Latest Radio: Bryan Hyde Show 8/11/20

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Here’s the audio of this weeks chat with Bryan Hyde, fellow Wrongthinker and Diaper Dissenter! Among other things, we talked about the criminality of the corporate media, which continues to purvey fear – without context – in what by now ought to be an obvious effort to obscure the truth about the WufFlu – but that would cause people to question the need for Diapering… and we (well, they) can’t have that.

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  1. The Orange man’s initial instinct on issues usually seems to be correct (e.g. calling the middle east wars a disaster and downplaying corona back in March), but he always seems to later equivocate. His later actions tend to be the exact opposite of what his initial position was (e.g hiring the war monger John Bolton and later donning a mask). I’m just not sure whether he’s being disingenuous at first or he’s just trying to be politically expedient, which may be a product of him overthinking the issue or perhaps listening to deep-state staffers betraying him. I think it’s likely the latter. After all, he is a politician (although one of a slightly different stripe) and also a megalomaniac who wants to win at any cost, which includes being unprincipled if necessary. Perhaps if he wins in November, because he can no longer seek another term, he’ll stick to his guns. That would be nice, but I won’t hold my breath. Having any faith in any politician is a fool’s game.

    I’ve often wondered why the Dallas moment hasn’t come. A few possible answers come to mind: (a) the deep state thought the Russia-gate coup attempt would be the Dallas moment, (b) when push came to shove, the deep state got what it wanted from him (e.g. continuing all the wars, turning sour on Russia, tariff wars with China, attempted coup in Venezuela, etc.) and/or (c) technology, hacking and social media are such they they just could not get away with taking him out like they could in 1963.

    Regarding going home, I often feel the same way. However, I remind myself that the tyranny we live under is not at all new. This shit has been going on for centuries (although really accelerating over the past 110 years or so). It’s just that folks like you, me and a relative few others are much more attuned to it (watching the propaganda-filled television is almost impossible to me now). I had a red pill moment about 15 years ago. Before that I lived in a bubble of ignorance. Thus, my memories before that seem blissfully free of tyranny. That was not the case though. There was a military industrial complex that forced the cold war down our throats as inescapable (which is being re-stoked); there was a war on drugs (now in retreat?), there was a draconian national speed limit (now gone); there was a draft to kill the yellow men and be killed (now gone); there was the JFK assassination; there was Nixon’s decoupling of gold from the dollar; there was a Supreme Court that killed the constitution (most profoundly during FDR’s reign), etc.

    My point is not to say that life has always sucked. Rather, we shouldn’t romanticize the past so much that we get ourselves into a deep depression over the current manifestation of tyranny, because it can ebb and flow. When the red pill moment came, I deluded myself into thinking that if I could spread the truth to enough people we could end the tyranny once and for all and live in a sort of freedom utopia thereafter. This, of course, is a fantasy. The fact is we’ll always be faced with dealing with and pushing back tyranny. It’s painful to endure it (and very painful to watch the sheeple willingly and ignorantly permit it), but smart folks like us will be able to navigate our way through it and help push it back some.

    • Hi Mister,

      I suspect we’ll be presented with similar situations here, soon – with all the awfulness that will bring. If we do nothing, we will be next. If we do something, our lives change forever. We cannot go home again. It is a horrible thing. All of it so gratuitous and so sad on account of that.

      My biggest beef with Orange Man is that he has not even tried to calm the hysteria about WuFlu by simply presenting the facts about its threat to the 99.5 percent of the population who won’t die from it. No bombast. Just hard data about who gets sick, who gets symptoms, who recovers and who may die.

      The single thread I still cling to is that he hasn’t donned the Diaper except that once and that tells me he knows the score and may be fighting this in the only way he can fight it – without experiencing a Dallas Moment.

      This is not to say I revere the Orange Man. It is to say I see him as the only thing standing between us and Diapers that never come off.


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