Early Cancel Culture

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When did what is styled “cancel culture” first get traction? It may have been longer ago than most think.

One of its first victims was a once-famous radio personality by the name of Doug Tracht. Anyone who lived in the Washington, D.C. area in the mid-late 1980s knew him by his air name – the Greaseman.

The Grease – as he was also known – was a huge personality who did “bits” or ad lib monologues featuring a retinue of quirky characters he invented, ranging from the Lawman to Johnny Bulky. He took listeners down to West Virginia and South of the Border; relayed tales about eating Tuna Fish and his ex, Estelle (that pig!) on DC-101 FM, then a powerhouse radio station in the capital city. He was locally famous and nationally known.

Not everyone liked his show but hundreds of thousands listened to it every day.

Then one day in early ’86, someone who was listening to his show was hurt by what he said about the then-new federal holiday, Martin Luther King Day. Which had only been a holiday for about three years at the time. “Why don’t we shoot four more and get the whole week off?” he said. He also said, “Come on, now, you know I don’t mean nothin’ ” – a signature line of his –  almost as soon as he’d finished saying it.

It was an outre thing to say, certainly.

But once upon a time, people used to be able to say outre things in America without being . . . cancelled for it. By people who claimed to be “hurt” by what was said but who in fact were just looking for the excuse to cancel the targeted person.

In the case of the Grease, no on one who liked his show was “hurt” by what he said – much less wanted him cancelled for what he said. His fans understood his show and that it was a show.

It was understood his show was not everyone’s cup of tea.

That is why there were other shows, for those who preferred not to listen to his show. You could change the channel, if it wasn’t your cup of tea.

No one had to listen to his show – or support it financially. As opposed to NPR, for instance, which offends millions of people who despise what is said on that show, do not listen to that show but are nonetheless forced – via the taxes they are made to pay – to support it.

Anyhow, the Grease found himself in the crosshairs of early cancel culture because he said something “hurtful” heard by people who didn’t like his show and who listened to it only in order to find something “hurtful” about it.

He hadn’t actually hurt anyone, of course.

Indeed, his show was hugely enjoyed by the people who didn’t change the channel – and supported the show (voluntarily). That ought to have been the end of it.

Unfortunately, for futurity, it was just beginning.

Grease made the mistake of apologizing. Don Imus – a subsequent victim – made the same mistake.

It was a mistake because once you do it never ends. The Grease, like most who have been targeted by cancel culture, made the mistake of thinking the feigned “hurt” was genuine and thought he’d be forgiven, having apologized – and that would be the end of it. No. Not ever. By apologizing, the Grease did the same as cutting himself in an ocean swimming with sharks. The sharks are interested in just one thing once they smell blood in the water.

And so it was with the Grease.

Even though he serially apologized and “donated” (it was more like extortion) a large sum of money to found a scholarship at historically black Howard University, the sharks didn’t swim away.

They never swim away.

Which is why Grease never should have apologized. Not because his comments about Martin Luther King Day weren’t outre but because the “hurt” was feigned.

Was an excuse.

What was really “hurtful” about the Grease was the Grease. He had to go, because he wasn’t on script – i.e., a poltroonish parroter of politically correct orthodoxies. Like NPR – which never has to to worry about being canceled – so long as it can force those who loath it to support it.

It is the same reason why Orange Man is so  . . . hurtful to those who seek to cancel more than just him. It is not what he says, specifically – though that is the superficial objection. It is that he is off script and that encourages those who listen to him to be off-script.

Orthodoxy cannot abide heterodoxy.

By apologizing, the Grease only encouraged his enemies – who are all of our enemies, if you are a friend of heterodoxy rather than someone else’s orthodoxy.

America was once a heterodox country. You might even say a diverse country, in the most meaningful sense. That being the sense that people were free to say what they liked and if other people didn’t like what was said, they were free to express that, too. This back-and-forth of competing speech being the defining essence of free speech – a thing that cancel culture cannot abide because cancel culture seeks acceptable speech only.

Acceptable to be determined by those doing the cancelling. As for example The Science. No matter what The Science says.

Or said.

The Grease has been off the air for decades now and radio the poorer for it. In his place, desperate-to-never-offend infomercial chuckleheads, laugh-tracking chirpily to the accompaniment of vapidly inoffensive strumming guitar background music.

We are the poorer for it.

Like him or hate him, the Grease was different, off-script. From a time when Americans were raised to believe they lived in a country that didn’t just tolerate that but revered it – because being off script is what once defined America.

Before it was canceled.

. . .

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  1. Hi Eric!

    A little late to the party but wow! My little ol’ comment from a couple days inspired your Greaseman rant today!? What an honor! I can now say I have made it! What a great place you have here, I swear, one of these days when I come through, I’m gonna buy you a beer and we’ll listen to my old Greaseman cassettes my brother made when he lived in DC, good times indeed!

  2. Sounds like a funny dude Eric. You’re correct, NEVER apologize to them if they get offended. Tell them to get as offended as they like if you wanna be polite, or to eat shit.

    An internet dude you might like is Sam Hyde. Pulls some good pranks on the shitheads (gave a TED talk making fun of all the other pretentious leftwing TED talks in existence:

    Pranks the media and Congresspeople into saying he was the “Ghost of Kiev” named Samuyil Hyde

    And just won a Youtube celebrity boxing thing (in character as “The Irish Candyman”) and in the victory speech yelled out to Hassan Piker (Young Turks affiliated “socialist” Youtube faggot): Hassan Piker! I’m coming to KILL YOU!!

    Had a show on some TV network, cancelled of course.

    • Hat tip for the top, Michael – I will check Hyde out!

      And yes – never apologize to a Leftist. They don’t want an apology. They want your submission.

    • Man, this Twitter Thread is hilarious. Thanks for sharing.

      People are getting offended too damn easily these days.

      Single women in particular have latched on to the perpetual outrage cult as a substitute for having kids and leading a normal life.

  3. If memory serves, the MLK crack was the second strike. First one was there was some godawful song that was making the rounds sung by a black chick. He played a bit and said “…no wonder they drag them behind pickups”

    He had a struggle session for that one as well.

    • Whether you appreciate the genre or not, Lauryn Hill’s got a lot of talent, notwithstanding she’s a religious nut with her own racial hangups and defective ego. The drag em behind the truck joke though, that missed the mark by a longshot, that’s the kinda joke that comes out as more of a Freudian slip, and makes ya wonder why a writer would ever imagine mob violence as the punchline to what amounts to hearing sounds they didn’t like.. it doesn’t follow, it’s an extreme stretch of the imagination by vehicle of willful ignorance and possibly some hate. Appears he had a thing for Backing the Blue, so it very well may have been just a toxic facet to his personality that was leaking out on air in small doses.

      If he was so put off by rap and hip-hop, it’s interesting he wouldn’t have just changed the channel himself, isn’t that what he claimed to advocate for? Different strokes for different folks and all that? When you don’t ‘get’ the product of someone else’s creativity, how do you jump to the point that you imagine the perceived instigator of bad art being kidnapped and murdered? He’s welcome to his thoughts, but to present that as a joke? It was so off the mark, he had to have expected the backlash he would’ve received. We all know full well what we’re about to do when we hit Send on a half-revised text or comment, in that moment if you’re pulling the trigger on it, you know whether it’s ready for an audience or not, and that if it’s not well crafted then it’s wide open to misinterpretation and confused emotional reactions. Even live on air, the guy was highly intelligent and in great health, he had all the time and brainpower he would’ve required to quickly write something that actually made sense and was funny.

      I don’t know that I would say there’s even a ton to misinterpret on that one though. He would’ve known the boundary he was crossing with other folks, and rather than take half a second to check himself and wonder if maybe he’s got some work to do on himself if these are the types of ideas popping into his weird little head, he just said the shit. And it fell flat. And it offended a lot of vulnerable snowflakes. Somewhere out there there’s probably a way to make that punchline funny, but he failed to take the time and effort to do that, and it backfired on him. Interacting with and entertaining other human beings ain’t always easy.

      The guy did go above and beyond to try to make amends with anyone who he was concerned that he caused hurt to (https://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/WPcap/2000-03/09/041r-030900-idx.html), it sounds like he had a bizarre career overall and stepped in a lot of societal landmines along the way and that it was largely a sign of the times. But he also seemed to have fun slipping in stuff that only a real piece of shit would say, and he had questionable fantasies about going into law enforcement, so for someone who had their own authoritative statist desires, he stepped in all the wasps nests you can expect to step in when ya subtly advocate violence against folks for merely living a different lifestyle. Not saying he deserved to be cancelled, no one should be granted the power to cancel anyone else. But I can see why things shook out the way they did, and apparently he just couldn’t help himself when it came to opportunities to earn lazy cool points with bigots.

    • Some radio guys got fired in Atlanta for playing “Anither One Bites The Dust” during the Atlanta child murders (all black)

  4. I would say cancel culture goes all the way back to ancient Greece (heh) or even further

    With Socrates being condemned to death by a mob voting for it because he made Athens angry. Specifically he made the rich power players in the city angry since most of Athens was slaves and nobodies. So basically nothing has changed in western society.

    Ah, democracy.

  5. Here in the SF Gay Area in the 80’s we had a night time shock jock named Dennis Erectus on 98.5 KOME, “the white spot on the dial, slightly below normal”. He had this great bit where he would talk about Nancy Reagan and use his nuclear powered vibrator on her. It was fuckin’ hilarious!!! Every car had this guy playing on their radio while cruising the El Camino in Santa Clara on Friday and Saturday night. After listening to to the link below (some of his shtick, go to 15:10 and let it play, lol!!!), when you think about how fucked up society is today, that NOBODY back then thought that he was out of line and should be cancelled. He NEVER got cancelled.
    God!!! those were the days, young kids in their Chevy’s and Mopar’s and Ford’s having harmless fun cruising the “El Camino Real” listening to Dennis Erectus. It’s fucking sad that the kids today will never experience that.

    Here’s a sample;

    IMDB page;

  6. Never heard of the guy, but that’s gotta be hands down one of the greatest goon remarks of all time 🤣 A person would have to have no sense of humor at all to not see how it has all the elements of a perfect joke. And because people kept apologizing to the complainers, they have succeeded at sucking what little joy was left outta modern life 😔

  7. Grease was outstanding Eric. I never got to hear him live, but being in the industry I’d hear occasional airchecks and marvel at his story telling ability. For a while I was in rock radio and we had a LOT of fun with bits, theater of the mind stories and events. Used to routinely interview “Little Willy” (during the Clinton administration) who was the “Presidential Chief Staff” who sounded amazingly like Bill Clinton. 🙂 (He always had his “one eye” on my fem morning partner) Lots of fun and great times. Some of the bits we created and did then…”The Bobby Brown Home for Dabused Wimmins” wouldn’t pass muster today. Back then the country was way more open to laughing and having fun and laughing at ourselves. Grease got shut down, but I noticed the BIG crackdown happened after Janet Jackson’s nipple made its debut on national TV. The world improvers lost their collective minds…and then the wars, 9/11, don’t ask questions ‘cuz you’re a terrist if you do. And the beat down goes on…

  8. Hi everyone, anyone here ever heard of a humorist/writer named Joe Bob Briggs? He was syndicated in many newspapers and was known for his wicked sense of humorous satire. My local capital city news rag dropped him when he produced a column mocking the nannyfied org named M.A.D.D. He decided to slap down the butthurt moms by creating his own org, something called D.A.M.M. ie, Drunks
    Against Mad Mothers. Cancellation was brutally swift.

  9. Ah the 80s living on the fringe of the once great DC 101 Everyone had a Pioneer super tuner 3….Those things could pick up DC 101 in and around Edinburg Va, My home town. The Grease was very popular around here in the sticks.Eric you are right again this was the the start of it.Great work as usual!

  10. We had a local shock jock on over the air radio (Rock 103.5 and later Q101) in the Chicago area during that time period too. “Mancow” Matthew Erich Muller, who still sometimes appears in various forms, mostly online now-a-days. He was briefly national, I don’t remember what exactly ended that. Probably when they figured out he wasn’t a pure lefty anymore (he now leans conservative and seems to be moving toward more libertarian). Ironically during the national show, he got fired from the local station, so he was off the air for about six months in Chicago. So he was doing his show from Chicago, but was off the air here. When he was on the air, he was typically in the top five radio shows in the Chicago area then (it actually meant something then too).

    But he had his legions of noisy haters too. I was in college during that time, and I would work summers in the maintenance department. There was a professor who HATED (and often talked about it rather that teaching) his show, so we always had his show on loudly when he was in earshot, ha ha. I think he was part of the “why won’t people listen to” to what most people find boring NPR shows. The ones that end up on NPR because nobody listens.

    I think shock jocks were a response to the huge declines in listeners as local radio was bought by the handful of corporations starting in the late 1970’s. They of course blamed TV, cable, and later the internet for the declines, but it was the boring over programmed radio that drove people away.

    Guys like Howard Stern manage to stay on the air because they don’t go off the left wing reservation. Stern only got censored for saying “bad” words on the air, not for his political views because they aren’t different from the elite. Of course when was the last time you heard about him anymore since he is on pay radio now? He now sits and makes millions doing the same stupid stuff he did back in the 1980’s.

  11. I am PROUD of my preferences when it comes to race, religion, national origin and other beliefs, while unorthodox and unpalatable to many are always based on TRUTH. Not my perception of TRUTH, but the plain unvarnished TRUTH.
    –Blacks–keep them at arms length, if possible, avoid them entirely, recognize their propensity for violence especially when they are in groups. Formulate an “escape plan” in case of trouble. Avoid places such as Chuck E Cheese and other entertainment venues unless they are in an all-white area. Arm yourself and know how to use your means of protection.
    –Jews– As part of the cabal that owns most politicians, media and government (((they))) are untrustworthy. Deal with them at your own risk while being wary of their intentions. Jews are responsible for much of the social unrest presently and throughout the ages. Their capture and control of the financial, entertainment and mass media institutions has done much to poison civil society. As the inventors and promoters of communism to this very day, (((they))) have committed genocide much greater than any other throughout history. Slavery and genocide are still condoned in jewish beliefs, each jewish holiday being a celebration of conquest and genocide.
    A most important point: Jews push “multiculturalism and diversity” for EVERYONE BUT THEMSELVES. (((They))) use this as a weapon against “the rest of us” while reserving cultural and social insularity only for themselves. Witness their “push” for “civil-rights” and “affirmative action” schemes. A good example of this is “jews only” communities such as Kiryas Joel, New York, where civil-rights and fair housing laws are openly flouted. This even extends to their “public schools” which are for “jews only”. That being said, (((they))) have no problem collecting welfare and other public dole benefits above and beyond that of ordinary gentile communities.
    –World Economic Forum–resist, resist, resist. Need I say more? Schwab, Rothschild, names tell it all.
    –COVID fraud, pushing lethal vaxxes for their (WEF) depopulation scheme. Don’t fall for it.
    It is not unethical or wrong to recognize who your real enemies are.
    That being said, I treat ALL people I meet on an individual basis with respect as it is the human thing to do while recognizing that there are those (((groups))) out there who are out to do us harm.

    • Very well said, Anarchyst! These siumple acknowledgements of observable truth were once universally recognized to anyone who had ever had any contact with or been in a position to observe the subjects in question (“Stereotypes” became stereotypes for a reason- because they were so widely observed as to become universally recognized)- but as of the last few decades, personal observation and the passing of information from ones elders has been usurped by the media/government narrative which leads people to reject what they see with their own eyes, and what they’ve been told by their trusted and respected elders, and instead accept whatever propaganda the controllers are pushing to invert the truth.

      People have now been inculcated with this diversity bullshit from youth, and so have become complicit in the destruction of their own people and interests.

      • Idk Nunz, elders are just people too, and too often they fancy themselves their own form of a government. Wasn’t that long ago there were plenty of elders themselves demanding that we sacrifice 15 days for them.. And then continue to sacrifice weeks, months, years, bodily integrity, etc.

        Got no use for a government in any form, anyhow. Personal observation is sufficient. Stuff’s either true or it isn’t, most of us are born with the capacity to look around and discern for ourselves, barring manipulation from others seeking authority. All some authority or another’s gonna do is tell us whatever they need us to hear in order for them to retain their power. Sorta like parents. But ya know what I like, I like books, books are full of ideas and don’t threaten to punish ya for not taking their word as gospel. Oh except for the bible I suppose.

        What we got is a bunch of tiny tyrants and a bunch of huge tyrants and a bunch of superstitious freaks pushing everyone around and convincing them that they can take pride in voting to force their will on the other side, or pay talking heads millions to brainwash listeners and viewers with their perspective. Seems like it’s all the listening and obedience-as-a-virtue that’s gotten humanity into so much trouble.

        • Absolutely, Mosse!

          What I meant though, was more along the lines of when your parents and grandparents [etc] teach you good values and pass-on actual wisdom and experience they’ve learned from life…and then the government school fills your head with garbage which makes you reject that sound wisdom and look upon your elders as ‘ignorant’ and ‘uneducated’.

          That is one of the objectives of modern educationindoctrination; They change the terms associated with a given subject; the way it is taught, so that when you [just for one small example] when you ask mommy or daddy for help with a math problem, they look at yer book and don’t have a clue as to what’s being said even though they may know perfectly well how to do the actual math.

          Doesn’t take much of that to convince junior that mom and dad are ‘ignorant’, and if they are ‘ignorant’ on about such things, they are likely ignorant about all of the social issues and faux-science which the ‘enlightened’ teacher is so generously cluing you in on. 🙂

          Case in point:
          Where I grew up on Long Island in the70’s, most of my neighbors were refugees from Brooklyn and The Bronx who had been driven out of their lower working class neighborhoods in those locales when the government built housing projects and started offering HUD Section 8 rent subsidies and flooding those neighborhoods with ‘minorities’ [mainly just one minority] who quickjly turned those places into dangerous crime-ridden slums, forcing these poor working class whites- many whom were now retired and just living on Soc. Sec. to have to abandon their very modest homes.

          So these people escaped to Long Island- and naturally, seeing as what transpired in their former locales, any time they’d see a jig in their new locale they’d get the heebie-jeebies, fearing that the same thing would again happen there, as had happened in da Bronx.

          Of course, these people who were victims, and dispossessed, and who often had lost a lot if not everything, were portrayed as ‘terrible racists’ to their kids and grandkids. “Mommy and grandpa hate negroes because their skin is black” ((In reality, they hated negroes because they observed a whole mass of them invade their once-safe environs and live like wild animals, and used violence on young and old to take what they wanted*)

          *=The story of my childhood downstairs neighbor’s brother made a huge impact on me when I was a kid: Poor old geezer, had nothing, didn’t drive- was unable to escape the Bushwick section of Brooklyn- was one of the few whites left there- Poor old man, just wanted to live out his life in his little apartment. The place had become so bad that it was unsafe to go out in broad daylight…but of course, ya have to go out sometime- even if just to the corner deli or toi get the mail. Well the poor guy went out, and within feet of his own porch he got mugged- they knocked him down and broke his hip. He never recovered and was dead within 2 months. Growing up in [at the time] all-white safe Long Island, this was the first incident of actual crime that personally affected someone I knew- as opposed to just stuff ya’d hear about on the Tee-Vee news- and at the time, when crime wasn’t as ubiquitous as it has since become.

          So you can bet, my downstairs neighbor…and the couple who owned the little luncheonette in front and the barber across the street all took keen interest when they saw the rare spectacle of a ‘nigger’ walking down their street. “Ain’t goona let THAT happen again, here!”. “But they’re prejudiced because of the color of their skin”-LOL.

  12. I remember the Greaseman well. I had just moved to the DC suburbs in the early 90’s from the sticks. Stern wasn’t my cup o’tea. But Greaseman told these stories in character and made up other character voices for random inserts into his conversation. I had a 45 minute commute in the mornin. I’d listen a couple times a week at least rather than running the tape deck. I remember laughing hysterically at some of the stuff he said. He made the start of my day. He was one of a kind.

  13. Silence is violence! Words are violence! Or so our mad enemies on the looney Left say.

    Once they were for free speech. Now that they’ve completed their infiltration of the media, Hollywood, the academy and now corporate leadership, that’s not useful to their purposes.

    There’s a guy named the Zman who showed the REAL political divide in this country between partisans (the Left) and the objectivists (the Right).

    One way to describe the great divide within mainstream politics is that one side is the partisans and the other side objectivists. The partisans are focused on their objectives and what they think is good for their side. They just want to win and don’t worry too much about how they win. The objectivists are focused on facts and think that truth will prevail eventually. The partisans are what we call the Left and the objectivists are what we call the Right in America.

    The partisans are an ends justifies the means mode of thought. They are unconstrained by rules or convention. In fact, they are not limited by what they said last week, as last week was a different time with different goals. In a world where winning is the only thing that matters, everything else bends to serve that end. If being seen as on the science is useful in the moment, they love science. If treating science like magic is useful next week, then next week they will mock science.

    This is why you can’t win an argument with one of these loons. Hypocrisy is meaningless to them. Just look at the media’s attempt to hang the vaccine side effects SOLELY on Orange Man. They and all of their fellow travelers on Left told us to mask up, social distance and take the jab because it’ll keep you well and is perfectly safe. No different than what the the Orange Buffoon did. Yet he’s going to take the blame for this?

  14. Reminds me of the Smothers Brothers show back in the 60’s, they were doing fine until they started criticizing LBJ and the Vietnam war. As I remember they had some great satirical sketches and a few anti war singers (Pete Seger was one) and then they were cancelled. Can’t be singing “this land is your land, this land is my land” when it’s owned by govco.

  15. It appears that the right to free speech has lost its primary purpose. To protect speech you hate most of all. Easy to “protect” approved speech. In Eric’s example, the speaker does not necessarily agree with what he says, but possibly says it in hope of getting people to think. And possibly reflect on WHY Martin Luther King should be celebrated. Which we all know has been totally discredited by the Snowflake SJW Wokesters. How dare he suggest that a person NOT be judged by the color of their skin!! I forget who I should attribute the idea to, but to paraphrase, “The solution to bad speech is more speech, not less”.

  16. Watch this video of a Trader Joe’s market manager threatening to cancel a customer for having pleasant conversations regarding how nice not having to wear masks anymore and Sunday sermons with the checkout clerks:


    Call Trader Joes and let them know you want to see a copy of their policy of what customers are allowed to say or can’t say to their employees and consequences if they do: (626) 599-3700

    • Hi Hans,

      Thanks for posting this. It shows – we can hear – the sickening, condescending-lecturing tone of the Leftist Freak manager. He “asks” and wants to have a “conversation.” No, he wants to tell – and is itching to enforce. The sooner we figure out a way to divorce ourselves from these people, the better.

      • As I recall Eric, I think it was Howard Stern who made that joke when he came in to replace Nino, talk to the judge.

        He was fired soon after that, I remember where I was in Crystal City

        • Hi Mark,

          Stern got fired after ordering a plane ticket from DC National to the 14th Street Bridge… just after the Air Florida crash. I was living in DC – was in high school at the time. I remember it like it happened yesterday.

          I have come to really dislike Stern – a rabid Diaperer and “vaxxer.” But the smart bastard never apologized for anything he did – and it’s why he’s still on the air and Grease isn’t.

  17. 20 million households can’t pay their electricity bill on time.

    The United States has 600,000 shelter challenged people that need help for multiple reasons, the problem is addressed, talked about, then ignored.

    50 billion to fund Ukraine to be frittered out the windows there blown out by Russian tanks. Getty images has a plethora of photos from Ukraine. Nothing to see there.

    The constant wars are designed to impoverish people in the western world. About the stupidest shit you can think of, they’re doing it. It’s always something. Nothing up my sleeve says Bullwinkle. Time for something entirely different.

    “Get it in your head,” yelled Gerald Celente just yesterday.

    First they came for the Canucks, but I wasn’t born there, not a Canuck, don’t have to speak up. Trudeau knows who they are.

    Then they came for the Americans, but I wasn’t an ignorant American, so I didn’t speak up. Nancy and Joe are ignorant Americans, apprehend them immediately.

    Then they came for those goofy Europeans, but I am not a Europeon, so I refused to speak up.

    Then they, it’s always they, came for the Russians, but I am not a crazy Russian, to speak up isn’t in the cards, they’re on their own.

    The Chinks are after the Taiwanese right now. The Nips might intervene there. Have something to say about that.

    Now they’re going after an organic farmer in Pennsylvania.

    Might be time to speak up. Definitely time to drink.

    Trump was right about one thing for sure: They’re not coming for me, they’re coming for you.

    Drinking my Americano.

    • drumphish,
      “Definitely time to drink.”
      It must be time to drink. My liquor consumption has doubled over the last two years, and by all accounts, this is well on the short side of the national trend. The first year of the plandemic, liquor sales went up 500%. Some of that could have been the result of hoarding, but certainly not most of it. It’s called self medication. And works just as well as the medication “approved” by the Medical industrial Complex, with known side effects.

      • The 500 percent increase was due to Nancy’s 10,000 percent increase and Hillary’s 20,000 percent increase, Bill never stops drinking. The rest of the nation had an increase of 200 percent.

        During the sixteen hundreds, a children’s hospital in Britain served two gallons of beer each week to all of the children in the hospital for one reason or another. Good practice of medicine.

        The website that had the info is gone, had many other historical anecdotes.

        Tobacco kills 480,000 Americans each year, so an increase in tobacco use will cause more lung cancer cases. Tobacco is grown anyhow, the most addictive substance known to man maintains the lead. Chain smoking is a form of grief, psychologists deduce all kinds of psychic conditions from behaviors.

        Drink beer, if it is for the children, then it’s not all bad.

        • Beer and other alcoholic drinks were commonly used because many water supplies were tainted. Back then, most people were unaware of the dangers of drinking water “downstream” from those who were using the same water supply to get rid of human and animal waste. It was much safer to drink beer, wine and other distilled spirits.

    • Just recently some brave police hero shut down a terrorist operation posing as a little girl, selling lemonade. Apparently the push back was so severe, the police reversed city “policy” and decided to let her practice her god given right to free enterprise. Just goes to show how standing up to the bullies with badges, when done en masse can have an impact. They are few, we are legion.

  18. 1) some jackass on the air makes a tasteless joke
    2) “Community leaders” who represent the target of the joke fakes outrage
    3) The Very Big Company issues apology and
    4) Donates a token sum to the Community Leaders, who, because they’re unable to comprehend how money works, consider the shakedown a success.
    5) Ad Sales department has a new talking point.
    6) More listeners tune in or
    6A) Management gets a chance to change with the format and hire someone at 30% of the cost.

    Repeat until someone invents the iPod and smartphone and your business becomes irrelevant.

    Meanwhile the Community Leaders want podcasting to go away because there’s not enough concentration of money to make shake downs profitable.

  19. Here in Az we have what is probably the last of the non-homogenized radio shows, Holmberg’s Morning Sickness on KUPD. Nothing is sacred, and not a glimpse of PC’ness to be found. Well worth checking out when you need a laugh.

  20. ‘the Grease only encouraged his enemies – who are all of our enemies’ — eric

    Now the battle with these monstrous mutants has become elemental: ours is oil civilization; theirs is grid civilization.

    Fire — our primordial possession since the dawn of man — is distributed energy, whether it’s internal combustion, a gas stove, a wood-burning fireplace, or the bright red glow of a cigarette in the dark (as Ayn Rand enthused).

    Now our enemies forbid us from using fire. In their grid civilization, all warmth, locomotion and information comes from a central source, through a metered wire that they control.

    Ultimately this pits interior North America (including ag lands, very much an oil civilization) against the unhinged enslavers of the fever coasts.

    Firelessness is slavery. Fight the grid. Burn, baby, burn.

  21. “Sticks and stones can break my bones,
    but words can never hurt me”

    Is that even still taught to children anymore?
    Is it considered hate speech nowadays?
    Seems lotsa ‘adults’ could be well served to consider the meaning & the slippery slope attached to it. Idk.

    • At one time that was the case helot. Unfortuantely junk science (funded by you-know-who) has shown that our brains will simulate the experience of others by watching their experience. And because words are a low resolution copy of an experience our brains can reconstruct the scene, often in a far more vivid way than our eyes. Of course we all know this is the case, but because someone got shoved into the tube of an FMRI machine while watching torture pr0n (all for science!), that makes it a sin to make anyone experience anything that might cause empathy or bad feels.

      “When we witness what happens to others, we don’t just activate the visual cortex like we thought some decades ago,” said Christian Keysers of the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience in Amsterdam. “We also activate our own actions as if we’d be acting in similar ways. We activate our own emotions and sensations as if we felt the same.”


      I’m not against the research (as long as I don’t have to pay for it), but the results lead to knee jerk reactions like constantly checking your speech and infantilization of adults. And when it becomes institutionalized that makes us all infants.

  22. Cancel culture isn’t anything new.

    Back when Huntsville, Alabama was occupied by the federal army (it still is, btw) any condemnation of stikin’ linkin’ was met with physical retribution. And then JWB did the world a favor (shoulda happened 4 years earlier). The federal invaders forced citizens to wear black, and feign the mourning of stinkin’ linkin’s death. Again, anyone who dared celebrate the death of the despot was arrested, tortured, and/or disappeared.

    • Indeed Mike, what exactly were they “reconstructing”? Yankeeism in the South? A tough job, since it never existed in the first place.


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