thereby having a keen sense for the preservation of his neck, simply chose to take the offer he couldn’t refuse, and played the part provided him. To me this scenario seems the most likely.

    It will be interesting to see how Trump’s fortunes progress. If he ends up martyred, that may indicate he was a party crasher. If he ends up fine, that may indicate his presidency was a fully controlled psy op from day one.

  6. This is how you filter conspiracy theories:

    If the conspiracy involves hope, justice/fairness, an increase in liberty, or something that benefits legacy America, it is most certainly false.

    If the conspiracy involves increasing despotism, your slavery, injustice, etc. it is most certainly true.

    Yeah, I hoped something might happen. Yeah I feel like a fool for allowing myself to hope. Hah! I thought there was no way all these people would shatter their reputations like that. After learning about the soviet Operation Trust (the plan), it makes more sense.

    Not the first time evil has won. Blackpillers were right again. Might isn’t right, but might is what is.

    I mean, I already knew the country was fucked. I knew that before 2016. Demographics alone assured that. I was just hoping for another delay. Oh well. At least DJT helped reveal how permeated the rot is, and shattered any lingering illusion that the system is able to save us. I know you veterans knew all that already, I’m just monologuing.

    • Heard all that too. Lin Wood has an impeccable reputation he would never go out on a limb like this if it wasn’t true. Q knows what he is talking about etc. ect. ect. Personally the first time i heard an all mail in ballot election being floated around in Aptil like Han Solo being chased by multiple Star Destroyers i said. “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”
      Did the Donald ultimately disappoint me? Yes. Was the potential there for so much more? Absolutely. But i still think he did more good the bad even if some of the good is fleeting and will now disapear under the sniffer and the spreader. Bringing jobs back, getting rhe economy rolling, making us energy independent, rolling back regulations, slowing the 3rd world invasion at the southern border and keeping the hildabeast from “her time” are some of his highlights.

      • Morning, Antilles!

        What I find so frustrating is precisely what you’ve just elaborated. Trump did many good things insofar as the economy, curtailing a number of regulations – especially those pertaining to “climate change” – and as regards energy. I don’t fault him for not getting more substantive things done given what he was up against. But his amen’ing of the weaponization of hypochondria erases everything – for him and for me. By permitting this rancid fear of sickness to cement in the public mind, he succeeded in doing what all the ululating “islamic trrissts” never managed. Which is: Turn the country in a cringing, finger-pointing police state and not just for a few months but possible for years and even decades. His presidency was over the moment Sickness Psychosis took hold. And he let it happen. Either because he is incompetent – a fool – or something far worse.

        • I agree Eric, and the uniparty tried pretty much everything except telling him to take a ride through downtown dallas in a convertible to get rid of him. I beleive they found is Achilles Heal in the fake plandemic. Living close to ny he was always in the news, I vaguely remember hearing something about him being somewhat of a germaphobe back in the day. Not a crazed one who would shun the public, or hide behind a face shield even before the sickness cult was mainstreamed but one who had germaphobic tendencies. Its possible the uniparty found his weakness exploited it. But, yes as someone who thankfully never lost a payched, but did lose some of my sanity, feeling like the only normal person in a sea of hypochondria can wear on a person, he ultimately goes down as a failure.

          • Hi Antilles,

            Here’s a True Story – about me! I am something of a germphobe. I used to groan – and sometimes, got up and left – when someone obviously in the throes of a bad cold (e.g., coughing, blowing their nose) sat near me at the coffee shop I used to go to before they excommunicated me. I’d even play some playful Sickness Kabuki with my now ex-friends when they had colds; as by pulling up my sweat shirt to cover my face so as to not get their germs.

            Then came weaponized hypochondria and now I’m the sane one. These same ex-friends who would laugh at me when I stepped back when they coughed now can’t stand being in my presence even though I am not coughing.

              • Every winter I stopped going to the rec center because I would have a constant cold from all the kids spreading their disease germs throughout the building. Most people would go through the motions of spraying down the equipment with bleach water after using it, I really made sure I gave it a good effort. After they closed up last year I figured I was done with the rec center, only going in to use the restroom if I get a nature call when out on a run or bike ride. The place is completely cordoned off in plexiglass, the cardio machines are spread out into what used to be the pool table lounge area and the walls are festooned with warning signs.

                What was already a pretty depressing place to work out is downright Kafkaesque today. And empty.

    • “If the conspiracy involves hope, justice/fairness, an increase in liberty, or something that benefits legacy America, it is most certainly false.

      If the conspiracy involves increasing despotism, your slavery, injustice, etc. it is most certainly true.”

      Haha, that’s perfect Brandonjin.

      For full disclosure, I donated money to Sydney Powell to fund her attempts at bringing the election fraud to light. I did not support Trump at all, ever. It was always crystal clear to me he was a top shelf con man. Nothing more. I hate to break it to people, but con men do not climb up on crosses and sacrifice themselves. That’s not how it works. Con men do occasionally get in over their heads however and then they are made to learn who the real crime bosses are.

      Regardless of all that, Trump did, in fact win the election. I maintained a kernel of hope that Powell and the others would be able to demonstrate this fact more broadly, thereby further exposing our entire political enterprise for the hoax it is, and speed the demise of this exceptionally evil and dangerous empire. That did not happen. I don’t regret any contribution I made to that effort.

      • Well-said, Jody…

        And I do think the fraud – and more – is now more apparent than it has ever been to more people than ever before. However, there is also a roughly equal number of people who simply do not care about facts anymore.

        • However, there is also a roughly equal number of people who simply do not care about facts anymore.

          A very large contingent of people that includes ALL of the institutions of government, at ALL levels. Were this not the case the nations federal state prisons would now be so overcrowded with politicians, government employees, and corrupto business people who have enabled them that the country would be looking to farm prisoners out to foreign countries just to alleviate the overcrowding.

          • Exactly, lib –

            The militant Left, for instance, would be unmoved by blatant/irrefutable evidence that the election was stolen because all that matters to them is that Orange Man Bad. Also – to be fair – there are people on the other side who seem unable to accept facts about Trump or who simply do not care about these facts, if they do not support Trump.

  7. Trump wasn’t a great businessman- he is a great salesman. Knowing what a great salesman is will help understand the man. Not necessarily a crook, but one who does whatever is necessary to make the sale. A great salesman does a lot of good by taking on some truly unpleasant tasks, by taking on big risks for bigger rewards.

    Trump was rich, famous, and successful, but chose to take a swing at retrieving the great nation to which he owed his opportunity and his success, from the increasingly strangulating clutches of evil, tyranny, communism. He didn’t have to do this. His sacrifice bought us a few years of peace, which I personally made the best of, and for that I’m grateful.

    Never be disrespectful of an ally who is drawing enemy fire away from you. It says much more about you than them.

    He took on an unrewarding and impossible task which the country needs. He made little progress, but in the attempt, at least slowed and often stopped the gains of the enemies of mankind, the communists and their death cult.

    In the process, he also drew back the curtain on the raw hatred and genocidal intent of the oligarchy. People who 5 years ago though of the Three Letter Agencies as good guys, or as something bad but acceptable to have around, now know better.

    One battle is over, more are coming. Unless we all want to surrender, and kneel in front of the commies’ ditch waiting for the shot?

    Now would be a great time to re-read Sun Tzu. Or read it for the first time- it’s much better than Atlas Shrugged. And it contains thinking which might keep you alive and thriving.

    • Hi Ernie,

      I’d have backed the man to the hilt if he had only fought weaponized hypochondria. Instead, he amen’d it – and for that I cannot forgive him. It is the reason for the Fail. The reason Biden succeeded.

      And it’s inexcusable.

      • He screwed that up. Codevilla says it far better than I can today over at American Greatness. But he didn’t lose- we lost to cheating. So be it- I’m done playing by the rules.

        • Hi Ernie,

          I’ve been having this debate about whether Trump lost with a friend of mine. Of course he lost. He isn’t president. That means he lost. Whether he lost the election is another – irrelevant – question.

          And, I agree – it’s time to stop playing by their rules.

      • Plus he kept Herr Fauci and Fraulein Birx on the platform; not only that, he FOLLOWED their recommendations! He should’ve used people like Dr. Atlas, Dr. Simone Gold, and so on. Plus, OM ushered in Operation Warp Speed; he was proud of it and bragged about it all the time!

        • Exactly, Mark –

          I wanted to scream – and did, a few times – every time I saw the Orange Ape standing there practically leashed to Fauci and Birx. Why did he let them become – in effect – co-presidents? I can come up with only two explanations. One is that he bought the pantload about “the virus,” in which case he is an imbecile and a dangerous one at that. Or, two, he was playing the role expected of him. In which case, he is much worse.

        • He also announced early on that he would use the military to deploy the COVID vaccine. THAT made me start to question the man’s legitimacy and make me wonder what his real motivations and agenda were.

          I could have forgiven him for a lot of things, but militarizing the administration of a potentially deadly and crippling vaccine? THAT is just inexcusable and for me erases any other good things he might have done.

  8. ‘He set us up like pins at the bowling alley – and now comes the knocking down.’ — EP

    Case in point: Joan Claybrook, who must be about 120 years old by now, has teetered out from under her mossy rock to urge that the NHTSA do more about – you guessed it – saaaaaaaaaaaafety.

    Her 68-page tome calls for more than doubled funding, a ‘vast infusion of new talent’ [translation: vast cadres of dreadlocked, transgendered civil service drones], and entire bookshelves full of new regulations.

    Here’s one of Saint Joan’s bright ideas which is sure to ruin Eric’s day (and ours, eventually):

    ‘Require advanced safety technology on even the least-expensive vehicles. Examples include automatic emergency braking, forward collision warning, lane departure and blind-spot warning. “I really think that would be a huge game changer,” said Cathy Chase, the president of Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety.’

    Thanks, Cathy. Isn’t your name actually Karen?

    And this doozy: ‘prohibit the sale of used vehicles if there is a recall that has yet to be fixed.’

    So your used vehicle’s value might be slashed to zero overnight, by government fiat.

    Finally, turn your vehicle into a full-time nanny, even if you have no kids:

    ‘Significantly improve child safety. Like requiring foldaway child restraints built into the second row to eliminate problems with improperly installed child seats. Also, adopt standards that would warn parents if a rear-seat belt was unbuckled and warn if a child was left in a vehicle.’


    Let’s buy meddling old biddy Joan Claybrook a one-way, open-ended glamping jaunt to Somalia or Yemen or Afghanistan, where no seatbelts are found in the beds of the ubiquitous Toyota pickups.

  9. and the cherry on the cake was the lack of pardons for assange snowden – the capitol “rioters” – Kyle Rittenhouse. Never mentioning Ashli Babbit once. signing the gross spending bill in december with zero negotiation. hiring the grossest people possible. a truly disgusting piece of shit of a man. i’m really embarassed I ever supported him

  10. The citizens of this country have been sick and tired of “career” politicians for a long time and along comes Trump.

    Trump is a great business man, but a poor politician. He did not understand the complexities and sheer depth of politics. He does love his country and all that it affords to everyone by taking the chance themselves. This is not how this country has become. The blackhole of dependence has become way too large to ever be defeated.

    Basically, the mountain was way TOO large to climb and conquer.

  11. If nothing else he was far more entertaining then Hillary would have been. Hillary would have been no fun at all.

    The playbook will probably be this. He will run third party in 2024 (since the establishment Republicans WILL block him this time successfully, they will see to that). He will take enough votes from whatever lame Republican (Jeb! Mittens?) is put up by the party. I am guessing that number won’t be small, at least a third. There is a large amount of people that will never vote for an establishment Republican again.

    The cynic in me sees Biden dying in office (natural or not, won’t matter) turning him into a martyr. Harris then glides to easy reelection no matter how extreme she is or how badly they have tanked the economy. Then it will be 2028, only two years from 2030, the year we keep hearing about, hmmmm.

    • Hi Rich,

      I think that’s about right. The Orange Ape’s next role to play is that of facilitator of the next Democrat win in 2024. The Ape will be the George Wallace of the GOP.

      • Eric,

        With all the crap the GOPe is pulling, they’ll lose anyway! In fact, they already have. When McConnell, aka Mitch McChao, blocked the $2k relief payments, he turned the Senate over to the Democrats; he gave Loefller and Perdue’s opponents an atomic sledgehammer that they used to great effect. The Senate holding the impeachment trial-AFTER OM is gone-will only seal their fate.

        • Amen, Mark –

          If there’s any good news, it is that the GOP is a dead letter. It is now so obviously the bitch of the Left that we might as well just accept that the Left is the only political party left.

    • Rich,

      My guess is if he runs 3rd party in 2024 he will get many more millions of votes than anyone the establishment republicans run. Not enough to stop the coronation of queen knee pads but enough to thoroughly embarrass the republican surrender party

      • Trump needs to be disassociated from anything having to with Third Party politics or the freedom movement. He’s done enough damage already and any political association he were to have with us “Deplorables” in the future would only hurt our cause. It’s all academic and irrelevant anyway, because if we’ve learned anything at all from the debacle of the last two months, it is that partisan politics are useless and will accomplish nothing. It’s just another form “playing by The Establishment’s rules.”

        • It’s not just Trump. We also have those QAnon retards that will forever be associated with the Dissident Right.

          It’s infuriating. Decent people don’t want to be associated with dumb white trash.

        • I agree, Lib –

          Trump is both a failure and a radioactive failure. He is incapable of representing a true freedom movement because he does not represent it and cannot articulate it. He is a self-touting stumblebum who repeats incoherent blather about “our great America” (and his own greatness). He has never once that I am aware of presented a principle case for freedom and has serially agreed with all the critical agenda items of the Total State, including agreement with the story line about “the China virus.”

          A wholesale break is not merely necessary but crucial. Liberty needs principled, articulate advocates who aren’t self-advocates. People who can present a case and get people thinking.

          Ron Paul was the closest I know. But the American people – the majority – were not ready for that message. In the future, more may be ready. It is our job, I suggest, to tend to that future by being steadfast and by doing all we can to practice what we preach and to thereby spread the word by our own example.

          It may not come to fruition next year or in 10 years – possibly not 50. But it will come. And I think it’s worth it.

          • I usually agree with you Eric, but I cannot agree with you about President Trump.

            President Trump TRULY LOVES our country and made no bones about it.

            One could feel comfortable having a beer with Trump, unlike the rest of the “stiff suits, holier than thou” types that infest all of politico and academia. One could “shoot the sh!t” with Trump and truly feel that he is talking with a REAL down-to-earth person.

            Trump did MORE to (attempt to) “roll back” the “deep state” than just about any other president in the last 60 years. The last president to attempt to do so received a one-way limousine ride in Dallas Texas.

            One must not forget that Trump is a businessman, is not afraid to “take charge”, and is used to ruling from the top, not by consensus (going along to get along) as is the case in Washington D.C. This was difficult for Trump as he is used to “taking charge”, not being abused by self-serving dirty,greasy politicians.

            That being said, Trump has been dealing with politicians all of his life and KNOWS what ((they)) are like.

            Trump was hobbled from the start, especially when it came to appointments to the various agencies.

            The “Senior Executive Service” controls the flow of heads of “letter agency” departments. The federal “executive branch” does not have much of a selection of nominees, almost all of them being seniority pick “insiders”–a dangerous situation indeed.

            Trump did not have much of a choice. If he went outside the “Senior Executive Service” he would have had a difficult time during the nomination process.

            Trump exposed not only the Washington “rot” but the fraudulent voting process itself.

            Trump did use “executive orders” to roll back job-killing and expensive regulations, energizing the economy in the process.

            The “COVID-19(84)” “plandemic” was used (on a worldwide scale) solely to destroy Trump’s presidency and to further the grip of worldwide totalitarianism.

            Knowing Trump, he is not done with “Making America Great Again” and WILL be back. If he forms a new political party, he will actually draw people from BOTH major political parties, possibly making his new party a majority party.

            Trump is just what this country needs…

            • Hi Anarchyst,

              Trump says he “loves our country” … which is rhetoric and he may indeed be genuine in this regard. But what does it mean to “love our country,” beyond the rhetoric? What, specifically, does he love? What principles will he – did he – defend? I wish he had defended some principles while he had the power to do so. Like, for instance, the principle that we each have the right to decide for ourselves whether to open or close the doors of our businesses, or to enter or not enter them – assuming the risk, if any, and accepting the consequences, if any.

              Or, how about: We each have the right to decide for ourselves whether to buy health insurance – and to not buy any “plan” at all, if that is our preference. Instead, Trump wanted to repeal and replace Obamacare with his “plan.”

              You say “Trump was hobbled from the start, especially when it came to appointments to the various agencies.” Yes – but who made those appointments? Who had the power to change them? Who then is responsible for making them – and not un-making them? He could have fired Fauci, the weaponizer of hypochondria. He did not fire him. Instead,he stood there like a wooden indian for months while Fauci – and Birx – weaponized hypochondria. Is it wrong to hold him accountable for not firing such creeps?

              You say, on the one hand, that Trump is bold and decisive. Yet he is also afraid to take heat for firing creeps like Fauci and Birx?

              You write: “Trump exposed not only the Washington “rot” but the fraudulent voting process itself.”

              Yes, but what did he do about it? I mean other than enable the fraud – by allowing mass absentee and unvetted ballots to be counted?

              You write: “The “COVID-19(84)” “plandemic” was used (on a worldwide scale) solely to destroy Trump’s presidency and to further the grip of worldwide totalitarianism.”

              And Trump never questioned it. He agreed with it. He is still talking about “the terrible China virus” that “would have killed millions.”

              I understand wanting to support the Orange Man – because I did, too. But given the above – all of which is incontestable – how can one continue to support him?

              • You make very good points, BUT, the alternative would have been much worse. Don’t forget, the president is but one person who can only do so much. Trump was bamboozled by the fake “pandemic” and had to “go long” with it because it was presented as a worldwide phenomenon. If Trump had attempted to expose the fraud, he would have been vilified worldwide.
                As to his political appointments, he was constrained by the “Senior Executive Service”, a union of sorts.
                COVID-19(84) was a factor in pushing Trump out of office–the “mail-in” ballot fraud being responsible.
                As a private citizen, Trump WILL go after voter fraud in a big way. A new political party CAN work. Look at the demise of the “Whigs” and the birth of the Republican party.

                • Hi Anarchyst,

                  I am so disappointed with Trump for not challenging the weaponization of hypochondria; it makes me wonder whether he was involved in it, frankly. I don’t think the man is stupid. So it is hard for me to understand how he could not see the threat the weaponization of hypochondria posed – not merely to his presidency but to whatever remains of the freedom he says he esteems. And yet, he acted in such a way as to assure the weaponization of hypochondria – while at the same time, seeming to esteem the freedom he permitted to be gutted. In this way, he gave false hope to his supporters – while ensuring the enemies of his supporters would carry the day.

                • **” BUT, the alternative would have been much worse.”**

                  That thar is faulty logic, Anarch.

                  It’s like justifying saving the Soviets because Hitler would have been so much worse.

                  Maybe if people had more principles and refused to support evil, the choice would not always be between the lesser of two evils- but we always end up with these rejects from the human race who have no principles, because the people who elect them and who tolerate their BS also have no principles.

                  And now we are getting “the alternative” anyway, because the ever-so-slightly lesser of two evils did NOTHING to repel evil; only now “the alternative” has a well-paved Yellow Brick Road to smooth his journey, put in place by the one who did nothing for liberty or for his country; AND we have lost more liberty under his admin than at any other time in our lifetime, while the buffoon stood by and actively fanned the flames.

                  • Although I agree with you in principle, one has to “deal with the cards he’s got, NOT with the cards hi wished he had”.
                    As bad as you think OM was, the alternative would have been much worse.
                    As to Hitler, he was no worse than typical European politicians of today, unlike Stalin the butcher…

                    • But again, Anarch, plugging for a comparatively better evil is why we never have good. Hitler was better than Stalin, as he murdered far fewer people…but that fact does you no good if you’re now capable of being swept up into an ashtray…..

                      Nor did it do the Eastern Europeans any good to be saved from Naziism- at the price of having Soviet Communism imposed on them.

                      Which would you prefer? I want neither- so if there is no collective alternative, I will gladly opt out and do what I can to stay free. Promoting Hitler or Stalin will do us no good. If more people were of that mind, maybe we would have the choice of good vs. evil, or even the better good vs. the lesser good…instead of the slightly-lesser evil vs. evil.

        • Hi Lib,
          I think Trump will have a tough time running for anything in the future, since you can’t hold office if you’re a convicted felon. New York is definitely gunning for him over tax/financial fraud and his serial bankruptcies stiffing anyone who worked for him haven’t left him many friends. He deserves it for being such a greedy narcissist.

    • ‘The cynic in me sees Biden dying in office.’ — richb

      Social Security mortality tables show that a man of 78 has about a 5.5% chance of dying each year, adding up to about 22.5% over the four years to age 82. That’s the objective probability.

      On the plus side, the president has a personal physician on call and the best, cost-is-no-object health care on the planet.

      But on the risk side, gentle-souled Kamammy is only one heartbeat away from seizing absolute power.

      Do the math … 🙂

  12. Orange man bad, orange man clown, orange man stooge, blah blah blah. The communists and technocrats don’t give a shit about libertarian principles and the self righteous “I’m to smart to vote” crowd. Everybody’s a bad ass and is going to blast away when the secret police show up at the door. Great, except their not coming to your door (and if they did, they’d roll Up in a Humve and you’d shit your pants) their coming to your employer, your bank, your 401k broker, your kids school, the store where you buy groceries and if you own one, their coming for your business. The only good thing is that the giant communist dildo targeted for everyone who has a job or owns property will at least force the politically pious waiting for perfection to get their heads out of their asses and get into political fight.

    • Hi Griff,

      This isn’t even about libertarian ideas; the Orange Buffoon failed as a “conservative.” Even the handful of things he did that were good in relative terms will now be washed away – and then some – because he failed.

      People on our side of the fence – those who want more freedom, not less – should stop countenance and apologizing for failure.

    • Griff I’m glad you are here and thinking about the concepts we libertarians (people that prefer voluntarism over tyranny) promote, even if you aren’t impressed. I have sincere questions for you. I’m open to joining the R team with you if it will improve our lot.

      What Republican administration or politician has rolled back the communistic/technocratic tyranny you accurately describe, that has been advancing in earnest for 60 years and went into overdrive in the last 20, then light speed in the past year? What R team champions were in high office in these years? Did they enable the communistic/technocratic tyranny, or did they reverse it?

      Have you considered the possibility that the R team alternative has been presented to you as a ruse, to keep you mollified, to give you the illusion you are doing something to fight your enslavement, while your enslavement continues apace?

      Does being in the political fight mean R team fights D team while Establishment team wins?

      Does voting lesser of two evils cure or perpetuate evil?

      Am I deceived? I ask sincerely.

      • George W Bush overhauled the patent office. Before he came along you actually had to demonstrate your process or method were novel and not obvious. Bush’s changes meant all you had to do was prove it wasn’t already patented, no matter how vague or poorly thought out. Which is why we only have two choices when it comes to smartphone operating systems, ridiculous pharmaceuticals that are re-patented after what amounts to largely cosmetic changes, and computer algorithms that can’t be recreated by anyone else.

        Also gave rise the “patent troll” who happened to stumble across something that wasn’t patented, filed and then sued anyone who was using the process.


    • I don’t vote. It’s not because I think I’m “too smart”. It’s because I refuse to endorse my own enslavement. I refuse to grant my consent to my own destruction. I refuse to grant legitimacy to the largest criminal enterprise on the face of the planet. I refuse to be counted as a supporter of this psychopath over the other psychopath. These reasons do not require any superior thought process, casual observation by anyone with two or more brain cells that get along will suffice. If you choose to vote, it simply demonstrates you aren’t paying attention, not that you’re stupid.

  13. We can’t seem to get any quality people in that job lately. I wonder why?
    My theory is that the skills and qualities that it takes to get elected are not the skills and qualities that make a good executive administrator.

      • Anybody who wants that kind of power, and is willing to do just about anything to get it, is probably a psychopath in the first place.

    • Decent human beings with moral compasses and a sense of constructive purpose in life have no desire whatsoever to hold power over their fellow citizens. In fact, the very idea repels them.

  14. I commented on what I think of Q or whoever on another thread. What I will say here is that I figured Trump was just a speed bump on the road to ruin for the country. He got rid of the Obummercare fine, for a few years. He slowed down the MPG mandate for a few years. Etc. I didn’t vote at all in 16, but did pull the lever for him in 20, hoping to continue slowing down the destruction. I saw pretty quickly that he wasn’t going to be a savior (unlike Ron Paul or the like, assuming the Establishment didn’t JFK him), but until corona, I was glad he slowed things down a bit.

  15. Pretty simple – the Orange Ass was out of his league from the get-go. A scheming, lying NY tycoon who fell into a role even he never believed could happen. He’s not that intelligent, wise, or principled – this, he made obvious daily. He bombed, murdered, maimed, and trampled others underfoot the same as his predecessors. He betrayed and turned away from his supporters, and the likes of Assange who helped him get elected. A wind sock with more money than brains.

    He failed to understand the Democratic machine and its power and resolve, stupidly believing he could bully past them with petty insults and petulant oafish behavior. He failed to understand the US political system and work within it, instead of childishly bumbling around its periphery with a constant delivery of campaign speeches to MAGA asshats waving flags.

    His so-called economic boom was a Potemkin village, brought about by stock market juicing. And, to his credit, tax cuts targeted to the wealthy, that are about to be reversed anyway. Further fueled by stock buy-backs and ultra low interest rates.

    He shape shifted all the time. From bombing Syria, to sanctioning Russia, to that stupid stunt in Venezuela. All on the advice of the yes-men experts with whom he surrounded himself. The same with covid and Fauci. All because he was not smart enough to know truth or consider counter narratives that explained the potential negative aspects of a given course of action. Instead, full speed ahead, damn the torpedos. Warp speed!

    We weren’t played, except to the extent anyone fell for this con man’s shtick. He was, is, and will forever remain a buffoonish footstool, who greased the skids to make what’s coming inevitable, and rapidly.

    • Much truth in your comments and much I agree with but I think we differ on our expectations from that office. I let go of what is ideally needed in that office. Not saying you should but it helps keep ones blood pressure in check when you lower those expectations from these bought and paid for “leaders”. You can’t get elected to local dog catcher today without owing those who got you there.
      I think the rapidity is due to the fact they had our dystopian nightmares on deck in 2015 and when Hildebeast didn’t get it, it put them off schedule by 4 years.
      I’m not defending the man. I’ve considered him a carpet bagging snake oil salesman from the start. All I’m saying is the ruling elite get what they want no matter who is “duly elected”. No one standing in the path of the elites could have countered the weaponized plandemic. The general public is too intellectually lazy, needing to fit in with pop culture, and dependent on their screens for critical thought. To my chagrin Orange One went along with the “experts” and the well educated idiots in my community put up a billboard still blaming him for the supposed “250000” Wuflu deaths. Plandemic was his Kobayashi Maru.

      • Hi Lonne

        I fully understand that the presidency is an institution, not a person. In that respect, my only expectation is that the president, as the head of that institution, must understand the situation as well as the rules, customs, and role of that institution in interfacing with citizens, other branches of the government, and international affairs. That the institution set policy and objectives with careful consideration as opposed to expediency, whim, vindictiveness, or one sided advice.

        Trump failed on multiple fronts because he violated these basic tenets. Most glaringly, the virus policy and response – set in motion under fear and duress, but never adjusted or moderated as the information changed. He continued to let that twerp Fauci run roughshod through and through. Now that little piece of shit gets to double and triple down, and we are all about to experience a new breed of unfettered medical tyranny. So Trumps failure gets to be a force multiplier.

        • “never adjusted or moderated as the information changed. He continued to let that twerp Fauci run roughshod through and through.”

          This more than anything demoralized many of his supporters and enabled his enemies, those inside his party and out, to conspire to remove him. He was his own worst enemy here. He held the power to say stop this madness and lets get back to life but he never did.

        • All valid points my friend. He was a clown show in many respects. I suppose I’m at peak cynicism, expecting nothing but corruption and decay and was mildly pleased to see this one step outside the usual “character of president” and bring that office down to what it really has been and what I’ve seen it as for the last 40 years: the bully pulpit for state worship wrapped in the veneer of the mythical statesman worthy of respect beyond that of citizens.

          I expected very little from him aside from my hope he’d be a monkey wrench. I’ve been saying for years that even if a true grassroots candidate actually arrived to the white house with intentions of more liberty and freedom for the average citizen, the intelligence spooks and swamp rats probably take them immediately to the white house briefing room, show them the Zapruder film and say, “Are we clear on who’s in charge?”

          My take the last decade is to encourage folks I know to use all this energy focused on Federal, and focus on their local county, city, state reps. Turn off the news most of the week. It’s a diversion. Ever notice that ALL news seems to lead off with DC centric story lines? Local news carries stories from 2K miles away. Why? Manipulation. Local government affects most people more day to day and yet they are clueless to what’s going on in their own area. The feds only have so many bodies to project force across the country. What if 2 out of 3 counties in every state refused to comply with these unlawful state or federal executive edicts? How would the feds or state kings enforce them? Yes, they’d cut the funding dollars, but what if the locals didn’t care? Who your county sheriffs, mayors, city council people are can be far more impactful. They are the ones who carry out the unlawful enforcements and actions that erode your God given civil liberty.

  16. After not voting since 2000 and my awakening to the futility of it, especially at the federal level thanks to the Cheney/Bush cabal, I cast one for the Orange One in 2016 in hopes he’d gum up the works enough to punt this seeming downward spiral into the sewer of failed societies. For the most part, I think he did that. He didn’t reverse it, didn’t even stop it, but he did slow the roll in some areas. He did an excellent job at trolling the main stream media minions and pointing out the blatant bias and hypocrisy so obvious to anyone willing to actually consider reality. So many sound bites to enjoy for years to come as we return to the old softball game of a Pravda’d press corp and a dem executive performing verbal reach arounds on each other for the screen worshipping sheep at home. Now OBiden will continue and massively escalate the over 100 years long abuse of Executive Orders to accelerate us back onto the path to the globalist end game. It was a nice 4 year delay. Orange Man also did an excellent job at exposing the established repubs as the Washington Generals they are to the lefts Globe Trotters. On the whole at the federal level, they are truly the most impotent losers ever. They are truly Charlie Brown to the left’s Lucy. Controlled opposition?

    Don’t feel bad if you got taken in in the final days believing these crazy stories of a heroic outcome. Desperate people are more susceptible to ignoring unattractive facts. Like a cancer diagnosis and 3 months to live, you fly to some shady clinic in Mexico for agave enemas and tapeworm treatment after reading of miraculous recoveries… but die anyway. Nobody but populist imbeciles and the left’s useful idiots would invite the idea of the OBiden/Harris platform. They would desperately look about themselves and clamor for any hope that it’s not going to turn out that way. It’s too awful to consider.

  17. No, no… I’m sure that later today, Jeff Epstein will step off of UFO-One and inaugurate Orange Julius Caesar once again. The truth is, he has already thrice refused the Presidential Diadem. Inauguration should be made of sterner stuff!

    Now, all delusion aside, I believe the Orangeman was a combination of Options 1 and 2. I said it from the beginning. He was simply a terminator, programmed by the “Deep State” to divide and leave asunder the previously ascending forces of freedom. He did this well. Was he aware of his mission? Perhaps not greatly more so than a machine is aware it is programmed. He was skilled at the art of bellicose rhetoric, and little else.

  18. Voting for politicians who promise to solve problems created by politicians is doomed to failure. He didn’t fail you, you failed yourself.

  19. A buddy of mine wrote this to me when i reminded him yesterday that I called this stolen election back in april and that the testing paramaters around what would be considered a “positive” test would immediately change to make it look like the clueless child sniffer now occupying the white house actually did something to stop the fake pandemic. My buddy still beleived up until the sc punted on the Texas case that Trump would be sworn in as president. He is coming along now;

    You could see the direction this was going and i was and still am angry at Trump for failing us when his leadership was needed most. At the time when he needed to lead he deferred to “experts” like fauchi and the scarfed one. Was this a byproduct of his days as a realestate tycoon? There were always stories of him “deferring to experts” in the business world but also stories of him ruthlessly pulling the plug on incompetence. That pos fauchi was the emptimome of incompetence. Even reading about all the challenges to the stolen election he never had those groups coordinate their efforts. It almost seems like Trump “went through the motions” but never coordinated the attack. Why? Did he after 5+ years of constant attacks not have it in him anymore? Did he realize after 4 years as president nothing he did or would do was going to fix the govt so why bother fighting? Was he told by someone in the cia that if continued to be president his life or that of his family was in grave danger? Was he really that trusting of the cretins like the turtle and allowed himself to be strung along? This disorganization does not seem very Trump like. He is a successful business man and you don’t get that way without being very organized. Is it possible all that organization he had in 2016 was the product of Kelly Anne Conway? Beleive me hindsite is 20/20 and i have neen racking my brain for months now, why didn’t he declassify everything? Why did he allow barr to run out the clock? Why did he when it was obvious it was a plandemic pull the plug on that f*ck face fauchi? And why allow the governors to keep everyone on dictator lockdown?

    • You were right about the tests. Among others like Jon Rappoport who were talking about the faulty PCR test from the outset, even the NYTimes was talking about it as early as August. Their desire to humiliate is so strong, they even tell you what they’re doing.

      To your buddy, the “successful businessman” mythology never dies with some people. I’m not gonna go into the details again in this comment so as to not draw out those commenters who maintain borderline homoerotic feelings for the man, but, look into it. Even if it were true, gov’t and bureaucracy cannot be “run” like a business. What was OM really good at? Playing a successful businessman on TeeVee. In that venture he was linked to Jeff Zucker, whose TeeVee background is “reality TeeVee” and who had no background in news but who just happened to be CEO of CNN during the whole of OM’s administration. Who was also the force behind Arnold Schwarzenegger’s improbable winning of the governorship of CA in 03. Hollywood loves sequels.

      We are in, and have been in, a simulation of reality. It’s all ersatz, including the trillions printed out of thin air, but with real narratives and agendas that need to be pushed. To those doing the pushing, those who resist need to be demonized, marginalized, and if necessary, terminated with extreme prejudice. Trump played his role in all of this. It matters not whether he was simply inept or complicit. The results were the same. The sooner we all accept this, the sooner we can plan, and most importantly, act accordingly.

      • OM said it best himself, just a few weeks ago, “I am a great cheerleader for America.”
        Fine, Donny.
        Cheerleaders don’t win ball games.

  20. I’m going with Option 2. He failed US. Lack of core principles and guiding values defines a narcissist. We saw him for what he was, but didn’t want to believe it. The truth was too painful to bear.

    “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” James 1:8

    • Hi Anon,

      Agreed. And I for one am done with people who either can’t get the job done or aren’t equipped to do the job. This will annoy some Trumpers. But remember who failed – and who won.

      If you want to win, stop supporting (and apologizing for) losers.

      • Eric,

        Loser- you just described almost the entire republican party. They seem happy to play the part of washington generals to the leftists harlem globetrotters and they have managed for years to make most republican voters play charlie brown while they are lucy with the football promising this time she will allow charlie to kick it. I think the appeal of Trump was that finally we had someone who would not pull the football out from under us and we thought by weight of sheer numbers he would drag the rest of the republican surrendered party with him. Sadly it was not to be. I still give him credit for getting the economy roaring again and showing people what it was like to work when jobs were plentiful and businesses had to compete for workers. Short of that he failed at almost everything else. Somewhat because of his own ego and hubris and somewhat because most republicans LOVE their role as the surrendered caucus and will never change. They just want a seat at the table they never have and never will want to be in charge of the meal. I guess i can give him credit for that too. He exposed the surrender party for what it is. Now the only question is will the American people do anything to change that.

        • VOTE FRAUD was the number 1 reason for Trump not getting reelected. When vote counting stops and then mysteriously resumes at 4AM the next day with truckloads of ballots being trucked in and dumped around the country in so-called battleground states, our country was hijacked by those on the left.

          • Anarchyst

            You could almost look back to his first 30 days in office. Anyone in the fbi and doj with a supervisor title or higher should have been shown the door. It was clear neither department was on the side of law & order and both did everything in their power to attack him and his supporters for even the most minor offense while ignoring absolute crimes on the other side. His unwillingness to go scorched earth on the doj and fbi allowed this to happen. Because in a sane country run by rule of law the instant a video emerges of democrat operatives sending everyone home in GA then pulling a suitcase full of ballots out from under a table and beginning to run them through the tabulation machine in a federal election would have sent 20 to 30 plus agents to each of the homes of these operatives arresting them for voter fraud. 1 count for every fraudulent ballot they entered. Looking at life in prison these operatives would have sung like canaries impicating who above was giving the orders and seeing it happen i one state would have made dem stooges in other states blow the wistle as to not get caught in the dragnet. But, because he never fired the leadership at the doj and fbi he couldn’t trust them to do a fair investigation and instead had to rely on the courts and the state legislatures. You see how well that turned out. He stuipidly or purposely depending on your point of view surrounded himself with the swamp and the swamp wanted him gone and didn’t give a shit how he was gone. He may very well have given the order to investigate and was told yes sir and then they just ignored him. Just like he ordered documents declasified and they ignored him on that to.

          • I’m not entirely convinced that Trump actually WANTED to be re-elected. After four years of 24/7/365 shit-eating, he very likely just wanted to go back home to Mar-a-Largo and play golf for the next five years.

            Back in ’16 when he announced his candidacy, a voice in the back of my head said “he CAN’T be serious!”, and part of me still believes that he wasn’t. He might have just run on a lark, NEVER expecting to actually get elected, and when he actually WAS elected it both threw him for a curve AND made him instantly regret having run. Maybe his thought on Inauguration Day 2017 was “I’ll play this game for four years and then I’m OUT.”

            The fact that he capitulated on so many things while in office and didn’t seem to fight the fraud very hard in the end leads me to believe that this scenario is the correct one.

        • Hi Publius,

          It may be so – regarding OM being tired and not wanting a second term. In that case, he is even more despicable as he should have stepped aside and let a man more able or at least interested in trying to win give it a shot.


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