Reader Question: Hospitals Not Corona’d?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

TJ writes: I trust your ear tag, not a face mask, is keeping you from spreading the most hyped, nothing burger virus – of all time. I think the veil or blinders of all but complete brain dead people are slowly starting to lift, as the livelihood of the average Joe is finally being massively affected. Here is a letter to your governor, outlining as much, specifically the VA health care industry.

My reply: One of the weird things about this “crisis” is that the more obvious it become to anyone not addled by Sickness Psychosis that there isn’t a “crisis” – at least, not a health crisis – the more one sees Sickness Theater. Mask wearing is on the rise, even as the body count falls. There is no rational explanation for this.

Thus, I don’t expect facts as conveyed in the letter to have much effect. People – not all, but about half the population – have been so marinated in Fear that their brains no longer work. They feel. And they feel very afraid.

Just as desired by those who benefit from terrorizing the population.

Here’s an interesting thought experiment: Substitute “terrorism” for “Corona virus” in every recent eructation from the media/government/corporate nexus.

Sound familiar?

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