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It is wise to put aside some cash for just-in-case.

Well, it was.

When the economy was stable; when tens of millions of Americans weren’t sick in the head – and out on the streets (Diapers on their faces, protecting them from the “virus” in the manner of a vial of Gypsy Tears worn around the neck warding off witches). When you could be reasonably confident that the cash you put aside would still buy things when just-in-case arrives.

But what if it doesn’t?

Which it might not next week or next month. There is a very real possibility of hyperinflation on the one hand – caused by the private banking cartel that controls the supply of money doubling or tripling or quintupling the supply of it. Which concomitantly reduces the buying power of the money you put aside for just-in-case. Possibly to next-to-nothing.

This has happened before, many times – and it could just as easily happen here, too.

The other thing that could happen is confiscation. Electronic confiscation. Cash could be outlawed – they will likely style it “retired” – and the populace given a set period during which they will be allowed to exchange their cash for electronic credit. At a reduced exchange rate, of course. And with full taxes applied to the cash that you cannot prove you haven’t already paid your “fair share” of taxes on.

And even if not.

We have long lived in a kleptocracy – they can take whatever they like, whenever they like and without any limit to their taking – but it has been tempered by tradition, in the manner of allowing people to “own” a home provided they continue paying the government endless but generally manageable rent for the privilege.

But as the water in the bowl swirls faster, the former traditions and restraints fall away. This, too, has happened before – and here. About 90 years ago, when the federal government simply decreed that all Americans must turn in any gold they possessed  – to be exchanged for pieces of paper.

Most people do not remember because it is not taught – in the manner of so many other inconvenient truths. But the point remains that such a  . . . novel thing could happen again,  this time with the paper. Perhaps sooner than you think – and without any time to prepare.

Which is why it might be sound policy to reconsider the balance between saving cash for just-in-case and spending that cash, also for just-in-case.

On things you may badly need when cash doesn’t buy anything – and when you prefer that the government not know what you are buying.

Over the weekend, I bought a new pistol for this reason. I can’t really afford it right now. But then, I can’t really afford not to, either. I exchanged some pieces of paper for the pistol, which I now possess and the value of which will not be zero a week or a month from now.

I won’t exchange it for a “credit,” either.  But I may well be able to exchange it for something of much greater value – such as food – when that becomes unavailable or only available to the Diapered or the Needled, neither of which I ever plan to be.

It may also be useful in other ways – such as to acquire food. Not from theft – I leave that to the government – but by harvesting it from nature. I can “shop” in the Woods without a Diaper and without Needling.

I have also used some of my just-in-case funds for other useful things the value of which cannot be diminished by the stroke of a “federal” banking cartel’s keyboard or via edict of Uncle. Extra parts for my vehicles, for instance. Tools I may very badly need in the near future. A full tank of propane now – so that it will be available later.  A load of firewood – which I used to cut and split myself but a damaged shoulder has made that untenable for the present – to back up the propane when it gets cold and it’s important to stay warm.

And to be able to cook and to warm water – even if the lights go out.

I also have been buying bags of feed for my four-pawed friends. This may become very hard to get in the not-too-distant future and unlike us, animals may require very specific food. It’s not a bad idea to have six months of that in stock, too.

We all have different needs, so I won’t go on about mine; it’s the general point that bears making. We all live in a musical chairs world now, with the music controlled by people over whom we have no control. Who may and probably will turn off the music – without notice, at any moment.

After which, we’ll all want a chair – which will longer be there.

Better to sit down now. Before the music stops.

. . .

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  1. In 2008/2009 I got serious about protecting my shit from the damn Kleptoparasites in the halls of power. Be that in DC , locals, or in the executive offices of multinationals. I converted my IRAs into physical gold (at $890/oz thank you very much), silver, and a stack of C-Notes in the safe. Of course nothing happened under Obummer that crashed the ship of state- much to my surprise. When Trump got himself elected I watched my metal just sitting there going down in value and the DOW going up 100% from where I went Galt. I came to some well considered conclusions:
    1) Gold is king but silver spends much easier. Pre 1965 US coinage is both legal to hold under confiscation rules (as it’s US issue) , it’s recognizable and therefore considered trustworthy (as opposed to Buffalo Rounds or ingots) .
    2) Gold should be held in 1/10th oz US coinage unless it’s being used for portable wealth- then it’s best to hold 1oz US Liberty coins- again legal US tender.
    3) Hundred Dollar bills – hold 100 of them- not too many as that paper will ultimately reach intrinsic value.
    4) Buy land in the country with a water source. City dwellers get screwed over first.
    5) Long rifles are better for self defense than hand guns. You can pick off the enemy from a distance before they get close enough for a hand gun fight.
    6) Whisky and cigarettes are currency everywhere. Stock up and don’t raid your supply.
    7) Be debt free. No mortgage! It’s harder for the State to control a debt free individual.
    8) Mechanical injection diesels can run without electronics or a battery. A Cummins common rail 6 in a 4WD long bed is a great work horse and bug out vehicle. Two 55g drums of off road diesel in the bed plus your truck’s 45g tank gives you a mobile cross country supply of fuel.
    9) Own a water tight john boat that doesn’t leak. Lakes and coastal marshes are teeming with free food that swims.

    My conclusion on this “money printing”: The US monetary system is a Ponzi scheme. The one thing we know about Ponzi schemes is that they work well until there is no more dupes (read: producers AKA tax slaves) As long as there are more producers being added to the pool of targets this scam can go on for a very long time. (IMO this is a prime goal of mass immigration- more tax payers to “share” with). I have long suspected that the central bankers liked Trump for the win (although personally hate him just as they hated that mongrel before him) because he would substantially increase the number of producers with his 1980s passion for individual wealth creation. The ones stealing our wealth by diluting the currency and taxing the hell out of us aren’t too worried about the serfs getting wealthier because they can so easily grab our wealth.
    MATH: Our economy produced $21.428 trillion in 2019. (GDP per To date the stimulus printing has been 2.3 T. That’s just over 10% of GDP taking the national debt to 23.5T. Therefore the current national debt is roughly equal to the national GDP. Put in personal terms if your house mortgage was equal to your annual income would you be in financial trouble? Would that be sustainable?

    CONCLUSION: We have a long way to go before this whole thing implodes. So- work, save, invest, live and enjoy. You have it better than anywhere else in the world- for now, and for quite a while.

    • “4) Buy land in the country with a water source. City dwellers get screwed over first.”

      This is my current project. Currently leaning towards Craig County (Virginia).

      • CJM, I concur about the land…but I’d avoid the blue states…especially VA. which is turning blue with a vengeance! Blue staes may actually see a short-term increase in land prices, as people abandoning the big cities move to places that will feel like “home”- but in the near long-term, the freer, more remote places (which conveniently are still cheap) will likely become the new hot-spots as people seek refuge from the blue states as they start to mirror the very things that the fleeing hoards sought to escape in the previous locales- and because the original residents of those states will seek refuge from the increasing hoards of blue invaders and the resultant rising taxes and restrictions, etc.

        Just a thought….

        • Nunzio, I appreciate the input. I was leaning towards Craig County because of its ruggedness, low population (3rd least populated county in Virginia iirc), and proximity to my current home in Roanoke. But I can see the wisdom in having an additional state jurisdiction option. I’ll have to include the bordering West Virginia counties in my search. West Virginia is not as red as Wyoming, but proximity is one of my criteria. Thanks for the suggestion!

          • Hi cjm,

            I’ve been a resident of Floyd for almost 20 years. It’s much the same – but much has changed, too. The infiltration of the Diapered being one thing. The county government is largely under their control; the local paper – the Floyd Press – is as bad as CNN. Local Corona Karens and Kevins have been squealing complaints to the government about the presence of the Undiapered at Smith’s store and the local Dollar General, both of which had Undiapered people behind the counter until just about two weeks ago.

            I love it here, even so. And yet, the smarter side of my head says flee… while I still can.

            But I’ll stay, because I’m dumb – and too damned old and tired to start over.

            Holler at me anytime; my address is public and I’m not hard to find…

            • I sent my contact info a little while back. it may have been filtered or otherwise sent to junk. I just re-sent. Look for the subject “Fwd: CJM contact info”

              I’ll be doing trivia at the local pizza joint tonight if you’re around.

            • Oh, and I’m not planning on starting over. I was thinking of getting a second property which can be used for a fallback position just in case. I live in Roanoke City. If I were even in Roanoke County I might be more comfortable. If I were in Floyd, I wouldn’t be as concerned as I am right now.

          • Right on, CJM! Proximity is an issue. If the property is all wooded, it can pretty much just sit there- but even then, it pays to keep an eye on it, to make sure no one’s using it for dumping or a marry-ju-wanna farm, etc. But if it’s got pasture/hayfields, being close-by is more important so you can at least keep it bush-hogged. ‘Course, you can often find a local who would be happy to hay it in exchange for the hay…..but ya’d still want to keep an eye on it.

            When I first moved here, since I didn’t have any equipment, I used to let a neighbor hay about 19 acres. He was happy to do it, as he needed the hay…but he made my place his lowest priority, and would wait too long to cut it, so weeds were starting to proliferate (and even brush!)- I warned him that he’d have to do a better job or I wasn’t going to let him hay it anymore, but to no avail- so I just started bush-hogging it, and got it back into good shape. The old proverb- if you want anything done right, you have to do it yourself.

            My sister had 2.5 acres a mile from me, which she sold to someone 1000 miles away on a land contract- The buyer paid me $75 a pop to bush-hog it while she was paying it off.

            I know if it were me, I’d want something in a stone’s throw- but of course, if you’re in Row-an-oak….that’s not an option.

    • I concur, Auric.

      I was thinking the same thing about cigarettes and booze! There’s NEVER a time when they are not in demand- Heck, you can go to the worst burnt-out slums of Detroit, where there is no supermarket or medical office…but there’s ALWAYS places to buy cigs and booze and party supplies!

      How long do cigarettes keep? (I don’t have to worry about digging into the stash, as I no longer even smoke occasionally, as cigs these days aren’t what they used to be- and I’d likely stash Marlboros, and I don’t like filtered cigarettes- and I am repulsed by alcohol…so the whiskey’d be plenty safe!)

      One would just have to be careful with whom one trades…as the potential for robbery/casing for future robbery if your stash became known, would be high). “I just have a few packs…may get more next week”.

      Metals are unbeatable for long-term wealth preservation…if ya have enough wealth to worry about that….but I think metals will be hard to spend in the real world when resources become scarce (as they surely will) and as such, we will likely see at least short-term devaluation of metals when TSHTF- as small holders seek to liquidate for essentials.

      What you’re effectively saying is that diversification is key when facing the uncertainties before us…and I certainly agree.

      • Nunzio,

        I was watching an episode of Sailing Project Atticus where Jordan and Desiree were trading with some locals. They had some rum, which they traded for some fresh, locally sourced lobster and fish. Someone in the comments, evidently an experienced cruiser, said that they ALWAYS kept a stash of rum, coloring books, and crayons on board, so they could trade with locals for food wherever they were…

          • The cruisers recommended coloring books and crayons for the foreigner’s KIDS. The adult will want the rum and/or fuel, while wanting the coloring books and crayons for their children. Coloring books and crayons aren’t often available on Caribbean or tropical islands…

            • MM,

              Well there’s a bidness opportunity if I ever go to the Caribbean- I’ll draw custom coloring books! Picture Thomas The Tank Engine done up as a Rastafarian! “Dissa train no stoppa de Bobby-lon, mon!” 😀

  2. Having once read a collection of responses to interviewers regarding the Wiemar catastrophe, one thing leapt off the pages. It did not happen gradually. One week things were not so good, and the next week everything went to hell.

  3. No problemo Eric. The Dems are on the march. MMT,,, Magic Money Tree is here!

    With Congress set to debate a second round of checks in the coming days, some Democrats have called for a more generous payment than the $1,200 sent to every taxpayer earlier this summer. Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey, for example, called on Monday for a flat payment of $2,000 per month for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic and the months afterwards, retroactive to March.

    • Wow, guess I’ll continue missing out on all that loot, not being a “taxpayer”. I always thought the goal of the Democrat/Communist Party was to turn the U.S. into a reborn version of the old Soviet Union. It appears though that Zimbabwe is their goal, at least in terms of economics.

      • Hey Jason,

        Oh, don’t worry, we’ll get that Soviet-style poverty soon enough thanks to hyper-inflation caused by the printing of all that funny-money. Prices are already skyrocketing, and the more they print, the more they’ll skyrocket.

        As usual, the responsible people who save and who live without debt are punished, while the irresponsible are rewarded.

        • Yeah, Nunz, I know the name of that tune all too well. It’s likely going to happen no matter which blowhard wins in November but I think it’ll be faster under the outright Communists that run the Democrat party.

          I have some real coins from saving pocket change when silver coin was still in circulation but you can’t eat those. If things get bad enough it’ll come down to seeds and bullets – and living in a rural area away from the hordes of ravaging urbanites that will come streaming out of the cities after the collapse. “Interesting” times.

        • Morning, Nunz –

          It goes against every instinct I have but I am considering seriously using most of my rainy day funds to buy necessary things right now. While I can still buy them.

          The die, I think, has been cast. Even if the Diapering and Needling wane/go away, the financial damage is probably now irreversible.

          I strongly suspect we are in for Hard Times that may last a decade or longer.

          • Actually, there’s a case to be made for converting cash into assets. When the 2008 thing hit, my primary concern was hyperinflation (as opposed to today where forced shutdowns and needles are also concerns). I picked up a book called “The Hyperinflation Survival Guide: Strategies for American Businesses.” A lot of it is applicable to individuals.

            Here are a few bullets from the summary of the financial management chapter:

            * Make absolutely certain your managers understand the time value of money.
            * Never allow your cash to remain idle.
            * Be prepared to convert dollars into a stable foreign currency

            A couple more from the chapter on manufacturing decisions:

            * Anticipate that your purchasing department will assume a more dominant role in the long-run survival of your firm.
            * Change inventory policies if necessary to permit the accumulation of large inventories during times of hyperinflation.

            It’s been a while since I read this book. It’s probably due for a re-read.

          • Hey Jason & Eric!

            Yep- the damage has been done, and will continue to be done. No nation/empire has ever survived the massive devaluation it’s currency. For all intents and purposes, it appears that “they” have thrown in the towel on America- some perhaps through ignorance, some because that is what has been decreed by the Globalists who run this world- and as illustrated recently, it really doesn’t matter which puppets are on the stage, as OM who was our hope for at least postponing this, has in-fact been complicit in starting it.

            Assets that we can actually use, and which will be of value to others (and thus be fare for trading or selling in the future, and which will appreciate in real value) are the way to go- but for bigger ones, like land, pre-emissions/electronics tractors etc. timing is key- as prices have inflated already, and at this point it’s a gamble as to whether there will be a deflationary period [at some point there HAS to be] or if now is still a golden opportunity.

            In this world of debt, cash will likely remain king until the very end…it’s just a question as to how much value it will lose in the meantime, and whether it will recover some value when the real hard times finally hit [It likely will- as it did during the Great Depression. A friend’s late grandmother was able to pick-up some prime real-estate for literally ten cents on the dollar after the crash of ’29. But things eventually recovered that time…this time, they won’t!].

            Way I see it, at this time, having some cash [and not in a bank!] AND some useful commodities is about all we can do to weather the storm.

            Always keep some cash…’cause when you need something, it will speak- especially when the majority who are dependent upon credit and freebies can no longer get those things.

            Heck, I almost scored a great deal on a pre-emissions, pre-electronics pre-turbo John Deere tractor a few weeks ago, because I had cash and the other interested party had to apply for a loan….but timing issues botched the deal…and it was gone. [Lesson learned: Gotta be quick!]- That tractor would have been useful to me…and would have appreciated in value quickly.

  4. “Better to sit down now. Before the music stops.” Well put!

    I’ve always been something of a “prepper” (was a Boy Scout, grew up in earthquake country, etc), but the 2008 debacle took me to a new level. Too many stories for a quick blog comment, but I will say that city/suburb folks should consider adding a rocket stove to their gear. If the propane runs out, you can cook with just a handful of twigs. You could build an open fire and cook over that, and in the colder months that might be preferred, but having the option to cook with the twigs that fall from the tree in the yard is pretty nice. It’s practically an infinite supply of fuel, even if you entire neighborhood is doing the same thing.

    For the curious, this is the one I picked up:

    I’m not sure they make it anymore, I got mine about 10 years ago. You just want to look for insulated walls and try to avoid moving parts.

    • Such stoves are still available, notably from zzstove dot com. I used one extensively in my backpacking days and found it to be great. No need to carry a fuel bottle…just gather twigs and leaves, which of course were abundant in the forest. In rainy weather, it was easy to get the stove started using a small fire starter tab.

      • Hi Mike,

        I am ashamed to admit I didn’t know about this stove – and I am both an Eagle Scout and an avid backpacker. I plan to check it out and add one to my kit (I have a Primus and another very cool little rig that burns almost any liquid fuel).

        PS: Did you find anything out about the ’68 Beetle?

        • Hi Eric. I’ve decided not to pursue the VW idea, mainly due to timing. The situation in this country is awful and will be getting much worse, so I decided to devote my cash to further preparations: food, ammunition, supplies, and bartering items. I appreciate your tracking down the information and regret not being in a position to make use of it right now. A hobby car is a luxury I just can’t afford when survival might be hanging in the balance in a few months.

          • Hey Mike,

            A VW (old) Bug sounds like a good “prep item” to me! Assuming you will need transportation- a car like that will be still be going when most others are long-abandoned and dead!

            I’m still disappointed about the one I missed out on for circa $3K! Those things will be literally better than gold when TSHTF!

            • Hi Nunz. I hear ya, and I did consider that end of things. On balance, I think that if it really hits the fan I’ll be better off holding down the homestead in conjunction with the neighbors I’ve been networking with. It pisses me off that the government has put the country in such a position…and not because of incompetence but through deliberate actions to produce the results we are seeing.

          • Morning, Mike –

            I’m reluctantly of the same mind. That Maverick I found pulls at me… but then I think about the firewood/ammo/food, etc. that might be vitally important to have come just a couple of months from now.

            It sucks.

            It’s evil.

            I try not to succumb to anger – but it is very difficult because all of what is going on is so unnecessary – and so contrived. It could be relieved, even now, by OM holding a nationally broadcast message explaining the facts about this “crisis” – and ordering the gesundheitsfuhrers to stand down. No more mandatory restriction on the general populace of any kind whatsoever. Businesses free to open fully; people free to not Face Diaper everywhere.

            Instead, the bullshit train roars on down the tracks… with us tied to the rails.

            • Eric, as much as I wish that was possible, at this point the War Lords at the state and city level would simply refuse. Then what? With the corporate mass media on their side, and most of the courts, his hands are pretty much tied. Thats not even counting all of the undermining and slow walking of “The Resistance” spread through out the system. Its likely to take all of his political capital, and the support of his faction of Oligarchs to even get re elected.

              Thats IF they can keep the Progs from “voting” every grave yard in the country, and endless bus loads of illegals (not to mention their cheat by mail system).

              The best we can hope for at this point, is to finish our preparations and attempt to come out of this with our skin intact.

              • Hi BJ,

                I try to keep the cynic in me at bay. I think to myself: People – enough of them – will soon have had enough and there will be pushback. I see evidence of this, here and there – including (in my area) a sudden cropping up of Orange Man signs as well as conversations I’ve had with people over Diapering – including some of the Diapered.

                That said, getting prepared isn’t a bad idea and it’s advice I both give and take.

              • BJ, even if he does win, this is the guy who has already stated that he will use the military to “distribute” the vaccine; and who has said “Just take the guns….” etc. Where is the difference? Same thing…just different words.

                And regardless of who wins…..the election is going to be the catalyst for chaos and Martial Law.

                We had better get all of our ducks in a row before November……

                • Nunzio, you are making it REALLY difficult for me not to tease you about the End of Days… ^^
                  I was listening to Trump when he said that about the military. The context was they have the organization to be able to roll out a massive program across the country. Just as the national guard is being used to supply and protect the major food banks. Trump is overly fond of the Enforcer class. Thats just part of who he is. Its also obvious that he is the face of one of the Oligarch factions. Other wise he wouldn’t still be in power.

                  But no matter who “wins” the election, things are going to get UGLY. They have seriously damaged (if not broken) the economy. They have put tens of millions of people out of work. Those people no longer have health care for themselves and their families. Nor a means to keep a roof over their heads, and put food on their families (thank you Bush the Lessor)

                  Thats not even counting the nut case Progs and their mad schemes for their New Normal and the insane Green New Deal.

                  Couple that with the mad plan to force vaccines on people who see it as the Mark of the Beast, and who are heavily armed, and what could go wrong?… (Double Face Palm)

                  • BJ, we’re saying the same thing here (You and I).

                    There are plenty of nuts in this country who somehow think that our enemy [the government] is their savior- and the actors who woo the conservatives gladly play into that narrative.

                    Tease all you want- but here we are: A worldwide deception which is being used to implement world governance, and which will exclude all of us who refuse to accept their mark of ownership from all commerce- just as the Good Book said would indeed be the case- and of course, Trump is just as much a facilitator of that as any other pol- which is what I have been saying endlessly.

                    Hey, here’s one you can have fun with too: That it was also foretold that the armies of all nations would be assembled around the Mid-East….

                    Haha, yeah….that’ll never happen now, will it? 😮

  5. “As the water in the bowl swirls faster, the former traditions and restraints fall away.” — EP

    Ain’t it da troof! The authorities’ rising desperation is signaled by the Federal Reserve resorting to martingale betting as they day-trade the economy — that is, ostentatiously doubling down after each worsening multi-trillion-dollar loss.

    In the 2001 recession, the Fed cut its policy rate to one percent and held it there until 2004, setting off a monster housing bubble whose scars still remain.

    In the 2008 recession, zero percent free money wasn’t enough. So the Fed applied its new QE (Quantitative Easing) defibrillator paddles to the economy’s fluttering heart, again and again. But the rosy-faced glow of strong economic growth never returned.

    Now, in the trashed 2020 pandemic economy, the Fed has tripled down by openly, illegally buying corporate bonds, junk bonds, and even exchange-traded funds. Anything goes as white-knuckled official panic sets in. They’ll mortgage the Capitol and the Washington Monument if need be. (Wake me up when they put some turnkey nukes on sale.)

    What economists called the Great Moderation — steadily falling inflation — has reached its end. With prices verging on deflation, the authorities are sh*t-scared. Coupled with high unemployment and skyrocketing urban crime, social unrest is front and center on their COG (Continuity of Government) radar.

    But far from calming a dangerous situation, the Federal Reserve’s reckless martingale betting is radically destabilizing the system. In a shortage-wracked economy jacked on a monetary heroin-crack speedball, nobody knows the correct price of anything. Witness used car prices shooting up 11% from last year, for instance. RVs and mountain bikes too.

    An economy with non-market prices, or administered prices, is also known as a command economy. That’s music to the ears of those who treasure their ill-gotten authoritahhhhh … and who don’t mind risking systemic implosion to hang on their hut-hut-hutting privileges.

  6. It’s impossible to know what may be the best investments, or media of exchange, especially during the first six months.

    Dave Hodges has a mantra describing things that very probably will be needed. “Food, water, medicines, gold, guns and bullets.”

    He actually starts his list with “God.” And in certain circumstances, silver my serve you better than gold.

  7. Another thing to think about doing is establishing a network with neighbors, close friends and family if and when the economy goes into the toilet. Barter and trading services could become essential later on and knowing what these people can produce and do will be important. Also be sure to stock up on pet food for your dogs and cats as well.

    • Hi Allen,

      Hat tip especially regarding cat/dog food. I will add to the article – as I have already been adding up my supply of food for my four-legged friends.

      • Eric, VERY wise words. Fiat currency is based on the Full Faith and Credit of the US Government… In other words, on the whims of a massive gang of thieves and murderers. Wise people will have exchanged that for a stock pile of things that will retain their value. Not to mention some gold and silver. Which have been real money for more than 5000 years. As things continue to side side ways, we are all going to need as much luck and as big a stock pile as we can get our hands on. By the way, here is another video you may find of interest. It ties the pieces together, You can also find it on Bitchute if our Google Over Lords nuke it. The title is The New World Order is Already Launched

        • Thanks, BJ!

          I still think there is a chance this can be arrested and perhaps beaten back. Ideally, via some kind of peaceful separation. The Diapered Socialists can have half the country; the rest of us the other half. We’d be agreeable. The problem is, they wouldn’t be.

          • No, they would not. After all, one of their most cherished characters gained his position by denying that right to self determination, which is a basic fundamental to any and all societies based on any degree of democracy. For the sake of collecting taxes on them, he commanded the utter destruction of the Confederacy, and all the wealth and well being of its citizens. For the first time in western military history engaging in war against non-combatants.

          • Trouble is, Eric, we are not the other half. We are just the few “loose nuts” who don’t count, caught between the two sides which are both authoritarian and collectivist. Both sides are against sanity, liberty, sound economics….and us (Because we stand for all of those things). The vast majority of Americans- nay, residents of the Western world, identify with one of those sides, as they have been emotionally and religiously conditioned to do so for generations).

            What we are seeing now is the result of things that have been working upon society for 100+ years, and as such, it can not be fixed, because the current world has been built upon those very things.

            • Nunzio, you keep thinking in terms of numbers. Thats playing the enemies game, by their rules. In any war of attrition we lose. So why continue to think in those terms? Also, the globalists aren’t the only faction in this shadow play. Certainly the Oligarchs rule the world. But they are rather far from being unified. Not to mention that any plan of battle doesn’t survive contact with the enemy. This campaign has been going for centuries. If they lacked effective opposition, they would have won long ago.

              With the rise of nationalism, their gains are in danger. So much so, that they have been willing to up end the game board, and destroy much of the worlds economy. Does that strike you as the actions of people who are winning? Or the desperate actions of people, who can see their efforts over generations starting to slip away?

              • Bj, the destruction of the world’s economy has been PLANNED for over a century. It is the wet dream of the globalists, necessary to implement global governance.

                The oligarchs are not who you think they are- THEY even serve the globalists. It may be against “their own interests” ultimately, but not really, as they largely exist only because they are willing to play the parts handed to them, and from whence most of their fortunes have come…and which can be taken away if they didn’t play.

                Will they win? They have won!

                You just watch: The US will eventually break up (Do we not see the seeds of this being sown now?) and after the global crash, “the people” will desire a “benevolent” dictator to resuce them.

                That’s the plan, and the globalists will eat the oligarchs who helped them get there.

                THAT, my friend, has long been the plan (Crashing the world economy, destroying the superpowers, and erecting global government- and the UN and it’s predecessor the League Of Nations was established for that very purpose). I’ve been studying this stuff since the 1980’s, and have seen too much to even begin to convey the specifics. It is also what is foretold in the Bible.

                I doubted some of this stuff myself, initially- as it seemed to unintuitive, and too brazen to ever be implemented in an even half-sane world…but of course, the world has since gone full-tilt crazy….and the very things that seemed unimaginable, are being performed right before our very eyes.

                It’s far too late to save the world, this country, or the clueless…it’s time to find a place to ride it out in the wilderness.

                Don’t be like the Germans- “It can’t happen here”. It IS happening…… 🙁

                And if you want to get a peek behind the curtain; a glimpse that leads to who the real rulers of the world are, and who is pulling the strings on all of this, just look to who controls the media.

                • Nunzio, I’m aware that you believe that some supra human entity is involved in this. But I’ve seen precious little evidence of that.

                  What I see is a group of very evil humans, who have been at this for centuries. But they aren’t the only ones playing the long game, and using infiltration and all of the rest to advance their own agendas. As far as I’m concerned, the Oligarchs (major) are the top(most of the majors never come to public attention).. The globalists are simply tools. As are the Progs and their insane ideology. What we are seeing is the result of the clashing agendas of the factions involved in this shadow play. Most of them really do not care how many millions (or billions) die in the pursuit of their mad dreams. It is after all, for The Cause. But since this is an open forum, lets move on to other topics.

                  • Nay, nay, BJ!

                    I don’t think that this is God’s plan- it was merely (“merely”?!) foretold, by He Who knows what those very evil humans would do.

                    Watch, my friend -it is happening before our very eyes. (Well, this is sorta on-topic, as the diapering and all is a part of the plan of those evil humans. Damn humans!)

  8. Interesting that they’re calling Trump a dictator and a horrible man, this week because he rolled out executive orders restoring the federal unemployment benefit. Dictator because he “bypassed” the Congress and horrible man because it was “only” $400/week instead of the $600 from before, even though just about everyone thought that $600 was too much.

    Meanwhile they’re plowing crops under because they have no buyers. They have no buyers because the wholesale food distribution system is set up for two parallel streams. One for restaurants and one for retail grocery. The two aren’t compatible because of the highly centralized Soviet of Agriculture. They dictate how products are packaged for retail and wholesale. Because there are significant differences, mostly in labeling, it isn’t possible for factories set up for restaurant production to easily shift to grocery. Grocery store refrigeration is designed for small packages and display. Restaurant is designed for large spaces and maximizing it.

    6 months from now we’re all going to be fighting over the last can of corn.

    • We pale face? ^^ At this point, things aren’t quite that bleak, but they could become that, if certain parties are not successful in undermining The Plan that is in motion. The World Economic Forum and its fellow travelers aren’t the only faction engaged in this shadow play. Prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.

    • If $600 is less than (most) ppl made at their jobs, then that’s not enough. Why not give everyone the same amount they made at their jobs? They can ‘print’ unlimited free money, so why not give it to the people instead of the perps? I know what you’ll all say… “inflation”. So we all have to be poor/bankrupt to prevent “inflation”? How is “inflation” caused by people getting the same money they’ve already been getting at their jobs? Meanwhile the feds print free trillions for themselves. And meanwhile all our basic expenses (utilities, insurance, food) go up and up, for no reason, just because those companies are GREEDY and unregulated — that’s what really causes inflation. I say, give us people some of that free money, spread it around!

      Also, side note, there isn’t really ANY money problems whatsoever. The “national debt” is mostly just a number that we owe ourselves. Yet everyone thinks the money system is so influential and that nothing can be done about it, like it has a life of it’s own. It’s just a game people, there are NO money problems whatsoever, it’s all just a monopoly game. The only problems we have are govt tyrants that could directly cause real issues like food shortages etc.

      • Kraze, prices don’t keep going up and up because “corporations are greedy” (They are in busy-ness to make a profit, but thanks to what competition still exists; the scale of economy, and people’s ability to afford stuff, we actually get some amazing values for the money we spend)

        The prices keep going up and up because of inflation- i.e. the devaluing of currency by printing more and more out of thin air. All the freebies increase demand by enabling more people to be able to afford more, and by reducing the numbers of those willing to work, thus reducing productivity and increasing the cost of labor.

        No country or empire has ever survived the wholesale devaluing of it’s currency. Money is a store of labor and wealth. When money comes at no cost, out of thin air, it is no longer a valid store of wealth nor a motivator of labor.

        The free money will necessitate wage and price controls…and thus full-blown socialism and governmental control. We already have most of the trappings of socialism….and handing out of government money and resultant dependence of everyone on it, and the wage and price controls, and labor shortage, are pretty much the last step to total control/socialism…with no opposition from Trump, but rather it’s furtherment.

        This will also lead to shortages of commodities, and likely rationing. Think of Soviet Russia. We are there!

        • Nunzio, keep in mind the difference between inflation and price inflation. They are as different as base money and broad money are. We are VERY fortunate that broad hasn’t been following base. Or we’d be in MUCH more trouble than we are.

        • I’ll agree with clarification — the people getting freebies are the govt leeches LOL, the people still gotta work for a living. So taxes and bad economic laws cause inflation.

          • Hi Harry,

            Taxes – i.e., legal theft by government – can also be seen as deflationary in that they reduce purchasing power and serve as an incentive to not produce. Would you walk down the street to a store to buy something if you knew a thug lay in wait to relieve you of what her styled a “fair share” of the contents of your wallet?

            Government also steals via inflation. It leaches the value of the money you have by just making more of it. It – the government and its special friends reaping the full value of the newly made money before its presence causes the value of your money to dip.

      • Hi Krazy,

        My understanding of the “deal” is that it was $600 in addition to the normal unemployment check, so as much as $1,000 per week. $4k a month; almost $50k per year. That is good money – a great deal more money than most people earn by working. Certainly, it is more than one generally earns working, say, as a barista at Starbucks. So why work as a barista at Starbucks?

        It’s obviously meant to habituate people to not working. If that weren’t the case, the “relief” would have been approximately the same sum as the people earned and probably less – as in, enough to get by. But no more. So as to encourage people to get back to work.

        • Exactly Eric. It was done with malice aforethought for various reasons. One, to buy votes (both sides). Second to test the waters for a future UBI. Thus making way for a cashless society, and making the vast majority even more dependent on the government. Couple that with the various War Lords at the state and city level, channeling their inner tyrants (and largely getting away with it), and things are going to get rather “interesting” over the next three to six months. The wise will use that time to finish their preparations and get ready for doing what becomes necessary.


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