How We Beat Weaponized Hypochondria

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Why does the Left win? The main reason is that the opposition – such as it is – agrees with the Left.

There are many examples of this, including among others agreement in principle with such moral atrocities as “taxes” – i.e., the euphemism for the taking by force of other people’s property – which the opposition doesn’t oppose as such but merely seeks less of, or for different purposes.

But the most relevant example – because everything hinges on this one – is the incapacity or unwillingness of the opposition to the Left to oppose the weaponization of hypochondria.

This is what took the tan off the Orange Man, who would otherwise be president today rather than his senescent opposition – which put the Orange Man away by weaponizing hypochondria.

The Orange Man didn’t oppose it. He facilitated it, by standing mute – like a spray tanned wooden Indian – for months while President Fauci ran the country into a state of sickness psychosis. This, in turn, made it easy for the Left to “steal” the election – which the Orange Man gave away – by using fear of sickness to keep much of the country from voting in person and to enable lots of voting without persons.

The Orange Man failed to prevent this, by allowing the Left to spread the fear of sickness – the weaponization of hypochondria.

Then he failed to take steps to prevent voting by mail – and without vetting. Some will rationalize this fail by claiming the president lacks the formal power to intercede in such a case. Which may well be true. But it’s beside the point. The Left is never hobbled by such obeisance to protocol. It seeks power with the trueness of a sharpshooter – which is why the Left usually wins.

The lesson is obvious.

If you want to defeat the Left, then oppose it. 

Above all, this means opposing the weaponization of hypochondria, because it is upon the enduring hystericization of the population that the success – or failure – of the Left depends. Without the excuse of death in the air, everywhere – which it isn’t – the Left no longer has the power to steal elections or steal rights, in the name of “stopping the spread,” forever amen.

Opposition to the Left must therefore not accept an iota of the Left’s weaponization of hypochondria. There is no death in the air, everywhere. There is only another bug that can be a serious threat to a very small percentage of the population – which has every right to reduce its risk by whatever measures seem reasonable and tolerable to themselves. But this loathsome notion that everyone else is obliged to give up their rights for the sake of reducing this risk – for the sake of other people’s unhinged fear – has got to be rejected. 

Because it is wrong.

Not because the risk is slight – if it exists at all – for most people. But because people – all people – have the right to weigh and assume risk for themselves. What must be blasted into millions of pieces if not vaporized altogether is the principle that a handful of busybodies – no more than a few thousand of them, all told – have the right to deny anyone that right because they regard the risk as unacceptable.

Going forward, opposition to the Left – if it is to succeed – must refuse to tolerate the least giving-in to weaponized hypochondria.

It must stop mealy-mouthing agreement with the narrative as by the Orange Man’s pathetic recurrent references to the “deadly China virus” – as by the current fellating, practically, of Operation Warp Speed, the Orange Man’s delivery of the American people into the hands of the pharmaceutical combines, who intend to use weaponized hypochondria to force every American to receive (and pay for, via taxes) a “vaccine” of dubious origin and potential effects, which no otherwise healthy person should even be considering receiving. 

Much less forced into submitting to.

Any elected official who claims to oppose the left who wishes to remain in office – or seeks election to office in opposition to the Left – must oppose openly and completely any edict forcing any person to wear a “mask” as a condition of employment or of being allowed to engage in commerce, or for any other reason. Must refuse to give the slightest countenance to the legitimacy of “mask” wearing outside the surgical suite.

Must articulate clearly and with proper outrage the tyranny of “locking down” any American not in prison, duly convicted of a criminal act. Must defend the right of free people to freely associate, to freely travel. Must reject state-sponsored terrorism in the form of Leftist panic-mongering over an illness that does not kill 99.8-something of the otherwise healthy population.

Must be willing and able to explain the facts and give the context and stop giving in to the Left’s unspeakable terror tactics clothed in the false pieties of “caring” and “community.”

Any voter who opposes the Left who does not understand the critical importance of insisting upon all of the above is a person destined to remain in the dark as to why the Left almost always wins. 

. . . 

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  1. The left always wins because there is no right, at least in government. The left pushes left, and those who claim to be right tag along, occasionally opposing this or that leftist thing, but eventually going along with it. We can’t vote our way out of it because there are no true anti-left candidates, and none are likely to appear. Well more than half the leftist agenda is already the “law” of the land, going all the way back to FDR and the truckloads of free money and tyrannical edicts he regularly imposed. Democracy can only exist until the people discover they can vote themselves funds from the public treasury, and FDR not only showed us the way, but encouraged us to do so. And we gleefully did, and do so now.
    This won’t end until the effects are truly catastrophic, as in people really being loaded up on trains to the camps, and not coming back. Until your children are literally starving to death and there’s no food to be had. Until those who even question authority are being executed. One thing a bout it, there won’t be any hordes of refugees because the entire world is caught up in this trap. There won’t be a place to escape to.

  2. Another thing that those of us who understand liberty and economics must do is refuse to withdraw into cocoons of self-sufficiency. Defend capitalism and the voluntary global division of labor.
    If you want to spend the rest of your life in misery, keep telling yourself that the way to oppose the madness is to raise your own chickens and make your own clothes.
    Don’t let the evil bastards take away the marketplace that decent, productive people have built. Keep producing, trading and cooperating with your fellow man. The more we isolate ourselves from one another, the sooner the bad guys win.

    • Indeed, preach it where you can, as often as you can. A couple of the local TV stations have a web site with open comment sections. I’ve never caught them censoring me. They probably don’t even monitor them because all the faithful use Facebook, etc. If my daily comments can get one single person to at least look behind the curtain, or even recognize there is a curtain, my time is well spent. No this won’t save the day, but it might save the future. When the whole shitshow blows up, perhaps some of those who put it back together will be a bit more aware of the pitfalls.

    • When I was a kid the last thing we wanted was to keep to ourselves. Our neighbors were our friends and being a friend meant making clothes, trading clothes and raising chickens and just about every other edible animal you could eat. Everyone had a garden. Now you can’t raise a garden because of vermin who don’t care where their 2/4D and Roundup end up. I have a 900 lb steer I’m waiting to reach 1100 lbs so we can fill the freezer. I’d raise fowl but they draw so many yotes we’d never have a cat reach maturity. To a great extent, we live a life of kill or be killed and that doesn’t just apply to the pets and livestock.

      • Eightsouthman,

        See, it sounds like you lived your youth on a little piece of heaven, to me. There’s something visceral about making your own way off of your own land. Maybe some people don’t have that inside them, I don’t know. But I’m certainly looking forward to escaping this rat race before too long, and making that dream a reality.

        • Bab. spending a good bit of my life driving a truck definitely had drawbacks. The best of it was when it was MY truck. I’ve done a bit of everything including lots of backbreaking labor in the oil field and working myself silly farming, ranching and metal fabbing but the saving grace was living less than 2 years total in town. I’d rather live in a barn(and have)than having a neighbor next door.

          I hope you realize that dream of escaping sooner than later. You’ll be so happy they won’t be able to slap that grin off your face.

    • Roland,

      Yeah, I respectfully disagree.

      I certainly don’t condemn capitalism or trade, but I do think that freedom stems directly from self-reliance and self-sufficiency. Food, electricity, fuel and much more can be made on site, everywhere. You need to work with others, of course, to build Mustangs and spaceships, but much can done to shield ones self from the trappings of dependency.

      I’ve become quite aware that the libertarian sphere is chock FULL of economists.

      Well, sometimes… Fuck economics.

      There. I said it.

      Sometimes the most efficient and economical ways of doing things are also the ways to servitude. Ask so many nations of the past how economical slave labor was. Or hell, just ask China.

      Again, I don’t advocate isolation. We will always work together towards common goals we couldn’t accomplish on our own. But we SHOULD accomplish some things on our own as well. Pride and fulfillment come from such things.

      Lastly, I don’t have to tell myself anything. I KNOW that I will be happy as I could ever be when I move out to my homestead in the country. It will be positively glorious!

      • Have you been a city-dweller so far? I grew up on a farm in the 1950s and 60s, and it’s where I live now. You will love it.
        Sure, it can be very rewarding to make things yourself instead of buying them. Nobody disagrees with that. But the notion that “food, electricity, fuel and much more can be made on site, everywhere” – without lots of help from people you will never meet – is nonsense. None of us can do much of anything without tools, and even if you have just a few hand tools, I’ll bet they were made in factories hundreds or even thousands of miles away, by people who didn’t give a crap about you but worked for your benefit anyway because they wanted to earn a profit. That’s the modern division of labor, and it touches just about everything we use to make life bearable. Even the smallest projects depend on it. When the tines on your hoe wear down or the ammo runs out, you will turn to it again.
        It’s odd that a libertarian (I’m assuming you are) would hate economics. Ignorance of economics is probably the chief reason that the state has such power. If most people understood just the simple concept of scarcity, they would not fall for the BS that politicians peddle.
        Purposely avoiding the division of labor that peaceful, productive people have built over hundreds of years would play right into the hands of the tyrants. This is a place where the first-person plural is appropriate. We built it. We should use it, expand it, and defend it.

        • Henry Ford built the Model A on the premise that farmers would harvest weeds and make ethanol. And that’s the way it was for many before oil got a good toehold. I wouldn’t know what to do if I couldn’t take a piece of plow or axle and make something I need. Everyone needs a forge and they can be made from cinder blocks and a chunk of RR track.

          We used to truck farm and made our living doing that. We had a flood and couldn’t get in the field for 2 years so we had to do other things. I’ve never been a one trick pony since I grew up hand harvesting milo and corn and hauling hay. My dad would leave me at the farm early in the morning and my grandfather would come out after noon and see what I’d done that day. The old tractors didn’t have hydraulics so if you got stuck you had to rev them up and raise the handle in gear and up the idle on the pickup and get out of it and go back and get the tractor unstuck.

          I was plowing one day up on the plains working for a guy. The dirt stayed right with me and I couldnt’ see to the left where the ground was soak because of a water line break for the irrigation. Once I got the new tractor mired I walked a couple miles and got a JD and drove down there. I chained them together and got the MF out with a broken hub the guy didn’t appreciate it. He asked if I didn’t hear it and I said true, I probably didn’t hear it because I was on the Deere pulling that sad sack out of the mud. I never heard another word about it. He just couldn’t figure how I got it unstuck. I’d been doing that for 10 years at the time and I was only 22. Hell, I even had to use the pickup to get the jeep out and it was an old Willys military job but evidently wouldn’t go where that two wheel drive Chevy would.

          A friend and I came out here looking around one evening and he had one of the new x cab Ford pickups. He got stuck and finally got a guy on the radio. He came out to get us out. He turned and backed up to us and I said “Boy, that Chevy 4WD is the ticket”. He said sorta disgusted “Hell, I don’t have it in 4WD yet”. I had to dig my buddy a little on that one. A friend and I both had El Caminos and mine had big tires and P trac. I could go just about anywhere I wanted except for getting it scratched up. Another friend and I saw a flock of turkeys and I took off after them through the pasture in my new Elco. We’d gone through some really bottomless stuff and he laughed and said Hell, I didn’t think El Camino’s were 4 WD. I knew a guy later with a 70 Elco and he’d turned it into a straight axle 4WD. That sumbitch would go anywhere.

          Country living is a real chore at times but it’s rewarding as hell……except for when a mad sow nearly eats you.

          • AHHHHhhhhhhh!!!!!!! I’ve misswed those famous stories only you can tell, Eight!

            Reminded me of the time on’a my former neighbors here went to a horse/mule auction in his old-style square-body Dodge 4×4. It rained while the auction was going on, and when he gets back to the truck, it’s in a bog of mud. Couldn’t get out. Some Amish with a team of mules pulled the Dodge out.

        • Roland,

          I don’t so much “hate” economics as much as I disagree that being economical is always the best thing to do. I understand basic economics, and agree that such an understanding would help many greatly.

          I’m in a city now, but grew up in a “small town” atmosphere, so it was somewhere in between the city and rural attitudes. I’ve come to understand now that my natural tendencies toward rural life were good for me, and following them would make me happy.

          Now, of course, I acknowledge that I have will always need (or at least want) some things made by others in distant lands. What is practically inevitable and beneficial to all involved is trading what you have in abundance for what is scarce to you, but someone else has in abundance. Nothing wrong with that. I’m really not arguing that trade is a bad thing, but I truly believe that the more you can rely on yourself, and the less dependent you are on others, the less someone will have their talons in you, and be able to control your life.

          The longer we can maintain the things we have, the less we need to buy. I think the “consumerist” attitude is also detrimental in many ways. It keeps us perpetually chasing that carrot while we never obtain much of anything that lasts, and also peppers the world with garbage. People essentially sell their souls for convenience.

          I could go on, but probably needlessly. I’m sure you get what I’m saying.

          I cited “The Day the Earth Stood Still” below, but there is also another movie: The original “The Thing (From Another World)” (1951). The Kurt Russell classic is a remake of that movie.

          In “The Thing From Another World”, the people have to fight a particularly resilient alien creature. It owed its resilience to the fact that it was somehow vegetable in nature, though it was animate and incredibly powerful. Essentially, it didn’t have organs, so they couldn’t be targeted and the creature killed easily.

          I’d like American society to be a bit like The Thing (NO, not Biden’s creation diety!), in that we are incredibly resilient and the country has no particular “organs” to destroy and bring us all to our knees. We would be more loosely associated, but could come to each-other’s aid, etc, in defense of the whole “organism”. This also, as I’ve said, would also have the effect of making the individual more independence and freedom.

          • Can’t say I disagree with anything you or other commenters have written. But much of it misses the point. We would have a very hard, miserable time living without the production of other people. Surely you’ve read “I, Pencil.”
            I’m retired from owning a CNC machining business, but I could work for the rest of my life and not be able to build – from scratch – something as simple as a can opener. No fair going to the hardware store or raiding my collection of tool steel scraps. Those things were produced by other people, thousands of them. First I would have to mine iron ore. Oh, but wait. The only tools I have to dig with are my hands…

        • Hi Ya Roland,
          It sounds to me like your view of self-sufficiency is more along the lines of someone who would desire to live a life replete with most of the modern conveniences and luxuries, but just to provide those things themselves. But those conveniences and luxuries are largely made possible by industrialism and it’s resultant division of labor, as you say.
          A better self-sufficiency model is that of just living as people largely did throughout time the world over, by living simply and directly. O.e. No need to produce your own electricity or drill for and refine your own petroleum, when you can heat and cook with wood, which you can grow, manage and harvest quite easily.
          We can enjoy some of the conveniences and luxuries, as long as finances permit, and when doing so does not enslave us or compromise our liberty, etc. -But the thing is, when and if doing so becomes too expensive (financially or otherwise) we can easily give those things up, because ouir lives are not built around merely being a cog in the industrialized system, in which we merely do one thing to earn money to pay for all else; but instead, we live our simple and direct lives and largely provide for ourselves, and the modern things we may enjoy are there for the taking if we so wish and when we are in a position to take advantage of them.
          Trouble is too, most things- even farming, are practiced by most with the division-of-labor mentality, and have been for a couple of hundred years. THAT is largely why many poeple tend to see self-sufficiency as unrealistic. The idea of not only cultivating many acres of land, but doing so by primitive methods, is enough to make anyone cringe- but from a reasoned self-sufficiency perspective, there is no need raise acres of veggies or grain, or raise dozens of head of livestock.
          Do you realize how much food a TINY hand-tilled garden in a moderate climate can produce? How much grain you can grow on an eight of an acre? How much food can be had by keeping just a few chickens and a couple of cows? Quite frankly, as a bachelor, one of the biggest impediments to me as pertains to self-sufficiency, is that even the above produces TOO much!
          Best garden I ever had was sixteen square feet and contained 12 different types of veggies, including some corn!
          One just has to get out of the “I’m going to live just as I now do, only make everything myself” mentality.
          A big help can be to get rid of the typical modern house. A smallish well-constructed cabin with good woodstove or efficient fireplace and simple furnishings will take much of the burden away. Simple hand-operated appliances….maybe a 12V electic system if you really want to get fancy…… Such a life can be much more rewarding and enjoyable (And actually easier) than the typical division of labor scenario, where everyone’s a specialist and spends all day every day doing one thing, just to make money to “bnuy a life” as opposed to just living directly amongst and by the very things which we need to sustain our lives, and which keep us healthier and happier the artificial lives of the worker drones whose imagined needs which they’ve become accustomed to keep them forever the salves of others- espeically of bankers and politicians who control the economy in which they live.
          We see that as normal because it had already been normalized before we were born…but when viewed in the context of human history, the modern socio-economic system is an aberration- and like all forms of collectivism, it is not sustainable- and we are starting to see it breakdown before our very eyes.

          • Nunz, I have some of that really sophisticated stuff. I have a 3 legged steel device to keep my big cast iron pot just the right distance from the coals I throw under it. I can change out one cast iron piece of cookware to cook anything I like. It’s high tech, 200 years ago and still is. I have a piece of sucker rod I can run through a hog and cook the whole thing and throw coals under it where it needs to be. I don’t have one of those automatic electric devices to turn it. I found out you can just turn it now and then and it’s all good.

            I like the hell out of Cowboy Kent Rollins cooking with wood and cast iron. I’m not above using a gas grill but I’m out of gas right now ha ha. Just bought a new propane hose to fill a bottle and have one to just deliver fuel to the fish cooker.

            The great part is the big pot I have to can food out of the garden. You boil it in sterile Mason jars and it lasts for countless years. I’m about to try to make a rig to make jerky from every meat I use. Those hogs that try to kill you are mighty good eating. I can raise my own spices and peppers to make what I cook taste however I want. It’s been done forever nearly. I am glad I can buy a good Mason jar though.

            • Ha, Eight! I was thinking of Kent Rollins when I wrote that post! I finally found a recipe of his a few weeks ago that I can actually use- his Mexican rice- as it ain’t got no pork or lard or anything in it! Wish I woulda thought of it earlier, as I made…Mexican rice today…but my old way. L LOVESW cast iron too!
              My BBQ rusted out years ago, so I just set up impromptu ones when I want to Q- just arrange a few cement plocks with a metal grate across the top; light the coals with my charcoal chimney, and VOILA! BBQ. (Quite frankly, I like it better than a real BBQ grill!)

              • Nunz, you be cooking the righteous way. If it gets better I haven’t seen it. I’ve been trying to find an old heavy box outta the oil field like a shaker box that I could make a big fire in, like Kent does, and use that as my temp. control. First time I ever saw that box I thought ol Kent had looked around on abandoned locations and he sometimes puts some metal over it and cooks with the whole thing. That’s one of the good way to cook whole hog or a couple whole beef ribs.

          • Nunzio,

            Sounds like you well understand where I am going with things. If people want to talk about economics, I think it be great to, at least, have the ability to negotiate the cost of one’s labor, or completely drop out of the “job market”. The idea of being so specialized that you are utterly dependent on a complex system of just such people is revolting to me, though it’s how billions live, everyday. I’d like to adjust that a bit.

            • Hi BaDnOn,

              I agree with you and Roland both! I think it is wise as well as empowering to be as self-sufficient and jack-of-all-trades as possible. At the same time,I am well aware that I cannot do it all and am grateful for the fact that others can – and we can freely exchange value for value, thereby improving both of our lives.

              I think the best thing anyone can do is to figure a way to live as below their means as possible. This addresses both issues. If you live in such a way that you aren’t always in a pinch, you can afford to pay others to do things they can do better or faster or just because you’d prefer to do something else!

          • Top of the morning to you, Nunz!
            Well said, as always.
            Certainly there is great satisfaction in making your own simple things. But I also derived great satisfaction from programming complex aircraft components and seeing a CNC machine the size of my house carve it out of aluminum or titanium. In retirement I love making things on my 3D printer and flying my 737-800 in the simulator. Gardening would be fun if it weren’t for the weeds and bugs. The only reason I do it is to keep the wife happy; she loves it.
            At any rate, you guys are still mostly missing the point. “A smallish well-constructed cabin with good woodstove or efficient fireplace and simple furnishings will take much of the burden away. Simple hand-operated appliances….maybe a 12V electric system if you really want to get fancy….”
            OK, stop right there. Where did you get the woodstove? The simple furnishings? The hand-operated appliances? The wire for your electrical system? Whether you bought them new from stores, traded something to your neighbors for them, or inherited them from your Grandpa, they would not exist without the efforts of thousands upon thousands of people you’ll never meet and who didn’t give a hoot about you. They produced them, and thereby made your life better, because they wanted to earn a profit. That’s the capitalist division of labor, and without it most of us never would have been born.
            Live as simply as you want to – more power to you. But understand that you are very dependent on the production of others. If the power-hungry creeps drive us into isolation, they win. My ammo won’t last forever, and I don’t have a lead mine. Maybe I could hit them with a stick?

            • I have a small lead mine. I’ve kept batteries for 40 years just waiting for the day I’d need them and it looks like it’s coming fast. I have some babbit too I might try.

              What would you charge me for an AR upper and barrel made out of titanium? I need something light in my old age and oversize SS just ain’t the ticket anymore. Reckon you could make the outerjacket for a 5.56 for me. I’d like to see how that mercury filled ammo works. Wouldn’t want to eat it or breathe it but JFK certainly had almost nothing in his head.

              • Sorry Eight, I sold all my CNC machines years ago. Thought about keeping one for projects, but the coolant gets nasty in a hurry when it sits.
                You have a permit for that lead mine? 😉

                • Yes, they’re stacked just like dead batteries should be. I do make a habit of keeping them where cattle can’t get to them.

  3. “Your choice is simple: Join us, and live in peace, or pursue your present course, and face obliteration.”
    -Klaatu, “The Day the Earth Stood Still”

  4. Gerald Celente reminds us that “the business of the United States used to be business, but now it’s war.” It was obvious from the start that the Covid war was really a war against the middle class, but it also set the people against each other. Even the MSM acknowledged this when Yahoo News wrote this headline the other day: “CDC urges against spring break festivities as…culture wars heat up”.

    By subsidizing businesses with stimulus money to enforce masks, the government is extending the war. Moreover, refusing to serve non-masked customers is a type of economic sanction, and sanctions are basically a declaration of war. So even corporations are in on the war game. I wonder how long before this “cold” war becomes an all-too hot one?

    But to answer your headline, Eric, the only way to “stop the spread” of mental illness is to remember that we’re at war and act accordingly. And that means we have to fight, fight, fight!

  5. What a crock. If those who think that they’re riding the moral high rode would eliminate from their lives the people who fail to adhere to moral standards, there would be no “left” or “right” there would be the productive and unproductive and it would be easy to tell which is which.

  6. A new slang term thanks to all this COVID nitwittery: “Vaxhole”. The etymology and meaning should be obvious.

  7. I think the only way the non maskers/non vacciners (aka normal people) beat this is not by trying to convince the everyday Joe Schmo (it is a waste of our time and breath), but destroying the top people who are pushing this narrative. That will be the only way that true change will happen.

    I think we are being naïve believing a grassroot movement or just rationally speaking is going to turn the tide. It isn’t. If we want to change history we must kill the snake, not chase after the fields of mice. Our focus needs to be on the institutors of this plandemic (Gates, Fauci, Birx, the heads of big Pharma, other world leaders) that have produced this psychological warfare. Every horrible deal, detail, and facet of their life should be scrutinized and publicly showcased for all to see. It is time to stop thinking that we can solve this amicably or diplomatically.

    • In Texas in the late 50’s there were no rabbits due to no crops and coyotes were replete. The state did what it always did, fucked up and put out huge amounts of poison to kill the coyotes so we could grow wheat and other crops without rabbits eating it all since they had killed off all the coyotes along with everyone’s dogs.

      Next thing you know we had great fields of wheat and huge amounts of rabbits. People would buy you bricks of .22 rimfire to kill the rabbits. At about 13, we would all go out with a spotlight and pickup and run the wheat fields killing rabbits, bringing back a pickup load of dead rabbits for the cats and dogs.

      Eventually, we had no coyotes due to no food and fields eaten off by rabbits. There is nothing the state can’t fuck up. But we had scads of crack shots of 12-14 year olds who could shoot the whiskers off a grasshopper. It’s amazing how bad the state can fuck up any situation. The dumbest of the shooters often shot one another through sheer incompetence. I had a friend with an Uzi you could buy back then and a line of holes across the edge of the hood of his Ford F 250 due to the rabbit running right in front of the pickup. Nobody even knew what weapons were illegal and you could get them mail-order. This was all a part of 7 years of no rain and then several years of good rain making good crops. Bureaucrats and politicians could fuck up a blow job.

      • haha eight…. talking about politicians fucking stuff up – in the UK once upon a time people used to shoot badgers… the politicians decided that it was mean to the badger, and well it was kinda a sport for some more well off people…. hence its unfair or some shit. So they banned it.

        Obviously the population exploded. So the government comes up with a solution – every few years we have a “badger cull”. Apparently the politicians know a nice way to have the badgers kill themselves voluntarily or something…. but anyhow thats allowed.

        The only catch is, after all the licensing, health and safety. box ticking, and I suspect elaborate funeral arrangements for each badger – it always turns out costing somewhere in the region of 4K-10K per badger they get (depending on which bureaucrat they ask). So what once local farmers and kids did for a couple quid for a fun time – now costs the taxypayer 10s of millions of pounds !!

        • Badgers in Texas are pretty large. Something was playing hell with our garden and I just happened to hear some scuffling one night. It only took a few seconds to off 4 of them. They had a big den in my grass patch I nearly broke my leg in so I knew where I could eventually find them. They brought the fight to the house. Big mistake.

    • Hi RG,

      I’ve noticed that any attempt to “reassure” the believers (telling them most people are low-risk, have fairly mild or no symptoms, etc.) only stirs them up more — they’ll accuse you of downplaying it, not caring about others, etc. It’s like they don’t *want* any comfort or reassurance.

      I agree with you about the need to discredit Gates, Fauci, Biden and the other influential mask/vaccine pushers — but what are some ideas or platforms for doing that? It seems all the big social media networks are dominated by the left, and attempts to speak out on your own will just get you “cancel cultured”. So what to do, what to do….🧐 Any ideas?💡

      • Hi Chris,

        The only way I see, honestly, is by devoiding them of business and money. Of course, media would be the easiest way, but as we have noticed they are pushing the Gates/Fauci/world leaders agenda, even the so called “conservative stations.” OAN, Tucker Carlson, a few radio programs, and several online forums have been questioning the tactics being used and I give them kudos for taking a stand and trying to change the narrative.

        I think the major focus is to eliminate the money supply. How do these people make their millions and billions? Go after the revenue. Boycott. Talk to people who have worked with these companies. Are they willing to talk and testify? Lawsuits, which are expensive to pursue, but can be successful. Of course, there is always the possibly of dismantling the end product to which the millions and billions are tied to, as well.

    • Do everything to get the TRUTH out! The Holy Narrative must be destroyed at all costs. Make the killer jab such a big story that no one can ignore it; let’s BLOW IT UP!

    • Hi RG, you’re right (as usual!). I’ve been around long enough to realize that I’ve never in my life been able to change anyone’s mind about politics, economics, or anything of importance. People will only seek information that validates their belief, and will steadfastly ignore or ridicule anything that doesn’t. I have (had?) friends with whom I’ve tried to intelligently discuss masks and vaccines and death rates. Doesn’t matter what I say they don’t want to hear it. I have one particular good buddy. I took the time to print out a hundred charts and graphs from Tom Woods, CDC studies, the Great Barrington declaration, all that kind of stuff. He’s respectful enough to read it and listen to me, but in the end, I’m still wrong. It’s all good tho, we’ve agreed to disagree, and he doesn’t ask me to wear a mask or do anything different when we’re together so I can live with that. Don’t know the answer, but there won’t be any grass roots movement. Too many people who don’t know how to think for themselves, and so they willingly believe whatever the government, the “news” or the experts tell them they’re supposed to believe. Anything else is a conspiracy theory.

      • Hi Floriduh,

        It is frustrating. You’re right that many people are immune to contrary evidence, unpersuaded by reason. This is a function of what Bloom called the “closing of the American mind” – i.e., the replacement of Enlightenment values with Medieval ones. But not everyone is of Medieval mind and it’s those people I try to reach and sometimes have. I know this because I occasionally get letters and such to that effect. And even if not, you’d probably be pleasantly surprised how many people you and I and others here have got thinking about things, even if they don’t admit it!

        It took a long time to reverse the Enlightenment mindset. It will take time to reverse the Medieval mindset. It’s something not only worth trying to do it is morally imperative to try, else the light goes out and that is a nightmare for humanity.

        • I have to correct my earlier post. I did change at least one mind, and maybe more. When I met my wife, she was a liberal city girl, and she barely tolerated my crazy ideas about liberty. 45 years later, her friends say she is a crazy conspiracy theorist, so that’s a win! Both of my daughters in law lament that my boys are just like me, and the boys have the same views as I, so I’ll put that in the win column too. Next up, time to start working on the grandkids!

          • Floriduh, I married a city girl too but she liked animals, especially horses and pets. She said she married me to live in the sticks where people are nice and you might have to work hard but it’s private and when we were young we had lots of hard-working friends who were hicks and I stood out from the crowd no more after leaving the city. I’m one of those hicks who’ll change your wife’s flat or drag my neighbor out of the mudhole. When we have a common fence that needs to be fixed I expect to do half the work and pay half the cost.

            One thing has changed since 911 though. We all had gates but didn’t keep them locked even though they might be closed due to livestock. Now, everybody has a locked gate and most have pipe fences.

      • Hi Floriduh,

        I agree with you. I think it is very hard to change peoples minds once they have settled on something. It isn’t impossible, but it is not something that can happen in an hour long conversation. It is time consuming and they have to have some type of shared experience that would allow them to question what is currently going on around them and to be able to accept (or even agree) with the other person’s viewpoint. It is also a matter of trust. Do you know this person who is providing the advice? How long have you known them? Have they been right in the past? Have they been wrong in the past? How is their mindset – are they fearful, aggressive, or calm? Everything takes time and relationships need to build.

        The question is what happens when time isn’t available to change the thought process? What do we do?

        • RG, Floriduh,

          do think we need to keep working with people who keep the channels open, and dont impose their shit on you… i think it will be a long and slow process, but I think we can change people. Have seen this many times now with people – I know its slow and long, but more people are coming on our side. how many and how long it takes – well only time will tell I guess…

      • eric, it’s as close to “liking” rap as I’ve heard. And she did it without a bucket of pussy juice like they did on the AA with Cardi B.

        • I must be really out of touch with the mainstream crazy.

          Your second line makes me think that is good. WTF is that about? That was not an invitation for explanation. I don’t really want to know.

            • LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Agree, seen but not heard her. Don’t want to hear such an alien creature. But I am not a prejudiced person.

      • Rap is not my favorite either, more of a classic rock guy, but, with scant few exceptions like Van Morrison, Clapton, Sammy Hagar, man those radical 60’s hippies and 70s rockers have really folded up like cheap suits to all the tyranny. Some are even fully on board.

        Interestingly, rap is said to have developed out of form of reggae known as “toasting.” Reggae can be “conscious” or not. Meaning thoughtful and political within the medium. Early rap could be like that as well. I like some rap ending at about 2000, which is now considered “old school.” I’m a fan of word play, ryhmes, and metaphor. Some of the better rappers back when had a real command of language and combined with the production the results were impressive.

        I believe rap was introduced, funded, and eventually subverted away from being conscious at all into glorification of immorality and crime by a certain 3 letter agency believed to have also been intimately involved in the 80s inner city crack trade (See Gary Webb articles). I never really understood why it appealed to white middle class kids like myself but I have come to realize that, for all it’s foul mouthed and certainly misogynistic aspects, there are certain un-feminized “anarcho” themes of outlaws, purely capitalistic black markets, and an air of adventure, danger and violence that was remote in the sanitized suburbs. Kind of like Westerns for an older generation, although they always glorified the sheriff (gov’t) sorting out the so-called Wild West.

        This lady does her thing, enunciates and makes it work while explicating the doctrines. It’s kitschy for sure but I like the attitude. Our side needs some younger blood with modern sensibilities and without all the “those were the days” nostalgia. BTW, I don’t even recognize the tick tick mumble mouth crap called rap today.

          • I didn’t hate it. I liked the slide playing in the top track. Definitely shades of Beck and White Stripes. The most recent album I own is Raconteurs – Help Me Stranger (2019). The title track is decent the rest ok. If you like the tracks you posted you’ll like it.

            • Raconteurs – Help Me Stranger

              A bit soft for my taste but I liked it.

              CTE just has some great lyrics. Music is nice, but music and a good message is great. First album is still one of my favorites. It is like Who’s Next for me and reminded me of when I first heard that, I like all the tracks and never skip one.

              Ugly Kid Joe and The Offspring have some interesting stuff too.

              • I am not sure how heavy your taste runs to but if you’re game definitely check out Hypocrisy “End of Disclosure” album, particularly the song “The Eye”. This was released in 2013 listening to it in 2020 blew me away…

    • That brought a smile to my face. 😀

      I’m not a rap fan either, to put it mildly, but there are a few exceptions. This is one.

      Up there with “Taxes are Stealing” by Corporate Avenger (and a few of their other songs).

      (Also, people need to start putting much more music on other video sites, such as Rumble and Bitchute, so sorry for the ScrewTube link)

  8. The wife and I had opportunity to attend a Catholic mass this past weekend…Would’nt you know that in his sermon, the priest accused non maskers to be selfish and prideful. This guy is now a medical expert because he can find a box of band-aids on a grocery store shelf…The “guilt trip” approach to this virus has an incredible manipulation factor associated with it. Personal strength of character and conviction of spirit is the only antidote to this shit. “Good morning Father, have a nice week and mind your own f××king business.”

    • Jarhead – noticed this in the Muslim community as well. Recently there have been a number of videos and pictures doing rounds of the more prominent Imams (guys who lead the prayers) from the big Mosques here getting their shots…. telling Muslims how important it is to get theirs when told to do so. Im thinking what are these guys doctors or something??

      But I guess as Eric always says its more a matter of faith anyways, and what more obvious evidence than the fact that the now the Mullahs and Ministers are also pushing it.

      • Nice to hear from you Nasir. If you’re like me, you go to religious service for a break….a chance to seek God and get away from it all for a while. I just don’t want the politics of religious leaders interfering with that opportunity…

  9. Really drives me crazy that even as “the cases, the cases” are declining the PTB are doubling down on the hysteria. Now every day there’s a new “variant”, which of course will require a needling annually, exactly what Big Pharma wants. Then there’s the “super spreader” events like spring break right now; funny how the previous “super spreader” event – the Stupor Bowl – didn’t have any effect on the number of cases, that fact got memory-holed. The latest BS guidance says even after getting needled masks will still be required, and the sheep all cheer.
    Disgusting, it’s the Mark of the Beast to me and I most definitely will not be getting it.

    • Mike, the only person I know who’s taken it is my SIL and some of her family. No doubt they shot up the small children since they had no say. My niece-in-law is a PA. Her dad was a doctor. She knows EVERYTHING. Quite amazing and I don’t speak to her. I’d hate to educate her or TRY to.

  10. “Must be willing and able to explain the facts and give the context and stop giving in to the Left’s unspeakable terror tactics clothed in the false pieties of “caring” and “community.””

    See this is the problem i have found that no one on the left cares about facts or context. The left is about feeeeeelings not facts. And if the facts don’t line up with the feelings than you’re a racist, sexist, red neck, hatemonger who wants grandma to die and you probably walk around your home with a hitler mustache in a full kkk robe while giving the nazi salute……. now for me and many others we take that as we’ve won the argument. When liberals move to “raaaaaacist” it is a pretty good indicator you are over the target and dropping truth bombs right down their throat.

    As far as those that are not really leftists but are currently weaponized hypochondriacs i have found no truth, no facts, no context will bring them back to down. They want to be afraid, they like being afraid, they prefer to be told what to do and when to do it and no amount of Truth or context is going to bring them back to reality. In fact they are likely ro lash out verbally or even physically to anyone who provides them facts and context. The only thing that is going to bring them back to any semblance of normalcy is when their favorite actor or actress along with the lefist media talking head they listen to tells them it’s ok to be normal again.

    • They won’t debate simply because they’re stupid and don’t really have an idea of what they’re doing. Things haven’t worked out too well for them when they began stopping in smaller Texas cities. They would instantly have armed people walk them all the way through town, often having a lot of people on horses… weapons needed for those.

    • “See this is the problem i have found that no one on the left cares about facts or context. The left is about feeeeeelings not facts. ”

      It is not just the Left. That kind of behavior is now pretty common among the ‘Right’ thinking types too. It is a post-fact, post-logic, arrogant-but-ignorant society now. The stupid is the real pandemic.

  11. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a just elected Republican to the house has been giving the D’s mucho hell. She had on a mask I’d almost buy but I’d feel obliged to wear it and that ain’t gonna happen. It’s blue with white letters that say “This mask is as useless as Joe Biden”. I nearly fell outta my chair when I saw her. You go girl, kick those commie asses.

    I hate these aholes for many reasons but they murdered Kary Mullis who wanted to debate Fauci. He made many disparaging remarks about him so they killed him August before last. He was an athlete as well as the man who won the Nobel Prize of Medicine in 93 for inventing the PCR test which he said he specifically would NOT use to locate a disease since he invented it to find a certain RNA strand.

  12. ‘The Left … seeks power with the trueness of a sharpshooter.’ — EP

    … and they aren’t shy about saying so, through their compliant, frayed-collar stenographers:

    ‘With “shots in arms and money in pockets,” as he put it, Biden is hoping not only for partisan advantage but, more broadly, to restore Americans’ trust in their government.

    ‘Kamala Harris and her husband, Doug Emhoff, began with a trip to Nevada, where they visited a vaccination clinic, food bank and a vegan taco shop. On Tuesday they are to be in Denver.

    “We’re all in it together,” Harris told a customer at the Las Vegas restaurant, where a sign outside said, “No shirt, no shoes, no masks, no tacos.”

    Like the bossy schoolmarm she is — one which formerly reveled in clapping no-account minorities into prison — Kamala Harris presumptuously orders us around. Never mind that she’s not the governor of Nevada and has no such authority. This is how Californicators think.

    In a prescient essay last week, Eric described the cultlike features of government decrees, right down to the ritual religious headgear which Empress Kamala specifies is non-negotiable to enter her taco temple (‘Does this dashiki dress make me look fat?’ ah ha ha ha …)

    Meanwhile Old Woke Joe literally wants government to be your daddy, injecting vax in your arm and Yellenschrift into your wallet. But nothing is free. Even as one hand gives, another wrinkled old claw prepares to take as Joe prepares a rude Clinton-style tax hike to punish the undeserving.

    To paraphrase ol’ Robert Heinlein, government is a harsh mistress.

    • Surely the Big Guy will get a healthy cut of the proceeds…

      …Or maybe his net worth is just a coincidence. Correlation is not necessarily causation…

  13. This post rings true- all one can do is their own part, when it comes down to it. I tried for months to get friends to consider my counterpoints to the narrative, but it usually ended up feeling like I am talking to my dog. They are hopeless zombies for the most part who are unable to think, but rather prefer to let an authority figure think and make decisions for them. I guess some of us are just not wired that way.

    One thing I’ve been noticing lately is the eagerness with which people go out of their way to tell you they got the vaccine. I had a client sit at my desk last week and tell me “I just got my first shot!”, all proud of it. It comes off like a kid telling you they just made their first holy communion, but it’s adults making their Covid Communion. I don’t know if that is a term yet, but feel free to use it, cause that it what this feels like to me. The faithful went through their holy covid sacraments as the high priests of the church instructed- 2 weeks, stay home, social distance, wear a mask. All of these and others are covid sacraments, leading up to the big one, the big sacrament- receiving their Covid Communion.

    • Holy crap its like all catholic sacraments rolled up in the church of covid also know as weaponized hypochondria. Brilliant! It really is a religion and the faithful are as devout as a 12th century english peasant on a pilgrimage to rome.

    • The dogma that the maskers, the vaxers, the climate fanatics, the new world order technocrats, the radical feminists, pretty much all leftist groups share is a non-questioning belief in “science”. “Science” is infallible, undeniable, and eternal.

      You must submit and give yourself to “science”, to deny it is be a Neanderthal.

      • Hi Griff,

        I’d object less if science – facts subject to independent verification – were at issue. Unfortunately, it’s political science that’s driving much of what I object to!

  14. **”If you want to defeat the Left, then oppose it. “**

    Trouble is, no one votes for that because America is a country of communists, where the so-called opposition loves Social Security, Medicare, communal edumacation, militarization, state control/prohibition of everything under the sun, farm subsidies, government-funded infrastructure, yada, yada…..

    Both parties are leftist; The only difference is that the blue leftist party is more radical and abhors traditional Western/Cultural/Christian values, while the red leftist party pays so homage to those values, even if in word only, so as to differentiate itself from the blue party and give the plebes the illusion of choice.

    Society is so far gone that the average American still believes that they are “free”- LOL- and as Von Goethe observed: “There are none more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free”.

    Liberty will not be forthcoming from such a people, any more so than from the Orange Doofus.

    • well said and LOL at Americans thinking they’re free. I remember someone on here I think said (maybe you) that Americans think they’re “free” because they’re not in jail.

      This address from Mark Passio to Republican anti-maskers was spot on.

      • Hi Michael,

        For years after Nahhhhnnnnlevven, during the reign of The Chimp, I refused to play patriotic patty cake as via showing respect for the “flag” at Farce of July celebrations and so on. I would turn my back when everyone else placed their hands over their heart and – on Pavlovian cue – venerated “their freedom” to spread their legs at the airport and such.

        • I hate anything that reeks of “we’re all in this this together” whether promulgated by the erstwhile “left” or ‘right”. They both have agendas I am emphatically NOT on board with. I have had *$#@ the 4th anti celebrations for the last 2 decades.

          • Ditto, Metal –

            “We’re all in this together” is nauseating collectivist gaslighting. No, “we” are not “all in this together.”

            “We” are being forced into “this” . . . by them. The people who use “we” to control us.

      • That guy’s a little . . . intense. I think he wants to hammer his thoughts directly into my head. Makes some good points though.

        • Morning, Snap!

          I regularly challenge weaponized hypochondriacs on YouTube. They invariably repeat the same programmed-in mantras. I will write: I’m not sick; therefore I cannot get you sick because I am not “masked.” They reply: But you might not know you are sick and be spreading it! To which I reply: “Asymptomatic spread” is an assertion without evidentiary support; this has been admitted by CDC and WHO – the “science.” I’ve not been sick for the whole year-plus this hysteria has been unfolding… at what point does your fear that I “might be sick” no longer carry weight?

          It does not faze them.

          • Good Morning Eric! When have we EVER tested ourselves for illness when we don’t have any symptoms? Even Trump emphasized that noone should get tested that wasn’t sick – I don’t test myself to see if I might have the flu, just because. The whole thing is delusion.

            • But… but you might be sick! You could be spreading the ‘Rona!

              Sigh. The imbeciles not only fail to see the imbecility of that they also are too imbecilic to see the danger of that. If it is acceptable to force people to “get tested” because they might have the ‘Rona, then why not test them for other things, too? If I must wear a “mask” because I might be sick, then surely I (and every other operational male) must also wear a lockable codpiece as well, since we might commit rape…

              And they ask me why I drink!

              • And why it appears that ALL of us who do drink are drinking a lot more. A L0T. I don’t have the documentation in front of me, and haven’t searched for it since I read it, but read it I did. Alcohol sales went up 500% in the US in 2020. Americans are drinking FIVE TIMES AS MUCH AS THEY WERE. Since most people do drink, at least occasionally, please explain how that one example is not going to kill as many or more than the imaginary COVID will.

                • John, I know you’re right. Monday I ordered 10 30 packs of beer and a case of 1.75L Evan William 100 proof. Part of that reasoning though is not going to town and part is buying it in bulk so a trip to town is close to a month or more. We do the same with food. As soon as that horseshit about Goya beans raised it’s stupid, ugly head, we bought half a case not that we eat it fast, we just wanted to help them fight back. Now they’ve attacked Dr. Seuss for being racist.

              • It’s very discouraging, what’s happening to people. Q followers talk about something ‘biblical’ happening, like mass arrests are going to occur sometime soon and Trump will be reinstalled. What’s happening NOW seems biblical to me; family relations are strained, the masks and the pseudo ‘vaccine’ seem like ‘mark of the beast’, delusion is across the world on a mass scale. I could go on. Not sure how this ends, but I believe it WILL end.

                • Amen, Snap –

                  I’ve become aware of just how tired (and depressed) I’ve become. The daily grind of seeing Freaks everywhere; of not being able to do normal things anymore unless one is willing to truckle to abnormality – as by wearing a Face Diaper. I don’t sleep much anymore. I get up around 3:30 and guzzle coffee and write until I have to stop and rest for a bit. Then I try to do something good for me, like go for a run or hit the gym. But I’m still tired and depressed. I think almost every sane person is similarly affected.

                  • Eric, they have really tried to kill off the elderly. The last year has been hell for me. I’ve developed sleep apnea and could write the same book so many can about horrible headaches and feeling like every muscle in my body has be greatly reduced. I don’t sleep for shit.

                    For one thing, I dream and they’re never good dreams. The closest I get to a good dream is one that just doesn’t make any sense.

                    I understand about being depressed. I need to go get a sleep apnea device but we still don’t have running water after that Alaska even in Texas. And I find it difficult to go anywhere. My last two best friends have died in the last 18 months. I have no one to visit or call which is a real bummer.

                    It’s the shits to have a wife who can blame every bad thing that happens on you when you’re just the same victim that she is. I had to quit working when she started falling on the floor and couldn’t get up. I’m not good at doing nothing and going through the physical hell I have in that same 18 months there’s little that’s good or entertaining. I often read your column(s) without commenting. I just don’t feel like I have anything worthwhile to say and who wants to hear someone constantly bitch.

                    I get started on one of these things and I’m reminded of the wife. I no longer go to box stores because they all give money to BLM and Antifa. At least your site is not always full of news about those groups.

                    People in west Texas are ready to secede and Antifa and BLM don’t dare stop in a town out here so we don’t have to put up with any of it if we can stay away from all news and to be truthful, I have to have a certain amount of news although I can be overcome by it easily enough. I’m certainly glad I bought some oversize .50 cal ammo cans and filled them with 5.56. I rarely shoot a deer over 100 yds and commonly 60 feet so why did I feel the need for a 4.5X14X42 scope made just for that ammo and gun with built in range finder? I think it was too many of those dreams and was certainly glad to have it after sleepy Joe was “elected”……if you believe that.

                    Every time that SOB mentions taking someone out behind the gym I want to send him a letter to invite him out behind my barn. I suppose I’m through with my rant. I’ll spend the rest of this shitty day(50mph wind and rolling dust)ranting to myself.

                  • I’m off the sauce, getting some of the weight off. Interestingly, the anxiety & depression have improved since. Alcohol only “helped” in the short term.

                    When the fun starts I want to be fit, ready, focused, and as well supplied as possible. I’m not as old as you, but I’m not getting any younger.

              • “But… but you might be sick! You could be spreading the ‘Rona!”

                The proper response:

                But you might be stupid! You could be spreading the stupidity! D/K are pretty clear that you won’t know you are stupid, even when you are. You should be gagged and quarantined to prevent the spread, just in case.

        • That guy’s a lot like me. I realized even in grade school they were constantly trying to make me conform. S was the lowest grade you could get and that’s what I got in nearly every class. I was a nice person, just didn’t fall in line, didn’t sing the SSB or salute the flag. I received lots of hell for not doing the exact same thing as everyone else. I got a lot worse as I approached the age of being Vietnam fodder and once they began sending invites I went way out of my way to avoid them.

          Damned if LBJ didn’t make me see what it was all about although that wasn’t his intentions. The only intentions I could glean from the SOB was he wanted to be dictator as long as he could. But he received so much hell for being such a sorry shit of a person and having to bow down and sign legislation to supposedly help out those “niggers” he constantly spoke of that he just didn’t run again.

          If you really want to know what LBJ was, read Robert A. Caro’s unauthorized biography of him. To the day he left you couldn’t go 30 minutes on any campus without hearing a chorus of Hey Hey LBJ, How many kids did you kill today? Not nearly enough in his view.

          But let’s not let LBJ have the largest record. We need to throw and even bigger liar in with Nixon since he said month after month he was drawing down the troops and lessening the war while he did just the opposite.

          I guess I was born at the perfect time to see the damage done to people and countries due to WW11 and the Korean war. I grew up with a neighbor who had black hair when he went to Korea and in one 2 week period it was white. He didn’t tell war stories. I really didn’t know anyone who told them other than just a sentence or two and that was rare.

          I had one uncle who served his time on those Jap controlled islands in the S Pacific in an engineering outfit. He said he could jump off a dozer and be under it in record time when all the bombs and arty started raining down.

          I feel the same about the military today as I did back then only I see more damage from it and more immoral people making a great deal more money.

          • Hello Eight: I admire your contrarian spirit. I’m probably a little younger than you, although I remember young adults doing their protest thing at the outdoor shopping malls we went to – San Diego in the mid ’60s. At that age I was unaware of the sacrifice that my neighbors, slightlly older than me were making overseas in Vietnam. Didn’t understand it then, but the more I learn, the more I realize that this great country, so blessed with natural resources and beauty, is royally messed up in its politics. Used to think it was better than any other place on earth. No sure I think that way anymore.

            • Snap, I’ve watched this country go downhill for over 71 years. There was a time we had almost no crime. The politicians were just as full of shit as ever but they didn’t rant as hard and cheat as much because there was little economic reason to do so.
              I remember leaving school early because JFK had been killed. It was beyond my keen. That was when the shit really hit the proverbial fan and things started to changed for the worse rapidly. They had killed the only president who wanted to stop a war and not start one.

              Well, I have to give it to Eisenhower he managed to stop the bloodbath in Korea pretty quickly. He was pushed into that and realized quickly the people of this country wanted no part of it nor any other war.

              JFK knew it when he was elected. I recall when Goldwater, the guy who Didn’t want war made the statement he wished he had a big knife and could cut the east coast off and shove it out to sea. It actually hurt his campaign, I guess, on the east coast. That was fairly much the opinion of Texans so it didn’t hurt him here. But look what you get when you build a district in a swamp. Actually, I think he said NE coast.

              I always thought we had a good country, a beautiful country but was never hot to bow to a “nation” although I’d salute the Texas flag and Stars and Bars because of what they still meant when the US meant something entirely different.

              • Eight, would be very interested in hearing now you avoided being shipped off to Vietnam as cannon fodder… but yeh really admire the spirit… more people need balls like that….

                about wars and making money off them – once on the Rogan podcast when Oliver Stone I think was on – he was saying its so hard to stop the MIC because even at the time of vietnam, for each soldier there were 5 people making crazy money doing all sorts of shit like importing chevys or selling and installing air conditioners or something completely unrelated. Now how do you stop stuff like that. He was like imagine what its like today because the war machine has probably grown 10 times since vietnam….. and the amount of people making money off it is just crazy…

          • Hi Eight,
            Don’t forget Kissinger, that evil bastard is still pulling the strings behind the curtain. What is now, about 100 years old? My candidate for the Antichrist for sure. Notice how suddenly “we might not be able to remove all the troops from Shitghanistan”. Really? March them onto the C130’s and fly them out the same way they flew in. But wait – the war monger weapons manufacturers will lose an income stream, can’t let that happen. It’s disgusting to think of how much better our infrastructure would be if all the money going to the Pentagram was utilized for that.
            P.S. I’m keeping a bottle of champagne on ice for when old Henry K finally croaks; I’m going to drink the whole thing and then go piss on his grave.

            • Mike, I love your idea. I don’t particularly like champagne but Evan Williams would be a good substitute. I’d sure hate to drive to where ever in DC they plant him……if they don’t plant him in Israel where he belongs and always has.

              Say, I’m reading a good book about the JFK murder called Miles on JFK. Miles(deceased)claimed to be the one to shoot the .221 filled with mercury that blew most of his head off. I’d like to have Remington XP 100 in .221, the gun he used. A friend had one in .17 with a 4 power scope. 100 yds you couldn’t miss. I had it for a week. I had a great deal of fun with it.

  15. While this is mostly facilitated and promoted by leftists, it’s not really a left vs right issue, in the traditional sense. There’s seemingly an equal, or equal enough, contingent on the so-called right that agrees with the left or at least doesn’t oppose them, or believes covid is a threat sufficient to go along for the ride. The latter probably includes OF and others who don’t know any better, are not motivated or bright enough to find out otherwise, or who defer to experts (in no short supply these days).

    The fly in the ointment here is that people still seem to want this, and in some cases demand it. En masse. Can’t oppose that, only wait it out and hope people regain their senses. Or indulge your fight or flight instinct, in which case, good luck – you/us versus 330 million-plus deranged zealots.

    • “The fly in the ointment here is that people still seem to want this, and in some cases demand it.”


      It isn’t leftism or stupidity, necessarily, either. The pols (of both parties) first and then the people to a somewhat lesser extent have learned that wearing diapers and doing sickness kabuki makes trillions of dollars printed from thin air gush into the coffers govt’s to reward cronies and punish enemies as well as into the pockets of hundreds of millions who’ve learned that it (for the time being) spends as well as if earned from the sweat of your brow.

      • ‘trillions of dollars printed from thin air gush into the coffers of govt’s’ — Hatteraszek

        In my state, the legislature expects to be in session for extra weeks, as they grapple with how to distribute the mountain of loot showering down from Klowngress.

        That this epic graft comes with a sting in the tail — rising prices of housing, cars, and food as a tidal wave of thin-air money sloshes across the land — occurs to none.

        Welcome to Weimar, comrades. Party till the purple dawn; let wasted tomorrow take care of itself.

        • It is funny that the tax system will likely still have the same codes and $ cuts after hyperinflation hits.

          Even the poorest will be in the top tax bracket if they have enough money to survive.

          • At that point, it won’t matter. There will be all the money anyone needs, and more where that came from.

            It won’t buy anything, but it will settle debts and pay taxes.

    • “you/us versus 330 million-plus deranged zealots.”

      Always thought the zombie apocalypse would be more about eating brains, and less about starving them of oxygen.

  16. Even Dr. Scott Atlas repeats the ‘500,000 American deaths’ number in a speech made to a Hillsdale College Seminar in Phoenix on Feb 18, 2021. I had hoped he would bring sanity to this situation back when Trump appointed him, but no. It seems to me that most every high official repeats this number as gospel – nobody challenges it. Why is that?

  17. The tough part–even if you can explain it all reasonably and logically–is that the media and academia are on the left. They create “reality” in whatever they want.

    We are past the point of reasoning with the unreasonable. The crazies are completely unreasonable. Like a bear. You can’t talk reasonably with an animal. Anyone that appeases the crazies by wearing the mask is feeding them. Stop fucking feeding them.

  18. I saw this at EPJ, It is Useless to Argue With Those Who Buy Into Propaganda
    “Do you think you are going to reveal the truth and convince those who buy into lefty and government propaganda reported in the mainstream press about COVID-19, nonsense about transgender rights, supposed systemic racism and the need for “equity”?

    Forget about it

    James Lindsay, the most important scholar on Postmodernism and Critical Theory, has found this insightful passage in William Shirer’s book, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany:

    I myself was to experience how easily one is taken in by a lying and censored press and radio in a totalitarian state. Though unlike most Germans I had daily access to foreign newspapers, especially those of London, Paris and Zurich, which arrived the day after publication, and though I listened regularly to the BBC and other foreign broadcasts, my job necessitated the spending of many hours a day in combing the German press, checking the German radio, conferring with Nazi officials and going to party meetings

    It was surprising and sometimes consternating to find that notwithstanding the opportunities I had to learn the facts and despite one’s inherent distrust of what one learned from Nazi sources, a steady diet over the years of falsifications and distortions made a certain impression on one’s mind and often misled it. No one who has not lived for years in a totalitarian land can possibly conceive how difficult it is to escape the dread consequences of a regime’s calculated and incessant propaganda.

    Often in a German home or office or sometimes in a casual conversation with a stranger in a restaurant, a beer hall, a café, I would meet with the most outlandish assertions from seemingly educated and intelligent persons. It was obvious that they were parroting some piece of nonsense they had heard on the radio or read in the newspapers. Sometimes one was tempted to say as much, but on such Occasions one was met with such a stare of incredulity, such a shock of silence, as if one had blasphemed the Almighty, that one realized how useless it was even to try to make contact with a mind which had become warped and for whom the facts of life had become what Hitler and Goebbels, with their cynical disregard for truth, said they were.

    In our current situation, the time is short, freedom lovers have lost much ground. Our only hope is to stop the propagandists themselves and the activist fellow travelers but that is a Herculean task.” -RW

  19. We may literally remain the dark if the leftists have their way.

    Re OF’s allowing the weaponization of hypochondria, my frustrations go beyond what he didn’t do, to include what he did do. For example, signing the EO which is still in effect that establishes a “National Emergency” based on this nonsense, under which governors and other petty tyrants still take cover (and are rewarded financially) for their foul misdeeds. OF also signed an EO allowing him authority to fire/remove career “civil servants”, and when this happened I had hoped it was a signal to the end of Fauci…but Fauci remains, and OF is gone. He didn’t use any of the simple, obvious tools he had to stop this.

    • This is what i don’t get either. Was he president or wasn’t he? He had the power to stop the madness. Trump needed to pull an arnold from kindergarten cop and at the beginning of this bullshit when fraudci and comrade neck scarf were running around like 5yr olds scaring everyone. Trump should have yelled SHUT AAAAAAAAAAAP!!!!!! and put those 2 in their place. Instead he allowed himself to be played by fraudci, neck scarf, the leftist governors, and the media.
      What was he afraid of? That all of them would just say Trump doesn’t care he wants to kill everybody and he’s not following the science. Guess what, they said that anyway! This is the problem with the right in this country. The right is paralized by fear of what will be said about them and what the courts might do. The left doesn’t give a f&ck and if the courts shoot them down they just either ignore it and do it anyway or try again in a few months. Unless the right gets an IDGAF attitude with the media, the courts and the left nothing will change.

      • When he really pissed me off was when he gave the richest people on earth $6.2T and joked about it. Now they’re trying to force people to eat insects. Glad I live on a road where there’s only a few land owners and a huge amount of deer. I love venison and so do the pets.

      • Speaking of which, two can play that game! Are you in NJ? Found a link on the Gourmeltz FB page (I’m not on FB, this is just a public page) that Mac’s Public House in NY (not sure how far it is from you) is also tired of playing with the gub and has decided to open fully! They are facing lots of pressure from the goons, but they tried to take it to court, and since February have been postponed at least twice. So…they tried and now they are going their own way. Liberty lovers, support Mac’s!

        • Thanks for the tip. i’m surprisingly close to staten island especially when i’m in the office. I have family still there…. until the move to TN.

          • I’m so glad every time I hear yankees headed to the southeast. We’ve been run asunder by Ca. yankees in Texas and can’t afford them any longer.

            • They may be ny italians but they hunt more in a year than most do in a decade and they are far far more right wing/libertarian than probaly 90% of Nashville. Its like me when i finally either convince the wife or get fed up and ditch her and head south. I’m not the problem hell my wife isn’t the problem even though she considers herself a democrat. Hwr idea of democrat is more in line with moderate republican now. She even laughs in the face of people who tell her to get the jab. Its those city dwellers who run away for less taxes and more sun who forget to leave their voting habits behind. Those are the dangerous ones

              • I have serious doubts they hunt more than Texans. Hell, 2 months ago I got ready to take a walk with my pittie. I didn’t look down the driveway since it was the middle of the day and it would be rare for deer to be out there at the feeder.

                I jumped up and down to make sure nothing made any noise(I was taught this by a Navy SEAL). I turned to walk down the drive and here’s my pittie running for his life with an insanely mad 300 lb sow right on his ass. She was so close I was scared I might hit CJ instead of her but managed to hit her in the hindquarter, the top of her back. It was enough to turn her and I got a second shot which was a gut shot and a 3rd that was a chest shot with a blood spray I was thankful to see. I turned around and CJ was on the porch with cowshit on his left hind leg. That’s too close and she’d have had me next. That’s the 3rd time a rifle with a handgrip has saved me from charging sows I didn’t see.

                I was buzzing like a bee and blew off the walk, cleaned CJ and went inside where I poured a beer and sat and shook for a while. CJ got close to me and stayed there. That’s some of that “fine” country living.

                • Ok you win. I thought my neighbors were going to crap themselves saturday night when me and my son pulled back from a day at the range with 3 rifle cases, 2 bow bags, 2 handgun cases and 4 ammo boxes. The looks i got were of fear and astonishment. If they saw what was in the cases i’m sure i would have gotten a hut hut hutting sunday night around 4 AM. Its a different world in new jersistan versus Texas.

                  • That’s the shits to have neighbors as dangerous as wild hogs. You certainly need to consider moving out of the “guns are illegal” state. I had a friend who lived in NJ. He was more scared of the cops than the people he was protecting himself from.
                    At least hogs don’t come in bullet-proof trucks with automatic weapons.

                    • I have a friend on the county swat team that would probably not be in a position to stop a red flag confiscation but would be in a position to say hey i know him lets knock on the door and have a conversation.


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