Weaponized Hypochondriac Gets ‘Rona’d!

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Here’s a fun little video of a prank played on a weaponized hypochondriac by a guy who is clearly tired of sickness psychosis. He has his “mask” on – but it’s a funny kind of “mask,” one very upsetting to the weaponized hypochondriac, who eructs in indignation (including via her cell phone, which she uses to film what she perceives to be the affront of a man not “properly” wearing “his” (they always use the possessive) Face Diaper . . . er, “mask.”


Ridicule is the best medicine when dealing with one of these “cases.”


  1. Hey Guys,
    Is it just in my area? -No more receipt-checkers at Walmart. Their disappearance coincides perfectly with the ‘Rona……

    Maybe the flu makes people more honest? 😉

    • After working for a firm who’s main client was Walmart, and getting to meet a lot of the top dogs, I no longer shop at Walmart.

  2. I may have discovered a portion of insight into the mask adamant. Is it possible they are so frantic to “help their fellow man” with masking, and compelling others to mask as well, because they have not one single other damn thing to offer their “fellow man”? So they quickly latched onto masking, which requires almost no effort on their part, while at the same time proclaiming how much they are doing for us “all in this together”.

    • I’m sure mask nazis have many reasons (excuses) for covering their God-given faces and trying to force others to do so. Regardless of their reason, my simple response is the same, “NO.”

    • “because they have not one single other damn thing to offer their “fellow man”?”


      Desperate seekers, lives devoid of purpose or meaning, desperate to seem relevant in any manner.

  3. Remember folks…its not really about the mask…its about the elites end game…getting everyone ‘Rona vaxxed to shorten your life span and fuck up your DNA and your progeny’s DNA for eternity.

  4. I live out in Northern Arizona in an unincorporated area. It is getting better out here. Last week I went into local grocery and for the first time since this false flag started > than 50 percent of the people were diaper less. I haven’t worn one this whole time and have been thrown out of plenty of places. Oh well, I go on about my business and never give that filthy merchant my money again.

    Last week my wife wanted some new farm boots. She wanted to go to big 5. I told her they would demand submission but we went inside anyway. As soon as we stepped inside the checker stoped ringing up the person in line and demanded we obey ‘per local ordinance.’ So being the prepared individual I am I pulled out my money clip showing her about 25 100s and yelled at her ‘Big mistake, big. big mistake.’

    If any one this site knows anything about the Long Beach area I’d appreciate any tips of stores and restaurants in this area who are fighting back. I love to patronize such places. We have to be here for the next few weeks for some family stuff. Two days in and I’m already stir crazy. Anyone who knows places in Cali resisting this tyranny I would love to hear.

    • Social media sites can be a good platform in which to expose businesses that hassle those of us who refuse to wear face diapers.

    • Norman,

      I had to laugh out loud at the “Big Mistake, Big, Big Mistake.” It made me think of Julia Roberts character in Pretty Woman when the snotty boutique wouldn’t help her and she ended up dropping tens of thousands of dollars all along Rodeo Drive and went back inside to the boutique and asked if they worked on commissions. They did and her response was very similar to yours “Big mistake. Huge. Now I must go shopping now.”

      Do you have a Tractor Supply nearby? We have them here in VA and I buy my farm boots from them. They have not given me any problems and I have gone in unmasked a few times. The boots I ordered online since they did not have my size, but they showed up (about three days) and fit perfectly. I also ordered snow boots for the kids and work boots for the hubby. Did not need to return any of them fortunately.

      • Hey Raider Girl,

        The people in line all laughed, I think my wife was a little embarrassed but she did appreciate the pretty women reference.

        We do have a tractor supply and I shop there often. They haven’t said a thing about the face diaper even once. We found a local cowboy boot and hat store nearby and they were more than happy to help her find some boots she liked. I think they are even made in USA, not sure. We had to pay a little more but it was worth supporting a small shop that isn’t virtue signaling mass insanity.

        • That is great news, Norman. Anytime we can help a small American business it is worth paying a bit more, especially if they don’t diaper. 🙂 Glad she was able to find something.

    • Well, that owner would have little need for the local substation then. A little, “none for me? OK, none for you” would seem appropriate.

        • A few years back there were some people who tested that theory. Several transformers were taken out at the same time by large caliber rifles.

          I think it was more than a week before they were replaced and power restored. And that was in good times with plenty of spares. Imagine several thousand knocked out at the same time, might be several months without power, and no modern society will survive that.

          And there are so many that it is impossible to guard them all, all the time.

          When the armed and fucked over finally have had enough, I think this is the way the SHTF.

            • I’m assuming, since there was no warning, that I should “try this at home”? (Hey us Dagos know how to have fun! Ever been to an Eye-talian luau? [2 Wops sitting around a septic tank with long straws] ).

  5. That was humorous, but sad, for several reasons, probably covered by all the other diatribes here. Firstly, the guy not just shining on the Diaper and eloquently telling “Karen” to get bent. Then, she’s so easily fooled, especially after he speaks. Amazingly he can speak with this mouth closed… Are we sure we aren’t being fooled by a clever mask-sales ploy? Lastly, of course, is that this horseshit is still happening.

    I just went shopping. On the way out, I saw there were many people in line, and there was some angry old lady, waxing boisterous about some nonsense. There was cussing, and I heard “I don’t know who he is, but he don’t need to be up in here!”. Not sure if she was referring to me, I bypassed that mess and went out the self-checkout, meeting no friction. I was, the whole time, mentally preparing myself for the confrontation, which luckily never came.

    As so many of you, I’m absolutely sick of it. Still 99% compliance in that store, with me as the sole objector.

    • The old lady has a very sensitive BS detector. She thinks it was staged.

      That said, the best drama is that which reflects real life.

  6. Man Eric I have to get myself one of those ! Yes – the best way to deal with these people is to ridicule them…. I remember on my flight back from Lanzarote in December I had such a situation. A woman on the other side of the aisle kept staring at me. I didnt realise why, initially thought it was because my kids, but they were actually behaving. Then I realised it was because my mask had mysteriously slipped down….. So I sat back and started enjoying. Till she called the attendant, at which point I put it back up. Then when she left I put it back down. So she called the attendant again, when I put it up. The woman I think told the attendant what I was doing. The flight attendant who I felt was annoyed at the Karen, came over had a brief chat, saw me with the mask on, and reminded me to keep it on at all times as thats what our dear leaders have mandated for us…. I said ofccourse – I wouldn’t ever disobey politicians and endanger everyones life I answered cynically…. I then asked the attendant if I can have a drink (at which point I wont have to wear a mask as apparently the virus doesnt mess with you when you do so). She did get me one, which sat on my table as long as it could…. next to my mask. The woman was loosing her shit. Best 3 quid I spent in a long time.

    Eventually the plan failed when one of the kids knocked the glass off the table trying to get something from the seat pocket. After the brief clean up, i realised (as did she) that I would have to wear a mask. but I didnt. slowly she stared for a bit – but this time instead she got her phone out. and proceeded to film. I got a bit annoyed, but realised if I told her to fuck off she would show im not wearing a mask. so I faced the other way so she cudlnt see. now whenever I would look her way id see her start slowly raising her phone and pointing it to me. And id put on the mask…. once she was back at ease – id let it slip down….. she must have been fuming…. as this continued till we landed…

    But now was the real fun part….The crazy woman left much before me, and it took me a bit of time to gather all my stuff. On landing we have bunch of new paperwork to fill out justifying our travel (ofcourse so our dear leaders can keep us safe from the virus, as they have from terrorist in previous decades). I had all my “papers” in order (yes i know its sad) and left the plane with family…. at a newly created checkpoint where they checked these papers, I guess not wanting to mess with a family with kids after a flight they just waved us through. A bit further to the side it seems like Karen had messed up her paperwork, and she was being interviewed by a freshly empowered AGW….she saw me being waved through. And as no AGWs were looking my direction, I took off my mask and walked right past her (with the AGWs back to me while quizzing her)….. I suspect her head exploded shortly after…. Perfect end to an awesome vacation….

    • Nasir,

      LMAO! Thanks, i needed a good diaper story. Had one at the gun store i frequent. Went in one day and everyone was diaperless. I yelled oh thank God, no more diaper in here and the ower said we are tired of it, everyone who is diaperless is medically exempt as far as they are concerned. When i went back a few days later to pick up the new toy i purchased to reward their newfound IDGAF attitude i was the only diaperless customer along with the entire diaperleas staff. I know i had a few stares and i had a big smile the whole time. Got a hearty handahake and smile from the owner and now i have a new project to build in my safe.

      • Every one of us is medically exempt. We are mammals, and we REQUIRE the free flow of air to remain healthy. Period. If we didn’t asthma wouldn’t be a health threat. As COVID wouldn’t be either. So let’s make up our minds Psychopaths In Charge, is restricted breathing a health problem or not?

  7. I’ll add to the chorus: I’m sick and tired of these self-righteous diapered freaks, feeling empowered to get in the face of anyone not in their cult.

    I’m tired of seeing diapered morons alone in their car. I’m tired of seeing diapered freaks outside in parks, on trails, walking their dog, jogging, riding a bike, and pushing a stroller containing a diapered toddler. I’m tired of seeing diapered children. I’m tired of having to drive hours out of my way to shop in diaper-free zones. I’m tired of not being able to get on an airplane or train, because I will not diaper up. I’m tired of not being able to eat out because I will not diaper up. I’m tired of local and state governments that won’t give up this long-discredited mask requirement as a condition of living my life. I’m tired of businesses that continue diaper requirements, even where not “legally” required. I’m tired of seeing Bidet in a diaper. I’m tired of all stock photos now showing people in face diapers. I’m tired of ads showing people in face diapers. I’m tired of TV shows that have made diapers part of the storyline. I’m tired of diapered professional athletes. I’m tired of seeing dirty used face diapers in the gutters. I’m tired of seeing people look like they have a dick in a speedo on their face. I’m tired of people wearing diapers in church. I’m tired of seeing images of people getting a vaccine while wearing a face diaper. I’m tired of diapers being a prerequisite for getting routine medical or dental care, or a haircut.

    I’m tired of people’s attitudes. I’m tired of the sanctimony. I’m tired of people being unfriendly. I’m tired of people being distant. I’m tired of people being fearful. I’m tired of the idea of elbow bumping. I’m tired of neurotic relatives. I’m tired of hearing people brag about getting the jab. I’m tired of hearing about people dying or getting injured from the vaccines. I’m tired of the idea of a vaccine passport.

    I’m just tired of being tired.

    • Hi BAC,
      You summed it up perfectly, can’t add a thing to your list. I’m tired of being tired as well, and I’m angry that these retards are just fine with face diapers and kabuki mandates never ending.

      • I missed some:

        I’m tired of Fauci. I’m tired of Gates. I’m tired of Cuomo, Newsom, Wolf, Whitmer, Lamont, Murphy, and other assorted left wing nutball governors and their executive orders. I’m tired of the CDC. I’m tired of the FDA. I’m tired of emergency use authorizations of untested poisons. I’m tired of covid bailouts. I’m tired of stimulus checks.

        I’m tired of the term jab. I’m tired of the term lockdown. I’m tired of the term mask. I’m tired of the term social distancing.

        Im tired of being reminded to wash my hands. I’m tired of hand sanitizer bottles. I’m tired of store shelves bereft of brand name household cleaners.

        I’m tired of the case count. I’m tired of the ghoulish bullshit Johns Hopkins covid counter. I’m tired of the curve. I’m tired of the idea we can eliminate a respiratory virus.

        I’m tired of covid propaganda. I’m tired of 24/7 babbling talking heads masquerading as facts or news. I’m tired of everyone now being an expert. I’m tired of Big Tech censorship of truth, facts, and counter narratives. I’m tired of the lies.

        • Hi BAC!

          Very much appreciated (and IMO, *healthy*) rant! I’m hoping that a year into the WuFlu “crisis”, that many of the “go along to get along” folks will have similar breaking points and just say “fuck this” to it all.

          I don’t know though…everytime I think maybe a corner has been turned, the government and MSM rev up their fear machines, and the hysteria is back. Time will tell, I guess…I just hope we aren’t at the point of no return! 😖

      • Hey Mike & BAC,

        I’m long tired of being presumed a drug dealer.
        I’m tired of being presumed a terrorist.
        I’m tired of being presumed a pedophile.
        I’m tired of being presumed to have the plague……

    • Hear, hear, BAC! And copy on the face-speedo, haha. Sure Eric would like to add that to his list of diaper pejoratives as well.

    • BAC,

      There are reasons why the straitjacked was invented. There used to be special hospitals for these poor souls, too.

    • Charles no! Get out of my head, Charles! xD

      Seriously though, this bullshit needs to end already, I don’t wanna conform or submit to these pussies anymore, we need to fight back and get shit back to normal, no matter how hard the Pols try and stop us

  8. There are a few dynamics at work but, ultimately, it comes down to money, fiat money. It’s been true for a long time but to me is really obvious after the past year that as long as people accept that the digits created out of thin air have value, the tyranny will deepen and become more in your face. The possession of unlimited money having value equals unlimited power.

    For example, this last stimmie bill (just like the others, but even more nefarious, if that’s possible) put serious money in the hand of states to reward the lockdowners while giving the people some crumbs and postpone the hunger/evictions. I read through a bill just passed in NC to “open the gov’t schools” by 4/1. Supposedly. What it was was a laundry list of cronies to whom part of the approx. $9 BILLION were to be allocated to.

    I now clearly understand why the Repug majority of both houses of the NC state legislature didn’t and won’t fight the Dem govking’s state of emergency or lockdowns (beyond some verbal pot shots to appease the partisan doofuses now suffering from mask related hypoxia), because they want a seat at the table when the loot is divvied up. They don’t need our tax money any more and frankly, to the extent we don’t worship them or their wicked totalitarian ideologies, or wear the holy vestment of obedience, they won’t say it, but they don’t need us alive either.

    • Basically there’s just too much money up for grabs. Every time the Fed creates more of it, it just incites the power brokers to have a free-for-all and take it. If there wasn’t all this money sloshing around, I doubt there’d be much incentive for this ridiculous “war” on the “virus” (i.e., the middle class).

    • Hatteraszek,

      You might be on to something with that money thing.

      If they don’t need our taxes, though…why do we still have to pay them?

      I contend they keep that scheme in place to remind us who’s in charge.

      • What you say has been true for many, many years. After the past year, though, it’s clear something even more nefarious is afoot. Plan and act accordingly.

  9. Thank goodness there aren’t many Karens here where I reside, and people tend to mind their own bidness, ’cause if I had to tolerate such BS I likely would’ve killed someone by now! In the last year, other than being refused service at the eye doctor’s and one bank, and not “being allowed in” the vet’s office where I was I paying customer (WAS!), I’ve had no other incidents.
    But just seeing 99.8% of the populace falling for this BS like the brain-dead fools they are is sickening- as are all the signs and plexiglass barriers, and the disappearance of any local news, ’cause apparently everyomne is now content to read about “516 New Cases Today” or “Fewer Cases Today Than Yesterday” or “Local Man Gives Free Blowjobs To Essential Heroes”, all day, every day.
    I FREAKING HATE WHAT THIS COUNTRY HAS BECOME!!!! Sooner or later someone has got to nuke us off of the face of the earth.

    • haha Nunzio – local man gives free bowjobs to essential heros…. you cant imagine how it is in the UK where they worship the NHS anyways – not sure life you’ve seen he videos of brits stepping out clapping, banging pots and pans etc ever Thursday or something to cheer on the NHS “heros”…

    • “Sooner or later someone has got to nuke us off of the face of the earth.”

      Bender – “Kill all humans”.

      My only regret about being old is that I probably won’t live to see mankind get what it has been deserving for the last 30 years. At the same time, it does look like (sheep)people are going to get exactly what they deserve for 30+ years of voting for their own slavery, ‘for the greater good’.

  10. I have had just about enough of this bullshit. You’d tend to think that after a YEAR of this nonsense there would be enough “normal Americans” out there who would be saying “Alright, enough already” but you’d be WRONG. It’s actually getting WORSE. I have been accosted three times in the past two days by these morons for not wearing a f–ing mask. Just yesterday I got threatened by some little $1-above-minimum-wage-to-be-“manager” bitch in the grocery store who threatened to call the cops and have me ARRESTED next time I came in without a mask.

    This is out of fucking control. I hate this country more every day. I am sickened by how many people not only tolerate this but willfully attack total strangers to enforce conformity as a badge of ideological and moral superiority. “Land of the free,” my ass. Nobody in this country respects any independent thought or independent action. They are all willing to burn heretics.

    I am sickened by the propaganda that we live in the “freest country in the world.” Bullshit. We have troops in combat gear in the streets of Washington — all dutifully wearing masks, outdoors! Anywhere you go at any time you could be accosted by some little shrew haranguing you and threatening your arrest as if she were one of Mao’s Red Guards.

    The last twenty years this country had gone downhill so dramatically I can’t even imagine how I will be able to survive the next twenty years without getting arrested or killed my my own government.

    I want my country back and my FREEDOM back — NOW!

    • TAKE YOUR FREEDOM BACK! (all caps for emphasis). I haven’t worn a face diaper ever since this “scamdemic” panic” started. I walk into every establishment confidently past the mask screener and merely IGNORE THEM. Most of the time, they are “low level employees” who do not relish their jobs as “mask enforcers”. It helps to have a slight scowl on your face, a warning to others to “leave you alone”. I have only been asked to leave two places during this entire scam–O’Reilly Auto parts and Barnes and Noble. I have noticed that every where else, it is customers, not employees, who attempt to tell me to wear a face diaper. I either tell them to mind their own business or, in extreme cases, I tell them to “f#ck off”. It works every time.
      Take your freedom back. Refuse to wear a face diaper.

      • Same here. I have only been refused service or accosted by a manager a handful of times over the past year. Most of my confrontations (and they are still relatively few) have come from customers – self-righteous, whiny, asinine idiots for whom the only thing standing in the way of them acknowledging their utter foolishness is someone like me who holds up a mirror to the idiocy.

        On a positive note, I was the only person in a large theater-type place last fall where “masks were required.” No one said anything to me, except one person in our party who kept asking if I wanted a mask, then switched to, “don’t you wear a mask?” SMH

        I noticed their website now says masks are “encouraged” – and this doesn’t appear to be as a result of a change in the statewide diktat. Perhaps there were others like me at other events in this building- sometimes an individual can make a difference.

        • I guess they are lightening up. I went into a Food Lion a few months back, and within two minutes of entering the store, and announcement comes over the PA system- something to the effect of: “Attention customers, there is a shopper in the store not wearing a face covering”!!!! But I was never hassled, and completed my shopping with comment or incident.

          Last week I went to that same Food Lion, and this time, within several minutes of my entering, an announcement comes over the PA: “Attention customers, the CDC strongly recommends that everyone wear a face covering….….yada yada”.

          But we shouldn’t be surprised, as this seems to be the modus operandi of government-corporate system: Take 95% of our freedom, then give us back 10% and everyone will cheer and believe that they are wonderfully free- forgetting the 95% they’ve lost and looking at the 10% they were given back as some kind of wonderful thing never before experienced! Sheep are so easy to control, without even upsetting them, but rather getting them to thank you.

          • The classic con(fidence) man game. Just like in the beginning of this scam, when all the “experts” said, to the effect, “masks wouldn’t help,””lockdowns don’t make sense,” (who even brought this stuff up in the first place? the “experts”)…then within a short time period, after the sheep had felt secure that the “experts” knew what is best for all of us, they began putting the boot on our necks.

            Con game, that is all.

    • Amen, X –

      I feel exactly the same way. I’ve never worn a Face Diaper and never will, even an absurd one, as in this video. The Freaks must not be enabled, truckled to or allowed to get away with it anymore. Enough!

      • I have been a Mask Dissident since Day One and have caught a fair amount of grief for it. But getting threatened with arrest for grocery shopping is no joke. I gotta EAT. How is this any different (in principle) than the soviet famine of the 1930s? Buck the party line and you STARVE.

        • You might consider wearing a medical or religious exemption card on a lanyard when you enter that grocery store. They’re supposed to provide for medical exemptions. And if they still say “no”, then they should at least allow for the option of curbside pickup. I believe they are required by law to have accommodations for the exempt.

    • X,

      You need to move to the country. Us, out here in the boonies, we wear no masks and nobody cares. Only when you head up to see those “city people” does anyone pitch a boogie woogie.

      I agree with you that this is not a free country, but it seems that some people are loosening up – whether it is from the “vaccine” or people just tired of the BS, who knows, but I will take it.

      I am a little disappointed in my Generation X though. We really aren’t fighters. One would think the generation of latch key kids who raised ourselves would err on the side of too much liberty vs no liberty. Instead we have the commie Generation coming up behind us that has pretty much taken over and appears to be A-Okay with our country becoming a smaller version of China.

        • Me too. Pop.1800 and 1790 of them are wearing masks almost constantly. I rarely see an unmasked driver or walker in our little hamlet. I have to guess they wear them to bed too. Masks are mandated inside retail only.

          The townfolk thought I was odd before. Now they are sure the Devil walks among them because I don’t wear a mask. Good thing I am kind of scary looking and exude ‘fuck you’. A couple of people have started to say something to me, but seem to lose focus when I scowl at them.

          I am a little disappointed. I have been itching to shit kick some mouthy prick.

      • Hi RG,
        I see the US becoming more like the former East Germany; crawling with little snitches eager to call the Stasi on anyone who doesn’t toe the party line. When I was growing up you’d often hear people say “that’s none of your business” or “mind your own business”. Too bad that it’s been flipped 180^ and everyone thinks they can be in your business.

        • I agree, Mike. We are East Germany. I don’t understand the snitching. What does it solve? Four year olds tattle on each other, grown adults discuss (or at least they should).

          Honestly, how pathetic have we become as a society when we threaten to call the police because someone isn’t wearing a mask? Good grief.

          Life would be so much better if we could just get rid of cell phones. That is what causes most of this crap. Everyone has to record everything and then they actually feel the need to post it. Personally, I would love to take a hammer to every damn one of them….the cameras, sometimes the people, but definitely the cameras.

          • I’ll second this, RG –

            I’ve been seriously considering just keeping the damned thing in a desk drawer most of the time and using it only when absolutely necessary (as for work). The land line was fine back in ’95. Life was better then, too!

            • Hi Eric,

              My business still has a land line. It even has an answering machine! My phone stays in the console of the car. Emergency purposes only. People get upset when I text back 18 hours later, but I have no love for the phone and feel no need to keep it with me at all times. I would love to get one of those old plug in the ashtray bag phones. I had one when I started driving a couple decades ago and it worked great.

              • Just get rid of it. 99.99% of the time it’s doing the opposite of keeping you. Folks dealt with emergencies before sail fawns.

                • Yes, but I have little old ladies (grandmas) that I call and who call me, plus my mom, my dad, my sisters, my aunt, etc. We are a very talkative family. My grandmas have no idea how to email. My maternal grandmother still owns a rotary phone, email is out of the question….she doesn’t even know how to turn on a computer and has no desire to learn.

                  • Can Grandma call your landline? How about your family? Must they reach you on a radiation emitting 24-7 spying device that is with you and tracking you (at least when driving in your case) all the time? It’s one thing to call out “those cell phone people” if you don’t have one, but if you do, which, granted, is your choice, it rings kinda hollow. You need to be the change you want to see.

                    • Sometimes, I do contact them from work, but most of the time most of my phone conversations take place in the car because it takes me an hour to get anywhere.

                      I have no issue with a cell phone as a phone. I have an issue with everything else that goes along with it. The camera, the email, the social media apps, etc. If it were just a phone I am fine with that. Hence, why I would love a bagged phone for the car or transistor radios if I could get them to work without a license needed.

                      I can see the point of a cell phone as an emergency device and maybe I have become one of them, but I don’t need to use it to the extent of being with me every moment. I don’t like it as a texting device or to check my emails every few minutes.

                      When my kiddos start driving in the next year or two I will get them a cell phone as well. If they run out of gas, have car trouble, find themselves in a back alley, etc. I do want them to be able to reach me.

                      I don’t believe we have to make a it purely black or white topic. There are some modes of technology that have made our lives easier. I just don’t believe they should be an extension of us.

                    • I think the solution im going to go for eventually is something I heard (i think it was adam curry) say he does on the rogan podcast. Keep the dumbest phone you can find with a data modem and Bluetooth.

                      And keep an iPhone or something (the minimum you can get away with) without a sim in your car or bag.

                      Then only put apps you need on that. Keep it off.

                      If you ever say need a map on the go, or need to check an email or a bank balance, turn the smartphone on, connect it to the modem on the other phone – and do your thing. Once done, turn the smartphone back off and in the glove… I think thats where ill be going….

              • Replying here because the other thread ran out. So your phone isn’t for “emergency purposes only” and you don’t really believe life wouldn’t actually be better if “we could get rid of cell phones.” Thanks for clarifying.

            • Having read this site for almost a decade, it kinda shocks me that you have a cell phone. You need to throw that sail fawn in the woods post haste!

            • Problem with land lines, here anyway, is that they cost more monthly than a cell plan with a ‘free’ phone.

              I am scrapping my cell phone in December when the contract is up. No land line.

              Email only. Few have anything to say I want to hear anyway.

              I also would not be surprised if having a cell phone becomes law soon. That is going to get interesting.

              • It’s more likely they switch face diaper and vaccine compliance to the “voluntary” cell phone model. Hey, it’s just hard and a tiny bit dangerous to live without them. 98% compliance…

              • I constantly negotiate with the internet, phone, and cable companies. It is the internet for the business that is killing me. We don’t have cable or fiber optic so everything is run off 4G for the low affordable price of $400/month for 60GB. Tried to get Comcast to run a line (across the highway) and I was told they would do it for $40K. Back to Plan A. 🙁

          • Hey Raider!

            Copy that on the twonkies. Those things have seized control of everyone’s minds for over a decade now. Everyone endlessly stares at that little fluorescent rectangle like it’s a window to God. People’s interpersonal skills have disintegrated to nothing, and that’s a big part of the issue as well.

            • Hi BaDnOn,

              You mean like going to a concert and every person around you is filming it through their phone and taking selfies? I get so ticked. I just want to listen to the music. Instead the back of our heads are on someone’s cell phone, because they need to take a selfie with the girls to share with everyone on Facebook that they were there. Ugh!

              Interpersonal skills are a big issue. Try having a one on one conversation with anyone under 35….it’s hard. Many that age and younger just do not feel comfortable dealing with people. Fortunately, I talk a lot so awkward silence is usually a rare occurrence. 😉

              • Yes, things like that, RG!

                Why go to the damn concert (not that we have THOSE anymore) if you’re just going to view it though a little screen like you do every other damn thing? Because it’s loud? What’s the point of the experience?
                But alas, maybe it is I who don’t understand the “experience” of being primarily some digital doppelganger, and selling others some BS, rose-colored caricature of my life.

              • Communication skills are a big issue for me Like you said, dealing with under 35 has been tough. They don’t want to talk or meet, and the projects go south a majority of the time because they just want to pick equipment off the internet. It doesn’t work. The internet can’t replicate the matrix of questions required to make a project work. We now won’t do a job unless we can talk or meet prior.
                I’m teaching my young adult kids the same, and it’s working because they are seeing the results.
                Thanks RG.

                • Hi Chris,

                  Hope you are doing well. 🙂

                  I agree with you. The best thing that parents can do for their children is to teach them how to communicate effectively both in the written word and orally. I put my kids in positions to deal with people face to face and over the phone (making their own appointments, ordering their own food/products, how to answer a phone politely, etc.). I know they aren’t comfortable doing it, but I much rather they deal with the awkwardness of such a situation now as teenagers than once they reach adulthood.

                  • HI RG, doing well, hope the same for you. You’re right, they have to step out of their comfort zone. Not many do this anymore. Very sad. But the ones that do stick out a lot.
                    A recent success story is my son wanted to start a race team. Good goal. I made him the manager and to go get sponsors. I will help if needed but your doing all the work. He did his normal send messages crap. No results. I said, how about you try calling them or better yet, go see them. I promise you will get better results cause they will hear your passion and see your vision. 2 weeks later “wholly crap dad, we’re getting 3 great sponsors. It worked, I get it”. Yup.
                    Then he rushes again “dad, please sign the contract now…”
                    Nope, you and I are getting on the phone with the companies mngr(s) to see if there’s anything else. Just talk to people, it goes a long way. We got free shipping (big expense for the stuff). Then later, even better, the Mngrs were so excited about the team he put together that they offered even more assistance. They wanted to be a part of it. Win-Win.

                    • That’s great, Chris. Congrats to your son for a job well done! It is experiences like this where kids learn what works and what doesn’t. He will be light years ahead of someone his own age when it comes to his skill in communicating with others and seeking out job opportunities.

          • Nothing wrong with cell phones. One can use them as a phone and nothing else, which is what I do, plus texting because it’s not time dependent. All other communication methods in the OFF position. It’s the psychosis of the users that’s the problem. I still have no idea why one would choose the smallest screen available to view pictures and videos. And why have all these cell addicts not figured our that they get a much better result if they hold their phone in a landscape position when taking pictures or recording videos?

            • The following may not worry you but be aware that if it’s a smart phone and the battery is in it, nothing is ever off no matter what buttons you toggle. It’s listening, recording, tracking your locations and making all such information available on demand to private and gov’t actors. Plus it’s emitting unhealthy amounts of radiation (take a good look at the user manual and the disclosures in this regard, it might surprise you).

              • Scary thing is, with these damn phones, even if you don’t use one (like me) anyone who does, and who puts your name and contact info in theirs is violating YOUR privacy, because all of the various apps mine such data…so THEY end up with your info, and know who you are associated with; who calls you, etc. They can build a profile of you just as they do for the actual smartphone user.

                • I’m not saying I’m a digital ghost or could never be profiled. I’ve got a computer. I’m in the phone book fer chrissakes. Sorry, though, not having a smartphone is not equivalent to having one. Not even close. For many reasons.

                  This whole thing is one of the toughest nuts to crack even with libertarians. Ron Paul even recommends carrying a smartphone to protect yourself by recording wrongdoers like rampaging AGWs.

                  I lived 32 years without a cell phone. Then 2 with a flip, 4 with a smartphone, then back to cheapie flip for 2 when I first learned of all the dangers and most people said I was crazy, not believing me about all the surveillance and things now taken as a given and even rubbed in our faces (contact tracing, tracking cell location data to determine compliance with lockdowns). Then back to none for the last 6. I literally had to train myself to leave home without it.

                  When I tell people I don’t carry one, I get funny looks. I still get the “you’re crazy.” Or, “I have nothing to hide.” Funny thing is, though, most people are like “I hate this thing but I hafta carry for x,y,z reason, I wish I didn’t.” I tell them you don’t have to but almost no one has ever relinquished theirs upon my exhortation irrespective of how many compelling reasons.

                  As I mentioned in another comment, it is my speculation that diapers and vax will move to the “voluntary” cell phone model. You’ll be allowed to not wear it or get the shot but society will normalize these things to the extent that not having them will be like not having a cell phone these days. With folks offering many of the same stories and rationalizations for going along.

      • RG, heres an interesting one – I live in the relative country (Surrey) which is perhaps the most covid compliant part of the world. Though thankfully people dont bother me too much… which is good.

        That said had a short trip to a part of London over the weekend – spent time in East London, a very brown (mostly Pakistani) part. Compliance with covid rules was as half assed as can be. Most shops no masks – only when we step in would they act like they’re putting masks on, but when they realise we dont care either, they dont bother completing the ritual. One cafe even let commit the sin of sitting in and having ice cream with the kids….

        • Hi Nasir,

          I have noticed that with other cultures. A large part of my clientele is of Asian descent (Japan, Vietnam, Egypt, India, etc.) This whole thing doesn’t seem to phase them. I stopped by one of my older Vietnamese clients home the other day to pick up paperwork and was prepared to either have the meeting outside or to wrap a scarf around my mouth. He greets me at the door, looks at me, and says “Take off your shoes.” We had the meeting indoors, with no masks, and shoeless. 🙂

          Yet I have a handful of Caucasian clients that have not left their home yet (in a year). It is interesting to see how different countries and different cultures are handling this.

        • Nasir, to think, at one time we could hear someone say “I live in Surrey” and think “Lucky bastard!”. Now, the way things are across the pond there, all I can think is “What a damn shame!”. 🙁 How they have ruined some of the nicest places on earth….in my lifetime….

          • Hi Nunzio yeh its true – Surrey is a very nice place with good, easy access to London which is something I need. But I dont get why they are so compliant here. I think theres hope up north in the UK… here however they are just so sheepishly compliant. Theres a cafe, all outdoors in a local open area I go to. They are not required to close. But have done so out of concern for the community…. WTF – it was their opportunity to milk it (as its the only place people can get a coffee and cake away from home). Yet they wasted it ! I guess thats the power of free government money to sit at home….

            BTW have you ever been to the UK?

            • Hi Nasir,
              The wife and I have been to the UK, 1977 I think it was, have some touristy souvenirs celebrating the queen’s 25th anniversary year. Can’t believe she’s still hanging in there. It was basically a one week trip to London with a few side trips. Gotta say Stonehenge was a disappointment, long ride to see some rocks; looks way more impressive on the tv shows about it. English countryside was nice, and lots of great museums in London. Restaurants weren’t so hot back then, after a couple days of local food we were desperately seeking an Italian restaurant 😆. Also went to Paris a few years back, glad to have seen Notre Dame before the fire and the French countryside is also gorgeous.
              Would love to take one more trip before I’m too decrepit to enjoy it – London to Paris on the Chunnel train and then maybe a river cruise somewhere in Europe. Sadly that will probably never happen since the PTB seem adamant about having the “vaccine passport” aka Mark of the Beast to travel anywhere, though maybe I can find a tech savvy kid to make me one.

              • There are PDF files of the CDC “vaccination”records available on the internet.
                Print your own, fill them in yourself. Who is to know?

            • Hey Nasir!
              No, I’ve never personally been to the UK- but I was a big Anglophile when young (We used to get a fair amount of their sit-coms and kid’s educational shows here on “PBS” when I was a kid)- and then in the 90’s, I sold a car to a guy I ended up becoming friends with, who was a Geordie (!!!) who had been living here for about 40 years (I actually introduced him to another neighbor, and they ended up getting married, and moved to Geordieland!).
              That guy made me really want to see northern England- Northumberland and the Lake District and all. I wouldn’t care to set foot in the south of England today!
              I watch a watercolor painter on Youtube who lives in Northumberland…if he’s any indication, sounds like they’re just as compliant up there 🙁 I think any place where they have Western TV is screwed……. Only place ua can get away from it, is where people are far enough away from infrastructure to be withoutr media, and to have to rely on the old ways of doing stuff, personally, to live.

              • Morning, Nunz!

                I regret that I will likely never see Westminster – and other such sites, including Fontevruad Abbey (where Richard II and his wife are buried). But such is the price of declining to play Sickness Kabuki…

                • I abhor TPTB. I really do. I hate that for many of us we will never be able to fly again, see pretty places, and are means of escape/enjoyment are limited. The CEO of Delta Airways was interviewed last night and basically confirmed that the Common Pass/COVID Vaccination will be mandated as a means of international travel.

                  My dreams of visiting the Seychelles, the James Cook Islands, Greece, Switzerland, and Croatia are sayonara.

                  I find some comfort that I was able to travel much of the Caribbean and I am glad I took the kids the last few years so they could experience it as well.

                  What does this do to modern tourism? Yes, some people will get the Vax, but many won’t. How does this affect those countries? They are not going to recoup those losses? What do the unemployment numbers look like? Or the hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops that relied on these additional monies?

                  Will the US require the same for our territories – Guam, the USVI, Puerto Rico? Will we need them to travel domestically as well?

                  • Croatia, RG? That’s one ya usually don’t hear anybody mention!
                    I’ve known this couple for over 40 years who came from there…they’re in the process of moving back. From what I’ve deduced, it seems like kind of a nasty place. (They live in NYC though…so it’d be a huge improvement for them!)

                    Slovenia now…that looks interesting…..

                    • I think Croatia is beautiful. I have wanted to visit it for years. I would like to visit Slovenia, too. Basically, if it has pretty water I am happy to visit.

                  • Do you think the “leadership” of those places will try to dial it back? I doubt it. Just look at places like Detroit, those places have been economically depressed since the 1960’s. They want it like that.

                    The lack of understanding of how even basic economics work is going to take us all down.

                    Even the “inmates” don’t want the jobs now too. Just over the border from me in the south suburbs of Chicago (an area also hit hard by economic depression) it’s playing out like that. A developer has bought a defunct country club next to an interstate.

                    They want to develop a warehouse and light industrial park on the real estate (since running a golf course is no longer viable, too many courses in the area). There is an exit to the interstate almost on the property so about a perfect location as you can get (if you ignore the horrible tax rates and business climate of Illinois). This golf course should have been redeveloped decades ago if anything.

                    So you would think that people would be thrilled about getting about 2,000 new jobs? In an area that needs every job it can get.

                    But no, they don’t want it. They want the “open space” left. Never mind it would be most likely an overgrown abandoned mess because no park district could possibly take on a huge project like it. It’s not even needed.

                    It’s insane NOT to redevelop this property into a industrial and warehouse district. It’s next to an existing interstate!!!

                    But at some point the developer will have to bail and leave it for farmland twenty miles further out in the countryside.

                • Hey Ya Eric!
                  The touristy places never interested me…but the idea of never being to roam narrow lanes in the verdant English countryside, or to see the tiny rural towns that dot Ireland, do the same to me as you mention- and not just because we can’t fly- but because the freaking Western world has become so uniformly tyrannical everywhere, and just so similar everywhere ya go, thanks to worldwide mass media, that even if I could go, I’d only mourn the fact that so many beautiful and unique places, once rich in their own cultures and differences, are now just full of obedient zombies and McDonald’s [or equivalent] everywhere ya go. 🙁
                  And if there’s ONE place I would have especially made it a priority to visit (if not relocate there) it would’ve Australia…but now? Pfffft! The very idea disgusts me as much as the prospect of ever going to NY again!

      • Me, too RG. I am early Gen X. Having much older parents and brothers 10 and 15 years my senior, I am drawn to the old people and the old ways. I like boomer music (much more than the Rolling Stones, btw) much better than the contemporary crap we listened to in our 20s. 50 through 70s music plus a lot of the 90’s were great. Probably because I was getting laid like crazy in the 90s. (sorry, tmi)

        One thing that irks me about Gen X is the apathy. I was heavily involved in getting rid of the 55 mph speed limit. It seemed like my contemporaries could have cared less. It bothered me because I knew how my parents drove and my dad had a pretty negative attitude about it. Mine was 1000 times worse. As I grew older, I started talking about other things and the boomers and my generation blew off my ideas about how the country was building a spy grid and would eventually try and take every freedom we have. Of course, the groups pushing this was the CFR and the Trilateral commission and other dark organizations. I was dismissed as paranoid and nutty.

        I was right and they were wrong. Today, we have the government telling you have to wear a mask and you must stay inside. If they can do that, they can tell you when to take a shit, what you can eat and when they will kill you. It’s coming to that. All because of apathy and an appalling lack of historical reference. This live in the present bullshit is just that. Bullshit

        • Hi swamprat,

          The boomers do have good music. I spent my childhood listening to my Mom’s vinyls from when she was a teenager….The Guess Who, The Grassroots, Three Dog Knight, and the best band ever CCR (Cosmo’s Factory is an awesome album). 🙂

          I agree with you Gen X suffers serious apathy. We are the laid back generation between the stoners and the commies. Our generation really should be stepping in and taking things over by now, but we are being pushed aside and we don’t fight back. Instead we have millennials dictating to us. Why the hell are we letting some 30 year old telling some 50 year old what they can and cannot do? It is BS.

          My fight wasn’t on the speed limit (although that is a good one), 55 mph is much to slow for most highways; I, unsuccessfully, tried going after the VA Board of Education and have them introduce consumer finance education into the high school curriculum. After the Board of Jerks told me that kids already have enough to learn, I then tried the colleges (small local ones) to see if I could teach basic finance. I was shot down once again. Apparently, one’s field of expertise isn’t enough, you must have a Master’s Degree. 🙁

          A grassroots movement is near impossible to get started in this country.

    • Its amazes me how people in other countries are fighting for their freedoms more than Americans. This is not going to end well and the only “peaceful” solution i see is maybe a 3 way split. Conservatives in one area, liberals in another area and those “independents” who seem to change their ideology lile the wind changes direction continuing the status quo in another. Anyrhing else ends in all out war. And don’t expect the same ROE the military had in Afghanistan or Iraq to be given to the American people by its government in this situation.


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