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Something interesting happened about a week ago.

While I don’t “Tweet” – per se – I do copy and past links to the articles; I do the same on ZuckerBook. Until about a week ago, when I posted links, both would show the URL and the picture that accompanied the article on the site. The “Tweet” would lead to an immediate increase in site traffic because – I assume – it was “Tweeted” (doesn’t the insipid infantilism grate?) to many people who then clicked and had a read.

On Zuckerbook, my “post” – also just copied-and-pasted links – would immediately display the link and the lead image. My “posts” were also displayed in the order published.

All of a sudden – in both cases – the copied and pasted links no longer automatically transpose the original image that accompanied the article and they seem to just vanish once I “Tweet” or “post” them.

With regard to the “Tweets,” the previously immediate surge in traffic on EPautos is way down. With regard to the “posts” on Zuckerbook, I can’t even find them anymore – and assume the people previously seeing them can’t either.

It is very interesting that this happened on both platform at the same time in the same way. It is almost certainly another coordinated attempt to marginalize what these Digital Oligarchs style “non-authoritative voices.” That is to say, voices other than the sheep bleats they approve of.

The good news is tens of thousands of people already know about EPautos and will come regardless of vanished “Tweets” and marginalized “posts” on Zuckerbook. The bad news is that it makes it just a bit harder to reach new people – presumably the reason for the “shadow banning,” as it is styled.

Thus, EPautos and other “non-authoritative voices” increasingly rely on word-of-mouth recommends as well as mutual promotion by like-minded sites. Like Lew Rockwell’s site, for instance.

The really good news, though, is what all this shadow banning and de-monetizing (which doesn’t much affect reader-supported sites such as this one) implies about the state of things.

Which is that they are in mortal terror of the power of our ideas.

They are pants-pissing terrified that people – potentially a critical mass – are still receptive to facts, still persuadable by reason. And that they are losing control of the – as it is styled – narrative.

Corona Fever, for example, is noticeably waning as all the injunctions of the past several months about the desperate importance of “social distancing” (i.e., regard every other human being as a diseased pariah; accept being forbidden to gather together not just for human interaction but to protest inhuman action) and Fear Masking to “stop the spread” have become palpably absurd to more and more people in the wake of mass not-distancing by mask-wearing rioters.

They are losing control of people’s minds – and they know it. Which is why they will do anything to prevent said loss.

Their new tool, apparently, is not to simply delete the account of the “non-authoritative voice” – which is pathetically obvious suppression of views and facts that make them unhappy – but rather to divert/hide the victim’s views and facts. You can still “Tweet” and “post” – but the “Tweets” and “posts” go nowhere, are seen by almost no one. The victim -it is hoped – will assume all’s the same and continue to think he’s reaching people when all he’s really doing is finger-banging a disconnected keyboard.

This is “shadow banning.”

But unless they unplug sites that people already know about – and will visit regardless of “Tweets” and “posts” on the Authoritative social media platforms – the Authoritative social media platforms aren’t going to stifle opposition to their vile control-freak agenda.

The truth is like water; it finds its own level and is damned hard to damn up forever. Leaks have already become rivulets, becoming streams and soon, mighty torrents.

There is a saying in German- der tag kommt.

It means much more than merely the day is coming. It means that we will be revenged.

And they know it.

Here in Coonman Country, people behind the counter are refusing to Fear Mask – despite the Coonman’s order. And lots of people coming through the doors are not heeding the suggestion (and social pressure) to Fear Mask.

It is coming unglued. And they’re not going to be able to stop it.

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. . .

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  1. It’s Idiocracy…What do you think happens when you give women the vote? Never allow women and children (I repeat myself) to vote. They always vote to steal from others…It’s their very nature.

    Most Tech companies are started by nerdy infantiles so it only makes sense. They easily give up control to their Mockingbird CIA masters. Wouldn’t you if they threatened you with guns-n-jails?

    “Do what we say and we will make you all rich. If you refuse we will bury your friends and family alive in a cage”

    Your choice.

  2. Yeah – really frosts me how the lame “distancing” measures are STILL being pushed – when that has obviously blown up in the face of “protests”. It’s bad enough MLB won’t even get out and play – but they have to forward the “concern” over a freaking 2nd wave!

  3. An article in American Intelligence Media, below you will find an excerpt gleaned from the Jan. 2, 2020 issue.
    We are witnessing the attempted weaponizing of electronic/social media today:
    The Pilgrim Society’s Empire Press Union created MI5, MI6 and GC&CS, now GCHQ in 1909
    All the leading British and American newspapers were weaponized in 1909 by the British Government-led Pilgrims Society: Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Times, Daily Mirror, Daily Express, Sunday Times, Observer, Financial Times, Washington Post, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, etc.
    As radio and television emerged in the 1920s, the list of Pilgrim-weaponized intelligence propaganda media expanded to BBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CBC, CNN, CNBC, Comcast and now FOX
    The C.I.A., FBI, NSA and State Department are the step-children under Pilgrims Society (British) control today.

    • If sticks swung & stones thrown are “weaponized” by swinger-throwers, but words can never hurt me, mustn’t seeming correlated harms be self-inflicted?

      Else otherwise them words is magic. Do you believe in magic? Does the magic wo/man have the magic hands holding pens & tapping keys? ♪♫♪

      Somebody here wrote “big chill.” Some overwrought existential angst that flick, but not a bad story, & a great soundtrack.

      It’s the wires – strings – that matter. Not the words. & that the instruments, each & every un-identical one, are pre-strung & tuned.

  4. Neither a Sukerburger nor a Twittering dolt be. These are the tools of the Marxist elites used to propagandize the brain-dead and control thoughts and beliefs. Like the government, they are not your friends. If you are not careful, your opinion will be handed to you without your slightest awareness that you are no longer a free thinker. If you desire to remain a non-robotic thinker, a person with his or her own thoughts, a critical thinker or someone who questions everything, you must avoid all main street social media, TV, TV and other media ads, and all dogmas designed to push you in one direction or another.

    Your future is grim because megalomaniacs like Bill Gates want to infuse you with chemicals, drugs and chips all designed to either murder you, make you a slave to HIS state or control your very existence in ways you have never imagined. Unless we resist now, and that does not include senseless riots (which only cause the government to give even more power to the police state) , your life as you have known it will cease to exist.

    • All you have to do is learn to pronounce the names of two French doctors, Guillain and Barre, correctly so your doctor will understand you when you mention that you had Guillain-Barre Syndrome, and there will be no more mention of vaccines. Giving someone who has had Guillain-Barre Syndrome a vaccine is a quick way to lose one’s license to practice medicine. It is even more effective if you can discuss the syndrome intelligently, should you receive pushback.

  5. Most American adults are psychological children. It’s by design. Public school and television/Hollywood made them that way deliberately. It is just easier to own children. The Chinese refer to Americans as “Feeble-minded Children”. They are not wrong.

    • While that has elements of truth, thats also like the Pot calling the Kettle black… 🙂 The Chinese have come a very long way, from their time as the “Sick man of Asia”. But they still labor under one of the most brutal, Totalitarian governments in the world.

    • Hi Yolanda,

      I agree. In the olden days, people would talk of a child attaining the age of reason – i.e., having developed the ability to think, specifically, to apply abstract concepts and principles to particular things. This generally occurred in the early teen years. Once the cognitive faculty was developed, the young person could assimilate information and master a body of work or a skill. But first he developed his mind, the ability to think.

      Today, the mind is deliberately stunted so that the adult is a perpetual child, who never developed the conceptual faculty. This is why so many adults cannot see the common denominator tying together two superficially disparate things. For example, the Fear Masks. And (inevitably) vaccinations. Most can’t see the inevitability because they cannot see the principle underlying them is the same; that if one accepts that it’s necessary and reasonable for healthy people to wear a surgical mask in order to “safely” interact with other people and “stop the spread” then one has already accepted that vaccines (at economic and perhaps physical gunpoint) are just as necessary. Which is why it so important to refuse to accept that wearing a Fear Mask is either necessary or reasonable. The underlying concept must be challenged and rejected.

      • “Today, the mind is deliberately stunted so that the adult is a perpetual child, who never developed the conceptual faculty”

        Precisely! The inability to integrate concepts. All they can do is memorize what they are told by their retard box and newspapers….Like children.

        • The difference between a grown wolf and a domesticated dog is that the dog remains a puppy, emotionally speaking, as long as it lives. Neoteny, the tendency for an adult organism to retain juvenile characteristics, is a hallmark of domesticated animals — even domesticated humans.

          • Which is why the various States, strive to create entire generations of such. Tax farms work much more effectively, if the live stock is kept obedient, docile, ignorant and consumerist focused…

  6. Infantile-ism since the 60s…Most Americans are now retarded parasites.
    The political terrorists will have their NWO 1000-year Reich. Prepare accordingly.

    Keep em stupid, keep em poor.

    Americans have been made stupid, now they are being made poor.

    • Hi Anon,

      Bill’s a friend! And – like a number of spreaders of Wrongthink – I have multiple means of doing so. This is obviously important given the suppression of speech under way by the tech oligarchs, who are determined to make sure you only hear the “authoritative” voices … i.e., theirs!

      It’s all Fauci all the Time! Better wear that Fear Mask…

  7. I wrote the partial lyrics to a song in my head, the first verse goes like this:

    “I’m not on Twitter
    ‘Cause I’m not a twit

    I’m not on Facebook
    ‘Cause it’s all full of shit…”

    • I don’t watch CBS,
      cause it’s two thirds BS

      I took the red pill,
      Cause I felt that big chill,
      Of endless propaganda and control that’s their thrill

      Don’t piss down my back and say it’s rainin on me…

      Let’s do this!

      • Great stuff, Ernie!

        PS: The Stalker Clover (“les,” “Winnie,” Dr. Phil,” etc.) is running amok today. Four auto-deleted/never read epistles. I picture him (hoping it’s her) rubbing lotion all over herself as it gazes at my long-haired picture!

  8. Censorship is real.

    The US is becoming increasingly Soviet and we are the samizdat. Just wait until the November election if you want to see censorship and fake news, because they are going to pull out all the stops this time and make 2016 look like child’s play.

    • Hi X,

      I agree. This election may prove to be the pivot, the day the U.S. goes overtly, completely authoritarian left . . . or we buy some more time. I am all for buying time.

      I believe the general situation is not salvageable; that a dissolution/break up of the country is almost certain at this point due to irreconcilable differences. The left always existed, of course – but it existed until fairly recently on the fringe, as a minority (like the hard right). It has now achieved, if not majority status, critical mass status. It is going to be them – or us – as Lenin himself would have put it.

      I vote for us.

  9. The social media ban hammer is working overtime. I was just banned by Nextdoor because of a response I I posted last week to a local government info announcement on what to expect from restaurants whose dining rooms have re-opened. Of course we KNOW what to expect: slavish adherence by the restaurants to the State’s Coronatheater script. I wrote a response to the article absolutely blasting these restaurants that treat their customers like a combination of leper and criminal, and expressing the wish that they go out of business if they can’t treat their patrons as paying customers rather than sick criminals.

    Although there was nothing obscene or threatening in my post, the unmistakably powerful message apparently offended the snowflakes who own and moderate Nextdoor. When I went to check out a neighborhood conversation thread I’ve been following, I was presented with one of those ever-so-vague “ToS Violation” notices telling me that I had been a naughty, bad-thinking little prole. It also said that if I kissed some Dear Leader’s ass, said I’m sorry, and promised never to do it again under penalty of permanent banning, they would deign to let my rejoin their club. Needless to say, my response has been “kiss my lily-white ass. I’ll find some other way to communicate with my neighbors.”

    This is only going to get much worse in the near future. Although I rarely ever agree with very much that “Teddy Spaghetti” Beale, a.k.a. Vox Day, has to say, his urging for the development of new platforms and technologies dedicated to fighting censorship by the Digigharchs is spot on.

    • I too got banned from Nextdoor, not for wrongthink but for pointing out a security flaw they had in their system rather than query me about what I had found, they unceremoniously locked me out of the system !

      • Well, thats a LOT cheaper than fixing it. Do you have any idea, what technical talent costs these days? ^^ Its also why so many systems are getting hacked.

    • Liberranter,

      I got a few “be helpful, not hurtful” messages when I argued with someone on there about the civil liberties implications about gov’t actions WRT the corona psyop. Since then, I just ask questions about the corona narrative; they’re polite, but logical. I also wrote a long post to help people not lose their pets. So far, I’m still on there.

      I decided to tone things down a bit, so I can get help finding my cats if they ever get out. My neighborhood area of Nextdoor has gone back to its usual discussions; that is to say posting stuff about lost pets, finding a contractor, etc.

      • Hi Mark,

        The “helpful not hurtful” thing makes me gag because of the gaslighting. How is it helpful to deny reality/objective facts and promote fear by pretending that we’re all in danger, Will Robinson? How is it not hurtful to encourage the normalization not merely of neurosis and aberrant behavior but also police state measures premised on such things?

        Please, someone explain it to me…

        Actually, I already understand. We – the sane ones – are supposed to avoid at all costs hurting the feelings of the not-sane. They must not be burdened by having to deal with reality or facts or anything they just don’t like. Their feelings trump everything.

        How is this not the same thing as giving in to a five-year-old every time it threatens to erupt in tears to get its way?

        • Eric, in a nut shell, they out number us by a HUGE number. Thus, the wise, don’t poke at huge herds of corona cows, to avoid getting trampled when they stampede…

          Not to mention, their border collie Karen’s… ^^

        • Eric,

          Thanks for articulating WHY the “helpful but not hurtful” BS bothered me! Yes, I was a bit pointed in some of my comments earlier on, but I never attacked anyone personally; I never engaged in name calling. All I did was call BS by its proper name-BS. And, like you, I thought it was helpful to point out to others how our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS were under assault; I thought that might be helpful…

  10. There is an science fiction author and commentator named Sarah Hoyt, who, in my opinion, is one of the best libertarian thinkers around. She’s very self-effacing and probably would not agree, but she has written things that if they don’t get sent down the memory hole, will impress and astound people 100s of years from now. I’ve liked her articles so much (on PJ Media and on her blog,, that I’ve read some of her science fiction (I’m s sci-fy nut – been reading it since I was 7 years old).

    In one of the series, it’s the freedom-minded independents fighting the authoritarians for survival, and struggling with it. One of the authoritarians observes that they are winning because “once again, the individualists have failed to organize”. Do we have that problem?

    I think in the most pessimistic terms, there are probably 35 million of us who think like, well probably most people here (conservatarians, libertarians, whatever; the terms get so polluted that none of them mean much; let’s say people who prize individual liberty higher than comfort, social acceptance, etc.).

    Those numbers mean that we are a market force, a voting block, etc.; not devoid of influence, were we to organize a little bit. I admit that’s hard. I was born to not be a joiner. I suspect that applies to many of us. Principles are higher for us than loyalty to a group/club/organization etc. Sometime after you join, they’ll do something that doesn’t represent your values. I get it.

    I started thinking about this as I was shopping today. Two more stores forcing the fear mask, and they are off my list for good. Shitter and Farcebook, covered perfectly here (sorry; I’m wound up a bit and couldn’t curb my tendency there). Why can’t liberty minded people form and create new businesses and platforms. They de-platform us, why don’t we de-content them? (There is a Youtube alternative that is currently adhering to freedom of speech called “bitchute”, by the way – currently run by 2 people – let’s go!)

    I know that giving up Amazon is hard. It’s a fast, easy way to shop, and generally has good prices. But damn, who wants to support them given their attitude toward rights? They learned nothing from the way they were treated by Seattle and New York; or maybe they just like that kind of thing; “thank you sir, may I have another?” I think we need to drop them. It won’t end them, but they’ll feel it.

    What about organizing around legal support for the people who are wronged. Some of these things are winnable. The Michigan supreme court just decided in favor of the barber who has been royally screwed by MI Tyrants. He’s an old fart fighting on the principle (and setting a great example). Kings Island (Ohio Amusement park) just sued the Ohio Health Tyrant, and backed the state down – they get to open now (as if the state should have a damn thing to say about it). More would if we would organize funding for them. There are organizations in place doing good work, such as the Institute for Justice. With more funding, they would take on more of these battles. 5 bucks from 35 million people would go a long way. The left raises a ton of money and attempts to sue everyone into the stone age. Why don’t we do the same?

    Are there none of us good at technology, finance, science, entrepreneurs? I think we are. Let’s build more alternatives and support them.

    Okay. That’s enough spewing for the moment. I do feel a bit better, actually. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

    • Well, because stealing & eating cake is an impossibility. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em (emulate ‘em) means you have, in fact, lost.

      Other facts lost on joiners, organizers, emulators, actors on stages, monkey’s seeing & doing, cats copying, etc et al:

      “Chaos is found in greatest abundance wherever order is being sought. It always defeats order because it is better organized.” ~ Terry Pratchett

      Organization that isn’t an organic emergent property is authoritarian system-closing…& that begets only entropy. Which is to say it is the engine of chaos.

      Backwards & inside out justifying & rationalizing the livevil “we are the good (organized) men” carte blanch:

      “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”― Edmund Burke

      Evilive until it kills itself. If it comes at you, help it along, otherwise stay outta’ the way of its innate death cycle.

      Same collapsed vein from overuse injection of fairy story injuries:

      No man is an island entire of itself; every man
      is a piece of the continent, a part of the main;
      if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe
      is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as
      well as any manner of thy friends or of thine
      own were; any man’s death diminishes me,
      because I am involved in mankind.
      And therefore never send to know for whom
      the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.

      This is apologetics. For the state. But pick whatever unit of “organization” you like. Doesn’t matter the size, or what it’s named. See what’s tolling for thee? Submission o’ the clods youse be, relative “we.”. Because non-submission diminishes “me,” the apologizing “intellectual” representative of the bigger gang of clods calling itself Europe.

      Every wo/man is an island. Saw that attributed to Thomas Wolfe somewhere•when. Never have been able to find it again in censored inter(gil)nets. No matter. Any thinkin’ wo/man knows it’s true already.

      Thanks for the Hoyt cite. I will check her out.

    • MrBear133, while Sarah Hoyt is a talented writer, she isn’t nearly as good, in my opinion, as a fellow called
      L. Neil Smith.

      Neil has created entire series of books, dealing with how real libertarian societies would operate.
      Vast vistas of hope, for a better future, for our children and grand children.

      A good start, would be one of my personal favorites called the Probability Broach.

      From that line, you can find his author section. It lists many of his works. Another in that series
      is called the American Zone. Yet another is Ceres.

      Another personal favorite. is one simply titled Hope. It is a tale of how an actual libertarian, manages
      to get elected President of the United States, and what happens after that. It is the book he co wrote
      with Aaron S. Zelman. The founder of JPFO. One of the most effective, pro Second Amendment organizations in existence. If the NRA was even a fraction as dedicated, to the Second Amendment as JPFO is, many of the gains the anti types have made, over the generations would not exist.

      As for Amazon, the reality is that its in much the same position as Youtube, FaceBook and Twitter. In other words, its a single MASSIVE audience, that can only be ignored at this point, by zealots and ideologues.

      Anyone engaged in business, would be a fool to ignore its reach. I really wish it wasn’t the case, but that is the hard cold reality. Cutting off ones nose, to spite ones face, is always an option, but it doesn’t do much
      for ones bottom line.

      Alternatives are starting up (Bitchute, Gab and other such) but for the time being, for the purpose of *business* its an unfortunate reality.

      One final note, Neil was one of the original founders of the Libertarian Party, back in the early 70’s. Needless
      to say, he was very disappointed and saddened that it is no longer the part of principle, libertarian or other wise. In other words, the Libertarian Party, isn’t

      • Hi BJ,

        For our purposes – the spreading of the word – it seems to me that we can do both. Why not continue to post links and Tweets while also posting on Bitchute and other venues? We can use the resources of the enemy – without it costing us a thing.

        As regards the rest: I think it is important to defund them. One doesn’t have to buy from Amazon. One can get the same items via other sources. Perhaps not as convenient; possibly not as inexpensive. But it is worth it to not do business with the enemy when you don’t have to.

        As a publisher, I end-ran Gargoyl by relying not on its ads but on the readers, directly. This means I am not at the mercy of Gargoyl, financially, and can ignore/trash their little love notes advising me they don’t like something I’ve published (I get these almost every day).

      • Hi BJ,

        Glad to hear (see?) that you are into L Neal Smith. I love him. I actually learned about him when I stumbled on a web comic called Quantum Vibe several years ago. He and Scott Bieser have coauthored graphic novels, all of which have underlying libertarian themes. I’ve read two of his books, and I do recommend his writings. He completely debunks the arguments that you need an overseer for things like trade and defense to work. Humans will always drift away from independence. It’s our nature to try and find an easier way. But eventually we lose control of the beast. And then we need a reset.

        And yes, the libertarian party is massively disappointing. You can’t be everybody’s party and also have core principles. You have to choose. They don’t come across as being serious about anything. But, I don’t like the whole idea of parties anyway (hardwired from birth to not be a joiner).

        As for Amazon, I don’t ignore them. They are effectively a universal store front. I will search for products there, but then search for somewhere else to purchase them, or go directly to the actual seller and buy directly from them. I understand that they are a must for businesses right now, but hope over time we can cultivate alternatives. I’m not doing zero business with Amazon, but I’m about 10% of what a used to do as recently as a year ago. I was looking though past orders for a bicycle phone mount I bought a couple years ago and lost in my recent move. I was shocked (and happy) by how much less I’m buying from them. I can’t wrap my head around businesses that get massively successful because of free market system seem to invariably turn on, and try to destroy that system. “I’ve got mine, now I’ll keep you from getting yours”? I don’t get it.

        • Hard wired applies across the board.

          Including “I’ve got mine, now I want yours, because it should be all mine.”

          Deus ex machina determinism don’t get its due…& that’s hard wired, too.

      • Smith wasn’t in David Nolan’s apartment for the event, or he would have told me about it during our many interesting times while the rest of the convention was in the business meeting. Neither of us attended, as fellow disinterested.
        He used to beleive in abortion up until the point of sentience. He changed his mind when Rylla came on the scene.

        • Keep in mind that I wasn’t there myself. Not to mention, that was decades ago.
          I do remember that Nolan was one of the principle founders. But I’m certain Neil was involved at or near the founding. He was very active in the party, before it was hijacked, and turned into the total waste of time and money it is to this day.

          Was Bob Nozick at the original meeting? In any event, the Libertarian Party is no longer a party of principle. Let alone libertarian.

          Abortion, remains to this day a hot button topic. Neither side is going to change their perspective. People sometimes change sides, given experience and different perspectives, thats entirely human.

          I approach this from a people/property perspective. People are NEVER property. At what point does one become a person, rather than a potential person? That is a question, that needs to be resolved with further research, not emotional appeals. Which is all I have to say on the subject.

  11. Every freedom advocate should close their twitter and facebook accounts TODAY. They have become the Tokyo Rose and Hanoi Hannah of the cyber age. In other words, they are the voice of our enemy.

    I closed mine two years ago this July 4. Do it, and you will immediately be more free.

    • Ditto, Mike –

      Like so many of the vile things going on, they go on because too many people go along with it. I’ve never been an active Facebookian or twitter’r. But I did copy/paste links to my articles, at least until now. The shadow banning is the last straw for me.

      • I’ve never had a Face Palm or Twitter account. I didn’t see the point of either, and I’ve not missed anything. Over the last few years (almost four…) they have indeed become the face of the enemy. Something about the ZuckerBorg, has always struck me as VERY weird.

        • Hi BJ,

          My LibertarianCarG page on FB was created for me by a reader here; I never post anything other than links to the articles here. I figured it couldn’t hurt – and now, it does!

          I understand why people “liked” it at first; FB is like a sail fawn in that one can instantly send people a picture or a thought about whatever, a link to information – and so on. But once it became obvious that FB wasn’t merely a conduit for everyone’s material but rather a means of promoting some while suppressing others, the idea of being involved with FB at all seems almost slavish to me.

          I hope the Orange Man removes the double standard protection for FB – because it is in fact a publisher and not merely a platform.

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  13. I hope you appreciate when people re-post your articles on their blogs, and also make social media shout outs. If possible – help build a network on your website – by listing the URL links to every blog that re-publishes your articles. It will supposedly increase SEO weight, etc. I’d suggest you create a new sidebar widget like a “blogroll” of all the sites that support you by republishing (when they link to – it also is supposed to help page ranking for EPautos via organic web searches.

  14. Eric,

    I had the same thing happen to me on Twitter. I spent HOURS a day on there, and they have what, 150 million users? I followed back every conservative or libertarian I could find; I asked them to follow me; and I made a lot of RTs. I should’ve had more followers than I had. Even so, it was all I could do to get 520 followers on there. Then, I committed the crime of Wrongthink, and I was booted off.

    Since I went to, which has about a million users, I have 1,300+ followers and the number is growing every day. I don’t spend hours at a time on there, either. So, even though I spend less time on a much smaller platform, I have more than 2.5 TIMES the followers I had on Twitter! So yeah, Twitter is playing games with people to the right of Chairman Mao.

    I don’t know why Twitter and FB would play games with your tweets and posts though. I’ve seen ’em, and they’re simply notices and links letting people know that a new article or post is up over here; that’s it! You’re hardly a rhetorical bomb thrower like I was. When I was on Twitter, I gored the lefties’ sacred cows, big time! I mixed it up with libtards too. I expected to be banned, given the stuff I said; for example, one of my last tweets was that Hillary is the spawn of Satan. You, OTOH, don’t do anything like that; you merely let people know that there’s something new up over here, and that’s it. I guess that even informing people of another point of view and where to find it equals Wrongthink now…

    What you can do is go to and Though I’m on both sites, I spend most of my time on Parler. David Knight just set up an account over there, because Twitter is playing games with him; they have been for some time, actually. For example, they UNFOLLOW HIS WIFE! That’s right; even though his wife is following him, they change it so she isn’t following him. The only way many people can see Knight’s tweets is to go directly to his account, i.e. @libertytarian. He set up the account on Parler because he thinks he’ll be booted off Twitter before long, and he’s in fact surprised it hasn’t already happened.

    Though I’m pissed at Big Tech censorship; though POTUS is FINALLY doing something about it; I don’t think that’s the way to hurt them-not in the short term, anyway. The best thing POTUS could do to hurt Twitter is to pull a Joe Rogan; i.e. he could leave and bring his 80 million plus followers with him. Joe Rogan, who has one of the BIGGEST podcasts in the world, is leaving YouTube because they’re messing with him. That’s right; even though he brings tens or hundreds of millions of viewers to YouTube, they’re trying to censor him. He said enough, and he signed that big deal with Spotify. If Trump left Twitter, that would be a gut punch to them, while growing the newer, freer platform of

    So yeah, go to and, and they’ll leave you alone. You’ll find conservative and libertarian people over there, so you’ll find a receptive audience. I think using Parler can be a way to get more readers over here, and spread the good news! Hope this helps…

  15. You’re right Eric, people are starting to push back. I think where is how much so.
    I recently traveled from EWR to SEA. EWR was dead as a doornail, I saw NO planes at two once packed terminals other than the one plane I was on. The terminal was just as empty. The few people that were there all wore masks, except me, and no issues were raised.
    SEA was much busier, but 1/3 as much as I remember, about 10-20% were not wearing masks, I did not and no one said a peep about it, other than some curious looks that looked to me like “hmmm, he isn’t, maybe I shouldn’t’
    As part of the trip, I was in a rural area and only 5% of people were wearing the cow tags, but also not mandated there either, not sure.

    Another interesting thing is the normal amount of steward(es’s) were on the planes with nothing to do. No food/water, nothing. They did their normal boarding and exiting speeches, but did zero after that. I guess their unions are saying if you fly, normal staff or nothing. I could easily see in the current flying situation, only 1 needed at most.

    • Chris,

      The number of FAs on a flight is determined by how many SEATS the aircraft has. It’s done in increments of 50 seats; whenever one goes above the 50 seat increment, another FA is needed. IOW, a 40 or 50 seat aircraft needs one FA; a 75 seat plane needs two; a 100 seat plane would need two; a 125 seater would need 3, as would a 140 or 150 seater; a 180 or 200 seater would need four FAs; and so on. They can’t base the number of FAs on the number of passengers because you don’t know how many you’re going to have from flight to flight, nor do airline personnel don’t know the final number until it’s time to close the door. How would crew scheduling deal with THAT headache? It’s all they can do to ensure each flight has a full crew; forget about trying to determine the number of FAs based on the number of passengers! As someone who worked in an airline SOC, I have an idea of what happens behind the scenes. Ergo the number of FAs is based on the number of seats an aircraft has. I don’t know any other way to do it.

  16. In cyberspace, no one can hear you scream.

    Crimethink posts on FB and Twitter and YouTube are duly recorded by the NSA, but no human ever sees them.

    Welcome to digital Guantanamo, comrade.

  17. Just put some “Black Lives Matter” banners on the top of your web page (like amazon has done). Sprinkle in some Antifa logos, too. Do the same to your FB and Twit accounts. After that, you should be good to go.

  18. “Holocaust heresy” is punished by fines and incarceration in many countries.
    How long will it be before “coronavirus and vaccination heresy” is punished as well?

  19. The powers in charge miss the good old days when they had 3 networks and two newspapers. They keep trying to hem in the Internet by promoting and funding the modern equivalent of the good old days, Google, Facebook and Twitter. Apple is slowly turning itself into a media company and in the process ass-kissing Hollywood and the power brokers. What ever happened to the Apple that created desktop publishing, then later desktop audio and video editing? Or the Apple that told the music industry to sod off and sold every song for 99¢? I’m afraid Silly-Con valley has gone Hollywood and probably won’t come back.

    Back in the old days, when the Internet was green text on a black screen, if you got out of line you were quickly put in your place by the society. There we so few of us back then it was pretty easy. But once the masses came online they quickly overwhelmed the old guard, who went back (never left?) their green text and black terminal windows. Now there’s an entire generation who was raised on television and authority telling them what to think, except now the authority is just as ignorant as they are. This creates opportunity for shenanigans such as what we see with so-called Social Justice and their Antifa brothers-in-arms hoping to bring about their brand of Communism. Shame that it was allowed to go this far. And the powers that be actually agree with them because, like the progressives visiting the Soviet Union in the 1920s, they let their belief in Marx cloud their very vision of what is right in front of them. Ignoring the squalor and poverty already glaringly apparent they instead wax on about the wonderful way the system forces everyone to equality. Well, unless you’re a party member. Then you get to be a little more equal then the rest of us.

    But don’t worry Eric. We got your back for now. We help keep your lights on and will continue. We send out links to your articles over email lists and other traditional “social media” links. Sure it’s not as much of an amplifier as FB or Twitter, but that’s the whole problem. The allure of reaching thousands of people with one post on someone else’s platform is seductive but ultimately not going to put food on your table. They might read a story but are they going to put up some cash? Are they going to participate in your forum? Maybe, but probably not, just judging on the same old faces I see around here. But maybe that doesn’t matter. Do we really need to all march in lock step with the rest of society?

  20. Indeed, truth can easily bear any examination, criticism, and argument. It neither needs nor requires protection by censorship. Lies do. Comfort is the largest danger to truth. Far too many prefer it to the truth, and will deny truth to maintain comfort. Unfortunately for the professional liars, their lies are becoming increasingly uncomfortable. For instance the lies regarding gun ownership. It’s become obvious to a great many who would previously never consider owning a thing so evil as a gun, that there are indeed far greater evils amongst us, and the ability to protect oneself from them actually requires one to be armed. Though the Psychopaths In Charge are likely to continue their assault on one’s ability to protect oneself, I don’t think they will be able to sell it to their victims anymore.


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